Lost: Cross Breed Unknown In South West (DT3)

  • Dog ID 9792
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 01 Jan 2004
  • Name PHEOBE
  • Gender & Breed Unknown Cross Breed
  • Age Adult
  • Colour
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 14 Nov 2007
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area DT3
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Listed By Jayne - Founder Doglost.
  • Views 1992
  • PHEOBE Poster Image
  • PHEOBE Extra Image


Sightings and Information

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Ok Pheobe's mum thanks for the update. If she is "feral" then she is still out there and still local! She may be caught in a trap with a spring-loaded door. Please let us know if there are any sightings as we can arrange to get a trap sent down to you.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Phoebes mum
thanks for all the messages and help. I have heard no more news of her at all. I have put posters up and have been walking my other dog in the area but nothing. Someone said recently that they thought she may have become feral and I suspect that may be correct. She was a stray in a rescue centre when I got her and they thought she had been on the streets a while so she is obviously more than capable of surviving - little monkey!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Msg left for Pheobe's owner to see if there is any update on the last sightings of Pheobe. Fingers crossed she is home soon!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hi Pheobe's Mum how are you getting on? Has the extra postering thrown up any more sightings? Would you like any help with publicity?? Please let us know the latest, we are ALL thinking of you and Pheobe and hoping she will be home with you soon. xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Argh bless her!!!! I really hope you get some good leads on her and that you will have her back in your arms soon. Thinking of you at this time, pray that she is home for christmas, what a lovely pressie! Stay safe Pheobe, ( lovely name suits her) xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hi !!Yes I will contact her owner & get some posters to put around the area!I am off work at the moment so will be glad to help !Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks Rainbow! She was seen in a ladies garden and on a seperate occassion on a meadow (PM Pheobe's Mum for exact location) Thanks so much for keeping an eye out, could you help by putting up some posters in the area too? Thank you.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hi!I live about 5 miles from Portesham near Shipton Gorge and often drive through portesham on way to weymouth so will keep an eye open for Pheobe!When she was spotted was she alone or with people?I'm sure someone in the village must have seen her as she is a very light coloured dog - hard to miss! Really hope she turns up soon All fingers crossed here! Rainbow xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
There have been 2 sightings of a dog fitting Pheobe's description in the Portesham area, the last one being 3 weeks ago, but the prson who saw her was confident the dog she saw was Pheobe. Owner is going to renew posters at local vets and re-contact the DW's and Rescue centres just in case, anyone else in the area, please could you help with some postering?Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
show your self pheobe and be safe untiill you are found x xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
what a beauty! hope she is found safe soonLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Fingers crossed it's herxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Sally Nicholson-Fisher
let's hope one is herLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
fingers crossed here too xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
hurry safely home p.g. xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
greatnews that there have been some possible sightings after all these months, check out all sightings and poster these areas well, talk to local dog walkers. It would be great to see this lovely girl in the blue soon. SueLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hope this turns out to be Pheobe.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
fingers crossed Phoebe's mum and please give me a ring on 07843 681980 if you want to get some renewed media coverageLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
fingers,toes and paws all crossed for you that this is positive sighting xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Great-how far away is this from where she went missing?Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Phoebes mum
Two possible sightings of Phoebe. One near weymouth rugby club on 2nd November and another on the same day in the village of Portesham. These are the first sightings I have had of her in over three months. I doubt both are her but am keeping my fingers crossed that one of them may be.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
had a report from owner that this dog has been sighted in portesham village weymouth any further sighting to the owner she was seen last friday near the rugby club so is still in area very nervous and wouldnt come to anyone further sighting please to owner. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Not known
Update from owner........still missing!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Come on Pheobe time to go home stay safe darling until you are found xxxxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
What a beautiful girl! I hope this sighting turns out to be Phoebe and that she is home safe very soon. Stay safe until you are found sweetheart xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
So hope that this is Pheobe, and hope there are helpers out there looking for her. Come on Pheobe time to come home.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Fingers crossed the sighting is positive. Stay safe sweetie. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
fingers crossed that this lovely girl will be home soon.xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Such a beautiful face-so hope these sightings are her and she wil be found very soon MxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Keeping fingers crossed, this sounds hopeful! xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Poster changed and DT3, 4 & 5 mailed.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
have asked for phoebe to be bumped back up in light of this sighting and to be repostered to all helpers in that area. good luck and come on phoebexxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Just had a call from paws charity phoebee may have been sighted in Portland can everyone on PORTLAND keep an eye out. The report was of a thin looking lab type dog which may be her. SEEN THE GROVE PORTLAND HEIGHTS YOUNG OFFENDERS AREA. OWNERS INFORMED. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hope the Countrymans Weekly brings you the leads you need to find this lovely girl. SueLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Phoebe is in this week's countrymans weeklyLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Come home soon gorgeous Phoebe. I have added her details to my forum Find Missing Dogs (http://findmissingdogs.proboards67.com/index.cgi), TRPD Pet Craft Project, Sighthounds Online & to Saluks & Co. xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Phoebes mum
Its all gone a bit quiet. I receivced a phone call on the 12th from a golfer who had seen her trotting over the local golf course which is about 3 miles cross country as the crow flies from where I lost her but nothing since. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Oh that's good news that there has been sightings of her, come on sweetheart find your way home safely, hope to see her in the blue soon. Praying for her safe return. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Great news that you have had some sightings of Pheobe. Have you any help in postering? I know it seems a big job to get a large area covered, but poster power does work. I wish I was close enough to help. Don't give up, being a hound Pheobe will be a good hunter. Good luck in your search. Hope to see her in the blue soon. SueLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hope Pheobe is back soon. She looks a lovely girl. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I do hope these sightings prove to be positive and you soon get Phoebe back home. Stay safe sweetie. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Posters need to be displayed as soon as possible. Bridal paths and walks in the area. Contact rangers, wardens etc. Lamp posts, entrances to parks, dog bins, vets, pet shops, ask postmen to take to sorting office, milkmen, bin men, taxi drivers, schools, pubs, youth clubs, newsagents, post offices, all takeaway food shops, dog training clubs, supermarkets, car parks, and in car windows. Hand out smaller posters or cards to people, especially dog walkers and deliver to houses etc. Police stations, and Dog Wardens, R.S.P.C.A , and all rescue centres need checking frequently, and preferably visited in person by owner or someone who knows PHEOBE well. Good luck PHEOBE x Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Good news about sighting-has any one spoken to you about scent trails? If not ring jayne on 01302 743361.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Phoebes mum
Phoebe still has not returned although there has been two sightings of a dog meeting her description last week within the nature reserve where I lost her which gives me a bit of hope. The local paper did run a story on her but that didn't seem to provide any leads. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Just checking to see if there are any updates on Pheobe. stay safe lovely girl, until you are found.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Precious Pheobe, hope you are home soon, stay safe sweetie. Thinking of the owners. xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
come on girl, one is home hope to see you there to.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hope Pheobe is found soon. I have a trailhound who has been known to go off following her nose. But she always returns to either the car or the place she went missing. Keep returning to the area where she went missing, and get those posters out (picture ASAP), lamp posts, shops, vets surgeries, speak to dog walkers, post men, and milkman ANYONE YOU CAN THINK OF. Good luck thinking of you in your search. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Poster has been e mailed out to local helpers.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I do hope Phoebe is soon found. Stay safe sweetie. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Pheobe's owner can be contacted on 07966 800306. Awaiting photo.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18

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