Stolen: Black And White English Springer Spaniel Female

  • Dog ID 60130
  • Status Stolen
  • Registered 18 Nov 2013
  • Gender & Breed Female English Springer Spaniel
  • Age Young Adult
  • Build
  • Colour Black and white
  • Tail
  • Marks & Scars No dew claw
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Investigating Force Devon & Cornwall Police
  • Crime Reference No. CR/080621/13
  • Date Lost 16 Nov 2013
  • Where Lost Pontsmill, St Blazey Cornwall
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area PL24
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info She was STOLEN and is MICROCHIPPED. The photo is her almost identical sister now (the extra one is her at 12wks). Crime number CR/080621/13. Born June 2013. £500 REWARD. Please look out for her, if FOUND she must be reported to the Council Dog Warden (which is the LAW). Please check her Facebook Page: 'Find our springer pup please' - Twitter: 'FindOurPup'
  • Phone 1 01726 816129
  • Phone 2 07759 195641
  • Reward?
  • Listed By Nicola Perren
  • Views 73497
  • Followers 101

Sightings and Information

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Couldn't find one with her face or body markings in the Midlands...Looked at them all and via no location and found 2 like her but one is full tail (not enough face white for Cornish Kez) and the other the back black is too much...

Pup has none till the very back end....

Bless you though and please keep looking xx
Just got on line Candy Floss and looking now...Bless you for texting xxx
Candy floss
She does look very like the one currently for sale on gum tree in the midlands Last edited: 2016-05-18 15:05:34 by Candy floss
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
That would be brilliant Thank you Seeks.

Going through another positive phase at the minute, don't know why though as still no news.

Would be nice if she could do a special candle thing for our 3 then we could use that on Twitter and Facebook?

Let's hope we have news soon, a few more long time missing babies have been found in the last couple of weeks.

Maybe our girls will be next. xxxx
Will get it set to g out on the 17th....Will set it at 250 as even for Pup setting 500 is scary and I know she will do it.....I got too much stress just now lol...

Let me know about the candles thing and will put it on Pup's page and link it to your girls so everyone knows (who see's it) its for all 3..... I nicked a really nice poster off Kass at Christmas about candles...Will ask her if she would do us a special for your two babies....

You hang in there my friend xxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
That will be really good, Thank you, Hemps birthday 28th June, not sure when Tinkers is though as we got her from a broken home.

I will speak to Hazel nearer the time about lighting candle for our 3 xxxx
We will have it go out on 17/06/16 and share tweet candles if you do them...

Will put it in to go out that day xxxx

.... its Pup's 3rd birthday on the 17th June too ...Last edited: 2016-05-11 21:21:20 by Seeks
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Seeks.

Would be really good to do thunderclap for my girls for their 2nd missing anniversary on June 17th.

I have spoken to Hazel and we are planning on doing something on their Facebook and Twitter pages lighting a candle for Hemp Tinker and Pup.

Hope you think that is ok? xxxx
Doglost these posters look brilliant laminated!! They going out tomorrow and I am sure they will help get her noticed xx

I can't really this but .... wish we knew where the 99.999999% certain thief moved to lol I miss postering around his house ....
Its miles but we will do it eh? Actually I was thinking the other day how will I cope if we do find her?? After so long how can that news really sink in?? Mind I up fr seeing how ;-)

Your Hemp does look outward going and lovely too....She would enjoy that field... lost if really good tracks and smells....

It would be so good just to have them home ....

Will re thunderclap your two babies i a few days. I just working through a back log and got 11 just now but it goes down to 6 in 2 days so... Do you want to think up their title? If not it will be one I would use for Pup

You hang in there and know folk care and look for s both xxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Looking forward to the party Seeks, my two would love it too, especially Hemp she is really outgoing, Tinker is more reserved.

It will be 2 years on June 17th since they were stolen.

It's so good to have this site and especially people like you.

Thank you friend xxxx
Elaine when we do we are going to have a massive party in the front feild.... The Pup we knew would have loved that as she was very out going and trusting.... We know she may not be like that now but she could put in an appearance before it gets loud.....

I wish I knew where she was BUT her recent Thunderclap has helped lift us up as her support was staggering....We ended up being so overwhelmed we couldn't even push it to the wire lol xxxx
Thanks Andrea, sadly too much black for Pup and wrong face markings and black for Jack, Cassie Ibby, Kez, one of the 3. Please keep looking though and thanks again xx
andrea dunning found, please check on page...
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Sending a hug back to you Seeks.

We will have a proper hug when our babies find their way home.

I look forward to that day xxxx
Hope Pup`s microchip helps reunite her. Paws xd
Bless you Jean. I just checked Pup's page in the hope there was a link with a picture but we have only got several ones of a lovely baby up for sale.... He isn't Pup though....

Will give these folk a ring after 10 am and double check about Patsy and hanks for telling us xx
There's a similar looking dog on yesterday's 'dogs blog" being held at 'Bid to save a stray' Surrey. 01484 604289. She may have come from abroad but you never know. They've called her Patsy.
Bless you for tweeting CJ... we going to hit thee in a second too ;-)

We can't the chip number its self.....Her Dad didn't know about giving out the paper work....I didn't know he wasn't so though we are 99% sure what her number is we daret flag the wrong one so they flagged them all... I got those numbers and all are flagged if that would help? They meant to say 'Urget call Petlog' as Nick Smith, bless him, helped us get that terrible word 'unregistered' off that PL decided to use for a flag. I can email the flagged numbers but sadly despite honest real grovelling I not been able to get the other owners to either let me scan their dogs or take them to be scanned....xx
DogLostCJ - Police Contact Co-ordinator
sending out tweets with message-- picture how would look now.
All it takes is just one scan!!
Seeks - can you update chip number on site so links with Halo scanner mant police now use. It is NOT seen by general public only admin and yourself.
Bless you Gilly xxxxxxxxxxx

Now of to grovel for a screen shot lol
DogLostGillyP - Administrative Volunteer
Refresh to view new pic xx
Bless you Sues... Will RT it to xx
Believe it or not Veronica and Lesley that little Leigh one wasn't claimed....He was a boy and has gone to rescue but please both keep looking

Oh Lesley IF ONLY someone would just scan her and so many other too ;-) xx

BMdevon bless you but though we did for one second think....the other pictures have too much black for Pup and sadly not enough for Cassie, Ibby and Kez. Pup must be still out there so please keep looking xx

CJ Thank You!!! That we really do appreciate xx

Esther agree with you actually.... Kinda thinking about saving up and using a P.I now....Its about the only thing left to try. What we do know is there are no sightings at all in Cornwall yet if the original person still has her its a safe bet they know she is stolen.... The police did say they would look into it but after 9 months of hearing nothing we kinda think they didn't....

We can't [possibly afford that detective company (over £750 per day!!) so trying to find out if any other owners have used a P.I....They might have more luck than we are having tracing where she went when sold....

Hey Brook came home and Pup's been gone only a few months longer so its helped xx
Posted ONESTOP FB twitter
It great that we now have stolen dogs in a different colour but does it have to be white !!!
DogLostCJ - Police Contact Co-ordinator
Status changed to stolen and CRN added. This is a new facility now on site.
Please have a look at the Wicklow photos on the Lost and stolen gun dogs page on facebook

This picture in particular
Lesley Brown
Just about to post the same one as Veronica, but she it's been ruled out :(
Pup hasn't been forgotten. Everyone is still watching out for her. Try to keep your chins up. I'm sure her chip will bring er home, especially now there's more scanning going on xx
Bless you Veronica that baby has too much black for Pup but the face white is not far off just Pup has very little black on her body and what there is is right at the back and like an elongated diamond. Bless you for thinking of her though xx
Here's another one at Leigh. Hard to tell with the angles of the photos but Seeks will know straight away.
Jan thank you so much!!! I honestly do help as much as I can because I believe totally I will only be allowed to find Pup if I give something back and also we know how bad it feels....

I put in 5 (I think it was five) in for approval and we had a Birthday one for Pup in our minds BUT thats not till June so on the spur of the moment we put that one in.....Dee's was Pup's title so I had nothing (Dee deserved it though ;-) ) and I often say on posts for the long term missing never forget them, never stop looking so....

Jan its absolutely flown!!! She really has come out with a jet pack on her.....Its two fold though as it wont just get out her message again its also made me see we are not alone and just now I actually needed that .... Your magic and thank you xxx

Elaine us owners all help each other as we are all stuck in this endless nightmare....We will find our babies though as so many folk are keeping an eye out and looking for them to xxxx

I feel guilty asking as she is flying but if anyone would like to follow the link ;-)
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
I second that Majorjet, Seeks has helped me a lot over the past 22 months since my two girls Tinker and Hemp were stolen.

Thank you Seeks xxxx
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator, Merseyside
Please help find PUP. Seeks her owner has worked so hard in her search and does so much to support other owners in the same situation.

Have shared PUP's thunderclap and details on fb again.

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped spread the word for PUP. Rooting for her to be back home where she belongs. xxx
Does that really say 3.9K shares???? Lol we can get 100 easy lol xx
Bless you Esther..... I know I can never give up but just wish I had some ideas. It feels like we tried everything to no avail but will get back into real ground work gear soon. I just need to feel a bit better physically before I go trudging with posters....

Hope you keeping ok my friend? Hey we just reshared a post on Pup's page she almost has 1,000 shares from that one alone!! It so helps kick my up the back end to know folk care xxxx

Oh and she is having a Birthday Thunderclap next month for sure ;-)
Seeks, it is important you look after yourself. There is a saying that you only fail when you finally give up. We are all with you. You have not failed.
Mollychops a huge gen cyber hug winging its way to you!!! Thank you so much xxxx

Thanks Jayne both for hoping for us and for having her back :-) xxxx

GeoffA, Shelagh, Esther and Elaine bless you all.....

Our campaign ran to a halt a few weeks ago and just now I don't have the energy to restart it..... We tried so many things but it does knock me back as a person to know all I ever do is fail to find her.... I also know if I do I can only do whats right for her so been sinking and then became unwell.....Been floundering too long this time physically lol....Anyway got a call today ....Sounded like someone had found her so was forced to go on line ;-) ....

It wasn't her BUT Cassie is waiting to be ruled out so it still might be her.....She is like Pup but not got the white up her face....

Its given me a bit of a boost though as so many have tagged/pm'd etc so many dogs that could be her that maybe she will be found one day? Its helped to make me think I got to get back out there and poster and re poster AND get up to Bristol again ;-)

We honestly do appreciate all your support/hopes and care xxx

CG sadly that baby has too much black for Pup but have a small hope still re Cassie....I know there isn't enough black for lovely Ibby and the markings are wrong for Raffi....Please keep looking though as she really could be anywhere xx

Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Fingers crossed for you seeks, so good to see pup back on doglost too xxxx
Hooray at last managed to get back on to doglost. I have still been watching in our area for Pup.
DogLostShelagh - Area Volunteer, East London
Aw Good Luck. Hope article brings you news. X
Good luck Pup & Seeks xxx
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Hope it finally brings some news for you Seeks - your tireless efforts for Pup and all our lost friends deserve to be rewarded.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Good luck pup and seeks!
DogLostMollychops - Area Co-ordinator, Gloucestershire and Berkshire
Pup is featured in todays Countrymans Weekly
Paws thank you so much...Very close but Pup doesn't have the black on her side....So like her though and bless you for sharing her xxx
Posting for elimination purposes
Might be worth looking at this one. Possibly being sold by travellers. Also selling a cocker spaniel
Bless you Mallory's Mum that baby had too much black ad to long face white but please keep looking xx

We did a Pup Friday on Twitter....She seriously does get huge support on social media......We still don't have anything except a hunch and they never been of any use yet.....

I thought at the time (and still do) it was Pup in Bristol 25/01/14 but we have no idea where she is....Planning on getting up Bristol and postering again though as ....well 3 ESS's have been found there of late and all 3 were stolen xx
I know it says Cocker but markings on ears look similar.
I echo Elaine Esther xxxxxx

I never realised how big Cornwall was till I started to poster Pup in all of it....We have done Neanpean, St. Stephens, St Dennis, Witemoor, Roche, Bugle, (you wont expect this next one ;-) ) Mousehole, some pf Penzannce. Crows an what ever its called lol....

We have lovely lady doing the Lizard for us :-)

I have no idea where Pup is but that film thing keeps running through my head....I will know that road if I see it...
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Esther you will definitely be invited, so good to have you on our teams xxxx
Seeks and Elaine, so looking forward to a huge party when your 3 are home.
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you for the message on Hemps page 71080.

Sending BIG hug to you too.

Stay strong, we will get to meet once our babies are home where they belong. Xxxx
Veronica thank you so much for the text and please keep looking for us xxx

Bless you Julie we checked that one against Pup, Jack and Bella but the markings are wrong. Please keep looking xx
Owner has checked the one at Leigh DCH and, unfortunately, its not Pup.
Please check 91846, unfortunately doesn't say gender x
Please have a look at this one
Unfortunately don't know gender.
Thanks GingerScoucer, very like her but this Mum has her dew claws (mind the vet did leave on on Seeks) but also the white is too high and the black on her side is wrong....

Please keep looking though xx
The mother dog in these pictures look like they could be her...
Bless you all who have helped!!!

4K xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bless you both JulieH and GingerScouser..... Very, very like her bit she has a full tail and Pup sadly doesn't. Please keep looking though xxx
Yeah, I do, it was a duplicate post :) ID 97923
Think you may mean 97923 GingerScouser,would be brilliant if it was pup x
Please check dog ID 97924
I guess we will find her by her chip one day Elaine but I also know they don't scan.....Lets hope we can win a chip lottery one day or see her and get her scanned our selves ;-) xxx

GingerScouser sadly not our girl but plese keep looking xx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
You never know seeks, with the new microchipping law in April, whoever has pup will have to take her to be microchipped?! That maybe the answer.

I have my fingers crossed for you.

Neither of my two were chipped, IF I am lucky enough to get them home it's the first thing I will do xxxx
Weimlover I just saw th #nevergiveup bit :-) I also like #ScanMe s out the ashes a Phoenix can rise lol xxx

Elaine I just looked they say the same as Pup's I thik? She has stolen and the crime number on the above info but I think its only lost/found/reunited in the chooses box?

Thanks for the link and we both must get more luck soon xxx

I just discovered I can tweet this over and over lol...What do you think my followers will do with 200 tweets for Pup lol lol...xx

its ok we going to do it the honest way Last edited: 2016-01-26 19:48:01 by Seeks
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks, both of my girls are registered as Stolen.

Pleased to see you back xxxx
Bless you Max....I still got #ScanMe in my head....I wish they would just do it to her..... Oh GillyP running me off posters..Will hit Truro etc for Pup And Bonnie....Lets hope it does jog someone's mind... I really do believe dogs don;t just disappear ;-) xx

Weimlover bless you .... I got a bit of hope just now ....Its nice not to feel so weighed down '-)

I don't think you can register as stolen? It does say it in the comments though and sadly she really was...Bless you again xxx
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
Have re-shared. Good luck Seeks xx
I have only just noticed that Pup's Status is Lost rather than STOLEN ?
Oh Seeks, If JUST 1 Share , 1 Tweet is that 1 post which jogs some1's Memory xx
All these kind Shares MUST reach that 1 Person #nevagiveuphope
Jayne you treasure....Now in floods of tears but not the despairer kind lol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Seeks definitely worth a bump...I only had 6 and a 1/2 weeks with out knowing where my dog was so totally identify with you....Keep strong!
Esther one of these days we going to hold a big welcome home party in a front field for Pup.....If or when you get the biggest hug for just always being there xxx

Ginger Scouser bless yuo the Stray Aid one is lovely but sadly not our baby.....Quite like her though so please keep looking and thank you xx

Mel I know your right ...I got so down at 2 years as we have failed....I am ok with failure but not when its Pup if that makes sense? I got a big chunk of hope today....Not about Pup directly but over something that might help ALL our missing babies....I might even stop tweeting Defra ;-) Its often therapeutic lol....possibly not for them. Thanks my friend, we are honestly stunned and humbled by the support all you folk have given us xxx

Sophiesuds bless you for always looking out for our baby. That picture/post....None I recognise and did run 3 past their owners to make sure BUT....the first ones (the poor mite curled up in that horrible shed up to the B&W baby we got shared to us about 3 weeks ago....One of the pages has a file called 'The Not Dogsname'....I think some of those are in there so it might be someone got confused?

I just wonder if it is that as there were only the first few when we were first shared it.....There was a raid (of a vet of all people) and it said 20 animals seized so it might have got confused with that and the 'Not' file?

Thaks for always looking out for her and will do a bit of digging re that picture...Oh Pup wasn't with the 17 on the pic from scumtree or nolove...Though I still think she will be on one of them someday xx

Gilly... 3.7 and still trying lol xxx
Do you check on the Facebook page called lost and found spaniels? Currently have about ten spaniels found in Worcestershire today. Photos on site. Worth checking. You will find Pup. Heard about a lady finding a dog after two years that she lost as a pup, took it to be scanned only to find out it was her puppy that was stolen years previously!
You are doing such a good job in your search for Pup, please don't get downhearted, I know it must be so hard for you, but there are so many followers looking for her. Hope she's home very soon xxx
Still thinking and watching for you and Pup.
Thanks Liana its not available for me but saw a few in Ireland, the rest in the UK but I can't remember where they all were....

There is one with a long tail and too much face white but no black on her body. One with too much black for Pups and Bella on the side. Another with too brad face white that came right up her head and ended in a V shape....

Thee is a good chance we saw the post but can you remember where it was please? xx
Long shot but could you have a look at this dog, hope link works
Thank you Seeks,thankfully Sheffield not flooded this time but it is very muddy! Hoping for good news for you soon x
JulieH bless you and I hope your not being effected by all the flooding that way xx

Mel she is getting so well known now....It just takes one person to make the connection...or one scan.... It has to happen but I so hope its soon as it does really take it out of me in every way. I finding it so hard with Pup just now as I really did let her down in the start (we didn't have a clue what t do beyond the police) ..... I honestly think had I known then what I do now we would have found her.... We may not have but I do know how much I did wrong.....

We have started to poster the whole of Cornwall too Mel....We done bits of it really well but never all of it....I can do some for Yops, Jack, Harley, Tess, Pie and Harley as I go oh and Bonnie beagle lets hope that will bring some news xx

Moogie I struggled with the 12 month marker but the 2 year one just really broke me for a min.....I getting better again now but is so hard eh? We will find her just we don't know when xx
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Sending you hope and positive thoughts that this is the year you're reunited with your lovely girl. Don't give up hope...she's out there somewhere x
Your girl is out there and with so many people following her, all over the country, it must only be a matter of time. So hard for you, I can imagine what your going through, but do not give up. Big hug xxx
I live in Yorkshire but always double look when I see a b&w ESS. She is out there somewhere and I will follow this page until she is found.Happy New Year x
Bless you Jayne. I have this idea if I help enough I will be allowed to find Pup...I know that ranting at the Fates means I go back to the begin ;-) Your so right they can't just vanish....Helping '#ScanMe has really bought it home that 1,000's just need one scan...I used to think Pup would be...Now its a life raft to cling to.

I really do thank you at Doglost for the help you have given us and wishing you all at Admin and all at Doglost a very Happy New Year.

I hope that 2016 will bring a lot of our Ether Babies home....especially a little B&W ESS girl xx

Esther I just put this on Pup's page...It comes to you too from our hearts. Thank you for your support and care this last 2 years xxxx

...and I shared Pup again lol xxx
Seeks we will all keep looking. Pup has 88 direct followers and 58517 views of this page. I am sure between us we will be looking all over the country and will continue to look. Keep strong, I know that is easy for me to say and so so hard for you, but you are not alone, there are so many beside you.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Gosh Seeks you have been amazing helping other owners...Its your turn..please everyone share...nothing disappears into thin share could mean the difference...
Run out of places to share you for a min baby....Will find more xxxxx
Oh Gilly thank you from the bottom f our souls xxxxxxx

Right have taught me to use facebook, twitter and lots of technical things....I just wish I had learnt how to find you baby.....

We will get you 4k if I have to use a machine gun as a threat....Just get your self scanned baby....Pup this mummy is so broken xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Plese anyone help end our nightmare....Help SAMPA (Doglost is a big part of SAMPA) get our ether babies scanned

DogLostGillyP - Administrative Volunteer
Let's get pup to 4k shares x
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you. I am here for you. Hope you know that xxxx
We have to find her soon Esther.....I can't cope for much longer ...though I will have to I can't ;-) xxx

Elaine your welcome. we did this too...Pup's and Dee have the Blue and Panda the red but your two have at least 5 lights each as there are a fair few there xxxx
Really hope Pup will be safely home with you early in 2016
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks, Thank you very much for the quotes you have put on for Hemp and Tinker.
71080 and 71081.

It is so good of you to do this for my girls when your girl Pup is still missing.

I am praying that 2016 will be our year.

Sending Huge hugs back to you xxxx
Ester bless you. We really do appreciate the support you give xxxxxx

Sophiesuds that a really good idea....We are to pay as its a huge task when its only being often me ;-)

Will go check the one you said but I got a feeling I saw her but will double check. If its the one I saw its very like her but got black on the body and Pups hasn't till the very back end. Will go check my friend xxxx
How about asking older school kids they may wish to earn cash for Christmas to put up posters. Worth asking at upper schools locally.
There's a dog found on the Facebook page of Dedworth and Nuneaton missing and found dogs that is similar to Pup. Doesn't give much detail about apart from it's a happy dog! Please check
. Wish I was close enough to help. Good luck for all the lost dogs in your direction. Well actually, good luck for ALL the lost dogs.
Bless you Elaine, Springermad and Debbie/ We have no idea where she is so we really are grateful folk help us look on lime and in their area xxxxxx
We have plan.....

Going to re poster every single town village and hamlet in Cornwall....

Its going to take a bit of time (I sort of think a week if I knuckle down as its dark so early now that I could do at ten hours a night IF I took the hideous foster dog and 2 of mine with me ......

Sadly we have no help on the ground even though we have begged and even offered to pay lol....

Will poster for Tops, Tess, Bonnie, Jack, Harley Pye and Charlie in the areas they need at the same time..

Run off 400 posters for Pup so far but the rain will have taken them out as like as not so just working out how to poster so many square miles then will start doing it for her.....

You never know she might still be this end.....xx

Pup if we have to we will even venture over the Tammar....Just be found soon my baby xxxxxxx
Always looking for you pup, stay strong Sarah, we'll never give up xx
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Always keeping an eye out for Pup. xx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thinking of you Seeks. Sending you big hugs xxxx

I fell apart but the est I could do to pay tribute to our lovely girl is this....

I shows the anger...

Thank you all for your support..very needed today as if I am honest I in bits...

Tomorrow will be easier...

I promise I will pull my weight again soon and honestly have not forgotten all the missing. I just having trouble with the 2 year thing....Silly really but ....

Its a huge milestone yet Caroline, Jodie, Sam, Dawn and too many others have done so much longer and they are a real credit to their lost babies....

Me I am a mess ;-)

Be easier tomorrow and as I typed that I felt a BIT OF STRENGTH RETURN....Hey about time eh?

Thank you all so much for your endless support xxxxxxxxx

Nikkie and Kev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx WE WILL FIND HER

30 seconds to scan, 5 mins to check on line and a lifetime of hurt when they don't...


Thinking of you Seeks and Pup
I have been thinking about about you today Seeks As have so many of Us x
Let's hope that Pup's Thunderclap just now will 'jog some Memories' & PUP will soon be Home with You x
Love @Hunnyjax
Hope you and Pup are reunited soon. Keep strong xxx
Rooting for you, Pup and Seeks xx
Thinking of you & Pup today Seeks. As always hoping for good news soon xx
Glad you are back so to speak. I fully understand that it is not a good time for you. A big cyber hug. But you see even when you are low people are still looking out for Pup for you and will continue to do so. I signed your petition ages ago and will keep pressing people to sign. It is so important.
Please forgive me....Something just broke and I caved in and slide into a pit of (if I am honest) despair....

It just hit me so hard.....that 2 year marker is 3 days away (4 according to Pup's of us is wrong lol) I had to get off social media as I really was incredibly angry as well at the thief...

Now we have no proof and I knew how close I was to naming him....That we can not do either with proof (which we haven't got) or without as IF there was a case brought against him it would seriously prejudice the case

After the anger on came the despair....

I am stronger again now...

I really thank you all for the help and support you give both us and our baby xxxxxx

Jenny I did ring and have a chat with them....She wasn't Pup but so like her.....There was markings where Pup hasn't got any as well as the wrong chip number.... I would have gone up to see here but they were 100% certain it wasn't her and sent couple more pics and it really showed that lovely baby couldn't be our girl....Face on she was so like her. Please keep looking and thanks for thinking of her xx

Kat again the markings are wrong....There are not many B&W ESS girls listed on DL but did cross check and she didn't seem to match them. Please keep looking and thank you xx

Lynda bless you that the baby at Many Tears....The chip number is wrong and the body markings can't be Pup but they said she was a lovely baby and will get a really good home. I just wish it had been our baby xx

I tried to explain my absence here....I kinda still broken mind..

and I have to beg anyone passing to sign for Pup....We are only asking that our babies get scanned!! SAMPA (an alience that includes Doglost) are trying so hard to get 100,000 .... its a huge number but ...


Any who haven#t please sign...We beg you
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thinking of you Seeks. I'm right here for you xxxx
Seeks you have gone very quiet, keep strong.
Please check.
Thinking of you & Pup Seeks xxx
Another one back after years today. Don't weaken Seeks, we all care
This came from Found in the pound.
Well said sophiesuds
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
There is a spaniel in Many tears.facebook photo .....
I know its a long shot and while chip doesnt match up still worth checking.....maybe ask for more details on coat etc xx
Oh Seeks you sound so down, which I can understand on such a roller coaster of a day, but I trawl through so many websites FB pages and dog warden sites and see your Pup mentioned soooo many times that I'm sure you will find her there are so many people rooting for you. Will also support pups page of course. Keep going .
Sadly Sophie its the wrong number but please keep looking xxx

CG the contents were unavailible but if the Many Tears girl again sadly the wrong chip number. She is so like Pup but chips can't lie xx

Right...I can't cope with the 2 years so anyone passing please follow Pup's link and click support for us xxxx
Black and white female springer recovered yesterday from Tadley RG26 traveller site. Last four digits of microchip are 1476 I think spotted this on a Facebook page. No photos I'm afraid. Presumably police could tell you more.
There's a springer butch has been handed in at Many Tears Rescue in South Wales, she is just over a year old and a busy needs a job type of springer. Has had numerous homes already evidently and not been socialised as a puppy. Wondered if it could be Pup. Worth a look on their website, she's called Cindy on there maybe spelt wrong. Please check as does have similar markings.
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks , I've not been able to view it, as it says to log on to Facebook.

Shame, I would have liked to have seen it.
That's really good of you to do one for my two girls.

As I keep being told, I'm sure you do too. "It only takes one person to see and recognise them and make that all important call"

That person is out there Seeks, it's just a matter of time xxxx
Its only a few weeks off the two years....We got sightings all over Cornwall....

A friend of mine said the worse thing is so many ESS's look alike....I think our sightings are not her yet we are running that fact all over with posters etc....Lol I wish I could be two people ...Its a huge area.

I keep thinking I saw her in Truro....I saw a dog very like her ..... I don't think they do look the same but I don't sheep either lol....

I just heard Molly ESS is home so one less to worry about but I wish with all my heart they were all home....

You know Elaine chips mean nothing in reality....They don't scan our animals so we are 100% behind the petition from SAMPA....Its good to see 5 organisations working together Doglost included :-)

I leaving you a hug Elaine and must get these quotes sorted....I have 2 for each of your girls....We did a ScanMe vid and we are doing a FindMe one as ALL need to be found .....Thank you both and a another hug for you Esther for always helping when I go so down xxxx

You know its coming....If you see this link and haven't signed please follow the link and do....We beg you foe Pup but also for Dee, Jack, Angel, Maisie, Fernie...I could be here hours....


We really do beg you to sign...

Oh Elaine this is our #ScanMe one so the #FindMe one will be similar only an owner has requested some music so more folk will like it ;-) xx

Pup's page is public Elaine so you should be able to see it.....
Seeks we will have a huge party when Pup is found. And another one when Tinker and Hemp are found as well. Elaine is right, you must stay positive.
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks, pup will be found, you must stay positive.

Neither of my girls were chipped when they were stolen, we live in such a rural area and never gave a thought that anyone would steal our beloved girls.

We will stay strong together, will give you a HUGE hug when we finally meet with our babies by our sides.

I'm not techno minded at all!!!! xxxx
Elaine not sure Pup will be found but know your girls will be. We did some #ScanMe quotes and then some #FindMe ones. Have done some for your girls too.

Will link them for you when i get on the real PC I can't use a tablet lol. Xxxxxxxx

Wondorous not coping at all just now xx
Keep sharing everyone this dogs is out there somewhere and someone knows they shouldn't have her. So sad for her owners, I really don't know how they cope :-(
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks. I promise you now, IF I get through and do manage to tell my story.

I WILL take pup's poster and get it shown. That is the least I can do for the support you have given me.

We will get our babies home xxxx
Bless you Esther...its 2 years in a few weeks and I not coping too well at all so will do her a super Thunderclap to mark it with a massive hit......I going to do her a special poster that we are already using with the #ScanMe logo on it too as if Pup (and 1,000's of others) was just scanned we know she was at least alive.....

I think put it in at 4 weeks off and go fir a 500 target (she has made more than that even for her birthday one -another day I couldn't cope with- and we did that in just 3 days lol) Hey good days and bad days but really can;t cope with 2 years on 16/11/15....xxxx

Elaine I think I did but its too far and I can;t get up there just now. The hideous foster dog (Puhi to his friends lol) would have to come with me and so it isn't viable from down here just now but will keep everything crossed they invite you up or down from your bit xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks have just read your post in reply to Esher about the new TV programme coming out.
Have you filled an application form in?

I have filled one in for Tinker and Hemp, just waiting to hear if I get through to the next process.

PLEASE fill one in, you just don't know what extra publicity it may bring.

Thinking of you xxxx
Seeks you sound low. Understandable of course but don't weaken. We are all still here.
Esther we did ask about that but they said it wasn't quite what they were after but they will a some point do one xx

Thanks CG but sadly that one wasn't our girl xx
Seeks, there is a very sad post for Anna at Rainbow Bridge, but one of the posts talks about a new TV program about long time lost dogs. Might be great to get Pup on it.
Thanks CJ....why weren't we told that? xx
DogLostCJ - Police Contact Co-ordinator
Email back from a good contact in Cornwall police and informed that the number listed is from an old system so updated info to the new CRN CR/080621/13
Thanks Janiejewel its has been a long time xx

CopperM not sure what your suggestion was but we will try anything if it gets our girl home or found and happy xx
Inappropriate suggestion deleted 🐶Last edited: 2015-09-01 19:40:07 by CopperM
Hpope this girl is home soon. All xd.
Will do Mollychops xxx

Just back from Bude...We actually have done a lot of Tess postering but in amongst them we put Pup....xx
DogLostMollychops - Area Co-ordinator, Gloucestershire and Berkshire
Great coverage Seeks XX Call me when you get a mo to catch up!
CJ just about to go get your email and thank you xx

Jayne bless you!! I had no idea it was re-run but they didn't make us look like idiots ;-)

I did thank doglost gave us a poster immediately and a lot of help too over all the time Pup been gone. xx

The biggest problem we have in Bude is we must find Tess...Her posters are kinda (via my head) more my heart they are not...I am postering Pup and Tess anywhere I can but Fergal is doing shops as I can't get there till the chicken are in bed in the hot weather as I have to take Puhi with me...

I can't leave him in the car or trust him in huge amounts of people....

Jenny I tried hard to get that message out...Nicky and I both said about chips being useless less they scan.....We tried to do justice to ALL the missing but Pup is in out hearts all the time. I don't always cope well...I think it might show ;-) xx

CooperM bless you. We have got her well known now...we need to keep her well known so a cyber hug coming your way xx

BMdevon...yep many eyes will get her found :-) I am now much more confident she wont just slide pass us....Thank you for your help as we really don't know where she is xx

Nicky my car is a mobile advertising bored ;-) now has 5 signs on it...but they work....They can't make me take them down either ;-)

Good idea about houses though....If I leave the chicken in for a day when its cool I will knock on doors and grovel...Tess IS in Bude...Pup might be...Thats the hadest thing...I poster for Tess as we can hope one stays up....I need it to be Pup but had to choose Tess....

Outside of Bude Pup is slowly being plastered!! xx

Please anyone who hasn't sign for us...Compulsory scanning would bring so many home and Vets Get Scanning have got ths running but we eed 100,000...


DogLostCJ - Police Contact Co-ordinator
Posters can also be displayed in shop windows if they will allow. Again if facing out ( or do it double using 2 posters back to back- so show inside and out- places like takeaways news agents where many people go.
Seeks I have sent a text and email- hope details in admin are correct.Please advise if not received.
seeks regarding the infuriating people who take down posters - try asking some homeowners, especially in busy areas and with windows very near pavements, if they would have a poster in their front window. also in car window is good or on vet notice boards and pet shops etc etc or make 4 images on one sheet in black and white and leave them lying round anywhere and hand 1 to every dog owner you see etc etc. good luck and never give up
Seeks - I live in North Devon and constantly 'check' dogs over in case its Pup. Something else I've started doing because of the holiday season is 'googling' for holiday photos of Bude. You never know when she may be passing behind someone having their photo taken! Just letting you know there are many pairs of eyes looking in many places I expect. Keep strong - there are plenty of reunion stories about - why SHOULDN'T it be you next xxx
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
hope it reunites some dogs espicially Pup
charlie and sooty
Re shared post to various stolen and lost sites xx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Today bbc2 “claimed and shamed” 08.15 to 08.45 talked about stolen dogs. A woman who had a black and white spaniel 5mths stolen last year was on for a few minutes and talked about Doglost helped her in her search

Hope you can see it on catchup tv – sorry I don’t do anything hi tec but know if you do you can see programs you have missed.
Just seen a repeat of Claimed and Shamed on tv. Hope it helps, especially as its the holiday season atm. And people may have more time tompay attention instead of rushing out to work....Last edited: 2015-08-26 08:38:55 by CopperM
Bless you Wonderos and Esther..its taken over my life...I am so driven to find her it must pay off one day....

I hope soon xx

Please anyone passing help us get our babies back...
Totally agree Wonderous
It must be so hard, there wont be one Springer lover who is isn't willing her to be home soon.
Rubybella we going to do a sneaky check of the dog your talking about and thanks for saying about that one xxx
Rubybella its possible that Pup did leave Cornwall when she was stolen and came back as a holiday dog...The sightings only just started...She was stolen St Blazey but sold fast (possibly even before she was stolen as our chief suspect seems to have taken pics of her 3 days before her theft...)

Thanks for keepin an eye out for her there xx

Oh Elaine I going up the wall....Posters in Bude get taken down all the time so going to forget the staple gun and go back to pins and a stone....Harder to pull off!!

Its miles away, a huge area AND crawling in people lol....It feels like Devon too ;-) We got a lovely lady helping us though so its not so lonely :-)

Leaving you a hug my friend xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks, I am thinking of you. Just wanted you to know, a hug is on its way xxxx
Been in Bude on hols for this week. I have been thinking about all the spaniels missing over this way. Seen lots of b/w ones but most seem to be on their hols too. One that did catch my attention ........ Dog has same face markings as one in photo but no idea if male or female and could be a bit stockier. Sorry if this no help but wanted to mention. (edited by Fergal)Last edited: 2015-08-12 13:03:11 by Fergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Esther a huge cyber hug coming up to you .... You always are there and I have just fallen in a huge hole....I don't know what triggered it but I suddenly 'knew' I wouldn't see her again.....

Kass threw me a ladder and I climbing up it again. It is such a hard journey....

We keep being told she is in North Cornwall.... I did a emergency stop in Bude...There is one like her for sure so we don't know if they seeing the lovely sprocker in Tintagle and that baby who almost made me have a car in the boot or if they are seeing Pup....

When talking to them (these car signs truly help) they are adamant the seen one has no black on her body till the back end, it sounds like Pup but its a huge area....I just wish it was more local ;-) xx

Thanks Max and Gino....It may well be her xx

This link takes you direct to the #ScanMe petition...Please be our voice edited: 2015-08-06 02:49:19 by Seeks
Have signed the petition, for Pup and all the missing dogs. For those not doing face book if you go to government e petitions and type in dogs you can get to sign this petition. At the moment there are just over 12000 signatures, there must be so many who would like to sign if they knew about it. Now off to keep my fingers crossed for it being Pup in Bude
DogLostGino - Administrator, Head Office
Extra alerts requested and sent to helpers in EX23
Keep strong, there are so many of us still looking for Pup. You have never let her down for one moment. I don't do face book, but gather there is a petition about scanning, I will get my son to find it for me !
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
There has been a couple of sightings around Bude of a dog looking like Pup. It could be her, we cannot discount it.
Please can alerts go out to EX23 postcode area. Thanks
Oh Elaine....I was sat staring into the darkness (it went cloudy) for Tess....for some reason about 3 ish it just hit me.....

I wont see Pup again....I had to leave...Drove home on auto pilot with tears just streaming....

Bit better today but it gets so hard eh?

Will try to find some positivity my friend xxxx

ANYONE passing (Jayne and admin I hope this is ok) Please sign for Pup.....

Follow the link and please help us get our girl scanned....

Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Seeks, stay strong. I'm sure you won't have let pup down for a second.

We will get our babies home, we have to keep believing.

Sending you lots of love and strength xxxx
Oh Jane I know how much we let her down when she was first stolen...The agro we had with her chip company took 7 weeks to get sorted ....If I knew then what I know now it would have taken about 2 calls....

We were a very dull slow star but we made it at least to yellow now ;-)

I promised Pup I will find her...and...IF she is in Bude I will....And Tess along the way with luck...

I had a B&W so like her actually run out to the car....hit the breaks and got out but he was a he lol...For just one second there....We will do what's right for Pup if we ever do find her though that I promise xx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Oh Seeks you just keep going! what a star....

We got signs for the car....People actually notice them and 3-4 now have said they have seen her.....Now I have seen one like her with too much black in Bude.....One like her but again too much bkack in Tintagle so they might be seeing that dog but the joy of the car signs is .....THey talk to you face to face so we can say about Pup's lack of black...

They still say the dog the have seen looks very like Seeks so....

We running with it still....xx
Esther there is so much we don't understand my friend. I do feel a connection to my baby and I know she is alive.....

That pull I got though....It wasn't her....Its gone now and started 07/07....It started in the lane that goes past Wanson beach....It pulled that way along that road and 2 others to Crackington and Boscastle.....I am 100% certain it was th little whippet who wanted to be found...I don't understand it but the pull has stopped.

There is a sighting of Pup the Bude area..I also saw a B&W ESS while postering there ....Like in Tintagle one lives there that is not that much like her but could be mistaken for her.....Our area is huge now but slowly its being postered and along the way we looking for Tess, Topesy and Pye with an awareness for Oscar so some good might come from it all in the end xxx

Copper bless you. If she had been B&W she would have been so like Pup. Please keep looking my friend xxx
Whitehouse Kennels have a very similar bitch, in milk. 01934 650352
Hard to tell from photo whether b&w or liver and white..Last edited: 2015-07-22 13:44:45 by CopperM
There is so much we don't understand, but I know the bond we have with our animals is very real and very strong even when they are not immediately by our sides.
I am sure I in touch with Pup at times..Thats how I know the house as I have 'seen' it so often in waking dreams....

I just don;t know where it is but thought it wasn't Cornwall as its got red brick....North Cornwall is different type of architecture but not found that road....

I don't really know if I will see Pup again but will never stop trying till I die and that a promise xx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
i can back that up to Esther, I feel my two girls are in touch with me in some strange way, I know they are still alive and hopefully both well.

Seeks, keep hold of those feelings xxxx
You don't sound insane. I have worked with animals all my life, horses dogs cattle and cats. With some of them there is a connection that is beyond our normal understanding. There are many examples I could give you, but I don't need to understand that already.
Folks how much can a communicator (who has known something she can only have got from Pup) really know?

If she is right that sighting was Pup and she is near Bude....xx

Just editing to say I know I sound insane BUT I felt very strongly I should be postering for Pup in that area...I mean extremely strongly .... a few days before the sighting....Last edited: 2015-07-13 12:46:58 by Seeks
GeoffA bless you as I can drop in when postering for Tess as they might see her as a client... Its possible eh?

Thanks for keeping an eye out for our missing babies....They must be out there somewhere xx
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Seeks - I have been busy this evening googling nearby businesses to Tess's latest possible sighting near Holsworthy and came across this Grooming Service. The dog in the main photo on the home page struck me as being very similar to Pup so I am bringing it to your attention also:

Update 10/7 @ 19:50 : Sorry, now I have found your facebook page and looked at more photos of your beautiful Pup, I realise her head markings are quite different to the dog on the website. I wish you luck on your amazing journey to find Pup, and with all your efforts to help others in a similar position. I will continue to keep an eye out for Pup and Tess, and any other dog that come up via alerts to my area (PL13).Last edited: 2015-07-10 19:55:59 by GeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Bless you Fergals Pups is totally up dated now :-) Thank you (and admin) for that.

Sorry I have had to change today for tomorrow but I going to check the ones we just did then wind over through the back lanes just to see how many posters are still up....

I got tons of fliers for Pup my friend so will stitch you up with a load when I see you will also have laminated posters that say 'may be in this area' as she actually might be.

Will try to find some hope again but deep down we need to get really lucky or a chip scan to actually find her.... I keep thinking about that little maid in Tintagle....Might do a sneaky Halo just to be sure... xx

DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
I have updated her Poster to include her Facebook 'Find our springer pup please' and Twitter 'FindOurPup' pages. Also printing off some flyers for later.Last edited: 2015-07-07 10:59:15 by Fergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Link to Pup's magnets... we nearly run out so she is getting out there!!

Did another lost count of how any posters and this afternoon Fergals is taking me to a place in Devon that is worth postering too xx edited: 2015-07-07 05:37:07 by Seeks
Bless you Happiness. Saw that one yesterday and blew the pic up.....This foun baby is actually almost cerainy too big (Pup was smalled than Seeks even and Seeks is small) but the found one also has dew claws...

Pup should have none but oddly Seeks has one.....I doubt the vet did that twice but certainly he wouldn't have left 4

Can you keep looking please? All this postering and ground work worries me I will miss her being shared xx

HEY WE GOT DOOR MAGNETS AT LAST!!! Will get some pics n Pup's page then if anyone would like one just let us know....

Am off to advertise her better while postering now :-)
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
Fegals I have but its got 18 or 23 dogs on it so might be hard to explain who to ring perhaps?

I know Pup's muliti poster grabs folks attention when they see it and do have one also for the 4 missing ESS's in Cornwall so maybe I could just do the ones missing in each area on one poster? It could confuse folk though.....I know 3 under each other looks a lot mind xx
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Just thinking Seeks, haven't you got a multiple poster of the lost dogs in Cornwall? Would it be worth getting it laminated and print in large letters something like "Please take a picture and keep on your phone" ?? I would be happy to carry them around wherever I go and put up - least I can do. X
The whole of Cornwall is a tourist attraction just now as its been dry and sunny...its normally very wet lol....

Tess and Pup needed posters put all over a place down west and it was so nice...I don't get home enough ;-) This North area really feels like England so I never go raised in the West by nationalist was amazed at how commercial it all is BUT they were 10x more helpful....

Its a very small village with few wooden telegraph poles but we still hit it hard and came home with just 21 posters for Tess left and none for Pup....I think we had a good 300 easy so its being clobbered and will be able to cross check with any possible sighting to see if it could have been the little sproker girl.....If its not then I will hope

You hang in there my friend and will go poster for Tess in another bit a bit too far North for me lol but least its the Moors and thats a lovely bit xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
its so hard to keep going sometimes, I know.

Where I live is a big tourist place too, so people visiting round our area will see the posters of pup, as I keep being told, it only takes one person to recognise them and make that call.

Wish we lived closer, but you know where I am xxxx
Elaine the little sproker girl to me doesn't look like Pup ...but...can see how someone could think it was....especially with our old picture of our similar baby Pup's sister Seeks when she was 6 months old....

We went all over that area with posters and fliers and spoke to both the little sproker and the ESS Dad's so both know about Pup AND neither mind if folk ask if their dogs could be our baby.....

We already know they aren't but neither knew of any others in that area....

Its crawling with holiday makers... the seen dog might not even live there.... Never been there before and its such a tourist place lol......

The business (pubs cafe Catle, hotels etc) were amazingly helpful!! I have to sat its so different to this way ;-)

Will get more posters all over that area and hope we can get another sighting and find it couldn't have been the lovely sproker girl xxLast edited: 2015-07-05 13:40:12 by Seeks
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Still praying that pup is in that area for you. I have put posters up in my area, just in case. Just remember, Good triumphs over Evil xxxx
We postered hard today...Letter boxed, asked pubs and cafes in Tintagle to take wads of fliers .....BUT.... Met a B&W springer boy (who is nothing like Pup really) but then a lovely Sprocker girl....Now she could be who the guy saw yet its all we have so we are still running with it

To me they are not alike but I can see they could be to someone not obsessed (I don't eve thin sheep look the same lol) Who would have no idea what shape Pup will be or which side is white so.......I get it could be this girl who he saw yet.....

Did also poster all round West Cornwall for Tess, Pup and Jack then up to North Cornwall and hit hard for Pup, added more for Tess and did some for Lex as she didn't have any out.

Will just vross everything we get a actual sighting that isn't the lovely Sprocker Maid xx
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
All crossed here from East Sussex!!
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
OMG Seeks, I have everything crossed for you. Sending positive vibes. Good Luck, you deserve it xxxx
Absolutely everything crossed up here, fingers, paws, hooves. So thinking of you now. Wish I was closer to help.
Max if we do ever get her home we are going t throw a bring an animal party for her and her siblings (by blood or life lol) in the front field :-) xx

Shelagh its the very first time we been able to poster and blanket flier in a named area....The rest have been over 100 miles or more and though this is over that there and back at least its closer AND my side the border ;-)..... I been postering for Tess up Bude and keep going in and out of Devon lol.....

The other night I was all over that area for Tess and every time I put a poster up for her I had Pup firmly lodged in the front of my brain and felt I should be postering for her for about 7-8 miles then back to normal..... Then 5 hour after that I get a message the stolen one from St Blazey is in Arthur's Castle.....It has to be Pup and it has to be Tintagle....

Going to hit it hard but can't get a babysitter for hideous Pu so need to leave it till tonight when the heat comes out the day.....I still have to take him with me lol if he barks at odd too big, with pointy ears ferrets he might find he lives in Tintagle lol lol lol lol xx

Jenny I wish you were too as its so hard to get help on the ground again. For Pup it always has been but for Tess, Jack and Charlie too.....There are sightings though for Tess coming through as at last we getting a lot of posters up.... I am hoping that its true ..this theory I got ....Folk don't see a dog unless they know there is one missing!!

The other thing is that all that area down to Penzance just now is swamped with a certain type of society.....The Transit Van ones....Now they didn't steal Pup we know they didn't but that dog in Bristol 25/01/14 sounded like her so much and that dog went into the ether with a man who never did get her scanned......We always felt that actually was her but we just don't know.

I slid out and postered near some of the over-night stops last night but lost my bottle in one part so MUST get that done for Tess and Pup to ....We had agro once over asking if they seen Pup back in the days when we were still green lol

Will turn over every stone for our own baby ;-) xx
Jenny & Tiga k9tracker
Oh Seeks - I do hope this sighting is Pup - you so deserve to have her back, as Shelagh says you have helped so many other owners help find their missing dogs far and wide, it is time you had some good news. Keep me posted as I ma sure you will. Its a shame it wasn't when I was down your way recently.
DogLostShelagh - Area Volunteer, East London
Good luck with your postering in tintagle. You so deserve to get a positive result you've tried so hard not only for pup but so many others. Pup is absolutely still alive and out there,you will get her back,don't listen to others,she your baby and you would no if anything had happened to her. I say a prayer for you all and sweet pup of course,that this information gets pup back to you.xx
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
Hope something turns up for you soon. Will be a big party for her when she is home x
Bless you Alison...We do have a very tentative sighting of our own baby in Tintagle......

Don't know how sound it is but we are running flat out with it ;-) xx
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
More up to date photo of how Pup would look now.
Extra alerts sent to postcodes PL32,PL33,PL34,PL35
Thanks CooperM but sadly Lottie isn't our baby xx
Battersea ref 327732 "Lottie" ?
Mainly white body, solid black on head... Black patch RH side andoss one at root of tail.
Good Luck!
Seeks and Elaine.....Both of you just hang on in there.
Elaine it was beautiful Emer I was thinking of but she was Cheshire not Yorkshire....Bolt patterdale is Shropshire (my brain must do a tidy up as I normally know better!!)

Bolt is why I got confused...He Poppy and Romsey are your way...Stolen back in January 2014. Is Keighley nearish you?

Bolts Doglost ID is 63737 then Romsey is 63739 and Poppy is 63163....I cope with Pup's loss by changeling it all to help others .... Its one hell of an obsession ;-)

You hang in there my friend xxxx

Claire just leaving you Jan and Mollychops a hug each for all the help you give us and our own special baby xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
i will do whatever I can to help, who knows, pup could be in my area just as easy as Tinker and Hemp could be in yours. Just let me have the ID numbers, I have pups anyway xxxx
Elaine PLEASE lol....Also I think your near where Elma (not quite the right name but a border terrier maid) would you do a few for her too please?

Then there is Bolt patterdale...Oh Elaine so many and man am I obsessed!!

Got to finish your girls...Not forgotten my friend just been very down over Pups xxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
i know I am along way from you, but I don't mind putting posters up in our area.

It does only take one person to recognise them and make that all important call. Archie got home yesterday after over 4 years.

We WILL get them home xxxx
Bless you Elaine, Jan, Mollychops, Claire, Fergals and Esther.....Hit a bit of a down day there but ....

One day I am sure we going to find her. I still half feel she is localish yet she could be anywhere and we are so grateful to all the eyes we have looking for our baby.

Going to go poster for Tess up Bude way so will do Pup further up than normal.....It just takes one person to make that connection OR one chip scan eh? xx

Pup you know how I feel and just remember I following you where ever that leads us xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Happy Birthday Pup. So agree with the last four posts.
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Happy Birthday Pup. I can only echo Claire, Mollychops, and Majorjet in my admiration for your mum. Love, hugs and prayers XXXLast edited: 2015-06-17 22:10:52 by Fergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Good luck Seeks you so deserve it. xx
DogLostMollychops - Area Co-ordinator, Gloucestershire and Berkshire
No one couLd be working harder Seeks , you so deserve her back where she belongs. ThInking of you both tonight XX Elaine, good does triumph over evil, I always try and remember that. Thanks for reminding me XX
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator, Merseyside
Happy birthday to PUP wherever she is, TWO YEARS OLD.

Seeks you have been such an inspiration to her and the work you are doing is fantastic and also the support you give to others who are also searching for their lost ones.

Rooting for that most important call to be made and we see PUP go into the BLUE.

Bumped her page up due to her birthday and Thunder Clap.

THANK YOU to everyone who is helping spread the word.
You know I just wrote this on Pup's page....It comes from our hearts and we mean every word both there and here xxxxx


Lets see how many more we can add to her before time is up...It will really help us to cope with her birthday to know she is going far and wide!!!!

You have all helped Pup so much over the last 18 months but this time you all have gone over and above anything we could have expected ....We are honoured and humbled by your continual help and support for our own beautiful baby

Thank you all so much xxxxxxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Seeks. I sent you an email this morning, a copy of email I got from Animalsearchuk I thought the spaniel looked a lot like Pup? Hope you got it xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Fergal's it is great to have the support from you and others on doglost.

I like Seeks will keep fighting on, ignoring all the negative comments from people who really don't understand what it is like.

Together we will stay strong. Good triumphs over evil!! xxxx
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Hi Seeks. I knew there was something I had forgotten to do. I watched you on TV as well and you were great. Really Well done! and thanks for your offer to help with Tess and her posters too. Pup IS alive and WILL be found, there is no other option (been reading through the last few posts) you are absolutely right, everyone can have an opinion but they don't know do they? I have a reliable car at last so who knows, we may yet meet up one day. Can I just say to Elaine, your two are hard-wired into my brain and have been from the start - stay strong, they do say your love and thoughts can be felt by them, they will know. XX
Reynard Seeks is a real live wire re picture.....Will get someone to hold her still lol....

Pup and her were hard to tell apart from the right side as they are very similar.....The left side is no good though as Seeks has black where Pup doesn't on her side....xx
I just realised it doesn't say reward....

She has a £500 one though we are trying to get it bigger xx
John I am glad you pre don your dogs as its much easier than having to think if the worst ever happens. I also think that could be a good idea re advertising we would like an 18 month to 2 year old more white than black girl xx

Reynard she was totally targeted......The dogs didn't kick off enough for her other Mum and Dad to gear a thing so they knew the person that was there....

I think there were 3 reasons he took her...

One she was the smallest so could be sold as younger than just under 5 months. We are told who stole her but we don't know if he did...If so she was sold fast and cheap but above danger price xx

Thanks SpringerMad I hope so yet deep down I think we will only get her back when and if she is ever scanned xx

Chilebat yep it has helped make folk more aware of doglost so thats really good as if we had realised it was a 24/7 thing we might have done enough in the first 48 hours to get her back xxLast edited: 2015-06-10 22:37:32 by Seeks
I too watched the programme, hoping that it has made even more people aware of DogLost and lookout for Pup and all the other dogs that need finding x
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Just watched the programme. So sad, I really hope it is your turn to be reunited with your girl soon. xx
Yes I saw the programe and it was very telling as Pup is microchipped and in all the time she has been missing she has not been scanned for a chip once! There were other dogs in the kennel but they only took Pup which suggests they knew she was there & therefore maybe local 'people'?
I also note there is no Reward posted (as above) perhaps appropriate now to gain some information ?
Would there be a possible photo of Pup at the age she is now @ Two years old ?
DogLostGino - Administrator, Head Office
DogLostMillypod - Social Media Team

Please watch at 13.30.

I watched your case on Claimed and shamed on tv, because of this i a
have pre registered my dog. We love our dog like a child, i understand your pain and have made a small donation. Have you tried trying to buy a dog of the same dreed and general discription especially the rough age of your dog? Say looking to buy a mature springer bitch about 2/3 years old, good money paid for the right dog etc.
this may bring your dog out of the woodwork?
Jane I sent you a email last week....I know you get so many so will forward it to you xx

Sharon am tracking down the Porthleven one......I look for Jack as well as Pup so please let it be one of them xx

I don't know if its via Pup or the little baby I take calls for BUT

Sod off and bug someone else as you wont get any rise in fact you will find I don't even bother to answer.......Coward give me your number ......
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Your welcome...we never give up hope...especially when a dog is chipped...we notice you have not sent us the chip details...that could help us very much! The number will only be visible to the person who registered the dog, co-ordinators and dogwardens. and will be downloaded to Halo scanners...who will notify us if anyone has scanned the dog!
Are you regularly ringing petlog to see if the dog has been scanned? As they give out details to finder but don't inform owner...unless change of ownership is requested.
I just want to thank every one who sends links,, pics etc to us.....

We are so much more hopeful with so many eyes watching out for our baby ......It will be her one of thses days but you all have our real and genuin thanks for helping us xxxxxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Fingers crossed for you Seeks one day it will be pup xxxx
Hi Seeks, there is a pic of a black and white springer bitch found in Porthleven yesterday on Murphys Army Facebook page (posted by Lisa Roberts). Sorry, but I don't know how to copy links on an iPad !
Thanks Sharon, we had good look but sadly that baby wasn't Pup ... Please keep looking xx

Elaine bless you its nearly done xx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Seeks, I will look out for it xxxx
I'm still searching for pup too xxxx
Please have a look at Dog Theft Awareness County Durham fb page. There's a post on of a black and white spaniel that's been found in Sunderland, doesn't say if male or female though
Elaine will get it done xxx

Pup ..... I out o ideas baby but we will re-poster and we will find you.....xxxxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
have just sent email to you now xx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
i sent them last night. I will resend again now. Can't text, no mobile signal at home xxxx
Bless you Elaine ....Will try and do them justice.

Hey last time I looked my email had over 6,000 emails in it ...When you send them could you text me as I don't want them getting lost in that lot xxxx

If Pup wasn't out there somewhere I would switch off notifications lol lol I need a PA ;-)
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Seeks I will email you some pics of my two Tinker and Hemp now xxxx
Please copy and go to the link and then if you can share for her......We really don't know where she is so every share counts xx

Elaine e-mail me some pics and we will do one for your girl too xx
Will email you Jane xx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Nicola have noticed we don't have pups chip number...please email to us at HQ so we can add to details and are you calling petlog regularly to check if anyone has scanned the chip?
You know Elaine I have yet to be told I will get Pup back by anyone except ESSW and Doglost on the phone!! In person I have not spoken to anyone inside 200 miles who says she is even alive.....

I don't understand why they say it but a rescue on the Monday after Pup was stolen on the Saturday told me we would never see her again as she was either already torn to bits OR would be a breed machine in a cage in some dive......

I truly support rescue but despite that being local I WILL NOT share or support after that for them.....

I think we would know in our hearts if our babies were dead....

Thee is just as much chance they are alive, well and possibly happy....Hold that thought as to lose it leaves to a feeling of desolation.....

Hugs and hang in there xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
i am thinking of you.

Life is tough without our babies. We just have to find some inner strength from somewhere.

I wish we lived closer, we could give each other much needed support.

I got told by a guy in a rescue kennel a few days ago, ( I rang following a message received with a possible match to Tinker 71081 )

That I may as well just give up and stop wasting my time, as I will never get them home.
I was like you, really upset, now, I am just mad, how dare people that have no idea of what we are going through tell us to get over it.

We will prove them all wrong, we will get our babies home.

I have learnt through this website there are a lot more lovely kind people out there helping us to look,

Stay strong, pup needs you xxxx
Bless you Esther..I struggling just now....Debbie Mathews said I should try and take a break from searching the lost and founds for a second...

I working on trying as I know other folk really do look out for her...Dee too as I get her calls.

I never knew what dog theft did to people...I guess I do now....I also MUST STOP giving any credence to ANYONE telling me she is dead....They know as much as I do and I do know in my heart she is out there....

Bless you for always giving kindness and support my friend.....Will drink a strength draft and do a brain tidy ;-) xx
Seeks, you are having such a tough time. Personally I think the Sargent is very likely to be right. Still watching from up here in Derbyshire, as are so many people all over the country. People are so brilliant at watching all sorts of web sites, as you can see with all the postings on here. She is chipped. One day she will come home.
The Sargent was lovely!! He understands what dog theft does to us!! His own dogs are family too...

CJ there is nothing at all about Pup!! They know know about as much as we do and that's only that she was stolen.

He said his own opinion is she is sold into a home and ok or happy. He is sure she is alive and there is nothing at all to suggest she isn't.

I feel so relived and very tired as I couldn't sleep worrying for a min. I talking to him today so will ask if the phone answerer was a policeman. I did't call a call centre I used ST B's own number so I just don't know at the mo. The Sargent said he hoped I would except his apology and I will of course but he didn't say it and he answered the phone it wouldn't have been said xx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
It's good to see you are getting your strength back xx
I understand how you are feeling, it's very hard to get through each day without knowing where our babies are, without heartless stupid individuals.

I am right beside you xxxx
Fergal's the shape is right but Pup had less wide face white and doesn't have the black on her side but thanks and please keep looking xx

Elaine I did email them last night and sent all I could find about the FACTS of dog theft too....Heard back from someone who says they are a Sargent so will see what they now say xx

Hazel I didn't expect that.....

I rang about the woman trying to get money off me to be be told Pup was long dead ....far more than that was said too!! He isn't as easy to dismiss as the idiots in the street....xx

CJ he said he was a long serving policeman....Your right though he could have been lying and I hope he was!! I need to know if he actually DOES know something though I m sure he would have said yes not no when asked as he was not about to spare my feelings at all.

Will let you know as I will not speak to that man again...I will remember that voice and give him no chance to hurt me again xx
DogLostCJ - Police Contact Co-ordinator
RE message...''I phoned to make a log really and the local policeman told me Pup was long dead''....
If this was a call the person who answers at the call centre is not police but civilian. Was the call put through to the officer who has been dealing with your case? If no then you need to make the police station aware of what was said to you.
If this was the officer who you have dealt with- thats another story and if he said this it needs to be an official complaint to his superiors.
You have been a victim of crime and I am speechless ....NO victim of crime should ever be treated with insensitivity xx Keep going ....pup is out there and you only have to look at all the amazing reunites we have achieved to know you will find her!! xxLast edited: 2015-04-25 03:46:36 by Hazel
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Yes........... I would email them, I would also get the name and number of the police person, report him/ her to the police crime commissioner, it may not do any good, but, it will certainly make you feel better.

did you see on Facebook yesterday, about the lady who called the police on the two men stealing dogs? I will forward you the link I received from a very good friend of mine I have met through this fabulous site.

I forwarded it to our local police and The police crime commissioner.
Hazel also forwarded it to CJ police coordinator here at DL.

It is miles from me, as it is you, but you never know, stranger things have happened.

I have been told lots of horrible things about my two girls, one elderly man actually told me, there are a lot of Chinese restaurants out there.

People can be so cruel. Rise above it.

Pup is well and happy, you will soon have her home xxxx

You have my email address if you want to talk xxxx
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Just seen this add, the mother of pups for sale. I wasn't going to put it on but noticed an early comment you made about someone advertising for cheap ess pup on same site 'upcountry'. Perhaps you could take a look at the middle photos?
Elaine my friend.....I am sure your told it too.....So many unkind or unthinking fools out there but he was a serving police officer....Not as easy to dismiss it as it is with idiots in the street....

I keep thinking does he know something?????

I think a lot of the time she is dead but know in my heart she isn't.... I know she i out there....might still be in Cornwall....Might be in Bristol (we had a possible sighting we never did find where that dog went) Might be in Cheshire (CW12) or might have been in Exmouth...

3 possible sightings, all miles apart ...all miles from us...Please let somebody scan her soon....

Hang in there my friend and thanks for being there just now I am bits again....xxxx

Got a couple of factual links re dog theft....Shall I email them to St Blazey Police ...for the attention of their uneducated very cruel unkind unthinking officer.....
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
OMG! Don't you believe a word of it, there are some SICK people in this world.

Pup is very much alive just like Tinker and Hemp, they are just waiting to be reunited with us again, which they WILL be, I'm sure of it.

Keep hold of that thought, don't let ANYONE tell you different.

Good triumphs over Evil.

Keep strong xxxx
Had a very odd phone call from an extortionist basically!!

Very forien sounding lady said she had found out dog (not sure if she meant Pup or the baby I take calls for too but one of them) She wouldn't give any info less I paid....

Both dogs have good rewards so I said we would pay but where do we pick the dog up from.....She kept saying 'No you pay' so we went on that circle for a bit before she got bored and hung up.....

She didn't have either dog and probably wasn't in the UK....


This has done huge damage....I phoned to make a log really and the local policeman told me Pup was long dead!!!!!!

His 'evidence' is his gut feeling as its been so long and we haven't found her.....

Its easier to dismiss an idiot in the street rather than an uneducated police officer so very down as does he actually know something or just sprouting the usual rubbish......
BMdevon bless you I checked but sadly not Pup...Please keep looking my friend xx
Female found in Wick St Lawrence - just outside Weston Super Mare.
Elaine I so hope one day....xxxx
Vanda the link was fine but sadly not our baby....Please keep looking...She feels so lost to us xx

Hope the links works, There's a young spaniel on animal heaven animal rescue Facebook page.
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Oh, so sorry, I had my fingers crossed. Hopefully the next one will be pup. xx
Thanks Bonny and Kat. Neither were our baby but please keep looking as she has to be somewhere xx
2 Black & White Springers in Suffolk
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Oh, that makes sense now. Thank you so much for every thing. I look out for pup every night too while I'm scrawling through all the websites. xxxx
It went out Elaine so all the supporters had a post that lead back to your girl DL page....They are really being shared as well so it makes it easier for them to be remembered and I can't tell you how much I hope it will bring you some news xxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
What actually happens? I've not heard of a Thunderclap before? Xxxx
Yep I have Elaine and trying to get them 250 now before it goes out xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Oh my word Seeks, have you seen how many people have signed and following the Thunderclap for Tinker and Hemp. Thank you so much xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Esther, I'm sure Seeks will agree, some days are harder than others. xx
Keep strong guys. Thinking of you both.
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Yes Seeks, I remember that feeling so well. Every morning I still look out of the window imagining they will both be there. We have a large stone table just out the front of our kitchen window. They both used to jump up on there and we would lift them both in through the window.

I know what you mean about being able to grieve. I had another little terrier called Mollie, she was 12. She died suddenly on April 15th last year. I was heart broken, but I know where she is, I visit her little grave she has a head stone.
I know she is safe and not hurting.

I have 3 German Shepherds too. Mum son and daughter. Sheba (mum) is almost 13 and every day we have her is a blessing. I am just praying Tinker and Hemp will be home in time to say Good Bye to Sheba.

My tears are still flowing daily too.

Good triumphs over Evil!!!!!! xxxx
Oh Elaine do you remember being green and thinking they would soon be found??

Its hurt me as much (if not more) than when my first partner died in an RTA....I could get over (which isn't exactly the right phrase, its a hard walk) as you can heal with grief....but Pup ...

I keep thinking I can't cry any more and tears are streaming yet again....This hurt goes so very deep and it has got worse as time has gone by. Harder to keep the hope they will come home alive....

I promise you I really do know how you feel.....

Yep we all can become a real force to be reacond with but most of all.....WE WILL FIND OUR BABIES!!!!!!! xxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
I'm in for the long haul with you. We will be a force to be reckoned with.
Pup Tinker and Hemp will be so proud of us xxxx
Bless you Ellie and all at Doglost. We will do a huge get her out there drive as well so hopefully then.....Its a long hard haul eh? xx
Thanks for bumping Pups page and everything crossed that Dogs Today mag helps Pup to get home.
Bumping Pups page as she is featured in the DogLost column of the April edition of Dogs Today magazine, out now.
Do hope it brings news.
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Seeks, have sent a reply to your email. Also like to say Thank you for your comment on Hemps page in reply to alikats negative comment. We will win in the end xxxx
Bee really busy but will get back to you now xxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Thank you Seeks I have got it, I will contact you tomorrow xx
Elaine no its Nik's old one and you just reminded me to get it changed.... Mine is the one used here xx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
is that your mobile number on pups page? If so, I will text you tomorrow with my email address, Elaine xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
another friend I have met through doglost 'Happiness' sent me a gift at Christmas, it was a little stocking to hang on the tree, it had one word on it. Believe. And we have to. It really helps to have a friend who knows exactly what I am going through. Those two girls are my babies, as I'm sure pup is to you. We will get them back xxxx
Oh Elaine I would it wish this on my worst enemy ....It so hurts and worries us eh?

Will ask admin to pass the address on to you and I honestly do know how it feels so help any owner going through the same. Our Pup has a FB page so will put your girls on that again (we can only say with Pup today we have nothing so we share a lot of others to keep folk interested as we will need big shares if we ever find what area she is actually in)

I was told a while back to try to think of Pup in a home and being loved.....Elaine I am not so good at doing that but it was good advice so we both must keep trying to think that for our girls....

We wont stop looking and so many do come home so we got a decent chance eh?

Will go make sure your girls are getting everywhere xxxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
i really hope you get pup home really soon, you really deserve too. You are amazing, helping me to find my girls even though you are going through the same nightmare. Would like to swap email addresses. xxxx
Thanks Skyninchar and Jenny, those ones are sadly not Pup but please, please keep looking...I am sure she does change hands as we just can not find her at all.....

I saw Murphy home and Skyso got some hope again today xx
I have signed up to receive latest springer ads for sale....heres one... bit suspicious as want quick sale...
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
long shot ......
skyninchar SORRY DISREGARD, JUST SEEN THIS ONE IS MALE XLast edited: 2015-02-27 14:42:01 by skyninchar
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
I am now following pup xx
Bless you Skyninchar but sadly its not our girl. Pup has a very small amount of black on her very back end but not actually on the top of her back.

Please keep looking and thanks for thinking of her xx
similar dog for sale scumtree...
Esther I sure the good still out number the bad 10/1 .....That guy was in need of some kind of therapy!!

Thanks for not deserting Pup even after all this time and her Thunderclap is now staggering so might just bring us that one needed call xx
The road you have been made to walk is far from easy, but you are not walking it alone. There are sick people in the world it can be depressing but there are many people who walk beside you and care
Esther bless you!! I had a jerk in my face when I was postering..He sounded so convincing and I went into melt down ( not an easy road to walk) but now I KNOW he was just out for a thrill.....He wanted to upset me and I, sadly gave him what he wanted but he sounded so real......

He really was so graphic...and lying!! What makes someone do that I don't know just kicking my self for giving him what he wanted....Next time I see him I might just run him down lol...ops can't say it was an accident now lol.

Her Thunderclap is huge my friend...Maybe this time it will bring news xx

Lots of people still looking Seeks, and yes Gill and Donna she could be a long way by now, so all these things are worth investigating.
Bless you Rubybella we had a look the other day and that one had black where our girl didn't.

Please keep looking though xx
Sorry, but the bitch for sale on Dragon Driving has now been sold.
Black and white ESS bitch for sale on Dragon Driving - markings look similar to one in photo. Worth a look. Also liver and white for sale too but photo not so good of this one.Last edited: 2015-01-26 16:18:50 by Rubybella
Sadly not her Donna and Gill but thank you both for thinking of her.

We did share this one but we think its more off a collie x spaniel type so will just look through the cross breeds for a min as Donna your so right the stolen or long term missing can turn up any where.

Pleas both of you keep looking for our baby xx
Great minds Gill 104... I have been searching doglost too for a missing dog similar to the one spotted on the chase. A long shot but stolen dogs can travel great distances.

Please see above, black & white spaniel found but not caught yet.
Thanks Debbie but Pup has no real black on her body till the very back end xx

Thanks for bumping Poochpal.....We don't know if its Pup or not but its our first sighting inside 100 miles so we are able to poster at last.....Going to hit the area with as many as I can get printed up but anyone that way please keep an eye out for our girl.

We contacted vets etc in the area xx
The dog for sale in the link below is not Pup.

Hoping the Exmouth Springer that was seen is Pup. Got everything crossed xx
Fingers crossed
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Message received yesterday asking for Pup's page to be bumped due to possible sightings on Exmouth beach.
Just been looking at the dog for sale in link below.. think the body markings are different to Pup :-(

Debby Cunliffe
Could this be her? Thanks x
missalice, please thank the lady from Plymouth, if you can.
Miss Alice I know about one we know was scanned and is stolen but that isn't public yet...It wasn't our girl BUT have you the link or a name as it might be a different one xx
Seeks, a lady from Plymouth is driving to Hythe today to buy and collect the cocker that looks like an ESS. Like everyone else that saw the ad she thought it looked dodgy and the bitch was best out of there.
Annwilliams that one was a boy but gone so we were not able to help except by asking for rescue space......He went quite fast too and just hope he was safe xx
We saw Sophie springer and the Cocker (that looks more like a ESS) Sophiesuds and MissAlice but sadly neither are Pup...The scumtree one I believe someone will scan just in case

Thanks for thinking of her and please keep looking xx
Please have a look at this one - she looks petrified and not at all comfortable with the person holding her. They say it's a cocker but you never know.…/bitch-cocker-spaniel-23…/1095934330
There's a dog similar to pup on the many tears website, young but recently had pups herself. Right colour not sure about tail etc. maybe worth a look. She's called Sophie on the website.
Ann Williams
There's a little spaniel for sale on "Gun Dogs for Sale or Wanted". No information about dog whether it's male or female, just the words "need gone asap". It's in Barnstaple, Devon.
Bless you Joybringer Molly had a full tail and dew claws but so like Pup ......Please keep looking. The pound for poundies girl wasn't her either I am afrasid xx
there is one on Pounds for Poundies called molley docked tail and markings 7th dec
These dogs keep turning up after a long time. Another one today after 18 months, lots of people still looking.
Its not Pup Jane but thanks for thinking of her xx

Found by Yorkshire police near A1 this morning, maybe longshot, but thought I would post, just incase.
Thanks Louise Its not her as the white is too wide and to much on the face. She is the right kind of shape and size (she kinda looks small) and looks manic enough to be my Seeks lol.

Is that a tag on her collar do you think? Bless her I hope she is soon home but will also share her if she isn't.

Thanks for thinking of our girl and please keep looking xx
One for you to check
Bless you Chris xxx
It is now over a year since this gorgeous dog is missing. If someone reads this there is a substantial reward for whoever reunites this dog with its owner, no questions asked. So please do the decent thing and let this dog come home to its rightful owner. It is very heartbreaking and wouldn't it be lovely if she went home for Christmas. X
Duffs I keep thinking that...No implanter should chip without checking there isn't one but if the do they will find 2 as they always scan afterward....It might bring a few home with luck eh? xx

I didn't mean to post so fast...kinda lost the plot I think...

Gilly the year just hit so hard....We were so green we thought she would be found as she is chipped but now.....

We have been given 5000 leaflets from lovely Harvey's Army I could never have done that!!! Its not just kind of them it means we can so hit places hard.....We never forget the dog up country may not be her (though the lady who saw the 4 in CW12 did think it was) so hitting car windscreens and streets at a time with enough to really hit .... Its helped give me hope so bit less down today xx

Thanks for bumping her Poochpal, the longer they are missing the help they need xx

Janiejewel oh my friend we never have managed to make her too hot to handle but we are getting her known....I spoke to a pound in Bedfordshire and knew about her :-)

That little one wasn't her as she had a full tail but I was glad they actually knew about Pup stolen from Cornwall...She has a thunderclap coming .... it hopes over my head a bit but she has reached over 61,000 and I was worried she wouldn't make a thousand lol...Its done me good I have to say to see her get support.

It might sound strange but I have it so lonely this last year as we do struggle a bit to get help at ground level but nationally Pup has been so helped and we get feel humbled by the amount :-) xxLast edited: 2014-11-28 15:53:23 by Seeks
No never, never give up hope, as someone has said she hnas to be somewhere. Keep making her "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Is it possible that an article on her could be published on her in a newspapr? As Doglost says "Spread the word" Golod that she is microchipped. Keep us postedx
Forgotten dogs need new homes have a blk n white springer in the pound, pic on their Facebook page.
DogLostGillyP - Administrative Volunteer
Never give up hope Sarah, she is there somewhere, one day somehow you will find her xxxx
Shared and tweeted, one day she will need the vets and now the new law will commence next year, Pup might be scanned and checked and back home with you xxxxx
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Bump date is late, I missed the anniversary date but we are all still looking out for Pup who has now been missing for over a year. She must be still out there somewhere.
Thank you for sending the alerts. x

We are still trying to find the man with 4 identical to ours, small and young too.....
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in CW12.
Thanks Esther I asked if alerts could be sent out for this possible sighting of Pup but so far they haven't been...Mind the North West coordinators have been fantastic :-)

The sighting could also be Archie... though she said young and just like Pup ....

Which ever dog it is we need to find it... xx

Poochpal can you help get alerts for Pup in CW12? It is a possible sighting and only the 2nd real one we have had in over a year.....Kinda feeling a bit like our dog is invisible even though I know she isn't...well she is we haven't seen her since she was under 5 months old and now over a year ago....
Seeks, Keep strong. We have our fingers crossed for this possible sighting.
I really want to thank the North West coordinators for their help and support over our possible sighting

I owe you three big time xxx
Ester forgive my late response..I can't cope just now at all....

I saw beautiful Binky when you said but too emotinal (and I have angry as well as so up set over our girl's theft) to post safely....

You saw the scumbag poster....that was the edited version..... I did take a step forward today and replaced the 'year to day scumbag' posters for our normal ones ;-)

Its just another day but the 16th was a whole year and my head is so mashed as I honestly have tried so hard both to get her known and on the ground.....Along the way have postered for 2 other dogs and well you know I do try to help others as well.....

I wish the Fates would just agree I have helped enough to have my own back...but they don't obviously

Lol I did say my head was mashed....

Hey our huge social media push has brought in a possible sighting...AND a wonderful woman happy to put up posters too :-)

We met a lot of very kind people :-)

You being one of them xxx

Riverlady I so thank you and Moogie for all the RT's you both did for our baby..(the other dogs too but I went OTT on the year as it so hurts) last we have our 2nd possible sighting.....Cheshire area xx

We don't know if its her (we are told the dog is just like her though) and we have to run with it....I wish that she could have a possible sighting nearer to us but I think Cheshire is just up the M5 so its very possibly her.....Will go find my cope and get the posters posted with a gallon of hopes we might at last have found our baby.....
Binky went in to the blue yesterday after 8 months, because of her chip. Don't give up hope.
Thanks Esther and Harvey boy I got no words...just tears and 12 months worth of hurting I can seem to keep a lid on. Its been a year and a year in which I failed and let her down across the bored.....

Got one day only posters to go put round a house We know who stole her or at least we been told enough times.....

Its been too long a year for us but I will die looking or I will find her I let her down so much that will ensure I keep my word on that xx

Hugs to you both Nick and Kev as I know how deeply and much its effected both as well xxxx

Our ESS was under 5 months when stolen a year ago today from St.Blazey PL24.....We will find her so do the right thing and pretend you found her and hand her in....There is a reward higher than you paid for her.....Last edited: 2014-11-16 10:54:39 by Seeks
Harvey boy
Still looking for this little lady, any chance admin can put to top of page today please? X
Will be thinking of you tomorrow.
Seeks, she is chipped and many of those eventually do turn up. Try to look after yourself as well. Don't lose the plot. Lost of people keep looking out for her, so you are not alone looking.
We kinda losing the plot....

What can we do we not already done to find her? I was green once.... I thought 'oh she is chipped and we will have her home soon' Now I wonder if we will ever see her again....

I become obsessed IO don't sleep much checking sight after sight and scumtre nolove etc....

She has so many others looking and checking for her too..We are always going to be grateful for the help and care they have given us.....

I know the house she is in...I keep seeing it in my dreams but I don't know where it is....

Going to talk to her other Mum and Dad and see if they think its worth trying the local papers as come Sunday 16th she been stolen a year....

Personally I can't face that marker....

I can't handle our baby being one of the 43% never found so we doing a big push for her....

Anyone who can please share this every where and anywhere .... So many thanks for all the support and p[lease help get this baby back to us before Sunday xx
Missalice sadly not our girl...I am sure my heart skipped though with the little ones face...Then I saw the black on her body...

We really checked these 2 out and they didn't match any lost we could find. It seems the lady saved them rather than found 2 lost ones. I also think its right to say she has rescue help with rehoming them :-) Thanks though as she was very like our girl xx

Slabcabbage promise will go look xx

Sophiesuds many thanks and will go and check xx

Esther I am sure they were genuinely breed by them and rescued the moment the woman bought them....We really did check it though as Pup will look very like the little girl now xx
Please check dragon driving as there is a bitch ess advertised today, in Durham says she is 17 months old which I know isn't exact for your dog but please have a look anyway. Hard to tell if dog is liver or black and white, paws crossed. By the way you aren't a loon, keep believing.
I think these 2 are now in the found section on here, with a photo
Have just seen this also on Banbury Lost Pets, Have a gut feeling that I have seen this photo somewhere else...Just hope it can be show on here as I'm sure someone else will remember where.
stay safe sweetheart.
Seeks, I've just seen a post on Facebook about 2 black and white spaniels bought from travellers in the Kent area but they were originally stolen. I've shared it on Facebook but am a bit of a novice with technology! I've tried to put it on Doglost but it insists on a contact phone number and I don't have one....
Esther the communicator honestly flawed me...She knew something only we knew and have never made public xx
No you are not mad, I have been round cats , dogs horses and cattle all my life. There is a lot we don't know and very strange things happen, not explainable by normal life.
Right now how mad do I sound....

On the grounds the communicator did really say something she could NEVER Ever have known....

We are seriously clobbering the Meva area.....I mean really hitting it road by road on the estates behind the water front and out......

Got a lovely lady doing the same for us in Newquay as they are the only two places near with that kind of houses ......

I had a odd half awake dream back in January.....I 'saw', in surround sound, a house and garden in which up was standing up on a wooden box type thing......I said it had happened and I would know that hose on Pup's page at the time but nothing else.....A lot of folks told me it was no dream....

Seems when asked to describe her house and garden she is still there so they were right it wasn't your normal dream.....

What we are looking for is grey clad houses with red brick back garden walls and a ally running up (I saw the side but Pup might have described the back) into which there is a garden gate.....

Its near a whitish beach (I thinking one of the Mica beaches this way)

Going to come clean more on Pup's page as they know me better lol I am aware I sound like a full card carrying lune......She knew someting she really could not have known and its a major something she could not have guessed!!

Humor me and just let me know if you know where that kind of housing is please? I know there is some in Newqey but I think there is in Meva too.....x
Thanks Esther xxx
Really wish I could help. Lots of luck.
We will borrow a markey ( I know its not spelt like that lol) We can stick it in my front field and throw a massive welcome home party!! We will come and get you lol xx

We are now blanket postering again locally....I have been in contact with a communicator.....She said something she could not possibly know!!

Its possible Pup is still local!!! I just glad to know she is alive !!!

We have always made sure there are posters out for Pup (lol and Penny 46578) Hey we even got multi posters up that have Jack, Penny and two for Pup.....

I sat here doing 200 more...We are no longer hitting roads we are blanketing a good 35 miles for Pup.....That takes us close to Charlie's missing area and of course Jack is only about 8 miles from Charlie's missing place....

I must do some for beautiful Rene too....

Folks we really do need help on the ground..xx
And a great big party !!
Esther you will never know how grateful we are to all the folks who help to find Pup...and Jack...and Penny....But especially the help we get to keep us up when inside there is so much pain. I honestly didn't know much loosing a dog could hurt or how deep....

Lol via Pup's page some know just how hard I am finding it but the kindness we have been given is incredible....

Maybe one day we can do that all needed reunited pic....xx
Lots of us always will be till she is home.
Thanks Mayjul I'd not seen that one....Will go check xx

Esther I always am humbled by the amount of help and eyes looking Pup now has and it does make it less likely she will slip past us....If only the would scan her chip...and a lot of others too eh?

Thank you for always being there xx
Bristol is way south of me, but there are lots of people all over the country keeping their eyes open for her.
Regarding the post i put on here earlier:
There is also a photo on the dragon driving but here is a copy of the ad in case it is deleted off the dragon driving website:
Patch, she is an English Springer Spaniel, 18 months old. Great round kids and other dogs. Really friendly £300
Price: see text
Location: Liphook
Contact: Rachel
Phone: 07933 737353Last edited: 2014-08-31 14:11:53 by mayjul
I always check in to see if you have found Pup yet and hope she is found soon.
There is a springer spaniel girl newly for sale on the dragon driving website. It says 18months old. I think it is too white to be your girl but thought I should just let you know just in case. x
I kinda mostly sure that was here in Bristol Esther.....

We couldn't find where that dog went so now Pup is back o a could honestly be any where xx
I don't know how far north you think she may be.
Oh Esther you made my eyes water...It does feel such a lonely place as everyone I see tells me there is no point and no hope...Hey its a change from being told she was bait...Nick and I used to be told that all the time.....

Went postering again yesterday...Did Pup and Penny missing Criggan since the 21/12/13 ..... I doing Pup, Jack and Charlie the end of the week...I honestly know Pup is is up country but its not been proved ....

Anyway at least it feels like we doing something;-) I met a lady very close to where Penny was and she didn't know so postering really can help eh?

Bless him I also met a farmer who still has Penny's poster up too There is so much kindness and care out there and loosing Pup has really made us know that :-) xx
Yes Seeks, she is not forgotten at all, a lot of people are looking out for her. You are not alone.
Esther I looked.....All those people....All those views....We must find her mustn't we? xx

Happiness that one isn't but so grateful for you looking and please keep looking as we worry so much she will slip past us xx
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
English spring spaniel
£300 Lewisham, London
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She's very good girl , loves to play. House trained. Very intelligent and doesn't bark. Very good company if you have time and space for her. For furder details contact please.

Ad ref 1077858463Posted 2 hours agoPosting ads since January 2014
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I know its tough, but she is chipped and dogs DO turn up again. Look at all the'views' and followers.
Thanks Esther....bit stronger today but its just so hard to stay positive with all the horror stories out there now x

Raynard which picture? You might be right as she will still look like Seeks but she is a year old now... This one was at about 6-7 months of age...I wish we could find her xx
Maybe upload the photo thats on facebook its pups sibling if they look alike?Last edited: 2014-08-12 13:32:40 by Reynard
Keep positive Seeks
Bless you Weimilover but its not her...Pup had a totally white body till just short of her tail. We expect she now has the roan come in as Seeks and the rest of her family do now but there is too much black on the found one.

Thanks for thinking of her and please keep looking xx
I saw this Spaniel a few days ago but have only just 'found' it again - I know Pup could be in any area & you may poss. hjave seen this Female already on all the Groups on F/book but posting just in case
I tweeted for Pup this a.m. as lots of others do #nevagiveuphope #helpfindthem xx
We have another possible sighting....

Avonmouth with a traveling not static traveler....They are going to let us know when they back....They tried to get a picture but just be careful...We wet into one locally and they got angry with us.... Might have been a bad day but they feel they are being accused I guess.

Please anyone that way keep an eye out for this guy..He has a few dogs, travels them in cages but one is very like our baby...

Have spoken to Stolen and Strays and will email doglost Admin for CJ as this one is 'interesting' ...

We have a lady happy to poster that way but please anyone who can also hit it hard get in touch ...

Its all down to a brokenhearted video we made.... We almost didn't post it but for those not on facebook I wonder if you could also share her as though the Avonmouth one is VERY likely she could really be anywhere.... xx
I know folk are Esther and we are so grateful to them too.... We really are. Without you all helping, searching and looking I think I would just sink into a more useless heap now...We so thought we would get he back as she is chipped...

Will get her back via her chip probably but we were so green when she was stolen.

Guess we are not now....

Thank for looking for her and I promise will find some positiveness again soon xx
Lots of us still on the look out for Pup. Keep positive
Oh Happiness I so echo you!!

Going to go poster Bristol....Don't know what else to do...

We have a new poster for travelers sights...Not saying she is there but just...We would need to come up with money at the drop of a hat if they ring...

Life just so full of hurt and worry as you know but so grateful to you for your help xx

Think she is in trouble...Please Fates we are not bad people...We just need to know she alive and safe... xx
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
Come on pup it's time to be found and get home to your family xxxxx
I did ring them last week to make doubly sure but he is male and though it doesn't look it he is liver and white too.

Thanks for keeping an eye out though and please keep looking xx
Have we checked found 71205? X
It wasn't, sadly Christine but she was chipped and is back with her family now :-)

Many thanks for thinking of our girl...we are so struggling just now and its so reassuring to know your all looking for her still xx
Waiting to find out Christine as I missed the warden. The vets thought there was black on the sides so if that's the case it wasn't but am making doubly sure.

Thanks for thinking of her x

I hope so Happiness as its just very scary to have a missing dog eh? Chips do help so much and look at the long termers who have come home recently xxLast edited: 2014-07-09 20:23:00 by Seeks
Christine Williams
Is this Pup?
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
I'll say another prayer for her safe return xxxx the power of microchip is winning against these evil criminals xxxxx
Oh Happiness we cling to that chip...Its our only hope but its a big hope as one day she will be scanned. xx
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
Thanks Wondrous, I been borrowing hope from Pup's page and Jodie puts me to shame too....Bless her if we could find Fern I would be as happy (almost) as I would be to find Pup..... xx

Thanks Debbie, sadly right shape but Pup doesn't have black on her side. Thanks so much though for thinking of her and it will be her one day .... xx
ive just come across a female spaniel on a fb page ill add the link so you can check her out.
Don't lose hope, I am hoping so much Pup is safe and well and one day she will be home with he family who love her.
Thanks Gino, Gilly, Happiness, Basil and Hazel..... I just so down about it all just now. Those who help on Pup's page know its sort of got to me.

We used to think chips would help get dogs home and Pup thankfully is chipped but well....

Its just been so hard and I so feel for those families who have done so much longer than us. I just wish we could find theirs too xx
Tweeting for your baby girl on her Birthday, hoping she will find home x
Happy Birthday sweet little Pup, wherever you are I hope life is good for you but what I really hope is that you are found and back home with your family very very soon. They miss you so much, xxLast edited: 2014-06-17 15:43:14 by bazil
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
Stay safe little one xxxx
DogLostGillyP - Administrative Volunteer
Happy birthday dear pup wherever you are. xxxx
DogLostGino - Administrator, Head Office
Happy birthday Pup.
Happy Birthday my Pup where ever you are. Be safe, be happy but most all be alive and know your loved xxxx
Thanks Fergal's Servant that one can't be Pup, Maisie or beautiful Emma as our 3 missing have too much white.

Really do thank you for thinking and still looking for our girl xx
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
I think this one is Found 70301 which says you have already eliminted. Black & White with docked tail Found Winsford, West Somerset with : edited: 2014-06-15 20:31:56 by Fergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Thanks so much xx
Tweeting Still,
Sallybee yep rang them as soon as I saw the post...It now has a foot note saying its not Pup...

For a min (till we talked about chip numbers the little girl is chipped but not with Pup's number and unregistered which I did explain to the is what Pup's chip was flag as till 7 weeks of getting really wound up and a bit of help got it changed) I thought it was her and she was alive and well....

Sadly its not and I just aren't coping too well just now xx
Have you seen the young black and white bitch on under 'Found' ref HP 039 14 0176? She was found on the 23rd May - could this be your baby Nicola? xx
Pup my baby for 6 months I have tried (and totally failed) to find you.... I have spoken to people I would normally cross the road to avoid...I know they sold you for a fix, I know we were too slow but we didn't know what we were meant to do....

I have broken my heart over you and its now 6 months.....

Never forget your loved and how ever useless your real family are trying to find you!!! We will little maid, we really have to xxx
Oh Debbie, found it.... I wish it was her but its not.Too much white on her face and she is probably the wrong shape..... Pu will have changed so much but it doesn't look like her....

See the hesitance...will double check and thank you!! xx
WEmlover I try to make sure I do a few for Pup too but recently just get very eotinal .... It might haveshown .....

Feeling a little better but doesn't looking and worrying about a dog take it out of you?!?

Spoke to S&S again today...We going for a deeper search.... xx
Jayne please email me the details too..... I do check but might have missed that one....Debbie have you go a link please? x
Yes, We DO tweet #HelpFindThem on Friday nights & very often on other days - I try to Tweet for PUP daily & re-tweet others' posts of her - there are lots of people out there trying to help. I Hope you are feeling much better - take care x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Tx have emailed owner to take a look.
have seen one very similar at st giles kennels on fb photos named ziggy colors are exact x
Wemlover this one is liver and white but I really do thank you for looking for her....I not been so well and I so worry she will slip past me without being seen...

You folk so help as half the tie I am in meltdown... I just hope she is alive and safe xx

Hey could you tweet for Pup in the tweethathone lol xx
Thanks my friend I will go have a look....If it could just be her....Nearly 6 months now.... Hell it hurts... xx
posting just so that you can check, not sure of colour? -
we are always tweeting PUP #HelpFindThem & I 'follow' Her & tweet via Link
Some1 somewhere knows where she is
Your a treasure Lilybear as hope packed its bags in mu case but the less hope i have the more I try. Don't know how that works. We are sure that was her in Bristol really.... Keep an eye out for her as we don't know who the young lad -the finder- is, or where she went xx

Thanks Moogie she isn't a puppy now... She was born June 17th so she is almost 9 months old...we have to get her home eh? x
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
All changed and added Seeks
Pup remains in my thoughts. I'll not forget your girl.
Moogie thank you so much for bumping her she really has gone into the ether now but I can go in there too, just need to know into which bit. We will find her and the more hope I lose, the more empty I feel inside the harder I try...

Debbie had her on the bored for a lot of publicity (long with so many others but Angel was one and we do owe Angel a lot, without her page we wouldn't have known about Dogslost!) She also had leaflets to hand out so Pup is getting out there....It has to help eh?

We need to change her age Moogie... Could we change it to just born June '13 as that will be right no matter how long it takes to get her home. Thanks for the links and though it wasn't he one day it has to be eh? x

Max I sort of lost all hope so your words really help. Going to poster again but we are sure that she long gone up country. Stolen and Strays have a plan we are up for and you never know.... We are still vague on the reward amount but its got a bit bigger and at least her value.... The people we are appealing to for news might well be greedy but you never know. There are decent folk too.....

Wish Bristol was nearer but am going up there to poster and leaflet soon. Thanks for being there Max x

Can I just thank Mollychps for her help and so many coordinators for their support xxxLast edited: 2014-03-12 00:02:40 by Seeks
Shared again on FB.... Hoping and praying Pup is back home with you very, vry soon. x
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Bumping due to possible link
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
Thinking of you, hopefully one day soon all our prayers will be answered.
We found a dog on one of those horrible selling sites..... I was 80% Kev was 60% and Nic was 70% certain it was her....No chip but they can fail and move...

Tried to get her but couldn't get up there till tomorrow and he sold her to a local (we think as he said one was coming to see her and he would ring us if thy didn't have her with no call yet...)

Back to the drawing bored .... It probably wasn't her.... If it was she is in the Gloucester area.... x
Wibble sadly its not our girl but thanks for posting x

Moogie we haven't got a hope really but will keep looking and hope the help we so desperately need does come one day. She is 8 months now, we have so lost her and well maybe I will be proved wrong but Pup is well in the 43% that will never be found and too far away for us to go and look..... Its all a bit hopeless really but you never know just I lost all hope x
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Still think about Pup and hope there's some good news soon
Look at the two dogs found together today……..I hope one is your pup x
Thanks Anna. Not the right head shape and yet after 12 weeks as young as Pup was....

Have emailed them and will follow up with a call tomorrow and many thanks x
A bit of a long shot but thought i would mention-have u checked out the little spaniel on dogs blog called "sausage", listed as male but as we know they can get this wrong. He looks alot like pic of pup,seems around the right age & is located in south west. He's listed under springer cross but clearly isn't a cross at all! Good luck x
Have failed to find anything on that one Moogie.... but only finding her somewhere else will convince me it wasn't her ;-) x

Kinsally that was the one and isn't her but is very like her. Pup is younger and smaller but please keep looking my friend x

Fluffylegs we saw that and contacted them yesterday..... Its not her as it doesn't match Pup's description or picture but thank you as your right I would rather know so please keep looking x
ok have info now. Dead black and white springer found in Rotherfield sussex and taken to culveden vets Crowborough who will hold the body for 7 DAYS. DOG WAS WEARING A COLLAR BUT NO TAG AND NO INFO AS TO WHETHER MALE OR hope this s n ot your dog but if so, so sorry, but at least you will know outcome of loss. Good luck in your continued search if it proves not to be your dog..
I HAVE TO PUT THIS SAD INFORMATION on here and hope it is not your PUP but on facebook a black and white springer has been found dead
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Any news on the one in Bristol?
Thanks Kinsally, will go and check. Did look at one the other day but that wasn't Pup but it might be a different one so will def go check x
I know this is a long shot but on Lost & found spaniels on Facebook there is a young black & white female found in Ballycanew in Wexford Ireland. I can only view the page as I don't have Facebook she looked similar to Pup x
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thanks Alison, trying to trace one which was reported as found in Bristol area.
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
listed on

Found Dog : Springer Spaniel
Location: Exmouth EX8
Ref 329140
tel 0161 297 0268

Sadly no other details given. Good luck.
Message left on home number.
Thanks Alison x

Max there is a good chance she was in Bristol on the 25th but its not certain. We are trying to track that dog down to see if its Pup but we can't know it was...... Need to keep looking locally as well though I need it proved now it wasn't her in Bristol x
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
oooh intriguing! Shall keep checking, Good luck.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Extra emails sent out to postcodes BS1,BS2,BS3,BS4,BS5,BS6,BS7,BS8,BS9,BS10,BS11,BS13,BS14,BS15,BS16,BS30,BS31,BS40,BS41,BS48
Thanks Max and Moogie x


Shall go check my messages and see if we need to see the police in the morning.......
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Chatted to Rosemullion Falmouth vets and poster is being displayed
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
My vets (Clifton villa vets) will put a poster up in the Newquay & St Columb practices.
Thanks Max as i have a huge problem with the printer just now...... Its jammed and till I can find out how to reset it I can't use it.... Tis some frustrating.

I am re emailing all vets and rescues to remind them that she is still out there missing and also to use what she now probably looks like as well. x
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
I have renewed the poster at Perranporth vets & they will also put one up in their St Agnes branch.They scan new dogs.
I will also drop some off at my vets in Truro tomorrow for their other practices too & ask if they scan all new dogs.
Thanks Moogie, Janie and Modmum...... She must be out there somewhere eh? x
Shared on FB and Twitter x
Fingers xd for the safe return of this girl.
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Good to see a better poster photo. Have let Helston vets have a poster and to make sure they scan any dogs coming in matching her description. Also at Helston Cornwall farmers. Will try to get more out around here when I can.
Edited to say, poster is still up in Porthleven Last edited: 2014-01-23 19:35:11 by Moogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Thanks Yas we have to poster a few places like the ones in my dream this week..... It was very vivid and well very descriptive as well as her! xx

Thanks Angus and also Sue x
DogLostAngus - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Milton Keynes
featured in the Countrymans Weekly magazine - I hope it brings some news
seeks- you done a great job looking for pup and the new poster look great and i will help u as much as u need it and one day u will find pup xx keep ur chin up xx
Thanks Kinsally, do appreciate it.

Bless them there are a lot looking out for her now and its good to have so many eyes as I so dread missing her if that makes sense? Have put her with some rescues that only take pond dogs too for that reason...... I so worry about her and never realised how bad having a dog stolen could be or how hard to find a dog they don't want you to find is...

Hey so glad she is chipped though x
Your doing all possible now & that's what counts Seeks. Many are looking out for your girl & sometimes we don't realise how many are doing these searches for these missing dogs on the internet trying to match those that are lost & found & ones for sale etc. there are good people out there who do try & help & I hope you take a little comfort knowing that as it must be such an awful time for you. Fingers crossed there will be some good news & my thoughts are with you & that you get pup home x

Circulating on Twitter:
Lost Black & White Spaniel English Springer She's 7 Months old now Please retweet. In South West PL24
Then the link to this page.

Thanks Kinsally, really appreciate it as she needs to become very hot.'

I really didn't know enough, early enough and let Pup down so badly in the first few days..... Have tried my best ever since but can't make up for those first 3 days......She was such a trusting little girl and just maybe she is safe and happy but we need to know that.... Thanks again as I seem to have just become an emotional wreck just now x
I will keep looking out for this lovely girl, going by date of birth on earlier post would now be 7 months old? I'm sorry there is still no positive news but there are many looking out for her & good that lots of posters about in area. Will post on Twitter fingers crossed she will be back with her family where she belongs x
Bazil the answer came back as add withdrawn. Guess that means she has been sold? With no number and no address I think we can't do much. I think it wasn't her as there were no freckles on her nose and we are sure Pup has.... The rest all have so she must have ...... Will get some posters up in Devon though.

Thanks and please keep looking x

Max your a treasure and thank you so much. We had sun today... then more rain .... You stay safe with all this water, surface flooding and high tides xLast edited: 2014-01-15 02:52:26 by Seeks
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
Seeks, I will get some of the new posters done & put them up.I think one at Perran dunes might need 'refreshing' due to the weather!.
Thanks Alison this one really is so like Pup x

Someone just asked me why I have my dog tethered lol...... Its 2 joined together training leads as her recall is only about 80-90% so the leads trailing behind her give a fighting chance of getting her to come back.

I became paranoid the moment Pup was stolen and Seeks isn't going to join her out there somewhere and lost x
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Photos changed at owners request (refresh page to view)
Bazil its very like her. I have left a message (there is no phone number) and waiting to hear the answers to a couple of questions.

Will know more when we hear back from them but thank you for looking and please keep an eye out as that ones face is right..... Looks like black on the left side which Pup doesn't have but have asked about age (Pups 3 months or more younger) did they breed her and the chip.....

Sort of hope it is her but think it probably isn't but am checking and will let you know x
Could this be Pup..... For sale Oakhampton, Devon
I Have also posted this on her FB page.
Max your a treasure! Could you put some more posters up your way for her please? All the ones we had out got trashed in the storms (I so hope you weren't effected)

Its a hard learning curve.... Have got to get back to the stolen,stray people as they are not that expensive and might be what we need. I can't do the 3rd faze yet but cam the second so that might really help....

We just need to know she is alive and safe. You know the little dog i took in over Christmas? I had calls from the scum of the earth and its brought it home to me these people are out there (but not very convincing) and they really are not too far away..... What has gone wrong with the UK?

Stay warm and dry and thanks again x Hey some days it gets to me lol.

Have posterd again and please if you have got a Springer (they might have said she was a Sproker or a Cocker) and it looks like my Seeks

( here )

please ask your self could it be our beautiful trusting Pup?

Just ask your self if it is and ring us or Dogslost Last edited: 2014-01-09 19:01:44 by Seeks
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
I really feel your heartbreak Seeks, and I hope that if someone has her that they have a concience & give her back. I will keep looking.
Sue its we that thank you from the bottom of our hearts. She has to be out there somewhere and there is a likelihood she is still in a working dog home..... I so wish I could find her x

Oh and Nic has promised to bail me out if I get picked up with Seeks lol
Photos received Seeks and will get Pup on my next list of adverts. Thanks
Sue Kev was starting some gentle training as a gun dog so she hasn't got a collar.... She is chipped but we had huge problems with that as a) we actually have the numbers but couldn't workout who has which in them.... b) she got changed to 'unregistered'.... I went ballistic over that and have at last got it changed to 'missing' on the halo (I still thank Nick Smith from the bottom of my heart as he got Pup a chance back) and on the vets big one when they go on line it says 'phone petlog'

She was born the 17th june and is 6.5 months now.

Seeks has a lot of roan type ticking but it is black and she was totally white before that came out. We don;t know if Pup has done the same as it happened after 5 months and Pup was taken one day before she was 5 months.

I will email them you and again THANK YOU :-)

I just need to find her and at least know she is happy and safe but best of all have her home with me x
Please can you email them to me Seeks.

How old is she now and can I have a description of her collar?Last edited: 2014-01-07 13:29:54 by B30
Sue I am so grateful to you as we need to find her for my sanity if nothing else. Its so hard and we have nothing bar the empty kennel and that huge worry....

Its not her sadly but please use one of Seeks as she is very like her and Pup will have grown so much in the last 7,5 weeks....

On Pup's page there are a few of Seeks can you use them or would it be better if I emailed you some?

The only real difference between Seeks and Pup is there is a bit less white on Pup's face and a bit more white on her body till her back end where it runs into her tail.

We just need to know where she is so many, many, many thanks as she needs to get out there and be found.

I having one of those days when I have ger dead..... Thats the hardest part, to stay positve x
Seeks can you let me know if the photos above are now actually Pup or a similar dog? I'm going to pup her on the list for a small advert in the Countryman's Weekly if that's ok with you? Last edited: 2014-01-07 13:29:07 by B30
Got some real help coming.... Big help.... A good friend of mine runs a big rescue (its Second Chance) in Southampton and have got her to agree to chuck some weight behind this chip thing... She is also coming down the end of the week and bringing her scanner so we can get the one right number and get it flagged as stolen or what ever they call it but not just unregistered as it now is as that sort of means nothing.... It does if Petlog are rung but not if they aren't...

We can eliminate 4 straight away but need to see the other pups that were sold to get their numbers.

Bless her she also is going to hep me follow up a lead or two as I am a bit of coward and she certainly isn't. Please let it help to get Pup home
6 week now and still nothing but her facebook page has taken off and the help you have all given is so appreciated.

I know for sure now that I will never give up looking for her... so Pup you get your self found and found fast!
Oh Bobble thank you as I feel I haven't done enough and have let her down.... Its a hard one isn't it?

She was genuinely stolen, they broke into the kennels but it wasn't 'professional' and its someone the dogs know well enough to not kick up.... That leaves a bad feeling and well it does also narrow it down though we have no proof...

We are amazed at how much help we have had with the sharing of the pinned post on Pup's page.... Its incredible and not for the first time my eyes are leaking again.

Good idea about stables though. Will do that both near and around Cornwall. On a horse your much taller and can see over fences.

We have had an phone call which might mean she is local by about 10 miles from where she was taken..... Have postered every telegraph pole in that road ..... We just weren't thinking when they phoned and kinda hope they will call again.....

There is an up date... we get her back and she becomes mine... i have got so fond of Pup over the last 5 weeks. What Seeks will make of it i don't know ;-)

We just have get her back but thank you as I do feel I haven't done enough so often. Its a horrid learning curve eh?

Good idea too about cam sites/ parks etc and will contac any that are open for Christmas x
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Seeks: As you say she could be anywhere - that is why you need to keep on as you are, looking close by, but following up any leads. Assuming she was stolen she is more likely to be further away, but don't discount local area. You are doing a great job and already doing all teh right things. There will be some extra people about for the holiday season, so try and concentrate posters at tourist areas and especially petrol stations so that if anyone sees her they will have seen a poster. Horse riders are always useful to get on-side as well, so call into riding stables and see if they will pop a poster up and keep a look out as they often get places walkers don't.
So good to see Copper home :-) Gives us hope too.

There is a thing on Pups facebook page that we need sending out all over the UK.... Anyone who doesn't mind and has a few min could you send it anyone and everyone.

I conceded today that deep down I think she is long up the road and up country somewhere. Am still looking and postering (and thank you all that have put posters out so much) locally ie anywhere between the Tamer and Lands End but we need her to go national.

Springer Rescue came to the rescue today by linking her to their page and well all of the help we have had we sincerely thank you for but we have to get her details out up country and she could be any where.

Pups page is totally open so you don't need to join to see it and well please help us find her as she is out there somewhere
Moogie she is chipped, we didn't know which chip number she had (we knew we had those numbers but got confused over who had which chip so she as come up as unknown. She is thorough.

Thank you as well for helping to get her page out there :-) Its got to help give her more chance of coming home.

Many thanks to K9 Cornwall, she may still be local..... I so hope she is.

Bazl your a treasure as the more she is out there the more someone might feel some heat or realise the pup they brought is actually our Pup

We poster over and in Liskard way tonight, got them (was also doing the retriever from PL14 in that area) in shops and garages as well as on poles.

Many, many thanks to Dogslost as your posters are incredible and without them we would not be getting such eye catching info out there.

I will keep sharing on FB, I have many friends who live in Cornwall. Hope she is found safe very soon x
K9 Pat
Have shared on K9 Cornwall and St.Austell K9 Walking Group facebook pages will print poster and take it on all our walks...I will also post in on our k9 Cornwall website.
Poochpal thanks and also Moogie you too as to have some folk doing posters in the bits we haven't reached yet is so good.

The second photo is one of the sisters as well but she is very like mine and mine has been put on the fb page as she was very like her. We don;t know how much she would have changed in the last month as seeks has a huge amount but only with becoming an adolescent and also in her black bits that used to be invisible coming thorough on her belly and tops of legs. We just don't know if the pup has done the same changes yet though.

I did and see if i could see anything of the dog earlier. Sat there for a while and its a bright moon so it was reasonable visibility but only saw a fox. I am carless tomorrow but will try and get over to do a better search and find out if anyone saw the dog/pup and if so if they can describe it.

We have postered in St Austell, St blazey and Blazey gate, Par, Luxulyan, Lanivet, Lanlivery, Sweets House, Bodmin, Bugle, Roch, Penwithick, Treskillin, Lostwitiel, and over stcker way but there are not a massive amount in all places but some.

Max thanks for putting some out your way, you never know she might have been sold that way.

have got cambourne, Redruth and Pool being done tomorrow and also have meva and London Apprentice areas covered and Fowey too as soon as i can drop the posters over. With those and adding her to the selling sites, Petlog, and so many more sites it might be someone has realised we are looking and we really are looking so have dumped her. Will try and find someone tomorrow and do a better search about as well as take some posters as well.

Poochpal and Moogie again thank you both so much
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
Good luck, fingers crossed it is her.
Will try to get a few posters up near where I walk the dogs at Perranporth. I know it is a long way off, but there is a dog walking club from St Austell who come here. I think they also monitor this site
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Just had this message through on Facebook:
Apparently there was a dog seen very similar to this one running around goonvean dip earlier today.
The lady said it was a puppy. Owner knows and is checking out.
Bumping due to possible sighting
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Just joined Facebook group and invited friends. Is she chipped?
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Email sent with a few more ideas, is the second photo also a similar dog? The page will be bumped to the top anytime there is a possible lead/sighting or if mentioned in the media so contact local radio and papers.
You are doing a fantastic job Seeks, just need to spread the that bit further.
We just put this on the pup's facebook page and thought we would grovel here as well.....

I just been thinking.... we have done about 20 square miles with posters and leaflets that's all we have achieved.... The trouble is Cornwall has a few areas of habitation and big distances in between and there are only 2 of us..

So what we were wondering was is if you live in Cornwall or south Devon and don't mind could you get a few posters up where ever you are as well please?

We would be so grateful as we are just not being quick enough and yet there are only 2 of us and we both have to work. We luckily do both work from home but then we have to get it all sorted to be able to leave, meet up, drive to where were going to poster and then spend 3 hours or so doing that before dropping one of us off and getting home again. Its not an excuse as we do know we just are not getting enough out fast enough so anyone who could do a few anywhere in Cornwall please could you let us know and give us a hand at local level to find our girl?
Thanks so much Max as there are so many sites and I am not really that good at using the Internet. We found a dog today up for sale and for a min we thought we had found her but though similar its not her.... Nice dog though and is looking for a nice home so have said I will keep an ear out for her. x

I put an add on every selling site we could find... well as many as we had time for and will do that again tomorrow as there really are so many sites. Then left here with 53 posters and have added to Bodmin, Sweets House and lostwithiel, where there seems to be a shortage of telegraph poles actually.

We have to keep trying to find her, we so owe her that
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator, Cornwall
I really hope you get some good luck & get her back. You are trying so hard. I will keep searching the sites for her.
Right that's it... the Pup is one facebook here

I hope I have done it right but we need help to find her as she could be anywhere
The police called to see her Mum and Dad and said they will keep looking. I know the young police woman certainly will do just that as I spoke to her a couple of weeks ago and she was plastering the pup on facebook and wanted her found.

I got this idea and it might not be practical but our Pup could be anywhere in the UK... or Ireland it seems from what I have been reading! Anyway the idea could people let their vets know that somewhere there is our stolen Pup and would they scan all new springers or Springer types if they are female and black and white?

I have emailed her details far and wide but haven't done all up-country vets and maybe you all cpould help by letting your vets know so they also will keep an eye out if she turns up?

We so just want her back and its hard to not get a bit dispondant when she remains so missing. We have nothing to go one really but we have to find her.

Have done more posters and just hope we hear something soon
I can't do facebook and it turns out nor can my pc so have started her a blog at which I do understand much better.

There are some photo's of her sisters as well as it is on going and seems long haul but we will not stop trying to find and looking for her.....
We had a good look for the beagle and I know someone often walks a beagle from the Landrew area. ( I often see them taking the beagle up towards the top roundabout and maybe it was their?

We have put the pup on all the facebook pets selling places as stolen and pleaded for any infomation as this is very worrying and I and her owners are getting more upset by the day.

Have got 20 posters to get laminaed tomroow and will get them out all over here, St Austll and Bodmin but we just need her back so, so, so much.

The idea of what is happening to her is too much, she is only a baby

Forgot to say...

Have emailed her poster to all the vets in the areas that prelove have wanted cheap springers... I wonder .. where do they think these cheap dogs come from!

Have also started to contract up-country dog wardens and rescues.... She has to be somewhere and she is chipped and well where do you start?Last edited: 2013-12-04 19:37:54 by Seeks
Buy Swap Sell Household & Pets Cornwall

there is a young beagle cross running around st.austell last seen running on carclaze road running infront of both cars and vans i did try to catch it on my ( quite away from traffic road but was unsuccessful its a beagle cross tanned sandy colour and white underneath it does have tags (which we could not get close enough to see what they said) and has obviously gotten out of someones house anyone know the owner?
So sorry your puppy is still missing. I have shared on my FB page. Praying she is found and home very soon x
Thanks for bumping her Jane ;-)

I wish I could say there was some news but..... one day, it has to be as we so want her back you will hear the yells of joy no matter what part the uk your in
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Given her a bit of a warm up today. Put her on my blog and my young-un has has made her a group at

We must make this pup too hot, hasve emailed some up-country vets as the preloved adds asking for a cheap springer pup means that could be a way she has been sold on. I know we need to make her hotter but I think she is now a lot warmer.
Its 2 weeks tomorrow... Its just so upsetting and I know her Mum and Dad are feeling so much. Its the not knowing if she is safe and just wanting her back eh.

Have got help to hit Bodmin with leaflets and posters tomorrow. I sat here trying to work out how to word it and might not do Stolen in capital letters but stick to missing because don't want to put people off ringing.

The fact is she was stolen but also she is missing big time and could be absolutely anywhere.

Have got a list of Devon vets and will email them in a min so they too will know to keep an eye out and wonderer if maybe to do Dorset too.... Where can you start when they been stolen?

I guess its all we can do but so worried about the 2 worse scenarios..... I so hope she is safe.
Riverlady your a treasure and this modem techno stuff is beyond me lol.

Emailed the dogslost poster to a huge amount of vets all over Cornwall and a lot are going to display her dog lost poster in their waiting rooms, It's so good of them and just need to get this pup red hot..... I have a feeling she might only be Luke warm till the twitter thing. Not on fcebook and don't understand it but anyone who does can we plaster all over it please?

We really need her back
DogLostRiverlady - Twitter Co-ordinator, Social Media Team
circulating on twitter
Thanks Michelleand Jon, the more people that know the better.

The quick sell would seem to be the most likely reason she was stolen and would mean she might still be in Cornwall. It just doesn't seem like it was professional at all and that would point to a fast sell.

There was no news last night but a few posters are up and will go back and do more.

Thanks for your help as she is such a nice pup and needs to be found.
Michelle Oscars mum
I'll post this on facebook's Bodmin Buy Swap sell group saying if that she has been stolen and if anyone is offered a dog like her to contact above number. Will post on a few other groups too.
Its been a week and no news what so ever! Have put her on lost sites, have contacted rescues in Cornwall and Devon but all nothing. I don't know what else we can try except 2 dogs were stolen just after and were being touted for sale round Bodmin pubs so will go and leaflet Bodmin and just hope she is safe and being well treated... that's the worst bit she has known nothing but kindness. I so hope that hasn't changed
just wanted to say I have one of the sisters and they are lovely pups! really well socialised and just so good natured. We are thinking of her owners and just hope news will soon be had and she will be back with you soon.
DogLostMoogie - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
I spoke to the owner yesterday and he said that she is one of a litter of 5 months old. Some have already been sold and he knows the names and addresses to those people. The kennel is outside and was locked. It is fairly near to the house. They have a crime number and is contacting the GLO today. Posters is going up and advice given on things that can be done.
Shared on Facebook.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers inPL13,14,22-26,30,31.

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