Lost: Cream Chihuahua Female In South East (SS5)

  • Dog ID 90719
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 13 Aug 2015
  • Gender & Breed Female Chihuahua (Spayed)
  • Age Older Adult
  • Colour Cream
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 13 Aug 2015
  • Where Lost Lost from Hockley Medivet car park after slipping her harness around 5pm.
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area SS5
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info She is a rescue dog and very nervous. Please Call Debbie (the first number) if sighted, do not try to approach as she will bite. She has just had a procedure done at the vets and needs medication
  • Phone 1 07863253627
  • Phone 2 07746844755
  • Listed By wendy
  • Views 10012


Sightings and Information

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Chi found in Enfield, could this be her. https://www.facebook.com/222922441084321/photos/a.705301729513054.1073741827.222922441084321/1158681300841759/?type=3&theater
Please done give up on the girl. She is still missing. Shared onto "Animal reuniting Essex"
Missing Dogs UK
:( shared again x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
No news. So sad. x
Missing Dogs UK
shared again
charlie and sooty
Any news on Tallulah? x
I have been following Tallulah`s link and keep hoping for a positive sighting and reunion, perhaps with Christmas coming the mention of a reward will be an incentive for some information that will help to bring her home. Keeping everything crossed for this little lady.

It has been a long while since we updated, through having nothing of real consequence to report for a time, but we feel it is important to remind everyone, that Tallulah is still missing and that although we may have been quiet on here, our efforts to find her have been unceasing and we need everyone’s help to keep their lookout for her

After a quiet spell, frustratingly with no sightings, we are encouraged of late by some new leads. We have since the day she went missing, been out searching for her daily, at all hours of day and night and in all sorts of places. At present are working on several things that we hope may lead us to her. In order to avoid any efforts stopping in areas she has been seen previously and the fact that we are just not certain where she is at any given time, we feel it is best not to be more specific, but as you will understand our anxiety is heightened by the fact that the clocks go back this weekend and winter is just around the corner. Every day that this fine weather is with us we are thankful, but that said, these are still too low temperatures for a 10 year old Chihuahua to be outside in, time is absolutely of the essence.

For the moment we are not asking for specific help (although we may in the days to come) but urging everyone to be vigilant in all areas previously mentioned, ie Betts Farm estate, specifically the areas and woods surrounding the community centre, the areas to the rear of Medivet, Folly Chase and the fields between there and Betts Farm, the Plumberow Avenue area/country park and fields between there and the railway and now also most particularly the areas on the Rayleigh/Hockley borders. Sadly the railway seems to be a recurring theme in sightings etc, so close scrutiny of areas close to the railway is key as well.

We are very concerned that Tallulah, even if she finds herself in close proximity to people, instead of being able to come out and seek help, may be scared back into hiding. At the time of getting lost she was a very timid dog. Whilst the time she has been lost may have changed things, we would still urge anyone that sees her, not to chase her (as that will simply drive her yet further on, as have happened several times previously) but to try keep her in sight and call the number on here as a matter of urgency. We are fairly certain that efforts to call her, or much noise/activity in any area she may be, will simply send her to ground even further, so quiet low key searching is what we feel will bring a result for us.

We cannot be 100% sure, but we strongly believe Tallulah is still alive and out there in our local area, against all odds given her age and health and what we believe was a close shave with a train, she appears to have been able to survive for many weeks now, but with falling temperatures we do not expect that this luck can continue, please help us to find Tallulah, we so need her home and snuggled up in front of the fire, so she can start to put this huge and most unfortunate adventure behind her and enjoy the forever home that as a rescue dog is her right.

Thank you so much for following our search for Tallulah and for any help you can give us, in regularly checking the neighbourhood for that glimpse of her that will enable us to home our search in and bring our little lady home where she belongs.


Please call:

07863 253627


07703 272150
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Everything crossed for Tallulah. x

Yesterday’s atrocious weather brought a further distressing reminder of the fact that sits heavy with us every day, the seasons are beginning to change, the weather is soon to become critical for Tallulah, if it isn’t already.

We struggle terribly, with the knowledge that she is still missing, still out there on her own and that the sighting we are so desperate for, seems so elusive, despite our daily efforts to find her. If we can only get another sighting, then we can focus our efforts specifically in that one area.

We are asking today for help from the people of Hockley, please share this post and spread the word with neighbours, family and friends who may not be online, that little Tallulah is still lost out there, somewhere in Hockley. Due to the time since the last sighting and still no confirmed location within the Plumberow area for that sighting, we continue to cover both; that side of the railway line and also the other side, directly opposite there, where she was first lost from and sighted in the days following. It is possible that she remains on one side of the railway or equally possible that she is cutting across and frequenting both areas, unfortunately at this stage we cannot be more specific than that.

So to clarify, please of course keep your eyes peeled at any time you are in the Hockley area for Tallulah, but specifically, we would ask for any possible help, searching the areas between Plumberow Ave and the railway, including the country park, fields and wooded areas and likewise on the other side of the railway, the Betts Farm Estate, specifically the woods and surrounding areas to the Community Centre, across the crop field to Folly Chase, Folly Lane and the woods to St Peter’s Road.

Once again we appeal to the person who made the sighting and attempted to catch Tallulah in the Plumberow area some weeks ago, reporting it to a shopkeeper, to come forward as a matter of urgency. Just the knowledge of exactly where this took place would make a huge difference to our efforts right now.

Thank you for your continued support, please help us now, to remind people that Tallulah is still missing, tell people who were not aware of it previously and wherever/however you can, help us in our search,


This from Tallulah's owner:

This is just one of the vast areas Tallulah could be in. There have been no recent sightings, but then that's quite understandable if she's still roaming around here somewhere. This is more looking for a pin head, rather than a needle. All the posters I had put up in and around this area (Apex/the mount) have all been taken down, I'm pretty sure by the teenagers that hang about here. If you're able to print off, laminate and put up posters anywhere in Hockley then please do. I've spoken to so many people that are assuming she's back home and well sadly; no she isn't, so let's raise her awareness again please. I cannot do that on my own, so community support is very much needed.

Tallulah's owner has been searching for hours on end since Tallulah went missing over 3 weeks ago, both in day time and night time hours, often with the support of friends, family and volunteers, but often not. Help in this respect would be so very appreciated and would give a boost to tired, despondent spirits right now. Talking to any owner of a lost pet will tell you the devastation it brings, life is on hold and the not knowing is crippling, please help in any way you can.

With our sincere thanks
Not Tallulah Tracy but thank you for thinking of her
91656 is this her found South East
charlie and sooty
Come on Tallulah. Time to come home x
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
hope she gets home soon get tons of posters out hopefully nice weather and loads of people out xxx
Tallulah must be a real little toughie to be looking after herself for so long, I hope this weekend will see her being reunited. I had been wondering if she might have got herself shut in somewhere whilst folk were on holiday but seems not. Good luck with the search, sorry I am too far away to help but thinking of you.

We are so happy, that at last, the sighting we have been hoping for, has come along. Albeit the news has reached us a little late, at least we hope we can now make more productive use of our massive search efforts, by focusing in the right area.

We believe that Tallulah is now on the other side of the railway line to where she was lost from, in the Plumberow area of Hockley, albeit by now she could have moved to any area adjacent to there. We will not dismiss the Betts farm/Folly Lane areas that up to now we have been focusing on, but have strong reason to believe that she is no longer there.

This is a perfect time with the bank holiday weekend stretching in front of us, to ask all of you in the Hockley area, to be looking for Tallulah over the weekend, most particularly in the Plumberow area. We understand that when she was sighted, even though she had been missing over a week by then , she was still sprinting and not wishing to be approached, making her mistrust of strangers most apparent. So once again, we would ask if you would kindly screenshot our poster here, or load our numbers onto your phone and call us as soon as she see her, please do not approach her, as she has made it very clear in all previous sightings that she will simply run away at speed.

Just a sighting of her, will be of immense help to us in finding her, we thank you for your continued interest and support and ask that anyone that can, have a walk around that area, keeping an eye out for her.

Let’s make this the weekend that Tallulah comes home,
Thank you
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
There's been a sighting, and a near capture by someone, so bumping. x
With apologies for not updating sooner, sadly we have no news to report regards finding Tallulah or any firm sightings of her, but plenty regards our efforts to do so.
We were so encouraged by the huge response to our post at the end of last week, to spread the word across Hockley that she is missing, as we still believe she is simply lost locally, we just cannot be sure at this moment, how far she has moved from the original triangle of sightings made when she first went missing just over a week ago. Tallulah’s owners continue to search at regular intervals through the day and night, covering vast amounts of hours, at the times we expect we might see a lost dog out there trying to survive.

We are in the process of trying to engage a tracker dog, one that specialises in lost dogs, as our real concern is that she may have got herself trapped somewhere, or at very least we would hopefully know for sure the area she is in and as such could make our search attempts so much more targeted/productive. An outing with a tracker dog last week was unfortunately not successful but we had known it may only be an interim measure as he is one more specifically trained to look for people and to flush out rabbits and the like, but we thought it worth a try.

So this week we are focusing on finding the right kind of tracker dog, that is both available and the owners, willing to come help us. We have leafleted many houses backing onto the woods where she was last sighted as we do feel she may likely found a spot of safe shelter that she is returning to regularly and we continue to cover the areas several times daily and for long periods of time in the hope of catching even just a glimpse of her.

We thank everybody for their support on here over the last days, the response to our post made on Thursday was staggering and we ask you to keep this going, we need people right across Hockley to know that she is missing. We realise the internet doesn't reach everyone, particularly in areas where it may be an older population, maybe an older person could have taken her in as she has become weaker and maybe less feisty, perhaps they have taken her in, out of kindness, particularly if by now she looks bedraggled and uncared for and maybe that person doesn’t even know she is missing. If you have neighbours who may not be on the internet, maybe you would consider, printing our poster off here and dropping it through a door or 2, near where you live, or pass by regularly, maybe putting a poster on a telegraph pole or similar for us if you think it is an area that should be covered but hasn’t been by us. We would also ask if you would screen shot our page here, to your mobile devices so that if you do “happen upon” Tallulah as you go about your daily business, you will have our details handy, as if she is as speedy she was, the day she ran off, there will be little time to do this!

Please continue to share our page and share and share again, she is out there somewhere, we need to find her as matter of urgency, she is an older dog and in need of medication and we devastated at her disappearance, lets “paint Hockley in Tallulah” and get her home. Thank you xx
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
If you can get a fixing on her movements you can get a feeding station and eventually a trap ,,hope you get her soon ,bless her she must be so scared , do remember if you see her be careful as they will bite when frightened xxxLast edited: 2015-08-23 09:02:44 by jenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
I would just like to make it clear. Medivet Hockley are in no way responsible for Tallulah going missing. They are just as upset as we are that this incident occurred. She was lost by the transporter after escaping her harness whilst being put into the transporters car so PLEASE STOP the Chinese whispers!
Sounds promising
On one of tallulah's shared posts on Facebook someone commented saying in the early hours of this morning they heard a dog bark for about an hour but couldn't see a dog as it was so dark. This was at the corner of Folly Lane next to the food and wine shop where the petrol garage used to be. Please notify any friends you have in this area as we need to confirm if this was in fact a neighbours dog or a possible it could be Tallulah
charlie and sooty
Come on Tallulah, time to come home now xx
Come on Tallulah please get found soon. You need your meds, and your owner wants you back asap. All xd.
charlie and sooty
Shared Dude!where's my dog and facebook. Fingers crossed for quick safe return x
I am to far away to help but really praying she found very soon I too have a rescue dog and know just how nervous they are.
Good luck and everything crossed for her safe return.
Stay safe little one xxxx
Again a few of us went over the fields and through betts woods, we asked a dog walker if she'd seen Tallulah and she did yesterday! She went into the woods over the otherside of the field behind betts wood, if she bared left she would have looped back anti clockwise (as lost dogs do) and tracked back across the field to end up back at betts woods which is where she was sighted so this looks like the triangle area she covered and just hoping she's still covering. Posters are up in betts woods, Hockley woods, main road, Hockley high street, and tomorrow we need some in high rd, folly lane, church road.
We had a text at 9.45pm to say she was sighted in spa rd 10 mins beforehand, I was only around the corner so checked it out. I couldn't see her but did notify the cab company and Scott who owns Charlie Wongs Chinese who's making every passing person aware.
charlie and sooty
Posted 8 mins ago.....http://www.pets4homes.co.uk/classifieds/963121-chihuahua-girl-sweetie-downham-market.html
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Too far away to help, thinking of you Tallulah, stay safe.

Debs, you know what to do, wishing you luck.Last edited: 2015-08-14 22:25:46 by Bobble - Area Co-ordinator, East Devon temp covering East Sussex
Hope you find Tallulah asap. Really sorry i'm not around to help...
Hope you find Tallulah asap. Really sorry i'm not around to help...
Found a chihuahua for sale on selling site? X
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I have shared to Doglost South East and my Fbk pages.
I have everything crossed for you Debs. Really hope you find little Tallulah quickly.
Very best of luck to all of you out there searching tonight.
charlie and sooty
I have shared this to my facebook and Home Safe Dog UK xx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Tallulah had come out of vets and needs medication.
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
do hope you find her....too far for me or I would be there good luck thinking of you xxx
I am too far away to search too, as I live in the central region. Goodluck to all. Will be with you all in spirit
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
If anyone is able to come out and search we are meeting in Hockley community centre car park at 7pm **** Talullah is a co-ordinator's lost dog!***** Please please help her!
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Bumped for sighting. Debs, is this your baby? Pls let me know. We can probably summon more people if they know x.
Ive just printed 200 posters. Can we have help putting them up please.
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Sorry I can't help, you do so much for everbody else and their animals I'm glad you have a few people helping you. See also "Lost and found animals essex" and " Help Find Tallulah the Chihuahua" both on Facebook. Last edited: 2015-08-14 17:59:28 by Me n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Was out looking in betts woods / Hockley community centre last night until 11.30 with some volunteers, Tallulah was sighted at 6pm in this area last night. Myself and a few other volunteers have been out since 5.30 this morning and have just (at 10am) had a possible sighting in Hockley woods by a dog walker so are heading there now
Gino - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in SS0,4,5,6,9.11.CM3.
Sorry to see that TALLULAH COORDINATORS DOG SIGHTED is missing.
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