Lost: Golden Golden Retriever Male In South West (TR8)

  • Dog ID 160853
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 02 Oct 2020
  • Gender & Breed Male Golden Retriever
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour Golden
  • Marks & Scars Wearing dark brown & tag
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 02 Oct 2020
  • Where Lost Spooked & ran off from Holywell Beach up towards Polly Joke, Cornwall
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area TR8
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Freddie not familiar with area. REWARD NOW OFFERED FOR HIS SAFE RETURN
  • Phone 1 07927403303 and 07964149752
  • Phone 2 07881781470 and 07925253007
  • Listed By Max - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
  • Views 13537
  • Alerts Sent 153


Sightings and Information

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Hoping and praying this beautiful boy is found safe and soon. Somebody must know something. xxx
Shared on my Facebook page again because it is a year ago since Freddie went missing in Cornwall
Golden retriever found on the A109
Op Amanda Fox Wilberfoss community Group
Golden R found in Bodmin
See Facebook page Bodmin area, buy, sell, swap O post by a Tim Rickard. Unfortunately doesn’t say how and who to contact
Comment on my shared post - this was from group DogLost Cornwall - fingers crossed
just in case https://www.facebook.com/greenmountvets/posts/3818591528186717
Yet another bunch of dogs seized by police. Gender not given but could be worth a look

I have contacted phone 1 the second number and sent a copy of the dog in Ilfracome center who could be Freddie 🙏
A dog looking like Freddie is on the loose in ilfracome please check as he could get run over or get into the wrong hands it looks like it’s lost weight and hungry
Hello I have seen a dog found that may or may not be your Freddie he is with Waterford Dog Shelter the no that was put first may of been the finders no
: 0876551152
The shelter no : 0761102020
Please check this out my mum used to breed golden retrievers and that look as something you don’t forget someone said it was a cocker spaniel I reall think it was too big and he was certainly Freddie’s colour please forgive me if I have raised your hopes and it is not him
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
The owners are still very active in promoting Freddie. I hope there are results.
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Freddies posts have been bumped with the info on local pages.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Appears in Countrymans Weekly 4th November
Please don`t give up searching for Freddie. it isn`t too late, Some dogs have been found who had been missing much longer than Freddie. He may have been stolen I would contact Colin Butcher (Ex police detective) who now works as a pet detective, and has had much success in locating LOST and STOLEN dogs whilst in the police force, and as a pet detective. He resides in Surrey. Although a private company. money donated by helpers goes towards searches etc for those on low incomes. He also has contacts with other police forces over the UK.. His details: email info@the pet detectives.com Phone 01403 753 463. Worth a try Paws xd.
It's heartbreaking that he's not been found after such great efforts. I check every day for updates in the hope that there's good news. We can only keep hoping. xx
Happy hounds
If only you had closure. Must be heartbreaking. He was so adored and very adorable. So heart wrenching reading this. What an amazing tale of human kindness tho. Wishing you much strength 💔
A similar dog has just been found see FB Lost and Found dogs in Cork (Aisling Ni Chaoimh) - Found in Dungourney area
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Con't from below
You may not have known Freddie, but he was/is the bounciest, happiest, (most handsome) goldie you could ever meet, we were so lucky to have him. Bella too thought he was perfect, the perfect friend for zoomies on the beach ! If, despite so much wonderful help, Freddie doesn’t come back to us, he will always be that perfect, happy, joyful dog in our memories.

BUT when we think of Freddie now, we won’t just remember him, but also the people of Cornwall, who have moved heaven and earth, done more than anybody could ever imagine, in the most appalling weather to search for him.

It is staggering, what people have done for us, in the search for Freddie. We can only say Thank You All , so very very very much. If love could bring him home, he would have been brought back to us a million times over.
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
From Tony (Freddies Dad), posted on Freddies facebook page

Carol and I are not really social media people, that is Jess’s domain. However, we have to say something to you all.

It has been 3 weeks now since Freddie went missing off Holywell beach, just as Storm Alex began battering the Cornish coast. He is a wonderful young Goldie, bouncy, fun and friends with every person and every dog he ever met. Sometimes it seems unlikely we will find Freddie now, and that is so very sad.

One thing that is not sad though, one thing that has absolutely staggered this family, is the sheer amount of kindness, shown to this family since Freddie went missing.

When we contacted [Dog Lost] Cornwall, we were desperate, but just expected his details to be entered onto a database. What we didn’t expect was the mammoth effort put in by hundreds of people across north Cornwall that would be triggered by that call. I cannot believe what Maxine Young and her friends have organised and achieved; it is truly unbelievable.

We would like to thank all individually, all of the hundreds of people, lovely people who have helped look for Freddie. Maxine, Sally, Natasha, Sarah, Cat, Natalia, Steve, the Coastguard, the shopkeepers, the National Trust, the Cornish retrievers society, Holywell Surf club, local radio stations, local newspapers, local businesses... but truly the list is so long, we just don’t know where to begin or to end.

Freddie has had literally hundreds of people in the most appalling weather looking for him. The coastguard helped us, young and old came out to look. People walked the coast between Perranporth and Crantock time and time and time again, looking in all the places a dog may hide, often done in appalling weather.

I have hundreds of tales of kindness I could tell. Of old people struggling to walk, but coming out to help as much as they could, people on cliff tops walking and searching in the most appalling weather that Cornwall could offer. . People cooking sausages, flying drones, sticking posters, bringing bitches and giant rabbits out to tempt him of hiding !

Here is just one tale. We were searching the first Sunday in Storm Alex, in the most appalling weather, the wind was howling and rain was heavy and torrential. Coming towards us from Cubert common, where a young couple with two young children in weatherproof covering on their backs. With them was a young golden retriever. We spoke and told them we had lost our dog Freddie, but they already knew about Freddie from [Dog Lost] and that is why they were out in that appalling weather!! They were looking for Freddie, a dog they didn’t know, belonging to people they didn’t know, in the most appalling weather you could ever imagine. Such compassion, such humanity, one could cry at such kindness and that is just one story in hundreds this family could tell about the people of North Cornwall.

My daughter Jess and her husband Dylan followed us down and such kindness was shown to them by everyone they came across.
#FindFreddie and Freddie’s story has so far been one of great sadness. But in these times of stress and turmoil, across the country and the world, let me tell you all reading this !! what the people of North Cornwall and beyond, have done for us, the kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion and sheer hard work, for a dog they didn’t know, for strangers they didn’t know, is kindness and compassion beyond my comprehension.
You may not have known Freddie, but he was/is the bounciest, happiest, (most handsome) goldie you could ever meet, we were so l
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Corrine - thank you, Freddie's team are following up this info.
Hi,I have just received some more info re: my colleagues siting of a dog Fri a.m. I have copied the info below.

That’s a good idea! Sorry this is a bit slow coming to you but the road I was on doesn’t have a name that I can see, if you go from Devoran roundabout and then go straight over at the Old Carnon Hill crossroads you’re on a long straight road with lots of overhanging trees etc. The dog was near the railway bridge, I had a quick look on Google Maps, the approximate location is: 50°13'25.4"N 5°06'19.7"W.

It was moving very fast and I was at a bit of a distance so hard to say for sure but it was sandy coloured and looked like a golden retriever type dog – definitely mainly that colour and roughly the same size, maybe a little bit smaller? I wasn’t close enough to see if the dog had any markings/a collar etc. It ran into the shrubs under the railway bridge and didn’t come when I called. Seemed terrified, poor thing. Thanks for putting this info out there J
Hi, I know this is a long shot, and I have very few details, but I have just started working at Treliske hospital in Truro and yesterday morning about 09:30 I overheard someone in an office phoning a local vet (I'm sorry I don't know which vet). to report seeing a dog running by the roadside (she said it looked like a lab or a retriever). She stopped to try to catch the dog but it was spooked and ran off. I am so sorry I can't give more details as I don't know the member of staff's last name, or have any contact details for her. But I do know she comes in from the opposite side of the hospital (so that's the north/west side). The best I can do is phone the hospital when she is in Monday morning to ask where she saw the dog, then update you on here. I hope I haven't added to your distress, and I realise this could be a dog that escaped from a garden but I will update you further on Monday as soon as I have more info.Last edited: 2020-10-17 11:27:53 by Corrine
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Still no news on Freddie sadly.
People are still out looking when walking. Lots of posters still going up further along the coast & basically everywhere.
Freddie has now been featured in local papers & on local radio (BBC Radio Cornwall). You can listen here to Jess's interview.
https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p08sjcch (go to 2hrs.26) Twitterstorm tonight 16/10, between 8 & 9pm
Good luck for today xxx
Good luck for today to all the wonderful people out searching for Freddie. I really hope there’s going to be some good news xxx
DogLostJayne - Admin
Good luck team Freddie!
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
A further search is being conducted 13/10. There was info (not a sighting) which leads us to conduct another search in Polly Joke area.
So much has been done by owners & helpers it is truly amazing.
Can’t stop thinking about this boy.
I have copied Cornwalls Pirate Fm into a tweet for missing Freddie so I’m really hoping they will do that for him & get the word out to more people in Cornwall xxx
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Thanks Bongo - this is the update from last night from Freddie's FB group. As far as I am aware there has been no further news today so far:
"UPDATE 7/10 Hope this answers any outstanding questions. YOU WILL ALL BE UPDATED AS SOON AS THERE IS ANY NEWS.
▪️So far there have been no confirmed sightings of Freddie. A possible sighting at Polly Joke 7/10 has not been ruled out.
▪️ All areas of interest around Holywell/Cubert common/Penhale/Crantock & cliffs, have been searched on foot, with drones & also thermal cameras from outside agencies.
▪️ All neccessary agencies have been informed (dog warden/local vets etc)
▪️ Posters have been put up/are still being distributed locally & further afield into neighouring villages
▪️ Owners have done BBQ in area of potential sighting & scenting items have been left
▪️ We have access to advice from an experienced team to help & support owners.
▪️ There is work going on behind the scenes as well as on the ground.
▪️No active searches, however, when out and about remain vigilant and look out for Freddie. Please no sightings on social media, If you get a sighting please ring one of the numbers immediately, with the time, location and direction of travel. If possible take a photo and observe from a distance.
Thanks for all your help 🙂 Team Freddie 🙂"
We are walking in the area today and will keep an eye out. Is there any information of any sightings.Last edited: 2020-10-08 14:33:33 by Bongo
Well done to all the people trying to help locate Freddie.
Good luck with the drones tomorrow & praying for Freddie to be found safe & sound
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Lots of help from the local community with searching & postering.
Drones are going up tomorrow as there is hopefully a weather window in the morning.
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Thank you AnaGee, I amended my link (don't know what happened there!)
Freddie missing TR8 Holywell/Cubert 07927403303 and 07964149752
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Freddie now has his own dedicated search/info group.

just in case ??? https://www.petslocated.com/pet/B0149051
Keep checking for news on this boy.
I really hope once the weather settles a bit that Freddie will show himself as yes Max he may well be sheltering up somewhere.
It’s just a thought but are there any live web/surf cams on the beaches around there? I know there’s quite a few about on the Cornish coast.
Stay safe Freddie xxx
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Despite quite an extensive search of dunes area/beach/coves/inland, there have been no sightings.
Owner getting posters printed to put around whole of area.
The weather for the last 2 days has been awful, with strong winds & heavy showers. It is hope Freddie is sheltering somewhere & when it calms down he will show himself.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer - Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Thanks Scruffy Dog - a member of Freddie's family has seen the post and has said the found dog in Birmingham area is too old to be a match.
Good luck today with the search, I wish I could help but a bit too far from me.
I really hope dear Freddie is found safe & sound xxx
DogLostScruffy Dog - Central Team Volunteer
Quite a distance, but https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10158556925229857&set=pcb.5087918954567631&type=3&theater&ifg=1
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
SEARCH TOMORROW 0930. 2 Groups, one to start Polly Joke and search beach & coves & up over to towards Holywell (to top of Kelseys). The other to meet Holywell same time & do same, Holywell to the Kelseys, checking beach & coves. Names please & where it is easier for you to start. (comment on Doglost Cornwall if you are on Fb, otherwise on here)
Poor Freddie i keep looking for any updates & checking social media incase anyone’s found him.
There’s so many coves round the area. Is there any chance Freddie could of swam out a bit when the tide came in & has got out the water further up along the coast?
His poor owners must be beside themselves with worry. Praying Freddie is found safe & sound ASAP xxLast edited: 2020-10-03 17:34:02 by Kinsally
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Freddie is still missing, despite extensive searching by his owners & local people.
There have been no sightings.
Shared to Lost and Found Pets UK and to Sky's Angels on FB
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Details shared to DogLost.co.uk Facebook Group
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
I have been advising owner & have added poster view for sharing to Doglost Cornwall & other local sites.
Sorry to see that FREDDIE MISSING 1 YEAR is missing.
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