Lost: Tri-Coloured/Tan Saluki Female In South East (DA4)

  • Dog ID 46839
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 31 Dec 2012
  • Gender & Breed Female Saluki
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Tri-Coloured/Tan
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 30 Dec 2012
  • Where Lost STOLEN FROM - Eagle HeightsEynsfordKent
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area DA4
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info LAYLA IS STILL MISSING, PLEASE HELP US FIND HER , WE HAVENT GIVEN UP HOPE,! Possible sightings of Layla in the Darenth Area, Dartford
  • Phone 1 07413698389
  • Phone 2 07860212588
  • Listed By daisyanderson
  • Views 20142
  • LAYLA STOLENPoster Image
  • LAYLA STOLENExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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A furbaby like Layla has been found and is on pets located.
Travellers left a dog resembling this girl shes very nervous
Dog found matching description https://www.facebook.com/groups/484789768388707/permalink/1094214744112870/
found as a stray. looks similar https://www.facebook.com/swalestraydogs/photos/a.2146139485632163/2211720549074056/?type=3&theater
Swale Borough Council Stray Dog Service
4 hrs ·

#founddog Female Saluki found straying in Throwley Forstall. Chipped to breeder, no record of current keeper. If you recognise this dog please contact SBC on 01795417850 or the kennels on 01634 233624.
PLEASE SHARE: There was a little Saluki with a red collar loose on the road in Mountnessing this morning @ 7:45, it joined the slip road of the A12 on the Colchester bound carriageway. It tried to cross the carriageway and was struck in the fast lane, thankfully the driver reacted exceptionally quickly and the dog was struck at no more than 25MPH. This caused a 4 or 5 car shunt. It got out from under the car and carried on running up the carriageway Colchester bound. I blocked the road and slowed the traffic to a crawl and followed the dog. It eventually darted off the carriageway just after the Fryerning lane bridge before you get to the next bit of farm land on the left (Pudneys, i think). I could not find it in the woods. It’s may be injured and was exceptionally scared, please keep an eye out for the little fella around Ingatestone and Mountnessing. Police incident number is 181 if you see the dog or have any more info. Dee Wilson https://www.facebook.com/586575309/posts/10156357536830310/ on Bella's Angels (Essex-based lost dog volunteer search team) facebook page x
shared to "all still missing"
Possible sighting ? DA14 area:

https://www.facebook.com/834075647/posts/10160593955745648/Last edited: 2018-08-15 20:36:48 by Olster
Saluki very like this one is currently at Leigh Cat And Dog Home. Sorry but I do not know gender.
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156147208164064&set=a.109381354063.97052.677879063&type=3&ifg=1 THIS IS THE ONE MENTIONED IN POST BELOW FROM GILLY
There’s a dog been seen in Kent area on FB that looks a lot like this one! I have photo screen shot etc but how do I post here?? Could v.well be Layla!
Layla's family have travelled to the area, the dog is not Layla but has been reunited with their family now x
Is it wise for this poss. sighting location to be made 'public' - - many prying eyes on this database ?!
I presume CJ has been contacted so she can make a local Liasion officer aware ?
Screenshot of post emailed to owner incase they are unable to access link x
Hi daisy
I have photos of a dog we have been watching on a travellers site In brighton I put a photo on the nation lost dog register as we believe she is stolen. I got a message from someone else linking me to your poster and she’s identical. She has the same collar and same colours but looks much older now (which would make sense) and is very scared of everyone on the travellers site. I can’t post links here for some reason but I have text both numbers. Please email me on here or on katie.toerag@icloud.com so I can send the photos over for you to check.
Re-shared. daisyanderson
Abe babe
RSPCA Rochdale animal Centre have a similar looking bitch that was dumped over the wall of their centre...obviously just had pups. 01706 861897
hi thank you for your comments. i am unable to click on the links below, have tried typing the web addresses in manually but no luck, any advice ? thanks x
Please check dog number 90928,found in BR5.
Is this your dog? https://www.facebook.com/jessica.lang.988/posts/664419107027611# So hope this is your baby xxxxLast edited: 2015-08-12 01:47:56 by Ali
found Saluki Andover seen on Harvey's Army North
post on 7th August similar colouring and also female.
"After running around the fields and industrial estates of Andover for the best part of last week we finally caught this lovely lady.
No id. Is thin as you can see but other than that appears fine, if a little nervous. Im sure she will calm down once she has had some food and care.
Definitely got some Saluki in her.
I don’t envisage it being to hard to find her a new home but just incase someone is missing her."
sending a link to you to check x

Any of the dogs found on the recent Thames Valley Police raid fit the description?
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
have shared again
I have added the link to the dog which looks very similar
similar dog found recently at wallace kennels (saw on facebook page) Essex. Doesnt say which sex but worth a look x
Tan J Vye
I made a poster for Layla a while ago, so have reshared round my Groups & getting quite a few shares too. Really hope she is found soon, xx
Hi, I have spoken to dog warden in brighton ands is not Layla :-( Thanks to Michelle for doing such a great thing though and I hope that this dog is reunited with its owner very soon. xxx
a tan coloured Saluki chipped to kent has been found near Brighton posted on Brighton dogwatch
Tan coloured Saluki found today at 11.30am over Sheepcote Valley, Woodingdean. No tag, very shy, could have recently given birth or be pregnant and taken to a local vets in Brighton and microchip was scanned but maybe had old data as said from Kent and the number on there was not answering. No photo as everything happened so quickly. Please call Michelle on 07719 807808. Please re-post because if she's had pups they could be out there alone if this dog is abandoned. Thank you. worth checking if your dog not spayed x
Is this dog spayed?
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Just spotted this thanks- but Scooby is male .Layla is female .
sharon snape
heres the contact for that link i sent below xx
For more information about Scooby, please call RSPCA Mount Noddy, Chichester on: 01243 773359
alternatively contact via email:
sharon snape
OMG this maybe your dog : http://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/details/-/Animal/SCOOBY/ref/BSA2027894/rehome/

sharon snape
its also on LOSTBOX on facebook have a look
sharon snape
dog found simalr in This lovely dog was found straying in the Alderney area, Poole Dorset late Saturday night.
If you are it’s owner, or if you have any details regarding who it’s owner might be, then please call the duty dog warden on either 01202 261700 (daytime) or 0800 506050 (evenings and weekends). added link below
sharon snape
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
email sent to you Lorraine.
URGENT Would the coordinator who emailed me in April please send me her email address, I have lost your details, I have several pictures of the saluki i hope is Layla taken today. I was very close to her today but couldnt get her confidence to come with me. URGENT
Bumping Layla's page as she is featured in the DogLost column of the June edition of Dogs Today magazine, out now. Do hope it brings some news
No news so far today, dog cage in car, food and water and lead aswell. I will only post now if I have any info. x
went back to where I saw the Saluki, but no sign.
Travellers site is opposite Lensbury Way Thamesmead, I have sent update to Police Contact Co ordinator. I will be back looking again tomorrow. Fingers crossed
I believe I have seen this dog. Right outside the travellers site today. I am going to have another look as i go back past and try to retrieve it.
I believe I have seen this dog. Right outside the travellers site today. I am going to have another look as i go back past and try to retrieve it.
HI i also saw a saluki type right outside the travellers site in thamesmead, nr the road, looking skinny, this was around 3 weeks ago, this one did not look like they had white on them though, but wasnt sure sorry, and didnt have my camera phone on me to take a picture.
thanks for your continuous help guys, we are still looking x
Did you check this out which was left on Vets Get Scanning Appeal in October 2013?

"Hello, We saw a saluki in Thamesmead running loose outside the Gypsy site. Has your dog been found yet. If not has your dog got any distinguishing marks. Regards Lorraine Email: c1rls@yahoo.co.uk"
Hi came across one here, i wasnt sure so thought id show you incase. http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-59448.html
Thanks guys will be checking x
Could Layla be one of the dogs at the Kent farm where Tia was found? Seems a coincidence that she was stolen the day before??
DogLostKaren - Area Co-ordinator London, Home Counties & Police Liaison
Hi, just read listing from the Kent Farm Raid yesterday and there are Saluki & Saluki X on it. I really don't want to get hopes up, but just so that you are aware. I believe that DL have listing. Good Luck xx
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine. I hope it brings some news
Hi. I sent Layla's details off again to the Countryman's Weekly earlier this week for another little advert with her photo. It won't be published until January but I'll put a message on here when it goes in.
Hi, Is there anyway of bumping Laylas profile? I know its been nearly a year but we are still hopeful.

Can someone please check the photo on the following link ASAP please: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=759607484056816&set=pb.218755408142029.-2207520000.1384373589.&type=3&theater
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
A long shot I know.... but worth checking out found dog 57587 xxx
Hi guys, thank you for your efforts but unfortunately this girl isn't layla x
Charlie's Mum
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=584730928245769&set=a.531687406883455.1073741826.139155222803344&type=1&theater This is the link for the Saluki handed in to Wallace Kennels today.
There is a female saluki who has just been brought into Wallace Kennels today, she looks very much like Layla, had she been spayed? The one found has very recently had puppies, I will find the link, good luck

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your suggestions. I have followed up all links you have given me and emailed/left messages. Will update you all, whatever the news is.
Hope Layla kis still being made "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Cannot believe that two terriers were left like that: words fail me. Hope they are okay.
There was a article posted on FB about 2 terriers found with legs tied, awful story but in the same article it mentions a female saluki cross found, I think the area is Wickford but you would have to investigate further as to which rescue she was taken to, it does mention one in the artice : http://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/10491498.Two_terriers_are_tied_up_and_left_to_die/.
Hope its Layla x
Hope you get Layla back soon. She is gorgeous. Fingers xd.
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine. I hope it brings some news.
Hi. Came across one the other day in battersea dogs home
There's a similar girl at Woodland kennels in Dorset. See www.straydogssanctuary.co.uk
Her ears don't appear to be as fluffy but worth taking a look
No we've had nothing for a few months now
Sorry to hear that, I had hoped .... No more sightings I suppose?
Hi Ive just heard your message, We have seen this girl and unfortunately this isn't Layla but thank you for calling
Has anyone checked found dog ID52537? Found 19th May in Maidstone. Pic taken from a different angle but looks similar to me. Can somebody else take a look?

Please can we bump layla. She is still missing...
Sorry pls ignore last comment have seen that the one i posted was male :(
Hi please check just incase. Wernt sure about how they described the tail though?
Thanks guys, i have just been accepted into the 'found in uk' group and seen the saluki posted, couldn't get hold of them today but will contact 1st thing tomorrow, this dog looks very similar to Layla, fingers crossed
The dog found in Darlington and the dog posted on Found in UK are the same dog therefore if you can copy and paste the link that is posted below by "daunting" - you will see a photo there.
a dog like this has been found and is at darlington vets
There is a dog similar to this found posted on found in uk!!
Thank you, unfortunately this lovely dog isn't Layla
http://www.cheshirewestandchester.gov.uk/residents/pests_pollution_food_safety/animal_welfare/stray_and_abandoned_dogs/stray_dog_photographs.aspx There is a saluki that has been found recently and is up for rehoming on 1st April. Please check this out, as it looks as though it could be Layla. Good luck
Another Saluki found in Faversham, could this be Layla? (id 49564)
thanks guys
No idea on the geography, but just seen this saluki in the found section http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=49382
I've just been through online selling sites again looking for Layla, no luck but I will keep looking x
Any news whether the saluki on the A17 was successfully rescued?
Saluki wearing a tan collar on the A17 Newark to Norfolk tonight Police and RSPCA in attendance.
Unfortunately no, We've had a few false alarms which is heart breaking but we wont give up
Any news on the gorgeous Layla?
Thanks, we have been searching around that area and added more posters, no sign as of yet but there's a good chance its her! fingers crossed x
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
Someone has posted on fb doglost south east that a Saluki type dog was running in the road by Darenth Valley hospital, Dartford yesterday xxx
Kristel is right.. the search does continue. Sadly the dog in Guilford was not Layla. At least it is another dog found safe though. Please everyone keep sharing on Facebook etc. We will find Layla... it is just a matter of perserverance and positive actions! Thank you to everyone thats helped/helping. We all make a great team! xx
I've heard the search continues :( I hope Layla is found soon x
Hi Everyone, My brother is on his way to the Kennels now where the dog in Kristel10589's picture is being kept. She belongs to him so that is why he has gone. I have all my fingers and toes crossed that it is her. We have had a few false alarms so not getting our hopes up too much...I will update as soon as i hear from him either way. Thanks everyone so much for your support and wishes. We really appriciate it. Sam x
I am the lady who's friend found the dog. She is currently in Kennels, Samantha is going to see her to see if she is Layla. I have compared the two images on a photo editing software, the shaping of the colouring looks identical, the photo that i put on facebook was taken with a flash which would explain why she looks lighter, so i have my fingers, arms and toes crossed she is on her way home :) x
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
Rosies Rehome on fb seems to have all the info on this dog and her last posting on this pic says that someone is going along to the kennels to have a look and see if it is their dog that was stolen on Xmas eve. I agree with you about the lighting and yes, she does look like Layla. It would be just great if it turns out to be her xxx
Can anyone tell me more information about the dog posted on facebook (that lunajj36 and Sue posted below) ??

I have message the lady on Facebook but not heard anything back. This really could be our Layla, even though she looks lighter in the picture, her eyes make me think they used a flash which will have made her look alot lighter... Any1 with info or someone i can contact please let me know!! Thanks xx
found dog 47686 look similar?
https://www.facebook.com/?sk=app_100333333405439#!/photo.php?fbid=4451680498335&set=p.4451680498335&type=1&theater abandoned

pls check this out as was found today looks too light in colour but could be the photo
Is this a possible match, found dog number 47493, there is no photo for it yet. Good luck and fingers crossed for you. Xx
Why not put the details out on Lurcher Link,there may be members around the area who could help and it means more people will know about her.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
I do hope this lovely dog is home soon. I’ve found that it helps to print out an A4 sheet of paper cut into business-card size slips, each with brief details and your phone number on. Give them to all the local dog walkers, postmen etc. you meet. Then if someone has news when they’re out and about they don’t need to find a poster or log on to the site to contact you. Glad to see some success stories here though, it does give you hope.
Sorry to hear that Layla is still missing. When my daughter's shorthaired german pointer when missing we put posters up in the area and surrounding areas. She also put an advert in the local newspaper. He was out in terrible weather cold and raining. He would not let anyone catch him. He was on the run, even along motorways, for ten days but he was found. If there are any woods around go out early in the morning when it is quiet and walk calling her name your voice will travel quite far. She could be hiding. Dogs are very tough. Never give up hope.
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine.
Still no news on our precious Layla. Please keep your eyes peeled everyone. Staying hopeful x
Bluetaco, if you can help with searching please can you call the owners to see what the latest is
If you need help with a search please do not hesitate to ask... Hope she is home real soon xxx
She's very beautiful. I got my lurcher back this morning, he had been missing in an area he'd never been before since sunday. We got to where there were sightings and left food and took our other dog to leave her scent to try to keep Stanley close. He was seen this morning so I went and found him in fields. No one else could get anywhere near him but he ran to me, you'll find her. We put posters everywhere, very useful. I really feel for you. Stanley, in his panic, had got his rugs off and I was so worried about the cold, they're amazingly tough though and he is fine, just tired. Best of luck x
Hope she is found very soon. If you need any help tomorrow admin has my mobile number.
bumped for the sighting - good luck tonight
Ok it's a definite sighting in Longfield. She was seen running away from the place she was being held, she sprinted across a field and disappeared. We have sighted her twice since then but again she is so scared she just runs and runs. If anyone sees her, please call me, don't try and catch her as she will run! Feeling a but more hopeful now I know she has escaped from the site.... But we just need her home now... Is so cold out there
We think Layla has been sighted in the Longfield / Darenth area. Anyone around that area please please look out for her!!!! We might have a chance here! We think she has escaped from where she was being held
Bobsmum, Helper, Surrey
Hi there sorry to see Layla has been stolen this makes me so cross! We are a little bit out of the way but if you would like any help posters ect with the GU2 & surrounding areas just say the word as lots of people have helped with stollen dogs in these areas good luck!
Shared on fb. Hope she's found and home soon.
I have circulated Layla's details on my Facebook groups. Praying she is returned to her owners x
Most of them are direct from where they first put the post on. I looked on my group and it was 65 direct from me sharing on my group x
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Doing a great job Miss Marple! Up to 746 shares now!!
Missing/stolen Dogs Groups on FB is my group
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Just looked at her photo (The Husky Experience--Missing-Stolen Dogs Groups on Fb)and there have been 716 shares already .. everyone's on to it!!
Last edited: 2012-12-31 23:03:06 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
DogLostJayne - Admin
TX Clarkey...
Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Also circulating on Facebook tonight ... let's make her TOO HOT TO HANDLE.
May be worth checking out the Roxy case back in 2011, ID 32679, she ended up in Viking Oak I believe.
If she is still in Kent sure she will be found soon, on the ball force down there.
circulating on twitter
How very strange? Okay, text me your email and I will get it to you ASAP
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Samantha- i sent an email to you using log in hotmail address but it has bounced back ?
message stated Remote host said: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable [RCPT_TO]

i will etxt you my email . please snd an email to me when you get CRN .

DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
WendyJ i have sent you an email. CJ
Hi CJ, I have added microchip number. Thanks again for your help.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Have spoken with owners. They have log number from police but awaiting CRN. Dog was taken between last night when put in kennels until discovered ar 7.45 this morning by workers.
Will send out to other forces once have CRN.
DogLostJayne - Admin
Alerts sent out to helpers in DA1,2,3,4,5,9,11,13,14. TN14,15. BR5,6,8.
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Sorry to see that LAYLA STOLEN is missing.
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