Reunited: English Springer Spaniel Male

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  • Dog ID 12015
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 07 Jan 2008
  • Name BISCUIT
  • Gender & Breed Male English Springer Spaniel
  • Age Puppy
  • Colour
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 07 Jan 2008
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area SO50
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 07821 261566
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Not known
  • Views 2928
  • BISCUITPoster Image
  • BISCUITExtra Image


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DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator, North West
Kirsty, brilliant news that you have got Biscuit back home. Love the piccie it is soooo cutie. Great to see you are now staying on as a helper. Jan xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Hes got a nice tag on his collar now and having lots of fus made to him,I must of threw his ball for him about a 100 times today and he still wanted moreLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Pleased to here that Biscuit is home safely and please get Tagged.x Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Sooo pleased this boy is home, if my ESS boy was taken and then dumped and I don't what I'd do.. Thank god you got him back safe and sound x Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I'm afraid I can't print on here what I'd like to do to the morons who did this!! Anyway, the main thing is that Biscuit is now safely back with you and, I'm sure, being spoilt rotten!! Welcome home Biscuit xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Welcome home biscuit, stay safe little one. Sue xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Thankyou so much for your support,Biscuit is now wearing a nice new tag we got for him today,He is still very quiet and following me around everywhere i go. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Fantastic news!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
So pleased you are home Biscuit. Please make your garden secure Kirsty5479not only for Biscuit's sake but for yours, I am sure you do not want to go through this again (thats probably an understatement). Stay safe now Biscuit. xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
So pleased this little boy is home. He's so cute. I'm sure you've already looked but just check that Biscuit didn't dig his way out of the garden as I've got 2 young sprollies and they tried to on a number of occasions! xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
happy and magical ending welcome home biscuit x x hope you get a tag and a new padlock on your door xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Oh my Word !!! What a terrible thing to have happened to the little lad !! You can't undersatand how anyone can do such a thing can you? As they say, what goes around, comes around, so perhaps the culprit will get his reward. So glad you are safely home Biscuit sweetheart, and glad your owner is staying on to help us. Thank you for that kirsty5479. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
So pleased he is home keep him safe now and get that garden secure now, I would keep him in for a couple of days just to settle down and get him a tag to go on his collier and let him were it all the time just in case. Welcome home BISCUIT, as for the scum lets hope and pray you will full under a train one day.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Biscuit says thankyou for all the posters Johanna.Just took him for his evening walk i dont htink i should of he was very scared of the traffic bless him. I think hes abit upset with all thats happenedLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
the idiots in the van need strapping to the rails as the fast train is due!! they will get their come uppence one day hopefully. Welcome Home Biscuit xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .... so all these posters can be scrapped ..... GREAT .... am soo pleased for youLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
I would just like to say good news BISCUITS HOME. He was found on the railway lines in saint denys and had been sen being dumped there. Hes very shocked about what has happened to him as a little nervous. His face when i picked him up he was so exited bless him. I will continue to help on this site for all the other dogs that goes missing. Thankyou for all your support on this site and i believe its because of this site that he was found so quicklyLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
AAAwwwwwweeeeee so cute, what a lovely cute little chap. I really hope and pray that biscuit will be home again soon, stay safe little chap until your found. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Millie's Mum
What a cutie, come home soon Biscuit. Stay safe.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Ive just put him on adtrader aswell,ive linked him to this site if thats ok,I thought the more people who knows about this site the better. Id never even heard of it before but i suppose you dont unless something like this happens to youLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Yes it was and i would be prepared to do that if it helps me find the little fella. I would appreiciate any help that was offered thankyouLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Have forwarded the photo Keelah.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Yes it isowner originally wanted the cute pic on then thought the second one shows more of biscuits markings,Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
owner - is this the same dog that had a cute pic of him being cuddled by a little girl? The papers are suckrs for cute kids and puppies and if you are prepared to release that pic to the media we can try an get an appeal out for you. am on 07843 681980 if you need a handLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
have sent you a PM kirsty5479Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Thankyou so much for your help,Im phoning up dog wardens abit further afield and they arlready have his details how quick is that.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
have emailed all the vets that I could find addresses for, have also emailed Itchen Valley Country Park. If Biscuit may have been stolen have you got someone who can poster all the pubs - just an idea as pubs seem to be good trading areas!! Stay safe Biscuit, come home soon xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
No i havnt done the vets yet so yes please that would be greatfull.Everyone has been so helpfull,I just hope we find him soon and that somebody hasnt taken him like the police thinkLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
have you emailed all the local vets?? if not I can do that for you, wish I was free to come and help you poster :( Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
yes weve contacted everyone now and theres no sign of him anywhere. I am in the process of printing posters now so im going to get them out around the area. I just cant see how he disapared within 5 min with so many people about and no one saw anythingLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hurry home Biscuit, have forwarded copies of the poster to my colleagues at Eastleigh Borough Council, have the owners contacted the Eastleigh Dog Warden???Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
May be owner could get this in the local paper also get smaller posters and put through neighbors doors ask them to check garages sheds and outbuildings and backs of there gardens under busies. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
hurry safely home dear Biscuit p.g.xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Thanks guys that pictures shows more detailLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks reynard.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
Cross posted to SpringthingLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Billy owner
Please keep a look out for him my daughter is missing him loads. He is very freindly but is very scared of other dogs and will run away from them. He is mostly all white for a spaniel and has white bits in his earsLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Poster has been e mailed out to local helpers and registered organizations.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18

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