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How Can We Help?


We at DogLost are here to assist you in the search for your missing dog. We transfer your details free of charge straight onto the site and offer free advice and support.


Your dog is automatically entered on to our forum "dogs lost". Do check the site regularly for replies and also update others on your progress. We also suggest you make contact with other owners with the same breed of dog missing as they may be getting sightings of dogs which are not theirs but could be someone elses. Also contact owners in your immediate area and offer to put up posters for each other in different areas.

Example DogLost posterPOSTER SERVICE

We create a missing dog poster that you and others can print off and they can also be emailed to a friend direct from site.


A great way of delivering your posters. We can automatically email your poster out to all our helpers within a 30 mile radius of where your dog went missing from. There is no charge for this service as we rely on donations.


You will find us at https://twitter.com/DoglostUK

At the moment, we have nearly 56,400 followers and will always be extremely grateful to each and every person who retweets our posts and helps to spread the word about missing pets. You never know where your re-tweet will go - so please join in and help us spread the word

The system is not currently set up to share pictures automatically to Twitter so I I copy the poster from the DogLost Website and Tweet it in order to get all the information out there ASAP

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All donations go towards running the website, maintaining the helpline and keeping DogLost free to all dog owners!