Reunited: Black Labrador Retriever Female

  • Dog ID 40893
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 02 Jul 2012
  • Gender & Breed Female Labrador Retriever
  • Age Adult
  • Colour black
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 02 Jul 2012
  • Where Lost Cadmore End, High Wycombe. Both dogs have been featured in the Sunday Telegraph & BBC Three Counties Radio.
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area HP14
  • Date Reunited 09 Jan 2019
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 0
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Trisa
  • Views 40469


Sightings and Information

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What wonderful news for your loved ones, Judy and for you to be home - back where you belong...where you are safe and loved. So sorry for what you went through...words are just not enough. Let us hope, beautiful girl that you have left that nightmare behind and with all those who love and care for you, only happy days ahead x Last edited: 2019-03-02 00:07:55 by Carolynl
wow! welcome home sweetie x
Thanks for update. So pleased that Judy is doing so well:-) xxx
Link here
Just seen an update from Victoria Vets - well done Maggie - now called Judy - for getting well again, enjoy your life back where you belong -- Apologies it has taken me so long to get back to. Judy is doing so well. In fact she is a real star. She has healed well and is very well behaved and seems to have remembered so much of her training. I have high hopes that she will be a fantastic working dog as well as a much loved pet/ member of the family. She retrieves nicely and walks to heal off the lead. I like to think she just lives in the moment and doesn't think back to those bad times.

She is now at a normal weight and apart from the scar it is hard to remember what a state she was in.

Here are a couple of photos (week one to now nearly healed) One is her with Pip the other dog that was stolen at the same time as her all those years ago. Reunited again. There are a couple of the scar at different stages of the healing process. It has taken a good deal of work, doing dressing daily, but well worth it as the results show.
Here's to many happy years for Judy with us, being loved and cared for
Last edited: 2019-02-28 13:29:43 by sheltielover
Well said Joe fish.
Joe Fish
Absolutely fantastic news that this gorgeous girl has been found and reunited. The thieving scum bags that took her need to be punished, if they are ever traced but I hold the people who buy from them, responsible too. If the demand for 'click & collect' puppies ended, so would the supply!!!
Welcome home Maggie, you poor sweet victim of a vile crime x
DogLostJayne - Admin Nationwide
Great news!
Absolutely fantastic news. Am elated for owners. They must think they are dreaming. But these vile thieves have robbed Maggie`s owners of six years of their pets life. I hope they never find peace. Stoppettheft. I agree with all you have said. This gives hope to others whose pets are missing. Enjoy every minute you can with Maggie. Hope she recovers soon, and sending her healing vibes. Don`t worry Maggie, the scum who took you away from your family will get their comeuppance. Hope it`s sooner, rather than later, ((((((HUGS)))))) to you, and your family. Looking forward to a reunited photo of you, and your family. Stay very close now Maggie:--) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Last edited: 2019-01-10 07:27:41
Brilliant news, so happy for the owner 😊
Fantastic news. So very pleased to see both these girls are home safe. 😀 Everything crossed she heals well.

Welcome home Maggie 😀 xx
Wonderful news. Poor girl, hope she makes a full recovery from her injuries.
Welcome home Maggie, so happy for you and your family x
Such wonderful news , I am so pleased Maggie is now home and safe ........lets home karma comes to those thieves and they never have a day's peace from now on !!!
Photos on the vet page
ohhh, this is fabulous news - I've just seen her #HomeSafe post on Dougal's Army group x
Poor poor Maggie to have been used & abused & neglected We are all praying for her Speedy Recovery - no doubt her recovery will be helped immensely now that She is home with her Family & familiar scents & people.
Those Evil Vile Pet Thieves need their vile Hands chopping off , it's a pity that current UK laws do not include this deterrent/ punishment in their sentencing.
Welcome Home gorgeous Maggie xx
I imagine that Pip is/will be sooo excited to see her Sister again.
Last edited: 2019-01-09 18:57:00
DogLostNicky - Area Co-ordinator London, Home Counties & Police Liaison
Amazing news. So pleased x
DogLostKaren - Area Co-ordinator London, Home Counties & Police Liaison
OMG I remember these going missing, fantastic news - speedy recovery beautiful girls xxx
Amazing news - thank heavens the details n the chip databse were kept updted to get her home
What wonderful news. So please she will now be able to enjoy her twilight years back at home with you.
Amazingly 6 and a half years after being stolen Maggie has been found and now reunited with us. She was found dumped in the Brecon Beacons in Wales, handed into Victoria vets Practice in Merthyr Tidfil. She is in a poor state with cuts to her leg and neck and very thin, but with some TLC we hope she will recover well. She has obviously been used for breeding! Many thanks to the person who found her and the lovely staff at Victoria Vets. Just shows that micro chipping works. Very emotional day, but fantastic.
Abbie Girl
Please check Found Dogs. There is a black labrador wearing pink collar found in Gorleston on 27/4 Ref 2741733
Ignore below post. That dog has been reunited.
Maggie is still missing.
Please check this one just in case-
The post says that she goes by the name of Molly and her chip doesn't work.
Abbie Girl
I saw that Jenny4 commented about this one found 93763 (on 28/10 which was found in small village outside chichester but can I add that it was posted on New Forest Lost & found dogs and was found with a spaniel who had been stolen 3 years previously (from Kent)same length of time maggie has been missing - is it worth checking again?
charlie and sooty
Forest of Dean have found a Black Lab (no chip or collar) contact Sling kennels on 01594 832536 or call Maxine on 07876641854. I have posted this on to DogLost face book page x
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer - Cornwall
19 dogs retrieved at address by police, believed stolen. Call 101 and ask to talk to PC Sarah Ward ...
Have you checked this one?
Wonderful news...Welcome home Pip..Let's see you in the BLUE...Hoping Maggie follows very soon ♥ xx
Sherren is it worth checking as the dog could of changed a lot in 3 years and sadly not all chips show up ..just a thought do not want to distress the owner
Thanks Jenny4 Owner has just had a look an she doesn't think it is her sadly.

Just a quick update.Trisa would like to thank you ALL , everyone who has helped and shared this page and searched.She said Pip was found near Lyndhurst area on the road.

Pip is very happy to be home back where she belongs.Fingers X'd Maggie's turn is soon.Last edited: 2015-10-27 22:17:42 by Shereen
its a long shot but worth checking ........
Amazing news, hopefully maggie not far behind, can we see pip blue x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Fantastic news! Let's hope for some more and Maggie is found safe soon. x
Wonderful wonderful news so pleased Pip now home, I really hope it will not be long until Maggie is home too xx
Wow, after 3 years, can only imagine how owners feel x
This is fantastic news. So happy for her owners. Welcome home Pip. Stay close now:-) :-) :-)xxx. Your turn now Magge.
OMG...hold wonderful bloody marvelous lets hope we can bring them all home xxx
Wonderful news - never give up on them!
Wonderful news will be interesting to see exactly where foundas Maggie maybe close by, Natasha it is not obvious she was with Travellers there are many unscrupulous people around and it is not their usual type of dog , not saying it wasnt but is doubtful ... xx Last edited: 2015-10-25 16:20:41
charlie and sooty
This is amusing news. I hope Maggie is home soon also x
Amazing news. Owners did some PR with us for the Daily Telegraph and radio. They really never expected to see either of them again.
that is amazing good news about PIP!! so encouraging. 80)
MR Trissa is waiting to hopefully hear back from the finder to find out the details of exactly where...but at this time it is not known...update will follow if we get that info.
Hi, whereabouts in the New Forest was she found as it's a large area?
Jayne could we have more alerts sent out in the new forest/southampton area please for Maggie...and if you could all keep an eye out for lab pups for sale in this area too...if any ads do come up ,do not flood the seller with admin@oglost, (with ref to this page) or contact owner direct so it can be dealt with behind the scenes
Lovely to see that Pip is home is Maggie still missing ?
It's brilliant news! She was found wondering in the new forest, Hampshire. She's obviously been had by travellers and used for breeding. With a little tlc she'll be back to good health. She's such a sweetheart!!!
I have left a message on Trissa's VM will call again later if not heard back!
DogLostJayne - Admin Nationwide
Fantastic news Natasha...have alerted our local co-ordinator Shereen who is handling this...who will be calling owner for an pleased ! Wait for an update!
Really - brilliant. Update please! xx
Pip has been found!!! 😀
a black girl has been found under dodgy circumstances that led the pound to believe the dog may be stolen but no mention of a microchip but may be worth a look She is up for rehoming from the 3rd x
Thanks,Ive left a message on Trisas' VoicemailLast edited: 2013-05-26 10:44:02 by Shereen
well spotted angi, I was just going to post the same x
a black lab has been sighted (52708) about 12 miles away from where these two were stolen eating road kill. They don't know what sex it is. x
Has this ad been checked out for these two girls or indeed any other missing girls?
Could 50419 be the 'similar' dog?
Long shot, out of area, but worth a look:

Has anyone checked dog no. 49760?
Bit of a long shot but there's a failed gun dog for sale. Thinner but head shape and the way the dog is sitting looks like the picture on the left. They don't state the sex of the dog. Best check -
Barney 'n' Ozzie's mum
Do either of these girls have any distinguishing marks? I was driving in to Watermead Village (Aylesbury) this afternoon and saw a man walking away from the village with 2 black labs on leads. Don't know if they were female but will keep a look out for them.
Bumping Pip and Maggies page as they are featured in the April edition of Dogs Today magazine, out now. Do hope it brings some news
Pip and Maggie are still missing. Trisa told me that she's had an interview for an article in Dogs Today Magazine, which should be out soon. They are going to send her a copy when it is published.
requested update
Pip & Maggie mentioned in article in Shooting times this week.
Thank you rachelmorris and sallybee I have forwarded the ad on to Trisa.....the wording /spelling in the ad is terrible....looks very strange!...fingers crossed.
There is a strong resemblance I agree Rachel. I do hope these lovely girls are found soon.
dont know whether this ad is any use, but worth a check by you
These two dogs also appeared on BBC Three Counties yesterday morning and very briefly on the BBC local network show in the evening.
Comment awaiting moderation
Do not give up Trisa we were told by a vet that chips can move it all depends how long your girl has been chipped. Make sure that you go and see her as she would recognise you straightaway. Find out the rescue place now so that you can make arrangements to view her. Make sure it is soon as she may be rehomed when she comes to England very quickly.
They have double checked and this dog is not chipped. She is coming to a rescue in England next week, so I might try to find out where and see if it is possible to view the dog at all when she is over here. I will see if they will try calling her name to see if she responds.
Comment awaiting moderation
Thanks for this Skippy. I have contacted them and they are going to re-scan the dog for me to double check if it is microchipped, both of mine were/are chipped, but it really does look like one of my girls, (difficult to be 100% sure just by one photo. I am waiting to hear back. They may just have missed the chip the first time of scanning.
It is so nice to know that people are still looking out for my girls. I am not giving up, they will turn up somewhere and I will get them back.
Beautiful black lab girl reported as found in Dublin today on the animal search site - believed to be have been stolen - there is a photo on the site if you want to take a look:

Found Dog (AFP133287)
Found on Thu 11th Oct 2012
Found dog in Dublin, Dublin City, Ireland
Sex: Bitch (Female)
Colours: Black
No collar or flea collar
Chipped: No
Neutered: Not sure

Thrown over a back wall
Very well trained lab so sweet must be stolen so want to find her owners
Trisa have left a message on your answerphone please could you call me can get my number from Jayne @ head office 0844 8003220....
Have checked the Homeless hounds website thanks, but not one of my girls! Good to know that people still have my girls in their minds. I has also not found this website before, so another one for me to keep an eye on. My hope is that these places do scan every dog for microchip!
black lab on homeless hounds website
Spoke to person who sighted the Lab in Bledlow, as I didn't manage to see the dog myself I can't say for sure, but the description didn't sound like one of my girsl (too big!). The lady was very nice and said she would let me know if she spotted the dog again. lets hope he has been reunited with his owners by now. Thanks, for all the people looking out for us.
DogLostJayne - Admin Nationwide
Sighting of a lost black labrador in Bedlow this morning...have passed on sighters number to owner to investigate.
Did you find anything out about the black lab on the A34. When my daughter's shorthair german pointer was missing he ran alongside the traffic on the M2 and disappeared into woods. With the help of the kind helpers via Doglost we found him after ten days. Your litle ones will come home I am sure.
Shereen sure you get the dogwatch reports....Dogwatch No.811...Stray black lab seen running fast in a northerly direction alongside traffic between Chilton and didcot on the A34 today at around 1pm,wering a brown collar
Thanks for the info regarding the 2 labradors found (Lincs). Nice to know people have our dogs in their minds. Unfortunately not my dogs, but at least these dogs have been re-united with their owners. We will keep looking.
Was searching on
and someone posted following around the 17th July:
Found Dogs (Lincolnshire)
2 black labrador bitches, 1 has red collar on the other has a blue one on.Found in Stickney.Contact John on 01205 480557
Hope the microchip works its magic and reunites them with their family. Paws and fingers xd.
They could have done this because they have a reason for wanting you to stop looking. I know you never will so lets all hope the ad in the Countryman's mag brings some good news! x
Thanks for the advert in countryman's weekly. Fingers crossed for news.

I had what I am hoping is just a hoax call last night. The caller left a voicemail to say he had seen a dog run over by Tesco the other day (didn't say which Tesco or whether the dog was killed or just injured) and because I had not answered the phone he became abusive in the message, swearing etc! He did leave a mobile number which I have called back and the person denied any knowledge of the incident or the voicemail message - assuming this is just kids. It does coincide with poster being pulled down and put in a bin locally where youngsters do tend to congregate. Makes me feel sick that they would find this funny, but that reflects the world we live in today!
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine. I hope it brings some news
Great, thanks. I took a trip to Tadley Saturday and put some posters up in shops etc.
I spoke to a lady today who had seen 2 Black Labradors being walked on leads by a group of young adults this morning in Eastwood Woods, Stokenchurch. She had no reason to suspect anything at the time, other than she had not seen these dogs or people before! She then saw one of our posters so thought it was worth reporting. She will let me know immediately if she sees them again. She could not say for definate that they were even bitches, but it is worth everyone knowing, just in case. Anyone who walks in these woods, please keep an eye out for these, or if you know who they may be, just to elimate them would be good.
Trisa....Looks perfect...have now started to share and we will keep make everyone aware!...

heres the link to anyone who wants to share!!/pages/2-Stolen-Labradors/251472694964827
I have made the girls a facebook page (title - 2 Stolen Labradors) I have not been onto facebook before, so hope i have done this correctly. Anything that helps get the word out there has to be a good thing!
circulating on twitter
No Matter where you live ,if everyone who views this page could possibly print off a poster of these two girls and put one up in your vets or local shop/petshop etc would be fantastic if everyone could help in any way possible...and make these girls TO HOT TO HANDLE...we need to get these girls home!..Thank you!

Trisa...have you thought about making up a Facebook group/page for for 'Two Missing Labs Buckinghamshire' or something along those lines...we could make this go viral between us!..I left my number with Martin if you need to get in touch...also maybe a paper could run the story?...if you are advertising or get a story in the paper, if you let me know we can bump their page right to the top.
Really appreciate all the help and comments. Tx
As I thought, the white van b------ds ! These are the same 'people' that tried to snatch the dog fron Aston Rowant. The police should have the details on this van !! Let's hope that they move quickly !!
Hi. Went down to the Livery and met the girl who found the dog but it wasn't one of them. This dog has been reunited with it's owner. Thanks anyway. We will keep looking!!!
I've just heard from a neighbour that a white transit van was seen driving down the track at the side of the house on the afternoon the dogs disappeared.
Hi, Husband brought posters home from work. Posters have been sent to Labrador Rescue who are more than happy to help. My friend whose husband is in a shooting club has sent faxes to friends who in turn have sent posters to their friends. All are involved with shooting. Around 100 posters have been sent out. Posters have also been sent to vets in the Kent area. Faye's message looks hopeful. Have you been to the Livery Yard as I do not think you will find a main telephone number. People usually only have their mobiles. Perhaps Faye could meet you there as she would recognise the lady she handed the Lab to.
Hi Faye
She didn't happen to give you a phone number did she?
I've tried and searched on google but I can't find a telephone number
Hi, I was driving towards high wycombe from aylesbury yesterday when i passed a black lab wondering in the road, i stopped and i got out, she was a very friendly female, fairly slim with no collar, i knocked on a few doors and had no luck, she was very hot and so i did not want to put her in my car and take her any where. eventually a lady from a nearby livery yard appeared, i talked to her and she took her off my hands, she said she was going to put her in a stable and give her some water, i went back on my way home to offer the lady some help with locating the owner, she wasn't there and neither was the dog but i think she would have taken good care of her as she was very happy to help me out with her. I've left my number with the livery yard, it is called UPPER WARREN FARM on warrendene rd. hugheneden, it may be worth checking out. She was an amazingly well trained dog, i hope this helps
Do we know if the obvious culprits have been checked out ?
DogLostJayne - Admin Nationwide
Posters put up in Stokenchurch, Beacons Bottom, Christmas Common, Aston Rowant,Aston Rowant Nature Reserve and Thame. I will do Radnage, West Wycombe, Piddington and Watlington in the next couple of days.I have also given posters to people at work who live a fair distance away i.e Cowley, Fleet, Hoo and Slough and they have put these up for us. Hopefully, someone, somewhere will have seen something!
Sounds like the usual suspects. White van b------s!!
DogLostJayne - Admin Nationwide
Alerts sent out to helpers in HP10,11,12,13,14,15. RG9. SL7. OX39,49.
Photos now sorted and will use the poster photo for an advert in the Countryman's Weekly asap.
There is also a reward for the safe return of these dogs.
Just emailing over some similar photos to owner to choose the nearest
Text sent requesting photo.
Hi Cadsden is near Princes Risboro/Monks Risboro (its where the PM "left" his daughter!) and Cadmore Stokenchurch is nearer High Wycombe.Last edited: 2012-07-04 09:44:47 by ClaireC
Barney 'n' Ozzie's mum
Thanks Ruth. I think it's probably Cadsden that I was thinking of anyway - not even sure if I've spelt that right :) Will pass the word around xLast edited: 2012-07-03 08:22:49 by Barney 'n' Ozzie's mum
Barney'n'Ozzie's mum - no it's Cadmore End, near Stokenchurch.
This is the information I got from Dogwatch
'Two black Labrador bitches were stolen from locked kennels in Cadmore End, near Stokenchurch, today, 2 July, between 1:00 p.m. and 2.30 p.m. Both are microchipped. Police have been informed, crime reference number given.'
Barney 'n' Ozzie's mum
Have shared on facebook x
Barney 'n' Ozzie's mum
Any idea of the circumstances - i.e. if a vehicle involved/registration number etc? Also, is this the Cadmore near Princes Risborough/Chequers?

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