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Doglost's Bark Out Service

Our experience has shown that social media is of growing importance in locating missing pets hence we have introduced a new service to increase the number of local fellow Facebook and Instagram users who are aware that your dog has gone missing.

The new DogLost Bark Out service uses paid for social media ads, to increase the visibility of your pet and hence make more people aware of the search.

How It Works

Tell us the name and id number of your dog's in the payment process notes.

We'll run a series of Facebook and instagram ads in a 10 mile radius of your dog's last known location

More unique views, more shares, more importantly: A better chance of a happy reunion

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Simply add the name and id number of your dog in the payment process notes, pay the £30 cost and we'll do the rest!

If you are insured check your policy as most companies will cover the cost of advertising.

We will follow up with the stats at the end of your campaign.

We hope that you will be reunited with your dog soon and our mission is to ensure this happens.

Expected Results

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