Rainbow Bridge: Pale White Grey Fawn Collie Cross Female

  • Dog ID 68753
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 12 May 2014
  • Gender & Breed Female Collie Cross (Spayed)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour pale white grey fawn
  • Marks & Scars she will have healed bite wounds to her flanks- fur regrown but shorter on flanks scruffy skinny
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 12 May 2014
  • Where Lost london rd Leftwich NorthwichCheshire
  • Lost In Region North West
  • Lost In Post Area CW9
  • Date Found 07 Jun 2014
  • Found In Region North West
  • Found In Post Area M9
  • Date Reunited 07 Jun 2014
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 07766751221
  • Phone 2 07766761771
  • Listed By weaselstan
  • Views 8647
  • FRIDAY   UPDATEPoster Image
  • FRIDAY   UPDATEExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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i should add that without doglost.co.uk we would never have known about Rosie. this is not the first time that i personally know of from being involved that doglost.co.uk has resulted in other dogs finding new homes - so this wonderful site is such a help to lost/found and unwanted dogs
NickyB - thank you for giving Rosie years of love and kindness, and dignity at the end of her life. xx
Bless you for giving this dog a loving home for 6 years,, so sorry to read she has passed away surrounded by her loving family. RIP gorgeous girl :( xx
I've just read Rosie's story from day 1. How lucky you both were to have found each other. It sounds like 6 wonderful years that she could have only ever dreamed of in her past life. She left this world with peace, love and dignity. xxLast edited: 2020-07-23 10:59:30 by Bwiblestix
So sorry xx
So sorry that Rosie has pased to the bridge. My thoughts are with you, NickyB Nightie, night, sweet Rosie, sleep tight, and have fun at the bridge with the other "Raunbow babies" who are waiting to play. RIP+ God Bless x A~~Candle~~~burns for you. Run free (HUG) X Sure Rosie appreciated the life, and love you gave to her. Sweet dreams beautiful Rosie (((HUG))) X
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
NickyB ...so sorry for your loss ...Rosie was obviously very loved by you and enjoyed a happy life with you. RIP Rosie xxx
it is with great sadness to say Rosie, who has lived with us since June 2014, has passed away. despite the corona virus rules my lovely kind caring vet came to our home so it was calm and quiet and in a safe loving environment which was especially important as Rosie remained always a shy and timid dog. she was just happy to wander round the place and curl up on an old settee in the dining room or a bed in the sunlounge. she never mixed with the other dogs and was quietly content. such a sweetheart. i have contacted Mandy from the Romanian rescue organisation that saved her life. her original adopter didnt want her when we found her 3 weeks after her running away on day 1 - so glad we could give her peace and love and security
rosie is such a softie now she doesn't want to go out in the rain...... I still have to make sure she is taken by surprise by a noisy male stranger as she will, and has twice, immediately bite them. fortunately it was very very minor and they are good friends - but we cant forget her fear of strangers.otherwise she is so sweet and very content. dog 95122 is now lost in my area - in a way I don't want to find him/her because no doubt they would become dog no. 6 when really I was happy with two. a friend has just taken in another oldie jack Russell so now has e l e v e n ....
DogLostTeddys Mum - Area Volunteer, West London
Well done. You have obviously worked hard gaining her trust. Ask Jane to put re-united photo up for you. Look forward to seeing it.
rosie with us 3 months now. looks quite different from photo - relaxed smiley happy, she is now white not grey, and with a little trimming has lost her scruffy appearance.hoping doglost will put one of our nice photos of her on reunited page one day
DogLostTeddys Mum - Area Volunteer, West London
Nice to have a splash in the airport magazine. Quite the little star. I am sure her rescuer will want to meet Rosie
finally spoke to rosie's rescuer - a duty mgr at m/c airport.she had seen over several days and they finally cornered her. rescuer able to grab her harness.despite the fact SHE BIT HIM SIX TIMES he held on....... they are keen to do a story about her for the airport magazine so I am hoping to meet this amazing guy, and hope he will want to meet rosie - will understand if he doesn't.
DogLostTeddys Mum - Area Volunteer, West London
I am so pleased that Friday is doing well. Glad she has you to trust and love. Well done and I take my hat off to you...
just taken final photo for rosie's road to recovery - with her with me and 4 of my 5 dogs - teddy indoors as its so hot. will send Jayne at doglost hq complete set and hope she will pick one or two on doglost site. she is so happy and relaxed now. freshfields animal sanctuary Liverpool has a piece on their webpage dedicated to an amazing Romanian lady with full details she has written about the unbelievable nightmare Romania is for all animals. I couldn't read it all its sickening. rosie is so so so lucky to have been saved by Romanian folk in Romania who struggle against all the odds to succeed.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Easily done will reinstate.
Sorry......Jayne -Head Office accidentally hit the report button on your comment.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Lucky Rosie!
it has been agreed that she is now my rosie - husband remained quite calm on realisation we now have 6 dogs. we are in my office which is a cabin in backyard - and sitting down - legs in front of her - is rosie........ camera not with me but am making a gallery of pics for Romanian rescue and Carmen the lady in Romania who fostered her, and will update a really happy pic for the wonderful doglost - without whom rosie snd I would never have met. awaiting call from msn who found her at Manchester airport and took her to Manchester dogs home
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
OH WOW NickyB you have done so well with Rosie. So you are keeping her now not just dog sitting ? I did think when you had changed her name :))
I am taking no chances.she now has my collar with address and 4 phone no.s and she will always have a lead on outside. she will probably never leave my garden or our fields always on a lead. I am so relieved I don't have to hand her back and now is our rosie. will send a lovely photo when i get one showing her being fully relaxed and happy.lots of tail wags and her eyes no longer haunted but outside she either stops or walks a few paces slowly - so in 11 days i am happily surprised as day one she was in a nightmare
Really pleased you have Rosie back, you may already be doing this but if she is wearing a harness please make sure she also has a slip lead on or a collar on that she cannot back out of as these nervous dogs will often back out of a harness if something worries them. I have had my girl 5 years now and she will still for no reason hear or see something and try to escape from her harness. I wish years of fun with her they are really worth it when they come round and every step is special. xxx
So pleased for you x
Lovely updates. You are doing so well. Rosie, you don't know how lucky you are! x
DogLostSherlock- Avon, Sth Gloucestershire & Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Oh that is soooo sweet...healing hugs xx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Tx for the update...you are doing so well!
today able to put on harness and rosie actually wanted to come outside. v timid and so afraid but by this evening she sat by my chair outside and then lay down then put her head on her paws. we feel now things can only get better, cautiously improving. I am sooooooo pleased. soon she will start to look happy, we have tail wags occasionally.
progress is good. I can stroke her now on head only. cant wait to be able to get her trust to put harness on before she can come out. not taking any chances. we have renamed her Rosie as its rose time and I love roses and she is sweet. will be sending photos to Carmen in Romania and many here in UK who saved her life.she is such a lucky dog so many people who really care about her.
So very pleased this lady is safe and well. Lovely updates........slow and sure...........well done NickyB...... so rewarding. xx
So pleased this lovely little dog is now safe xx Well done NickyB x
this morning she got up from rug and ate breakfast inches from where I sit, then settled back on rug ......progress looking good, and much sooner than I thought. but she looks rough cant wait for the dsy when she can be brushed and has a shiny coat and those awful haunted eyes have gone.
Well done Nicky!
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset, temp covering East Sussex
Lovely, she is safe and it is just a case of softly softly, just as you are doing NickyB. I have sat for hours with mistreated dogs and horses to gradually gain their trust, it is a long slow journey, but always worth it. Good Luck x
DogLostSherlock- Avon, Sth Gloucestershire & Police Liaison Co-ordinator
So sweet ....sending lots of gentle healing hugs for your little baby girl xx.....thank god Friday is home safe with you and in time with overcome what must have been a terrible frightening time for her....but now she's safe with those who love her xx
have to tell you just gone in to say goodnight and was sitting on rug in front of the floor level window.... and as I put dog bics in bin and filled up birdfeeders she didn't move, then when I put down bowl of dog bics she remained on the rug .............. I am amazed and so pleased to see this so soon. keeping fingers crossed we are on the right path
Well done NickyB thank god she has you to care for her. Good luck x
day 3 no change in fear but eating and toileting out of her bed area - small but good sigsn.just spoken to mgr of Manchester dogs home who is a vet too, and my rage gone now after long chst with her.just waiting to speak to the airport worker who csught her - to say massive thankyou but to find out how on earth he did it.my vet given me antibiotics as she apparently has 2 small puncture wounds on tummy and said no need to visit her and advised it could take 7-10 days for her to relax - MDH said 14 days hence no scanning.thanks for all mssgs and advice. hopefully next mssg from me will to say she has got out of her bed and come to me - but she can take as long as she likes - we are happy to wait
So pleased this beautiful girl is safe - Welcome home Friday - stay very safe and close now sweetheart xxxx
NickyB no sadly some rescues don't scan or check the lost dog sites...They often assume dumped!!

I am so pleased you have her home and I would just go quietly with her till she learns to trust you.

I am just so glad she is home :-) :-) xx
DogLostTeddys Mum - Area Volunteer, West London
I am so pleased she is back and safe. An expert at Battersea some years ago, sat on a stool and read a book in the kennel of a dog terrified of humans. Eventually, the dog came up to her and licked her hand...wonderfulThat was the turning point having earned trust. Good luck, a long slow journey but your commitment will do it.
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Good to see Friday has been found safe. Well done to all involved :))
Well done NickyB hope all goes well with your dog sitting.x
Stay safe now gorgeous Friday.xx
Really pleased that Friday us safe. Some people dont do their jobs properly. Stay safe Friday:-)xxx
I am amazed and absolutely over the moon that Friday is now safe, quietly tucked away in our stables - no other animals and only me has padlock key - taking no chances this dog has been to hell and back. thanks for help and advice - most welcome. however I need to find out how come a microchipped dog was not scanned on arrival - she was in a crate and they knew she was terrified. two weeks passed before she was scanned - I need to find out. also they had her poster - don't they match up arrivals? she has my very visible id tag on now with my address and 4 phone no.s
Tx everyone! Your knowledge is needed when it comes to Rescue dogs...
pixies peeps
Someone from the saving hope group have already spoken to the helper on the number given and also given their contact number to Nicky .
Valgrays Border Collie Rescue often feature Romanian dogs needing homes I am sure they will have a good knowledge.
just to add to my comment-many others have now given names of people to contact,that deal with Romanian recue in the u.k-all on FRIENDS OF BLEAKHOLT ANIMAL SANCTUARY.X
hi-I have put a shout out for help-and had a reply on FRIENDS OF BLEAKHOLT fb page-a member whos parents have a Romanian rescue dog,is happy to advise-please go to the page to make contact-hope this helps-if any more replies,will come back to you.x
Kindhelper NickyB will be looking after Friday as Kate is away for a few weeks. She desperately neds advise from any one who has helped with Romanian rescue dogs her number for any assistance is 07794 906601 tx
HelperHelen Dog SOS Derbyshire
Aw bless her, so glad she's home and recovers well from her ordeal. Stay safe now FridayXxx
Thank you so much everyone for your help - she travelled over 15 miles and was missing for 4 weeks- eventually found on Manchester Airport Runway and taken to Manchester dogs home .
weaselstan pls contact me A.S.A.P re cfmd sighting - have flyers Cheshire A-Z binoculars ready to visit area seen which is v.rural.need no. of person who saw her. WAITING FOR YOUR PHONE CALL thanku
sighted on Manchester road between mere and the heath in knutsford
another sighting possible between mere and knutsford a few days ago
have written to paul o grady hoping he will do a story of Romanian street dogs lives and how doglost works to reunite pets.sadly Granada didn't do a story.marbury is not cw8 it is cw9 I have postered today
believe sighted in marbury park, outskirts of northwich cw8
hoping Granada tv will be doing a story today or Friday on Fridays disappearance.
Mere sighting seems less likely to be Friday but extended search area
circulating on twitter...FRIDAY Collie Cross SIGHTED http://bit.ly/1sHwxq1 #littlechef on the #A556 #J19 #M6 #Leftwich #Northwich #Cheshire Plz RT
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Twitter alerts requested.
thanks - i will extend leaflet area solid sighting - sounds like Friday.
Last edited: 2014-05-18 12:31:07 by weaselstan
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Sighted last night near the little chef on the A556 junction 19 of the M6
keeping fingers toes etc crossed for you. will be at marbury park, northwich this weekends Pets in the Park, run by The Willows local vets, handing out posters to stallholders and people attending.
sightings yesterday winning ton , today nearer old ICI saltworks/barnton bridge
Dog warden is being very helpful too
working to set up a feeding station for her at the moment. Leaflets with postal sorting and delivery office. Newspaper article due tomorrow. Lots of helpers and posters. All relevant authorities advised. Fingers crossed.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Tx NickyB please do call Kate aka Weaselstan on numbers above help would be appreciated as she has 1 leg in plaster.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Have spoken to Weaselstan.
3 sep sightings near town bridge/arches/navigation rd/co-op yesterday. These tally.
live nearby pls phone if I csn help 07794 906601.i expect doglost will have given u lots of advice especially with dogs not used to being pets
Alerts sent to helpers in CW6-10. WA4,16.

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