Lost: Brown / Red (ginger) Pharoah Hound Male In East Anglia (IP12)

  • Dog ID 109735
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 04 Jan 2017
  • Gender & Breed Male Pharoah Hound (Neutered)
  • Age Older Adult
  • Colour brown / red (ginger)
  • Marks & Scars top of right ear surgically removed
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 04 Jan 2017
  • Where Lost Martlesham/Woodbridge and beyond, Suffolk - there have been many and regular sightings in a large area. Never too far from people.
  • Lost In Region East Anglia
  • Lost In Post Area IP12
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info A timid dog, he won't come to you and may run if approached. Please just contact asap, thanks. He's a medium size podenco (similar build to a lurcher/whippet). We believe he has now lost his collar. He is in 'survival mode' and so if seen please stop, drop, turn to the side and avoid looking at him/speaking. And then please do report it as soon as possible - thank you.
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  • Listed By Mel
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Sightings and Information

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LATEST UPDATE FOR CHINA (If you have any personal questions / opinions please feel free to send a private message via China's Facebook Page, otherwise please be supportive of China and his Team in the public domain - thank you)

Since the last post for China, when he hadn't been seen for a few very worrying weeks, we have had good recent sightings of him in the same area of Martlesham. This has been in heath and woodland, so you can imagine how much cover there is but he has been seen clearly and reported as looking fit and healthy, in fact stalking rabbits!, so our quest continues for the lost boy.
They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I'm adding it takes a community to find a lost dog as it's virtually always the local community who are key. These are from other lost dog pages that have directly led to their dog getting home safe:
“... alerted us that …X... was on her ring camera overnight!”
A home owner saw that “ …X... was asleep at the bottom of his garden”
“Thanks to the lovely locals who reported sightings directly”
“spotting ...X... on her wildlife camera”
"was in my garden"
“locals who reported sightings and did not chase”
A local dog walker: “ignored ...X... and contacted the team”
What you can do to help:
๐Ÿ”ธ check doorbell / security cameras that seem to go off for no reason, is there a head sticking out of the undergrowth? A tail disappearing out of view?
๐Ÿ”ธ Deliberately look around on walks but please don't be tempted to call out for him
๐Ÿ”ธ If you see China close up please just ignore him, take a discrete pic if possible, but just act calmly and normally and then let us know as soon as you can.
๐Ÿ”ธ When travelling by car, ask any passengers to look out for him, along hedge or tree lines or mooching around in fields
๐Ÿ”ธ Even if you're not sure it's China you've seen, please just let us know – based on the location and other info you provide we can often rule this in or out
๐Ÿ”ธ When out walking (especially with your dog/s) occasionally look behind you, he likes to watch and follow from a distance
๐Ÿ”ธ If you think you've seen China a while ago, please still let us know. It all provides us with extra info about possible routes and 'safe places' that can be checked out. Lost dogs settle into routines.
I'm sure if you follow China's Page, you know that he is, heartbreakingly, proving to be one of the most difficult dogs to get safe, despite the superb expert help he has. He certainly is living up to the traits of his breed – a podenco – fast, hardy, agile and great hunters … they are also very loving and famous for being the clowns of the dog world! You can read more here:
There is an incredible list of those who are already owed heartfelt 'Thanks' for all that they've done and are doing for China. Especially Team China who just keep on keeping on and keeping the faith that one day will be THE DAY. And an immense thank you for the resources, time, knowledge and support from the national team that won't give up on this boy no matter how wily he is: CCUK (Canine Capture UK). As ever, we can't disclose full plans or locations – this is to keep China safe.
Dear Chi … we have learnt the meaning of patience, we've watched you on the cameras, been minutes behind you and are trying so hard to get in front of you. When that chLast edited: 2022-05-29 20:34:10 by Mel
No arguments from me Jayne, just telling Dachs4ever (Ms Gibbs) I have no interest in her opinions. Still stands.
DogLostJayne - Admin
Come on girls lets not have an argument on Doglost...do it on FB if you must but please understand admin have to monitor comments whilst we are doing our utmost to keep up with sending alerts out for the scores of missing dogs that come in weekly....I did have the option of deleting posts but as you are both valued members I hope you will understand that many many people have been assisting over the many years and it can be upsetting for them to read this...Thank you! and lets all concentrate on China.
If I were the owner and the hard working people from Canine Capture I'd feel pretty upset. Put yourself in their shoes but given some other comments I've seen from you I'm not surprised.
The update was he’s been seen and looks great, I have little interest in your opinion “Dachs4ever”.
Sometimes it's best to keep some thoughts to yourself.Last edited: 2022-05-25 18:19:37 by Dachs4ever
His FB page posted to expect an update soon, https://www.facebook.com/HelpGetChinaHome/. If he is actually caught, what sort of life will he enjoy now after living free for so many years ?
Come on beautiful boy. 11 is a grand age to retire to the sofa. You would make us all rest easy at night, knowing you were once again warm, dry, loved and safe. Hoping and praying, as always, that this beautiful boy gets to live his remaining years in company, and not alone. Well done to all involved so far, and good luck. Hoping for amazing news soon. ๐Ÿคžxxx
I do hope China soon realises that home is best.
HelperSky's AngelsLouise
China, you are getting on in years darling, you have had your fun now its time to come home xx
We've had good and positive sightings continually of China and he is closer to built up areas at the moment. THIS IS IMPORTANT: He likes to follow other dogs, he will also wait for other dogs on their regular walks and often likes to sit in the undergrowth (in common dog walking areas) watching them go by from a distance. He's even done play bows with them!
If you're a dog walker, please scan around, look discretely behind you, glance into the bushes – you may get a glimpse of the beautiful ginger boy (with a whiter face these days) … if you do, please ignore him, carry on as normal but tell us as soon as possible via:
๐Ÿ”ธWhatsapp – 0781 7776280
๐Ÿ”ธMessage this page on the button above
๐Ÿ”ธCall or text – 0781 7776280
๐Ÿ”ธInstagram message https://www.instagram.com/missing.dog.martlesham.china/...
The pics (on his fb page) show China firstly at his rescue shelter and the 2nd when he had finally found his home. The full shelter video can be seen here:
To be honest I don't really like to watch this video as China is so scared and despite the staff kindly trying to showcase him so that he can get adopted (he waited 4 years!) it just shows a fearful, shy boy.
I prefer to watch this one … nearly a year after he finally made it to the home we so desperately hope he'll come back to soon. He lived with 2 other dogs who he bonded with, he learnt how to trust people, trust life and most importantly to relax and just 'be a dog'.
Team China and CCUK continue to work hard to get China home, eternal thanks go to all who are helping, in whatever way.
Dear Chi, dear little dude – it's all here waiting for you, we know you want to be back amongst your kind and with you kin, we're so trying to help you home you amazing boy! ๐Ÿ’œ xx
Thank you for the recent best wishes for China, and for the kind donation to ccuk - they've gone above and beyond so often for this boy. Happily we're still getting good sightings, 2 more in the last couple of days. We continue to do everything that's possible for beautiful Chi, he is still travelling around his 50 square mile 'patch'(which is what makes it so difficult) and he's clearly still hunting well, despite his age. Every day we're willing you home sweetheart x
Wishing and hoping China x
CHINA turned 11 years old Yesterdayโ€ผ #StillMissing ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
Belated #HappyBirthday CHINA ๐ŸŽ‚๐ŸŽˆ… wherever you are
How amazing after such a long time. I so hope he gets caught soon his family must be so desperate to hug him now x Gives everyone following Ozzy in six mile bottom even more hope he too will be found. What wonderful people Canine Capture are x
My heart skips a beat every time I see a post about this beautiful boy. Alas not into the blue yet. So happy he is still being sighted, and hoping and praying he gives himself up, or he is safely captured, and finally retires to a warm sofa, for a well deserved rest, where he can be pampered and loved forever.
Keep up the good work Mel, and all the people involved, especially Canine Capture Uk. Donation sent. xxx
HelperSky's AngelsLouise
Stay safe China, maybe one day you will be back home in our warm cosy home with your loving family x
Delighted to read China is still active and still in the area. Big hurrah to Canine Capture. They also have an Amazon wish list.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So very pleased there has been sightings of your boy Mel, this is such good news x
I will bump China to the top for you.

Mel is aware of Scam callers.
A series of important sightings in the same area have resulted in lots of team activity and some wonderful footage of the lost boy (with some tears shed). He was moving fast and so, to help with sightings, please do watch this previous video (on his Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/HelpGetChinaHome) of Chi below for what to look out for. The more sightings we have, the sooner he'll be home.
One recent sighter saw him sitting on a footpath, he ambled off but we were able to get a camera up and within 24 hours there he was! But this time he was moving fast, perhaps he'd been spooked. The ability to have this important equipment out there for China is purely down to the kindness and dedication of CCUK (Canine Capture UK).
Sometimes when meeting people out and about they seem surprised that he is still being searched for. I always explain that I'm sure anyone whose lost dog was continually being sighted and seen on camera wouldn't give up on their dog. Thankfully CCUK, who are continually providing expert and practical support, feel the same – however, this comes at significant cost. Their post below says more about China and also asks for a little help. Many China supporters have been incredibly supportive for so long, if you can spare a fiver or want to buy the team a coffee it would be hugely appreciated – their groundwork, trapping and advice for lost dogs nationwide is all free and includes getting stray or abandoned dogs safe!
There are various cameras out for this boy, recently helping to capture some flytippers for the landowner! We thank every single person who respectfully leaves them alone to do their important job from dusk til dawn. If you see one, please don't post about its location on social media and, as ever, if you have any questions please contact the page or call one of the numbers on the nearby posters.
As always, if you see him please don’t chase, approach or call out to him, he may run into danger. Please just let us know as soon as possible. Thank you.
Dear China – blimey boy, you're still zooming it around Martlesham, looking to keep safe. Do what you need to do to look after yourself until we can come get you. Missed every day xx ๐Ÿ’œ
Hoping for good news one day that you are home. Keep save China and let your mum have you in your arms one day again.
Many thanks Louise for new post and vid link โ˜บ๏ธ
We have recent confirmed sightings and camera pic of this amazing boy - only possible with the incredible support from his local and national team x
Julie Gee
I do pray for the day I read that China has been safely caught but, in the meantime, what a survivor this baby is! Clearly still alive and managing and there's something to be said for that. Incredible boy and incredible human momma who never gives up. As I said, I pray for the day ...
HelperSky's AngelsLouise
have made a new post for dear China together with a link of the video.. China is often on my mind, hoping and praying that he is doing ok xx
Latest update and post for China on his Facebook Page: 'Martlesham's Missing Dog - China

When China's mum, Çanella, was abandoned and gave birth to 7 pups out in the wilderness, she kept them safe for nearly 4 months until they were found and taken to a hillside rescue centre in Southern Spain. As the pups grew up they were adopted one by one until only China was left. Maybe his one damaged ear put people off? He was there for 4 years. Described by the rescue as “A very special dog. He has a lot of feeling and is very gentle.” Special? Because of the shelter story of how he protected and saved some puppies that were about to be attacked by an adult dog, a rare and brave act (sadly these attacks happen frequently in these cramped shelters – they aren't ideal but they care for the dogs and give them the best chance they can).
China was finally fostered in the UK, for over a year – a beautifully gentle and regal boy who slowly learnt what a house, beach and sofa meant. He was adopted and then lost. For a dog that has been through so much...
This is who: an amazing team of people, none of whom have ever met him! Ready to do what's needed at a moment's notice and, crucially for a long term missing dog like China, resolutely carrying on, always hopeful, always ready and never giving up. From the small local team of people who do weird and wonderful things plus his Facebook followers and all the locals who spread the word, to the dedicated, specialist national team Canine Capture. Why? Simply because they care, because they can and because there is one lost soul out there who needs our help, whose world can be changed and restored so he can finally get the life he deserves.
We are in the best position we've been in to get China to safety, we still need to have patience as his monthly route gives us a small window of opportunity to get the information that's needed before we can make the attempt. The amount of critical, detailed planning this takes is incredible and, with a dog like China, has to be spot on.
So please, be one of the people who is looking out for him now – even if you think you 'may' have seen him but aren't sure, just let us know. We are edging closer and closer and this team, that is 100% behind China, needs the people of Martlesham and Woodbridge (and beyond) to be in it with us, for the sake of a lovely lost little soul. Thank you.
Please keep LOOKING OUT FOR HIM, he's lost but he can be found.

Dear China, dear little dude – time marches on but will slip away once you're safe and back in the home that you know so well ... where you were happy, loving and loved xx
Thinking of you China and of your owners and all those trying so hard to bring you home.
Many thanks for your thoughts and ideas for China, really appreciated. Here is an updated post and thankfully he is now being seen again and caught on camera. STILL OUT THERE
The last post on China's Page was shared so much (thank you!) that it brought in those needed sightings and we've had more since. He's looking fit and healthy and is still very much around his usual (large) area. One of these also gave us important info on a missing part of one of his routes – brilliant.
๐Ÿ”ธThrough this we've been able to approach another large landowner who instantly gave us access and permission for cameras – we're so grateful for the continued support and evidence that the vast majority of people DO care.
Here are some different images (on his Facebook Page) of China that show his red colouring and profile. They were taken when he was in the shelter and we know, from recent sighters, that he's a little grey in the face now. The people who run the shelter do an amazing job but it's still quite a hard life and many of the dogs are lucky if they have a walk once a week from the volunteers, clearly China enjoyed his outings but we just wish he hadn't taken himself on such a long walk!๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
๐Ÿ”นAs many who have followed China's plight will know, he is not your typical lost dog. There are a small, but significant, percentage of missing dogs who – often because of their background – are not easy to reunite. There are fantastic groups around the country who freely help to find lost dogs but careful assessment of their needs is crucial, especially to allow them to settle in one area. For anyone who'd like to know more here's some detail from CCUK who are tirelessly and passionately driving forward the quest to Get China Home.
โ–ถ๏ธ https://www.caninecaptureuk.co.uk/.../is-your-lost-rescue...
As always, please report ANY info, ANY possible sightings – each one is so appreciated and moves us forward. China's wonderful Team are ready and waiting for our next 'break'.
We cannot get China home without you.
Dear Chi, all that time of being alone and without a pack will be forgotten as soon as you're back where you belong, til then stay safe little dude xx ๐Ÿ’œ
Always hoping and praying for this beautiful boy. His resilience is astounding. I would love to give him a cuddle and see him finally safe. Hoping the next post is into the blue. xxxLast edited: 2021-03-17 21:21:06 by Vizslamum
HelperSky's AngelsLouise
will bump my post in my group x
mel what do you think of this idea. just sit down, be quiet sit still do not look at the dog - do you think after a few minutes or longer the dog will approach you out of curiosity? one time at a busy town crossroads i saw a german shepherd and another lab type dog running amok. i parked the car opened the back door to get a lead - one dog came over and jumped in then the other followed - nobody more amazed and pleased than me.
It's been TWO WEEKS since the last sighting of China … he may have changed his area as it's warmer and the season is changing or he may well have been spooked from where he was by a well meaning person. We have many cameras but can't monitor all his favourite places so we need the community to be our eyes.
๐Ÿ“ฃ The message is simple – we are once again asking you to please share his poster (on his Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HelpGetChinaHome)keep him in people's minds and get those SIGHTINGS coming back in. Shares around Ipswich to Grundisburgh to Waldringfield and a few miles beyond would be really helpful - particularly in local community or closed groups you're in. Thank you.
Understandably people don't always know how to behave around a lost dog and people also wonder why it's so hard not to just walk up and 'catch' China. Here's some info on lost dogs from the amazing Kat Albrecht who has studied their behaviour:
๐Ÿ”ธ“Many dogs, even dogs that normally are not fearful at home, become terrified when they become lost. While some dogs will ultimately calm down and then approach people, other dogs will continue to run from everyone, including their owners! One of the worst things that you can do is CALL a stray, loose, or panicked dog. That’s because if too many people have already tried to capture the dog, calling him becomes a “trigger” that can cause him to automatically take off in fear when anyone, including his owner, calls him.
Blind panic is a situation in which the “flight” instinct (from the hardwired “fight or flight” response to stimuli) kicks in and a dog runs in what we call a blind panic. These dogs are the most difficult to catch since they will travel far, travel fast, and avoid human contact, even with their own family members.” ๐Ÿ”ธ
โ˜บ๏ธ We really can't thank everyone enough for the continued support locally, nationally and internationally, for China. We will keep going until he is found or, as we're painfully aware, time runs out for him. The message has always been: “Dear China, stay safe little dude, you're so loved and so missed – just want you home xx” ๐Ÿ’œ
Still watching China's page and hoping he comes home soon. I hope all is well with those searching for him and of course his dedicated owner. Everything crossed for China from me and my dachshunds down here in the West Country.
Do hope 2021 might be the year China will go home, come on boy, time for some home comforts, xx
I check on progress weekly and we have fingers and paws crossed that this handsome boy is home soon. Massive admiration to Canine Capture and to Mel. Amazing people.
Keeping everything crossed for the most amazing news soon. Good luck to the team and all involved. Hoping and praying that this beautiful boy is found safe and soon. xxx
A Happy New Year to all those who are following China's epic story! There is good news ๐Ÿ“ฃ (although he's still not home … yet!).
After the nightmare of losing an opportunity last Autumn in a different part of his 'territory' due to extremely unhelpful landowners, and after extensive follow-up of sightings from the public we now know the area he is in. Both from multiple sightings and multiple camera evidence. As ever, all done with the superb support of Canine Capture. The great news is that he has got over the injury that he had before Christmas.
๐Ÿ”ธWe are moving things ahead as quickly as possible before he moves area again – so PLEASE, any POSSIBLE SIGHTINGS need to be called in as soon as possible. It is down to both teamwork and the support of the public that we now have this info and we need it to keep coming in. Due to the short days he is, of course, mostly active from dusk to dawn … but he is active in the STREETS so there is a good chance you will see him (but perhaps assume it's a fox) – ** we'd rather hear about a possible than miss a vital bit of evidence **
Lockdown is an opportunity – winter is a time when these hunters become scavengers and that is the evidence we've received, of him scavenging. With another lockdown there are even fewer opportunities for him to find food and this gives us the edge. If you FEED THE FOXES in the Woodbridge area (we know all those in Martlesham) or know of a FOX FEEDER please, please message the page (or call or text) so we're aware and can build up a map.
๐Ÿ‘ It is also an absolute pleasure to mention how the local residents of the area we're in have shown WARMTH, COMPASSION and BEST WISHES in our efforts with China. It means a lot to meet so many lovely people who are rooting for China and his Team – THANK YOU! ๐Ÿ‘
If you see any cameras whilst you're out and about (usually placed down low to the ground) PLEASE don't post about them on social media, we need to keep the cameras safe in order to get China safe – thank you. They should all have signs on them (unless someone has taken them down) and if you're not sure please just call or message and we can confirm if it's a camera for China.
๐ŸŸ  Please SHARE on any local, closed Facebook Pages you know and/or SHARE on Instagram – we need the people of Martlesham and Woodbridge to be on high alert for China to make the most of this lockdown opportunity.
๐ŸŸ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missing.dog.martlesham.china/
Dear, beautiful lost boy – stay near to us Chi, you're much loved, much missed and we know you're out there little dude, we won't give up on you xx ๐Ÿงก
Thinking of you China and your poor mum. Come on out of the cold and wet. There'll be yummy turkey and pigs in blankets. Also thinking of CCUK and their wonderful work.
HelperSky's AngelsLouise
3 years is a long time China.. it is time you gave up, there is a loving family and a warm home with plenty of food and fresh water waiting for you.. come on girl.. you have had your fun. xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping China up for you Mel, come on boy we need you home xx
Hoping and praying for good news soon. Let’s remember Christmas 2020 for a positive reason. Getting China home! Fingers and everything else crossed. xxx

There has been so much action behind the scenes for the beautiful lost boy after we had some worrying news. A possible injury and a blurred but definite picture of him looking thin. The many sighters over the time he's been missing have almost always said how well he's looking. We realise that if he's hungry and unable to hunt in the wild then this may be our opportunity but it is also gut wrenchingly worrying. That said it is also MORE IMPORTANT than ever that he is not approached, or followed, please DO NOT attempt to catch him, if he comes to you that's different but a lost dog in survival mode will feel like he's being 'hunted' if you approach, and will panic and make bad decisions near roads and the railway – we leave the capture to the experts and they are on standby.

โœด๏ธ It is IMPERATIVE (please!) that every single possible sighting is messaged or called in: 0781 7776280 or message his Facebook Page or his Insta account.โœด๏ธ

โžก๏ธ Instagram (please share his posts to spread the word): https://www.instagram.com/missing.dog.martlesham.china/

We are now operating in a different area thanks to the expertise of ccuk (Canine Capture uk) who use all of their vast experience to plot possible routes around the sightings we (very gratefully) receive. This has led to much work for China's Team and the 'reward' of a picture of him but we want to grab this opportunity to get more than that and bring him home.

As you know, we can't give out locations but if you see one of the cameras please ignore it (it's only there to try and track Chi) and please don't post about it on social media. If you see one without a sign (some are being removed!), or you just have some questions give us a call:
0845 303 7266
OR: 0781 7776280

Sadly two of the strategically placed cameras have been stolen by opportunist thieves in two different areas, despite the signs being inches away, they were heartlessly ripped off from the locks and broken parts have been left. However, rather than focus on this, instead here's a big 'Thank You' to those who consistently ignore the cameras and wish us 'Good luck' when they see us placing them.

๐ŸŸ  CCUK take this on the chin but they've lost valuable equipment that is also used to help so many other dogs. If you'd like to support them with both China and other lost dogs around the uk please consider a small donation – the price of a cup of coffee from a few of you would make so much difference to them:
PAYPAL help@caninecaptureuk.co.uk
BANK TRANSFER Sort Code: 309191 Acc No: 36918760 Canine Capture UK CIC

Dear China … we've seen you looking a bit thin precious boy – the worry that's always there has grown and I wish you knew how many people are willing you home to hearty food, warmth and love. Stay safe little dude xx ๐Ÿ’œ
Thanks Vizslamum - what a lovely comment! So many good people out there thinking of China. We've recently had some issues with a large landowner denying us access to their fields which is pretty heartbreaking, but there is no option but to try other ways to get this boy safe. This is the latest update from his Facebook Page: It has been a busy time, behind the scenes, as we work with other landowners (currently 6 businesses and individuals) to carefully place cameras and feeding stations in an attempt to lure China into a more hospitable environment. A heartfelt thank you to each and every person who has, without hesitation, been willing to help where and how they can. ๐Ÿ‘
We've had recent sightings which is very positive and we're trying to work this into an opportunity. As the temperature drops, Lockdown 2.0 begins and the firework season is underway we need as many sightings as possible to exploit any and every chance that China gives us. As ever for the safety of China, there are activities and plans that we don't outline here as we try to make that bit of magic happen. We will not stop whilst he's still out there.
Thank you to those members of Team China who keep going above and beyond – you know who you are ๐Ÿงก
๐Ÿ”ธ Call in any possible sightings (text/call/message the page/instagram) – even if you're not sure.
๐Ÿ”ธ Help spread the word (and combat the crazy idea that China has 'chosen' to stay wild – he's a lost dog in 'survival mode') by SHARING POSTS / FOLLOWING AND SHARING ON INSTAGRAM / TELLING PEOPLE who aren't on social media.
๐Ÿ”ธ China's instagram: https://www.instagram.com/missing.dog.martlesham.china/
And, sweet little dude, stay safe and warm out there … move on a little and come grab some grub xx ๐Ÿ’œ
I follow this story every day, and have done for what seems like forever, on Dog Lost, and although I am not on social media, also follow on Facebook and Instagram.
Mel. Your commitment to find China, and love for him is clear to see. The lovely words directed to China, you usually end your posts with are enough to bring anyone to tears. xx
I am no where near, so feel helpless. Just wanted to let you know that there are obviously so many other people all wanting and willing China to be found safely, and soon.
No-one in their right mind would think otherwise.
Take Care. xx
HelperSky's AngelsLouise
Any sightings of this beautiful elusive girl? Perhaps we should rename her Greta Garbo? xx
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Thanks Helen and Louise. And that's so kind Dachs4ever - CCUK are going above and beyond for China, they'll really appreciate your support, thank you.
So impressed by e latest post from owner. Have sent some items from CCUK Amazon wish list. I do hope this beautiful boy is home soon.
HelperSky's AngelsLouise
Shared to Lost and Found Pets UK and to Sky's Angels on FB. maybe one day he will be captured and can live comfortably xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up dear China again for you Mel, keep safe and please give yourself up, it's been too long....

๐Ÿ”ธWe've put some recent pics of China on his Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/HelpGetChinaHome/ our lovely lost boy. The first one comes from a fabulous set of 6 photo's of him where he finally 'posed' for the camera instead of dashing by. We have quite a few but we've not publicised them before as we were close to a capture situation and were holding our breath! Sadly 3 different 'gentlemen' have recently either interfered or withheld support for helping poor Chi and its thwarted our efforts, a couple of them insisting he must be dead by now! So WE WANT AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE to know that he's still alive, looking good and is close by – we choose to focus on the many, many good people out there who've helped in so many different ways. Special thanks to Suffolk police for helping us out on a couple of these occasions.

๐Ÿ”นWe've had to edit pics to keep his location safe in case some people may go searching. If you see him please just let us know. The second picture shows him in a fairly busy place, watching people and their dogs go by, being part of a pack and yet not quite brave enough to join in. He is never far from people, and has been known to follow at a distance. If you're a dog walker (or know someone who is) please do keep an eye out and occasionally look behind you … if you see him, please ignore him and get in touch. As ever, a massive thank you to those who've recently called and for the difference you've made.

๐Ÿ”ธThese pictures wouldn't have been possible without the many people who donated to replace some stolen cameras and those who've donated because of the amazing work of CCUK (Canine Capture UK) around the country in finding so many other lost dogs. Their commitment to China uses a lot of their resources – both kudos and immense thanks go to them. At the moment, one of the CCUK team is on site for the next few days, working hard – all of this is done free of charge. China is one of the most challenging dogs they've helped with but they've dealt with dogs that have been out for longer, bringing them safely home – rejoining a pack and finding rest at last on a sofa.

๐Ÿ”นFor more about CCUK and what they do and/or to help out with China please see some of their awesome work (scroll down for pics): https://caninecaptureuk.co.uk/fundraising/
or here for videos and full stories of the dogs they've saved: https://www.facebook.com/caninecaptureukcic/

โžก๏ธ With an expert on site, PLEASE let us know of any possible sightings, even if they're not that recent, either by: text / phone call / a message to China's Page – ALL sightings are investigated and add to our knowledge, helping to predict routes in his large territory. As you can see, we're on the right track and, of course, won't be giving up on this lovely lad.

๐Ÿ™Please do share / tell others / help with any information – China is supported by so many of the community, we're ignoring the odd folk who can be negative and instead thank the vast majority who remain positive, keep the faith and are providing us with such vital info that's led us very close to capture … please help give us the next chance! On behalf of China, myself, China's Team and CCUK - thank you.

Dear China, so wonderful to see your face (we often get your bum in our photo's!) you are so missed, we'll keep on keeping on, so please keep safe and stay brave xx ๐Ÿ’œ
DogLostJayne - Admin
Great to see another update!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Thank you Mel for the latest update, so hoping these new developments and information will bring him home to you x
Bumping up his page for you x
'CHINA' ๐Ÿงก
THANK YOU to the lovely community PLEASE KEEP HELPING!

This is the most intense amount of work we've been able to do so far! From the information, sightings and equipment out we know he is currently moving between 2 areas and the tough, but important, work is to find those routes that are regular – when we work this out we can swoop in quickly with the expert help we have. Of course, each camera covers a small space and we're working with night time infrared pics … it doesn't matter how long it takes because we know he's there – we just NEED that information to keep coming … please.

Usually sighters tell us how well he looks but recently he has appeared more 'weary' ๐Ÿ˜ž perhaps he is slowing down a little, he needs us more now than ever to grab the opportunities we have to get him safe. We're so thankful that so many have 'kept the faith' for China for so long.

It's all down to people like these, so PLEASE DO KEEP LOOKING OUT FOR THE BOY WONDER:
๐Ÿ”ธthe person who called on the off chance – this led to our current work and was confirmed by many others once we had posters in the area
๐Ÿ”นthose going out late at night to help us with equipment
๐Ÿ”ธevery person who's sent possible pics of found strays
๐Ÿ”นthe generous people who've allowed us to place cameras / have access to their land
๐Ÿ”ธthe person who's collected food for the charity that's helping us
๐Ÿ”นpeople who've messaged for posters and leaflets to distribute
๐Ÿ”ธevery person who's ever shared his post – each one reaches someone new
๐Ÿ”นevery single person who has messaged / called – this is vital
๐Ÿ”ธand many more acts of kindness and generosity!

We really can't do this without you – 'Thank You' on China's behalf.

The resources and guidance we have are provided by the fabulous charity CCUK – follow their link below to see some of the amazing work they do

For the continued support of DogLost and loans of equipment, inc from others beyond Suffolk - thank you!

And, last but never least – some of the members of Team China who constantly go above and beyond for China, none of what we've achieved so far could be done without you.

China has his own Instagram account – please follow to help spread the word and reach someone new

WE NEED TO KEEP GETTING INFORMATION – you can be as involved or as anonymous as you like, but please DO pass on any info or possible sightings.

Dear China – time to slow down and retire to your very own sofa, it's here for you. Take care little dude - missed and loved every day – we're doing all that we can to get you safe xx ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’œ

DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Bumped China's post on our National FB Group x
Have been following China avidly...let's hope the twitterstorm brings him a little more closer. Shared to get as many people as possible on board...๐ŸคžGood Luck Mel & Team China๐Ÿคž - keep staying safe little Chi x
There’s a twitterstorm tonight #findChina


The good hearts of the community have shone through again – thank you all so much for the shares and donations to support China and Canine Capture UK whose equipment was stolen ๐Ÿงก. We have been able to replace the two cameras (photo below) and these will be back out over the weekend.

We've had some great information this week that has all tied together – this is why we ask for info even if you're not sure as we can often make a fuller picture from your pieces of the puzzle. We really do need more and more of this. There is so much daylight at the moment and we're convinced more people see him but don't report it. Please, please do mention to neighbours / friends and family that China IS still out there, IS still surviving and IS desperately missed – there are many people trying to get him safe, and even more willing him home.

China has been busy showing us how big his territory is. We know he 'bases' himself around Martlesham but he also visits and spends time in:
... and beyond.

We need to get one step ahead of China to make sure we're monitoring the right areas, he's set us a big task and we're trying hard to measure up to it. We have plans, equipment and determination! Your information is the crucial ingredient. A special thank you to those who have gone the extra mile to help with China over the last couple of weeks, including some lovely sighters – please know that it means so much that people truly care.

If you're on Instagram – please also follow China to help spread the word to different members of the community:

The 3rd of June is China's original 'GOTCHA' DAY – we're doing our best to make sure this lad is going to have 2 Gotcha Days to celebrate in his retirement!

Stay safe and stay visible out there little dude, much loved and much missed sweet Chi xxLast edited: 2020-07-27 10:08:47
Thank you both x
DogLostJayne - Admin
China you are still running us a merry dance over 3 years later! Good to know you are still healthy...Very good advice given Mel!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping dear China to the top again for you Mel to raise awareness in ‘his’ area x
The Latest from China's Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China'


๐Ÿ‘‰ Some extremely useful and KEY information came in at the weekend, as ever this was followed up and two of China's Team were able to get to the area very quickly. From this and more info gathered we know that we have found a 'safe spot' for China, a place where he regularly hides out under cover. He will have quite a few of these and our job is to ensure he still thinks it's safe so he keeps using it whilst we quietly go into action!

โœด๏ธโœด๏ธ The urgent appeal is for shares / tags If you know anyone who lives or currently exercises in the map areas below. We need sightings and information to keep coming in, including:
โœด๏ธโœด๏ธ PLAYFORD / RUSHMERE / the BEALINGS โœด๏ธโœด๏ธ

To make an attempt to safely Get China Home we need to be working in the right place at the right time (for more info on why this is so difficult, please see below).

We respectfully ask/plead:
DON'T APPROACH HIM / DON'T GO SEARCHING FOR HIM / DON'T CALL OUT TO HIM … he may panic and leave the area or make a horrible mistake near roads or railways. Instead IGNORE HIM and PLEASE JUST CALL OR MESSAGE THE PAGE as soon as you can – thank you, we need the local community more than ever.

Why on earth haven't you caught him yet?! / How can he have survived for so long??

Both very good and very common questions. Virtually all lost dogs are caught with the lure of food. China's breed (a podenco) are experts in rabbit hunting, they're super fast, agile (easily clearing 6ft fences) and very canny! China is sometimes seen hunting and it seems he's very good at it, so it's difficult to compete with fresh rabbit ๐Ÿ™. We have tried to tempt him with just about every variety of raw and cooked meat that you can think of, as well as cheese, peanut butter and other favourites. We've had some success but never enough to be able to draw him quite close enough to be trapped or darted. Having found a 'safe spot' we have a greater chance of success as he's more likely to get to the food before other critters. As he will have a few of these places we are always hoping that we can discover them (without him knowing) and carefully try to use them to our advantage. Lost dogs easily cover miles and miles during the day and / or night and China is no different. Thankfully, so far, he is staying around his temporary home and big territory circling Martlesham and Kesgrave.

๐Ÿ• Nearly everyone who sees him are surprised at how well he looks, they expect to see a skinny half-starved dog, but instead we hear of how he seems to 'glow' with good health. This is lovely to hear but we desperately want to get him safe (from potential injury/illness) and to get him back with his pack. This is why we also have reports of him hanging around where dogs live and even doing play bows with them!

Please help us to help China – we only know so much about him because of all the wonderful people who get in touch, even when they're not sure, ANY INFORMATION is always very gratefully received. Thank you to China's Team, to CCUK (Canine Capture UK) and to all who have kept thinking of him, looking out for him and calling in. A big debt is owed to so many already and we want that happy ending!

Dear China, you frustratingly clever lad, stay safe and somewhere in your soul please know that you've
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
I’m so pleased China is keeping safe, bumping his page to the top again for you Mel....

Firstly we hope this post finds the large 'China-family', of those who look out for and follow the search for this boy, safe and well.
These extraordinary times for us humans are most certainly having an impact on the wildlife and, of course, China. All the usual human routines and noises – which they know so well – have changed and this in turn changes their behaviour. China has been out and about!
We have waited until the 'traffic' on social media has calmed a little before posting news and, because it was believed that the change in ALL our routines will have a 'positive' effect on China, enabling him to move more into the open. After over a week of 'lockdown' we are getting some great info on a specific area, which is still quite large, and we need to narrow this down.

โœด๏ธ CALLING EVERYONE IN MARTLESHAM and KESGRAVE to please LOOK OUT FOR CHINA whilst you're out exercising. โœด๏ธ

A recent sighting showed his change in behaviour as he nearly ran through someone's legs, in a kind of 'fly-by' – he was that close. He is out there, feeling the change, unsure how to react BUT he is reacting. He has also run out in front of others, at close range – please see the guidance on his Facebook poster for what to do, thank you.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us have any information / sightings and PLEASE mention him to people you know who are using the local heaths, woods, rural footpaths on their daily outings. A huge 'Thank You' to those who have called and messaged this week, all the timings and places make sense!

These are undoubtedly upsetting times, but they may also give us a real opportunity to get China home.

๐Ÿ’Ÿ Stay safe everybody. And, China, you beautiful soul – stay safe little dude xx ๐Ÿ’œ


I so wish you will get him soon. Such a survivor, out there so long. Hope you get a sighting TODAY. xx

โœณ๏ธIt's been 2 weeks since the last definite sighting of China which is 1) worrying; but 2) understandable with all the bad weather. The added worry is that there have been a few reports of dogs becoming ill when walked in the area, but with some veterinary intervention they have all, thankfully, recovered well. Please, please do be extra vigilant in case China is laying up near any undergrowth if you're out and about on walks. Or perhaps have a look behind your sheds / around any outbuildings you have – thank you.

๐ŸŒง Members of Team China have been braving the wind and rain on a daily 'China Watch' rota in a key area very near the last sighting point. A huge 'Thank You' to them and, as always, a huge 'Thank You' to the wider community of Team China for the amazing amount of shares for Chi's recent posts. We believe that we have found a critical crossing point for Chi – we know that he distrusts the cameras (as some of the shy creatures do) so we are having to be very careful about how / where we place them.

โœณ๏ธ When China first arrived in the UK, from Spain, nearly 5 years ago, he managed to escape from the transport van in rural Oxfordshire and ran, panicked, into a field. Although very scared, China never left the sight of the man transporting him who'd he'd built up a bit of trust with. Both China and his transporter spent 5 days and nights in that field, but eventually Chi was caught in a big makeshift trap and delivered into my arms a few hours later … a truly special, truly gentle and loving boy. It took time to get his confidence up and we built up a bond that is all the more precious because he was so scared. China placed the huge gift of trust in me, and I want to honour this. The expert team of CCUK (and other canine capture experts) believe he won't be caught in a trap again (but we won't rule out the option of a BIG trap) and we are working towards being able to safely dart him.

Dear, dear, China – please stay safe, stay dry and warm. #nevergivingup x ๐Ÿ’œ
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia

Chi was clearly seen today, dashing across a road ๐Ÿ˜จ and then watched as he ran through a field and towards the railway. This was in the Rushmere area - if you have friends or relatives in this area please do alert them.

We know that China will use the railways to navigate around and will be (as the experts say) 'rotating' his rabbit hunting grounds. He was seen by someone who is very familiar with his podenco breed and was described as 'very ginger' and 'very fast' - our orange boy is out there and these sightings are invaluable and help us plan a new move. One of these follow-ups will be the one that Gets China Home!

He was also recently seen and watched for a while in a field and crossing a road bridge - we have cameras up nearby and have had a couple of videos which we believe (after some more expert consultation) may show him being very wary of the cameras and staying mostly hidden - it's the behaviour and movement that the experts are interested in. The monitoring continues with some live feed cameras that China's Team have kindly been lent by Canine Capture UK.

It really does need saying again (and truly from the heart) that one of these sightings or bits of information will give us the break we need as long as we follow up and give China the opportunity to make a connection with us again, trust us again just a little bit and give us our next chance to bring him home.

Beautiful boy, we'll never give up and one day we'll find a way. Until then, lovely little dude, stay safe, stay warm and stay close xx๐Ÿ’œ
Thanks for the bump Helen - and many thanks for all you do and all your help. Wishing you a peaceful Christmas x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping dear China up again for you Mel, so wish he would be back home for his birthday, he is always in my thoughts and one day you will have him safely home on the sofa x


What a fantastic response to recent posts - thank you! This has meant that we've had more info come in and more help offered.

China was seen very clearly, snuffling around, yesterday morning - looking fit and healthy. This was especially great news after a very worrying report a few days earlier of someone who was sure they'd hit a dog in their car! They watched it run straight to a specific place where we know China has run through before. We weren't sure if he was injured and the adrenalin had kept him going, so searches were made with the thermal camera but he wasn't seen. With no owner around, no other missing dogs and the description and place being spot on means this was almost certainly our boy. So the sighting yesterday (by someone who knows China) was a real relief!

Whilst rushing around on Christmas Eve to get everything ready and then taking some well earned R n R over the holiday PLEASE also do look out for China and let us know, even if you're not sure, if you have any information.

Thank you to China's LOCAL GROUP of wonderful Elves, working away in the background ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ responding to the railway sighting by giving up time to monitor the track, postering (and re-postering) and being ready to investigate any potential leads - a huge 'THANK YOU' to them xx

And, of course, another huge 'THANK YOU' to all of you on China's Facebook Page, for sharing his posters, for getting in touch to see how you can help and for mentioning him to those who aren't on facebook. But especially for your continued support and words of encouragement for the search for China. To you all a very Merry Christmas and wishing you all the best for the new decade xx

Christmas Day is also China's birthday - how I wish you could be here Chi ... but a candle will be lit, a space on the sofa reserved and memories will be shared until we can create some new ones - stay safe lovely little dude, stay safe xx ๐Ÿ’œ
Many thanks Sharon xx
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Have bumped China's post on our National FB Group XX
THERE HAS BEEN A REPORT (3.30 today, Sunday 15/12) of a brown medium sized dog travelling along the railway line in Ipswich (heading toward Castle Hill / Westerfield area.

If anyone knows of another lost dog in the area OR anyone who lives near the railway line / has a view of the railway line we would be very, very grateful if they could keep a look out - at any time. If this is China then it is CERTAIN that he uses this area very often - he's a clever lad and will know that there are less trains about on a Sunday (these are the sort of clues / triggers that dictate their behaviour).

If it's another lost dog then this information needs to get to their owner who must be frantic with worry.

Any information very gratefully received - thank you! x

There are regular updates on China's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/HelpGetChinaHome/
LOST BOY 'CHINA' - more sightings for China - please keep providing info - thank you x

Firstly, a huge thanks to those who have volunteered to help out locally for China - it's so appreciated. We are pushing out more publicity: fresh posters are going up and some of China's new postcards have been delivered to local primary schools. His Instagram account is also being well supported - thank you! ๐Ÿ™Œ

โ–ถ๏ธ https://www.instagram.com/missing.dog.martlesham.china/

Please, like comment and SHARE his Insta posts to reach local people - muchas gracias from the Spanish boy!

๐Ÿ”ธWe have had more information and offers of help and new cameras are out in the key locations. As always, for this little lost dude, we need as much info to come in as possible: we never know if we'll get that key bit of INFO in 5 days - 5 weeks, months or in the next 5 minutes! But we're ready and waiting to act wherever we can. We know that it just takes that right SIGHTING or bit of INFO to get any lost dog home ... we really can't do this without you.

๐Ÿ”ธThe sooner we get INFO the better - China's local Team plus some amazing professionals are waiting in the wings to swoop in and get this boy safe. We have key kit at our disposal and some of it is in use daily to help us have constant EYES on the ground, day and night.

๐Ÿ”ธ China has made a large area his very own, he's very capable but in constant danger from the roads and the railways - especially if he is chased ... scared dogs make bad decisions and we have just about got away with this for China, we've had accounts of him running scared over the A12!

๐Ÿพ Please DO keep mentioning, sharing and letting people know that he's still around and that the quest to Get China Home is very much alive and kicking.

Stay safe lovely dude - you're constantly missed and your furever home is here in the warm with your buddies xx ๐Ÿ’œ
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
It's nothing short of amazing that China is still out there and doing so well. I hope that you get him back soon Mel. Before his 3 yr "anniversary".
Thank you both x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
Bumped on our National FB Group x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So pleased there have been some new sightings of your boy Mel, bumping his page up again.
Keep safe China x
*red colour, like a large whippet)

A deep sigh of relief as China has been seen safe and well, and with a bit more info we can put another plan into action.

Both confirmed and possible sightings have been called in – thank you! We need to hear about every POSSIBLE sighting to try and lock down on a specific area so please do encourage all to call or message us.

China has his very own Instagram account – we'd be very grateful if you could pass this on / follow his account / encourage others to help spread the word – thank you.


China's Team would be grateful for some extra help and we're looking for any volunteers who:
Live locally (Martlesham and Kesgrave areas) to help out when they have a little time. Some of this will be to put up a handful of posters in your area and keep an eye on them and replace if needed.
And/or, if you're willing and able, to help with some of the plans we carry out in our attempts and plans to get him safe.
If you own / work in a shop please let us know if we can drop you a poster and some leaflets

Please MESSAGE THE PAGE if you can offer any help – it would only be what you're able to offer and we'd be very grateful, every little bit makes a difference for China.

If you or someone you know REGULARLY TRAVELS BY TRAIN on the Ipswich to Woodbridge part of the line - please ASK THEM TO LOOK OUT FOR CHINA on their journey. We are sure, like many lost dogs plus foxes and other critters, he uses the line to navigate along and move around.

For all these plans we NEED SIGHTINGS, so it can't be emphasised enough that all info is very gratefully received, this is what has brought us close to getting him safe and we need to keep creating these opportunities – with heartfelt thanks x

And, China – so glad you're showing yourself again and people are helping you by letting us know. So, missed and loved – the China-shaped space on the sofa is all yours little dude, come home soon xxLast edited: 2019-11-03 22:05:48
This is the latest post for China, still missing in Martlesham, Suffolk. There's a new video for him too, here's the link: https://www.facebook.com/HelpGetChinaHome/videos/739044483580186/

We're begging for SIGHTINGS! Beautiful lil Chi has been sooooo quiet of late. He's been quiet for longer than this before but it ramps up the worry. It's been a good 2-3 weeks since the last confirmed and definite sighting. We have some very 'different' plans waiting to be put into action BUT we need that extra bit of info to make sure we're in the right place. Please, please do encourage people to call or message in if they even suspect it might be China they've seen - all the possibles add up and we can crack on with Mission Possible.

Yes, it's been such a long time, but that hopefully means that our chance is coming soon. We can't do any of this without YOU, without the wonderful support / information / sightings / and 'heads up' from China's 'adopted' Martlesham family.

Please share China's latest video to keep people knowing he's out there, knowing he's wanted home so badly and to get those all important sightings.

And, dear, sweet, beautiful, brave China - stay safe my lovely little dude xx
Hi Gloria, many thanks for letting me know - could you let me know, if you remember, what day of the week this was and the rough timing please? Thank you
that sounds so hopeful. Paws and fingers crossed for you. xx
Must somehow have missed the previous update...but so pleased to see China has great sightings all paws and everything still and always will be until you are home - and thoughts as always with everyone involved...just wonderful to see but please China stay safe and hope you don't get scared...stay with us sweetheart Last edited: 2019-08-13 11:54:43
DogLostJayne - Admin
Oh China...think of you often...
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia

Another crazy, frustrating yet so hopeful and heartwarming month has passed …

๐Ÿ”นWe've had some excellent sightings of Chi – EVERY person says he looks well, which is so lovely to hear. Other words used to describe him have been: 'frolicking' and 'bouncing'! Yes, it's lovely to hear that he seems happy but equally we've had him running fast and scared SO we need to continue to try everything to get him safe.

๐Ÿ”ธ We had some sightings of him as close as 10ft away and not being scared … just standing and watching and then trotting off. Please see his poster below for how to react to gentle China if you encounter him – this will almost always be in woods / fields / hedgelines BUT he has also been seen crossing Eagle Way so he's not far from humans.

๐Ÿ”น There were a lot of sightings between Dobbs Lane / Foxhall Road and Martlesham Heath and then the fire hit! It went very quiet for a few days and then he seemed to pop up again. If we can be near him at the RIGHT TIME, RIGHT PLACE then we may be able to take our chance to build on that situation if he has a positive experience. If you have some food on you please share it with China (gentle movements), he's taken gravy bones, dog biscuits and ham from close up when he's been offered it.

๐Ÿ”ธ We have another new plan to try and create an opportunity after being given some help by China's original rescue shelter in Spain. And the Edinburgh Husky Man will be back down again soon – please, please keep the calls coming in – it could be THE call ๐Ÿคž

Thank you to every single person who continues to look out for him, call us and stays hopeful with us.

Dear China, dear beautiful lost China, stay save my little dude – it's not enough to just have you in my heart. So many people want to see you safe. Stay brave! x ๐Ÿ’œ
Always thinking of you China ๐Ÿคž
Thanks to all for positive comments and best wishes - this is the latest post and update for dear China x

The gentle Chi is still out there - our Mission Possible continues.

The specialist from Scotland has returned home after the horrendous rain of June made it difficult for him and his three lovely hounds to build up a regular visiting regime with China. He had a couple of sightings but wasn't able to re-establish the contact he'd had on the last trip down. But he'll be back, hopefully next month, if we haven't had our overdue bit of luck in getting China safe.

In the meantime we've had some great information and sightings. As ever, we are incredibly grateful for the continued support and sightings that come in. This has meant we have key info on his areas and know:
1) China's dusk / overnight area (which is still a few big acres).
2) A favourite daytime hang out area, for when it's sunny.

Every now and again China does something SIGNIFICANT, eg – he approaches someone, he follows a person, he has wandered into a small enclosed garden, he returns to the same person who has a regular routine etc. We are now overdue one of these INCIDENTS … just as we are overdue our bit of LUCK, we know it could happen at any moment. If you see China or suspect that he is around please, please just let us know and we may be able to turn it into our very own piece of luck to get Chi safe.

Lovely little dude, miss you so much – just stay safe and do something special for us x
Amazing he is still out there!! So hope you can have a happy reunion. What resilience! xx
I’m Still looking for China Mel hope he is safe keep up the good work he will be home soon x take care Mel x
Good Luck Team China...All paws and everything xd ๐Ÿคž that he will be out of the open and into the warm very soon. Come on lad, to where you won't be so scared but will be so loved and can rest your weary head sweetheart x ๐Ÿ’™Last edited: 2019-05-30 00:36:58 by Carolynl

A while since the last Post for China as there have been exciting developments. Team China have been hard at work in one specific location for several weeks to set up plans for a dog expert to help dear China - and now he's here, in Martlesham!

โœด๏ธSightings are crucial! We have had some called in during the last couple of weeks and they have been partly based around the Martlesham Heath / Eagle Way area (map on China's Facebook Page). Please report any info as soon as you possibly can, thank you! As I've said before … we wouldn't have been able to keep track of gentle Chi without the amazing local help from you all, we now need it even more than ever.

The fundraising earlier this year has helped us to transport and kit out an expert who has given up his time, free of charge, to travel down from Scotland with his three (extremely well trained) huskies – you may well see him wandering around Martlesham, please do go and say 'Hi' to him and his lovely hounds BUT please don't approach him if he looks like he's lurking in the undergrowth or sitting in any woods as he will be on China watch! He has been incredibly kind in giving up his time and using his skills to work on: 'China, Mission Possible!'. He has already been down once for a short while and got within about 20 feet of China. We are incredibly lucky to have him working with us.

Although we are working in a particular location we know that China likes to travel around his 4-5 square miles of 'territory' and we'd like to use ANY OPPORTUNITY to utilise our expert help. Our expert is there 24/7 and can respond quickly to a situation so please, please do call in any SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS. Thank you all for your help so far, for the donations that have made this possible and please tell others about China and what to do if he's seen:

- Please don't approach China or call out to him
- Please report any sighting or info as soon as you possibly can
- If you can take a picture, that would be great!
- If he approaches you, please turn to the side, avoid eye contact and stay low – AND CALL US

Meanwhile, China, stay very safe, as ever we are trying our best to get you safe sweetheart Last edited: 2019-08-13 11:54:09
What an amazing survivor. I hope you get reunited and enjoy a relaxing "retirement" with your humans soon. x
Keep looking out on China's updates...well done on your patience for getting your boy safely home...hoping that it all stays safe for China as sounds as if the slowly, steadily approach is working...all paws xd and Good Luck to everyone involved in getting China safely home x
Huge thanks to all those who’ve called and messaged the Page with sightings of Chi - some of them in the exact area we’re working in.

As ever, we can’t give specifics but we’re busy trying to lure him in and all your info has helped massively!

The warm weather and longer days are bringing him out into the open. He is mostly, except when taken by surprise, looking pretty confident around his area and this will go a long way to our trust building.

He’s being reported as still looking more ‘red’ than his photos can show, and still with a thicker coat which will have grown through the winter. Please look out for our red/orange boy - it really is crucial that we hear of any sightings or info, thank you all for continuing to support this lovely, gentle lad.

Dear China, please stay safe and stick to your routine x ๐Ÿ’œ

Fingers crossed this lovely weather will tempt lovely China to show himself x
Wishing everyone a lovely long weekend ๐Ÿ’œ
There have been quite a few sightings very recently - if you’re out and about enjoying the sunshine, please help us and look out for China.
We wish he could be having fun with his podenco brother (who likes to climb trees!), they look the same but China has part of his right ear missing (after he was bitten by a bully dog when he defended some puppies in the shelter).
Stay safe Chi, my lovely lil dude - we’re in your area, Plan 67 is underway, we won’t stop trying til we get you home x ๐Ÿ’œ
Since this update from China's Facebook Page he's been clearly sighted over the last couple of days and we had some excellent information late last night. As long as he's out there, we'll be trying to get him safe. Always very grateful for all information and positivity for China x
We are patiently, and stealthily, working away to lure our boy in ... no 'big' news yet but please keep the messages and calls coming in - so many thanks to those who have ๐Ÿงก

Although it's so hard, and sometimes painful, to be patient, we know he's out there, we know he gets curious and investigates when we're in that one particular place, at a particular time - a momentum is building.

We're anxious that people don't stop looking along those hedge and tree lines when they're out and about. With the clocks going forward it's important to remember that its much more likely to be a 'China' than a fox in daylight - Chi likes to snuffle around, nose to the ground. Please call in any suspected sightings or info.

Thank you to everyone (including Team China) for the continued support in this long haul rescue. And, China, stay safe little dude, you're doing amazing and positive energy and love is constantly being sent your way x
still thoughts go out to you Mel I hope China is reunited soon x
Many thanks for your help and positive comments x
Have been wondering what was happening with China and hoping it was for the reasons you'd given- was getting a little worried! But pleased it's going on behind the scenes and hoping for good news all round when it comes...slowly and steady seems to be the order of the day...thinking of you all and of course China..thankyou for updating x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Very positive Mel, bumping you up again China, come on boy it's been too long x
MARTLESHAM, IPSWICH - 0781 7776280

Lots has been happening behind the scenes for China!
Firstly, this video (on his Facebook Page) has been sent in of a very possible China keeping to the undergrowth: it’s the right height, shape and colour for China and, most importantly, is the dog’s behaviour as he ‘plays safe’ whilst going past other dogs and then bolts away and into cover at the end! No owner was seen and the sighter had enough time to watch and then record it on their phone (thank you so much!).

There’s another dog that is similar (but doesn’t have the same pointy ears that this one has) that may have been off lead in the area SO we are very keen to know if anyone else saw this dog after he went out of sight. This was on Martlesham Heath earlier this week - please call, text or message the Page and we’d be grateful for shares to try and find someone who did, thank you!

There have been other, clear and multiple sightings in two of China’s key areas. We are active in these areas but can’t say any more (although it’s been exciting progress!) as every time I give detail I seem to jinx it !! So we’ve been a bit hush, hush with news and details. However, we are incredibly grateful that these calls and messages were made as they have definitely led to greater things. On one occasion he was tucking in to some very fresh horse poop, nice! So, if you’re out on your horse please take a look behind you occasionally

Please do keep letting us know of any possible sightings or info, they are all followed up and have given us our latest opportunity, which is underway. Thank you x

Dear Chi, keep staying safe my lovely little dude - some wonderful people are helping to get you home xxLast edited: 2019-03-25 15:52:45
Keeo following this amazing dog and equally amazing team - just wish he would give in. Stay safe lovely boy
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
I can't believe that China has been out there for over 2yrs now. So pleased for you that you are having regular sightings. So near but yet so far!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumped up again for dear China, so very close......please be brave young man x
China was seen out in the sunshine TWICE yesterday! Now that all the 'unusual' activity from half term and a sunny weekend has ended, China decided to enjoy the warmth of the sun more publicly. Seen from close up and in one concentrated area we've been able to act quickly ... we're on it and have been out early again today to put things in place.

He was seen early in the morning and around lunchtime. He's in the area we've been focussing on in Martlesham and I CAN'T EMPHASISE ENOUGH the importance of (PLEASE!) letting us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE if you think you've seen him - we really are able to check this out within minutes, we know he is willing to make a connection - we just need the opportunity to be where he is so we can use our hard-won knowledge of how best to do this. Please put the number in your phone: 0781 7776280, thank you x

The drone footage [on his Facebook Page] (NOT CHINA) was taken recently and shows how easily SPOOKED a dog is when they're approached too quickly (of course, sometimes people just stumble across him and it can't be helped). This dog, 'Kim' was having a look around a field and building when people started to approach - you'll see her reaction, she's incredibly fast, as is China, panicked dogs sometimes make bad choices, this is why so many are killed on the roads or the railway. Please just let us know if you see him and we'll do the rest - THANK YOU! (Kim is now safe - yay!) [Actual footage is much clearer.]

We are very lucky to have so much expert help and advice, we'll never be to able to repay this debt of kindness by so many for one lovely little lost chap. With their help, we'll do whatever it takes, for however long it takes to get him safe. We've consulted with 'experts' across the UK, many have visited the site and advised us and we've also spoken with people in the US and Europe, an international effort! China is a 'different' kind of LOST DOG, which means it will take a 'different' method - this can't be done, though, without the help of the local community - BELIEVE ME, he is out there, he is surviving and has shown that he wants to make a connection but doesn't quite know how - please give us the opportunity to reach him by REPORTING ALL SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS, it will just take the right sighting at the right time to give us that chance again.

China, you're amazingly resilient, you haven't given up, and we won't either - stay safe my beautiful little 'red' dude xxLast edited: 2019-03-25 15:51:54
Thanks Carolynl - very kind of you. A new post for China is on his Facebook Page and is copied above in comments. Any extra help / advice etc is always very gratefully received. Thank you.
Is there still sightings of China in same area? Just posted to a friend who has been a part of the pharoah world for sometime in the hope he may know people in this area. He is quite well known also, so hopeful of good response.I have also asked that care be given and just to contact above numbers if any sightings. Hope that's okay?
Thank you Bess n Barney's Mum! Really kind of you to put on here. x I'll put the original post below:HELP and SUPPORT NEEDED

Wonderfully, the recent publicity has brought in new offers of trained help with China. These experts offer their time and experience free of charge but, of course, they need some costs met (like travel / equipment / darting / transporting traps etc). Also, after two years of constant monitoring and activity some of the equipment originally purchased (eg, for watching in the dark, other cameras) is worn out and needs replacing. So we are hoping to have a little 'China Fund' to help him home. If anyone would be willing to contribute the price of a cup of tea or coffee to help us we would be incredibly grateful. All equipment will be donated to Lost Dog rescue groups (who've helped with our boy) once China is safely home. (We're using 'PayPal Pool' as this means ALL the money will go to China's Fund)

As you can imagine, it's incredibly hard to ask for help, but the time has come. Of course, not everyone will want to donate so we would just ask for a share of his post to try and get us the funds we need. Thank you so much for whatever kind of support you can give.

And, Chi, stay safe dude, we just won't give up x

If bank details are easier please PM the Page ๐Ÿพ
The 'pool' already contains some money kindly donated. Thank you x https://paypal.me/pools/c/8bI9xgi0VELast edited: 2019-01-28 21:04:26
Bess 'n' Barney's Mum
I hope it's alright to put this on here, just wanted to let people know. On China's facebook page, Martlesham's Missing Dog China, with some understandable reluctance Mel has asked if anyone would like to donate a small amount to help cover costs for some extra resources she has been offered as the result of recent new publicity. You can go to his facebook page and donate through Paypal. I thought it was worth mentioning here, as most of us are too far away to be able to help in any other way. Good luck, China x

The recent coverage of China's plight has brought in more info and much (very appreciated) support – our main aim is to try and keep people looking out for him to get those very important sightings. We've had some further information and some more offers of 'expert' help which is great!

He's been quiet the last two weeks – just one confirmed and other 'possible' sightings. What's important is that when the temperature drops as low as it has the last day or so then he seems to move towards Martlesham Heath and then starts popping up. For us to know that he's there we really need EVERY POSSIBLE SIGHTING called in – they give us crucial info about where to focus our efforts. If you know someone who lives / works in the area please do ask if they can be extra vigilant – thank you!

We hate to think of him out there in the cold but the reality is that this time of year gives us the best opportunity to 'connect' with him – we had this opportunity last year and we've learnt more about China from this that we can put to good use.

Also below, as we so often get asked, is an article on 'Survival Mode' (ie why we can't just go and collect him after a sighting)

Continued thanks to Team China and to everyone for all the different support for China. China, stay safe, stay warm and be brave xx Last edited: 2019-01-28 14:43:40
Hi fh that's really kind of you - thanks. If you could text me on my number then I can send my address to you: 0781 7776280 - Thank you!
My bitch is in season at the moment. I'm happy to send a cloth with the scent on it to put near his feeding station, or in a trap ?
It is good you still get regular sightings. What an amazing survivor. He must have somewhere cosy to curl up out of the wind and weather. Fingers crossed you get your chance soon. xxx
Many thanks Helen ... one day, one day x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Link to the newspaper article
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping dear China up again to the top for you Mel x
TOMORROW (4th Jan) China will have been wandering around Martlesham for TWO YEARS ... regularly sighted, definitely OUT THERE ... he's never gone far from where he first ran to. BUT he's described by experts as 'amongst the elite at evading capture' ... despite that we will never give up on him. He's getting braver on every encounter, recently taking food and wagging his tail at someone he regularly visited. There will be coverage of his plight on Radio Suffolk later today and the East Anglia Daily Times have done a large feature on him in today's paper.
Stay safe lovely Chi, and so many thanks to everyone who continues to help and to keep the faith for this lovely, gentle lost boy x
A very Happy Christmas to all those who are Helping to Get China Home - including shares, practical help, advice, looking out for the boy and all the compassion and positive vibes that so many have shown. The Quest looks set to continue into the New Year ... but it will never fade, we won't give up on him HE'S STILL OUT THERE, always loved and very missed.

๐ŸŒฒ Christmas Day is also CHINA'S BIRTHDAY so I wanted to celebrate, with a lil video (on China's Facebook Page), all that the local community, Team China and Canine Capture UK (and other wonderful national experts) have done to help - a Huge Thank You. From local magazines, rspca Fun Day, March for China, carved pumpkins to the posters, banners and leaflet dropping. What a year: from regular feeding and sightings for nearly 3 months, then appearing in someone's garden, repeatedly coming to visit a member of Team China and then visiting someone regularly at the end of their garden, what next for our boy?

๐Ÿพ UPDATE: With the change in the environment of where he was visiting he hasn't yet come back. BUT the willingness he has shown to come forward and be seen is SO ENCOURAGING, if we have to take it slow Chi, then that's exactly what we'll do. There have been possible other sightings in the last couple of weeks and these have been followed up. We have had other info that also suggests he's still in a small, concentrated rural area. As the weather is still mild he hasn't made his usual move to be nearer to people / houses, when it does then we should get more info from the lovely folk who always look out for him. As ever, PLEASE REPORT ANY SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS or INFORMATION - it is always very gratefully received and acted upon.

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Chi, miss you little dude, stay safe xx ๐Ÿ’œ
Thank you Bess n Barney's mum! Really hoping you (and us all) get some tears of happiness soon x
Bess 'n' Barney's Mum
So often I look on China's page both here and his page on fb and each and every time I cry. I am so waiting to see that he has finally been reunited, I will still cry but they will be tears of happiness. Please, China, know what's good for you and let yourself be tempted to give in, life could be so much better. And you will hear the cheers from right down here in the New Forest. Wish I was nearer to be able to keep an eye out, but I am willing him to be home on the sofa.
๐Ÿพ UPDATE FOR CHINA ๐Ÿพ (and a Big Thank You for the positive messages of support on this DogLost Page x)

The lost boy is still close, but not home yet (how I would LOVE to write that post very soon). He was seen 'flirting' with a female resident dog at the place he's chosen to regularly visit. This was in daylight and he was watched exchanging 'playbows' and waggy tails through the wire fence … quite a “wow” when I got that news!

โœด๏ธ Tomorrow he will have been out there, on his own, an incredible 23 months … and yet instead of growing more distance from humans it seems that each encounter has him being braver and more confident, as long as it's on his terms.

There has been a recent (out of our hands) change in the area he uses to access this place (which should revert to normal soon) and this has meant he's kept his distance at dusk but he's been seen a few metres away. With the info we've gratefully received it seems that he's actually staying in quite a small area at the moment but PLEASE do keep vigilant for a 'lesser spotted China' because HE'S OUT THERE, bless his gentle heart. We need to know as soon as possible if there's any change so that we can take appropriate action. Here's a pic of him at home (on his Facebook Page) with his big ears up ๐Ÿ˜

So many hours, days, weeks and months of missing this boy – the heartache doesn't stop, you just learn to live with it and to use it as motivation to give him every chance to Get Home. Meanwhile, always hoping, hoping that he keeps himself safe. For ways to help please see the pinned post on his Page – thank you to everyone who is helping, who is waiting and willing to help, and who sends support from near and far, he's a special boy and on China's behalf – THANK YOU SO MUCH x

Stay safe lovely little dude xx
this sounds really positive. Fingers and paws crossed for you.x
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
How wonderful Mel. Fingers crossed that China will soon be home after all he's been away for nearly 2 years now!
DogLostJayne - Admin
Paws crossed here for you all.
Thanks JulieH and Helen x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
That's really pleasing news, Mel, bumping dear China up for you x
Fingers crossed as always Mel for the best Christmas present ever xLast edited: 2018-11-16 17:00:49

I can't bring you full details BUT … He has been regularly approaching someone, within a metre, whining for attention, doing a little dance with his feet, wagging his tail, following them a little way and taking biscuits! He's in an area where he feels safe and he comes along just as the light is fading – clever boy Chi. We are working on gaining his trust but the emphasis is on not changing anything in the environment and letting him make the decisions.

I'm so grateful to all sighters and members of Team China who've had contact / worked hard with China to carefully build his trust by not spooking, approaching, calling out to him etc … HE IS BEGINNING TO CHANGE HIS MIND ABOUT US HOOMANS!

He could, of course, retreat again for a while BUT this shows that he's building trust, he's not finding us so scary anymore and hopefully realises that he HAS A WAY BACK to us.

We need everyone to keep looking out for him, he could approach anyone in the local community so here are ALL the ways you can Help Get China Home:

IF YOU SEE CHINA: turn slightly away / ignore him / contact us asap
IF HE STAYS NEAR: make yourself smaller by crouching down / avoid eye contact and if you have some food or crinkly wrapper on you, gently toss it on the ground to get his attention and show him that humans are a positive.
IF HE WANDERS OFF: please note behaviour / direction of travel and, if it's safe for you and him, gently follow at a distance or watch where he goes and contact us asap

ANY SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS / INFO – please phone / text / message the page


Please SHARE this post – every share reaches someone new!

Please MENTION him to friends, family, neighbours - especially those not on Facebook who may think he's been found or worse...

If you're out and about in these areas: rural; woods; green places with run-throughs please look out for movement around hedge and tree lines

Please put a POSTER in your car and/or in a local shop / at the end of your road (junction)

We can get posters/leaflets to you

Please regularly check (esp when it's cold) sheds / outbuildings / haystacks etc for flattened, rounded shapes where he may have slept

Extra poop in your garden? We can check if this is from a dog living wild.

Eyes in headlights – China's will almost certainly look amber and be further apart than fox eyes.

Please drive just a bit more carefully and maybe ask passengers to look across the fields, along treelines/hedgelines

If he appears in your GARDEN, please try and gently shut the gate / block him in if possible (but only if it won't scare him) or just contact us asap.

If you've read this far – THANK YOU! - please don't give up on China, he's out there, he's getting braver and he needs his 'pack'.

And a HUGE 'Thank You' to everyone who has and continues to call/message in - it DOES make a difference and is the only way we've got this far, please keep all the info coming x

And China - stay safe and stay brave little dude xx

Last edited: 2018-11-16 17:02:24
CHINA CLEARLY SIGHTED THIS EVENING ... IN TORCHLIGHT, NEAR CHICKENS (!) Looking well, and he wasn't alarmed by being seen, he just trotted off.

Latest update from his page: LOST PUMPKIN-BOY

This time last year (and, yes, it has been that long!) our gentle fox red boy started hanging out around MARTLESHAM HEATH (more specifically the land around EAGLE WAY). The cold weather has finally bitten in and we've had our first frost, brrr for us and even more brrr for lovely Chi. He was SIGHTED in BIRCH WOODS (by Eagle Way), in daylight, at the weekend ... trotting up towards the houses. There's so much greenery around there for him to hide BUT I'd like to highlight the plight of Floyd - found yesterday after bolting whilst his owner was on holiday - the screenshot pic on his page tells the story of how it took just that one chance, and he was safe!

A big thank you to a member of Team China for the wonderful pumpkin that was carved for him last night - always thinking of you Chi and waiting for that one chance my lovely.

when a gentle pooch like Chi is missing for so long people can give up looking - please don't, please keep mentioning him, looking out for him and, VERY IMPORTANTLY, please report ANY SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS - we're ready to take our chance, Team China have various plans in place and are waiting for the call that means we can act. ๐ŸŒฌ๏ธ The winter weather gave us a good chance last year ... it will give us another chance, please let us know if you have any suspicions he's camping out in your SHED, OUTBUILDING, HAYSTACK, GARDEN (flattened, rounded shapes)

Please do call / text / message China's Page as soon as you can with ANY information - thank you all.

China, stay safe my beautiful lost soul xLast edited: 2018-11-16 17:03:12

Lots of calls, messages and info has been coming in – really appreciated and all followed up or still being investigated. A delay in posting as, sadly, there's been a bereavement in China's wider human family. A lot will have changed when he finally makes it home

There have been recent sightings but China has gone a bit quiet and hasn't been seen during the last 10 days … he does do this but last year he was quiet until the weather really turned and then he was popping up nearly every day, very close to humans, this is what gave us an excellent opportunity and we were feeding him for a while until there was a 'change' and then we lost his trust.

Not long after he appeared in someone's garden (so close!), and then started visiting a member of Team China near a local landmark but then he went quiet again. Our chance can come at any opportunity. There have been lots of poor lurchers on the loose recently (thanks for all the messages – all were checked out) and these are now safe, although all caught in many different ways and with an amazing amount of support from the villages and towns they were running scared in, so who knows when he'll come across his 'hero' .

As ever IF YOU SEE CHINA – here's how you can help:

As soon as possible alert us:
Darren: 07912 109335
Mel: 0781 7776280
or message China's Page.


If he hangs around, please keep low, still and avoid eye contact. If you have some food on you then throw a few bits away from you and quietly watch his reaction. Keeping calm and quiet will make all the difference, thank you! (More INFO on how to help on his facebook page, in pics).

The current area of interest is mapped out (pic on his facebook page) BUT he will still be travelling around so please call in ANY SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS.

It's been a heart-stopping few days with calls of 'possibles' and then the awful news and wait today of a poor dog being killed on the A12 this morning – run free sweetheart, thoughts are with the owner/s.

So, China, pleassssse STAY SAFE – the rollercoaster continues and you're thought of so many times, every single day, miss you x Last edited: 2018-11-16 17:00:31
Great to see that China is getting brave again - just hope he gets that little bit closer every day and gains that trust so needed to get him back to safety. He's done so well all this time out there alone. Hoping that one day soon I can take the poster out of my car and replace it with a big banner saying "he's home".
Thanks Gloria and JulieH x

Our lovely boy has kindly been featured in a local magazine – delivered free to homes and businesses (over 15,000 of them!). This helps immensely to get to all those who are local but not on Facebook. A very big thank you to Woodbridge Vision Magazine. We need everyone to know that he's still out there as so many people think he can't have made it out there alone for so long.

But he's not completely alone. One member of Team China has continued to see him at the latest location and this isn't by accident – China will know that someone will be there, at that time, every day and he CHOOSES to come closer, just a few days ago he was within 10 feet! We're working again on gaining some trust with him and have a careful scheme in place to try and reward him whilst building up a relationship with a scary hooman! We can't just try and grab him / call him as this may make him retreat – patience is, as ever, the key.

This has also been helped with the kind donation of more BONES from another local butcher. A huge thank you to KESGRAVE BUTCHERS, helping us to try and Get China Home.

We have multiple accounts of him 'following' people (usually dog walkers) at a distance … the lost boy is looking for a pack, he wants to 'connect' but just doesn't quite trust us and I expect he's had some scary experiences when he's stumbled across people. Mostly, we think, he is careful and watching / waiting. If you think you may be followed by him (often in wooded areas) then please just ignore and let us know where asap - this will help him regain some confidence, thank you!

Meanwhile we have a new poster for our 'orange' boy, China (a simpler format as the last version 'spoilt' in rain). Thank you for the calls and messages of possible sightings and dogs that have been found and could have been China – so grateful that he's staying in people's thoughts and the local community are looking out for any possible sign of him, everything is investigated.

As ever, China, stay safe, stay near and stay warm – we hope on some level you know how very, very missed you are and how many people are willing you home x Last edited: 2018-09-27 17:03:21
Unfortunately I am unable help with searching for china but I must say Mel my thoughts are with you all and China and keeping positive China will be reunited soon
Unbelievable commitment to this lovely,resilient dog.
Fingers crossed as always Mel x

It started with a small number of 'maybe' sightings in the same area – we always check these out and Team China went into action with 3 feeding zones for him. On the 3rd and 4th night he was seen at one of them, hanging around for quite a while but keeping his distance. No show on the next night and then there he was again on the 5th! We'd already called on the expertise of Canine Capture UK (huge thank you!) who were on 'standby' to come to Suffolk to dart him. Alas, he wasn't seen for the next 2 nights but on Monday was clearly sighted about 5 mins dog-trot away, coming out of the undergrowth and then walking in front of the sighter for a while (!) - China wasn't fazed by being seen but it might have stopped him coming along ... for now! We are, of course, still monitoring the site closely and we may still get our chance here. It's stressful, exciting, disappointing and yet hopeful all at once ... It's widely acknowledged that these lovely podencos (or poddys) are amongst the most difficult dogs to catch, they're self-sufficient, too clever for their own good and can be quite wary as rescue dogs A challenge we're trying to rise to

This is why it's SO important to call or message us with ANY POSSIBLE SIGHTINGS. He may now have moved around his area a little so please, please do call in ANY suspected sightings or info.

With, as ever, so many thanks to the community for their help and support and especially to Team China and Canine Capture UK … we just need to get one paw ahead of him.

Just the usual request: PLEASE – don't call out / chase / or grab – but do let us know as soon as you can – thank you so much x

And, China, you pesky, lovely boy – stay very safe, stay strong, stay close x

Last edited: 2018-09-27 17:02:03
Thank goodness this amazing dog is being seen reguarly again, just wish he would go in the blimin trap!!
Much appreciated, Helen - thanks ... hopefully he'll come out with his paws up soon x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping dear China up again for you Mel, hoping you will have some news soon, he is always in my thoughts x

Thank you to everyone who has called or messaged in over the last few days … The Lost Boy is showing himself again and Team China have been in action. I can't thank Team China enough for all the many ways they're helping to try and Get China Home. Also an immense 'Thank You' to all followers of his Page for the fantastic amount of shares on his last post, helping people to know that he's still out there and that we're not gonna give up on the Elusive One.

We are particularly interested in the area below [on his Facebook Page] but PLEASE, don't go searching, don't call or chase or try to grab him – PLEASE look out for him and just let us know – we don't want to scare him into danger.

Here's a 'Huge Thank You' to (just) some of those in the LOCAL COMMUNITY who've gone out of their way to help:

RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich (based in Martlesham) – have helped in lots of ways

Pets at Home, Martlesham – for hosting his banner (sorry we said it wouldn't be up too long!)

Vision Woodbridge magazine – China's story will be appearing in an article soon.

Team China member, local digital artist, for his Facebook 'frames'

Painted Rocks Martlesham – you can find rocks sprinkled around Martlesham for China

DogLost Norfolk and Suffolk – for loaning equipment, spreading the word and moral support!

Creasys of Woodbridge – butchers who've supplied us with bones

Lots of people who don't want to be named … but are helping SO MUCH x

Every member of Team China - wonderful.

… and every single person who looks out for him and helps spread the word.

As long as he's out there, as long as it takes – stay safe sweet Chi, so missed x Last edited: 2018-09-06 11:19:30
UPDATE - and ... please look out for the Lost Boy thank you x

This is the dog that spent over 4 years in a rescue waiting for his forever home …

This is the dog who watched all his other siblings be adopted before him …

This is the dog who the shelter described as a 'hero' for protecting a litter of puppies from a pack of dogs … and ending up losing part of his ear

This is the dog who was so shut down after his traumatic journey from abroad that it took him a year in foster to be ready for adoption …

This is the dog who was spooked one night, ran 3 miles in a blind panic, and was saved from running onto the A12 by a kind taxi driver …

This is the dog who has survived out there alone, through the extremes of weather, in and around Martlesham, amongst you all for so long...

This is 'China' … a beautiful, gentle clown of a boy who was just finding his paws (pictures on his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - China. Please help to get him home by:

looking out for him
calling in any possible sightings
spreading the word to those not on Facebook or online.

UPDATE: We have had reported/suspected sightings from afar but nothing up close and personal - China seems to be keeping his distance over the last couple of weeks. He's done this before and then he starts popping up every day! Please do keep ANY INFO coming in, this long haul rescue still needs INFO and SIGHTINGS and any CLUE may lead to something special Cameras are out in new places and his old haunts

Thank you for keeping the faith for China, his forever home and sofa is waiting, he so deserves an early retirement and to find his pack again, and his old, manky 'teddy'. He is desperately missed EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

Stay safe sweetheart x Last edited: 2018-09-06 11:20:40
PLENTY MORE SIGHTINGS OF LOVELY CHI, but this is so important - PLEASE, PLEASE ... If you see China


Any of these actions may:
- dent the trust/confidence he's been gaining with humans
- cause him to panic and possibly run into danger
- leave an area that he feels is safe

There are so many well meaning people out there, so please don't try to catch him but just report it as soon as you can, thank you!

There has been very good news that CHINA continues to be clearly sighted, and a big thank you to all those who've called / messaged in. However he has been moving around A LOT since he was seen in someone's garden a couple of weeks ago.

Now that the weather is returning to some kind of normal we hope that this will help to settle him down.

He will be:
- near to humans but keeping to heathland / hedgelines / edges of woods (and sometimes gardens!)
- not too far from water (he has plenty nearby)
- not far from rabbit hang-outs at dusk and dawn (sorry rabbits!)
- using well worn animal tracks and the human paths too, he'll take the path of 'least resistance' to get to where he's going.

And, dear Chi, please stay safe - please give us that chance to get you home safe, it will just take that one call that we can act on and you'll be HOME x Last edited: 2018-09-06 11:21:19
Oh my goodness! You are so tantalisingly close to getting your little dude back!
I check every day for any news and was thrilled to see the updates yesterday.
Come on China, you are so nearly there, just let it happen now.
Regularly check in on this amazing dog + the amazing people trying to get him home. Stay safe China until you can be reunited
Thanks Helen.
Yes madmudmob - luckily people in the houses nearby are putting water out for him.
Perhaps he is looking for water just as other animals are finding it hard right now?
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping China up for you Mel.....so close now....
A HUGE 'Thank You' to all at DogLost for the work you do ... China's listing is so close to 1 million shares! In a way the amount of shares is so heart-wrenching because it shows he's been out there so long (constantly being sighted) but we wouldn't have these sightings and information without you and all the loyal DogLost followers, and I know that at least we have news of him, unlike so many others. I hope with every bit of me that there won't be too many more comments before his listing changes colour to show he's reunited! So very missed, so very loved - stay safe little dude til I see you again x

Advice and help for China

Yesterday we very nearly had that vital piece of luck. China wandered into an enclosed garden through their open gate. It had 6ft plus walls / fencing and he stayed for a little while but the sighter didn't have time to shut the gate … just like that, we could have had China safe! But we're so grateful for them trying to get him safe. He wandered back out and then was going up and down people's paths and front gardens before they lost sight of him. His behaviour has changed (possible reasons below) so here's a little help and advice of WHAT TO DO if he ends up in your / a neighbour's garden:

please don't call to him or approach him (he ISN'T at all aggressive, just timid)

calmly and slowly take some tasty food from your fridge (we'll reimburse you!) and gently toss it out the door or through a window (not towards him, just on the ground)

then move away but keep an eye on him

if there's an opportunity (eg by going out the front door) calmly walk around and close your gate

call us and if you have a chance, please take a picture

If it's a neighbour's garden you see him go in, please gently shut the gate, call us and then tell your neighbour!

If you have a friendly, good off-lead dog, s/he could also be let out in the garden

Lost dogs have often been caught this way … as China is feeling more confident it could be his turn to be made safe


Sometimes lost dogs (or even ones at home) can suffer from 'weather stress' – they can get a bit confused and make unusual decisions …

He certainly wanted something from us humans by coming so close … perhaps being curious / wanting some company as it must be quite stressful for a pack animal to spend so much time alone.

๐ŸพTEAM CHINA have been working very hard since the last update and a feeding station has been maintained and monitored, it seems all the other local wildlife, and a few dogs, were willing to come over and investigate but sadly not China. As a podenco, his breed are expert rabbit catchers and Martlesham certainly has plenty of these! He's always described as looking well and healthy so he's taking good care of himself. We've continued to get some excellent sightings of him (thank you so much!), some of these have increased our knowledge of routes … slowly, slowly we are building a picture, but wouldn't it be wonderful if the next call that came in was to say that someone had him in their back garden!

Huge thanks to the kindness and efforts of Team China and all those who continue to keep the faith and look out for our VERY DEFINITELY OUT THERE orange/red boy … let's bring him home.

However long it takes China, and in the meantime PLEASE stay safe lovely dude xLast edited: 2018-09-06 11:22:36
UPDATE: More confirmed and possible sightings of China in the last few days. Hopefully this means his confidence is building again. Stay safe little dude, you know where we are, same time, same place every night - hopefully see you there x
LAST CONFIRMED SIGHTING OF CHINA: Friday (twice) 29th June 2018 - seen from within a few feet. There have been at least 10 DEFINITE sightings within the last 3 weeks and other 'possible' sightings. We are continuing to do our best to lure China to a feeding zone and we are lucky to know that he's staying in his favourite areas but nearer to water, he continues to look after himself. He's out there and we're ready for any opportunity. A big Thank You to Team China and the local community. Much missed, much loved and in our hearts. Until we're together again, stay safe sweet Chi x
Please help if you can

To keep China safe we don't give exact locations but this area (map on his Facebook Page) is of SPECIFIC INTEREST at the moment.

We've had multiple very clear, close up and DEFINITE SIGHTINGS (just a few feet from people) in less than 48 hours.

He's TRAVELLING AROUND HIS AREA **A LOT** so there'll be much more opportunity for him to be seen. Our latest plan is in a key area but we need to keep tabs on him and / or grab our chance if, like today, he was nearly trapped in a certain area but he found a way out.

๐ŸพPlease be vigilant in these areas - please look out for him and tell others he's DEFINITELY ABOUT. ๐Ÿพ

IF YOU SEE HIM PLEASE CALL (as soon as possible):

MEL: 0781 7776280
DARREN: 07912 109335

If you can take a picture PLEASE do!

1) Depending on the situation: SLOWLY turn to the side or retreat or crouch down

2) Call / text one of the numbers and ALERT us, giving location (and, if you can, please take a picture)

3) If he hasn't run off please just continue to OBSERVE

4) If he does move on, and if you can, please FOLLOW at a distance - walking in a slow zigzag

5) Finally, if he seems to show an interest in hanging around and you happen to have some food / dog treats with you then (and whilst avoiding eye contact) you could 'drop' a few bits on the floor and he may (as he's done before!) approach slowly (see GUIDANCE BELOW).

A member/s of the Team will be with you as soon as they can. THANK YOU! x

Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China'Last edited: 2018-09-06 11:18:05
Thanks JulieH and allimac - he is far too clever, bless him! More sightings this week. He has a big territory but we're continuing to try and lure him to one spot again and will keep going. Stay safe Chi x
crossing everything for you! What a clever hound he is. xx
Fingers crossed as always that the wonderful day that China is made safe is not too far away x
Paw, thanks so much for displaying his poster, great pr for China and much appreciated.
Great to see China on page 1 again with more good news. I don't get down that way very often but always keep a look out when I do. Have printed poster from here and facebook page to put in my car,even though I live about 20 miles away it's getting the message out to other people who travel into Ipswich or Tesco at Martlesham. It's sad that some people have nothing better to do with their lives than take down posters. Sorry computer's duplicating my messages.........Last edited: 2018-06-13 13:52:11 by Paw
Great to see China on page 1 again with more good news. I don't get down that way very often but always keep a look out when I do. Have printed poster from here and facebook page to put in my car,even though I live about 20 miles away it's getting the message out to other people who travel into Ipswich or Tesco at Martlesham. It's sad that some people have nothing better to do with their lives than take down posters.
Many thanks Jayne, #stoppettheft and jenny4 for the best wishes, support and advice - all greatly appreciated. Sadly it is individual members of the public that are interfering but luckily the vast majority of people are on the lookout for China and are incredibly supportive x
A good idea if you dont give exact location of feeding stations. China will recognise your car and preferable the same Person should set out food and noone else this way it begins to build up trust ....He will be very acutely aware to the slightest change.Please if anyone sees him dont look/ call or chase him just let him go but contact Owner asap .Can people keep postering, its usually the Councils that remove them xx
ohhh, goodness, isn't it amazing how well they can survive alone ๐Ÿ’ž
what horrid people tho to take down posters , are they council workers being 'jobsworths' ?
Come on China, it's time to come home now ๐Ÿ™Last edited: 2018-06-12 18:42:29 by #stoppettheft
DogLostJayne - Admin
Brilliant! Oh China you are leading us all a merry dance!
We've had some EXCELLENT KEY sightings and information in the last two weeks (thank you!), based on where he is crossing the A12/roads and so we've managed to get cameras in important places and have some STRONG POSSIBLE pics so we're fine tuning the camera angles. The idea is to get him to come to us (ie that we get a regular spot he takes food from) - it's happened before so it can happen again ... he's sensitive to any changes and that scuppered us last time ๐Ÿ˜ฃ

This is A LONG HAUL project - but China is definitely out there, in his 4.5 square miles CROSSING ROADS. We continue the quest and battle the 'China-deny-ers' (who repeatedly, daily, take down posters).

We ALWAYS need more info. Sometimes we get a flurry of sightings and sometimes it's a week between them BUT he is definitely OUT THERE. Those who take down the posters maybe don't know the damage they're doing so we have to get the online battle won - his latest poster is on his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - China ... with more detailed info.

When we get our chance (a key bit of info or stoke of luck) we are ready and waiting - he could then be home in days and that drives forward the determination to Get China Home. So missed, such a lovely gentle lost boy, stay safe China x ๐Ÿ’œ
We are lucky to have had a lot of sightings called in of this lovely boy over the last couple of weeks but especially over the weekend. He is spending more time in MARTLESHAM HEATH and KESGRAVE. Unfortunately this means that we've lost his regular contact at our feeding station - as soon as the weather changed he seemed to move areas :( There is an organised Dog Walk for China this Sunday, 13th, to help raise awareness in the local area. More feeding stations have been set up - a huge thank you to Team China for this. If we've managed it once then we may get our chance again. Stay safe China x
Thanks allimac - it is such a tough task to get him safe, but he's still out there, more possible sightings called in this week, so that keeps hopes well and truly alive.
Stay safe Chi, beautiful boy x
This is such a long and difficult trek. Such great dedication, and glad that you had another sighting a week or so ago. Really hope your hard work is rewarded very soon. x
DogLostJayne - Admin
Paws crossed! Love to see updates on China!
CHINA SIGHTED - this morning in a KEY area. Stay safe sweetheart x
Thanks Helen xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up for dear China again Mel, hope and pray this will end soon and you will be reunited with your lovely lad, keep very safe until then China xx

More kind messages and sightings / info has come in this week:

๐Ÿ˜Š seen again, from close-up
๐Ÿ˜Š caught on the same camera again
๐Ÿ˜ฏ an interesting, possible 'encounter' in the dark in the woods

Firstly, our campaign to counter the 'poster snatcher' has been extended and China's story is in the Ipswich Star and East Anglian Times (link on his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - China.

A member of Team China has organised a March / Walk to highlight him with the local community – Sunday 13th May, please come along if you can ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ + ๐Ÿ‘ฃ - all welcome.

Another member of Team China has arranged for us to be at the RSPCA Fun Day on 27th May, do come and see us and we'll hand out posters for your car.

๐Ÿ˜ฅ Sadly (painfully sadly …) China hasn't appeared recently at the feeding station where he had such a long and close encounter with a member of Team China just two weeks ago. The season has changed, there's plenty of food for him to catch and he is moving around more BUT he has shown himself more to people, been closer and not been at all worried that humans are around, he just "trots" on by!

๐Ÿ‘€ This is really positive and means that we need ALL EYES looking for China.

As he seems to be more confident there'll be a post up soon on how to help China approach YOU … it has to be that way around. If a human tries to approach him he may run into danger as he'll see it as a threat.

๐Ÿ™ Now, more than ever, we need everyone in Martlesham and beyond to not only know that he's out there, but also to report it if they see him - as soon as possible - that one sighting could give us the chance if we can get there straightaway.

Stay safe Chi, miss you: every . single . day x๐Ÿ’œ
WITH RECENT SIGHTINGS and A CAMERA PIC (of his rear end!) we want to raise awareness in the local community that China is still out there, surviving amazingly well, and we need more and more info and sightings to get him home:

Due to the unkind actions of one retired 'gentleman' in the community (who drives round taking down China's posters ๐Ÿ˜ฅ ) We want to RAISE AWARENESS for those not on Facebook that CHINA is STILL OUT THERE and we want people to know HOW TO GET IN TOUCH if they see our lovely lost boy. Please join us (dogs very welcome too) for some or all of our walk around Martlesham (ending up at a local establishment for refreshments ๐Ÿ˜Š ) to support the quest to Get China Home ... if China is found before this we will be very happy to cancel our walk! ๐Ÿพhttps://www.facebook.com/events/115104199335323/
** CHINA SIGHTED ** This evening, but in daylight at 6.25 pm, from just a few feet away and trotting past in the woods without a care in the world! Let's hope he's entering a more confident phase again. Stay safe my lovely little dude, stay safe x
Thanks Helen for posting, and thanks to others for recent comments. Re: the poster-snatcher, we have tried to talk to him but sometimes you realise you can't 'reach' everyone with reason. Sadly he's just a very angry man who has found a way to vent his frustration at life. The Parish Council have been contacted and have given permission for posters on their boards.

Our focus is, indeed, on China - just a shame we may have missed a lot of sightings / info over the last year but we will find a way through and continue our quest to Get China Home.
Great progress Mel and team China, despite some less helpful people ! x
So thrilled that China has been sighted, have been checking regularly for updates. Silly man taking down posters, probably stating the obvious but has anyone tried to " befriend" him + explain all that has happened with China and why the posters are so crucial to keeping him safe. Maybe even ask if he dislikes the posters so, uch can he think of different way of keeping people aware. I realise that China is the priority, rightly so, but some times an hour spent getting people on side us an hour well spent - even if you have to count to 10 a fee times!!!! Keep up the great work team China!
what a Horrid Man to keep taking down China's Posters.
why doesn't he walk around & pick up litter instead !!
is there a Parish Council in his area who will maybe have a quiet word in his ear, that the posters ARE allowed to be posted until China Is HomeSafe ?Last edited: 2018-03-27 20:25:57 by #stoppettheft
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
From China's facebook page....
Some BRILLIANT NEWS (but he's not home yet!) and some FRUSTRATING NEWS ๐Ÿพ

A delay in posting as a lot has been going on and we were hoping to get some footage of China. Over the weekend one of the Team was able to spend over an hour with China nearby (sometimes within about 15 foot) and at one point China laid down - a clear sign of trust! You can imagine how exciting this is for us and we need to build on it. For the last couple of nights he's kept his distance so we're having to play it out carefully – it could happen soon or it could still take a while but this is wonderful progress.

BUT we know that at any moment China could decide he doesn't want to 'play' anymore so it's incredibly important that we find out where he is the rest of the time and keep getting those all important sightings of our lovely lost lad.

Posters are CRUCIAL so that those who aren't on Facebook can alert us as soon as possible to a sighting – over 80% of our sightings come in this way. This leads on to our ...


Sadly, one retired 'gentleman' in the community has taken a disliking to the posters. He has been taking them down over the past year and we have tried to replace them quickly (believe me, I understand they may be irritating and I'd like nothing more than to be able to take them all down!). Recently he has 'upped' his anger at the posters and drives round in his car taking them down all over Martlesham. Why anyone would want to harm China's chances of being found safe is a bit beyond me but it only takes one local person to have this much impact on him. If the posters come down, those not on Facebook will think he's been found or that we've given up!

We will now be placing banners (pic below) around and we are also making some placards that could sit in people's front gardens, particularly if they're on the main part of a road – if you'd be willing to help please do 'message' the page – we and China would be eternally grateful. We're just trying to find a lost dog and there is NO WAY that we could have got this far without your amazing help in so many different ways – thank you x

And, China, stay safe out there – your 'pack' is trying everything to get you home safely x
CHINA SIGHTED - today 1845 hrs, clearly seen trotting along the side of a road in Martlesham, looking well and relaxed (!) unlike Team China! It seemed like he was waiting to cross the road as the sighters drove slowly by but by the time they turned round he'd disappeared.

** IMPORTANT INFO IN POSTER (on his Facebook Page) - IF YOU SEE CHINA **

The snow (which seems like a distant memory now) disrupted the rhythm at our feeding station and we've been worried this week - it's been a real bumpy ride, emotionally, thinking that the weather had ruined our chances and we've been holding our breath each night in the dark to see if he's there ... thankfully, although slowly, our Lost Boy has returned to his pattern: sitting or pacing but WAITING. So it seems the efforts of the Team have been rewarded and his 'trust' / routine has been restored but he's not coming as close, we'll have to try and pull him in again. We're giving it our all to get him safe, and we're hoping that you can help us by:

* LOOKING OUT FOR CHINA – our lovely lost boy – along hedgerows and treelines - as spring is about to happen (we all hope!) he'll be returning to his old routines of hanging out in HORSE FIELDS but please:

Don't push him towards danger by CHASING or CALLING, just NOTE TIME and PLACE.

and please:

* KEEP HIM IN YOUR THOUGHTS - It's easy for him to slip people's mind as we go about our busy daily lives, we need those all important DAYLIGHT SIGHTINGS - please keep mentioning him to others so they know he's still out there, moving amongst us - thank you x

So very many thanks for the messages / info this week, it's been another tough one. So very missed ... stay safe Chi, stay safe x ๐Ÿ’œ
China has been seen / fed during the snow. For all updates on this lovely boy please see his Facebook Page, there is a section on all the different ways we're trying to get him safe. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts x
Has China been seen at all during this freezing weather? x
It's wonderful that China seems to be getting more confident and has been seen more frequently. I had been hoping to hear that he has been recaptured by now but for the time being he seems to prefer being on the wild side. I just hope that he can cope with the weather and extremely low temperatures that we are being promised in the coming week. I know he's been out there for over a year and has done remarkably well but I fear this coming week will test his ability to cope. Mel, are there any additional actions that you and your team on the ground can perform in order to give him a better chance of getting through the promised very low temperatures? Praying for his safe return to a warm fireside.
Hi Mel, just wondered if, amongst the other approaches used, you have someone who could use a clicker training approach to get him closer and eventually into wherever you want him? 10 metres is close enough to start from and only the softest sound marker would be needed so as not to scare him. I have used this very successfully on a feral cat with quick results. It would be the method of choice for handling a captive wild animal and would at least do no harm.
Many thanks Jayne and Georgy Porgy, ever hopeful for the 'reunited' post :) x
Georgy Porgy
Hi Mel I'm not in your area but still following your posts & hoping he lets his guard down long enough to capture him. Can see why that comment would knock you back a bit but like you say he is a survivor & wily as a fox. I hope your devotion will soon be rewarded X
DogLostJayne - Admin
Thanks for the update Mel! all paws crossed as ever at HQ!


Not everyone thinks a dog could survive this long in the wild, we understand, but he keeps being seen, so he's there alright (latest sighting was Sunday). Recently I was putting a poster up and ran out of tape, I went back to the car nearby and as I returned I stepped aside to allow a group of people through the gate to the woods … one of them looked at the poster and said “They're not still looking for that bloody dog are they?!” It was shocking to hear, but understandable, however: Yes, we are, yes he's still alive, yes he's surviving, yes it's amazing! China – we need everyone to know that you're one incredible pooch … please help by making sure that everyone knows to KEEP LOOKING OUT for China – he's so very lost. Yes, he's eluding capture but this is because he's so scared and thinks that humans are predators who are out to get him (aka 'Survival Mode'), it's so sad, but we won't give up. He's the sweetest, most gentle boy – just trying to survive, he's lost his pack and his pack have lost him.

๐Ÿพ IF you see a dog with no owner that looks like Chi – please let us know

๐Ÿพ IF you see a 'strange looking fox' – please let us know

๐Ÿพ IF you notice anything unusual (flattened grass or straw on your land / in your open barn; dog poop where there shouldn't be any) or anything else – please let us know

And, above all – please, please keep him in mind: mention him to others … this amazing dog living wild in your neighbourhood; do look along tree and hedge lines:

Taller than your average fox
Dark brown, with a thin tail and a slight curl at the end
a bouncy gait / he's a hoppy boy!

UPDATE: China was clearly sighted and watched for a while just after dawn on Sunday near Martlesham Creek, he was relaxed, mooching about and watching the birds ... then trotted on his way.

He is chomping up chicken nuggets at the feeding zone and he had a little roll on the ground … we are now able to be within 10 metres of him, just a couple metres more are needed – it's painfully slow work and we'll do it at his pace BUT he may decide to abandon this feeding zone at any moment so we need to know where he is for the other 23 hours and 50 minutes each day.

He is crossing the A12 – either by bridge / river / underpass (or all of these) PLEASE look out for him but also ignore him and watch from a distance if you can – and call us! We really don't mind if someone's unsure … we just want to follow up and log all the clues we can, they're helping us build a pattern so we can get one step ahead of this clever little boy. A huge, huge thank you for the messages we've received this week of 'suspected' China activity.

Team China is made up of everyone who cares and is looking out for this boy … there is also a small team of people from the local community who are doing all sorts of weird and wonderful things to try and track this boy down. Not forgetting his podenco brother, Zander who definitely misses having him around – please Help Get China Home - thank you all

China is a lovely gentle dog, a bit timid, he was gaining confidence and then went and got himself all lost! It really is heartbreaking to know that he's out there, alLast edited: 2018-02-21 10:06:11
Thanks June - that's really encouraging ... and so very glad you managed to get her! China is sometimes very confident and then seems to withdraw himself (maybe he gets spooked whilst out and about) but hopefully we'll get the chance to do just this.
just to say that this was similar to what happened when our dog went missing. She eventually showed herself and started to bark. We set up a crate and took it in turns to just sit there. She started to come nearer and food was thrown but no eye contact. In the end she went into the crate for food and we dropped the gate down. It was touch and go because she was determined we wouldn't catch her. This was all on the advice and help of the dog lost team. Good luck and look forward to seeing China back home.
PAWS for China! - Thanks so much to one of Team China for the design of his new poster to help people know what to do if they see him. ๐Ÿ‘€ Available on his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China'

We've had more sightings called in this week - thank you all! Two of them have helped with giving significant information regarding a route.

WOOF! GREAT NEWS! He was barking (4 woofs in total!) at the feeding zone ... we know that he knows that we're there (!!) but now he's willing to let us know that HE's there! Confuddling as this is ... it's progress!

As I'm sure all those who've followed his story realise, China is no 'normal' lost dog. One of the national team, helping with our boy, describe Podencos as 'amongst the elite' in terms of evading capture - obviously this won't stop us! But it does mean we have to be patient and work carefully, gathering as much information as possible to outwit our lovely lost boy who is in 'survival mode' (and so avoiding humans).

Team China have been out and about this week putting up cameras, on surveillance, going to sightings and more - a huge thank you to both them and the local community who have given us so much more info in the last month alone ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿพ
DogLostJayne - Admin
Paws crossed for China!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
From Mel...
HOW WONDERFUL to finally see some CCTV footage of our boy! Clearly sighted on Thursday, and then the cctv checked and he was on it ... definitely an area he knows well!


๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ PLEASE NOTE: he has a DARK BROWN coat now ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

We know he has a large area he travels around in ... it's only a 15 minute or so dog trot (via fields and hedges) to get to the above places PLEASE LOOK OUR FOR HIM and share to those you know in the area - thank you!

We've also got a good possible picture of him on camera - we can't post either cctv or cam pic up (sorry) as they would give away his location and we have to avoid putting up any details.

He is often reported as looked 'well' and 'healthy' - what a great job he's doing out there to take care of himself. He's still taking food at the same spot each night but we're working on a plan to get him to come closer.

We've had even more calls in this week - thank you, this is KEY info that is making it easier and easier to know where to put the cameras and ... it's working! Please call in ANY SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS - we need as much information as possible to get this plan to work and to get China safe!

Stay safe my lovely boy. We're hearing so much more news of you now ... stay safe til we get you home - please! ๐Ÿ’œ x
Thanks LJ!

Great progress - China clearly sighted and caught on CCTV (Thursday 1st Feb 10 am) - extensive footage ... wow! That was great to see. Lots of evidence of him visiting this place recently including poop and pawprints. A full update will be on China's Facebook Page very soon: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China'
Stay safe little dude - as everyone says, you're looking really well, doing a great job of surviving out there - so glad that you're still coming to see us every night at the feeding zone, just come a little closer a little sooner and we can get you home! x
I have been scanning the DL pages every day since China went missing, hoping for good news about this amazing but elusive boy! I so want him to be home safe where he belongs. You are all doing an incredible job and I really hope your patience and persistence pays off.
I wonder if he is using the subway near Tesco to get under the A12?

We've had some great information come in so far this week - thank you all!

We have narrowed the time-gaps from sightings but WE NEED ANY ... ANY SUSPECTED SIGHTINGS to be called in PLEASE! It really does make a difference, and already has.

As you may have gathered, China isn't your ordinary everyday kind of pooch (who would do ANYTHING for a treat ๐Ÿถ). As he's in 'survival mode' (not aggressive - just wary) he will be determined, clever, resilient and is hiding himself away from humans BUT sometimes he feels confident enough to come out and watch people! It could be you! ๐Ÿ‘€ If you feel like you're being watched, you probably are - please have a scan of the area.

Team China have been out and about, staking out possible routes and spreading the word, we're gathering intense info from specific possible routes this week.

China continues to come to our feeding station - sometimes remaining in the background and waiting until we're gone and sometimes coming closer ... we're having our HURRAY moments and our WORRYING moments - will he abandon this spot? Where is he the rest of the time? Can we find out where he's crossing the A12?

โ“โ“ Are there any 'secret' animal ways or drainage pipes under the A12 in Martlesham ??? Do you know? If so, please contact the Page.

Lost dogs can be quite 'random' in their wanderings BUT they will have regular places / routes they use ... we're narrowing this down but ALWAYS NEED MORE INFO.

There are so many ways to help, THE MOST IMPORTANT is to:

** REPORT ANY POSSIBLE SIGHTINGS ** text / call / PM his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China' ... ANY information.

You may doubt yourself, think your sighting isn't important or that it's a fox or a muntjac - but it could be CRUCIAL please let us know, we take every possible sighting seriously and are very grateful for it.

Thank you and, China, stay safe lovely little dude - you don't know it, you might feel all alone with no pack ... but your 'pack' is desperate to have you back! x๐Ÿ’œ
Please trust them China ,we all want you safe xx
How to HELP GET CHINA HOME … there are so many invaluable ways! ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ


โœด๏ธlook out along hedge / tree lines in fields as you travel around KESGRAVE and MARTLESHAM and report any possible sightings (he has a bouncy gait, AND he hops!)

โœด๏ธ look out for AMBER EYES in car headlights (foxes are usually green) and call it in

โœด๏ธ report any POSSIBLE sightings (even if you're not sure / even if it was a while ago)

โœด๏ธ China's 'winter' coat is much darker than his photo's – he looks 'DARK BROWN'

โœด๏ธ SIGHTINGS: as ever, please DON'T APPROACH / CALL OUT – but monitor from a distance and call Darren immediately: 07912 109335 or Mel 0781 7776280 (PLEASE SAVE THE NUMBERS)

โœด๏ธ Have a habit of LOOKING out of the window AT NIGHT (especially if you get up for a pee!)

โœด๏ธ CHECK GARDENS for any unusual poop or flattened grass (sleeping areas)

โœด๏ธ please, please DRIVE with China in mind, just a little slower and with 'eyes out'

โœด๏ธ read the ARTICLE in this month's: 'Martlesham in Touch' for more info

โœด๏ธ SPREAD THE WORD#1: with a SHARE of his page / post – every share reaches at least ONE NEW PERSON!

โœด๏ธ SPREAD THE WORD#2: follow us on Twitter @LostDogChina

โœด๏ธ SPREAD THE WORD #3: STRIKE UP A CONVERSATION and mention me to neighbours / friends / relatives / those who work in Martlesham and Kesgrave

โœด๏ธ SPREAD THE WORD#4: share his post / page to a LOCAL Facebook Group

โœด๏ธ POSTERS ARE BEING TAKEN DOWN :( If you see someone taking one down please do tell them that China is still out there, we have regular sightings of our lovely lad.

โ˜Ž๏ธ CONTACT US: call / text / Facebook messenger
(please don't post sightings on main page as we need to keep him safe in case kind-hearted folk go 'looking' – it will feel to him like he's being HUNTED :(

๐Ÿ†˜ If you feel you can help further please do message the page – we just want to get lovely China home. Thank you x


After a week of staying at a distance from the FEEDING ZONE after local disturbances, we've had two close encounters with him WAITING and feeding whilst we're there – we've also had one 'no show' … BUT we will, of course, continue to try to gain his trust. We need him to be eating within 20 feet of us before we can move to the next stage. The last few days has seen his confidence grow – come on China – trust us, it's slow but inspiring work!

Please, please stay safe little one, you're so missed, we're doing all we can and we'll never give up! x ๐Ÿ’œ
** CHINA SIGHTED ** this afternoon at 1615 ... very clearly seen, but he was followed and called so he ran - I know the sighter only meant to help our lovely lad but PLEASE, PLEASE don't call out to him or approach him. This is in the the exact spot that he was seen very recently - it's quite remote so it gives us a great lead! Thank you for calling it in. Stay safe little dude x
Some of the fantastic local people who make up Team China have been doing stake-outs at night ... watching out for our boy! ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿพ

SIGHTING! China was seen Sunday morning (in daylight) crossing a busy road (!) into woods. PLEASE, please be vigilant and think of China as you go about your daily routine ... you never know when he'll pop up - please do call it in: phone / text / message his Facebook page (Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China') - even if you're not sure - thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š

If you see China, and you're able to do so, please keep track of him and call Darren 07912 109335 (he can be with you in minutes). Another lost dog recently rescued: Miles the Greyhound ๐Ÿพ

"...It was purely by chance that I came across Miles this morning whilst walking my dogs. I was able to follow him for a fair distance and just monitor his movements, before he eventually settled down for a sleep in the sunshine. This gave me time to run all the way home, find his details on here, phone his owners and lead them to the exact spot."

Also, 'Canine Capture' - a national Team who are on board to help with China got another one safe last night! Let's see if it can be China's turn soon. There's no way we can do this without local people helping to make sure that EVERYONE knows that China is still out there, he's surviving and it just takes one call to give us that chance to get him safe.

This could be YOU and it could be CHINA ... in a flash this boy could be safe. Please look out for him, what you assume is a fox out in the daylight could be our boy. Please have Darren's number with you - it's the local community that will make all the difference to China ... thank you all for the help and the difference you've made so far - this is how we know he's out there and roughly where he is, but we need that one breakthrough to get our chance!

We're working hard at the feeding station but there has been a disturbance in the area that we feel has made him 'cool' his approaches - we're trying to make sure he comes back regularly. BUT China's chance for safety could come from anywhere, at any time ... please do be on high alert for our boy - thank you to each and every person who continues to care for his safety, it means so much. Stay safe little dude, stay safe x ๐Ÿ’œ
** CHINA SIGHTED ** 14.1.18 - 10.30 am Martlesham - running across a road (!) Please stay safe little dude, we know you're visiting us and our food station at night, in the darkness of the woods.

We still need sightings to keep up with where you are in the day. Team China are spreading the word more and more to ensure that people know you're still out there, surviving, little one x
** CHINA SIGHTED ** 11.15 am this morning, snuffling, relaxed, around a field on Martlesham Heath side of A12. Many thanks to the person who called it in.
He was also ** SIGHTED ** on WEDNESDAY 3.1.18 - again on the Martlesham Heath side of A12.
Stay safe, China, we're closing in - hope to see you tonight at the usual place :) xLast edited: 2018-01-05 12:08:25 by Mel
Many thanks Helen xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up for China, I can't believe he has been missing a year, you are getting so close now Mel, truly hope he will be home very, very soon xx

How amazing that he has stayed in the area, made it his own and is surviving so well - this just inspires me to do all I can to Get China Home. Living over 60 miles away from where's he's lost has been a huge challenge in itself but the amount of local and national help, advice and support I've had has made all the difference.

He is being consistently seen near the latest food station / two sightings in the last few days / even more people are helping out on the ground. So this is a positive post to say a huge 'Thank You' to everyone who has helped China in the last year ... so many people!

China, stay safe my lovely lost boy - we're trying, we think about you all the time - you're not alone xx
HAPPY NEW YEAR UPDATE - hopefully the one where China 'retires' from his adventures and gets to live the sweet life of home comforts!

๐Ÿพ SOME EXTREMELY POSITIVE NEWS TO SHARE! (and also a little video on his Facebook Page to show how China moves)

We are as certain as we can be that he's come back to the feeding zone for the last 3 nights - seen clearly last night - we have to be careful, take it slowly and hopefully keep gaining his trust.

ALSO ...

A very probable SIGHTING of him relaxed and mooching about back on MARTLESHAM HEATH side (very near to where other sightings have been) early morning - it's given us a hint of a route and some of Team China (thank you all!) will be out China-watching during darkness (early and late) so please don't be concerned if you live nearby and see someone/some people sitting very still in a car staring! The feeding zone is in a different area so it shows that he's moving around!

๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿพ AS EVER ... WE REALLY NEED THOSE SIGHTINGS - he's about so:

โžก๏ธ If you get up in the middle of the night for a 'pee' please look out the window - you never know!

โžก๏ธ Any info / possible sightings PLEASE let us know, we don't mind if you're not sure - we're grateful for all POSSIBLES.

There is NO WAY that we would know this much without you all - thank you! It's not a 'quick-fix' but it sure as heck is WORKING - brilliant!

Dear, sweet China - we so want you to trust us! Keep safe my lovely boy x
*CHINA SIGHTED* - our lovely boy made an early appearance yesterday morning on New Year's Eve - on the Martlesham Heath side of the A12. Stay safe China, and may 2018 be your year to finally 'retire' from your adventures to live the 'sweet life' of love, warmth, comfort and companionship with Zander x
๐Ÿพ CHINA UPDATE ... your wonderful help is still needed ๐Ÿพ

๐Ÿพ FEEDING STATION: despite the team's best and momentous efforts we haven't been able to see China again whilst observing the feeding station, although food (in 3 key locations near the site) has been going. He was seen there twice, which we are taking as a huge positive change in our boy. We're maintaining this in case China just took a Christmas break!

๐Ÿพ CRUCIAL CHANGE: this is the biggest change we've seen in his behaviour - with 3 different people he has waited around and accepted food ... this means he's beginning to TRUST ... it might be faltering, and it might be set back if he gets a scare but it's a also a huge step forward. GUIDANCE BELOW for WHAT TO DO IF YOU SEE HIM - thanks.

๐Ÿพ RESCUE: if we can get him feeding regularly from one place we can make a rescue attempt! As ever, we are waiting in the wings with equipment and people ready to move fast when we get our chance.

Please, look out for him (he might stick around!) - the poster on the DogLost Facebook page gives some guidance. Please do share x

We also need to keep on top of spreading the word for China - if anyone can offer to do just one thing (display a poster in their car for example) please just message us and we'll send it out. If you'd like to do a little bit more (perhaps deliver some leaflets in your street) we have created a new group (under GROUPS / COMMUNITY) section on his Facebook Page (Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China') please do 'join' and then we can keep a track of what areas have been covered.

Thank you to those who worked so hard over Christmas to keep up and monitor the feeding station. And thanks to all who are helping, in whatever way, to get this lovely lost boy home.

China, stay safe little dude, stay safe x ๐Ÿ’œ
Thank you all for the good wishes and messages of support - today's is China's birthday:
๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ’œ Happy 7th Birthday China ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿพ

I'm so sorry we haven't managed to get you safe ... yet! You are one incredible, elusive but much loved poddy.

Taken into rescue as a wee pup with his mum and siblings ... he was there for 4 years! The rescue workers tell a story about how, as an adult dog, he was the Guardian Angel of some puppies there - he's a gentle, lost, noble soul who so deserves to finally be in his loving home, forever.

Stay safe little dude - we will NEVER give up on you, love Team China x ๐Ÿ’œ

Merry Christmas to all and please look out for Chi on your holiday walks x
DogLostJayne - Admin
Read message from owner and see poster here...
Great news that Darren was able to feed China ! Happy Christmas Mel and fingers crossed for China as always x
Thanks Jayne, now sent. Merry Christmas to all at DogLost - we couldn't have got this far without you all x
DogLostJayne - Admin
Please email to admin@doglost.co.uk and we can put on our blog for you.
๐ŸŽ„ CHRISTMAS UPDATE ... for China ๐ŸŽ„

Local graphic artist Steve T has designed a Christmas poster for CHINA'S Facebook Page (wonderful, thank you Steve) and we'd like to encourage everyone's LIL' BROTHER / SISTER / CHILD / GRANDCHILD and 'BIG KID' to look out for China over the holiday and to please remember that lost dogs are scared and might run into danger if anyone CALLS OUT or APPROACHES them - please let Mel or Darren know x

A heartfelt 'Thank You' to every single person who is supporting China through this epic quest to get him home. Every single 'share' / 'like' / message and piece of info has helped us. To you all a 'Very Merry Christmas' ๐ŸŽ„xx

๐Ÿพ If you see him please call DARREN as soon as you possibly can:

*** 07912 109335 ***

ANY other information please call/text Mel: 0781 7776280 or message the page.

UPDATE: I'd love to say that we now have him safe ... NOT YET... but China has appeared twice (maybe 3 times) at the site where he took some food - GREAT NEWS! this is so encouraging for us BUT ...


We are going all out to make this 'feeding zone' work - very quietly and carefully visiting every night ...

ALSO - we've had other possible sightings called in (thank you ๐Ÿ’œ ) and we need all those in Martlesham, Kesgrave and beyond to be as vigilant as ever over the holiday as routines change and this WILL affect him. PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR CHI ...

On Christmas Day it will be China's 7th BIRTHDAY ... if he was able to I'm sure he'd thank you all for looking out for him and thinking of him ๐Ÿพ

Please help us help China ... lost but surviving, missed and so loved. Stay safe beautiful lost boy ๐Ÿ’œ x

Thanks Ravenette x
DogLostRavenette - Area Co-ordinator - West Sussex
I've been following China since he went missing. This is really fab news that he trusting someone to feed him after all this time. Fingers crossed that he is back home with you for Christmas x

If you SEE China please call Darren straightaway (if at all possible)
*** 07912 109335 ***
... he can be with you in minutes. Please don't approach or call out to CHINA but, if you can, keep him in sight / note direction of travel and call, thank you!

* There have been several confirmed sightings in the last few days - thank you to all who've called in
* Darren was able to go to a sighting and FEED China! This is a fantastic change in his behaviour - Darren has the experience and skills to do this, he is trying to build trust
* We have to go slowly to gain China's trust, if he gets spooked by someone approaching him / calling out to him then this may set him back
* We need to know as soon as possible if you even SUSPECT that you or someone you know has seen him (we don't mind if it isn't him - we'd much rather not miss an important opportunity)
* Thanks to someone calling in / sending pictures we now have some vital info that fits another piece into the jigsaw of his movements - thank you!

THIS IS A CRUCIAL TIME - please, please do be extra vigilant. I can't tell you how grateful we are for those who've called in these sightings ... it has made all the difference.

This could work, or we may have to wait even longer - one thing is for sure, he's out there, he's surviving, and we certainly aren't gonna give up on him ๐Ÿ˜Š

Please think positive thoughts for China - who knows if it works, but it's worth a try. We are working hard, in the background, China to bring you home. Stay safe little dude, miss you so much x ๐Ÿ’œ
Thanks - I haven't heard the duvet / food idea before, sounds v good :)
Ohhh Gosh It is called 'Survival Mode' but How on earth DO they survive?"
Wishing Everyone involved ALL the Best for China's 'capture' & gradual introduction back to 'normal'
Stay Safe & Warm Lovely China until You are Home x
Does the PLAN involve putting down a lovely Pile of Warm & Cosy Duvets with tasty morsels in between the layers to keep His 'attention' while You 'trap' him ?
STRONG PROBABLE SIGHTING - 8 pm Sun 17.12.17 - slightly foiled by a muntjac but in the same place. China, stay safe, stay brave ... we won't give up on you little dude x
CONFIRMED SIGHTING ... AND HE TOOK FOOD! - 8 pm Sat 16.12.17 ... we have a plan, we just need China to go along with it. Please trust us China, stay brave, stay safe x
Thanks Helen - yes, little dude, please stay safe xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up again for China, keep safe xx
CONFIRMED SIGHTING OF CHINA - 9.30 am today, in the latest area of interest, mooching around! Stay safe China x

If you see China please call DARREN: 07912 109335 asap- he is a very experienced dog trainer, handler and tracker and will be only minutes away. Thank you ๐Ÿพ

AND / OR call Mel: 0781 7776280 or MESSAGE here or his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - China, thank you x

PLEASE DON'T APPROACH CHINA OR CALL OUT TO HIM - he may get spooked and run into danger.

SIGHTINGS are VITAL - this is how we can pin down his routes and make a rescue attempt. So very grateful to all those who've called in this week ... we're getting great info!
Another STRONG POSSIBLE SIGHTING - 14.12.17 after 10 pm - south Martlesham. Thank you to those reporting sightings - we've also had another 'possible' called in for last night 14.12.17. Stay warm and safe beautiful boy x
STRONG POSSIBLE SIGHTING - 12.12.17 - Tuesday night / Wednesday morning 2 am - just off RSPCA Martlesham woods in residential area. Stay safe little dude ... we know you're out there x
China has been a bit elusive the last few days but we've had suspicious paw prints in the snow in places where dogs wouldn't normally be (all in key locations!). He will have found himself somewhere warm to sleep when he's not wandering ... but it's truly heartbreaking to think of him out there - fending for himself whilst so many are trying so hard to pin down his routes. I still find it incredible that I can't just go out and call him to me ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
In case of an extra flurry of snow or if you find muddy paw prints in your garden / on your land please SEE PICS on his Facebook Page - thanks, and please do KEEP CHECKING gardens / outbuildings / under hedges or large plants etc.
People continually ask (understandably) why we can't just call him / approach him etc. There's an extract from an excellent article explaining 'survival mode' on his Facebook Page: Martlehsam's Missing Dog - 'China'
Thank you all who've messaged and called in this week (pics and info about paw prints plus suggestions/questions) and for your continued support for our lost lad. China, CHINA! stay safe my beautiful boy, Mel x ๐Ÿ’œ
Thanks so much Gloria x
Shared on twitter and Facebook for China Mel so hoping China will be home safe & sound soon Mel x
Brrrr! As much as we hate to think of CHINA in the cold, we are hoping it will bring him nearer to us pesky 'hoomans' in search of warmth!
๐Ÿ†˜SO IMPORTANT: A huge plea for local folk to brave the cold and please check SHEDS / OUTBUILDINGS / BEHIND SHEDS / LEAN-TOs etc for ANY SIGNS that he may be finding shelter now that we've abandoned our gardens and land for the winter.
๐ŸพSIGNS TO LOOK FOR: flattened grass (often in a circular shape) ; poop where there shouldn't be any; anything else a bit 'odd'. PLEASE LET US KNOW, thank you ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ’œ
โ„๏ธIf we get SNOW - please look our for those pawprints (and if you could take a photo that would be brilliant).๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿพ
Foxes are very unlikely to head into a building, so if you find something (especially if there are a couple of exit points in your outbuilding) PLEASE LET US KNOW. He's a clever lad and dogs won't let themselves starve or freeze - they'll find somewhere to shelter and something to eat.
There has AGAIN been a change in his behaviour - he got close to someone last week and hung around for a bit, he was curious! The person only wanted to help him, but they took a step toward him and he ran into the road ๐Ÿ˜ฑ We'll take the POSITIVE in him wanting to get close ... but PLEASE, PLEASE DON'T APPROACH / CALL OUT to him - thank you.
๐Ÿ•ต๏ธ‍โ™‚๏ธMore messages/offers of help and possible sightings this week - so very many thanks for letting us know and spreading the word and thank you 'Team China' - made up of everyone who is looking out for him / sending support / sharing / putting food out / and posting leaflets. Wow! If only this boy knew how many people were willing him home.
Stay safe China - stay warm - miss you little dude x ๐Ÿ’œ
*ANOTHER SIGHTING* ... 3 am on my 'watch' - seen bounding around gangly-legged just yards from the sighting the previous day. New food stations and cameras have been set up! My beautiful lost boy - stay safe China xx ๐Ÿ’œ "PLEASE CONTINUE TO LOOK OUT FOR ME, CHINA, AND PLEASE DRIVE CAREFULLY AROUND MY AREA - A12, Martlesham, Suffolk IP12. Please DON'T APPROACH / CALL OUT to me, I might run into danger as I'm a bit scared of hoomans - thank you all for keeping the faith!" xx
All these sightings ! Come on China ,give us all the best Christmas present ever ! x
CHINA SIGHTED - MARTLESHAM HEATH - 3 am 2.12.17 - stay safe little dude x
Thanks Helen, thanks Max ... we've been waiting (im)patiently for a change in his behaviour ... I wasn't expecting this! x
DogLostMax - Area Co-ordinator - Cornwall & Area Volunteer - Durham & Ireland
Wow! Come on China, time to get to warmth & safety xx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Oh China, please keep safe xx
Bumping up because of these sightings x

We have had two other confirmed sightings of him within 200 yards of today's sighting, in the last 6 days.

In search of warmth and food it seems that China has moved into a residential area. Please look out for him and please, please all drive carefully. China ... please stay safe x
Aw, thanks for thinking of him Shelagh xx And thanks Julie :) xx
Stay safe China xx
Thank you Mel. Brown dog sighted in yedlingham,similar looking but wearing blue collar. Xx
Hi Shelagh, no he had a black/red patterned martingale when he went missing but we believe he's now lost this.
Did he have blue collar on?
Fantastic news. Stay safe China.x

It seems our boy has found a warmer winter hangout!
Please SHARE for China and/or TAG someone in MARTLESHAM HEATH area SUFFOLK.

After so many sightings we have an incredibly strong pattern that China is hanging out much more in the residential areas around Martlesham Heath (and the edges of Kesgrave).

With all your recent help / shares / messages we have narrowed down the area... ๐Ÿ˜ and are zoning in with cameras / food and lots and lots of hope! We're biased, but this boy is quite something - surviving on his natural instincts and getting BRAVER and more CONFIDENT. He's getting closer to humans which means we are closer to Getting China Home.

BUT - this is sooo scarily close to the A12 ๐Ÿ˜ฑ IF YOU SEE HIM PLEASE DON'T CALL OUT OR APPROACH HIM - he may get spooked and run into danger! It's so very hard and tempting to think that you can rescue him on the spot - this is sadly highly unlikely and much more likely that he'll run - PLEASE JUST LET US KNOW - as always, so very many thanks for all the help and support that China has had so far ... if only he knew!

Beautiful, lovely, missing and missed boy - stay safe Chi x ๐Ÿ’œ
Some very good questions are often asked about China:
๐Ÿพ "What's the plan??" - We need as many people as possible to know about China because we need sightings to establish a REGULAR place or ROUTINE that he has. Once we know this we have two different teams (who are experts and freely volunteer their time ๐Ÿ˜) who are ready to move in and either use a trap (but a very specialised one) or to tranquilise him. To do this we need to be able to predict, fairly accurately, where he'll be and then VERY CAREFULLY put the plan into action without spooking him.
That's why we need as many people as possible in KESGRAVE and MARTLESHAM to know about him - inc those not on Facebook. Also, some people assume that he's been found / has left the area / or worse ๐Ÿ˜” ... and they stop looking, so we need them to know that he's surviving and, as the caller this morning said, "he's looking well" and he's STILL MISSING.
๐Ÿพ "Where does he go?/Has he moved on?" - we've always been advised (for China's safety) not to disclose exact locations BUT lost dogs often travel up to 20 miles a night ... ๐Ÿ˜ง however this is generally in a circular pattern, probably 3-5 miles across and not necessarily every night, that will just be the area that they 'know'. So we don't think China has 'moved' but we do think he frequents areas for a while and then moves around a bit. For example, we've had lots of recent sightings in Kesgrave, but also (within this circle) in his other areas. To 'roughly' sketch out his area: Black Tiles / towards the Bealings / down towards Kesgrave Hall / across to Kesgrave and over towards Martlesham Creek. He is (we hope and we believe) finding a way to avoid the A12 (there are some 'interesting' non-public ways across!). None of this circuit would take him very long - especially cross-country and at a trot.
He will skirt along hedges, freeze and/or run long before most people see him but sometimes he seems to get curious and brave and will hang around for a minute or two.
Apologies for the long post! We really need the message to get out there (via shares / posters / leaflets / profile frames etc) so that anyone who even thinks they've seen a glimpse of China will call it in - this is how we've worked out his patterns so far ... we now need to know any regular places and then ... WE SWOOP IN and Get China Home ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Thanks to everyone who has ever done anything to support China - and continues to do so - it really does mean so much and has already made such a difference. Stay safe lovely little dude x ๐Ÿ’œ
SIGHTING reported of China today (mid-morning) - Kesgrave area.
Lots of work going on behind the scenes with expert help, thank you to all who are helping - especially those in the local area who are keeping a look out. Stay safe sweet boy x
0781 7776280 - ANY sightings or info - let's bring CHINA home!
More poss sightings and info has been coming through ... from Friday through to Tuesday - you're helping so much and all the info (multiple in certain places) is fitting into the areas we're interested in.
PLEASE keep LOOKING OUT for lovely China.
As ever - please don't chase, call out or approach him but do let us know, even if you're unsure, it all builds a picture of his movements - so very many thanks. Stay safe beautiful boy x๐Ÿ’œ
Thanks Julie. Another possible sighting reported today :) x
I check Chinas page daily,one day soon he will be in the blue I'm sure ,fingers crossed as always x
Many thanks Helen x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up again for dear China x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
From Mel.....
The recent possible SIGHTINGS of China continue ๐Ÿ˜Š The latest being this afternoon at 4.30 pm - very likely our boy due to description and location. PLEASE CONTINUE TO LOOK OUT FOR CHINA IN MARTLESHAM and KESGRAVE areas IP12. Thank you. Stay safe little dude x ๐Ÿ’œ
Many thanks, Gloria - just pleased he's feeling brave again! We'll get our opportunity and we're ready to swoop in when we get it x
still thinking of china and looking Mel I wont give up on China
You wonderful bunch! ๐Ÿ’œ Lots of info on China coming in ... not just possible sightings but important clues too. All in the right area with a particular focus on KESGRAVE. Whether you SEE or HEAR something that might help please call or message us. YOUR ONE BIT OF INFO / HUNCH / HALF-SIGHTING MIGHT BE THE KEY!
PLEASE TELL JUST ONE PERSON about China, it really DOES make a difference. We couldn't have got this far without you - a huge thanks from Team China.
๐Ÿพ Never far from people
๐Ÿพ Time and again found near where they got lost
๐Ÿพ Easily spooked and don't trust us humans
IF YOU SEE CHINA please, please FOLLOW THE ADVICE on his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China'
Thank you to all who've phoned and messaged this week and everyone who is being vigilant and not giving up on our boy - we never will, he's just too precious. Stay safe lovely little dude, miss you so much x
Georgy Porgy
C'mon China getting cold out there now. You will be much happier at home in front of the fire! Still got fingers crossed X
Thanks for sending out extra alerts. Good news!
MORE SIGHTINGS! Wow, really can't thank everyone enough for the amazing number of shares from his Facebook Page and this has brought in more sightings so it seems like China is back out of hiding.
These are 'possible' sightings but they are all of a 'ginger' dog (his coat is much more 'red' than the pics show) out on their own inc early morning and late at night in the right areas so PLEASE, PLEASE do continue to LOOK OUT FOR HIM.
Areas of interest: RSPCA Martlesham - near the woods and fields and toward the creek; Kesgrave side of A12; Tesco and surrounding retail sites; Park and Ride / Black Tiles area.
Come on China!! Stay very safe x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Thanks Jayne for sending out further E-mail alerts x
Great that there has been a sighting, it Hadnall gone a bit quiet. Come on home China! Keep up the great work team.
DogLostJayne - Admin
Alerts sent to helpers in IP3,4,5,6,10,11,12,13.
Calling all residents in KESGRAVE and surrounding areas – the search for missing dog China has taken a new turn. At last he has broken cover and is being sighted again. Another sighting of our boy tonight on the MARTLESHAM HEATH / KESGRAVE side of the A12 – we can only beg that people drive just a bit more carefully and with EYES OUT for CHINA. Thank you so, so very much to Joanna for calling this in, and to our caller earlier in the week
We would be so grateful if people could be on high alert and look out for ANY glimpse / sighting / information – we honestly don't mind if folk are unsure if it's him as the pattern of 'possibles' and confirmed sightings have given us a corridor of activity running from the Black Tiles area and out in both directions – HALL ROAD, via MILSOMS towards the DOBBS LANE area and on the other side through to RSPCA Martlesham, towards the creek.
He's out there … please help us get him safe by MENTIONING to friends and neighbours (especially those not on Facebook) that he's still missing, still surviving and missed so much – he's such a gentle boy despite having such a tough start in life. Stay safe lovely little dude xLast edited: 2017-11-11 17:56:48
POSSIBLE SIGHTING OF CHINA CALLED IN TODAY - Kesgrave area (next to Martlesham) - Many thanks to Rachel who called this in, no collar, the right size and colour and the same way of moving (China has a little hop he does) Hoping, hoping that he's showing himself again. Stay safe little one x
A big 'Thank You' to the helpers over the weekend for putting up new posters and giving out leaflets. Also thanks to those who have called in with information. The cameras have been checked and we are still getting promising results including one (too blurred to be sure) that shows a fox or dog late at night in the wild 'bit' chasing a muntjac (brave!!).
Awful as it is to think of China in the cold and with less and less food sources it also gives us much hope that he will show himself a bit more if he needs to venture out of his safe zone. PLEASE DO KEEP VIGILANT - we'd be so, so happy to hear that he's feeling brave around us humans again.
We're still on the look out for more FOX-FEEDERS (China often turns up very late/early hours so people won't know he's been unless we can get a camera there to check it out).
More wild dog poop has been found - we haven't been able to find a way to get it analysed but we know there won't be many dogs out there living on a wild diet with animal hair in their poop! All great signs that our boy is there and looking after himself ... but a lot more berries than rabbit so let's hope he heads for food at someone's house.
As well as a poster, there are some of the pictures on his Facebook Page (Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China') that we've got from the cameras of the braver wildlife who we see fairly regularly but only occasional glimpses of the shyer ones (like the fox with no tail) who we know are there. Stay safe beautiful boy, find a warm spot China til you're back on your sofa x Last edited: 2017-11-11 17:58:50
**NEWS and a call for HELP**
A possible sighting ๐Ÿพwas called in today but it seems this might be the China looky-likey 'Billy' (very, very grateful for people being vigilant and calling in) HOWEVER, whenever we get a poss Billy sighting we seem to get more China sightings ... PLEASE DO KEEP EYES OUT FOR HIM. The new drone pics are in and we're feeling confident we have a curled-up China and a couple more of our boy!
As the food sources for our little hunter get scarce we would like to find more FOX-FEEDERS ... Especially those who aren't on Facebook - please do let us know or mention this to people in and around MARTLESHAM. The fox image on his latest Facebook poster was taken in the middle of China's 'territory' - this is one of the more confident foxes who we see a lot, there are shy ones that avoid the cameras, a bit like our Chi!
If we can, AGAIN, locate him at a fox-feeders house then we will have an AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to get him safe - there are teams of people waiting in the wings to do just that and we're very grateful to them
There is another, clever, missing podenco over in Cannock and it has recently been discovered that she's visiting a particular street that contains a few fox-feeders. The wonderful and talented Ray D (dog trapper extraordinaire) was on the phone today saying that 3 in 10 people put food out for the wildlife ... let's see who the MISSING LINK is - we're sure that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE knows more about China but we NEED TO FIND THEM.
๐ŸพThank you to all who are helping / advising / looking out and doing so much else to Help Get China Home. Stay safe beautiful boy x Last edited: 2017-11-11 17:59:25
There's definitely a dog bark on the recording Mel,really hope its China ,fingers crossed for you c
On China's Facebook Page is a sound recording sent in by a Martlesham resident whose garden backs on to China's 'safe zone' and 'territory'. You can hear them trying to move through the undergrowth and then, firstly, a muntjac making its single, eerie, warning 'bark' and then replies from a dog. We can't confirm that this is China BUT given the time, location and the fact that it sounds just like China's bark make it very likely :) This is a sound exchange that I've personally heard twice deep in China's 'wild' territory. PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR CHINA - he's there, he's keeping a low profile at the moment but then seems to just 'pop up' in daylight! Many thanks to the resident for sending this in (and being brave in the dark!). Fresh, closer drone images have been taken and are being processed, the wildlife cameras are in situ and we are stealthily searching for our lost boy. Stay safe beautiful little dude x
NEW POSTER for China on his Facebook Page - time to remind people that he's still out there, hasn't been reunited YET, and we need those very valuable sightings. Perhaps people are thinking he's been found or are losing faith in him! BUT we've been busy discussing poo analysis with every UK company - it's very hard to do but one company are trying to find a way for us New, higher resolution, pics are being taken by the drone (thank you, thank you Dave!) and we have one KEY camera in a very important location that we've had to leave for a while to let it 'settle in' with the wildlife (so tough to resist going in and getting it) ... the other cameras have produced 1,000s of pics (because of some windy conditions) and we are working our way through these. We'll never give up on this boy as long as we know he's out there. As ever, very grateful for any SHARES of his new poster, sorry about our late update, we are working very hard behind the scenes to come up with new ways to rescue our Chi and really appreciate the support and encouragement from all. Stay safe you lovely elusive little dude x PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR CHINA xLast edited: 2017-11-11 17:57:33
Georgy Porgy
Still checking in on China. Come on boy your mum wants you home for Xmas, not that far away. XX
The search for China ... We've recorded lots of drone video footage and stills from his area and are carefully going through this (pic on his Facebook Page shows clearly some critters resting up in the area - one of them possibly our boy!) This will help us know where to quietly place cameras. So very many thanks to David who came out on Sunday, the images we have are high resolution and are helping as we go through them. Thank you also to Carol who made an incredible camera 'hide'. China is elusive, shy, much loved, and much missed every single day that passes ... he's there, he's surviving ... you have all helped so, so much with sightings, shares and information that has taken us so far already - THANK YOU
๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿพ As soon as we have 'regular' eyes on we can make a rescue attempt ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ
China, my dear little dude, the sofa is waiting - please keep yourself safe, show yourself a little more, get brave again - we just want you home x
China's Facebook page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China'Last edited: 2017-11-11 18:00:08
Always thinking of China . Your hard work deserves a happy ending soon team China xLast edited: 2017-10-01 09:05:04 by JulieH
Paws xd.
'CHINA' THE SURVIVOR! ***News and update***
He has been sighted near his 'safe zone' in Martlesham ... we want to make sure that we KNOW he is staying nearby so PLEASE do MENTION HIM to those not on facebook or on DogLost we want to ensure that EVERY PERSON IN MARTLESHAM knows about this sweet, shy boy! Thank you Team China The ground cover is going so there is much more chance of him being sighted again. THIS WEEK has seen amazing generosity: the offer of drones; plus the lovely Carol is creating a 'natural' disguise for the cameras to get closer without spooking him and the feeding zone in his area has been maintained by another intrepid local STAR. We're also arranging for poo DNA (!) - whatever it takes to Get China Home. We're so lucky to know roughly where he is yet frustratingly hard to narrow this down, BUT our stealth mission is working. Cameras will be checked tomorrow - fingers crossed, crossed, crossed for new pics! This is a mammoth undertaking - it will be worth every moment to see him home where he belongs. Stay safe you incredible boy, Mel x Last edited: 2017-11-11 18:00:54
A KEY DISCOVERY ... but if you're LOCAL please do keep a CLOSE EYE OUT for China. We'd like EVERYONE in MARTLESHAM to know about him.
Yesterday Darren Debenham (local lovely dog expert, trainer and tracker) and I carefully and quietly moved around China's main area and we made a significant find that confirms how he's staying near to humans but far enough away to keep himself safe, clever boy - for China's sake we can't give locations. We quickly moved out of the zone but it warms the heart to know this, we also discovered multiple very recent 'living wild' dog scat (or poop!) in the same area - sorry to the local rabbits :(
Thank you for the reports of possible sightings called in and one from a neighbour - a 'What To Do' poster is included on his Facebook Page in case you see him and he doesn't run off. And a special 'thank you' to Jane who we saw yesterday as she was able to give us much more detailed info about a sighting that has really helped.
I'm hugely grateful to Darren for his help, advice and support. We have to be careful and patient to get all the right info so we know when to make a move. We have other lovely lost dog experts on board - China has a great team trying to get him safe. The quest continues ... Please do look out for this lovely lost boy: ANY info is appreciated. China, stay safe little dude. Mel x
A big 'Thank You' to Ray D for getting in touch, checking up on progress, offering advice and ... ready to make a move if we can get regular 'eyes on' our boy - he, as ever, has a cunning plan and a new hand-built invention for tricky customers like China! So very many thanks, Ray, you're an inspiration and help keep my hopes alive. Thanks also for all the continued good wishes for China - it really does help and it's very much appreciated. Stay safe my lovely little dude x
Good news Mel ,come on China ,time for your adventure to end x
We believe we have AT LAST got a picture of China's face instead of his rear end! Taken by the feeding zone that is deep in his territory (which we hope you'll understand we are keeping the actual location under wraps) ... we now have 2 cameras on this zone and just hope, hope, hope that he is taking food regularly. The weather has been awful for getting SIGHTINGS but these are what we ALSO need to help establish regular routes / places he visits - it's a slow process but, although so frustrating and worrying, we know that we'll do whatever it takes, for however long it takes to Get China Home where he belongs ... safe on his sofa with Zander Pictures are on his Facebook Page where we've compared the pic with one on a hot evening walk and one from his younger days in Spain (and also included a couple of other pics of the critters he's sharing the place with). Stay safe lovely boy, Mel x
Last edited: 2017-11-11 18:01:37
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer - Wiltshire
Well done Team China, fingers crossed xxx
Encouraging news from our newest feeding station which is deep in China's territory, covered by one of our wildlife cams. No definitive picture which we can say is China but we are getting night time glimpses of thin, high-up tails (very unlike a foxes) and another daytime pic of a lone brown dog in the distance that keep us hopeful (on his Facebook Page are other possibles, a fox or dog tail? and maybe a China or a muntjac crossing the water). He seems to have gone a bit shy again as no sightings in the last week but we've carried on with dusk 'stake-outs' using thermal cameras and night vision … this was going well until a very close encounter with a muntjac meant a retreat as it started 'barking' and gave the obs post away. Some better and brighter weather soon might mean that China will come out and show himself again. Please do keep eyes peeled and VERY IMPORTANTLY: any kind of info is useful, please do just text / call / message the Page. Thanking everyone for continued support, especially at the weekend as the flyers were being given out and lots of best wishes were passed on. Thank you, all paws crossed that there will be some positive news very soon.
We now know the identity of the 'mystery' dog and his friend - thanks for all the shares and messages on his Page. It seems that there is a China 'lookey-likey' out there in IP10 but I now have the lovely owner's details so can check out straight away if there is a potential sighting. China seems to be staying in his 'safe' zone of MARTLESHAM, IP12 - Please do keep looking out for him. Stay safe gentle Chi x
Thanks Collie - we now think he may have been seen again with the 'mystery' dog (another sighthound) a short way from his 'safe' zone. More details on his DogLost Facebook post and on his Facebook Page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China' ... two loose lucher/whippet type dogs seen by Bucklesham Primary School, we're trying to get more info from the person who called a local vets as they were so concerned to see them. Stay safe China, little dude - always in my thoughts morning til night - just want you home and safe x
This boy has got us all on tenter hooks, waiting for news. I wonder if he knows what a huge support following he has?? We just want him caught!! Well done you all you incredibly patient team China.
Another report of China being sighted from Thursday (31.8) - meaning he's been seen 4 times (with another 'possible' sighting) in the last 6 days. Despite a fretful 2 week spell of no sign of him August has been a month of the most sightings of him so far - we're very hopeful that this is a change in behaviour, of him getting braver around humans. 5,000 leaflets are going out in the local area and wildlife camera traps are being monitored - we have some good 'possible' photo's of him ... dear, dear China, stay safe sweet boy x
DogLostJayne - Admin
Paws crossed here....
CHINA SIGHTED - again ... He was seen this morning at about 10.30 am in Martlesham in an area he's been seen a few times before. Wonderful that he's being seen again and it seems his confidence has returned as, although he ran off when seen, he was around a public area in daylight. Stay safe China x
Come on China ,really really hoping for good news soon xx
CHINA SIGHTED - early morning today - again in his 'safe' zone ... after the most sightings ever in the first 2 weeks of August, then 2 weeks of no sightings, he is thankfully being seen again. Stay safe Chi x
Thanks Jayne, great suggestions. And thanks, Collie - he certainly is an amazing boy! Your good vibes are much appreciated x
CHINA SIGHTED 7.50 pm this evening - back in his 'safe' zone - such a relief to get a sighting, stay very safe lovely boy x
DogLostJayne - Admin
You could try dropping some off with the paper boys/girls and at local takeaways.
Been checking for news on this amazing boy, unfortunately I live too far away to help but mentally I will be there wishing him trapped soon.
UPDATE ON OUR LOST BOY: As China seems to have gone to ground and we've only had one probable camera image of him recently, it's time to 'up the ante'. Thanks to a very kind donation we've been able to order 5,000 new flyers and these arrive on Wednesday. If anyone is willing and able to post these to each house in their road/avenue/street in Martlesham (or if you live in a neighbouring village/town) then please do send a message or comment or text etc (via his Facebook page too) and we can arrange to get them to you or find a convenient pick-up point. If you know a local business that would be willing to have them then please do also let us know (we've visited lots but we want to make sure we have as many covered as possible). We can't Get China Home without you and so many have already made so much difference. Lots of things are going on behind the scenes and we currently have three daily feeding stations in operation, including a new one in the heart of his 'safe zone'; we've set up cameras in more key zones (with kind permissions of land owners) and this has only been possible through purchasing / long term loans and the kindness of those who've bought some for us to use – amazingly generous! We're always searching and have found regular fresh 'deposits' of dog poop in his safe zone that are clearly from a dog living wild. Posters are constantly checked / updated / replaced / expanded into new areas and anyone who would like some of these please just let us know. We think that China may have been spooked by a kind-hearted person/s who approached him rather than just sighted him. Here's a pic explaining why we ask for SIGHTINGS ONLY and why we can't just walk up to him or call him over … sadly this doesn't work with dogs lost for more than a couple of days as they go into 'survival mode'. As ever, so many thanks to those who are part of Team China by sharing posts, helping out on the ground and by sending positive vibes. Stay safe little dude, get brave again x
CHINA UPDATE: It's a little scary at the moment as we haven't had a sighting for a week (and he was getting so confident!) We're not sure if he got spooked when he was seen with another dog ... BUT we're as sure as we can be that we have him on camera in the Martlesham area (his 'safe' zone) over the last few days. Thanks to you all for the shares from his facebook page (Martlesham's Missing Dog - 'China') regarding the brindle dog (we have 'leads' but still haven't found out who s/he belongs to) - we're still trying! We really need some more SIGHTINGS ONLY (please don't approach him/spook him) please, please, please look out for him - I've met so many people who are doing just that, thank you! Please also do TELL ONE OTHER PERSON who lives in / works in / drives through the area. My beautiful boy, please stay safe, please show yourself, I just want to get you home! Mel x
One day I'm sure he will be 'in the blue' when I check his page! Really hoping its very soon Mel x
Thanks for the good wishes collie and everyone - yes, it's quite something how he's managed to take such good care of himself, such a lovely, gentle and clever soul. We've had news of him every day this week so he's getting braver and more confident around people - I'll never give up on you China, stay safe til I find you x
Hoping that China is soon trapped. One amazing dog with great survival skills. Stay safe.
Everything crossed !! X
DogLostJayne - Admin
Paws crossed!
As ever, so very many thanks Helen x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up again for dear China, slowly does it!
Well done Mel and all the helpers that are getting the sightings of China for you x
Thanks to one of our fox-feeders ๐Ÿ˜Š we have a new PICTURE OF CHINA! It's very difficult to tell the difference between him and a fox on the infrared pics (we know we probably discount some that are actually him!) but we want to feel sure. The pictures on his Facebook page show him on Thursday evening - and the fox we had to rule out - as well as a previous pic we used to try and make sure it was him (it's all about the tail in this one). This is the second time he's been here so we're hoping he makes this a regular venue, then we can attempt a rescue. We've had some excellent sightings and more clues over the last week - there is no way we could have got this vital information without YOU ALL - THANK YOU SO MUCH! It all seems to take so long but we have to plod on, be patient and take encouragement from the amount of people who are doing so much to help Get China Home. It seems so strange that I can't just call out to him and have him safely back but 'lost' dogs really are just that ... they don't know who to trust, they just know how to survive, and I'm so proud of him for doing this so well. Stay safe, stay brave and keep coming back for those tasty sardines China! Thank you to everyone for your continued help and support, Mel x ๐Ÿ’œ
*CHINA SIGHTED* - lovely confirmed sighting of China today, approx 1.30 pm in the middle of his territory, chilling out in a field with a horse for company. Seen by someone who has seen him several times. He looked fit and healthy and confidently watched whilst the person crouched down with their dog and quietly observed. China then decided to slowly retreat, with a skip (!), into some undergrowth whilst he watched them as they went on their way. A huge thank you for reporting the sighting and for doing absolutely the right thing to try and encourage China to realise that humans aren't something to be feared. Please, please don't approach him or call out to him - and please do report any sightings (we had another confirmed sighting of him reported today from about 3 weeks ago just a few hundred yards away from here. We are getting regular sightings, he's becoming braver. Please stay safe China x
That's great - much appreciated, Helen x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So pleased he is still being seen Mel, I have bumped up his page here and also updated all facebook shares with this latest news x
*CHINA SIGHTING* Someone was lucky enough to see lovely China! And I'm very grateful for them calling it in. He was seen at approx 11 am this morning, in Old Martlesham, not far from houses and woods. His behaviour change continues as he seems to get closer and closer to humans without being too worried about being seen... now we just need him to start visiting his old venue again - it make take a little time, we're being patient little dude even though we're all desperate to see you safely home, til then, stay safe and stay brave beautiful boy x
*CHINA SIGHTING* - seen this evening at 7 pm in the middle of his area with a good description and from fairly close up, looks like he was about to follow a route and got disturbed but it's given us some valuable information. Stay safe and stay close China x
Thanks for following his story, Georgy. There are a couple of methods we can use and once we have regular 'eyes on' him and can predict where he'll be then we'll try whichever is most appropriate to his situation and the surrounding area to make sure he's safe. He's being seen more and more and seems to be feeling more confident - when he does get home then we'll assess him and make sure he gets any / all rehab that he needs after such a long time out there.
Georgy Porgy
Still following your story. How do you plan to catch him? When is the time to do this? I wonder if he will settle back at home now he seems so confident in the wild. So want you to have your happy ending after all this time & effort.
A lot has happened over the last few days … Most importantly for me was that I finally GOT TO SEE China myself! We watched as he strolled past through some woods, in daylight. He knew we were there, he wasn't bothered by us, but there was no point trying to catch him – he's in 'survival mode' and chasing him might make him leave the area. But how WONDERFUL to finally see him, even though I couldn't quite believe it after all this time.
We keep discovering people who don't know about China but have great info when we get to meet them – please, please I would love ALL 5,000 PEOPLE IN MARTLESHAM to know about him and then we can get him safe even quicker. He has changed his behaviour, he's growing in confidence and is not so scared to be seen by people but PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH HIM. Any possible sightings, strange noises, flattened grass, anything that's a bit different, please let us know! Thank you x
Many thanks to you both - edging closer :) x
DogLostJayne - Admin
all paws crossed here...thanks for the update Helen.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up for China, so encouraging, well done Mel you are getting closer....
LOVELY PROGRESS with the quest to Get China Home ... we've gathered lots of pics and analysed them, got second, third and more opinions and we now know that Chi has been visiting at least one house that regularly feeds the foxes and badgers (but he avoids the badgers by going later!) We've put some of the pics on his Facebook Page. We are CONVINCED that he is visiting more than one house and we want to find his regular places. DO YOU KNOW anyone in Martlesham who feeds the foxes? Can you ask them to get in touch even if there's an outside chance that they think there may be a 'different' or 'odd' kind of fox coming to eat? As ever, please, please LOOK OUT FOR / MENTION / SHARE this lovely boy - we are close to getting him safe and without you all we would never have got this far - thank you all. China, stay safe, stay near and the sofa awaits my beautiful boy! Mel x Last edited: 2017-07-28 09:51:50
Great - thanks Helen - what a day that will be! x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping up again for China, getting there Mel, I just can't wait for the day you post that he is safe x
*CHINA SIGHTING* - early this morning where he's been seen before! We also have his rear end and tail on camera late at night twice - hopefully we'll get his sweet face soon instead! Great news BUT ... I've also had second-hand news since the weekend of 3 other confirmed sightings, really grateful for these but - DESPERATE PLEA - please, please pass on the message for people to CALL/TEXT (even if they're not sure) so we can capture the information (esp timings) asap and get as much detail as possible - sadly this vital information has been lost. And a very BIG thank you to the four (and another tomorrow) Martlesham households who are hosting cameras after he's been seen on their land / in their gardens. This is what will hopefully give us the regular 'eyes on' so we know WHEN he'll be around. Even just a handful of days of regular sightings means we can take direct action to GET CHINA SAFE - thank you so much to all in the local community who are SHARING / MENTIONING / LOOKING OUT FOR this lost boy. Without doubt it's working. Stay safe China x Last edited: 2017-07-28 09:51:19
Thanks JulieH - China seems to have become braver, more sightings reported to me over the weekend that have taken place over the last week. Absolutely everything crossed, we're getting there x
Fingers ,paws everything crossed .Come on China please trust Mel enough to repay her hard work and patience x
Thanks Georgy Porgy - yes, we're hoping that Zander (his 'brother') may be able to help out, he'll be there all this weekend.
Georgy Porgy
Been following China's posts.Now that you think you know his route wondered if his brother podenco might help entice him towards capture? Really hoping your hard work pays off now.
CHINA'S ROUTE - we think we know it! There will be much ground work done this weekend but we need 'eyes on' our boy to now get some better timings - he IS getting braver and showing himself more, come on China!
He is such a lovely boy ... I am biased but he is gentle, timid and so wants to be part of a 'pack'. As a rescue boy he was still learning to trust when he got himself lost but he loves being around other dogs, it makes him feel safe - please, help us get him home (Zander his 'brother' podenco misses him) - you've all made such a difference so far. He'll be 7 years old later this year, I want to get him the biggest cake ever. Please SHARE and MENTION and LOOK OUT for him - he's so missed and so loved - thank you all, Mel x๐Ÿ’œ
Thanks nedk - Ray has been aware and involved since early on and has generously offered to help out when we have an area that China is regularly seen in.
Is ray deicoat involved in the capture of this dog. Any traps set up in the area this dog has been.out to long now needs to be capturedx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So pleassed there have been further sightings of China, I will bump his page up to the top, keep safe China x
*MULTIPLE SIGHTINGS* We've had positive sightings over the weekend and he was seen this morning from just a few feet away, taken by surprise. He quickly ran off but this, along with some other info from the people who sent the message, has given us a more circular route - great news. It's kind of wonderful and kind of heartbreaking to be standing in the spot where he was a few hours before but we're making so much progress that you can't help but feel very positive and even inspired this boy! We also had a call from a lovely lady who feeds the foxes just yards from where he's been seen multiple times and she thinks he may have been in a few times during the last week - cameras are now out in these places. All so encouraging but we need to get him safe, he's crossing roads on this route so please, please do LOOK OUT for China and MENTION HIM to others. A big thanks to all the lovely people I'm meeting through China's escapades. There's a lil video of a fox discovering the camera on his facebook page ... hopefully soon this be a recording of China. Keep safe little dude. Thanks to you all, Mel x
*CHINA SIGHTED* - approx 8.30 pm 7.7.17 - close to another recent sighting and in the area we'd expect him to be. More detail for our route plan. Stay safe China til we get you home x
Thanks Gloria - all the posters, tweets, posts and shares are working. We're getting a better and better idea of where China is going, just aiming to be able to get regular 'eyes on' so we can get to the next part of the plan. I spoke to a local resident who has seen him in the same small area 3 times over the last two weeks! This is great progress and adds in to what we already know - he's going to set up his own feeding station in direct sight and I'll be putting a camera on it tomorrow. Closer and closer, although slowly, slowly catchy China! :) xx
Still hoping china is reunited mel and thinking of you all and the volunteers who are helping.
I do have his picture in the front window of my car so wherever I am someone will see it.
I will keep retweeting mel xx take care and good luck x come on china time to go home now xxxx
Thanks Helen x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Lovely to hear there has been a confirmed sighting of China Mel, really hoping it won't be much longer before you have him safe.
I'll bump his page up again because of this sighting x
Very encouraging news - confirmed sighting of China this evening - he was watched as he crossed a field and went into a specific animal 'exit' point that's he's used before. He was seen by someone who has sighted him before. I walked all round this field yesterday with the owner ... so close to my boy, I'll be back there tomorrow. Stay safe sweet boy x
Some good news to report this morning - a very probable sighting of China on Thursday evening, and a strong possible from Tuesday evening along with some pawprints in a place where no dogs would usually have access. He's often reported as a 'ginger' or 'red' dog - which is spot-on (the pictures don't show his colour well) ... huge thank you to those who've left messages / sent texts etc, we ARE establishing a pattern and EVERY possible sighting will be investigated and plotted on his map - PLEASE look out for a glimpse of red or ginger and PLEASE mention to others not on facebook or online - Many thanks for the continued shares on his page. Stay safe little dude, we're hot on your trail x
THE SEARCH CONTINUES ... and will continue until China is found - we still need your help. Not surprisingly, in the heat of the week, China seems to have gone to ground. We have tried a feeding regime but no luck SO FAR. Volunteers have been out postering further afield - thank you all! And someone has kindly offered two more (no glow) cameras which we are targeting in specific areas - it's all go at China HQ. China, stay safe, there's an empty space on the sofa just waiting for you x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Promising news Mel, I will bump this page up to the top because of this sighting x
CHINA SIGHTING - He has been seen this morning ("99% certain") in the middle of what we're assuming to be his territory. Thank you so much to the person who saw him, checked the posters and then phoned to give me specific details of where this was. Lovely news! Come on China, stay brave, show yourself but stay safe x
China has been SIGHTED more than once at the SAME location - this is excellent news and helps us begin to see his patterns. There are over 5,000 people living in Martlesham we would love it if EVERYONE knew about China! A tremendous amount of shares already of his video (on his Facebook page: Martlesham's Missing Dog - China) thank you! Please do keep it going and keep MENTIONING him - he's still surviving, he's been sighted multiple times and we want so much to get him safe. There are also a couple of new photo's on his page - one showing his SIZE (above knee height) and the other better showing his COLOUR (a red/brown) - thank you. China, sweet boy, stay safe x
Fingers crossed for China, Mel you are an absolute star for all you are doing for this dog x
Some potentially very promising news! On the way to meet two more lovely volunteers last night there was a call from a local resident - she had noticed dog poop in her garden for a little while, her outdoor animals (though not alarmed) were indicating there was an unusual visitor and then they saw, at a distance, for quite some time a very possible CHINA wandering around part of their land - on and off for about 2 hours! They are very used to seeing foxes and muntjacs but they believed this was a 'ginger' dog (he is a rich red/brown colour that doesn't show up well in photo's) so they gave me a call ... They are a lovely couple who very kindly said they'd do whatever they could to help so we will be installing a couple of wildlife cameras and, quietly, seeing if we can get some more evidence (poop!) and pictures.
This is what makes all the difference! Thanks to everyone for continually sharing his posts, looking out for him and mentioning him to those not on social media. Whether it's today, this week or it takes months ... we're coming to get you China so, until then, stay safe little dude x
We'd be very grateful if you could pass this message on to local people (Martlesham / Ipswich / Woodbridge) - thank you, Mel x
Thank you Mel for your reply and kind words, China will be back on the sofa soon you are all doing a fantastic job working so hard too. My thoughts are with you all come on China let's get you home now xxxx
Jayne, Helen, Zoe - many thanks! And Ninja has been in touch ... one day he'll be back on the sofa x
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer - East Sussex
Wow, don't know how I missed this. Mel & team, What an amazing job you are all doing. So pleased you have had some sightings in the past few days. I have everything crossed you get your boy back sooner rather than later. I'm sorry I am not closer to be able to help x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So pleased China is now being sighted and is looking well, very encouraging Mel x
I will bump his page up again, keep safe China x
*CHINA SIGHTING* - you guys have done it again! Thanks so much for the message this morning - he wasn't just spotted but was observed for a while looking 'relaxed' and mooching around the middle of his 'territory' just after 7.30 this morning ... come on China - you're getting braver and braver! x
DogLostJayne - Admin
All paws crossed for you!
*CHINA SIGHTING* Thank you so much to the person who messaged this morning with a very probable sighting of China near to his territory - all sightings (or possibles) give us vital information on his movements. Thank you! x
Many thanks for the continued shares for China ... it's been an intensive week and we have a grand new plan now that Sam and Loki have given us a much smaller area to focus on. I've consulted with Ray Dedicoat, the Dog Trapping Team, Helen Jermy, Sarah (has a lost podenco in Cannock) and, very importantly, my 'unofficial' consultant Carol Driver :) who has pods and knows China's area so well - all of whom have continually given me great advice and support ... Thank You all! Hoping my beautiful lost boy is keeping himself safe out there x
Georgy Porgy
Been following all through this.Really hoping China will be caught soon. Good luck!
Significant progress in the search for China! Late today we had the dog tracker Sam Bryce and Loki come out again (thank you so much!). We had to make a difficult decision about balancing the risk of spooking China v checking he is still in the area and trying to narrow down where he is. It was a very positive result and (hoping all understand that we can't say too much as we want to keep China safe) Loki was able to not only pick up his scent but also to help us be more specific in where to focus our work! Watching Loki and Sam work together was really quite something - thank you to them both xx
**CHINA SIGHTING** Received this evening from someone who has seen him before, this is in his 'territory' and was at about 7.30 pm. We have had other possible sightings that we are also plotting on the map and looking into - thank you so much! x
DAY 137 - Thank you to all who've joined China's new page! As many people know I've been posting on DogLost since the beginning (and will continue). I just wanted to recap some of the things we've done and are doing to Help Get China Home: feeding stations / clothes left / wildlife cameras / drone / heat seeking equipment / specialist wifi camera / dog tracker / expert dog trappers (Ray D and Dog Trapping Team) on board / wildlife expert / posters, posters and more posters (and leaflets) and a good sprinkling of 'Never Giving Up'. This may sound like we've done all we can but it's more a matter of narrowing down where he is in his big territory so that we can get things in the right place at the right time and then persevere! That's why SIGHTINGS are so important as are lots of LOCAL SHARES to try and make sure that everyone in the local area knows about him. I am staggered by how much help I've received and continue to receive - I'm so, so grateful to so many. As ever, Dear China, stay safe little dude x
CHINA now has his own page on facebook - please search, share and 'like' "Martlesham's Missing Dog - China" or search "Help Get China Home" - I really need this to get out to people in Suffolk - thank you! xLast edited: 2017-05-21 22:27:28 by Mel
Thanks Gloria - wishing you a speedy recovery. The drone worked well for the missing dog Cherry as she was stuck in one particular place but I think with China moving around amongst so much other wildlife of the same size (so a drone with a thermal camera will also show any muntjac / foxes too) it would be difficult to tell if it was him ... and with a normal drone camera it is now difficult, in his area, as there's so much cover from the trees and foliage etc (one was used early on). A shame as I'd love to be able to get one out there, I won't rule anything out but have been advised that it wouldn't be as useful for his situation as it is for other lost dogs :( But I'm using a thermal imaging camera on the ground as it helps me understand where all the critters hang out, the tracks they use and their habits at dusk and after dark. I am ever hopeful that one day China will be home and safe and no longer running scared from the so many humans that are rooting for him. New plans are underway (and constantly revised) to try and narrow down his area and I'm so lucky to have all the right equipment on hand, only possible because of the generosity of lots of lovely people who do so much for dogs like China. Really hope your ankle is lots better very soon xxLast edited: 2017-05-29 10:32:21 by Mel
Could a drone be used Mel? Thinking of China every day and all your friends and people who are helping you.
No excuses Mel but I have damaged my ankle as unable to go far as it swells up badly but China will be home soon Take care Mel and good luck and best wishes with everything You are brilliant and good things will happen soon xxx
I've seen that Sandy (ID 111228) the Spanish dog lost in Feb is finally safe! Wonderful news and I'd love to hear how 'Ninja' managed it!
Back in Suffolk again today ... any sightings welcome (possibles: muntjac? fox? China?) please call: 0781 7776280. I had a call Monday, was able to check it out and it was Billy the dog again but really grateful that someone called me, I will always check them out - thank you x
CHINA UPDATE: Really blown away by how quickly the funds were raised for the special camera for China - thank you all so much! (in Essex, Suffolk and beyond) and to the people who've contacted me afterwards offering to contribute, really not now needed but truly, truly appreciated! The camera - a Bushnell Trophy Cam Wireless is now ordered. I'm still waiting to hear on another plan to narrow the area. Dear China - I have lots of plans little one, and will keep trying them all until I find the one that works ... so keep safe little dude, there are lots of people rooting for you x
A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has donated - the target for the camera was met within an hour - such generosity and support for this lovely lad is heartwarming and so appreciated - thank you x
I have set up a JustGiving page (link on the facebook DogLost site) to help buy a specialist WIFI wildlife camera so the trap can be monitored throughout the night and no little critter or lovely China will be in it for too long - If you'd like to donate a £1 or £2 or just share then please copy and paste the link ... thank you so much x https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/HelpGetChinaHome
A new photo and video are on his facebook DogLost post ... at a distance he could easily be mistaken for a large fox or muntjac BUT any 'possible' sightings really are very welcome (the more question marks in any one certain area can lead us closer to him) - please do call / text / message me ... 0781 7776280. Many thanks for the continued support to 'Help Get China Home' x
The other podenco is called 'little madam' and is listed as an ibizan hound I think.
Ray is the other Podenco listed here please? Can't seem to find a listing but would like to follow her progress
Many thanks Ray D and JulieH for such encouragement - I know, Ray, that Little Madam has been out there for a year, surviving on her 3 legs, these podencos are quite something! Good luck with her and thanks for keeping an eye on China - much appreciated, I'm still taking your excellent advice and will continue to hang on in there until we get him safe.
Mel you are just doing a brilliant job ,I'm sure your hard work will pay off x
Well done MEL thinking of you,always checking on China, as i,ve said before every single dog in his situation is different from the last one and the next one will be as different again, at least you are hanging on, He will slip up sooner or later, the whole key to this situation is PATIENCE and QUALITY grub covered...have you seen the other Podenco in Cannock which has been out 12 months, I have a surprise for her in a couple of weeks, Watch the space!!!
A full-on weekend of moving things about, late night encounters with badgers and another 'possible' pic of the lovely yet elusive China in the same area as before. Thanks to all for the recent and continuing shares, really appreciate it. I have a nearly full rota for the trap but if there is anyone able to do a couple of hours one evening (a Thursday) a week for 2 weeks - and who feels brave enough to venture into the wilderness - then please do PM me, I'd be very grateful. China, you're so shy and such a survivor, my beautiful boy, keep yourself safe x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Re-shared to Norfolk and Suffolk facebook group and other groups in the area.
We were very fortunate to have the Dog Trapping Team (who helped advise with the other Podenco, Wendy, now wonderfully back in her furever home! :) ) pay a visit over the weekend and scope China's area / get a good idea of the sightings so far etc. They brought (all the way from Brighton) an extra large trap and have selected a particular spot for it. I'm sure people will understand that we can't mention the location of it but I am putting together some people who can help me monitor it (any volunteers very welcome!). But please, please do keeping what you all do so well - sharing, mentioning and thinking of this gentle little soul. Ever in my thoughts and everything geared towards getting you home China, so keep safe little one x
The Dog Trapping Team are very kindly supplying an extra large trap so it can be in Suffolk ready for this lovely lad ... still a softly, softly approach. Drag trail laid today towards the food station and there are more 50/50 photo's where it's hard to tell if it's China or a fox but better that than none at all. Even more shares and more views of his page - thanks to all for this! Ray D is also still kindly said he'll help out if needed - very grateful to everyone who is helping out China, especially as it's been such a long time now x
Hi Gloria - no new sightings so I'm hoping he'll show himself again very soon, although we have had a couple of images on camera, in the same area, that we feel very sure are him (they're at night, so black and white and a bit blurry). We're closely monitoring this area now ... it's frustrating and heartbreaking, but we now have even more great people on board (Dog Trapping Team) who are helping/advising. Over 3 months out in the wild now, he's a clever and elusive little soul but however long it takes x
Any news on china Mel x
Gloria - thanks so much for that. And many thanks for that info - I know exactly where you mean, the land is very close to where we are currently monitoring xx
Hi Mel just to catch up I printed off the fliers for China as promised and handed them around also took some into the RSPCA in Martlesham they were happy to help to.
On Friday 7th I went down the lane passing by the horses and got to a stile but this time turned left so I was parallel to the A12 heading back towards Black Tiles and before I reached where about 8 caravans were parked I looked to my left and I saw something bigger than a cat going quickly into the bushes I was stuck as I was looking over but unable to be close just thought I would let you know hopefully it could have been China fingers crossed Mel xx
Finally - slightly blurry - but pretty darn sure it's China on camera! Taken after midnight last night, in the same field as the pic a few days ago but this time you can see a collar and it looks like the right ear has a bit missing. It will be 3 months tomorrow since he ran down the farm track (and this pic was taken very nearby) - feeling excited, keep keeping safe China x
After being in Suffolk yesterday evening, I thought it might be useful to pass on some of what I've experienced / been advised for anyone who is so kindly looking out for China in his 'area'. It is mostly common sense (so apologies if this seems obvious) but here goes: wear dark/mute colours; sticking to the paths helps keep noise underfoot to a minimum; walk slowly, stop often, have binoculars if you can and scour the fields/hedgerows and treelines (and binoculars are also good to look for dog pawprints on the south side of the brook); best not to speak if you're with others. With a public footpath all down one side and right through the middle of his territory it is ideal for being able to view much of his area. I spent a good while yesterday watching a fox hunting (about 60 ft away) and you're more likely to spot him unawares with the wind in your face (upwind). Big, big 'Thank You' to everyone who is going out when they can to have a look. V happy for any other suggestions of how best to look out for him. I'll be back in Suffolk tomorrow, sweet China, so stay safe my boy x
His 'area' is the countryside bounded by Bealings Road, A12, Black Tiles Lane in Martlesham - there is a map on his DogLost facebook post.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So pleased he has shown himself again Mel, I will bump his page up to the top.
Keep safe China x
**CHINA SIGHTING ("95% sure")** - Middle of his 'area' - Sunday 19 March ... Finally a near-positive sighting of China. Talking to people, showing them pictures and meeting my dog, Zander (also a Podenco), really works. We heard of a sighting from last Sunday and the person feels sure it was China (it would be 100% but she couldn't see a collar as he was in and around the bushes, approx 50 feet away), he was 'ambling' again. This links in with us being in the same spot about an hour later last week with Zander who went 'crazy' trying to get into this area, I've never seen him react this way before and we had a feeling he could scent China, but there was no way to be sure, now it makes sense. Phew, such a relief. Added to this we've had an interesting report from someone who lives on land in his new territory which gives us a pattern of location near to where he first went missing - a good day! Also, glad to see that Reggie was reunited today. Onward and upward, stay where you are China, and stay safe! x
Thanks Gloria - I hope you got the email ok yesterday? Thanks so much for helping xx
I have just sent an email to you Mel regarding the poster/leaflets thinking of China always hope he is found soon xxx
Thanks Gloria xx - that would be wonderful if you have time. I'm trying to keep everything up-to-date and refreshed so that people don't think he's been found or forget about him but it all takes so long when I can only get up there 3 times a week. I have different posters and leaflets that I put out, I know you're not on facebook so do feel free (and anyone else) to email me and I can send you a poster / leaflets to print off (melperrymel@gmail.com) - thank you. This is probably a long haul rescue, we'll find him, I'm in it for the long haul - as long as it takes China x
Mel keep positive you are all doing fantastic work trying to find China I think about him all the time too, always wishing i could do more.
I am tweeting still
Would you like me to do some more posters to put up in the area it would be no trouble at all (China stay safe and come home soon xx )
China update: We are still confident that he is in the area - not only is this where he first ran to, has all the food, water and shelter that he needs but all the sightings have been here too. After the last sighting, I heard him a few days later (I know it's not as good as a sighting) in the middle of his territory at dusk and with no other dogs / walkers in the area. I have constantly been seeking and gratefully receiving advice from those who have so much experience of lost dogs and it is felt that he is probably mostly nocturnal now - much like the wildlife in his area. We're very lucky to know (roughly) where he is, unlike so many lost dogs, and to have heard that he is looking fit and healthy but it's just a frustrating wait to narrow down where he is in this area so it's a case of moving the cameras around to try and get a sighting and work out his routes before we can bring in the large trap that is needed. Today has also been about revisiting all the properties that back on to this land and asking people to check their gardens and land for any clues (like a possible den and dog poop) as well as asking people to be on the look out - huge thank you, as ever, to Carol and Lou for all their help today - they've been a fantastic support from the start. I would be so happy just to get another sighting soon and hopefully that will help us to get him home. Thinking of you China, all the time, stay safe little dude x
Re Shared ONESTOPALLDOGS Fbook & Twitter
Well China! Where are you?? Still trying to pin down his movements so we can get the wonderful Ray involved - and still receiving some excellent knowledge and advice from people who generously give their time and effort to finding lost dogs like this boy. More social media, posters and leafleting continuing so China is kept in people's minds, nearly 23,000 views of his DogLost web page and over 1.5 K facebook shares - many thanks to all who've shared and taken an interest in China's plight, please do keep mentioning him to people as not everyone locally is aware. Needing a sighting of you soon China - keep safe little one x
Thanks sarap3038, much appreciated.
As you have a good idea where he is (within an area) could K9 trackers help to identify his regular routes and possibly his dens? Try Jenny Brown. http://www.k9tracker.co.uk/
Thanks so much Gloria for looking, keeping him in mind and tweeting - so lovely to know that he's not being forgotten xx
Mel we did see the cage which was to our right as we went more to our right as we got out the car then went over 3 fields we got as far as the white horse that was in a field.
I have just tweeted as I am not on Facebook at present I am just tweeting but I will be out again looking glad the weather is finally getting better as that helps keep strong and we will find him ok xxx
Hollieberry, thanks for sharing - this is just as important and really appreciated - thank you.
I wish I lived closer so that I could help Mel but will share & keep tweeting .
Thanks Hollieberry. I'm now also focussing (as the weather improves) on people whose property backs onto China's 'area' (between Black Tiles Lane / Bealings Road and Main Road, Martlesham) to have a look around their gardens, land and outbuildings to see if there is any sign of him being there (eg a little den or worn dip in plants or any dog poop) - I'm also re-leafleting each house and have circulated his info in local publications. The search goes on and we're hopeful for another sighting of this little lad soon.
I wanted to be post 101, plus I want to remind everyone please keep looking for China. Good work Mel fingers crossed he is brought to safety soon .
A busy weekend in the continued search for China's movements in his area - at last finding a possible 'den' (likely he has more than one) where something larger than a fox has been sleeping and some nearby dog poop (full of rabbit hair and bones etc) in a dog-free field that's part of a garden and pretty much inaccessible except to the local wildlife. Once again land owners on both sides of his territory have been so helpful and allowed me to search and place cameras in key places. This is vital in eliminating areas bit by bit, even though it's slow work - you wouldn't think that a square mile could feel so big! It's heart wrenching to keep leaving Suffolk without having found him - yet again I'm asking people if they would please, please continue to share, mention and look out for this boy as it's a little while since his last appearance and he may start to slip out of people's minds, He's out there, on his own, surviving, bless him ... but China, please do keep safe little one x
Thanks Gloria - that's so kind as I know you have a way to travel. Shame I didn't see you, I was probably a bit deeper in the undergrowth! I'll pop the post I made on facebook up on here too, slowly but surely I think we're getting closer. Thanks for looking for him xx
I was out today Mel trying to find China over the back by where I saw you by the bungalows at the black tiles, I didn't get a sighting unfortunately but was over there for a good while but still remaining positive for China and I will go again and look as soon as I can xx
DogLostJayne - Admin
Be patient...wait for a few seconds fro the shares to come up...as so many...tx
Hi yjess - these should be at the top of this page but if they're not showing then you can reach his facebook link by copying and pasting this one www.facebook.com/groups/DogLostNorfolkSuffolk/permalink/1335675803169134/
Thank you!
Can't see any social media buttons on here to share with? Want to share this to my FB page. X
The owner of 'Billy the Dog' has now kindly been in touch and confirmed that Billy was in the place and at the time identified in the possible sighting from yesterday - a big thanks to Kesgrave Community Group for helping me track the owner. Also I'm very grateful to the person who alerted us to the possible sighting - each one will always be followed up as it could be the breakthrough that we need to help us get China home - I will always check these out so please do keep China in mind and mentioning him to others, thank you x
Thanks Issy, very good of you to post this - I've sent you a message via facebook. I see that you've replied to another message saying that it looks like Billy but also you recognised the face being like China's (China has a pink nose, Billy's is black) and I mentioned another detail about Billy's collar which might confirm whether it was him or not, I'd be really grateful if you could let me know what you think - many thanks.
Fantastic news to follow up Mel well things are looking good Mel good luck won't be long now China is definitely having a field day (excuse the pun) xxxxLast edited: 2017-03-09 18:39:24
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Thanks for posting this info Issy, I have alerted Mel to this possible sighting x

Hello, Im pretty confident me and my boyfriend spotted China this afternoon about 2pm on a walk over Martelsham Heath. He was on the heath land behind the houses, between Gorseland school and Eagle's way (Hope this makes sense!)
This dog was definitely alone, with no owner in sight. He looked in good health and bouncing around the bushes and grass.
He was about 20 meters away from us but I could see a black collar and he fit the description and photos. I hope this helps!
China has now been missing for over 8 weeks, it seems that he has 'settled' in the square mile of countryside between Black Tiles Lane and Bealings Road in Martlesham, where he first ran to after being spooked. There have been various sightings (day and night) of him in this area, thankfully all reports are that he is looking fit and healthy and is still wearing his collar (black and red large Martingale type). There is plenty of food, water and shelter here for him and we are trying to narrow down where he is / what tracks he uses in order to correctly place food stations (these have been ongoing and inconclusive as to who is taking the food), once this is done we will be able to try a large trap. So far he is keeping himself safe, he is much loved and we are doing everything possible (in the quietest way so as not to spook him away from the area) to get him back to safety and back to a warm, soft sofa. Stay safe China x
Fingers crossed that the people feeding him will be able to trap him soon .
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Yes Hollieberry feeding stations have been set up in the area and have been for a while now.
Poor China he has been out there a long time in this extreme weather ,is he being fed to keep him in the area ?
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So pleased there has been another positive sighting of China, I know the team behind China are working really hard to bring this little lad to safety x
Glad he looks well , hope you can catch him soon best wishes x x
Great to read that China is OK and still in area, hoping he will soon be caught x
**CHINA SIGHTING** China was seen crossing the Bealings Road (north to south) last night (26 February) at approx 9 pm. It is a positive sighting, with his collar described. The kind person, who reported the sighting, had to stop her car to let him cross the road as he was 'ambling' - thankfully he was again reported as looking fit and healthy. Take very good care China! We're rooting for you and trying our best to get you to safety x
Still sharing come home China
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Sighted today @ 3:10 (16th of Feb) Black Tiles Lane running across the fields where the horses are up onto the green and then back down the lane to the farm. He went past two children who saw him close up as he went by on the green and identified a black and red collar.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Sadly the sighting at Eagle Way, near Mayfields was not China, there was another loose dog in the area at this time and has been confirmed that it was this other dog, the search continues for China, if there is anybody in the area that could help put posters up this will be greatly appreciated.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Feeding stations and traps have been used at Black Tiles where China was thought to be settling, however if this was China that has been sighted then he has moved on, we need lots of posters up in the area so we can again track his movements, is there anybody that can help poster this area so hopefully we can get sightings called in?
Is it possible to try a trap in this instance?
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Possible sighting of China Monday 13th February around 3.30 pm, Eagle Way, near Mayfields.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
The last sighting of China was last Saturday (4th of Feb), is there anybody who lives in the area that can put more posters up locally and further a field so we can hopefully get more sightings called in and can track his movements x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
China has been seen in the Black Tiles area, he was seen on the 4th Feb at about 12.30 daytime.
If you are in the area please look out for him and report any sightings to the owner x
Hi Bev, thanks very much for this - it would make a very good story for the paper, this kind of thing has been mentioned to the family, I will mention it again.
Thanks, Mel. I spoke to staff at my granddaughter's nursery in Kesgrave today and they knew nothing about China! So just a thought - do you think China's family might consider possibly approaching the local paper 'Ipswich Star'? I know the paper has been interested in writing about missing animals before and, as China comes from Spain, is a rescue dog and has now been missing a month, they hopefully might well consider doing an article on him.
Hi Bev - you can try this link, if you copy and paste it into your address bar, it should work.
Thanks so much for still thinking of China.
Still constantly thinking of China and how the search is going. How do you get to the Facebook page, Mel, I can't find it I'm afraid?
Thanks nedk - it's been 4 weeks now ... we're still trying to get a positive from the wildlife camera and, as soon, as we get this we'll be setting a trap - everything very much crossed and many thanks for still thinking of China. I'm putting regular updates on the facebook page.
Come on china time to.come.home perhaps lay some.traps wiv food in.if.not already done hoping for good.newsx
Thanks Bev for looking out for him and for spreading the word - I think that is how we will track his movements and finally get our chance to bring him home. Many thanks for re-attaching the poster on the school gate - I saw if flapping on the way past and meant to re-do it before I left so thank you :)
The good news is the food replaced from this morning had gone again between 2.00 and 3.30! Couldn't see anything on the camera but there are 5 poss entries to this tree / den and only 2 covered by cam at the mo so we'll keep trying - it's being checked again tonight. Many thanks to Lisa Massey who was out with me today and to the lovely Gloria (great to meet you) who has been helping since the beginning and made the trip over to Black Tiles to search - such wonderful, generous people!
More leaflets delivered to houses nearby and posters up and old ones checked. Final thank you to all those who have boosted the shares and keep re-sharing. Lots of people we met knew about China - wow! He sure is famous in these parts but time to give up the chase, Chi, and come into the dry, stay safe x
Mel I did go to Martlesham Heath after we left the Black Tiles Lane and double checked the posters I put up, well good news they were still clearly visible and attached to where I put them up in the rabbit fen behind Tesco so hopefully the general public will notice them and look out for beautiful China xx
I went to the Black Tiles area today in search for China but unfortunately I did not get a sighting of China.
I met Mel and her friend also searching for China if possible we need more help as it is such a large area but anyway we will carry on searching hope to find China soon xx
Hi, Haven't seen China sadly but have been speaking about him to several folk in the Black Tiles area including my relatives again who all were aware of him and your posters. They didn't know he had been sighted there fairly recently though so were pleased to hear that and all are keeping their eyes open for him. I also re-fixed the poster on the school railings today as had almost blown off. Hope China appears again very soon, seems like he is more visible early mornings and when it's dusk. Loads of best wishes for future searching.
Thanks Bev - that would be brilliant! That's just what we need - I know the school you mean and it's really close to where we think China is hiding out, thanks so much.
Awww sending you loads of good wishes for your continued searching. I have relatives who live almost in Black Tiles Lane quite near the pub and a grandchild who goes to the school there and I'll be heading down there and Bealings Road tomorrow. Have got your phone numbers to hand in case we spot him.
Thanks to everyone for well wishes today - the search for the day is over and, sadly, China isn't home yet, but it certainly feels as if he's almost within reach. It was all based around Black Tiles/Bealings Road, including nearly an hour long stake-out opposite the Red Lion pub around the time he was seen yesterday in case this is a little routine of his. More posters and flyers through doors of houses in the direct vicinity (sadly some in Bealings Road had been taken down but they've all been replaced now). The husband of the kind lady who spotted him this morning at Black Tiles also came out to see the search party (and said he feels that he saw him running about in the dark recently near the houses in Black Tile Lane) - this was in the field opposite the houses and to the right of the farm land / track where Loki scented him, it was about 8 am this morning. The whole of the area has been circled so he has fresh familiar scent to hopefully let him know that his 'pack' are about ... getting closer to our China, all the extra recent shares and views seem to be working, thank you so much and, again, a special 'Thank you' to Carol Driver and her daughter who were out searching again. There were also some people who'd come out especially to help look after the recent sightings - I will post anything as soon as I can - many thanks x
I hope today has gone well. It feels like we are getting closer. It's just having the energy to give it one final push. We know his general area now. X
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
China has been seen this morning (23rd Jan) at 8 am on Black Tiles Lane.
Fantastic that he's still in the area and okay x
Come on china need u bak home nowx
Thanks Helen ... brilliant. Carolyn, thanks so much for contacting the pub (seen your fb post). There is food nearby in the area that Sam/Loki identified for us - come on China! x
It feels like the search is coming together. Let's hope he stays in that spot. Is there any food that can be left out tonight? Can we contact the Red Lion? X
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
So pleased there has been a sighting of China, I will bump his page up to the top Mel, x
**CHINA SIGHTING!** 4 PM today in Martlesham - crossing the road toward Red Lion Pub and heading down Bealings Road - this is in his area. Spotted as looking like China, on his own and the right colour. Shame, I was only quarter mile away at the time! Come on China, stay safe - please, please keep looking! x
Today, the lovely Carol, her family and her two beautiful podencos (like China but much bigger!) helped for hours (again) in the search for China. We went back through Martlesham, where he'd been sighted, through the bridleway, Millennium Hall ground, Dobbs Lane, Martlesham Heath and beyond and spoke to lots more lovely and concerned people who all took flyers and are / have already been on the look out for China. I also went back to Black Tiles way and to Walk Woods. We won't give up on you Chi - in our hearts and our minds all day long - keep safe sweet boy x
Hi Carolyn - many, many thanks for spreading the word and posting on other FB pages - this really does have an impact. The sighting we had confirmed this weekend was from someone who knew someone who phoned someone etc, etc and then we found the lovely man who had seen him - not possible without all the wonderful people who are keeping China in their thoughts and sharing x Yes, the dog tracker was the incredible Sam and Loki who found China's scent. The family have been in contact with her today and she's given them some great advice and encouragement - the search goes on for this gentle boy x
Thanks Gloria, I did see these as I went round this weekend, lots of people I speak to seem to have seen the posters / know about China's plight - thanks so much for doing this, as someone said to me today "I think most of Suffolk know!" and it's a huge thanks to people like you who have kept spreading the word x
Carolyn it looks like it would have been Sam and Loki www.lostdogtracker.com
Who was the dog tracker involved looking for China a while back? Are they available to help again perhaps? I hope the search is going well! Xx
Good luck today Mel! It seems you're getting closer. I've posted China's details on some FB groups that I'm part of. I hope that helps! Good luck! Xx
Hi I did manage to put up posters at the field behind Tesco in Martlesham Heath as promised I hope China is found and reunited very soon xxx
Good luck tomorrow!
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping China's page due to these possible sightings x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Update from Mel (posted on Dog Lost Norfolk and Suffolk Facebook group.....)
A long day of searching! We had a very possible (the man said 90% certain) sighting of China trotting past what used to be the 'Isolation Hospital" in Martlesham yesterday - this is just off Foxhall Road which connects with Dobbs Lane where there have been other possible sightings. This is right next to some woods and it was on a farm track. I also saw what could have been a v large fox/or shy China in the track about 200 yards further down and we followed it into the woods and did a bbq and left some food. We'll be back out tomorrow, searching plus more food stations (with added flour around them so we can see pawprints) and more posters and talking to the lovely, supportive people of Martlesham. Many thanks to a wonderful lady called Carol who lives in the area and has two podencos of her own. She spent hours searching with me today - she and some of her family are coming out tomorrow to help too - just so lovely, thank you so much! x
Many thanks for the views, tweets and kind wishes - China is still missing and with possible sightings so we're hoping that he's starting to show himself. These are hardy and resilient dogs - we just need that sighting to get to him.
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Hope u get some good news soonx
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
The owner has taken 3 separate calls regarding a possible sighting in the Dobbs Lane area over the last 2 nights, if you are in this area please keep a look out x
Hi Bev, yes it is in Black Tiles, Martlesham down the end of the lane and public footpath that leads to Bealings Road, I've drawn a little map on facebook, unfortunately the link needs to be copied and pasted:
Thanks for asking.Last edited: 2017-01-15 10:46:01 by Mel
Always checking to see if poor China has been found. So glad a scent was picked up today. Is it possible to say if this is in the Black Tiles/Martlesham area?
Sam and Loki were out today to search for China and got a strong scent in a particular and very small area - I've updated on facebook - great how many views there are, thank you to all who are helping get China home x
Hi Barab - thanks so much for keeping him in your thoughts, he is constantly in mine and I am so hoping the bad weather passes quickly and he has found somewhere dry and warmer to see it out. I can certainly give some of his backstory - he was found as a pup (with his mum and 6 brothers and sisters) and taken to a local shelter in Southern Spain, there he stayed whilst all his 'pack' got adopted for 4 and a half years. The shelters in Spain, as I'm sure you'll probably know, aren't quite like the ones we have over here. It was up in the mountains, in a large pen with up to 30 other dogs, open to the elements apart from a concrete part with a wooden roof. This does make me hopeful for him as although we think of it as sunny Spain, it gets real extremes of cold, heat and torrential rain. The main thing will be how he is feeding himself, however the family have been out every day topping up the food stations in the area where he was last seen and they have put down clothing that will remind him of home ... we're hoping the dog tracker will make it on Saturday and I'll be back in Suffolk helping to search and lighting a bbq and leaving extra food. Stay warm and stay safe China x
Can't stop thinking about this poor boy especially as the weather is looking to get worse. Can you give us a bit of his backstory Mel. Was he used for hunting before he was rescued? If he was that might just give him an edge as I doubt he was kept in warm comfortable conditions and he should be able to call on his natural instinct to hunt in order to survive. Although I doubt if he ever had to cope with anything like the conditions of a British winter. Still praying that he will be found and, once tracked down, will be caught and returned to a warm sofa.Last edited: 2017-01-12 15:46:00 by Barab
No news or sightings today ... just hoping China has found somewhere out of the wind and cold to shelter. The views and the news and the shares are still growing - thank you all.
Unfortunately the dog tracker (Sam) isn't well and couldn't make it today, she has rescheduled and we wish her a speedy recovery for her sake and for China's. The family have been out to the food stations to top up and have put out clothes in a different spot. No new sightings, and until there is it's difficult to arrange for a trap. More people are putting up posters and sharing the link and the amount of views of this page continue to grow which is so heart warming - thank you to everyone - we'll continue to update and China is continually in our thoughts, urging him to show himself so we can come get him x
Good luck with the search perhaps lay a trap with foodx
No news or sightings of this scared little chap today - been thinking of him in the rain but if he is still near Black Tiles then we saw places in the woods where he can shelter, stay dry and relatively warm and away from us scary humans, some of the food we left out has gone (we know this could be all the lucky wildlife in the area) and his 'mum' left some clothing there too so he can get the scent. Just hoping we get some luck tomorrow with Sam and Loki - people are going above and beyond to help and look out for this lovely, gentle soul - thank you so much, and stay safe sweet China x
Hoping for some good news tomorrow then.
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Sam and her tracker dog Loki are hoping to go out tomorrow morning to help with the search for China.
Still hoping that China will be found and caught soon. Sending positive thoughts but worried about the weather which is forecast to turn really bad by the weekend. Have you used a tracker dog? I understand they have been used successfully to find other lost dogs.
still looking and sharing to find China hope we find him soon xxx
China update ... both Riverside and Black Tiles searched again today, 2 poss sightings at a distance at Black Tiles, but we're aware this could have been a fox (same colouring) and the other possibly a deer, but they could also have been China feeling brave enough to come and see what's going on. We've set up some food stations for him and thoroughly postered the area and dropped leaflets in all the houses that are near. As ever, people have been lovely, helpful and concerned - some people even stopping and asking if we had found China as I took along my podenco, Zander, to 'help'! Thank you to everyone who is helping in so many different ways x
Hi, the family have been out searching all day and putting up posters - no news :( but I (foster mum) will be back in Suffolk tomorrow and searching the area between A12 and River Deben near Martlesham. Thanks for your wishes, Barab. Keep safe China x
Sincerely hoping for some good news today. Don't know anything of China's background but I'm hoping his previous life (pre adoption) will help him cope better until he is spotted and caught. Come on China, it's time to give yourself up and get back to your warm sofa.
Thanks everyone for the suggestions and kind actions. . Today we have been posteri g, talking to People in the Martlesham area More shares on Facebook and lots of school children now k now. Thanks again for keeping China in people's minds xx
Thanks Gloria, that's brilliant and very much appreciated.
Thanks Coco, yes he is chipped - I just don't have the number as his family has his pet passport - but all vets / dog warden etc have been informed and posters are going up.
Shared. Aother scared rescue x If he has come through rescue...he should be chipped. Not ' Unknown'. Hopefully he will be recognisable and lots of posters around area will get him home soon.Last edited: 2017-01-05 19:46:37 by Coco
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
Thanks Skywalker99 - the website looks v promising
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Bumping China's page to the top because of these sightings, praying he will be home very soon x
You could try contacting www.lostdogtracker.comLast edited: 2017-01-05 18:48:54 by Skywalker99
Thanks so much to everyone who has been helping us in our search. We have now had three sightings of dogs matching China's description in Martlesham around 10pm yesterday 4 January. We have been searching their all afternoon. Please help us get the message out to anyone in the Martlesham/ Bealings/Woodbridge of Suffolk. Thank you!
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared Facebook & Twitter
Shared on Facebook and keeping an eye out, am just down the hill.
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sharing to groups x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Volunteer
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope China is safely back at home soon. X
Email alerts sent to postcodes IP5,IP10,IP11,IP12,IP13,IP15
Thank you! I fostered him before he went to Suffolk, the owners are out looking and I'm in contact with them. Come home China x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
I will E-mail general information including contact numbers for vets in the area.
Keep safe China until you are found x
DogLostSarah - Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambs Twitter Co-ordinator
Tweeted @DogLostUK - fingers crossed that China is home very soon x
DogLostHelen - Regional Co-ordinator - East Anglia
Details added to Dog Lost Norfolk and Suffolk facebook group and other groups in the area.
Sorry to see that CHINA SIGHTED is missing.
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