Rainbow Bridge: Black And White Fox Terrier Female

  • Dog ID 121019
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 18 Oct 2017
  • Name FOXIE
  • Gender & Breed Female Fox Terrier
  • Age Adult
  • Colour black and white
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 17 Oct 2017
  • Where Lost Ashburnham, Nr Battle
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area TN33
  • Date Reunited 20 Nov 2017
  • Other Info REWARD FOR THE SAFE RETURN OF FOXIE Foxie may be in local area, She will be frightened and may be hiding. Any Sightings please call numbers below or contact Doglost.co.uk
  • Phone 1 07710 978297
  • Phone 2 07870 338818 / 01424 892060
  • Listed By Jayne - Administrator, Head Office
  • Views 12375
  • Alerts Sent 682
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Sightings and Information

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Thank you for the update Lucy such an awful time for you all. Thinking of you & lovely Foxie xx
Foxies mum and dad, my parents would like to thank all of you for your help, encouragement, advice and time. Without your support we would have struggled. A special thanks goes to Tracy, Zoe and Bobbles for going the extra mile for Foxie and us. Unfortunately having scoured the countryside we found Foxie metres from the place she was last sighted alive but in the stream. We believe she may of died from a heart attack as there were no visible signs of injury to her. She had been dead for some time which is sad as we had trawled the river so many times. I personally found her with my dad. We are happy she wasn't stolen and are so pleased with had the chance to bring her home and give her the burial she deserved. We are going to raise some money and awareness of dogslost so you can all carry on your good work. Many thanks again, Lucy and our angel Foxie Lady xxLast edited: 2017-11-22 14:58:33 by Lucy
Thank you for that update. So very sad. Everyone. Tried so hard to find her xxx rest in peace little one xxx
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Paddy, sadly Foxie was found in the river near to where she was last seen.
So very sad.
Rest in Peace Foxie x
this is the most awful news, the one we all absolutely dread - but because little foxies owners had her chipped and wore an id tag at least thanks to that they have been reunited.
so very sorry.xxx RIP Foxie xx
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
With bright eyes
Tail aloft
Foxie lived her life to the full
Looking for adventure
Finding fun in the simplest things
A life full of love
Both given and received
Foxie would not want her hoomans to grieve
An angel to soon we are all agreed

So sad to read Foxie didn't make it home. My thoughts are with the owners and all Team Foxie who put in so much effort. I'm sorry it wasn't the outcome we all hoped for. RIP lovely Foxie.
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Run free Foxie forever in the sunshine over the Bridge. Thoughts are with you all xx
Do we know yet what happened to little Foxie. Bless her. Xxx
So very sorry. Thinking of owners x
So sorry, Condolences to the owners. Nightie, night Foxie, sleep tight, and have fun with the other "Rainbow babies" who are waiting to play. RIP+ God Bless x A~~~Candle~~~burns for you. Run free (HUG) X One day when the time is right, you will meet Foxie at the bridge. Forever together Now with the Angels
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
So desperately sad to read this...as Bobble has said, Foxie owners have done everything in their power to find her and this was not the outcome any of us wanted. I do just want to say a special thank you to TK and Bobble who have supported the owners from the beginning. Run free sweet girl. Xx
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
So very sorry. Run free Little Foxie.xx
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I am truly sorry that Foxie didn't make it home.
Run Free Sweetheart. X
Such sad sad news. RIP little Foxie. Xxx
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
If results were based on effort and tenacity this would not be the outcome. Team Foxie have worked tirelessly and done everything they can, all the right things and then thinking outside the box too. I cannot express how very sorry I am right now to learn about Foxie. I will add something else later.

Her family know that she will always live on in that little piece of their hearts that belongs to Foxie and that they now have a new angel to look after them.

Run free at Rainbow Bridge beautiful girl x
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
So very sad to see this news. The owners tried so hard to find her, and my thoughts are with them all x
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sadly Foxie has not made it home. I will let Lucy update when she is ready.
My heart goes out to the all of Foxie's family who searched and tried so very hard to find her. So so very sad.
Rest in Peace lovely girl. x
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Had a drive around area this morning. Met with Owners who are trying so very hard to find their beloved Girl. There are posters ll around local areas. Owners have alerted all neighbours, local gamekeepers, postmen, so many people in local area are looking out for her.
Just in case she is still local Owners are going to light a BBQ this evening to try and lure her if she is nearby.
They have scenting & Terrier advice info to follow.
Have re shared onto various local fb groups
So desperately need to get a Sighting.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
re the posting about a similar dog at vets in essex ( Lucy 13/11). I would hope vets would scan the dog and as Foxie has a chip would have contacted the owner.
Maybe this was a similar dog and was also the one spotted on a walk with a male in Essex that was sent to owner.
Maybe owner would update chip number so we have it on site ( not visible to public)
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Keep your spirits up Lucy, you are all doing such a brilliant job, postering, searching, getting the word out. Hoping for some news soon.
More walks, more posts on Facebook but still nothing. Morale quite low now. Keeping our fingers crossed
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Headed over to Penhurst Area this morning, Met Zoe who had just finished a walk around area. We both commented that there were lots of posters up all around area.
I had a long drive all around surrounding areas and have put up another 15 posters, checked out fields as I drove along. So desperately need a very much needed vital sighting so we can focus on a specific area.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
As there is still the possibility that Foxie is still in local area but just confused and lost, I am going to change the heading on poster to Still Missing and print some more posters and head out with them. Familyhave already postered many areas so I will have a drive around and see if there are any areas that I can put up a few more.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Sorry it looks like it may not have been her. Don't give up, keep on with what you are doing. Renew any damp windswept posters after bad weather.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sorry to hear Lucy,
I have looked on Animal Warden page. No fox Terriers listed as being found on their page.
Post cannot be found on Facebook. So back to square one again.
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Got everything crossed that its Foxie Lucy x
Tc Dog Training
Shared in the Galleywood area.
Shared Chelmsford area
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
alerts sent to helpers in CM1,2,3.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
have emailed Admin asking if they can send out alerts to that area..
A comment on our latest Facebook post from a lady who comes from Essex says a dog that looks like Foxie was at a vets waiting to be claimed by the owner. I have no more details and not even sure if the post was from a vets in Essex. Any shares in the area would be amazing. Thank you
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Had a long walk around Battle this morning from Recreation ground behind Battle & Langton School both wooded areas and fields, up to Battle Abbey & back. Saw a couple of posters & spoke with a few local people. Last edited: 2017-11-12 19:43:19 by TK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
I'm sorry that Foxie is still missing...i'm travelling to Bexhill a lot at the moment from Heathfield so am keeping an eye open on my travels. Loads of posters around....just gutted for owners that there has not been one sighting, they've worked so hard to find Foxie :-(
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sadly Foxie is still missing, Have spotted posters up around Whatlington.
Has now been 3 weeks :(
I messaged 07710 978297. Obviously we kept looking but found nothing sadly. Don't give up. My sister's dog was missing for two weeks before turning up.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Lucy do you want to change the mobile number above, that is the one that will show on posters (07870 338818)
I will check tomorrow. The mobile number should be 07710978297. Thank you Rodie and unfortunately is still missing
The posters around Punnetts Town & Three Cups have a different mobile number on them. I texted it to see if Foxie was still missing on Saturday when we were walking in the area but have received no response.
No more news. Still searching and sharing on Facebook but really hoping for some news soon
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Another sighting in Three Cups area does seem more feasible and is encouraging.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Message from Lucy earlier to say that the dog seen on Tues Eve in Battle was a collie. A shop owner had cctv.

Another possible sighting last Fri in Three Cups.
Message from Lucy -

"Someone we knows cousin heard 2 people talking about foxie and seeing a dog of similar description run into someones garden last Friday at 3 cups".

which would tie in with the other sighting last Fri from the man that saw a Dog like Foxie in Three Cups.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
The poss sighting in Battle sounds positive, as if it was her, she could make her way home from there, would be heading in right direction. but then with the poss sighting in Brede Woods Yest, has she gone that direction?
Another possible sighting! Going back to Tuesday evening a dog matching her description was seen running up the top of the High Street in Battle heading towards the roundabout by the fire station. Looking into who may have cctv!
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex

Copied from a post on Broad oak noticeboard. Just a warning to those who walk in Brede woods.

Took my two dogs for a jog round the woods about 20 minutes ago. Only to be chased the last quarter by a middle aged man carrying what looked like a branch or a bat of some sort, shouting. Luckily I managed to get to my car and leave before he reached me, and the dogs barking probably shook him of.
But not something you expect to happen in village woods!!!
There was no car in the car park so god knows where he came from or what he was doing in the woods at this time!!
Just thought I’d warn those that maybe walk in those woods especially at night!!! Bit of a scare 😳

Last edited: 2017-11-02 07:58:57 by SpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
So pleased another sighting, come on Foxie time to come home...
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
That's great Lucy for getting over to Brede High Woods so quickly and for getting posters up. Posters are what bring in sightings and that is what we need now, to be able to work out a route and an area Foxie may be in.
As this dog was seen heading south, If it was Foxie I guess she could head Sedlescombe/Battle direction, may be worth trying to get some posters up in Sedlescombe also.
I will bump page in view of possible sighting.Last edited: 2017-11-01 21:01:47 by TK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Possible new sighting.Brede High woods. A member of the public telephoned just after 4pm today (Wednesday) to say she had seen a predominantly white dog with black on it terrier size shoot past her but it ran off and disappeared into the undergrowth. She tried calling it but it wouldn't come. She knows what fox terriers look like and said it was a strong resemblance. We have been searching around the woods for a couple of hours but saw nothing. Posters are up. Leaflet drop tomorrow in the area
We have found the game keeper for Rushlake Green shoot. Difficult to know how many there are. Many thanks again for all your help
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
It is really encouraging that there are so many posters up and in places that people can see them. She's out there somewhere and the posters will really help. Use village social media and get posters up in all pubs, especially if there are things on like darts matches.

I'm working on the local shoot question.
She loves rabbiting but we have never known her go down a hole. She does get her head and front legs muddy but never all over. We have had terrier men out looking as well as the game keepers and their dogs. We just don't know who runs the shoots around Heathfield punnetts town and Rushlake green to get them to help. It has been a huge family and friends effort as they all love Foxie too!
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
I am doing quite a lot of driving in the area that Foxie went missing so am constantly looking out. Lucy, I have to commend you on the amount of posters that you've put up...everywhere i went yesterday there were posters so well done to you all for that. I just wish there was a confirmed sighting so we have something to work on. Keep up your great work. Just one thing, is there a chance that she could have gone done a hole somewhere or is she not a hunter.
No further sightings but we are continuing to put up posters and share on Facebook
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Message from Lucy to say a search party of Friends and Family are out walking the footpaths around Punnetts Town / Three Cups.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Family have been around Three Cups area today leaflet dropping & Postering
Lets hope there is another sighting soon.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Have Bumped Page in view of possible sighting yesterday.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Lucy has just sent me the following message that she has received this morning..

" I've just seen your post about the lost dog, I don't know if it was her but my husband saw what he called a black and white jack Russell running along the road at three cups yesterday. It had a collar on but he said he thought it had more black on than the picture. He couldn't catch it and it ran into a field and disappeared. We don't often see stray dogs on the road so I thought it might be yours. Hope this helps "

Have suggested to Lucy to try and get some posters up in that area
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Everyone is doing a fantastic job, keep postering, get round pubs and restaurants before Sunday lunch with posters in the area and further afield. Keep talking to people and keep the awareness high. Sightings are key. So report anything likely to owner please.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sorry to hear. Was very much worth doing and we all hoped it may of shown her. :(
Unfortunately the drone didn't manage to find any sign of Foxie in the area surrounding where she was last seen! Many thanks go to Drone SAR for assisting us
EBRUF if you would like to call 01424892060 we can organise some posters for you. Thank you very much. Lucy
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Extra alerts sent to helpers in TN5,TN17,TN18,TN20,TN31,TN34,TN35,TN37
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Hi Lucy, As foxie is listed as missing on Animal Warden Webpage, her details should be available nationwide.
But it may be worth ringing the surrounding dog wardens just to let them know she is still missing.
East Sussex
Brighton And Hove dog warden 01273 29 29 29
Lewes dog warden 01273 47 16 00
Wealden dog warden 01424 490034
Eastbourne dog warden 01323 41 53 80
Rother dog warden 01424 490034
Hastings dog warden 01424 490034
Dartford dog warden 01322 34 34 34
Sevenoaks dog warden 01732 22 70 00
Gravesham dog warden 01474 56 44 22
Medway dog warden 01634 33 33 33
Maidstone dog warden 01622 60 22 02
Tunbridge Wells dog warden 01892 52 61 21
Swale dog warden 01795 41 78 50
Ashford dog warden 01233 33 03 40
Canterbury dog warden 01227 290069
Shepway dog warden 01303 85 86 60
Thanet dog warden 01843 57 75 80
Dover dog warden 01304 87 22 89
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Admin please could further Alerts be sent out to TN5,TN17,TN18,TN20,TN31,TN34,TN35,TN37.
Thank You

Not sure whether these alerts have been sent. Last edited: 2017-10-25 21:59:35 by TK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Is it possible to share to West Kent area. As the crow flies it's not that far away and judging by the distance my friends dog managed in 24hrs it's a possibility? Also would the dog wardens across the country be linked to the ones already alerted?
I will be travelling between Hastings and Herstmonceoux over the next few days will keep eyes and ears open. I am not able to print posters but if anyone has some I could collect and distribute.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Have updated Foxie's Name, Thank You Cheri.
Cheri Hornshaw
Owner’s spelling is ‘Foxie’. Should poster be amended?
Thank you for all you are doing x
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
My husband drives from Heathfield to Bexhill every day so have asked him to look out for both Foxy and Poppy x
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Corinne who posted the sighting of a dog running scared in woods between A21 & Battle Rd has given this further info ...

TK, I don`t think it was Foxy. too quick to get a proper look, but I`m pretty sure the one I saw didn`t have a black head.I just got the impression of a dirty beige or white, and a bit fluffy. I wouldn`t have given it much thought, except I think it was running scared and no one about.
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Lucy, I have added Foxy to the Bexhill/battle lost dog Facebook page, Heathfield/hailsham lost dog page. I think she's on the other ones already. I understand you are all doing an amazing job searching for your beautiful girl. I really hope something comes of the potential sighting. X
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Bumped due to possible sighting
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Another Twitter campaign requested and hopefully to link in with Sam also a Fox Terrier missing nearby.
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
The sighting at Battle Road sounds quite promising. Perhaps some posters should go up in that area? I am not around until later in the week unfortunately.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Admin please could further Alerts be sent out to TN5,TN17,TN18,TN20,TN31,TN34,TN35,TN37.
Thank You
As it's been a week now since Foxie was last seen is it possible to widen the post code alert area please? No news!
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Just seen this on Sam's Doglost Page(118581)

I was walking in the woods yesterday with my dogs between Battle Rd and the A21. Suddenly there was a load of barking and a dog appeared from nowhere and took off towards Battle Rd like a bat out of hell. I didn`t think too much about it at the time, but I was a bit concerned that he didn`t seem to be with anyone. It did fit Sam`s description, but at that distance / speed it could equally have been a large Jack Russel.
Really hoping that K9tracker can contact us soon as we are desperate for news. Further posters have been put up widening the area
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
A week today & sadly Foxy is still missing. No sightings apart from the one shortly after she went missing of her heading towards Ashburnham Place grounds. Lots of shares via fb to local groups & individuals.
Family continue to search local area.
If weather permits, Drone SAR may be able to help tomorrow.
Still no news. We have spoken to the postman and everyone we meet. Still putting up posters and looking
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Just to say following an email to Bobble she has kindly sent me advice sheets on Mapping,Scenting,Catching Lost dog advice which I have forwarded to owners.
I had a walk along the 1066 trail late this afternoon, and family have continued to search the surrounding area.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sadly still no news.
Drone SAR have been contacted but last few days has been too windy to help, but they are aware and say they will contact when less windy if they are able to help.
Family continuing to search area.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Met with owners and family members this afternoon.
We seperated into small groups and went off in different directions to search local area.
Local land owners and residents are aware of Foxy & owners are putting posters up around local area at entrances to footpaths etc..
The surrounding area is vast with fields & woodland & is sparsely populated.
I have suggested that owners alert the local postman.
Family members have been out daily and have covered large areas, but as she could be anywhere, all one can do is continue to search and poster and hope & pray the posters bring another sighting very soon.
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
We are hoping to go out and search tomorrow afternoon but we are waiting on the weather as the area is very woody. I will put a post up tomorrow morning. Thank you
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Any searches happening this weekend? x
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sorry to hear that she has still not been found.
Lucy, you are trying so hard to find her I really hope there is some good news very soon.
We have done posters and taken to vets etc. Thanks. Still no sign
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Bumping to top due to sightings.

Now photos are on poster, it would be a good idea to print loads off and get them put up in the area. That way you can work out where she is travelling from the sigthings.Last edited: 2017-10-20 08:45:17 by Bobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Still no news. Last seen near Ashbourne lakes running back into the Ashburnham estate. We have walked from the Penhurst road end of the Ashbourne river/stream to the Pound end. All local farmers have been informed and gamekeepers. Last edited: 2017-10-20 07:06:58 by Lucy
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Extra Image uploaded to give view of other side.
lots of shares on fb.
Will keep eyes peeled tomorrow as will be going through Ashburnham in morning & back through in afternoon.
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
I have a hair appointment in hailsham tomorrow so if I get a chance, I'll have a search around the Tent Hill area afterwards.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Thank You Jayne.
Skywalker - I have given Owner K9 Tracker's details, although is probably a bit too early for Jenny to come.
Redpale - Foxy went missing near to Ashburnham Place, and was seen a couple of hours later 3 fields away in the Tent Hill area.
I had a drive around area this afternoon, sadly no sightings. Last edited: 2017-10-19 17:25:41 by TK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Can you be more precise about where Foxy went missing, Ashburnham is a large area
Please contact www.k9tracker.co.uk
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope that Foxy is safely back at home soon.X
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to TN32.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Admin, please can email alerts be sent out to TN32
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Have just spoke with owner, unfortunately still missing.
Owners were out searching last night until 10pm, they have printed posters and are going to put up in local area & local vets.
Foxy ran away from the garden Tuesday morning at about 8am, there was a sighting later in the morning about 3 fields away, no further sightings.
Owners have registered with Dog wardens & Microchip company are aware.
There are a lot of Badger / Fox setts around area.
Am going over to Battle shortly, will keep a look out.

Shared Facebook hurst green. Hoping xx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in TN33,38,39,40,19,21,22. BN24,27.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Photo's forwarded to admin for adding
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
So sorry to see Foxy has gone missing, I have messaged owner via fb and advised to contact dog warden and inform microchip company.
Foxy went missing 8am yesterday morning, she does know the area and has escaped before, but has returned much sooner.
Thank you Bobble for emailing owner with advice, Im sure she will be very grateful.
I couldnt upload photo, but have emailed it to admin, so am hoping they will be kind enough to upload it.
Fingers crossed this lovely girl stays safe until she can be found..
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
I am sorry to see that Foxy is missing and I am sure someone from the East Sussex Team will be in touch soon.

I will message owner with general and terrier specific advice.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter

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