Reunited: Cocker Spaniel Female

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  • Dog ID 12559
  • Status Reunited
  • Registered 16 Feb 2008
  • Name LOLA
  • Gender & Breed Female Cocker Spaniel
  • Age Adult
  • Colour
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 16 Feb 2008
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area CT18
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 01303 813569
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Not known
  • Views 1881
  • LOLAPoster Image
  • LOLAExtra Image


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fantasticLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Great update, well she did not go short of company. Hope she is given the all clear soon and gets back to her normal self. Jan xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Wonderful news. Welcome home little Lola. x Love the thought of her playing with the foxes LOL (not the mange tho)! Stay safe little girl. xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Spoke to a very relieved owner last night. lola is a bit on the thin side but tucked into her meal. She was spotted playing with foxes so owners have been advised by their vets to keep her away from their other dogs in case of fox mange. She will be down to visit the vets on monday and they will treat her as a precaution. Lola stayed in the areas i suspected and made her way back towards the vets and kennels where she was lost from. She ended up in the garden next door to the kennels - knowing she was missing they spotted her - phoned the owners but managed to creep up and catch a very nervous shaking dog. im sure she will soon be none the worse for her ordeal although owners may take a little longer! Christine expresses her grateful thanks to everyone who has helped. Welcome home Lola and no more adventures. CJLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Fantastic news!! Welcome home Lola xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Sally Nicholson-Fisher
brilliantLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Welcome home LOLA hope you get a tag now.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
Its just such FANTASTIC news !!!!!! I was just so delighted when I got a call from helper Julie to say this little minx had been caught !! I will leave it for CJ to post a full follow up story. Thanks and well done to all who helped in the search for Lola. Welcome home Lola ,your poor Mum and Dad have been frantic with worry aboiut you ! No more adventures and stay safe from now on xxx PamLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Welcome home Lola. xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hurray another one who decided to call it a day & be caught. Hope Lola is none the worse for her adventure.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Wonderful news!! I bet her owners are absolutely over the moon. Welcome home Lola xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostSherlock Bones Police Liaison Co-ordinator
wonderful news! well done all!Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Brill..... Sue xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Brilliant news, welcome home Lola. Well done to everyone who has helped her owners in their search for her. Jan x Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostXenas Mum - Area Volunteer, Norfolk
Wonderful news - Two leads and a harness next time she goes to the vets then!!!!!! Have a lovely evening together with your familly Lola lots of tlc xxxxx Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
What a relief! Welcome home Lola. Dolly 6.2.05 (Dolly's Directive)Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Brilliant. Will switch to blue in a mo. Welcome home Lola xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
YIPPEEEE she has been caught. will post full deatils as just got in but caught in a garden near to vets where missing. owner on his way to collect. full update tomorrow when i have spoken to owners. CJLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
CJ ........... I'm not 100% sure but from what I can remember from conversations with helper Julie I think it was Elvington Lane she was sighted in just the once a couple of days ago now. We are driving down to my parents in Deal today and are going to some posters off to Julie and try and put some up ourselves a bit further out of the village as dont think Julie has transport to go further afield. They are only black and white copies but the best I could get while I am away from home.Helpers do please heed CJ's advise re how to act if you DO sight Lola and make sure you have the owners contact phone number with you so you get reports of sightings to them asap! Lets hope we get some good news about Lola this weekend !! Pam x Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
MESSAGE FOR LOCAL HELPERS> This weekend i hope that you will all be able to download the posters and get them out there so that many eyes are on the look out for Lola.She seems to be staying close to the vets where she escaped from but more back into the wooded copse areas. Although there has been one sighting in 'Levington lane ( SP? please correct if wrong). Lola is an extremely nervous dog therefore even attempts by her owner have caused her to run away again. the is going to be frightened and is in un familiar surroundings- as this was the first visit to this vets. home is a good 5 to 6 miles away- back towards sellindge. IF lola is spotted then any attempts top chase and grab will result in her running off and hiding.First of All phone owners and give location. It is going to be a slow process of trying to gain her trust. Small amounts of tempting smelly food will help- but not too much as we need the food as our method of drawing her in. if spotted and she starts to run away then do not follow. Stop even and sit down. Talk quietly to her even sing. No sudden movements. Do not look at her but avert eye contact. Any one lucky enough to gain her trust and be close you must MOVE SLOWLY. if standing i would suggest trying to step on the lead rather than bend down to pick up. I'm sure if i have missed out any important issues then please add them. Good luck and I'm hoping that with Patience and understanding we will be able to get this little lady back where she belongs. CJ Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator - Liverpool/Merseyside, North West
Some other pages to look at for tips are Reunited Ted BC Central CV6, Mollie Bearded Collie North BB4, Rambo North WF4 and Fable South East CM12. Good luck and hope to see Lola in the blue soon. Jan xLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Check out Rambo, she was curious re the BBQ and she had given everyone the runaround for a long time.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
I wish you all the best for the coming days, stay positive, and very patient, these people know what they are talking about....Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
oners are using hot smelly liver to tempt as that is what she is fed on. Another sighting so she is in same area.its a game of pateince. owners go up several times. looking at possibilty of trap currently out by trying to get it back.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostXenas Mum - Area Volunteer, Norfolk
I agree with Barney's and Ozzie's Mum - this does sound like a BBQ situation, I also can't think of a particular dog off hand but I do remember that if you sit and hum or sing quietly and the dog appears you have to ignore the dog DO NOT LOOK AT IT until it comes right up to you and takes the food from your hand! (Thats the bangers from the BBQ, or other tasty morsel). Good Luck and I hope Lola is in the Blue very soon.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Pictures finally arrived today. Now we have a face for the posters its up to locals to get the posters out. owners do not have interent access so hoping everyone around here will either post or use the email button to send onto friends and family in this area. Cheers CJLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
This might sound a bit silly to Lola's owner, but how about sitting himself down on the ground near to where she has been spotted with a disposable barbecue? If he cooks some sausages and talks quietly or sings softly whilst doing so, this might just bring her to him. I know it's worked for others, but can't remember which dogs/owners. Perhaps admin can remeber and can get Lola's owner to look at the relevant reunited pages. Good luck xxLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
Hi Swebbly ! good point about local stables they are always a good place to alert in a rural area like this as riders may well come across Lola. She is used to other dogs but in this situation she is bound to be VERY nervous . I have sent you a pmLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Hi all Not sure which rural/wooded area Lola has gone astray in however wondered if it is worth contacting the local stables in the area as there are a few and many of them ride through the woods in Hawkinge regularly (Coombe Wood Stables, Limes Farm Equestrian Centre to name a couple) - I'd go walking my dogs around the area to observe if I knew where, does she get on with other dogs especially large ones! - Lets hope she comes home soon and I'll see her in the BLUE (fingers crossed)Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Not known
Photo now on site, description updated and local helpers/registered organisations have been emailed Lolas poster.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Another sighting in the same area yesterday. Ran from owner who is taking it personally. Explained that it is normal behaviour and he must keep his voice gentle when calling and of course to scent the areas-they are going today to put home made flyers throgh doors in the area.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Nothing spotted by owners but positive sightings last night so she is still around same area. at least staying close. Owner returning tonight again via the areas she has been sighted. CJLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Thank you everyone for all your advice, I know it was meant well. The idea was to drive up to the vets where she went missing, place down some food and drive off again. The copse where she was hiding out is a good 3-400 yards away, the idea was to show her that good things are close by and worth sticking around for. I think you all got the idea that I was going to be rampaging around in the undergrowth. I would never look for a nervous dog in that way and anyway I couldn't do that if I wanted to because I am waiting for an operation on my spine and cannot walk very well for any distance. I hope I have put your minds at rest. Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
I will add this again having spoken to owners they will be going out tomoorrow morning with another dog plus food. this is the best time- NOT LATE NIGHT when she will be scared and laying low. Any attempts during the night could have her run in blind panic and get further lost. Please hold back until the owner has contacted me. they have both my mobile and land line and will keep in contact, CJLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostSherlock Bones Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Jammer as Jumanji says please do not attempt to locate this dog - and not in the middle of the night - owner is being advised of strict advice on how to locate a loose scared dog in these circumstances. Strangers attempting to do so are likely to drive the dog further away.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
Jammer !! the regional co-ordinator for your area has asked me to advise you PLEASE NOT to go out searching for Lola this evening as you could jeopardise the owners chances of finding her tomorrow If she was too scared to recognise her owner today she will be terrified of any strangers and may run off from the area if she feels threatenedLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
LOLA HAS BEEN SIGHTED, this evening as it got dark owner went to area and she came but would not come any closer than 400 yards, she must be hungry so now I know where she was seen I am going up there again (after midnight) to see if we can tempt her out. If no joy owners are going tomorrow morning with food and their other dog. If this is not successful then we might need a trap. I'm not sure where we would get one, anyone know?Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
The Orange Ones
Cross posted on cockers on line. GOod luck with your search.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
Local helper Julie has just phoned me and she and a friend have walked extensively in the area this morning but no sign of Lola. They have also knocked at doors and asked people to look out for Lola. She stressed that the area is vast and that these elderly owners need as much help with posters and searching as possible. She will help with posters once a photo is on site.x PamLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Photo is being posted and should be on site but tomorrow afternoon- post permitting. local papers have details but too late for this week but they are putting it out again on local radio especially as the lead is still attached.Owners are doing all they can but we will need local helpers to get the posters out once on site. CJLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
I have spoken to the vets from where she bolted - on the way in to be spade. the area has local kennels and they are also aware she is missing. i have advised owners to scent around this area plus leave food and water in the suggested place. i am hoping she will remain close to this area as home is about 6 to 7 miles away and near the M20 although i would think sound and concrete barriers would put her off. trying to get local papers to run a stry plus it has been on local radio after owners phoned up.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison & SE Regional Coordinator
Once we have the picture might be worth getting one to the butterfly centre on the A260. Not sure of opening times but with people coming and going it would be extra eyes. CJLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
The Julie the helper i contacted yesterday has problems with her pc but phoned me this morning to update.She is alerting everyone that she can and is also about to set off to walk in the area Lola ran off to. As Jammer has said there are vast woods and countryside to search and her elderly owners do need help in this search as there is so much land to cover and there is the possibility that Lola may get caught up by her lead.The dog warden has also been out looking for Lola her. When she ran off Lola had recently been clipped so she has a short coat with no feathering on her legs. Please show yourself today Lola xxx PamLast edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
Thanks Jammer !! Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Have been in touch with the owners and will be in contact again tomorrow hopefully with photo. The dog has run off into a very large open rural area in the direction of a wood. Owner has gone back this evening to have another look, if there is no joy I will go out very late tonight when it is quiet and have a mooch around and a listen.Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18
Jumanji - Co-ordinator.South.Yorkshire
I have alerted the owner of one of our reunited dogs who lives here and she actually saw the owner whilst she was searching for Lola this afternoon . She walks her dogs in the surrounding countryside and is going to look out for Lola and alert other dog walkers. I have passed on Lolas owners phone number to her. Please stay safe until you are found Lola xxxxx Pam Last edited: 2010-05-11 02:17:18

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