Lost: Black Patterdale Cross Male In North East (NE15)

  • Dog ID 142265
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 06 Apr 2019
  • Gender & Breed Male Patterdale Cross (Neutered)
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour Black
  • Marks & Scars Tip of ear missing, grey band on tail
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 18 Mar 2019
  • Where Lost Lemington, Newcastle area
  • Lost In Region North East
  • Lost In Post Area NE15
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Further sightings in Blutcher Quarry Percy Pit Walbottle Dene, Dewley Farm other side of A69 heading North a few days ago.Possibly heading towards Callerton area. Prefers to avoid paths and other dogs, likes hunting in hedgerows and bushes, very fast and agile with excited bark and usually heard before seen.
  • Phone 1 07900412791
  • Phone 2 07900412791
  • Listed By Fiona
  • Views 3506
  • Alerts Sent 190
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Sightings and Information

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I work at home from home kennels in Heddon. A lady rang us this morning saying there was a little black dog running across the lane over towards Stamfordham road, was about 9:30am this morning. Just thought you might want to know of a possible sighting. I went to look when I could but couldn’t see it. X
Followed up Patterdale dog sighted on A1 Monday and taken to Northumbria Vets Morpeth. It was a female who was microchipped to a Male owner and both are reunited safe and well. A1 ? scary but lucky I wish them well. Mr Hepple has now said (quote) " Total madness Fiona, all those dog lost sites are full of idiots I posted then I got hacked. Some lunatics using my f888cking name. Sorted it got most comments removed left the sites too much hassle let them get on with it". "some comments you see are not me, these hackers are clever etc etc"... So much for friends helping and defending you. He suggested to me to get another dog then online slates me for doing so! !Tells me off for putting my phone number on missing posters! So that's it then it wasn't Mr Hepple after all and some hacker pretending to be him. No apology for his comments, lack of responsibility empathy etc. Storms Page is supposed to be set up to help find Storm, he may be correct to a degree when he states full of idiots some of the comments are unbelievable and empty and that is why I am definitely not taking part.
Continued.. critised me for having another dog! My first dog Taz died end of September and I had already been looking for a second dog to learn from him because he was an amazing one off boy, unfortunately he passed earlier than expected possibly due to poisoning. Was totally devastated but adopting Storm from the rescue centre at the end of October really helped. Storm had already been rejected by 3 other potential owners because of his difficult character but I took him on because he needed someone to love him simple as that. What a handful Storm is, wild extreme strong prey drive not a fluffy pooch. So hes gone now and Ive searched and done almost everything that would be considered reasonable and not extreme. A few wks ago by chance a neighbour contacted me about a Border terrier that needed a loving active home and I thought "why not?" If Storm is found then there will be 2. As for going on holiday which was also been critised for... Back in April my Auntie paid for the whole family to visit Florida 3wks for the Easter hols and I didn't go because Storm had just gone missing. Yes went camping cant keep life on hold forever. Still searching up to my waist in soaking wet corn fields this morn near Callerton n was thinking if he is here in this peaceful place know he won't be unhappyx (Rant over)
continued.....FACTs Johnny has never looked after him as the post below states. A Hepple or Johnny did not try to contact me many times I only received 1 text message from each or them when coming out of a no signal area in the Highlands so remote that only saw 2 people in 4 days.Txt frm Johnny was "don't u fucking want your dog then? When I phoned Hepple he didn't seem to know anything much and directed me towards Johnny. On all other occasions I've answered the phone and responded to text msgs he has sent. Hepple has never arranged to meet me with his terriers it is always me who initiated any meet ups. The photo was taken for Hepples wildlife page on a local website at his request. Locals have not searched for weeks they keep and eye out when walking their dogs. I've never seen any locals in the areas that there have been sightings such as Callerton or Throckley Dene and nobody has ever contacted me about a search as they have their own routes and I've never asked for help as such. Hepple did send me the Storm photo after I asked him and remember that he snapped others for his wildlife page. A few locals such as Foggin didn't even know Storm was missing until 4 weeks ago and many others. Hepple always said "everybody knows me, all the dog walkers know me if I hear anything I will get in touch with you". Storm has been sighted by Hepple on 2 occasions,3 days after he went missing coming out of the quarry by Hepple running towards Throckley Dene. The other sighting by him was in Blutcher fields 6 weeks ago and my partner was there in 10 minutes and searched 2 hours and neither heard or saw nothing. Ive mentioned to Alan that it's Dogslost site where he will find out whats been done but never bothers. He told me that he would contact me directly if there are any sightings as knows I don't do FB.
Really don't know why he is taking this stance.. I was there for him when his dog Hank died and phoned to see how he was managing several times. Offered to drive him to take him to rescue centres to find another dog. Offered to help him make a memory stone for his deceased, found his missing terrier and returned him safely. Not only that he has criise
Just been looking at the comments below and especially on Storms page and sometimes can't believe what I'm reading as some of it lies...FACT The "definitely Storm" posted by AH turned out to be a female fat short legged Patterdale who had been adopted by the garage owner legally. I know this because met up with the garage owner and dog after arriving back from Scotland and saw the adoption papers. When I was away 3 people got in touch about this Storm sighting and it was all sorted within 2 hours from 300 miles away in a soaking wet tent from an old nokia phone at the same time everybody tapping into phones and computers 2 miles away putting me down for not caring!!! Someone went up to Westerhope and identified him as not Storm as the simple as that. Afterwards went digging deeper found out where the story originated... Johnny (AHepples source of "it's definitely Storm") told him that his girlfiend was at the tattoo parlour opposite the garage and had spoken with the owner of the tattoo parlour who said "that's that dog on FB called Storm". Johnny did not see this dog and did not request a photo but told A Hepple "its definitely Storm"
Thankyou Geoff have taken a look at photo but not Storm unfortunately but haven't given up hope yet. Heard about the Patterdale in Westerhope while I was away in Highlands last week and sent someone there to identify the dog but it wasn't him. At the time was in a very remote area camping and there was no phone signal so messages didn't come through until 2-3 days later. Gill Lennox called about another Patterdale named Charlie locked behind a fence near a garage. This was two weeks ago in Throckley and went there immediately to check if Storm but again not him but could see why they thought it was although 12 years older! Was also contacted about a dog found near Callerton that had been living feral and lost a lot of it's hair and was thought to be Storm but he was reunited with his owner so that's good news for somebody.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Fiona - a long shot but you may wish to check this "sighted-only" in Newbiggin. Looks shorter in the leg than Storm but could be the camera angle. Will also send the text and photo to your registered email address as I understand you are not on Facebook.
https://www.facebook.com/claire.brash.77/posts/2373203546243635Last edited: 2019-06-13 15:02:51 by GeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
I have spoken with Storms owner today

Information received has been checked out by storms owners and the dog thought to be Storm is not him. The dog found is a female patterdale. The search is still on for Storm ... ty for sharing
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
Comment on storms group page

“i rejoined this group, to simoply share , pass on the information i recieved about storm , i have posted on here all i know about the situation i have seen comments questioning if it is storm , it is storm , thats definate , as i have stated the person who found storm and has looked after him , i do not know , he has tried many times to contact storms owner as have i, i have had no replies from storms owner , nothing , i have also seen posts / comments about the legal side of storms ownership, well its up to the owner to contact the finder and or contact the authorities , obviously i know storms owner in fact the photo used in the posters i took on a very wet day , when i aranged to meet her with my terriers , since storm went missing , for weeks myself and other locals searched the area for storm and i myself sighted him a few times as did others , after every sighting i posted it on here” please contact me in return from your holidays ty Last edited: 2019-06-05 10:57:06 by Missing and Found Dogs North East
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall, Volunteer Durham & Ireland
I have sent an email asking for verification.
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
Can owner contact me on return of hols please we have been told Storm has been found and you are aware please confirm ty
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
Sent you a text message regarding a message I received by pm
Everyone is asking about storm as people are still sharing his posters & are asking about u fiona if I were you I'd join his Facebook group to let people know your still actively searching for him.I would do anything possible. There's that many dogs missing atm its important you keep his group active x
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
STORM STILL MISSING...chased up a possible sighting and capture of a Patterdale near Chapel Park but it wasn't him :-(
Storm still missing. No sightings or possible sightings. Think it may be good idea to do a longterm missing poster. Disappointing to see that many of the recent posters that were put up have been ripped off.
The staff at Keelmans managed to trap the missing dog that had been visiting the premises the last 3 weeks. They phoned me on Friday and I was able to go down immediately feeling very hopeful that this could well be the end of the search. I set eyes upon a very large dark grey Patterdale cross which was not Storm. By coincidence the owner phoned at the same time as I was there saying she had heard that she had heard her wandering dog was around and just to leave him as he would return home himself...just wishing Storm would do the same thing! Very disappointed after this latest sighting and coincidence however would like to thank the approachable staff at Keelmans for their concern and help. No new sightings and last possible was a black Patterdale running along Walbottle Road towards Blutcher about 8 days ago.
Been down to Keelmans two mornings in a row with anticipation, a cage and some food hoping for a glimpse or more but sadly nothing. Nobody has seen him there for 2 days so I guess its just bad luck this time. Some of the posters in the area of Blayney Row and Riverside had been ripped off, shame as they had only been there a few days, some of them only 1 day! Lots of bank hol food lying around so maybe he's having breakfast elsewhere this wknd. Fingers xxd for next wk still searching....
Went down to Keelmans this morning and asked about the dog that they have been seeing recently. He's been visiting the premises 2weeks on and off and tried to get food from the kitchen on one occasion and then chased away. Staff are now on the look out and will call me when they see him again. Nobody reported this dog to wardens, social media, council etc and nobody has taken a photo. Posters are now up around the carpark and also inside premises so that staff and customers are aware. A man had seen the dog 15 minutes before I arrived but he was nowhere to be seen. Earlier tomorrow morning Im setting up a cage and feeding station with a trail of scraps leading to it. It may not be Storm although matches his description as well as the barking and snapping which he can lapse into when on the defense. Does sound like a desperate stray and somebody somewhere most be looking for him if it's not Storm.
Sounds promising. Paws xd.
Storm sighted this morn Friday at Keelmans Arms or The Lamp as it is now known. The barman said he saw him but don't know time etc yet as second hand info so far but someone went to the area and asked around and has just passed this on to me. The Lamp is one big barbecue to any dog sending enticing smells far and wide that's why he is still around this area. Tue Wed and Fri looks like he's there most of the time now if it's him and that's where I'm heading next....
Received a phone call this morn at 9.30am from a dog walker who had just noticed Storms missing poster near the carpark at the Keelmans Arms Pub Newburn Riverside. He reported that he had definitely seen Storm Tue and Wed at the Keelmans Arms around the same time on both days. He also mentioned that Storm had tried to approach him coming quite close. It was a very accurate description of Storm and his knowledge of dogs has really led me to believe that this is Storm Missing. The dog walker didn't realise the situation until he saw the posters a day later and he does not use social media. So a dog matching same description Monday near Blutcher morn then 2-3miles away Tue Keelmans, Wed Keelmans he has possibly found an easier food source as dog walker mentioned food and bins and I know it's a popular eating place. Going down there to put up more posters and ask staff at Keelmans Arms for their cooperation in keeping a look out,closer....
continued....Mondays sighting was running along the main road towards Blutcher coming from Walbottle at 9.30am. The way the man described the dog it really sounded like Storm. Running and very fit and agile but unfortunately no road sense which so very depressing to hear. We did often take that route but he was on a lead near roads and we always walked on the path. He may have been heading back to Blucher fields where he was seen recently hunting rabbits a week earlier.
2x separate sightings this week Mon and Tue but both people phoned me on Wed. Tue was at Heddon on the Wall but it turned out NOT to be Storm but the woodturners dog that had gone missing a few hours and looked similar to Storm. Visited Heddon and managed to get t this mystery by visiting the Butcher Baker and Candlestick Maker.
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
Forgot to mention that I had a call asking me to come and look at a dead dog in a field last night near Walbottle couldn't see anything and think it was a hoax, feeling exhausted. Ps. forgot to mention the definite sighting at Blutcher fields last week but no photo and back up couldn't find anything so just going with that for now.
Checked out the lost Wingate dog. Its a long shot but Storm loves to go for rides in the car and jumps in at any opportunity. Co Durham is also Storms former home before he went to rescue so there were two factors as well as the lost dog being a Patterdale cross. These Patterdales love to become loved and lost, but so glad he is reunited with his owners so said Strayaid over the phone and nice to have a quick chat with people who care. I gave them Storms microchip number and you never know what a system can throw up.
My partner was out walking 7.30am this morning next to where Storm was lost and heard exiting barking scurrying and activity and said it sounded exactly like him. There were no other dog walkers and no dogs sighted, the barking went on for around half an hour in various areas of trees then silence when Jose got quite close. Again no definite sighting but if it is him glad he is having fun and has plenty of energy. Put up more posters around Lemington which Danielle made a beautiful job of.
Thanks for putting posters up in Stamfordham it wouldn't be suprising if he travelled that far and with no definite sightings and only hearsay for 3wks he could be anywhere. Going out tonight at dusk for a couple of hours to search the same area as this morning....
Clare Tyler-Roberts
Have shared a poster of storm on fb group find Rosie, Angela, Rosie s owner was happy to let me do this. Will print some posters and put them up Medburn, stamfordham way if that will help. Will try and get something on Twitter to. Please let me know if I can help in any other way
Wasnt storm its a female ,I'm glad shes safe anyways x
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
Here's the facebook link of the dog found in Wingate (now handed over to Stray Aid)
This dog has now been handed in to stray aid so they will scan him or her.
Storm-will be in survival mode so Fiona when your when your out don't shout or whistle for him. Just listen x
Missing & Found Dogs North East
41 mins ·
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Christopher Davey
2 hrs

Anyone lost a dog in Wingate? Went to get in the car and jumped in and wouldn’t get out. Others in my street said it’s been wandering around for a few days. Have had to drop in off at Stray Aid in Coxhoe as have other pets in the house.

Not on any Wingate pages so would be great if it could be shared in and around Wingate.Photo of black dog, fingers crossed x
continued... he has now been lost nearly 4 weeks!!! A Border Terrier went missing in the area a couple of years ago and ended up living and hunting with the local foxes for months. I really hope Storm happy if he is still with us and maybe these foxes have taken him in. Time to go searching...
Storm is on FB doglostNE Crittersearch and Animasearch and Im sure a couple of other sights. Im sure people are sharing info to eachothers phones and computers and this action means many people know about Storm being lost. He won't be in public areas but isolated hedgerows and fields away from people and other dogs as well as being out and about at nightime hunting and foraging. Printed more posters yesterday but photo image to dark and not good on the posters but looks really good on the website as Storm really black.Thankyou Danielle for setting up another FB page just for him I think this is a really good idea as
Set up a group on Facebook for him aswell,so all info is in 1 place.
Put storm on pawboost UK x with your num x
Thank u Fiona iv saved your number ,was going to txt to see if u need a hand but u need just 1 sighting,I'll ask mandy if she has any suggestions ok thats piece of mind defo. I'll just carry on sharing & I'll put him on pawboost if u want?x
Heard nothing today or yesterday from anyone. Visited Dewley Farm yesterday to explain that a drone search may take place nearby on Monday.Martin said that he will prob go up to the area 6am Monday so thought it a good idea to warn them with it being lambing season. Its been in the back of my mind that the farmer may have shot Storm and not admitted to it but my mind is at rest now after the following incident yesterday... An AlsationxAkita from West Denton had just killed a couple of lambs at Dewley Farm and the police were involved, the farmer did not shoot the dog. This is a massive relief as now believe the farmer is not that type of guy. If Storm is still around he may well return to the area and feel more relaxed that the farmer now knows me and understands whats going on. As for the sighting at Reeth Ponds nobody has got back to me and Alan seems unsure of the source and has not contacted recently. Have put up more posters near the fields of Callerton which is beyond Dewley Farm. It has been suggested that Storm has a wide ranging territorial hunting area, looks like it!x
Still not heard anything Fiona?x
Still waiting for a Mr. Watson who shared info with Mr Alan H about a sighting at Reef ponds to phone me or leave a comment on this page thankyou. If anyone hears or sees anything can they please phone the owner direct and not just share it with someone else somewhere.
We are still sharing for you I pray you get him back soon, the dogs lost trapping team are great,just keep in touch with them if you get another sighting x never give up ,Im 5 mile away from newburn
Yes Fiona the owner if you need to contact me please call or txt 07900412791 not FB
The volunteers have kindly had the drone out this morning and done an extensive search but haven't spoken with them yet but understand that they haven't found Storm. Nobody seems to see or hear about him unless it's Alan! Desperate for another sighting
Has the owner made contact? Mandy&the dog trapping team are aware, fingers crossed the get him back soon.
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
Hi have suggested owner to contact lost dog trapping team to be advised on setting up scenting & feeding station
Hi Fiona are you storms owner?
I was phoned today of a "definite" sighting of Storm in Blutcher fields at the top of Walbottle quarry time seen around 9.15 by Alan H a local dog walker who had also seen Storm 2wks ago coming out of the quarry chasing a deer. Alan had also advised me of the other recent sighting at Reeth ponds but still waiting for the man Mr. Watson? to get in touch. Somebody immediately searched fields for 2hrs this morning to look for Storm but saw nothing and heard nothing. Maybe he is out early morn and dusk hunting rabbits and sleeping during day I will go up tonight. Please if anybody sees him phone me immediately thankyou.
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Adjusted the exposure on the photo so it's clearer ~ refresh page to view (Ctrl & F5)
Strong possible sighting near reef ponds Blaney Row near West of Newburn Im looking into this further. This is about 3 mile from where Storm went missing and 3-4 mile from last sighting. Have been there later this afternoon and left posters in various locations with updated sighting.
Sfill missing
He will be in survival mode,I'd contact mandy butler if I was you they can mebbys help you if you get another sighting
Iv shared in the west end of Newcastle I will keep sharing ,is owner not on Facebook?
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
Please keep checking regular with kennels / highways/ council & Railway networks making sure you are giving reported reference number 🙏 he’s found soon
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have all paws crossed for Storm & his family.
Tweeted @DoglostUK:-
Thankyou everyone I really appreciate what you are doing. We have been looking for 2.5wks and I suffered from headaches with all of the shouting and using whistle.Haven't had any recent sightings though so presuming he has ventured further a field. Hes been on local sites, have put up posters and chatted with many dog walkers. Have contacted council, searched roadsides, knocked on farms in the area, phoned vets and rescue centres, asked country boys to search foxholes etc Think I made a big mistake by not registering on this site earlier though and really regret this. I don't have a computer at home and have spent most of my time doing the above instead. His previous owner informed me that he is from farm stock and it really shows, his name really suits his personality and all the dog walkers in Lemington know STORM!!! DOGS LOST sent information that states dogs roam in triangle when lost so hopefully with a bit of luck may get another sighting if he is managing to survive on his terrier instincts. I'm missing him so much and worried sick, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best...
Clare Tyler-Roberts
I m in Ne18 area, will keep an eye out while walking across fields with my dogs. Hope he s found soon 🐾
Have shared to various Ponteland based FB groups and will keep an eye out when out with dogs. Hope he's found soon x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
Details shared to DogLost.co.uk Facebook Group. X
HelperdogtheftawarenessMissing and Found Dogs North East
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thank you Geoff! Alerts sent to helpers in NE4,5,13,15,18,20,40,41.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Photo added from Lemington Shout - can alerts go out now please Admin?
Link & poster image added to DogLost Northumberland.Last edited: 2019-04-06 13:28:28 by GeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall, Scotland & Northumberland
Have applied to join the (closed) group. Will send standard advice sheets.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Photo is on Lemington shout FB page...if anyone can add here or send to admin@doglost.co.uk
Sorry to see that STORM SIGHTED is missing.
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