Stolen: Chocolate Cocker Spaniel Female

  • Dog ID 99179
  • Status Stolen
  • Registered 15 Apr 2016
  • Gender & Breed Female Cocker Spaniel
  • Age Adult
  • Build
  • Colour chocolate
  • Tail
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 14 Apr 2016
  • Where Lost Stolen from kennels in Harrietsham.
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area ME17
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 01622 850070
  • Phone 2 07768 244979
  • Reward?
  • Listed By Jayne - Administrator, Head Office
  • Views 11460
  • JAZZ IN DOGS TODAYPoster Image


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Such a lovely but very sad poem. I hope one day soon there will be a happy ending.
It's now just over a year now since our geogeous cocker girls were taken from us. I am feeling a little blue so composed this for you.

Jazz's Story so far.

For those that like to find
A poem to help keep me in mind
I am a cocker girl named Jazz.
So full of life fun and pazzazz
Called chocolate liver,tan or brown
So many shades it makes you frown
One night, the end of the day.
Two of us were stolen away.
My kennel mate my friend called Rosie.
So ancient frail and oh so dozy.
An old working girl at fifteen.
An age so bravely seen
Kicked away and left to roam.
She made her own way home.
Four months on and such sorrow.
Rosie has no more tomorrow.
Rainbow bridge made her sirens call.
She answered ,as when time do we all.
I'm still here waiting to be found.
Look for me round and round
Ten months on and chips in doubt.
Another's cruelly taken out.
Many links and comments here to see.
Far too many of us not where we should be
For over twelve months you have held me here
Return me to those I hold dear.
Have a heart do give a damn
Tell my mum where I am.
To those who have helped to find
Heartfelt thanks from me and Kind

Simbarose. Jazz's mum

Last edited: 2017-05-25 19:48:27 by Simbarose
Thank you Simbarose, so pleased this girl is expected to recover and sorry its not your Jazz.
I have been in contact with Medway Dog Warden and they have confirmed she's not my girl Jazz. They have said the little dog is chipped to a previous owner and are following this up. They also assure me she is getting the best of care and should recover.
It appears from comments on FB that this poor girl is microchipped.
For obvious reasons I can'nt really tell from the image if she is Jazz. I will phone tomorrow for details as there is no one answering tonight. Mary I know what you mean but either way I need to know. Black dog thank you for having the courage to post the link.
Simbarose - Found 114979 distressing picture, but I'm sure if it is Jazz you will want to get there to comfort her ASAP. I don't know whether to hope its her or hope its not.
Please have a look at this one picked up in Kent with Medway Council Stray Dog Service Facebook page.

I was sent the link above as facebook pm. Has anyone else seen this cocker with a group of travelers last seen in the Kidderminster area.? I can't really tell if it's Jazz or not but dog looks very like her
Molliemoo Thank you for the link. Sadly for me it's not Jazz. I have looked at the photo but can't find the add on DD site. Poor wee thing looks in need off lots of tlc
Hi. This has been posted on a spaniel site, for sale on DD, and people are mentioning Jazz
Hi Simbarose just to let you know we are still thinking of you as the year missing date clicks round it's hard not to lose hope and all the leads you chase that turn out not to be yours we know just how you feel we have had no help or interest from the police we don't know where to go now, if anything does come up we will let you know straight away from Jura's owners x
URGENT! Shared Twittered
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks Nik...
DogLostNik - PR Advisor
Jazz is featured in the new issue of Dogs Today.
Molliemoo Thank you for the link and thinking of us . Sadly not Jazz
Can't see if this little one has any white
Thank you mazholenk & molliemoo. I have spoken to Ashtree vets. Sadly for me the vet has confirmed its not my girl Jazz. It is comforting to know wonderful people like yourselves are still thinking of Jazz after nearly a year
Can the cocker ID 113267 found today in Newmarket be checked against jazz please
Could this be Jazz
RSPCA Radcliffe have confirmed the cocker in the video is male. It was worth contacting them as they have very kindly logged Jazz's details and will let me know if she turns up in their area.
Mazholenk. Please don't be sorry I appreciate any possible leads that may help find my girl. I will always check them out however vague. Its nearly a year now and it doesn't get any easier. I couldn't keep going without the help and support of caring people like yourself and others on DL.
Sorry simbarose, just seen your post. Apparently the chocolate cocker in the video has a full tail and I am sure I read on OP that the dog is male.
Simbarose I have just watched the video via the link posted by mazholenk and the footage of a dog similar to Jazz is near the end. They are dogs that are up for rehoming and this dog looks fit and healthy. The footage of this dog is very short and starts at 2 minutes 31 seconds on the video. The contact details for The Radcliffe Animal Shelter are call 01159334422 or email
mazholenk. Thank you for the link unfortunately all I get from facebook is that it can not be accessed. I will try again when I get home tonight. Do you have any more details or photos you can post here ?
Please can this dog be checked out in an RSPC centre
RuthBell.Thank you for the link and for thinking of us. Sadly it's not Jazz
dog id 11274 is sadly not my Jazz
Another female found....
Molliemoo Thank you for caring and sharing. Sadly not my Jazz. All posts and links are always much appreciated
Jot Cotswolds thank you for the link and taking the time to share. Sadly for me not Jazz

Molliemoo I've yet to check your link as I can't access facebook whilst at work.
Female found
Jot cotswolds this female one found 8th Feb..worth checking
Sharon. Thank you for the link and for thinking of us. Kent Police and their vet have confirmed the red spaniel is not Jazz
Sharon Harrold
Kent police are trying to find the owner of this red spaniel
I am so sorry that Jazz is still not Home :(
I have shared Her to my timeline & will tweet for her x

There is a Tweetstorm - I will add Her details to
Tweet Storm for #DogTheftAwarenessDay 3/2 on Twitter at 8 pm...Last edited: 2017-02-03 11:54:15 by #stoppettheft
Jen Thank you for your words of encouragement and kind offer. All I can ask is for everyone who follows any of the lost missing or stolen keep doing what they do. It is a comfort to know we are not alone. As Jazz is a fully trained gundog I hadn't thought of training clubs and will contact now. All my local shoots gamekeepers farmers and breeders are aware. She is also listed on many sites with email alerts set up., I am already trawling the selling sites as it is possible for her to have puppies ready about now. Glad to hear Islay is settling at home and am sure her coat will grow back to its normal glorious colour and condition.

I am based in Harrietsham nr Lenham ME17 and more than willing to help any one who needs it commitments permitting
Karen thank you for your kind wishes. Isla is settling back at home. Her family were so lucky to get her back so quickly. Please don't give up hope on Jazz. It maybe that she has now lost her chip,so any chocolate cocker found that matches the description will have to be viewed I'm guessing. As shooting people I am sure you have, but have you contacted the Kent Spaniel Club and Mid Sussex? It maybe she has been passed onto a working home and they take her to a club for some training? Look out for adverts of cocker pups or cockerpoos locally and go and view. Mum might just be Jazz. If I can be of any help, let me know. I'm based in Lamberhurst and in the shooting world. We were very lucky and I am sure one day you will find Jazz
Its fantastic Kent police are now more pro active where dog theft is concerned. I am trying very hard not to play the if only what if game. Don't get me wrong I am truly delighted for Isla and her family and wish them well with a speedy recovery from their ordeal. I believe Isla was taken in similar circumstances to Jazz, possibly by the same thieves and if its the place I think it is recovered less than 5 miles from my home. Its possible what happened to Isla was also done to Jazz. I would not have recognized Isla had I seen her. Nearly ten months on and doubts her chip I now fear I will never find my girl Jazz.
sharing to groups x
Molliemoo sadlly the link is not Jazz. I really do appreciate everyone who takes the time to look and post. Without the support of wonderful people like yourself doglost and similar websites it would be so hard to keep going. So thank you one and all
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
Molliemoo Thank you for the link I will check when I get home as can't get facebook at work.
Could this be Jazz
Shared Twittered
Re Shared Facebook & Twitter
I'm so sorry to hear this isn't jazz, I can't imagine how painful and heartbreaking the situation is for your family as I have 3 dogs and if one was stolen I would be beside myself I hope the recovered girl does find her rightful home and I still pray everyday that the cruel individuals that toRBWM-040217-1523ok jazz do the decent thing and hand her in we will NEVER give up searching and helping you xxxx
So sorry. Admin can this be bumped so everyone is aware Jazz is still missing.
Sadly for me Kent police have confirmed the recently recovered chocolate spaniel in not my girl Jazz. The little dog doesn't match the details I have withheld from websites and social media for identification purposes. Please don't ask, any information I may have been given would have been in confidence and can't be shared for obvious reasons.
Although devastating for us we truly hope one of you with a missing spaniel gets the call we so wished for.
Our Search for Jazz goes on. Hopefully it will be our turn soon.
Jazz's mum Karen (simbarose)
Alfie's mum. I have been asked for patience and they do understand the need to know. Due to the high volume of calls it will take some time to process all the information. I believe its better to take time and be thorough to get them back to their rightful owners. Lets hope that one us still waiting to hear get the call we are all hoping for soon.Last edited: 2017-01-27 16:17:56 by Simbarose
Alfie's mum
Have you had a call back from the police yet? Really hoping you get good news.
Oh the wait for a phone call back is just agonising and frustrating. It must be the same for all with a missing chocolate spaniel. Until my partner and I can go and see the recently recovered chocolate spaniel for ourselves we can not rule out our girl Jazz. It would good to know for sure either way.
Sorry it wasn't your fur baby but will keep a look out if I come across any other dogs x
Humpford thank you for looking and thinking of us. DL id 110487 has a full tail so sadly for me is not my girl Jazz.
110487 Id no spaniel found in Doncaster. Have you seen it?Last edited: 2017-01-24 01:58:05 by Humpford
Even my ever cynical partner agrees the photo of the recovered chocolate spaniel looks very much like our girl Jazz. We have asked to go and visit the kennels and are waiting for a call back from the police. Until we do see for ourselves we cannot be 100% sure either way. The waiting seems to be taking forever.
Kent Police have been in contact with me and now am waiting a further call back. I have not been given any details of the recovered spaniels. So if like me you are still waiting its a case of being patient and hoping someone somewhere soon gets the call we are all desperately waiting for.
Have just had call back from Kent Police and have sent them additional details as requested. Unfortunately for owners these things take time as you can imagine they have been inundated with calls. I am sure they and dogs lost CJ are doing all they can to make sure these spaniels are returned to their rightful owners
I do hope it is good news for you,
Thank you Mary I have seen the link. The Chocolate is so like Jazz it could be her. But I have seen many that do look the same. Her chip needs to be checked to be 100% sure.I have every thing crossed
In case you haven't seen the link to the photos
Kent police recovered several spaniels and have reunited some. I am waiting on a call from the officer dealing with the case as one is a Chocolate cocker but no other details. Even if not Jazz I am so please for the other owners who have already been reunited.
Sadly for us I'd 109386 is not Jazz. Thank you chewie74 for for looking and thinking of's much appreciated and good to know she's not forgotten
No mention of sex so posting to check against
Missing Dogs UK
shared again
Hi Lin thank you for the link but I can not get it to May be a closed group I don't have acces have any more info I could try.
Thank you all again for sharing it good to know Jazz is not forgotten. It is much appreciated.
Missing Dogs UK
Shared again on and my twitter page, really hope you find her
Shoot season has started in some areas. Can I ask anyone who is a member of a shoot or knows friends who are to look out for my girl Jazz. As she is a trained Gundog someone may have innocently bought her to take picking up/beating. We desperately want her home and to know she is safe and well. We would not be insensitive to anyone who has cared for her for sometime. There is a cash reward for her safe return
Its 6 months now since our lovely girl was taken and no sign of her. Surely she just can't disappear of the face of the earth. Someone has got to have her or know where she is. If you or someone you know has her please get in contact with us. We just want her home guaranteed no questions asked. If you bought her we will make sure you get your money back and pay the reward for finding her. If you prefer just hand her in to a vet, rescue/rehomeing centre or Dog Warden say you found her straying.Her chip details are up to date if scanned she will get back to us. She is sorely missed and much loved. We will always keep looking for her
My partner was contacted by a lady from the Sunday Mail. Unfortunately he is hard of hearing especially on the phone. He asked her call back after 6 when I get home. So far she has't. I think she may have spoken to other owners listed on doglost. Let's hope the artical highlights all aspects of the growing problem of dog theft in the UK. I really do hope the publicity will reunite some owners with their dogs.
My partner got talking to a fella walking his spaniel in our lane in Harrietsham Kent. He is local to us and mentioned two men tried to steal his spaniel late one night last week from his kennel. Thankfully he woke and chased them off without the dog. He then heard a car drive off. It appears the thieves, possibly the same ones who took Jazz are still operating in our area and obviously have a market for them. This attempted theft has been reported to Kent Police.
Have managed to speak to the vet in Petersfield. The Cocker taken in for spaying is known to them and chipped and sadly for me its not Jazz.
Just has a facebook pm from my partners daughter in the states to say she has a pm from a lady who may have seen Jazz at a vets in Petersfield Hampshire. an elderly gentleman had taken in a female chocolate cocker in to be spayed called cocoa and thinks she is roughly 3 years old. I don't know which vets or whether they regularly scan for chips. Jazz although 5 could be mistaken for younger. I am waiting for more details but unfortunately as I am at work all day I don't have the time to call all vets in the area.This may be totally innocent but would like to eliminate this one from my search
Likewise Simbarose was nice to speak to you as well.
I will add Jazz to any Kent FB lost and found dogs and post here
Fingers crossed she is home soonLast edited: 2016-07-27 14:43:03 by Patlucky
Thank you patlucky. I really appreciate all you do to help those of us with missing dogs. I have joined the group in your link. Good to talk to you the other night.
I have added her to
Good luck Simbarose
Will share and add to BIGGSD
Someone knows where she is.
I hope someone will see this and FB and get in touch.
Fingers crossed
Please we just want our little girl home. so if you or someone you know has got an adult female chocolate cocker spaniel with a docked tail within the last four months and haven't been given paperwork by the seller to update chip details and vet papers with regards to legal tail docking or bought her out of a van or pub and don't know the seller well. Please take her to be scanned for a chip. You may have unknowing taken on a stolen or missing dog. We are not interested in how anybody has come to have her just want her home. The substantial reward is still available to the person who hands her physically to me no questions asked.Or just do the right thing and hand her in somewhere to be scanned saying you found her.
Nice to speak to you earlier Simbarose
Let us keep Jazz in the forefront.
Maybe send Jayne the particulars again and ask for help.
It must be terrible for you.
The scum that walks the earth and they live
Please everyone keep sharing in hopes she is found soon
Patlucky. Thank you for thinking of Jazz it been 4 months now so might be a tall order. It would be great to get her back. I appreciate any help I can get and am more than happy to help and support others like Dazzle. I will keep looking and posting anything I think may help others to find their lost ones whilst looking for mine

Simbarose Jazz's mum
As one Cocker that was stolen from kennels was given back today lets go for gold.
Jazz was also stolen from a kennel in a quiet location.
Can you all share Jazz please.
Make her too hot to handle please.
I am getting all the details later this evening .
I will be passing them to dog lost
So fingers crossed
Someone sold this dog
That means that someone purchased her
Someone somewhere knows who has her.
Lets hope we can find out who
So fingers crossedLast edited: 2016-07-25 16:01:05 by Patlucky
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with Doglost FB group, Public & Twitter. I hope Jazz is safely back at home soon. X
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Extra image added.
Karen, I'm so sorry to read that the dog wasn't Jazz. She certainly looked like a possible match didn't she. We cannot take away the disappointment or deflation that you must be feeling right now but we will ALL continue to look for her and hopefully bring her home to you.
Sadly this link is not Jazz. Thank you all for the help and support. I will continue to look for her but fear she will spend the rest of her life churning out the increasingly popular Cockerpoo.
Baydogs the link is for lost and found dogs in Barnsley.
I have facebooked the finder and got the response below and I do not want to bug him. I am trying to contact Barnsley dog warden.
Perhaps the DW would be kind enough to send you some more photos.
Facebook have been blocking me looking at their pages as I am not a member so I cannot see the finder's page anymore. Have you inboxed the finder? Or, if you are not on FB yourself, do you know someone who is? The finder will have either taken her to a vet near to the location she was found or his own. There can't be that many to phone until you hit the right one.
As you say, she is safe, whoever she is though.
BAYDOGS yes there is something she will only do for me not even for my partner. I have spoken to my chips database and it is unlikely her chip has failed as it was done only 2 years ago. I cant get the vet she was taken to and have hit a brick wall trying. The feller who kindly took her in has said the vets will be contacting the dog warden at least the dog in the link is safe.
Dental records; missing or worn teeth.
Tricks that you taught her and the way she did them.
One nail a different colour to the rest.
Is the anything your vet has had to x-ray her for? Any fractures, pins or weaknesses that he may be able to discuss with the vet she is with now?Last edited: 2016-06-27 12:33:25 by Baydogs
Karen, have you phoned the vet? Are there any identifying moles/warts/marks/scars that Jazz has. Don't put them on here. But if there are, perhaps the vet could look for you. And perhaps try out the name Jazz for a reaction?
Or even, when she has settled down a bit, let you talk to the dog over the phone?Last edited: 2016-06-27 12:18:30 by Baydogs
The little dog in the link has been taken to the vet and is not chipped. There is no way of knowing for sure if the chip has failed. She looks so much like my Jazz
Can anyone find out where the little dog is. link sent by missdogseeker. I am desperate to know this little one is safe and whether it is Jazz or not. I am at work at the moment with little time to look. any help would be appreciated
This certainly looks hopeful. Thinking of you Karen.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Have been in contact with owner and given her contact details for mizzdogseeker.
mizzdogseeker Yes this could be Jazz Iam Karen Jazz's owner. I need a contact number to call so her chip can be checked

Just in case
Radio Kent will be interviewing my partner Frank live on Thursday morning 23June at about 8 am. About how Jazz was taken and highlighting the big dog theft problem in Kent. Let's hope who ever has Jazz or knows where she may be is listening in and does the right thing
I have had a better look at the photos of the spaniel for sale in Maidstone on gumtree. Sorry to say it's not Jazz. Thank you to everybody for looking. It is much appreciated
Baydogs Yes Jazz has a white speck on front toe. I will expand photo when I get home to check more markings. I will also get my partner to look as he is her main handler for working. I hope its not wishful thinking on my part. Thank you for your kind comments about Rosie. I have read you have had a lot of abuse on websites. You don't deserve that no one does for doing what they think is right. I for one appreciate your involvement in trying to trace missing dogs
Karen, have you tried magnifying that dark picture? Also compare picture 4 of 5- looks like a tiny white speck on front of rear paws. If so, would that match Jazz?

So sorry about Rosie. I'm glad she made it back to you and spent her last months being pampered and cared for.Last edited: 2016-06-17 14:10:22 by Baydogs
Why not give them a call and follow your gut feeling after you have spoken to them?
Hi I have checked the photos the young dog with white paw is not jazz the picture of the full dog looks like Jazz but is too dark to be sure if this is an older dog. I am nut sure what to do now
steph this could be jer maidstone for sale.
So very sorry to read about Rosie, I really hope you get some good news soon x
Its almost three months since Jazz was stolen. We now have a bigger black hole in our hearts as we have just had to have Jazz's kennel mate Tawnyhill Rose(Rosie) our other working cocker pts at the grand old age of 15. Rose taken at the same time as Jazz and dumped. She managed to find her own way home very quickly. She spent her last months in the lap of luxury and at least we got to decide when the time was right for her. If you genuinely need to contact us about Jazz please do so, but be gentle with us at this sad time.

Missing Dogs UK
shareda again on my page
Thank you to everybody who is still looking as Jazz is still missing. This and similar websites do a fantastic job finding missing pets and all I believe are volunteers. It is not so easy finding those that have been stolen. It is comforting to know these wonderful people are out there reuniting pets with their owners
charlie and sooty
Karen. So sorry your beautiful girl is still missing. I have been sharing her over f/b and checking selling sites x
Jazz is still missing. Someone must have her or knows where she is. Call Karen 07444007384 no questions asked large reward for her return. She very much loved and missed by all the family
DogLostMiss Alice - Area Volunteer, Warwickshire
will keep looking
Sorry not Jazz she is still missing.Thank you for looking and thinking of us.
DogLostMiss Alice - Area Volunteer, Warwickshire
please checkout ID 100254. 2 spaniels found together Frome area. 1 liver bitch and 1 liver and white bitch.
Hope Jazz is reunited soon. These thieves make me so angry. they dont care about the owners feelings
Posted ONESTOP FB Twitter
Jazz is featured in this weeks Countrymans Weekly
Unfortunately Kent is notorious for stolen dogs. I know of 2 others taken Jura a black Labrador and Ross a Gordon Setter both still missing. you only have to look at any dog lost site to see how many. Someone somewhere has them. We can only hope they are taken to vet to be chipped as you are now legally required to do. Please please if you have had your pet chipped you must register your details with the database you see so many found chip not registered. Unless you have been given the chip certificate when you acquired your pet. Please take them to be scanned. You never know you just might reunite a missing pet with their owners. Most of us with missing pets just want them back and offer quite large rewards
I am Jazz's owner. We had a call from a lady Saturday night to say her friend had found a spaniel in West Kingsdown which is near Brands Hatch and had handed the dog in at Vikingoak. When I phoned them they had not had any spaniels in recently.
murphys mum
We have had a possible sighting reported to us this morning. A lady in the Brands Hatch /Fawkham area saw a brown Spaniel last night running loose and it was chasing hard after her Guinea fowl. Please can anyone in the area keep a lookout in case it is her?
I am going to try and get up there later and do some postering and will contact Battersea as they have a site there.
Many thanks Angie
murphys mum
There does seem to have been a lot of dogs stolen in this area recently. Unfortunately it seems to be a growing problem but I guess without a registration number or full description of the van and occupants it is difficult to catch them.
Will tell my Dad to look at putting some posters up in that area though thanks.
Did you know that there is a group believed based in Charing Heath going round in a white transit van taking dogs? More complaints are needed to the police for them to look into it.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Thanks murphys mum. x I will keep sharing & looking. X
murphys mum
She is still missing, no news at all yet I am afraid.
Slowly working our way through the rescue centres but nothing so far.
Thanks to everyone who is looking out for her.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Do we have an update for Jazz please? X
So sorry to hear Jazz is missing we know how you feel our labrador Jura was stolen from our garden on 12th April her best friend is our cocker spaniel missing her terribly. We are now scared for her too many dogs are being taken from this area we are in Pluckley. There seems to be nothing we can do. We hppe you find her soon.
Hi, I just saw this on one of the dog groups on Facebook, there's no picture, but it is described as a chocolate cocker spaniel, so thought it was worth posting, good luck I hope it's Jazz xx -
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Shared uk wide.
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Could this be your dog. Found col dog id 99205.
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
Taken from Facebook
Two dogs were stolen last night from a house in Goddington Lane. The older dog Roise was abandoned but Jazz in the photo was not. She is chocolate with a white blaze on her chest and is micro-chipped. Any info gratefully received by Frank Griffiths and family.
NB:Harrietsham is a rural village in Kent just east of Maidstone and on the slope of the North DownsLast edited: 2016-04-16 16:32:44 by Reynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in ME9-ME20. TTN12,27.

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