Reunited: Brown & White Tri-colour Border Collie Female

  • Dog ID 114020
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 19 Apr 2017
  • Name MEG
  • Gender & Breed Female Border Collie (Spayed)
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour Brown & white tri-colour
  • Marks & Scars spay and mammary lump removal scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 18 Apr 2017
  • Where Lost In Dunwich village, heading towards coast
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area IP17
  • Date Found 22 Apr 2017
  • Where Found She found her own way home, but has evidently been through the marshes as she's v muddy and smells dreadful (but we don't care about that!!)
  • Found In Region East Anglia
  • Found In Post Area IP17
  • Date Reunited 22 Apr 2017
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 07759 842663
  • Phone 2 07872 608999
  • Listed By Sue
  • Views 7661
  • MEGPoster Image
  • MEGExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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Wonderful! x
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Great news :) Well done to all involved.

Welcome home Clever Meg.xx

So so pleased Meg found her way home I was going out today to search as this was the first chance I have had, but I am so pleased so hear she is home WHAT A CLEVER DOG SHE IS WELL DONE MEG stay safe now xx
Thanks for your lovely comments everyone :-) She is a clever girl, living up to her collie breed I guess! I have seen some of the RB posts though and know how very lucky we are to have her back safe. Doesn't bear thinking about... I will keep an eye on 'lost' postings in future and help as much as I can. Jon has been out and removed many posters, but we did do rather a lot!! Very dear friends rallied and posted them everywhere and evidently kind souls we've never met did the same! Bless you, thanks xx
Such fantastic news!! Feel I can relax a bit more out walking now 😁
Delighted for you and clever girl Meg xx
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Aww, well done, clever girl, Meg.
Brilliant news. X
Julie G
Absolutely fantastic story and happy ending. You clever girl Meg! x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
That would good Paw, thank you x
I will try and get out to remove some of the posters around Eastbridge, Theberton and Sizewell this morning if I have time - if not I will do them tomorrow or Monday. Feel like putting big banners across them saying "SHE'S HOME!" but better not!
Hi... I am down in Dorset!.. just read your amazing story about Meg...I can well understand how you feel...what a clever girl to get home to you. I like reading the 'happy ending' stories but must admit have a tear about the ones not found etc..happy times ahead for you now and you will be able to sleep x
What brilliant news! I was awake in the night & checked on here at 3.00am, almost stayed up to keep checking after seeing that she had been seen, wouldn't have slept afterwards if I had!
Great news, so pleased Meg found her way home. Well done to all those out looking for her in those dreadful conditions. Sue now that you are registered on DogLost you will get alerts when a dog goes missing in your area, so you can support others as they have you.
How wonderful that Meg found her way home. Such a clever girl .The nightmare is over .I feel for other dog owners who do not have such happy endings. xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
So, so pleased Meg is safe, welcome home gorgeous girl x
Great news, so happy for you and Meg. ☺☺☺
What lovely news to wake up to.Such a hard area to look for a dog,having helped look for Frankie,missing on the marshes here in Norfolk and re united.What a clever dog to make it home,she loves you very very much obviously.x
Brilliant news!!
SHE IS HOME!!!!! :-) She banged on the door at 12.45am to be let in!! The relief is unbelievable and indescribable, what an emotional roller-coaster it has been. A friend spotted Meg in Dunwich and raced to our home to collect Jon as I was already in Dunwich searching for Meg on the edge of the reedbeds. We didn't see her, but were greatly heartened that we'd had a positive sighting from somebody who knew Meg. I didn't dare hope she'd find her own way back from there, but she did! :-) Hungry and very tired, but she's back and I'm ecstatic, can't quite believe it, but she's sleeping beside me as I type. She's definitely been through the marshes as she's filthy and smells like quagmire, but a bath can wait :-D I am acutely aware that many people are never reunited with their lost pets, and I was beginning to think that I would be one of them. You are right, Paw, the distress is just horrendous. I have been running on adrenaline and sheer gut-wrenching terror. But the thought of your pet alone, cold, hungry and afraid makes you keep going; it's when they need us most. Thank you all so very much for your support and practical help, I think I'd have crumbled without the knowledge that others were searching too. It feels odd that I haven't met any of you when you've been so involved in the search for Meggie! We'd like to know more about volunteering with DogLost so that we can help future distraught owners! Thanks all, Love Sue and Meg xxxxLast edited: 2017-04-22 03:59:44 by Sue
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
SIGHTED...Meg was seen this evening (Fri 22nd of April) at Dunwich between the Church and the tea rooms at 10.30pm but ran off in the direction of the tea rooms.
sharing x
Hi, ...was my lovely friend Kathy Piotrowski who spoke to the radio guys on my behalf as I am out and about. In any case, I'm hoarse from calling and too choked up to speak on the radio! :-( I have the tracker lady coming out to Dunwich tomorrow evening for which I'm hugely grateful, may give us some direction. No sign of my Meggie anywhere, I'm totally heartbroken. The fabulous team at NT Dunwich Heath have procured a night vision camera, so we'll be out with that later. Huge thanks to you all for your amazing help and support, I'm overwhelmed by everybody's care and generosity xxx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Sue, Meg's owner has been interviewed on Radio Suffolk today, hopefully this will bring some news.
I will bump her page up to the top because of this media coverage x
Karen, good to see you're covering some different areas as I don't have time to do all that I would like to. Just seen another poster as I was driving Theberton way - almost brought tears to my eyes. Will go out for as long as I can tonight again and try to do Westleton area as early as possible tomorrow. Keep looking everywhere and anywhere.
Thanks Jane for adding my comment. I walked Sizewell to Dunwich yesterday evening, Kenton and Goose Hill yesterday as well as North Warren boardwalks to Aldringham/ Thorpeness - no sightings although I appreciate it's moving further away to IP15. I'm a dog walker so will be vigilant all the time. I have a scanner so found dogs often find their way to us too x Thinking of you.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Message from helper Karen...Searched kenton hills, Sizewell yesterday.
Thanks for the great update Sue, I had hoped that you were too busy searching to put messages on here, but now we have all this info. it will help. I hope the tracker dog can help, they are usually very good, if only to get some sense of direction that Meg may have gone. If you get good results from the tracker and want to do a concentrated search, please post on here as people will then come and help. It was so cold on the beach on Tuesday that if she did go down there I think she would have gone south (with the wind behind her), but then maybe headed inland for cover/shelter. We set of from Sizewell Tuesday morning and had to go through Kenton Hills as I couldn't face walking up to the sluice in that cold wind. Have done the Sizewell-sluice-Eastbridge walk again this morning, saw the usual people, but afraid no Meg. I did see (from a distance with binoculars) someone walking across the field at Minsmere where I saw a deer? yesterday morning. I won't have time to get to Westwood marshes today but I assume you have a poster in the parking area on the Westleton Road as this is a popular walking area, so hopefully people will be looking out for her. I'll try and go through the woods from Eastbridge towards Westleton this evening. I've given a poster to someone to put on the notice board at Sizewell B as staff travel in from all directions so hopefully will look out as they are driving through the area - sometimes very early so more chance of seeing her. I hope she will be home before next weekend but if not it may be worth getting some posters up around the start of the Heritage Coast Marathon - the participants may not actively look for her but if they are aware that she may be around it may help. I'm sure you already know most of this but it seems all I can do to help at the moment, and although most people think they know how they would feel if this happened to them I'm sure none of really do know how distraught you must be feeling.
Hello! I am the distraught and frantic owner of this beautiful pooch. So sorry I haven't posted before now, I have barely been home and have been out searching all hours. Firstly, thank you so much everyone for your help, it really is appreciated xx Regarding searches, the area is vast which is very daunting :-( We don't know whether Meg headed north towards Walberswick or south towards Sizewell - she bolted in Dunwich village and was seen heading towards the beach. She either took a path up to the cliff path and Greyfriars wood, or stayed on the beach heading south, or ran north along Dingle marshes. We have contacted a lady with a canine search dog in the hope that we can narrow down our search options. Meg is very fit and runs like a whippet; in reality she could be many miles away :-( Her regular walks are on Dunwich Heath where we live, including the bridle path on RSPB land adjacent to it. Also through to Westleton heath. We've searched all along the coast to Walberswick and as much of the marshes as possible, but would be worth another look here, especially Westwood Marshes. We've tried to search Dunwich Forest as methodically as possible but this large area is probably worth revisiting too. Friends and staff at Minsmere have their eyes peeled on the reserve and I am still searching this, especially inland across into Eastbridge, Theberton, Middleton & Leiston. I think she'd have been seen or come home if she were still on Dunwich Heath itself, but am checking daily in case she's heading back. I still need to cover Sizewell Belts and surrounding woodland, then extend search inland. I really hope we can narrow this down with the help of the search dog, will post an update as soon as I know more. I am feeling very distressed and tired, as is my darling Meggie dog no doubt wherever she is. Thank you, thank you to all of you who've helped, you are really wonderful people xx
Been out over Dunwich heath tonight starting from the bridleway near Minsmere (where the poster is), saw a few people, some had seen posters, some not but all said they would look out for her. We really could do with some feedback from owner?Sue? (who listed this) as to where main searches are, as there is such a huge area to cover. They have been very busy with posters so at least people are aware of her.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Meg is safely back at home soon. X
Has anyone in the area got a drone to help with the search
I've put a poster at Kenton Hills car park. Still wondering where to search tonight though.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks Paw and ALS!
Walked up through woods around Eastbridge yesterday 5.30pm with posters but some already up and had been seen as people mentioned them to me. A few people out and about but no-one saw anything. This morning, walked from Sizewell to Minsmere Sluice and then into Eastbridge. Scoured the coastline and marshes through binoculars but saw nothing. The regular early morning dog walkers (Sizewell to sluice) were out there so that area will be checked daily by them. I put another poster up at Sizewell, bottom end of car park (great to see there are so many up already) and one at the sluice. Only thing I saw was probably a deer in the field at Minsmere where the BBC "shed" is - other side of field from the shed and it disappeared into the heath area. Was too far away and binoculars not good enough to confirm that it was a deer but almost sure it would be. Just one sighting would be good as it is such a difficult area to search and so many places for a dog to hide. Leave something with her and your scent on it near to where she went missing in case she ventures back that way. The word is out there with the posters but anyone searching please post on here so we know which areas are being covered. I'll be out again this evening with my dog, not sure where though. Does she have a regular walk area that she knows well?
Any news ? searched this morning and can do again later x
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared Facebook and Twitter
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks Paw!
I'll let Leiston Vets know - I will be passing there in the next 10 minutes or so.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
I will E-mail general information including contact numbers for vets in the area.
Keep safe Meg until you are found x
I'll keep my eye on this at work this afternoon and if not found will get word out around Eastbridge/Minsmere area this evening, and put up some posters. Is she a local dog or here on holiday? Will try to walk between Minsmere and Dunwich if possible tonight with my collie and maybe drive around later as it gets darker in case she's hiding during the day.
DogLostSarah - Twitter Co-ordinator & Area Co-ordinator, Cambridgeshire
Tweeted @DogLostUK
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator East Anglia.
Details added to Dog Lost Norfolk and Suffolk Facebook group and other groups in the area.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Alerts sent to helpers in IP13,IP15,IP16,IP17,IP19

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