Lost: Black Curly Coated Retriever Female In Scotland (IV12)

  • Dog ID 72453
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 25 Jul 2014
  • Gender & Breed Female Curly Coated Retriever
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Black
  • Marks & Scars Curly Coat x Golden Retriever
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 23 Jul 2014
  • Where Lost Nairn - near the Old Cemetery next to the River in Nairn. (Just down river from the railway bridge)
  • Lost In Region Scotland
  • Lost In Post Area IV12
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Working Guide Dog
  • Phone 1 0800 6888409
  • Phone 2 0845 3727432
  • Listed By Michelle
  • Views 51750


Sightings and Information

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I too think of Tess often, and so wish she will b e found. Paws xd.
It is so sad to see that Tess is still missing as I get the impression that not a lot has been done to find her .We have had Guide dogs in the family for over 25yrs ago and I can confirm that when they are not working they are just like any other dog and just as naughty and they do not have a lot of road sense either when not in harness. What is unusual about Tess is that she is curly coated and there is not that many about I am nearly 60 and I have only ever seen two curly coated Retrievers .Where ever she is I hope she is safe and happy till reunited. Also could she have got on the railway lines ?
Tess is dog no 9 in our 12 dogs of Christmas and she will be promoted though our social media outlets.
I hope, and pray thgat Tess will be home soon. All xd.
dog on gumtree says 10 month puli cross, but looks curly lab, has neuter scar, please check https://www.gumtree.com/p/dogs/penny-is-looking-for-her-forever-home/1132727159
Any news on Tess?
Lesley Brown
Please check this one out x
Female dog found similar looking to tess on a site called
Animal heaven animal rescue
I wish whoever may have Tess would give her back. What a lovely Xmas gift it would be for the owner. Please Tess get seen, and reunited soon.
Is Tess still missing? Have there been any recent sightings?
Wonder if there could be a big push on facebook to find this dog? Needs to go viral like 'find jasper' which had a happy ending.
Sadly Tess is still missing, GD are still hopeful she will be found locally to Nairn but please report any possible sightings to GD Glasgow.
I am a puppywalker for Guide Dogs and I keep posting and tweeting every week about Tess. I noticed that their were two other dogs that disappeared on a walk near Nairn round about the same time a GR and a Border Terrier. I wondered if there had been seasonal workers or fairs in the area at the time the dogs went missing ? Would love to get her home and will keep posting. This pages has amazing support :D
Sorry Tess is still missing, there are have been no substantiated sightings reported since August
Although Pets at home did put a reward up, Guide dogs had been advised not to advertise this heavily as it is thought that Tess may have gone to ground in the forestry around Nairn. Experts have stated that searching for her may drive her further away and therefore a reward encouraging people to search might be counter productive. As a bystander, I may or may not agree with these ideas but we have to respect guide dogs who are Tess's owners.
Could we on Doglost start donatimg towards a reward for the safe return of Tess?
No sightings then?
Duplicate of 75848 x
Thanks AJF
Just to say that below is a link to the latest information. Tess is still missing:
Just in case. Holpe she is being made "TOO HOT TO HANDLE"
Whatsazzles. Thanks for the update. Really hope she will be found soon. Come on Tess, please show yourself.
Sadly Tess is still missing. There have been no sightings since she was last spotted in forestry surrounding Nairn. Updates are available on the Guide dogs UK web site. Info has been spread widely in her area and posters updated recently Hher owner is obviously distressed but is being supported by guide dogs. Please feel free to spread
her details again, she could be mistaken for a collie cross as she is a black curly retriever which is relatively unusual.
Any news on the whereabouts of Tess? Am so worried about her, and her owner. All xd.
Jan. Thanks for the info: Sorry late in replying as I have been offline for a week due to computer probs. Now fixed. I was so hoping Tess would be back with her owner now. Surely someone could not be so despicable as to have taken her? And knowing she is a much .loved, and needed Guide dog.
Hi I am part of the FB Findtess group. GD have had search teams out in the forests nearby and police and volunteers have done house to house enquiries, leaflets and posters etc. she is still missing and any information please contact guide dogs.
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
I don't know Janiejewel, maybe someone with more info about what efforts have been made will reply to you. I live in the Midlands and run Petsearch for our local area but I also circulate lost/found dogs to other petsearchers and at the last count there was over 300 all over the country.
It does seem odd Jan. Have the police been informed, in case she has been taken. Also has an article been put in "Dogs Today"? As it may help
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
Tess isn't the only dog to go missing in/near Nairn in recent weeks, there is also a Beagle type dog missing, it's been all over facebook and I hope there isn't a connection, I hope there isn't someone catching these dogs. I seems very strange that a people friendly dog like a guide dog has vanished off the face of the earth without someone seeing/knowing something.
Still missing, guide dogs have asked people not to search in case she has been frightened away, but to report any sightings.not known if the golf course sightings were false alarm or not.
Check the Guide dogs web page for updatses
I have been told by two blind people that when a Guide dog is not wearing their harness, they are just like any other pet dog. But when they ARE wearing their harness they know it is time for them to do their job, which is to assist their owners. Please get found soon Tess, because after all YOU are your owners EYES. Just in case make her "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Paws xd
was sighting on golf course 21st august a false alsrm? unleievable another week gone by and tess has vanished again. if it definitely was her?
mystified why such a highly trained people friendly dog like tess still on the run. I cant imagine what she finds to eat and baffled why she is avoiding people. do hope she gives in soon.
Still missing, please see Findtess.org and associated Facebook group for updates
Guide dogs are suggesting not to use the GD whistle and to report sightings rather than try to approach.
Great idea Jenny & Tiga. Hope this elusive dog will be reunited soon.
Jenny & Tiga k9tracker
If Tess has been sighted - is it possible for the owner to go to this place and use the whistle - maybe she will now come to the whistle, especially if she has been held or trapped somewhere and is now free. She may well be lost now and might respond to the whistle.
DogLostShelties Mum - Area Volunteer, Kent
Nairn Dunbar Golf course not to be confused with Dunbar Golf Course in East Lothian.
There are live web cams at Dunbargolfclub.com
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator Liverpool/Merseyside, North West

More media coverage.
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Have uploaded another photo of TESS for her DogLost poster and added the original photo into the Extra Image box. Hope she is found soon. x

You may need to refresh the page to view the updated photo/s.
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator Liverpool/Merseyside, North West

Just seen this coverage
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
Thats brilliant news, I hope she is soon caught safely.
DogLostSherlock- Avon, Sth Gloucestershire & Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Sending so many positive vibes......come Tess...clever girl ...find the feeding station xx
Fingers crossed here.
I do Hope Tess is home soon.
wow fab news. keeping everything crossed for very happy ending very soon...
tweeted to Dunbar Golf Club http://dunbargolfclub.com is it the right one?
Think you may be right angi, hope she is home soon
Brilliant news she has been sighted now but very odd she hasn't been sighted at all in the last month. maybe she has been with someone and has now been dumped with all the coverage. Hope she can be caught soon xx
Fantastic news that Tess has been sighted. I hope she can be caught and is back home safe very soon.
If you can set a feed station up close to where she was seen in a safe area... usually, once she is seen eating there you can think about placing the trap. Good luck x
I'm very glad that Tess has been sighted and hope she is caught soon. I wonder if there is such a thing as a 'reluctant' guide dog and how long she has been with her owner. Once she is caught maybe her previous trainers need to fully assess her situation and give her a refresher course!
DogLostAngus - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Milton Keynes
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
You're very right NickyB. I had hoped it had already been done, but if not it should be, she is not only important to her owner but a very valuable dog to the GDBA...I hope they are helping.
if not already done (I haven't heard/read) isn't it time to csll in national press and tv. this dog is so so important to the owner - the disappearance is so out of character for these highly trained animals. I will contact daily mail and daily express myself, but doglost and the assistance dog press office have more clout than me. please will you try to?
Pardon my ignorance, but could a trap be set up for Tess; with the scent of her owner?
DogLostSherlock- Avon, Sth Gloucestershire & Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Tweeting updates and this latest sighting x
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
Sorry to see that she hasn't been found yet despite all the searching. If you'd like me to produce an A4 sheet with contact details on that you can give to everyone you see on your searches, then if they spot her or have news they have your phone number to call you immediately. Email me info@safedog.co.uk so I have an address to send them to (can send to anyone who's on the search team). Good luck.
I live too far away to help search (England) but will be with you all in spirit. Come on Tess, "Get sighted, and reunited" "You have a very special job to do. Paws xd for a positive result here. Good luck everyone.
Everything crossed, good luck to you all.
Liberty Belle
POSSIBLE SIGHTING: Guide Dogs special website "Please help us find Tess, the missing guide dog" reports today that Guide Dogs staff and volunteers are in Forres again today to follow up on the sighting alongside local people who know the land around Forres very well - including estate staff and forestry workers.
Hope, and pray the sighting is Tess
Liberty Belle
Can this be bumped, please,as possible sighting.
Liberty Belle
Fraser Stevenson, owner of Tess, has posted on his Facebook page, www.facebook.com/fraser.stevenson.39, of a sighting near Sluie Walks/Logie Steading, about 2 or 3 miles west of Forres on Saturday. See his Facebook page for all the news about the sighting. He is asking people in that area and West Forres to help in any way.
Looks like the huge volunteer search at the weekend has not resulted in positive result.
Findtess.org or Facebook for more news
Is it possible to put an article in "Dogs Today" about missing Tess? Or perhaps in a newspaper with a broad publication, or even perhaps a mention on the local radio? In case she has been taken. I really feel for the owner.
with the river being there p l e a s e could searchers contact all water related people - canoe clubs, anglers, water bailiffs, birdwatching groups, ramblers assocn absolutely any group or organisation that might be in this area. its 3 weeks now - so hope this has already been thought of. she could be stuck in reeds or marooned in river too weak to move. we cannot give up. I wish I lived there to keep looking
As it is unusual for Guide dogs not to respond to their owners call, she may have been taken perhaps, because as you say thid breed are normally good swimmers. All xd.
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
From what I've read she was out with her owner but having a free run, which is what Guide dogs do regularly but when he whistled her she didn't return to him, which is highly unusual for a Guide Dog and for Tess apparently. My friend puppy walks for the GDBA and puppies are trained from a very early age to respond to the whistle so something must have happened to Tess to stop her returning to her owner. Her owner must be devastated, I come on here several times a day hoping to read good news but so far nothing, no sightings even. The combination of river and train lines is worrying...from a photograph I've seen the river looks wide but retrievers are usually strong swimmers...sigh!
Guide dogs are not always on duty.
So was she out with a walker getting exercise ?
It is such a shame .
Cannot write what I would like to.
Fingers crossed she is home soon.
If anyone has any suspicions of where Tess may be (YOU never know) please contact Doglost in confidence. Tess needs to be with her owner. Paws xd for her safe return
still mystified. was she lost out with her owner? is her owner ok, or where they attacked? these highly trained so loyal and intelligent dogs just don't wander off.
well done pets at home an enormous help.

cant wait to see her on the reunited page, and very soon
DogLostShelties Mum - Area Volunteer, Kent
That's in addition to all its stores and vet centres putting up posters
DogLostShelties Mum - Area Volunteer, Kent
I see Pets at Home is to send out Tess details to 2 million VIP members. Brilliant work.
DogLostSherlock- Avon, Sth Gloucestershire & Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Tweeting for Tess and praying she is staying safe xx
Still worried about the close proximity of the river and the railway. Hoping and praying that lovely Tess will soon be back home, safe and sound xxx
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
Yes it is a worry. Guide dogs have to be friendly towards the general public in case their owner ever needs help, also gundogs are noted for being easily tempted by food!! so I guess she could have been tempted by a titbit and her owner wouldn't have known...sigh, it's so sad, I really hope she is found safely and can continue her devoted work with her owner, they are special, wonderful dogs.
It is a worry isn`t` it? It is possible presumably that Tess has been stolen. She may have been enticed with some doggy treats etc. Of course only her owner will know her full personaloity. Will pray very hard for her safe return. Come on Tess, please get found soon. Your owner desperately wants you back. Paws xd.
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
The combination of rivers and railways isn't good. I hope she is found safely. She has had so much publicity I'm surprised that no one has seen or heard about her. I still wonder if she wasn't stolen, a friend of mine does puppy walking for the Guide Dogs for the Blind and they are all trained to return to the whistle and even small puppies come back to their ''owner'' very quickly to the whistle. I'm not liking this at all. I wish she could be found safely, her owner must be devastated.
the fact this dog is guide dog is particularly worrying. have guide dog rescue been helping with search and advice? has she been stolen? they are so close to their owners its hard to understand her just wandering off? hope all agencies are supporting her owner police, council, guide dogs etc. cant wait to see her on reunited page but its now 20 days and no sightings and no word. hope local papers are making this front page.
No sigbhtings then? Is she being made "TOO HOT TO HANDLE"? just incase. Come on Tess, please get found soon.
There is now a fb group page for Tess
Watching and hoping Tess will be home safe very soon.
Fingers crossed.
It is posted on BIGGSD
Also been posted on Mutts in Distress.Last edited: 2014-08-09 16:14:11 by Patlucky
Thanks Hazel
DogLostSherlock- Avon, Sth Gloucestershire & Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Pray Tess has stayed safe xx....tweeted appeal for helpers to search x
Still hoping, and praying for her safe return
Apparently the river can be quite dangerous. Have search parties looked on the opposite bank of the river and further downstream? Recently a spaniel that had fallen into a river was found downstream on the opposite bank completely exhausted and was very lucky to have been found.
That's unusual for them to go astray, I look after a lady with a guide dog and even if he is on a free run he won't go far and her whistle brings him back straight away. Hope she is back soon xx
Do hope lovely Tess is soon back home, safe and well. Always a worry when lost near rivers/railways. Please stay safe Tess, until you are found xxx
Sorry to see Tess the Guide dog is still missing. Please get reunited soon Tess, as your owner really needs you home. Just in case she has been taken make her "TOO HOT TO HANDLE"
Tess is still missing Please share her details she is a working guide dog.
circulating on twitter.....TESS Black Curly Coated Retriever MISSING http://bit.ly/1s1IJEW #Nairn #IV12 #Scotland Plz RT
Pet SearchersJan.Petsearchuk
I'm sorry to see there is no update on Tess, I keep hoping she'll have been found, her owner must be devastated, not only is she his companion but his lifeline to the outside world. How sad if someone is holding her. If anyone has any news please let us know.
I think it's says on the guide dog site that lovely Tess is a flat coat cross golden retriever. Sorry just looked again n it does say curly coat cross golden retriever.Last edited: 2014-07-27 22:19:48 by PA
Sorry sent twice.Last edited: 2014-07-27 22:14:10 by PA
The photo looks more like a flat coated retriever than a curly. would it help to change her heading in case someone sees her and searches on here for a lost flat coat?
Gino - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in IV2,12,36.
Sorry to see that TESS 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS is missing.
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