Lost: Brown English Springer Spaniel Male In South East (RH13)

  • Dog ID 79994
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 18 Dec 2014
  • Name DRUMMER
  • Gender & Breed Male English Springer Spaniel (Neutered)
  • Age Elderly
  • Colour Brown
  • Marks & Scars Small Fatty lump between front legs.Greying around muzzle.
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 12 Dec 2014
  • Where Lost At Newells Farm Lower Beedingrh13 6ln
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area RH13
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info A real softy and rather slim & Deaf. Drummer is a Springer cross Labrador.
  • Phone 1 01403 891647
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Vera
  • Views 9359
  • DRUMMERPoster Image
  • DRUMMERExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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There is a spaniel being advertised as a girl who looks a bit similar - http://www.dragondriving.co.uk/puppiesforsale-111976.html
Sorry Graphic picture of brown springer found in the river East Grinstead, could it be this one? Apparently all brown regardless of the photo.
Missing Dogs UK
any news pls, shared again
DogLostJulie - Social Media Team, Surrey
Vera - I have posted on Dog Lost Surrey facebook page for finder to take a look at Drummer's picture although I don't think the found dog has grey around his mouth. J. x
Hi Jeb Only just read your message,please do.Vera xx
So is poor Drummer still missing then? There's a new group on facebook called Horsham Animal Lovers that's been set up to connect pet owners in the Horsham Area...would you like me to post your dog lost on there?
Rang again, Sadly for Seymours the dog has been reunited with his owners the farm shop knows them and now know thier dog he was about 7 ys old our Drummer is older. If only the original post on facebook could stay then posts would no longer be shared after the dog has been reunited.
The number for the farm shop where it was found is 01373 830798 suggest you start there and also message the person posting in facebook.
The link below by skyinchar has apeared on my face book page with not to many details. It so looks like my drummer where is he now?
check this link pls, no mention of gender https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=842427122517800&set=a.104499242977262.7725.100002515602044&type=1
http://www.preloved.co.uk/adverts/show/112874986/2-gorgeous-springer-spaniels.html could be him but only a chance
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
It's heartbreaking Vera, at least with his chip there is a chance, but sorry to give you another disappointment. I haven't read all the way down the page here so hopefully the chip is up to date with your details if scanned. Also, I don't know the Dog Warden policy in your area, but here in Cornwall a lost dog has to be re-notified every 28 days to stay on their radar. Good Luck X
Sorry to say the dog at Skelmersdale not mine,my heart skips a beat each time a Brown springer is found,only to be shot down again,still hoping,as one springer found after 1yr amazing work.Vera x
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
One found at Skelmersdale. Link below. Old Skem near Stanley Industrial Island, poster Carole Berkley

Still not a whisper of where our boy could be, so many sad stolen missing dogs,I keep going through all the found dogs,and cannot understand why they have not been claimed. But so pleased to hear when some are found and returned. There are good people out there.xV
Drummer is featured in todays Countrymans Weekly
I hope and pray Vera that you either find him or can find some closure. Somehow ... If he HAS been taken, he's chipped and someone somewhere at some point will scan that chip. Keep hoping.

It's sad times we live in that we have to fear our dogs will be stolen. I feel for you, but keep hoping, miracles do happen xLast edited: 2015-01-18 05:47:27 by TwiggyDoo
Twiggy Doo
Thank you thats all I ask of people now,fear he was taken as he has never run of from the South Lodge side of the farm.
Always came home from the Nuthurst side, its a sad time if we have to keep our dogs on a lead always. Verax
Hi Vera. Sending hugs ...

I live in Cowfold and walk my two every day, covering the area to the North from the village as far as Mill Lane, South to Twineham and East as far as Bolney. I walked the woods behind Leonardslea the other day up to Warninglid, no sign of Drummer anywhere here. I doubt he would have crossed the main road though.

I keep a look out for your boy every day and I'm keeping everything crossed that he's found safe and sound very soon.
Hi Vera. The lady that commented about the sighting on A281 at Monks Gate last night did not see the dog. She stopped because another car had stopped, and the young driver of the other car said she stopped because she'd seen a dog. Possibly collie size and dark coloured. It was dark so she literally only got a glimpse, but it could have been Drummer. I have asked the lady that made the comment to call you and tell you exactly where it was, but she says north of Monks Gate near a sharp bend. I hope she calls you, but this is all the info for you that I have xxx
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
If you found this dog wounded did you just leave it ?
I would say posters, I was shooting in pulborough on Wed last week and we saw a poster on a telegraph pole, have to be honest didn't take a lot of notice just saw the words lost dog and a pic as I walked past. 200 yds into the wood we found the dog wounded but ok, straight back to the poster and rang the owner. its amazing what you notice when your not looking. but would suggest local farmers as if they saw it even though they may not do anything it would be noticed. Im back in the woods that way tomorrow will look again.
Just another thought, I have seen on other lost dog pages that sometimes people have taken a barbecue out to the area where the dog has gone missing and tried to tempt it back by cooking sausages etc. I don't know if this is only recommended after there has been a sighting or is a more general method. Someone with more experience might be able to advise. It just came to mind as you have said Drummer is deaf so wondered if using 'smell' might be effective. I have also read that dogs tend to stay within a triangle area but you would need a sighting to be able to work out the 'triangle'. There are quite a few barns and outbuildings around the area, might well be worth direct leafleting to ask people to check their land / buildings etc....
Hi Vera,
I have today done the walk from Nuthurst, goes up by Architectural Plants, through the woods and out to Monks Gate, over the road, up into the pine woods in Sedgwick and then back down to the pub at Nuthurst. Unfortunately no sighting at all. Like Phil has posted below, I think my springer girl would have noticed another dog nearby although the wooded areas are quite extensive. There were several other small groups walking the same route so it looks quite well trodden. I saw one poster up at the Monks Gate end but no others. Wondering if a few more posters might help, even some leaflet drops to 'local' residents, especially if there's been a possible sighting at Monks Gate. Stay safe Drummer, hoping you are found soon xx
Just another thought. I presume you have contacted all local vets and kennels, particularly Hammerpond Kennels as if found could be taken there x
Hi Vera. Drummers doglost page was posted on Horsham FB page and a lady has just commented that a car stopped on the A281 near Monks Gate about 9.15 last night as the driver saw a dog and stopped to try and catch it, but no luck. Hope you find him safe soon x
Hi I shoot in and around Sedgwick and have been there a few times with my dogs over the last week or so and they would stop if they saw or found another dog,
I've been sharing across facebook daily and been out with my children in the car looking to see if we can see him as not far from us hoping and wishing for his safe return x
Hi Vera,
I've shared again on several facebook sites and groups: Doglost, Lost & Stolen Gundogs, Brighton Dogwatch, Lost and Found Spaniels, English Springer Spaniels UK, Springer Spaniels, Sprockers and Cockers and the Horsham facebook page. Hope there is a sighting soon, Jackie x
Thanks Jack,
I have been for several walks at the back of Nuthurst Churh and Sedgwick this is the only area I think he may have gone.
Done all you have suggested. xV
No, don't give up Vera... been thinking about you and Drummer, so sorry he's not yet home. I was hoping there might have been a sighting somewhere. I will try to come up and do that walk from Nuthurst. Hopefully others will be out walking the area too. Do you think he might have wandered further afield - might be worth contacting vets, kennels etc and postering in a slightly wider area? Fingers and paws all crossed here that he is soon found x
Not giving up on my Boy so so missed.Vera x
Hi Jack
It was nr to Monks gate where he troted of over the field towards Nuthurst we have gone over and over the farm land also as you state done the fir woods towards Sedgwick lots of dense Bramble there and ponds, so another look is always good, been Architectural plants through to Prings Lane & Newells Rough. Vera x
Let's all hope you will have a happy ending with Drummer too. Looking at the map on Google maps, I can see where Newells Farm is. Did he go missing from the actual farm or out walking in the fields or woods? Was it over the Nuthurst side from you? Just wondering if there are public footpaths around that any of us could come to walk if that's any help so we might get a sighting of him? I know a walk from Nuthurst that goes up by Architectural plants, then through some woods and pops out at Monks Gate, then over that road up into Sedgwick etc, eventually back to the pub in Nuthurst. Do you think he might have gone that far or over to Sedgwick? x
Thanks for the comments, Drummer in all his 12 yrs with us has never ventured over the South lodge side without us he is scared of the Big Poodles that walk there,we have put posters at far of points. I remember the rescue dog upset me and was looking out for him too a happy ending xVera
Good suggestions from Julie B. I was wondering about Architectural Plants in Nuthurst and Leonardslee gardens too... I have shared the link again on Doglost facebook site, also Lost and Found Gundogs, the Horsham facebook page and Brighton Dogwatch. Fingers and paws crossed that there will be a sighting soon x
Last edited: 2014-12-22 22:50:07 by Jack
Julie B
Hi Vera, I do hope that Drummer is found safe very soon. I am in Horsham and I know where you are is slightly out of town, however, Drummer could have taken any direction. Ring the local taxi firms and ask them if they could give a shout out to their drivers to look out for him. They are out all hours of day and night and might just see him on their travels. Have you contacted the West Sussex County Times ? They may do an article on him or if not maybe you could place an advert with a picture in the paper to make more people aware of him being missing. There was a rescue dog missing out that way back in the summer - he was missing for nearly 2 weeks but he was found at Hurstpierpoint. Have you contacted South Lodge Hotel, Cisswood Hotel, the pub at Lower Beeding, the pubs at Nuthurst and Copsale and the Dunn Horse at Mannings Heath ? It would be a good idea to put a large poster up in the Elite Garage at Mannings Heath and Hilliers Garden Centre too - this will raise more awareness xx
Thanks Jack
Been out again till dark looking been to the village pond,checked all those on the farm,Had a lead on facebook but sadly not ours and owners were found.Vera x
Hi Vera, very much hope you will get Drummer home... just looked on google maps for your area and noticed a pond or two nearby. Have they and swimming pools etc all been checked? There was a case of an older springer getting lost on a walk in the New Forest area not that long ago, their normal walk, he'd wandered off a little way and got stuck in thick boggy mud. Owner couldn't find him. Fortunately, someone heard him late that night and found him stuck. Just a thought x
Hi Jack
I live on the farm we have checked and double checked all our buildings and asked others to do so,a bowl of food and his bed was left in the porch when he first stayed out,posters are up,fear ive lost him to doggy heaven.But wont give up looking. Vera
Could it be possible that Drummer has been shut in any outbuildings, or farm buildings nearby? It sounds like he knows the area and would normally have come home? Have any posters been circulated e.g. at nearby pubs? Black Horse at Nuthurst, White Horse at Maplehurst etc - maybe the locals could look out for him... I also read somewhere about suggestion of leaving a familar item of clothing / dog bed or something at the exact spot he went missing from, might be worth a try. Hoping he will soon be back home x
Hi Linda,
We were away and our Dog sitter who treats our dogs like his own was walking them when Drummer took it to wander of,as he is deaf, he normally looks out for us,or returns,as he knows his way home. Do hope considering he is 12 yrs not been taken.Thanks for the offer of a search party but we have already done this with a group of people on the 13th.Kind regars Vera
Hi i live in Monks Gate and regularly walk the woods and fields around you, have you any other information as to how he went missing ? does he hunt, or do you think someone may have picked him up in the lane, could we get a search party together, and comb cooks woods,
Julie B
I have posted to the Horsham facebook page. Have there been any sightings?
Any news - have you alerted South Lodge in case Drummer has wandered onto their land? They could also keep a look out. Have shared on FB
Last edited: 2014-12-19 11:41:53 by Bootsiegirl
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
email from owner....
Sorry to have to email as Im not sure how to post on site.

Hammerpond Kennels is the wrong number it is; 01403891825

Also Keepers Kennels;01403 891300

Should anyone else require them.
You may be aware of this already, but I believe Hammerpond Kennels, Plummers Plain are the local kennels in your area for any dogs that may have been found. 01403 891825.
Sorry to see that Drummer is missing. I will share on facebook and a couple of spaniel facebook groups I belong to. Hope he is soon back home x
circulating on twitter......DRUMMER Deaf Brown ESS MISSING http://bit.ly/1sMaNj0 #LowerBeeding #RH13 Plz RT
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Email alerts sent to postcodes BN5,BN6,BN44,RH12,RH13,RH14,RH15,RH20
Sorry to see that DRUMMER is missing.
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