Lost: Choc Point / Cream & Brown Cat Male In South East (E9)

  • Dog ID 122762
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 03 Dec 2017
  • Name CLAUDE
  • Gender & Breed Male Cat (Neutered)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Choc point / Cream & Brown
  • Marks & Scars None
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 15 Nov 2017
  • Where Lost Homerton, Hackney, East London. Near the Tiger Pub and Victoria Park
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area E9
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Claude went out on the morning of 15th November. Would normally be back within 2-3 hours. Has not been seen since. He is a desperately missed cat and we really want him home as soon as possible so we can carry on with our lives. We are so distraught that he is lost. He may still be wearing a red velvet flea collar.
  • Phone 1 07832646413
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By RBlackman
  • Views 957
  • Alerts Sent 103
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Sightings and Information

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Still Missing Sharing on Twitter @CatsMissing https://twitter.com/CatsMissing/status/949968259138408448
Cats can`t lose their sense of smell because like some other animals they have a small tube in the roof of their mouth which they suck air into, It is near thir nasal bones) and this is why a cat`s sense of smell is about 12/14 times better than humans. I wouldn`t put food in the trap yet because of other cats. and it may put Claude off entering the trap if he smells another animal. If Claude has been sighted more than once, then someone must be feeding him. If you do trap him I would then keep him in for at least ten days, or ha may go awol again. I learnt a lot about cats having cats of my own, and speaking to someone who used to volunteer for Cat Protection. They say that neutered male cats usually only have a territory of about 4/7 garden spaces as to where they live, and 2/3 for a neutered female. However some neutered cats on this site have been found a few streets away. I can only guess that they have picked up a scent of someone who has food,. or chased something. I really don`t know this one to be honest. Hope Claude is home soon. Paws xd.

Ps I think some rescue reimburse you for the loan of a trap
but not too sureLast edited: 2017-12-03 20:31:34 by janiejewel1649
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope that Claude is safely back at home soon.X
My cat went missing for three days this earlier this year so I understand what you are going through. I was given the tips below, some may be duplicates of others you have already had. Have you cointacted your local branch of the cats protection league in case he has ended up there?
Missing cat tips x

Firstly, check your own home, garden, and the immediate vicinity THOROUGHLY. Cats seldom stray far, but some of them have a positive genius for getting shut in sheds, garages, cars, greenhouses. Check also any standing water-butts, ponds or similiar.

Check under all bushes, deckingand in gardens, using a long stick and a torch if necessary. Knock on neighbours doors and ask them to check sheds/garages/outhouses WHILE YOU WAIT in case your cat has got shut in (cats are incredibly inquisitive!). Ask neighbours to prop open doors so if your cat is scared and hiding s/he doesn't miss the opportunity to get out if the door is only opened briefly.

Your cat recognises the smell of home. Spread hoover contents around the outside of your house. Put your cat’s dirty litter try outside too. Hang dirty washing on your line, put smelly trainers in your garden with any cat bedding. Anything that smells familiar will help guide your cat home if s/he has lost their scent.

Go out looking at night to check, when it is quiet and there is less traffic. Work your way back towards home as you call them, so not to inadvertently lead themfurther away from home. Take a powerful torch. Scatter used cat litter outside and leave out food. If possible, make sure there is a way for your cat to get back in the house even if you are asleep (eg, wedge open the cat flap).

Next check all the surrounding streets, again checking under bushes and in undergrowth. If there are fields/woods nearby, thoroughly search these too.Check any empty houses as cats can get through the smallest of spaces.

KEEP doing all these things as when scared cats go into survival mode and may not even respond to their owner at first.

Make posters/fliers and put them up anywhere and everywhere (eg stuck to telegraph poles and similar). Stick one in the back window of your car. Local shops, post office, pub, local primary schools (small children are incredibly observant) anywhere really. Ask local vets to display a copy. Speak to local postman and dog walkers to ask them to TELL you if they see your cat. Consider printing off enough fliers to put them through people’s letterboxes down your street and in the area. Not everybody is on social media. If there are any distinctive physical conditions or characteristics about your cat, make sure you feature them prominently in any fliers, online appeals, etc.

Alert all vets in the area and give them a description of your cat. Ask local vets to display a poster of your missing cat. Even if your cat is chipped, not all vets routine scan for a chip!!! Chips can also fail or migrate to anywhere in your cat. Ring the RSPCA/cats protection and any rescues in the area as any of these places may end up with him so best to give them a description too. Again, not all rescue centres routinely scan a cat for a chip

See if the local paper runs free lost and found pets ads. Check the found and make sure your pet is listed as lost. Again, not everybody is on Facebook.

Use Facebook (set to public and tag yourself in your kitty’s photo so you can follow up any leads from subsequent shares) to share your missing cat. It is ESSENTIAL to include a clear photo, colour/breed/distinguishing features, where s/he has gone missing from (district, town
We have tried he delivery vans etc but couldn’t find anything that made sense. We have builders and have checked with them.
Thanks for your comments. I have heard of another possible sighting today so will be going back with the treats and things that smell of me now to try and locate him. He may well have a holiday home in this area and be having an extended holiday to punish me for going away.
If Claude has been sighted it nay be that someone is feeding him is feeding him. Presume all outbuildings have been checked? Empty contents of the hoover onto the garden as his scent will be there. Put some tuna or chicken in his dish, and call him night/early morning is best. Rattle some treats too. Put his unwashed blanket into a clean container; your scent too. Wipe Claude`s scent on your garden fences, gates, doors too; anything leading up to the house. Try a squeaky toy as it may attract his attention. Walk around the area (Especially where he has been sighted) holding an object with his scent on, and rattle some Dreamies. It seems likely he is being fed by someone. When it is nightfall, and you are searching for Claude, use a strong torch as the light will reflect a cat`s eyes When looking wear the same deodorant you use on a day to day basis s he will recognize the scent. If you or someone knows where the sighting was, you could borrow a cat trap from Cat Protection or rescue centre, and place inside something with his scent on; yours too. I wouldn`t put any treats inside because of other cats. Poster around the area, and post flyers through doors too. And as around especially thoise with children as they can be very observant. Paws xd.
Many cats that go missing have got into a delivery van or car and hitched a lift to their next port of call. Was there a delivery van around the day you last saw him? Ask neighbours. Then call the delivery company and ask where they went next. Most vans use gps now and can say exactly where they went that day. Maybe your cat did this too. Time is of the essence now. Really hope you find Claude soon. Thinking of you
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in E1,2,3,8,9.
Claude is a very gentle cat and quite wary around new people. He’s relatively small and has slick short hair. There has been one possible sighting of him around Peoples park Tavern In Victoria Park on 27/11
Sorry to see that CLAUDE is missing.
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