Lost: Black Patterdale Terrier Male In North West (WN5)

  • Dog ID 64456
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 11 Feb 2014
  • Name EDDIE
  • Gender & Breed Male Patterdale Terrier
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Black
  • Marks & Scars Slight bald patch on his tail, white marking on his chest. Very distinct ears: Left up, Right down
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Yes
  • Date Lost 06 Feb 2014
  • Where Lost Last seen Crooke Village area in Wigan on Thursday morning, in the woodland area behind the Industrial Estate of "GUS" between canal and railway track
  • Lost In Region North West
  • Lost In Post Area WN5
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info *** £600 REWARD FOR EDDIE'S SAFE RETURN *** 8 YEARS OLD & MICROCHIPPED. Eddie bolted on his usual walk. He was wearing a red collar with ID tag when he went missing. He is very nervous of unknown people and dogs, but poses no danger. Please do not chase him. There is a reward for Eddie's safe return. Please look out for him, if found, he should be reported to the Council Dog Warden (which is the LAW)
  • Listed By AlisonW
  • Views 28405
  • EDDIE Poster Image
  • EDDIE Extra Image


Sightings and Information

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DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
Thanks Woodys mum, finder has since confirmed the found dog has no white on chest x
Woodys mum
Could somebody check out this found dog please, same stand up ear and everything. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10154514893152950&set=gm.1794949787439430&type=3&theater
Have Tweeted for Eddie
Some1 MUST Know where He went to, Where He is Now xx
I remember when Edie 1st disappeared - He is always being shared on Twitter
#nevagiveuphope Last edited: 2015-11-09 00:37:03 by #stoppettheft
Where are you Edie?
This one is up for adoption does not say he was found as stray but worth checking as his ear sticks up also x

Is the owner of Eddie checking this page do we know?
Eddie is featured in todays Countrymans Weekly
theres one on raystead rescue named bubbles, you may want to check him out..?

Nominated for Countrymans weekly magazine
Not sure if you would have seen this one or not, so here it is. http://stokenchurchdogrescue.org.uk/dogs/midge The ears are the same as Eddies, not sure whether there is a white patch on chest or not due to Midge wearing a harness. Fingers crossed for you
Patterdale black with white markings found 7th April Widness WA8 on Animal Wardens
Bumping Eddies page as he is featured in the DogLost column of the May edition of Dogs Today magazine out now
I do hope this brings news
Which quarry please? x
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Had this overnight (thanks Jo)

Someone who brought a dog swimming was telling me about a dog that appears to be living rough near them. They described him/her as small scruffy brown/black (possibly Patterdale type) who has been seen for anything up to a couple of years but no one has been able to catch the dog. Its always seen around the quarry in Skelmersdale

This isn't too far from where Eddie went missing, has anyone else seen this dog? Please share x
I noticed on another site photos of Eddie as a poster, may I suggest this is put on here as gives more of an idea of how he looks? Also on some of the photos on poster noticed that his ear doesn't always stay up which is what I presumed it did, can you clarify please. Hope he turns up soon, look everyday whilst searching for hemp
Hope Eddie will be found soon. All xd.
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
A year without Eddie, it's so hard to keep going I know, but we have to keep believing we will get our little ones home, it is almost 8 months since my two girls Tinker and Hemp were stolen. Stay strong, I'm sure you will get him home soon xxxx
Alison I so hoped your boy would be home before now but just leaving you a hug and a promise folk care and are looking.

2015 we both get our dogs back my friend! Another hug and hang in there xxxx
Heartbreaking to know it's now a whole year since Eddie went missing ... I so wish he could be found safe and well ...
Clare Baker
Msle patterdale for sale for £50 on gumtree..very vague details. Worth looking at :)
Any news
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
78207 please check x
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
77422 please check xxx
https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=577838352320232&set=gm.784358058276642&type=1 is this eddie?
There is a patterdale in Leigh dogs home and on the photo it has one ear up and one down. Could owner please check
animal lover
Check Cheshire dogs home. They may have one there. Go down and have a look. Don't just phone.
Could this be Eddie?
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West

Very similar looking dog to Eddie in Leigh Cats & Dog's Home ref 'Salford are - D22676' photo on their website.
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestersh
Tweeted with hashtag xx
Sorry to see Eddie is still missing. In case he was taken, lets still make him "TOO HOT TO HANDLE" Paws, and fingers xd for his safe return. Be found very soon Eddiex
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Eddie has been missing 6 months today - bumped due to date x
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestersh
Oh my...that looks very promising ....fingers crossed xx
i hope he is found soon xxx
Elaine Tinker and Hemps mum
Am praying you get your little one home. My Two are missing, it is an awful feeling. Good luck, will keep checking for updates xx
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Thank you Gino! :) x
New alerts requested sent to helpers in WN1-8. WA5,9,10,11. PR7,26. L33,34,39,40.
Lesley Brown
Hiya, this one just found and is at Waterford Kennels. His ear isn't up, but he has a small white patch on his chest. Posted to fb page too x

Shared x
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestersh
Updated tweets with sighting....come on Eddie find home xx
Please check dog found in St Helens ID 71600, it states not microchipped but still worth a look. good luck stolen Tays mum xLast edited: 2014-07-11 10:28:50 by scootjockey
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
At 2am this morning, a lady saw a black Patterdale at Bell Lane. This lady knows her breeds and she tried to catch this dog but it ran off. This is the same area Eddie went missing, and also other sightings of a dog matching Eddies's description have been seen here. Please continue to look out for Eddie x
Could this be eddie ?

possible kennel sighting? x
I DO Hope that the Council Scanned the Poor Dog for a Chip ?
A little black male dog wearing a red collar was sadly killed by a bus today on Old Chester Road. Rockferry Birkenhead on the Wirral, dog was collected by the council.
postal area ch42, ,
One in at Leigh Dogs and Cats home looks similar (no idea of sex or anything as they don't list it). Reference Wigan 242. Have posted over to Eddie's FB page as well.
Has this been checked out

Found Dog
26 Apr 2014
Patterdale Terrier

Location: Bolton BL1
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Size: Small
Our Ref:336885

For further details call 0161 297 0268
To amend, email info@animalwardens.co.uk quoting our ref and full postcode, attach picture if available
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Nothing new to report Sharon, there have not been any more sightings :( x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Do we have an update for Eddie, please. Meanwhile I will post for him on FB & Twitter.
Hope he is back home soon, safe. X
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestersh
Tweeted for locals to lookout for Eddie......sending positive vibes for his safe return x
Fingers & Paws All Crossed for you x
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
For the past 2 days, a black Patterdale has been seen running near the canal at Martland Mill. This dog was on its own both times and was seen limping. The lady tried to catch this dog both times, but was unsuccessful. This is the location that Eddie went missing from.

Please continue to look out for him x
Kathy at West Yorkshire dog rescue has knowledge of a male patter dale found with red collar , if you could contact her , contact no on website
Hi, I've just seen a post on facebook of a dog looking very much like Eddie having been found tied to a tree on Ashurst Beacon yesterday. It was with the Ranger but not sure where it is now. This is the link: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=10152810909553228&id=708393227 ..... Fingers crossed! xx
Last weeks Tameside Advertiser or Reporter - soz can't remember which - had a Patterdale up for rehoming by Tameside and Glossop RSPCA. I will try to check it out re his distinctive ears but you might like to contact them ASAP
DogLostSherlock- Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - Avon & South Gloucestersh
Have you checked out this little man? http://www.animalwardens.co.uk/lost-found-dogs-search?sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=&sobi2Id=78847
Its been a while since we had any news about Eddie,has there been any more sightings?Thanks
Lady 0wl
Posted on Help find Eddie's facebook page.

Found Bickerstaffe today - taken to Leigh Cats and Dogs home by finder
Any news yet?
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
There is a search party being organised for Saturday 15th March, meeting at 9am at the Baby Elephant. Alison will have maps for areas to be searched, ie bogs, ditches and drains, so be prepared if you are helping as you may get muddy and wet! x
Hi,on the A/W site 6/3/14,Black,male,Patterdale Terrier,found in M26 area.ID Number 332664.Phone 0161 297 0268.Worth a call.Good luck,hope its your little boy.
narborough one reunited,but the mdh one was found in miles platting.x
one found narborough-pic on lost animals Manchester fb page-and someone has commented that they found one yesterday-and handed in to Manchester dogs home-may be worth a look there?
Red Alert
Removed as Eddies ears are so distinctive it can't be him in the link I gave sorryLast edited: 2014-03-01 14:43:42 by Red Alert
Tan J Vye
Salford dogs have just had a Patterdale brought in. Don't think it's Eddie, but could someone please double check.
advertised in todays Countrymans Weekly Magazine - I hope it brings some news
DogLostJayne - Founder Doglost.
Alerts snt out to helpers in SK6,13,14,22.

Janet Newton-brown Fisher

crossposted from dogs lost northwest Catherine Tynan
Black dog/bitch (small patches of white) short haired, longish legs, one ear cocked up, Spotted running along mot tram rd / Halton st heading for Newton. Looked very lost. Anyone know who this dog belongs to, or if it has been reported missing

Requested for email alerts to go out to area
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Thank you millypod :)
Alison is just waiting on a call back - fingers crossed :) x
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Found Dog
19 Feb 2014 Patterdale Terrier
Location: Prescot L35
Gender: Not Known
Colour: Black
Size: Medium
Our Ref: 331268

For further details call 0161 297 0268
To amend, email info@animalwardens.co.uk quoting our ref and full postcode, attach picture if available

DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Thanks Cityblue1 :)

Bumped Eddie's page due to possible sighting on Friday 14.02.14 at the cross roads near Beech Hill. This information has only come to light this morning, the lady that saw him didn't realise he was missing x
any news on this little lad? he looks such a sweetheart and needs to get home, maybe you could update the poster to show that the reward is £600, all the customers in my shop are well aware of this little one, wish we could get him home to his loving family that are missing him so much :( x
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Thank you Duncs mum and Alison :)

2 possible sightings yesterday, will bump his page :) x

possible sighting near st cuthberts, pemberton today

I saw him on worsley hall around 3.15/3.30ish, on the corner of marigold/broom road. I have rang owner.I have been out searching that area for an hour or so tonight but cant find him :O(
Extra alerts sent to WN6
Duncs mum
Can alerts go out to WN6 too please x
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Another possible sighting tonight by the security guard at approx 4:45pm, on the industrial estate at GUS. Alison is going to ask them if they will show her the CCTV tomorrow x
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Eddie now has a FB group, please join and help get him home - Help Get Eddie Home x

DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Thank you Diane67, really appreciate your help. Alison is desperate to have him home.

There has been another possible sighting at 6.55 this morning, in and out of the gardens in Marsh Green.

Alison is doing a brilliant job, I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he's home x
Been for a drive round Norley Hall n marshgreen, spoke to quite a few ppl walking dogs n made them aware, couple of ppl seen a black dog, on The Green n top of pemberton but no definite sighting
Possible sighting posted on a local forum WiganWorld

Posted by: moodysue (10717)

Marsh green could be possible, because when I took the kids to school yesterday morning a dog just like that ran across the road in front of me...The girls where concerned but I told them that it had probably just got out from the garden as it had a collar on... so It was someones dog...

I hadnt seen this thread then.... Im off work today so I will keep a look out and ride round the estate just to take a look

PS should of said It was Norley Shops where I saw one like it... on its own

Replied: 12th Feb 2014 at 08:53
Last edited by moodysue: 12th Feb 2014 at 08:53:56
Last edited: 2014-02-12 09:07:20 by Diane67
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Possible sighting of Eddie posted on Dogs Northwest Repost, owner is aware x

a sighting of what looks like Eddie. In the Sainsbury's area. A friend of mine walking his two Patterdale'snoticed Patt walking alone. The description matched exactly. He said it didn't want to come near his two.
DogLostJayne - Founder Doglost.
Tx Clairebear!
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Eddie's lost dog details on the animal wardens x

Lost Dog
09 Feb 2014 Patterdale Terrier
Location: Wigan WN6
Name: Eddie
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Markings: White on chest
Size: Small

Our Ref: 75822
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Co-ordinator & Police Liaison - North West
Made contact with Alison, will start circulating details and send info / advise.

All crossed this lovely lad is soon home safe x
circulating on twitter....EDDIE Black Paterdale MISSING http://bit.ly/1kybUwY #Crooke Village in #Wigan #Standish Lower Ground #WN5 #lostmydog Plz RT
Alerts sent to helpers in WN3,4,5,8. WA11.
Sorry to see that EDDIE is missing.
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