Lost: Grey/brown/grizzle Cross Breed Female In East Anglia (PE34)

  • Dog ID 89568
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 17 Jul 2015
  • Gender & Breed Female Cross Breed (Spayed)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Grey/brown/grizzle
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 28 Jun 2015
  • Where Lost Thriftfields,Cotts Lane, Tilney All Saints, Kings Lynn, Norfolk. She has been sighted in Terrington St Clements (Marsh Rd, Green Marsh Road, Burhams,)
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area PE34
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Lizuca is a very scared and untouchable Romanian rescue dog. She should not be approached, she will bolt. Sightings ONLY please.
  • Listed By michelle
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Sightings and Information

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Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Video launched on YouTube.
Video will appear automatically nationally on pet-related websites.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
DogLost article goes in the Withernsea District & Community News for early April 2023. Supporting article on my website for end of March 2023 with missing dog posters, including Lizuca's image and ID link
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Lizuca appeared in an east yorkshire newspaper in August 2022. And is on my website
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
I popped on to see if any news. Myself (Norfolk) and a friend from another county put posters up often and searched but I moved to Yorkshire in the Summer. I got her media coverage a couple of times too. We are / were RSPCA volunteers. And the manager at the local branch was aware of her and hoped she'd be found. I check on the rescue page on and off throughout but they never put one lost listing on there page for her given that they are a rescue. Sorry but that upsets me. Hopefully she has someone searching tho.
Any sightings of Lizuca at all since last postings?
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
I've not heard anything. There are posters up still so hoping someone gaining her trust by feeding her. Managed to get her in a local paper online this year.
Is she still being sighted? She doesn't look young so one wonders how long she can keep going on her own.
So good for Lizuca that you and Anna are kindly continuing your quest. I am sure I am not the only one who is constantly worrying about this poor dog and sending you and Anna telepathic encouragement. Fingers crossed for a good result.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Hi all
I managed to get her into online newspapers again. The Birkett Smith rescue had rescued her from Romania - they didn't lose her although they seem never to have posted anything about her on there FB page. The people who lost her were an interim rescue (a groomers) and they did nothing to help. I don't understand a rescue who say they love animals who then do not do a thing but that is my thought. Anna and I are cat cuddlers from the RSPCA and seem to be the only people there searching or doing something. The rspca manager has asked different times if we have any news. Hopefully by June she will be caughtLast edited: 2016-05-24 13:53:30 by Lesley (ID84584)
For anyone following this dog, while we had the unsuccessful new website which seemed to work erratically, a post from Big Soppy Animal Lover Lesley was put on as an update to this but has not made it back to the "real" reinstated website now. The gist was, Lizuca is still (hopefully) out there - I think she said there had been some sightings by dogwalkers and also lots of dead rabbit carcases seen around. Hope they can set up a feeding station/trap and get her but it looks like a long job. Very best wishes to the searchers - you are doing such a good job. If I am dogless when she is found I'd definitely be up for taking her on (I do NOT think she should go back to the "rescue" organisation that lost her and have not, seemingly, taken any part, except initially, in continuing to try to find and save her).
Any useful feedback since you postered?
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
as put on FB today:
Anna and I delivered A4 posters to about 170 homes: Marsh Road (where she was seen) , The Burhams, Hunters Close which have field access. Along this route I stuck posters up on lamp posts with 'Lost Dog' in red as indicates lost and could be seen rather than missing and never seen again (just planting a different thought process) - one was on a track which I would think people dog walk. Marsh Road field area has homes with barns too. We also did top part of Rhoon Road which perhaps she crosses to Marsh Road - again lots of barns, over turned pallets, outbuilding, plenty of resting places. This area meets Green Marsh road. Posters stuck to telegraphs poles too. Dog Lost number and ID code is highlighted in red and the only number I put on there. We spoke to people too. Anna continued on to Roman Bank as her colleagues work there and this is near Green Marsh Road. She will also put another poster up in the staff room at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Kings Lynn. I allso dropped a new poster to Terrington St Clements vets - Anna always asks in there - plus one on display near the vet. Fingers crossed. Lots of houses had dogs. We spoke to various people too.

I hope this brings some news. It's a fresh poster with a bit more to it. We had a short code snap hear and I have thought of Lizuca every day. Now we have rain but warmer (well today it rain and cold!) but as an older dog I hope she uses her street instincts. as Anna said, it would be colder in Romania.

Come on Lizuca, let's get you safe. xxxxxx

PS Thanks Nicola
Good luck, Lesley!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
I have updated her poster with details of where Lizuca has been seen
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
as put on Dog Lost FB today:
"Anna & I , cat cuddler volunteers with RSPCA West Norfolk, are going to meet between 11am to 11.15am on Sunday 31st January along the Marsh Road / The Burhams (Bing maps is helpful) in Terrington St Clements to leaflet drop door to door. Would anyone be interested in meeting and helping ? Please tag me. I have mocked up a poster and am printing copies off but can also email this to you. Please PM me and I can give you my mobile number for the day then you can look out for a red Mazda 3 with plate AJ55 – I aim to park by The Burhams at least. Ravenswood Dog Rescue now have a dog trap and are willing to use if further sightings. November sighting was Marsh Road. However, according to Terrington St Clements vets she is still being seen but thinner – info a little bitty though. Hope a few people can spare an hour. Thank you. Love Lesley & Anna x"

My contact email is primroses007@yahoo.co.uk
Helen tagged in FB

Big Soppy Animal Lover is doing her best here - can anyone (who knows much more than me) advise her re best plan for finding/mapping/setting up feeding stations. Then maybe she can organise people locally to help. Also, Admin, can she get access to the poster on this to alter for her to put out locally appealing for people to help her and her friend?
Big Soppy Animal Lover - can you tell the Terrington vets about the trap that the Kings Lynn dog warden is willing to lend? Would be good if the efforts to help Lizuca could be co-ordinated between vets and yourselves, perhaps? I do hope you don't think I'm interfering (I certainly don't mean to) but from this end it sounds as though the vets are doing their own thing and maybe it would be better if everyone helping compared notes and followed the usual tried and trusted ways that the doglost experts in these matters use in such circumstances. It certainly sounds as though you and your friend are doing the right things but you could definitely do with some help in numbers.(Hoping some of the clever doglost people will come on here and give advice!). Also would be nice if the vet practice had time to occasionally update this blog with any sightings as anyone wanting to help locally could have a better idea of what was happening and where to help look. Lots of us don't do twitter/facebook and this blog is the best central exchange of information.
charlie and sooty
Shared to various x
I have emailed admin and asked if they can bump Lizuca up and change to show "help needed". Also, allow Big Soppy Animal Lover to access poster to alter it perhaps so easier to print off posters relevant to current circumstances that might encourage locals to help an organised search and recapture plan. I really hope she can be rescued soon.
Do you think a message to doglost HQ might give her a chance of bumping up on site. I don't do facebook of twitter but would that be a way forward as well
Thank you so much for the update. Like Hollieberry, I was worried she had been forgotten as no further news appeared on here. If you get time to update us of future developments we would all be keen to hear. Unfortunately I live in London and have full-time work for the next few months or I'd take some time off and come and try to help. I hope and pray you manage to save her - if you could just get her used to a feeding spot that would give her at least a chance. You are both doing a great job. Best of luck!!!!
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Originally she escaped in Tilney so well, I won't go into details, but I put lots of posters up in Terrington St Clements, across the A17. Then she was seen. Anna and I have been trying to find out where we are with it but still don't know. No one gets back to you. I asked before if there are anyone who could come out and help search but no luck. I have been out in wellies but the fog stops much visibility. I am going to mock up some posters. The only plan we can offer is a plea for searchers ago and putting food in the area she was seen, and looking for carcasses as a clue. Plus more posters. Lovely that you have a rescue dog. they all deserve the best. x
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Hi Nicola, Anna and I are cat cuddler volunteers at the RSPCA. We spoke with the manager and she said the Kings Lynn Dog Warden has a trap. I left a message on the number here but never heard back. Anna goes to Terrington St Clements vet often and they are raising money for a dog catcher (assume a trap). And according to them she has been seen but thinner. The comment on here about her being seen (and phonecall) was mid November but like I said, Anna said the vets say she is still being seen. Anna is going to let me know her hospital shifts and we are going out. Going to put a notice on here and FB if anyone local can join us. Will buy a big bag of doggy biscuits and bowl and leave. Just incase.
When was the last sighting of Lizuca ?she has been out there a long time now I was beginning to think that people had given up on her .
You are a star. I wish I lived near the area so could help. I worry about Lizuca continually. She is an old girl and won't be standing up to fending for herself and the cold weather so well as younger dogs. My own dog is a Greek rescue (I brought her back - not through an organisation- as she'd been my dog in Greece for a few years) and is now almost 14 and she can't take the cold any more despite being a double-coated dog from a mountain village. Who is the Terrington vet? Can anyone point them in the direction of the Kings Lynn dog warden and the trap they have? If that fails and they do need money, I'd be glad to contribute but I think they need a proper plan such as you and your friend are planning. Unfortunately, seems to be a country area with not enough dog lost-type volunteers on the ground with time to keep watch for sightings (espec. at night which is probably when she's about) and map routes, etc. Good luck with your feeding plan and lots of us are willing you success.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Hi Nicola, A friend hears from Terrington vet that they are half way there to raise money for a dog catcher / trap. Ravenswood Rescue has a trap but say they don't know where she is but on here it says where she is sighted. No one seems to give a clear indication of where we are with it. I left a message ages ago to say Kings Lynn dog warden has a trap as per Penny at the RSPCA but never had a reply so unsure if that was looked at. My friend and I, both cat cuddler in volunteers in rescue, are going to try match our shifts and take bowls of food out to the road last seen. Apparently she is looking thinner.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Dog trap:
Any sightings of Lizuca? I'm following her case along with 3 other rescue dogs on the loose at the moment.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Just wondered if any news and if you picked up my message to your mobile about the dog trap ...
Hope Lizuca ok.
Due to being a rescue dog from Romania she is probably streetwise and is able to find food and water, but as Hollieberry said, missing for far too long. X
This dog has been on her own for far too long hoping everyday that she has been caught x
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)

As per message :

With regards to a Dog Trap, I spoke with RSPCA West Norfolk manager Penny (who is so very very pleased Lizuca has been sighted) who said that although they do not have a dog trap anymore, Kings Lynn Dog Warden do. Perhaps you could ask the Dog Warden? Might need to be a request from a rescue though.

Someone said there was a donation page set up to raise money to buy one via Ravenswood Rescue in Wisbech but I couldn’t find it?
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Lizuca is now in the Village News for Terrington and Tilney (Half page). This is about her original escape and has Dog Lost telephone number. Someone said there is an appeal to raise money for a trap but I couldn't find it?
Any news on this lovely girl please ?
Have also been following this poor dog, but due to distance unable to help physically. It seems though that there are lots of lovely people out there doing as much as they can for her. From speaking to RSPCA about a foreign street dog that was brought over to this country and was lost in my area, the RSPCA did say that they tend to escape as soon as they are able as they hVe been used to fending for themselves on the streets. Hopefully, she is managing to get food and water before she is found and safely back in the arms of people that will be able to help her. Xxx good luck. Xxx
Very pleased she may have been sighted. I've been following this one with great heartache. I do hope she is found and given a really nice home. Has there been anything heard from the rescue people who she was lost from?
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
In Wisbech Standard - letters worked!!
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Great news CazzJack! Hopefully her profile can be listed as SIGHTED. So pleased and looks like my dowsing came true. It showed she crossed the A17 into Terrington St Clements and showed Green Marsh Road / Rhoon Road which is why I postered these areas rather than keep postering Tilney - both not far from Marsh Road. Let's home there is news.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
I'm so pleased there has been sightings of this girl, I will bump the page up.
Please if you do see her DO NOT TRY TO CATCH HER, please contact Cazzajack on 07984 446717 immediately.
Dog WardenCazzajack
There may have been recent sightings of Lizuca in Terrington St Clements, Marsh Road. I have been out to look but nothing, trying to find a suitable location for a possible trap set up. If anyone see's this girl please call me 07984 446717 Thanks :)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
been out in wellies along the field, deep sheltered ditches to sleep. So foggy tho.Last edited: 2015-11-19 08:10:54 by Lesley (ID84584)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
I am local - please call 07813 821007 for any sightings. Please leave a voicemail and your number as I may be at work. I will call you back.

Are you the man who walks a dog who thinks you may have seen her in Terrington St Clements?
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Just been reading back through comments and Michelle set up the profile and contacted all the necessary people. I help at the RSPCA so if she comes into Kings Lynn Dog Warden she will go there. am not hearing from Michelle so I have no idea if she has received calls about sightings. With the last few displayed I have crossed her number out and highlighted DOG LOST number and ref just incaseLast edited: 2015-11-29 09:13:06 by Lesley (ID84584)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
***Dog Lost 0844 800 3220***
Dog Lost ID 89568

If you are visiting this page because you live in the Tilneys or Terrington and have seen the poster and MAYBE think your have SEEN LIZUCA but unsure, please leave a comment or text / call me on 07813 821007. I do work weekdays but will get back to you. Lizuca is an abused rescue dog who needs do be safe and warm. And unsure sightings are welcome. Please tell me where.

Have you seen a large number of rabbit or pheasant remains? Tell me where.

Have you seen a deer but wonder if could be Lizuca as the same colouring. Tell me where.

Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
i Nicola
Tilney is a village surrounding by lots of fields, isolated barns etc. It fits between two major roads - the a17 and A47 - I have driven along both along a 4 mile stretch incase. The A47 regular as I help rspca in Tilney but they are not in the village area and a few miles on. They have details. Where she was last see (and checking the map and driving) she could have easily gone in the direction away from the village where the houses are far less and across the A17 into Terrington. Again, clusters of trees, isolated barns, even an old caravan stuck in a field edge. I am going to park up and put my wellies on and walk. if she run for a mile or so then yes she could have gone into Terrington. She was people abused so I think would hide. Lots of dog walkers about so am hoping ... I think if she caught anything it would be rabbits over here. Maybe pheasant. Any road kill as you say. I wonder too that if possibly seen from a distance if she would resemble a small deer. I am hoping she has been seen from a far but that person is not sure at the moment.Yes people would drive - same here. I have to drive a 10 mile round trip to a supermarket or 6 miles for a village shop. I walk alot - in our village people are out exercising and lots of dog walkers around this part - doggy county! Anyway will head out. I carry differnt stuff in the car as I help the living and deceased along the roads. I think if Lizuca had been hurt I would have seen her along the road. Bit as people scared she won't approach.Hard one
If she is from the countryside in Romania, she could be OK at catching mice, voles etc (mine occasionally did that in the long grass in the local park in London when she first came to England) but if she is a town/city dog, perhaps not. Do you think there would be food to scavenge? It seems unlikely in that area unless it is near buildings and then people would have seen her. Of course, there is likely to be carrion so that would help. It seems surprising there have been no sightings but I presume it is a scarcely populated area where most people get around by car?
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Hi Nicola, as street dog do you think she'd be good at taking care of herself?
Well done Lesley. I am following this one from afar (unfortunately too far to come and help). I feel so sorry for the poor girl - I have a rescue Greek dog of similar sort and this is heartbreaking. So glad you are doing so much.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Hi, I've put more posters up today. if she comes to the local DW (Kings Lynn) she will go to RSPCA Eau Brink which is where I volunteer as a cat cuddler etc. So if I don't see or find her then if she comes into rescue I'll know. They still have her poster. Last edited: 2015-11-29 09:14:47 by Lesley (ID84584)
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
Sadly there have been no sightings of Lizuca, there are posters up in the area and further a field, if she is seen please call the number on the poster, do not try to catch her as she is a very scared dog and will bolt.
Has there been any sightings of Lizuca are people trying to find her ?
That is so out of order NickyB. Thought DW's were there to help get dogs back to owners! x
I expect you are constantly in touch with your local dog warden/pound/dogs home but in case not my Romanian rescue, lost day she arrived at new home, was found 3 weeks later ------- in MANCHESTER DOGS HOME.........they had had her 11 days before being able to scan her..............do hope lizuca is home soon. good luck
I really hope this lovely girl can be found x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
Lizuca is featured in the local newspaper this week, hopefully this will bring some news and sightings x
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
**Any sightings please call Dog Lost direct quoting 89568, please thanks ***

Dropped a leaflet off at Terrington St Clements Vet on Sunday 20th September. Put posters up along Green Marsh Road and in the letterbox of the odd house. Handed a leaflet to a kind lady who said this part is the perfect place for a dog to hide as soooo quiet. The road ends and then it is a track with another house but cars cannot go any further.. I followed the route back, over the A17 and this took me to Sheperdgate Road off which is a diagonal across from the sanctuary .

Just a thought - wouldn't Lizuca look like a deer from afar?! Any sightings of a deer which may actually be a dog, please call Dog Lost. Anything please. ThanksLast edited: 2015-09-21 13:45:16 by Lesley (ID84584)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Been away. Going out weekend to search
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
**Could Lizuca be in Terrington st Clements, nr Kings Lynn***

Been dowsing (Oct / Nov) since this and Green Marsh Road / Rhona Road feature***

Saturday 5th September I drove 4mile stretch along the A17 incase of RTA - no sign.

Monday 7th September I tried dowsing for Trixie 91223. I am not a professional but thought I would give it a go. I have a crystal and have dabbled before. I could be totally wrong but worth a try. (questions shortened)

Test questions:
Is Lizuca a boy: no
Does Lizuca like people: no
Is Lizuca a cat: no
Is Lizuca a dog: yes
Did Lizuca escape XX: no movement
Did Lizuca escape an interim sanctuary: yes.

The questions with map of Cotts Lane and Church Rd and Glebe Estate:
Was Lizuca near Cotts Lane : yes
Did she cross Church Road: yes
Is Lizuca still here: no
Was she here: no

I used the crystal further along Church Road the otherside of Glebe Estate.
Was she here: yes
Is she still here: no
Did she go towards the A17: yes

I held the crystal over the A17:
Did Lizuca cross the A17: yes
Did Lizuca cross safely: yes
Did she cross the A47: no
Is Liz in Terrington St Clements: Yes
Is Liz in Tilney All Saints: no
Is Lizuca finding food: yes
Is Liz hiding in a ditch: no
Is Liz hiding in a barn: no
Is Liz hiding in a building: no
I included woods, copse, trees: no
Is liz hiding in a building where there is ahouse: yes
Does Liz find her own food: yes
Is Liz fed by people: no
Is Liz from Scotland: No
Is Liz from Romania: yes
Have people seen Liz (could be after escape?): yes
Do they think she is a stray: yes
Have people searched on the web: no
Have people put up 'seen' posters: no
Will Liz be found: yes
Will she go to the Birkett Smith Sanctuary in Dorset: no
(October dowsing, yes from RSPCA)
Will she go to the RSPCA Eau brink: yes
Will Liz trust people one day: yes (weak circles)
Will she live happily with a family: yes
Will she be happy one day: yes and no (mixed)

Posters in Terrington St Clements next...

Last edited: 2015-11-19 08:14:42 by Lesley (ID84584)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
If anyone has a Parish Village News that comes to there West into Norfolk Norfolk, Cambs (Wisbech side) and Lincs (Sutton bridge end) please leave the name of it here and email / name contact and I will ask to have something in. Please include the cut off for the next edition and the publication. Thanks!Last edited: 2015-09-03 13:29:56 by Lesley (ID84584)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Hi Xenas, yes have extended the postering anyway. Also, please scroll down to 28/8 see the media contacted.

I just stepped in because no one else here to help her. Michelle is in Derbyshire. Lizuca came to an interim sanctuary and escaped but from what I know they haven't searched. She was going to Birkett Smith rescue in dorset for traumatised dogs. Ideally would like to look late evening but don't fancy going out alone incase I fall. Hubby works nights.


If Lizuca left Cotts Lane turned right there are lots hidy holes. Food uneaten and removed. There is dog poo but could be from dog and owners. Not much coverage if she turned left. Could have gone straight ahead across two fields towards barns / farm. This would be Sherperdgate Road and postered. The fields back of Cotts Lane as postered too. Extended posters out of village over last month.Last edited: 2015-09-03 08:46:30 by Lesley (ID84584)
DogLostXenas Mum - Area Volunteer, Norfolk
If you have a lot of posters up in the area of loss and have not had any sightings you need to extend the area postered / advertised in. You would be amazed at how far these dogs can travel. None of the usual triangle rules apply as Lizuca had no base to start with, she will just be running scared :( Adverts in newspapers with a picture are a good way to spread the word further. Is there a rescue involved with this dog?
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
I am bumping Lizuca's page to the top because of the media coverage, thank you Lesley for all your hard work, hopefully this will get sightings called in of Lizuca x
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Just tweeted Paul O'Grady Show from his web. Hope for RT and any help in Tilney to find her. Going over tonight to search.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
If Lizuca had not escaped an interim sanctuary she would have been at the Birkett Smith sanctuary in Dorset to help her trauma suffered in Romania.

Dog Lost letter to:
Mill House Vet Kings Lynn (emailed 3/9 (already on FB)
Paddons Vet (drop off planned 4/9)
Terrington St Clement vets (planned drop off 4/9)
London Road vets (emailed letter 3/9)
Wisbech Standard (4/9)
Village Voices at Wisbech St mary
Your Time Next Year (Davina Macoll)
Lynn News Online - Tell us your story submitted 31/8 with Dog Lost pr email
Lynn News Hardcpy letter 2/9
Fenland Citizen hardcopy letter 2/9
Your Local Norfolk Hardcopy letter 2/9
KLFM 967 hardcopy letter 2/9
Village News for Tilneys & Terrington etc (letter being published Dec 2015)
Walpole St Peter village crier (she'll appear in Oct 2015 issue)
Wag - Dog Trust (you never know) 3/9
Dogs Today 3/9
Your Dog 3/9
VIP Pets at Home 3/9

To do:


I am local 07813 821007Last edited: 2015-09-03 13:37:54 by Lesley (ID84584)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
***apparently night time is when Lizuca may appear.****
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Pets at Home, Kings Lynn - poster already up but noticeboard hidden. Given to vet nurse who will scan and add on facebook. Already poster up at Jolleys.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Hi Helen
Thanks for the letter. Will read later. Still waking up.
Walked up Cotts Lane last night and put posters through doors (only three homes plus groomers). Found a way onto the sweeping field that backs on to three houses plus further on are more plus the groomers. Very very quiet. I put three tubs water down with details beneath and hung food from trees with a poster. I found a cocooned corner that even I would hide in. I thought the wind had flattened areas but the indents are like when you walk through and one area had a rounded flattened area as if an animal had curled up. Could have been a fox I know but area was bigger. One of the homes had a dog barking so could be a reassuring area with a dog near.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
Thank you so much for everything you are doing to help Lizuca GrumpJoe's it is very, very kind of you x
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Several dogs were at an imterim sanctuary in Tilney all Saints when Lizuca escaped. She is terrified of people but may respond to dogs and smelly dog food - so IF SIGHTED PLEASE CALL DOG LOST.

Can anyone help me with a search one evening after work? (not Mon or Thursday) as a volunteer for Cinnamon Trust. What about an evening on a Sat or Sun. Walk the fields beyond Coots Lane Tilney All Saints. Do you have a dog you can bring?

Does anyone work for local media or radio? Can you help get Lizuca mentioned?

Do you know any farmers who will allow you to search there barns or willing to keep an eye out?
primroses007@yahoo.co.ukLast edited: 2015-08-23 18:12:25 by Lesley (ID84584)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Lizuca online at KLFM967 radio lost and found, plus will appear in The walpoles Village News in october (800 homes)
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Written to Village News which covers Terrington st John, Tilney aall saints, tilney St lawrence, Tilney Cum Islingoton for Lizuca to be added to Dec edition:

Hi Linda
Would it be possible to add to your December edition of Village News, please? Would you mind letting me know? Oh, I have attached Lizuca picture too. Thank you Lesley Harbron

Dog Lost UK ask locals to look out for a missing terrified dog called Lizuca. She is a grey/brown/grizzle female Romania dog who escaped her rescue transporter in Tilney All Saints on 28th June 2015. Lizuca will hide and be very scared so please check gardens, old sheds, barns, outbuilding and ditches. Please call us with SIGHTINGS ONLY on 0844 800 3220 quoting ref 89568. We also ask you find it in your heart to place bowls of water where you can and mention Lizuca to friends who live in the surrounding area. A picture of Lizuca can be found at www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=89568. Thank you Dog Lost UK.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Tweeted KLFM967
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
Request for entry on KLFM radio site (KIngs Lynn radio). Dog Lost Uk ref and tel given as contact.

Text given:
"Added on behalf of Helen at Dog Lost UK. Lizuca is a scared Romanian dog who escaped from the rescue transport at Cotts Lane, Tilney All Saints. Dog Lost UK ask that farmers, residents, walkers check outbuildings, ditches, derelict barns, gardens, A17 & A47 roadside. "
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
I also posted a couple of laybys on the A47 between Tilney and Terrington
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
I had some more flyers printed and put a number up at Tilney St Lawrence, gave one to a dog walker, one at the Buck pub, several at Tilney Pet Shop. then following the lane to Tilney All saints - gave one to a dog walker and as there are large and small dwellings, the larger ones with large gardens and land and post boxes at the end of the drive, I put a flyer in there mail box, plus more along the lane stuck on lamp posts.
Helperpoppys petsLesley (ID84584)
I had hoped for sightings by now as Id put up lots of posters. RSPCA Eau Brink have a poster up and the three volunteers have one. One is going up at the QE hospital staff room in Kings Lynn, and someone will put one up at Sutton Bridge, Lincs. Pets at Home Wisbech have a poster up.I will ask the Kings Lynn branch when I go. Coach & Horse pub Tilney have one up too. Will email Walpole Parish newsletter incase she has moved from her area - that is published Oct though.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
A lady local to the area has been putting posters up, hopefully these will bring in some sightings.
Thank you so much Lesley for doing this.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
Is there anybody in the area that could help poster for Lizuca, we need to get sightings called in so we can track her movements.
Please E-mail me on helen.doglost@hotmail.com and I will E-mail you posters flyers to print.
Thank you x
Awaiting 100% confirmation, but at the moment, it DOES NOT look like the poor dog who died in the RTA is Lizuca. Different chip, different description. PLEASE KEEP SHARING for sightings of Lizuca. Thank you x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
Thank you Lancashire Janet, I have alerted the owner to this post, praying this is not Lizuca x
DogLostJan -North West and Police Liaison Coordinator
Will post to sites x
Hope it isnt Lizuca :( x
The RSPCA are looking for the owner of a large grey dog found today on Hawthorn Bank, close to the railway crossing, Spalding. The dog was sadly hit and killed by a car at around midnight. The driver stopped and called the police, but the dog died very quickly of it's injuries. The dog was a bull breed, female, and prob had had some puppies. She was microchipped, but her details are Lithuanian and cannot be accessed at the moment. If she was your dog, or you recognise the description as being a dog you know, please call the RSPCA urgently on 03001234999, and quote 507/19/7.
No photos for obvious reasons.
circulating on twitter......LIZUCA Grey/Brown/Grizzle Cross Breed MISSING http://bit.ly/1I8EeTu #TilneyAllSaints #KingsLynn #Norfolk #PE34 Plz RT
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
I will E-mail general information including contact numbers for vets in the area.
Twitter requested.
Keep safe until you are found x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge
Details added to Dog Lost Norfolk and Suffolk facebook group and other groups in the area.
DogLostJayne - Founder Doglost.
Alerts sent to helpers in PE30,34.
Sorry to see that LIZUCA SIGHTED HELP NEEDED is missing.
  • If your dog is microchipped please let the microchip company know that your dog is missing and check that all details are up to date.
  • Owners targeted by a malicious hoaxer demanding money for the return of their dog should phone the police on 101 immediately and contact admin@doglost.co.uk
  • A photograph of your dog is essential for the website. If you have not already uploaded one, please do so by clicking on Update details. Alternatively you can email it to admin@doglost.co.uk quoting the dog's DogLost ID number: (89568)
  • Obtain a missing poster by clicking on View poster above. Posters are very important so start postering now!
  • You will need to be logged in to upload photos, edit your dog's details, or add comments. You can add comments by clicking on Click here to add a comment.
  • Contact dog wardens, vets and local rescue centres, and in Scotland, the Police. Give a detailed description with any distinguishing marks/scars or send them a copy of your DogLost poster. You can find vets in your area here.
  • If your dog has been stolen inform the police immediately and obtain a crime reference number (CRN). Send an email to stolen@doglost.co.uk.
  • If your dog is picked up and taken to rescue kennels, it can be legally re-homed after seven days. Visit rescue centres in person and do not rely on checking by phone alone. Other people may not recognise your dog by your description, so give them a DogLost poster.
  • Keep us updated by keeping your dog's page up to date and check for posts from helpers who may have suggestions and possible matches or sightings
  • DogLost is free and anyone asking for money to find or return your dog is not volunteering for us. If you are concerned about an approach you have received, please email admin@doglost.co.uk

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