Lost: Black And Tan Yorkshire Terrier Female In South East (CT1)

  • Dog ID 30456
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 17 Jun 2011
  • Gender & Breed Female Yorkshire Terrier
  • Age Adult
  • Colour black and tan
  • Marks & Scars Smudge-like mole between back legs and still has two k9 baby molars at the back of her mouth
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 07 Jun 2011
  • Where Lost Canterbury, stolen in a violent attack witnessed by owners' distraught 6 year old.
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area CT1
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Please share and tweet Marnie's details.
  • Phone 1 07735 526688
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Jayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
  • Views 47341


Sightings and Information

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This breaks my heart.
We’ve made a new post on Long lost/stolen dogs 😞
DogLostJenkins - Administrator
Thanks AnaGee ..I have bumped Marnie's page.
Maybe worth checking in case Marnie is one of the dogs found in Orpington? Praying you find Marnie.


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DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Please Support:

Could this be Marnie https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1982676108688724&set=gm.2134369360156288&type=3&theater
Marnie your never forgotten... You were my very first ever Thunderclap so I just doing you another one with hopes xxx
Shared x
Still hoping
charlie and sooty
Have shared post to various sites, to refresh people x
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Marnie is microchipped so has this dog been scanned? Also yes there was some things on Marnie such as She has a very long tongue, and a seal like cough,
She has a smudged mole near her lady bits.
She still has 2 k9 baby molars at the back of her mouth.

Have traced the FB page and added a message and sent link.

DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
Sent link to local co-ordinator.
Can someone contact owner?
A Facebook member, Theresa Mulberry has found a small female yorkie caked in mud, poor condition with overgrown claws. She has a 'distinctive feature' that Theresa says only the owner will know about. Could this be Marnie?
Never forgotten! Will keep sharing for you Marnie!
Hope, and pray Marnie will be reunited soon all xd.
Copied from Find Marnie FB page:- Today is the fourth anniversary of Marnie being stolen in the horrific attack on her family. We have never stopped looking for Marnie, and we truly believe one day her chip will bring her home. Please share xxx
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
Here's the link http://www.lostdogsuk.co.uk/assets/dog-reports/1428674600/30-0.CBC-100415-0958.pdf
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestershire
I saw this on Facebook and thought the same ....if I can find the link again I will post....please do check as I thought Marnie too xx
There has been a Yorker found in lu6 yesterday in a neglected way by which I mean coat bad and u brushed etc not starved. Maybe worth checking out in case it's marine. Currently with sdk
http://www.animalwardens.co.uk/lost-found-dogs-search?sobi2Task=sobi2Details&______catid=0&sobi2Id=93637 a long shot, but who knows...
Lesley Brown
Please can you check this poor girl out. Just been found in a poor state, bless her. They say no chip, but sometimes they don't get picked up.
There are 2 in here http://leighdogsandcatshome.co.uk/gpage2.html
Always looking out for sweet little Marnie :-(

I have shared again on my Facebook page x
Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of the day Marnie was stolen from her loving family in a horrific attack. We are still actively looking for her and follow up on every lead we get. Could you all please help us by sharing her details and poster and see if we can get this little girl home. https://www.facebook.com/helpfindmarnie?fref=ts
someone called Sarah Law has posted the picture and comment in Missing Dogs in Scotland on Facebook. Here is the link if it works:
There is a picture and post on facebook about a similar looking female found today:
Poor wee female yorkie found in drip road raploch, stirling. Terrified. She's now at bandeath stray dog shelter in stirling. If you know this dog please contact 01786812908. — with Sharon Dodd.
lookalike at leigh dogs home
Really hope there will be some news of Marnie soon.
Bumping Marnies page as she is featured in a special dog theft article of the November edition of Dogs Today magazine out now. Do hope it brings some news
lost dogs North WalesJo LDNWA

Check this one out.
This one might be worth checking

this one is being sold in bedford, but it is difficult to differentiate http://www.gumtree.com/p/pets/toyminature-yorkshire/1030620093/gallery#gallery-item-full-2
Please check Found: http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=56693
Hi hoolibelle, Marnie could be anywhere now but we hope she is still in Kent. If you email me your Address I will pop some posters in the post for you. Thanks so much for offering to poster for us. Thanks to everyone who is helping us in this continued search for Marnie, we won't give up until she is home safe. (sharondodd64@hotmail.com) xxx
Marniesmum. Do you still think Marnie could around the Orpington area? I work in Chislehurst and am happy to poster in those areas. Shared on facebook. xx
Have shared on my twitter x
Shared and will tweet, always keep a look out for Marnie.... everything crossedX
lmoore - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
Have shared her poster on Facebook and will check all local vets Hope you find her soon I am in Swindon WiltsLast edited: 2013-06-08 08:06:05 by lmoore - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
I have shared Marnie on fb and Sharon has shared her everywhere she can. However, we cannot get the hang of Twitter, so it would be very much appreciated if some kind soul reading this could put her on there. Some one knows what happened to Marnie and we won't rest until she is back home where she belongs with her loving family xxx
Always looking xxx

Its two years today when Marnie was stolen from her family in a horrific attack. Do you know anyone who has bought or rescued a tiny female adult yorkie since 7th June 2011? It could be Marnie, the new owners may not know she was stolen, we hope and pray that Marnie is one day scanned and returned but in the meantime, please, please help us by sharing her poster today. We need to let people know that two years on she is still very much loved and missed by her family and they just want her home. If you have any information please contact Jaime in confidence on 07735526688. https://www.facebook.com/helpfindmarnie?fref=ts
As it is Marnie's second anniversary of being stolen tomorrow, I have asked Admin to bump her page to the top of the list. We need to remind people that she is still missing and that we are still looking, and won't give up until she is home. xxx
I've just come across this poor little one, who by the word of the rescue has had a hard time-referred to as Minnie. http://www.ashendenbiz.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/gemini/Dogs/minnie.html
There is another at the same kennels 'Penny'
If you would like to help us poster for Marnie and don't have a printer please email me your name and address at sharondodd64@hotmail.com and I will pop some in the post for you. xxx

Thank you so much for sharing Marnie's details Lostdog.UK. We are currently following up on a dog on this site. http://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy__sell/pets/dogs/yorkshire_terrier/20280441/minature-yorkshire-terrier-bitch/view#.UX99piBwbIV
I have asked Jaime, Marnie's owner to check it out.
I have also shared Marnie's information on our facebook page

Wow.... Marnie's poster was featured at least 4 times today on Vet's Klink TV with Debbie Matthews talking about the Halo Scanner. This is excellent publicity for our search. Thank you so much Vets Klink TV. xxx
Jaime went to see the dog that a groomer had rescued from a Traveller sadly it wasn't Marnie. The search continues. xxx
Thank you for mentioning that PA I will certainly try to find it and check it out. xxx
Hi I've just been looking on Gumtree there was a very similar 1 free to good home advertised in March. I can't figure out how to put link or pic on her but its in free to good home section. It does look like marine I think. Good luck. PA.
We are currently waiting for a phone call from a groomer who took in a female yorkie in a terrrible condition from a Gypsy camp at Christmas, the dog has been checked for a chip and none was found but Jaime is keen to go and see the dog just to be sure its not Marnie.
Jaime is following up on the yorkie found today Doglost 50739, she is going to ring tomorrow to find out more. xxx
We are currently chasing up a little yorkie found on this link http://www.sangreatkennels.co.uk/st/DSC08227.JPG?attredirects=0 I've asked Jaime to check it out just in case. xxx
I've just heard from Nik - Doglost PR that we should have the article about the Halo Scanner I've donated in Marnie's name to the "Lord Whisky Rescue" in the papers very soon, this will be fantastic publicity for Marnie. Please if you can poster, poster, poster. If we make her too hot to handle we may get the phone call we need to get her home. xxx
If you would like to help us search for Marnie, please put a Marnie poster on your Wheelie Bin, the bin men travel all over and may see something that could bring us that needed phone call. If you need posters please email me and I will send you some in the post. (sharondodd64@hotmail.com) xxx
Please remember if you use Twitter to Tweet about Marnie, we need all the help we can get. xxx
CAN I ASK EVERYONE ON HERE TO DO SOMETHING FOR MARNIE? Have heard a rumour that Jeremy Vine on BBC2 is considering doing a piece on Lost/Stolen Dogs. Please can I ask you all to take a couple of minutes to email vine@bbc.co.uk and ask him to include MARNIE? PLEASE DO IT! Thank you xxx
The poster campaign has got off to a flying start, its lovely to see Marnie's new poster popping up on different facebook sites, if you would like to help us search for Marnie, please join her page https://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/helpfindmarnie?fref=ts If you have any information about Marnie's whereabouts you can contact Doglost Phone: 0844 800 3220, e-Mail: admin@doglost.co.uk or Marnie's owner Jaime on 07735526688, there is a Reward for Marnie's safe return. xxx
Thank you Nik for tweeking Marnie's poster for us, now we have the updated poster we are going to start a full on poster campaign. Anyone wishing to help poster for us and doesn't have a printer please email me and I will send you some in the post. (sharondodd64@hotmail.com) We really appreciate any help we can get in the search for Marnie. xxx
The Darlington Dog sadly wasn't Marnie, it had a docked tail, no microchip and didn't have Marnie's smudged Mole. The search for Marnie contines. xxx
Would Admin please update Marnie's poster, I emailed the changes last night. Thank You xxx
This one has been pictured on Darlington dog wardens page, owner still waiting on confirmation if its her or not

have a look of fb Bruce forsyth site a little 1 found today ?
Link below for a found dog very similar to Marnie...it says she has recently had a litter of pups, poor little girl x
Buddy-the Muddy He looked like the man with the dark eyebrows from the old Carling black label adverts (slightly more hair at the front than in this ad)

Buddy-the Muddy oh and it would have been about 5.20am xLast edited: 2012-12-13 12:40:47 by sdodd308
had a possible sighting today from a lovely person who is helping in our search. Please read the information and if you live in the area keep your eyes open. We need to rule this one in or out of the search for Marnie.

Buddy-the Muddy - There was a yorkie on the morning walk that had a bark like a cough. The man walking the dog snatched it up and jumped into a car before i could get my phone out to take a photo. I could not tell you if the dog was a boy or a girl sadly. The man was wearing a black/dark jacket which looked quite expensive. the man looked smart and the car looked expensive and was a dark colour. I'm sorry that's all i've got but Buddy is norty when he sees other dogs so my hands are tied and things get chaotic. This was on the junction on Mortimer street and william street in Herne Bay. xx
sdodd308. Contact me at doglostpr@gmail.com and I'll send it over.
Does anyone have Novembers Dogs Today Magazine that could let us know what is being said about Marnie please? If possible a scan of the article would be fantastic so we could add it to Marnie's page. xxx
Marnie is in Dogs Today November issue
Still looking for you Marnie x Hopefully it will be your turn to come home soon xLast edited: 2012-09-27 11:06:09 by Lorraine
We are still following up the sighting in Sidcup, there are helpers out postering and checking out the parks and green areas. Please help us search for Marnie, she could be anywhere in the country. She has her own page and we update it on a regular basis. https://www.facebook.com/#!/helpfindmarnie If you have any information please contact us no matter how small it may be. xxx
We have had a person looking round the parks and streets mentioned for us in Sidcup, but haven't spotted anything yet. I have posted some posters to a couple of people so hopefully they will be up in the area in the next day or two. Please keep your eyes open, we really need to find out more about this little yorkie, its close enough to be Marnie. xxx
Fingers crossed for Team Marnie, good luck x
Further to the sighting of a yorkie that could be Marnie in Sidcup a few days ago. We have a couple of people willing to drive about the area and visit the local parks and green areas with their own dogs to try and engage the person with the yorkie in conversation to try to find out more about it. We also have a couple of people postering all the local shops, vets etc. Hopefully one of these wonderful people maybe able to spot the yorkie and get a photo, so we can find out if it could be Marnie. If you think you could also help please print off posters from our download poster tab and put them up anywhere you can think off. If you have any information about this dog no matter how small please do not hesitate to contact me. xxx
30/08/12 - Ok we have had a sighting of a yorkie which could be Marnie....

chris page - tiny little yorkie in Sidcup with a woman , totally clipped , very skinny without its hair and long tail possibly female although driving and did try to get a good look , Hatherley rd and Alma road area , think there is a park in that area , sorry couldnt get a photo as on my own, have you had any information that could point to Sidcup?

Does anyone live in SIDCUP? We could do with anyone who lives in the area postering for us and trying to get a photo of this dog. Marnie is Microchipped and can be identified if we find out where she is. Please let us know if you can help us with this. xxx
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Hopefully one day Marnie will be scanned and then she will be home.
Just checking. Come home Marnie. Your family need you NOW.
Have posted at my vets: Newhall Vet Clinic, B76 2PP. Ashwood Vet. Clinic B72 IRE, and Bham Dogs Home. B5 5QS. Have also posted in my area B76 2UH. Paws and fingers xd now for Marnie to be reunited with her owners.
I feel for you and your family I do hope Marnie comes home soon but NEVER GIVE UP HOPE my baby came home after 6 years sending big hugssssssssss
Nadine Widdows
Facebooked and Tweeted x
WE NEED YOUR HELP - The main job for today is to try and contact as many vets and rescues as we can. If you could possibly print out posters and help us by taking them to your local vets and rescues that would be fantastic. Please let us know the name of the vet by commenting below and let us see if we can cover as many as possible no matter where you live in the country. Marnie could be anywhere and we really want her home. xxx
Would advise owners to contact their local paper and ask them to do a "year on and still looking for Marnie" story.
Paws and fingers xd for the safe return of Marnie
DogLostSherlock Bones Police Liaison Co-ordinator
The details of the car have been thoroughly checked by the police and it's believed the details are false. Additionally whilst this registration is logged on the automatic number plate system, it has never been seen again since the date of the offence.
You still need the vehicle registration documents to tax your vehicle and there has to be an address on the log book.
if this car was taxed it had to have insurance ............. so it had to be done either on line so an address would be given or how would they get the tax posted. or done in a post office or dvla office .
I have just checked on DVLA and the car is still taxed since its over a year and the car is obviously still in use why can it not be traced ? Not too sure on it been a false reg as it is on a merceds and a blue one. Its confusing me or maybe in been stupid.
DogLostSherlock Bones Police Liaison Co-ordinator
It's been a year since Marnie was stolen in this viscious attack. Where is she now?
NEW LEAD - We need your help to identify the area mentioned in this post. Do you know a middle aged woman living alone who has a tiny female yorkie. It could be Marnie please, please let us know. This is one lead of many we are following up but please be aware that Marnie could actually be anywhere so please keep looking and sharing. xxx

Marnie has been talking with a lovely lady who is a Dog Communicator and she is quite chatty. She now lives with a middle aged lady who lives alone, and she is well cared for. She misses being around other dogs but is otherwise fine. The lady takes her to the park at weekends, but during the week they have a road walk to a smaller green area. The lady puts her in a carry bag if it is very wet. Sometimes they go to the park by car, if it is raining or very hot. When she first came to this lady she was taken to the vet for check but wasn't scanned. She was not vaxed until a few months later in case she had recently had shots. So Marnie is in a good home but we have no idea where, she gets vet treatment but hasn't been scanned. That is all she can tell us really.
I have asked the family to check out 39963 just to be sure its not Marnie, I don't think it is but best be sure. xxx
Hi sorry for the delay in replying, ellejay there are a few different photo's on Marnies facebook page, help find marnie. She is tiny looks like a puppy but is fully grown now. Thank you for looking on the free ads and rescue sites its a huge job and releases me to crosspost and share. We will never give up although we haven't had any sightings, we just pray her chip will bring her home soon. We check out every lead we get so please keep looking and sharing. xxx
plz look on west wales pound dogs on facebook,x
Are there any other pics of Marnie we could see ? Or has this already been covered, sorry if it has... just if we could see a some more pics, of her full body that would be good.

I still look every day on all the free ads, and rescue sites, we really need to get this girl home xx
just seen this on fb page... For Sale miniature yorkshire terrier
5 year old bitch
lovely and friendly dog just needed to be rehoused
£150, ive sent sharon dodd picture, could some1 check this out please xx
Hi Thank you all for your continued support it means a great deal to Marnie's owners. Jansus I have checked out the advert on Gumtree, unfortunately its not Marnie, but keep up the good work looking. Wendy the police can't trace the car as the registered details on the car are false, it also has not shown up on the Number Plate Recognition System since Marnie was stolen. We have a facebook group and page for Marnie. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/195296777185419/
Unfortunately Help find Marnie is not working correctly at the moment thanks to facebook. We will never stop looking for Marnie, if you feel you could help us please visit Who Took Marnie and check out the clues given to us by Medium Georgina Holdsworth. xxx
sorry I know this is a very long shot - but do you think someone might sell her on as a puppy because she so small? there is an advert on gumtree - and although I note the comments regarding the microchip - it still seems an odd advert-

I have posted on facebook but I just checked out the vehicle and don't understand why it can't be traced?...https://www.taxdisc.direct.gov.uk/EvlPortalApp/app/enquiry?execution=e1s3
This is appalling , I so hope little Marnie is found and returned , I live quite a distance away , but have put on facebook ....... you never know. Good luck Marnies mum.xx
Have posted on my facebook wall.
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
I've emailed Marnie's details to Leigh Cats & Dog's Home as have been alerted to one that maybe in their kennels. They won't get the email until tomorrow. x
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
email from owner...
Hi would it be possible to updat Marnie's page to STILL MISSING please, we are trying to push her details back into the public eye and this would be a great help. Thank you.

Still nothing on Marnie, Jaime went in person to check the Yorkie found in a bad way in Kent, unfortunately it wasn't Marnie. Would it be possible to update Marnies doglost page to say STILL MISSING please. Thanks xxx
cavvy lover of pembrokeshire
Yorkie found in Kent on 4Paws GSD on Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/groups/melbeard/10150409722821158/?notif_t=group_activity

Found yorkie Kent

Yorkie female found in a real bad matted condition Meopham area Kent , could be from another area and dumped
certain details with held for identification,no chip found

Thought worth mentioning.I know it says no chip but you never know.Fingers crossed.
Can someone check the little one found on Alfies lost dog site. It is probbly too big to be Marnie. But worth a look. x
Marnie has been missing a while now and the strain is showing on all sides.... if you feel trapped and feel like its gone too far, leave Marnie somewhere safe and let us know where to find her. This can end with no hassle, just say you have found her and hand her in at a rescue or vet surgery, they will be able to return her to her family and all this can stop for EVERYONE. Please have a heart we just want Marnie home and all the stress and upset to stop. xxx
Pawprints Dog RescueJD
Am sharing any details I find with Marnies owners on my search for Moose. Jamie is wondering if her poster can be changed to state "still missing" and hope it can be bumped up the page please x
If anyone would like to return Marnie please leave her at a vets surgery, pet shop or anywhere she would be safe until returned to her family. LETS PUT AN END TO THIS. You can email us at findmarnie@hotmail.co.uk or contact Doglost. You don't have to give your details. We would be prepared to meet you at a neutral location if you want to meet, we just want her home no questions asked, or alternatively just let us know where we can find her. xxx
Any update about Marnie available x
http://www.epupz.co.uk/clas/viewdetails.asp?view=442636 Have just seen this and thought of you after seeing links on facebook. Probably not her but worth a look xLast edited: 2011-10-07 15:02:14 by tara
We have reason to believe that Marnie was sold yesterday 4th October 2011 in the Orpington area. If you know anyone who has acquired a dog of her description in the area and surrounds, please do let us know - findmarnie@hotmail.co.uk. Please alert your own vets if they don't already know about her, in case she is taken in for vaccinations. https://www.facebook.com/helpf​indmarnie
DogLostSherlock Bones Police Liaison Co-ordinator
If anyone would like to anonymously tell us where Marnie is, please remember that you can contact Doglost with information, or you can email findmarnie@hotmail.co.uk. You don't have to give your details, just let us know where we can find her.

DogLostJackalee (Kathryn) - Area Co-ordinator - Greater Manchester
We now believe Marnie could have been sold on for £250 a while ago, do you know of anyone who has recently aquired a very small female adult yorkie. Does your neighbour have a new yorkie that looks like Marnie? The person in question probably won't know Marnie was stolen and would have bought her in good faith. However Marnie is a much loved pet and once the new owner has to take this little one to the vet and has her scanned the truth will come out. For everyones sake please keep your eyes open and if you see a dog that could be Marnie with someone, try to get a photograph on your phone. Once we have evidence where Marnie is we can get the police to help return her to her loving family. If you have any confidential information please contact Jaime on 07735526688
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Marnie's owner has not long replied, they have been out and phone battery was dead. They are going to check this girl out and contact the Chip Co to ensure their details are up to date. x
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Finder has replied and this Yorkie is chipped but finders have not been given any details but the contact details may not be up to date.

I've left a message with Marnie's owner re the found and also asked if Marnie's chip details are up to date, Sharon if you manage to make contact can you please check this out? Thanks x
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Would be great if this was Marnie, I've cropped the photo/s to bring her closer and grouped them together.

I have made contact with her finder of ID 32693 via texts, they are still following up Marnie and have been postering the area. I've advised if not already she should be reported to the Council Dog Warden as found and to also register her with the Animal Wardens. x
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer - Wiltshire
Marnie on You Tube :)

We are currently trying to contact Marnie's mum Jaime to see if she can check out this dog http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog_blog.php?dogId=32693 The person who has this dog is going to get it checked for a chip today hopefully, we can't see the pictures very well to make a visual id. Fingers crossed it could be Marnie. xxx
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer - Wiltshire
This was posted on Marnie facebook page ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"We have reason to believe there could be information circulating in the Orpington (BR6) area regarding the location of Marnie. If anyone lives in this area, Please, please put up posters so people know where to contact if they have confidential information and need to let us know. xxx"

Perhaps Email alerts could go out in that area Admin & maybe Bump Marnie's page, please ?
Good Luck Marniesmum xxx!Last edited: 2011-09-13 20:21:14 by Reynard - Area Volunteer - Wiltshire
Hi after speaking to Jaime today my daughter Linzi has set up a new page for Marnie, so we can add more information and update news and sightings etc. Hopefully this will renew the interest in the search for Marnie. We are hoping to get a video on this new page and fresh posters and flyers that can be printed off. My heart goes out to Jaime, she is such a lovely woman, fingers crossed this new page will help keep her spirits up until she gets Marnie home. http://www.facebook.com/helpfindmarnie#!/helpfindmarnie?sk=wall
Hi its Marnies mum, just so you dont forget Marnies is very tiny for her breed. So small infact that she is unable to carry a litter it would kill her.
She has a very long tongue, and a seal like cought,
She has a smudged mole near her lady bits.
She still has 2 k9 baby molours at the back of her mouth.
she is very playful, very friendly towards about every1,kids adults and other petsShe chases birds for some reason has never caught1 but its funny to watch.she is a clever funny and loving little girl,
Sorry but i miss her so much it really hurts my heart. dont want t miss any thing out. but SHE IS ABSOLUTLY BEAUTYFULL, Come home soon Marnie mo.xxx
Hi the little1 in the kennels has neally run out of time and has to be offered a home. her owners have already been notified. its to big to be marnie. She is very TINY for her breed. her owners dont care about her. some people. Thank you though it was worth a try xx
DogLostJackalee (Kathryn) - Area Co-ordinator - Greater Manchester
There is a yorkie on http://rescuecentral.webs.com/apps/photos/ They have named her Jemma. She looks very sad and in a bad condition as if she has been straying for a while. It's a bit of a long shot as Homeless Hounds is Aspen Valley Kennels in the Blackburn in the North West area. Maybe MarniesMum could take a look just in case.
the little1 found wasn't Marnie. it turns out she is micro chipped. but also has just had a litter of pups as she is full milk.i hope her owners collect her soon x x thank u
have just phoned about the little one. that has just been put on the found site. the lady i sooke to is going to take her to the vet to see if she is chipped. if it turns out not to be Marnie. could it be indie.x
Have just seen this and am fuming as I type. What type of scum would this in front of a six year old? Would like to say, but it would not be printable. Hope you are found soon Marnie. Rest assured these scum will get their come uppance.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Thanks elejay. i think the 2 yorkies have been looked at on gumtree. One the picture ( little dog sitting on hind legs is definately not Marnie) the other the ad seems to have gone. marnies owner kept the link in favourites but its not working and we cannot find it any more. If you are still able to find it would you let me know or email it to me- i think you already jhave my email. thanks CJ
There is a female yorkie up on gumtree London for sale... Write up is very bad English and dog looks so sad ... Worth a look to see if it is marnie ?

Though stating in Harrow !

diana rufus's mum contacted me this morning. and she is hurting just like myself. she broke my heart. which is broken already. how these people that commit these crimes can sleep at night is beyond me. KARMA has a great way of getting bad people back. still desperatly searching for my Marnie. id like to thank every1 for everything they are doing not only for myself but for every1 else on these dogslost pages to.yr all wounderful amaising people. with hugh hearts.xxxxxxx
hi female yorkie on k9 search found in b17 harbourne on 18.7 details on k9 website but no picture
DogLostSherlock Bones Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Marnie's facebook page: (copy and paste the link)
Hi Jane,there is a fb page. its called Who took Marnie. shes got more friends than i have on my fb. praying Marnie is home soon.xxxx
To Marniesmum, have you thought of a facebook page for Marnie? A a few dogs have been reunited with their owners just lately and facebook has played a big part in that. Really hope she is home with you soon x
i really got it into my head that it was my Marnie that was found in the bin. then wen i found out it wasnt it broke my heart all over again. and to the owners of the little 1. shoiuld do time for that. to me all types of terrier are wounderful breed of dog. they are devoted to there owners. happy, playfull, lovin, charming. i would gladly re home that little1 that was found in the bin.id give him a loving home.and WHEN i get my Marnie back she would have a friend. i expect they already found some1. There are to many EVIL HEARTLESS people in this world.come home soon marnie. i will NEVER give up trying to find you. love and miss my baby so much. angels please keep Marnie safe. xxxx

sadly i have tracked down the litle dog that was found in a wheelie bin in gloucestershire, and its not marnie, this is a male, and its owner is known ... so so sorry that its another blow to the already distraught owners
hi iv been phoning loads of places and i dont seem to be getting any where with the little 1 that was found in a bin, or another 1 on gumtree. that was foundin Bow london E. can any1 help please xxxxxxxx
Animal Magic Chelt
I have shared this via FB, hoping she's too hot to handle and found safe and well...and soon.
Stay safe little one.
dogs found in the glos area would usually go to teckels or cheltenham animal shelter good luck
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
Here is the link to the news story mentioned below http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Yorkshire-Terrier-dumped-wheelie-bin/story-12927468-detail/story.html I will also post this on your facebook page. The poor dog is safe now with the RSPCA x
yorkie found in a wheelie bin in gloucestershire yesterday, may be too hot to handle and dumped.... the news article does not say what sex or show a picture of the dog but may be worth makeing contact .. go to this is gloucestershire news site... good luck
DogLostLostdogs ScotlandSable - Regional Co-ordinator - Scotland
Message from owner.---
Marnie also has stray greys all through the black on her coat. Her tail is a full tail black on top and tan underneath. Her legs are not much thicker than my finger. Her head is the same size as a tennis ball if not smaller.
thank u so much.x
Sorry to hear it wasn't Marnie. We have got our fingers and paws crossed here that you get your sweet baby girl home safe and well very soon. xxx
it wasn't Marnie.I tried not to get my hope's high, but i did.
i am checking out a little yorkie that was picked up on saterday. fingers crossed.photos have been sent. awaiting a ohone call. but i dont want to get my hopes up high, as the disappointment of it turning out not being Marnie. is heart breaking.this is the 4th yorky ive checked out.it breaks my heart. to think people would dump there pets. i dont understand. think there r to many dog breeders out there. money money money. is that all they think about. really makes me angry.i think ive been living in a dream world, as i didnt realise how horrible it has got out there.
thank u dee.x
DogLostSherlock Bones Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Phone number added to poster xxx
thank you to every1's support. i never realised that there were so many people out there who have hearts and care so much. big kisses to u all.marnie is female.a little lady. she is my little girl.my phone number isnt on the poster. im worried that the men that took marnie may not want to contact doglost. so im putting my number on here it is 07735526688. desperatly want my baby back. not the same without her. she is my best friend and my sole mate.she been there for me through bad times, good times and sad times.need my family back together. praying every day that were ever she is, she will get out and run.hoping and praying for marnies safe return.thank u again xxxxxxxxxxx
Any news on this little man yet? hope he's found soon xx Faye
Hope there is news of Marnie soon. Have FB'd & Tweeted.
Advertised in The Countryman's Weekly magazine this week. I hope it brings some news.
any more news on Marnie :((
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
Have spoken to them.....
BBC South East Today have expressed an interest in the story and I have contacted them on behalf of Jaime and DogLost with DogLost information (including number Jayne so stay tuned!) and have let them know the owner has their details when she is feeling ready to face it xxx
Have sent the link to this page and the Marie FB page to BBC South East Today - hope this helps get her homeLast edited: 2011-06-22 12:11:31 by Denise
BBC South East just posted on FB "Hello, we're hoping that you may be able to help us. We would like to get in touch with Jamie Price from Canterbury whose Yorkshire terrier, Marnie was stolen from her garden. The thieves also attacked Jamie's husband Steven. If you know the family please contact our planning desk on 01892 675576 or email southeasttoday@bbc.co.uk. Thank you for your help."
Hoping you hear good news soon. Liz xx
hope it brings good news.
Should I not be posting ads I see on here now? x
Link to the Sun newspaper feature - http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3649424/Raiders-battered-a-man-over-the-head-with-a-shovel-and-threatened-to-kill-his-partner-before-stealing-the-family-DOG.html
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
checked out the yorkie at the kennels but its been reclaimed by owner...
Hi Jayne, I did post this on FB this morning, but i guess its to late as the interview has already taken place. ?

Just a thought, BUT, can whoever is doing the interview with the Sun ask if they would be willing to do a feature of a missing dog maybe once a week. Perhaps a little photo and basic details of the dog, if possible on page 3. It would be e...ven better if they could even do one a day. I think that kind of exposure would get a lot of little ones and in particular those that are sick or particularly vulnerable home quicker. It is probably unlikely they will, BUT IF YOU DON’T ASK YOU DON’T GET, RIGHT.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
featured on page 9 of the sun today...unfortunately despite promising my self and owner that there would be doglost contact details so we could field potential calls they have sadly been omitted....lets hope they pass on any calls to us..
Comment awaiting moderation
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Coral, well done. Whether it is Marnie or not, you have helped a little lost dog and fingers crossed it is Marnie. Thank you!
Have tweeted poster to
Marc Armitage tv vet.
Jodie Prenger
Chris Evans
Clare Balding
Oliver Thornton

Have 1000s of followers between them.Have asked for RT to followers.
Graham Simpson
Gypsy & Traveller Liaison Officer
Public Safety Unit
Herne Bay Police Station
Gordon Road
Herne Bay
01227 289260 Maybe worth giving him a call and asking him to keep a lookout as he is bond to be out and about. x

I am from Birmingham and at the back of Frankley Services, I am shocked at this poor child and poor husband - how frightening. Hope we can find them. Police probably know who they are, is there a liaisons officer down there at all. Hope they don't try and come back - stay safe. Liz xx
http://www.adtrader.co.uk/pets-and-animals/dogs/good-home-wanted-for-my-1-year-old_922488.html Last edited: 2011-06-19 21:13:55 by angi
Thank you Coral, I don't live far from Hillbrae, a long shot but thank you for alerting us I will call them tomorrow xxx
Thank you Coral, I don't live far from Hillbrae, a long shot but thank you for alerting us I will call them tomorrow xxx
Hi, this could be a bit of a long shot but I noticed the car involved in the robbery was initially registered in the Birmingham area (central)This afternoon my daughter and son in law picked uup a little female yorkie running in the road in Telford, She looked (and smelled) like she had beeon on the loose for a little while. She was a very happy friendly little dog who had a long tongue. They could find anybody to claim the dog and my son took her to our local pets at home to ask them to scan her for microchip. They said she wasn't chipped (but I do know they can move) They also said she was about 4yrs old. Racking my brains to think of any lost yorkies I had seen on here I thought of Marnie I suggested he try and see if she responded to this name, She did. I have shown my daughter the picture and she said she thought the little dogs coat was blonder on her back than in the picture. To cut a long story short (sorry) she is now safely ensconced at Hilbrae kennels just outside Telford 01952 541254. It may be a long shot but I do think it should be checked out to put minds at rest. If it isn't her then she already has a good home waiting.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
thanks everyone keep twittering and sharing....its working...
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
God bless little Marnie and keep her safe and help this family to be reunited quickly. x
have looked at ads
this site lists a lots of the sites used in one place. Pets4homes is not on there or gumtree and vivastreet but preloved etc are. x
Owner contacted me on Facebook today thanking all for all they are doing and kind words on dog lost and Facebook. Xxx
Have just checked and it seems this car is not insured or taxed DVLA should know about this car as not SORN, so another way to get a response from police is to get some one to ring anon and say they have just tried to snatch child bet they respond to that, I know dont do it really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I know its illegal but what they have done is worse than illegal.
The car is a Mercedes C200 Kompressor (Coupe),

If you want this site will give you info on this car and maybe the address where registered worth a try
http://www.usedcarexpert.co.uk/page.aspx?numPage=10&gclid=CPPHj5v3wakCFcJO4QodL1gIHQLast edited: 2011-06-19 13:33:58 by Alex
Good thoughts to the family at this horrific time. We're all out there looking. Shared to FB & telling everyone I can.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
thanks everyone for spreading the word. need as many as pssible to know about this dog.


i have sent an email Did you get it?? CJ
I have also asked everyone who checks Ads of for sale sites to keep a look out for Marnie. Also done a bit of searching online and have given Caroline the info i have found.. Hope Marnie is found very soon
Thankyou Caroline,. I have been busy adding people and spreading news else where for you.

Really hope marnie is home soon xx
Rachel - Bucks admin and volunteer
Saying lots of prayers for Marnie's safe return. Please, please keep an eye on your lurcher as they may use your focus on Marnie to come back and try again. Please also warn everyone around you who has a dog. I have shared with all my friends and asked them to do the same. Keep safe little one. x
Ellejay - the group is called who took Marnie? - Yorkshire terrier CT1
you type in Doglost in the search bar on your FB Account or click on FB Post on the top of THIS page, this will then share it on your FB wall
Can i ask the Title of the group on the facebook page ??

Just everytime there is a link on here for f/b it never works for me.. comes up with no results.. so easier to search for title.... then i can get sharing around. :)
Facebook user comment - Rose Jay - Have you been to the local papers as the Police as usual being obstructive as usual. Go back and demand an update as I realised it was more than theft. If no response contact or get your MP to contact the Minister of Police Mr Nick Herbert at the Home Office. I have been writing a book on the failings of the Police in Pet Theft, and it is preety dire in my areaLast edited: 2011-06-18 17:32:16 by CarolineMurphy
Facebook group is growing rapidly - again the link is http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_195296777185419
Julia, I thought the same... I have a holiday home down that way and there is many travellers on lots of land round there, they go out shooting the rabbits in the evenings.,,

I have sent a link to my holiday park to print of posters and put around.

Target Minnis bay, there is lots and lots of dog walkers round there, as it's beach front.., get posters up along there.

But there is so many country lanes boardering land they could be hiding in them sort of places ... Get posters up in surrounding areas like birchington, broadstairs, margate, sarre etc..,, get posters up in the big shopping centre think it's called " west " something ???

We gotta get marnie home ... And don't stop looking on the free ad websites ..Last edited: 2011-06-18 13:22:08 by ellejay
Facebook group set up for Marnie - owners are welcome to join and will put you as admin - it helped with Axel and the puppies, lets hope we can get it shared enough for Marnie too to be returned - http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_195296777185419
Dare I sugest that if they were after a Lurcher that the offenders are gypsies. The car may even be stolen or wouldn't be registered to them.
Consider local traveller's sites where they hold the dogs they steal.
I am so sorry to hear this terrifying ordeal for the whole family. We all need to be aware of the depths these scum sink to to get fighting/rabbitting/coursing dogs. I am CT1 area and would like to offer help if I can. I don't know how I can contact the owner, maybe samiejayne7 could contact me through here if poss or through my Facebook page 'puperazzi' Julia
Hiya everybody, Marnie is my sister in laws dog, we have been reading all your comments of support and I speak for myself but I know my family are extremely grateful for all the help you are offering in finding her. The amount of people viewing this is overwhelming and you have given us new hope in finding her! Thank you so much and I hope you will all stay vigilant and continue to help us in bringing Marnie home! And in response to a previous post, the car is a Mercedes Kompressor.
Fran Daly
Have also circulated on Twitter. Do we know what type of Mercedes this is and whether light or dark blue? Hopefully Meridian, BBC Radio Kent and other local forms of media can highlight this as well.
My thoughts are with you all, this attack was carried out by the lowest of the low, thank god you are all safe, I am sure you will have little Marnie back home where she belongs. Well done to your neighbour for getting full number plate. xx
Have put on my fb page as I am in Dover, good luck
Just Jackie
Have also cross-posted details to Rescue Aid for Animals, and Rescue Helpers Unite forums. There are a lot of people on there who help with transports so are on the road a good deal. Fingers crossed someone has a sighting of this car and reports it.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
poster e mailed to CT10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
thanks Jackie...
Just Jackie
Details including car description and registration cross-posted to facebook, and also to Greyhound Gap forum. Come on lets make Marnie too hot to hang on to.
Hurry home little one.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
thanks suzee....spread the word....
I have just checked with DVLA web site the colour of the Mercedes is registered as blue.Let's find these bastards !!!
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
..oh CJ you edited my earlier post with details on car and reg on...please everyone re tweet with car and reg details.....
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
I was waiting for police confirmation to release number plate but still not heard. But this vehicle is the key to finding MARNIE so cannot wait any longer

Big GSDAstralhaze
Crossposted to Facebook & twitter. Already posted on Biggsd by a member.

I hope they are caught and get what they deserve, evil ****, and Marnie is returned to her family soon.
have put this disgusting crime on Twitter. Marc Armitage the tv vet has retweetd to 5000 followers lots in the dog world. Come home soon little girl - I hope owners keep their lurcher safe in case the evil scum try to get her.
my boy max
can you also put this out to CT10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 please
Think we all know what we'd like to do to these people.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
0MG...thought I had put on site...ring CJ SHE WILL HAVE MORE INFO..
Have put Marnie on Doglost Bucks and Beds - will send out to local Thames Valley Police Contacts and put on local dogwatch facebook pages
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Have put Marnie on Facebook-Doglost West London.
Have put Marnie on twitter....whats the car description and reg?
Have put on twitter and will continue to do so. I can't put on here what I think of these low life. Praying this little girl is safe x
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
poster e mailed to helpers in CT 1,2,3,4,5,6 and ME 13.
I am totally disgusted by this.. how dare these scumbags do this to a family.. the poor little dog must be so scared, and the family going through hell.

These evil boys obviously only want the quick bucks and probally trying to sell this dog on.. i only hope and pray its not for other reasons.

Get checking all the free ad websites, gumtree, preloved, epupz pets4homes incase they advertising dog on there for sale... and yes Poster like mad.... get Marnie to hot to handle in the area !!!
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Absolutely terrible! These owners were so brave they deserve all the help we can give them to get their lovely Marnie home, safe and sound, and then to get these yobs behind bars!
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
I have spoken to owner as well to get more details. It has obviously upset her whole family and her little girl is still traumatised by it all.

There is a CRN EY 0091725 which is the voilent assault and under current police investigation.

The details have gone out on police alerts by text and email using the current NHW alerts system.

Owner has my mobile if she needs to speak.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
the scum bags were 3 lads 18-20 years old. one mousy haired and 2 dark haired.
DogLostJayne - Admin & Regional Co-ordinator - Wales
just been speaking to owner...this disgusts me...the thieves were after a lurcher but owner and his wife stopped them...3 men attacked her husband with a shovel...the wife managed to get the dog out of their grip and into the kennel...she shielded the kennel with her body as they kept hitting her husband and saying get her out of the way or we will kill her...all this was witnessed by their 6 year old daughter....they then stole the yorkie...neighbour got full registration plate...police have issued only a ref number.

when poster is ready with photo please twitter and share.
Sorry to see that MARNIE 10 YEARS MISSING is missing.
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