Lost: Border Collie In North East (CF48)

  • Dog ID 9873
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 01 Jan 2004
  • Name DANNY
  • Gender & Breed Border Collie
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 13 Jun 2007
  • Lost In Region North East
  • Lost In Post Area CF48
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Listed By Jayne - Founder Doglost.
  • Views 2662
  • DANNYPoster Image
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Sightings and Information

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Ref the post below the finder was a Mrs.How, i have her telephone number if you get no luck from the councilLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Border collie found near bus station and handed into the council at Merthyr by finder, no details apart from that im afraid, but the lady took the dog to the civic centre, might be worth checking outLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
We have found a new dog food suppliers in Rhymney and are driving up and down this road a lot now so I continue to scour both sides of the A470 and A4065 as safely as I can while driving in a bid to search for danny. Now know the area a bit better will try and bring dogs up that way to Gethin woods beauty spot for a mooch!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Danny does have a little bit of brown on him so I checked this out. I contacted the kennels in Gelligaer that take the Merthyr dogs. The dog arrived there on the weekend but has been claimed by his owners, which of course is good news for them. At least I know it wasn't him. Thanks for letting me know of this.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Male found in Merthy Tydfil is a tricolour, Danny is black and white.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I think this is probably a different dog but you just never know. There is a male been found in merthyr tydfil (sp?) xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Still looking to see if any progress in getting Danny back. Stay safe sweetie. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks for letting me know he's in Horsemart magazine, Keelah. And thank you BC for all the dog pound info. :) LynetteLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
danny is in this months horsemart national magazinexLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Numbers of all the pounds hope this helpsDogs Trust Bridgend 01656-725219Croft Kennels Bridgend 01656-862288Llangeinor Kennels 01656-871760Newport Pound 01633-290902Rspca Newport 01633-412049Hereford And Worcester 01885-482967Torvein Kennels 01495-244686Cardiff Pound 02920-711243Holybush Kennels Blackwood Gwent 01495-724580Bridge Croft Kennels (Gelligaer) Merthyr Tydfil 01443-832345Pontypool Pound 01495-244686Ammanford Pound - No Contact for General PublicMany Tears (Llanelli) 01269-843084Milford Haven & Haverford West - No Contact for General PublicPort Talbot & Neath Pound 01792-798092Swansea Pound (Greenfields) 01792-771839RCT Pound (Rhonda Cynon Taf) 01443 682789Creature Comforts (Powys) 01686-430393 Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Danny did have a black collar on, but to be honest with you, he doesn't look much like a collie. He's very short haired and skinny. I'm starting to get very skeptical about all the sightings we're getting. So far, he's been sighted in Merthyr town, Troedyrhiw, Tredegar, St. Mellons in Cardiff and now possibly Brecon. The main thing that I ask people on the phone now is about his ears as they are so distinctive. He has one long pointy one and one floppy ear. I'm beginning to think he's dead. We have a lot of old mine shafts around here, we also live near the A470 and there's the danger of farmers shooting stray dogs. I hope you hear some good news about Annie soon.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
A taxi driver phoned us to say that he saw a dog who looked like Annie last night (Tuesday) running on a side road off the Brecon by-pass. He said the dog had a dark collar though and Annie's is pale blue so I don't think it was her. Just wondered if it might have been Danny.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks, Hannah. I appreciate your help. :)Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Come home soon Danny. I have added his details to my forum Find Missing Dogs (http://findmissingdogs.proboards67.com/index.cgi) & to TRPD Pet Craft Project. xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I contacted the dog warden for the Tredegar area. He wasn't available but have left the details with someone and I've e-mailed the web page about Danny here so they can see his picture. There's no record of a dog of that description being picked up at the moment, but at least they now know about him.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I'll be checking that one out today, Jacky. Thanks for the phone call on Sunday, Fly. :)Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Fly - the dog you speak of could be the dog in the post below at 20.21 on the 28th - xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hi this might be a long shot but try looking at http://www.nationalpetregister.org/fp/446.htm Subject: Black and white dog found Pet Type: Dog Area Found: St Mellons Found near Hendre Lake in the St Mellons area of Cardiff. Very friendly black and white dog (looks like a border collie cross) wearing a red collar. He has no microchip. Looks as though he has been missing for a few days as he is very skinny. Please contact 07771565948. Good Luck Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks, I appreciate your help. Although Danny is a Border Collie he doesn't necessarily look like one as he is short haired and doesn't carry much weight. He has one very long pointy ear and the other flops down. He also has a little bit of brown inside his ears and on his paws. Thanks for the dog warden number.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hi I work in Tredegar which is quite close to Merthyr. One of my colleagues has been trying to catch a black and white collie now for the past week as she says it appears to be lost. She said it is young looking and wearing a collar. She has spoken to the local taxi drivers who said it has been wandering back and forth for the past week. She has only spotted it in the past week and is concerned about it. It was following a boy the other day but he said it was not his and he did not know where it came from. She has contacted the dog warden to keep an eye out for it and the local community officers. The number for the dog warden is 01495 350555. Not sure if this is the same dog. I will try to find out more about it on Monday.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Yes, I see what you mean, Sian, about these kinds of calls. I got another when I got home from work. After a couple of minutes I asked the man whether he any information about Danny. He told me he hadn't and he was just ringing to find out if we had found him. He then went on to tell me about how his dog needed an operation. I think he was just looking for someone to talk to. One good thing though, I asked him where he had seen the article and he said in the Rhymney paper. So it's going further afield than I thought which is great.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Lynette - you will get calls like this and while it is frustrating it is good news - people have taken notice and they will continue to do so. I wish you all the best and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more.xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
A woman just rang after seeing the newspaper article saying she thought she had seen Danny about a week ago on the Taff Trail between Abercanaid and Troedyrhiw [that's an area very close to our house]. To be honest though, I don't think it was him. She didn't notice if he had one ear sticking up [and his ear is very prominent] and she said he kept following them and laying down in front of them. It doesn't sound like his behaviour at all. She also said he had a red collar on. His collar was black [although of course someone else might be keeping him and have changed it.] I think I'll walk the dogs down the Troedyrhiw area to take a look, but I'm sure from her description that it's not him.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
come on danny!!!xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
The paper has printed the article about Danny today! Thanks so much, Sian! I'll keep you posted if I hear of any developments. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Sorry for some reason the last message posted before I was ready: I rang the newspaper and they said they have the press release and it should go in this week. So fingers crossed!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks, Sian. I just rang the MERTHYR EXPRESS Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
press release resent fingers crossed. owner if you want to call the merthyr express on monday and check they have it and beg them to use it, that would be grandxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks, Keelah [Sian]. I'm not giving up. Sometimes I feel despondent but there's a little voice inside that says: "Keep on keeping on!"Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks for your support, Barney and Ozzie's Mum. We have already searched the woods and fields as best as we can. We've also informed the local farmer and the countryside warden. My son and daughter went for hours the weekend he went missing, they even checked places they never knew existed. We've all been out regularly. This is my real fear that something happened to him and he couldn't get home. There are old mine workings around here, so there could be pit shafts or something. We feel we are doing all we can and so far there's been no sign of any dog handed in to the police or wardens here or in Rhondda Cynon Taf. My hope is that someone is taking care of him. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hey Lynette I am so sorry the papers did not run it, we will give it another go!!! Come on DannyLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hi Lynette. I check every day to see if there's any news on Danny. I can assure you that there are so many of us dog lovers out here willing him to return or be found soon. One thing I would suggest is that you have a really good look around the woods near where he went missing as it's been known for dogs to get their collar caught on a fence. Sorry, I don't mean to worry you, but just thought it would be best to check.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks for you message of support, doglover. It's this being in 'limboland' I find hard. It's the not knowing that's the worse thing of all. I'm going to give another poster out to a woman in work tomorrow who has useful contacts in the dogworld regarding training classes etc. Perhaps if she can put one up on the notice board there, it will be yet another link.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Dont give up Lynette. I am sure you will get your Danny back with you soon. It just need one person to see him and a poster ,and you could have the phone call you are waiting for. Stay safe sweetie. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
A bit of a disappointment today. We bought the local newspaper to check it out but there is no sign of the press release issued being published. I originally wrote to the paper the day after Danny went missing, but they didn't even bother to reply, so I thought the press release might have done the trick. I don't get it as I have seen missing pets in there before now as recently as about a month ago. On a lighter note, when I was out walking, I saw something by the side of the road that looked like a carcass of a dead dog around Danny's side. I plucked up courage to check it out, luckily it's only a piece of scrap metal. Some days I am still hopeful he will return and other days I am tearful and feel I'll never see him again.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Great idea. I'll watch out for the van next time it's in the area. LynetteLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Can we also get the ice cream van covered in posters as well. am sure the owner would not mind and his van covers a huge area and it woul dhelp us spread the word about Danny.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Press release done and sent to owner for approvalLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I tried contact the local paper but got no response there. However, if you can help me, that would be great. I rung you earlier and left a message on your answerphone. Thanks, LynetteLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Owner - have you contacted the local media and asked them to do a press story for you? Please feel free to call me on 07843 681980 and we can get something in the Merthyr papers and south wales echo, see if that generates some sightings,.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
There was a false alarm yesterday. My neighbour knocked our door to say she thought she had just seen Danny at the top of her steps and he had just run up the road. As you can imagine, my heart was beating like a jack hammer. Imagine my dismay, when I realised it was my other collie, Millie, his mother. My husband had left the back door open! I was so annoyed with him after losing Danny. My neighbour apologised, but as I told her, I'd rather she knock and it turn out to be a false alarm than not at all. In anycase, she did as a favour as we could have had another missing dog on our hands. I'm going to get the other two dogs chipped. We've done about all we can think of doing to locate, Danny, but no joy. All sorts of scenarios have been running through my head. I hope he turns up soon.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I was just wondering if you have had any sightings yet? Danny is very distictive with his pricked up ear and colouring.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks for your reassuring messages, doglover123, Jimbo and Dillon's dad. It's comforting to know there is so much support out there! Lynette http://nettiesramblings.blogspot.comLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Dillon's Dad
Hi - I'll put some posters up in the treorchy area for you. My baby boy went missing for six weeks - it was the worst time of my life - but never lose hope!!!!!!! I'm sure he'll make a speedy return!! PeterLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Stay safe sweetie I hope your home very soon. xxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I do hope Danny is soon found. Stay safe sweetie. xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks, Jayne. The ironic thing is that Danny always howled when the ice cream van came into the street playing the theme to 'Match of the Day'. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Try giving a poster to your postman as well and at this time of year the ice cream van.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thanks for all you are doing everyone! I'll try the phone number one of you suggested. My husband is taking a poster down the school. I think that's a great idea. Abercanaid is a small village in Merthyr Tydfil, os if anyone has seen a stray dog around, I bet the children would have.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Poster has been e mailed out to local helpers.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
The found Border collie from NP7 was actually a long term stray that was caught on the 2nd June so had been out longer than Danny.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I think it would be well worth the owner contacting Jam-owner of Lucy and Buster. There was a stray reported in that area recently because I contacted jan about it. Either way she knows all the right points of contact etc 01873 832888 or 07977 730094 are her numbers M xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
theres a collie found in wales on the 2/6/07 on the found page worth a lookLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
As soon as admin receives a photograph, the poster can be emailed out to helpers. Posters need to be displayed as soon as possible. Lamp posts, entrances to parks, dog bins, vets, pet shops, ask postmen to take to sorting office, milkmen, bin men, taxi drivers, schools, pubs, youth clubs, newsagents, post offices, all takeaway food shops, dog training clubs, supermarkets, car parks, and in car windows. Hand out smaller posters or cards to people, especially dog walkers and deliver to houses etc. Police stations, and Dog Wardens, R.S.P.C.A , and all rescue centres need checking frequently, and preferably visited in person by owner or someone who knows DANNY well. Good luck Danny x Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
If you have any information on Danny please contact the owner on 01685 373073.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18

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