Lost: Tri Colour Face With Black And White Body Jack Russell Terrier Male In South West (TR4)

  • Dog ID 70376
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 15 Jun 2014
  • Gender & Breed Male Jack Russell Terrier
  • Age Adult
  • Colour tri colour face with black and white body
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 14 Jun 2014
  • Where Lost Bissoe (Hill) Trial towards Devoran Grid Reference 50°13'45.9"N 5°07'09.8"W
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area TR4
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info jumped in the river, which is extremely fast flowing we have spend all day searching up and down the banks we have no idea if he has survived but are desperate to find him. Wearing a brown collar Registered to Clifton villas Truro.
  • Phone 1 07791645326
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Gino - Administrator, Head Office
  • Views 5397


Sightings and Information

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Shared..Devon & Cornwall
check out http://www.snowdoniaanimalsanctuary.co.uk/pet/milo/#.VR2LrpVwbIU
please check found dog 84525
There has been a possible sighting of Charlie (it was a jack that looked very like him) in Twelveheads.....

I will get down to poster over the weekend or just after but know some of you live that way so please keep an eye out....

I know you already are but it does sound like it could have been him x
Charlie this Auntie hasn't forgotten you.....Just side tracked with possible sightings of our girl....that was a boy and could well be Jack..

Got some fliers and posters to put out for you...

Running off fliers now young lad...

Will get them out tomorrow if I am able...A hug to you Mum xxx

Folks please...We so need help on the ground x
DogLostSherlock-Area volunteer Gloucestershire south
Plz check http://www.animalwardens.co.uk/lost-found-dogs-search?sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=&sobi2Id=85506 x
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Thinking of Charlie & still lookingLast edited: 2014-07-25 20:25:41 by Max - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Red Alert
The live link for Cornwall Dog Welfare http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/environment-and-planning/animal-welfare/dog-welfare-and-enforcement-service/stray-dogs/
Red Alert
2 male Tri JRT's on the live Council list posted yesterday. One in Newquay the other in Bodmin. Not near the place Charlie was last seen but felt it wouldn't hurt to pass this on as he could have been picked up
L will go door knocking and more posters and flyers...

Wish I could do more but hang in there xx
The found one wasn't Charlie....

Got 60+ flyers and 80 posters done. Will get over tomorrow L and get the all out xx
Happiness we are checking that one. It says just black and white but ... xx
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
71602 please check in found xx
Walked from main road to viaduct along the path yesterday, looking......
Got more posters and flyers and will fan out in a circle with them....Hang in there L we haven't given up xx

Brannie the one from Pup's page was very like him and had no collar running on Gilly beach..... Forgot to ask if he wasgoing towards Meanporth or Castle.... Will do that in a min.

It would make sense a dog seen round Jane that was lost and confused would be 3.5 miles down the road in Penryn...and from there Gilly also makes sense....

Maybe we should poster that way.....Be nice to see it again, lived there a while and my Grandparents were there for years.Up near the Viaduct.It doesn't change much but Falmouth....Like it got beamed in from up country now in part lol.

Will poster that way too if I can get the printer filled or if not will poster that way only.

Thanks for keeping an eye out, I am sure beyond sure he got out xx
Will certainly look out in Penryn and Falmouth. It is unusual to see a dog running without an owner near, so he will be very conspicuous if he is moving around. You are doing everything you can do to find him yourself, let's hope those posters they get a result!
Going to poster your way Brannie .... There was a dog like him there and its not that far. Hey I know Penryn well...Lived there a bit as a kid :-) x
Nothing confirmed as far as I know Tiana. I honestly do think h got out...... There were paw prints along the mud near to the bike hire place but it doesn't mean it was Charlie. x

Your a treasure Lesley and will call to make sure its still on tomorrow. Will go put out more flyers and posters either way though x

Thanks Branne. Went all over that area bin night and put flyers through all the houses we found near the river and carpark as well as posters over te back lanes towards Truro. The sighting in Penry ad anther on Pup's page of a dog very like him in Falmouh could be him so please keep an eye out x
I live Penryn and that is Tuesday, sorry don't know Bissoe area days. JRT are such tough little characters, if he can get back to you he will. I have a smooth coat JRT and she is smart too..
Seeks, I can meet you earlier at the cycle hire place at 5.30 and show you where Charlie went missing. I have to be in Redruth at 6.30 so wont be able to come to Devoran pub with you.Hope you can make it
We met with the management of Bissoe Cycle Hire last week, they're happy to help and displaying posters within their café for customers too. Also the environment agency met with us at actual sight where he went missing on the Saturday morning. They have notified their teams and will advise if they get are calls/or spot him on the marshland.
Any more confirmed sightings reported to owner?

Very small chance if Wheal Jane and Threemilestone were Charlie, he may be trying to head home to Truro (near Hospital) up through the fields.
Brannie I so glad they left it there/ Put it up last night but couldn't ask them as they were shut. It just seemed such an obvious place for a poster x

oh and if your from that area does it come under Thursday for bins like Chacewater and Twelveheads? Will sit out again Wednesday

Lesley 07759 195641 xLast edited: 2014-06-23 21:26:43 by Seeks
Went down to Bissoe Cycle Hire, they have a poster on the pole and are aware of missing Charlie. I walked up to road on lower path and back on higher path, sorry I was looking out but there were not too many people about this morning. What is he eating? Does he scavenge around houses? Maybe he will be seen then?Last edited: 2014-06-23 21:03:55 by Brannie
Lesley the sighting by Jane folk are thinking might be the terrier mans dog but the guy who saw it described him even down to the bit of black.....I went down to the terrier man but his seem to be wireier and more colour in the body.

We really need a actual confirmed sighting eh?

Met a lovely woman in the pub in Devron. Bless her I said something about Pup as she was saying she couldn't imagine what it felt like. Anyway I ended up breaking down again (not coping too well re Pup) and she was so kind especially as I hadn't changed from work lol. I look like I auditioning to be a scarecrow and have a slight 'hint' of sheep.....etc lol

She told me a girl who is in on Wednesday is the one to talk to so how about we meet up Wens? I will try to be there just after 18.00 as that's when she will be in.

I have to bring the dog from hell still..Puhi from Bulgaria via London ;-) He honestly is much improved but still better he comes. Will go find my phone an if L hasn't pased on your number will just put mine here lol x

We postered all availability telegraph poles all over the area. I hope the bike shop will let hi poster stay on their bit of post.....

Walked Hell boy up th tracks, the big one by the viaduct then the really small one that leads up to Jane. Didn't see any dogs just 2 deer and a fox.

We really need a confirmed sighting but NOT ONE PERSON I talked to doubted he would have got out x
Bless you Lesley. Will contact L and see if I can get your number as well x
Seeks,I tried to get your number from the owner so I could meet you tonight but no reply sorry. I think the sighting was on the Poldice Valley cycle path at the bottom of Unity woods.There is a farm there that has Jacks which I will try and check out.Hopefully one of us will get the others number so we can arrange to meet and you can speak to the dog trainer and give him full details of Pup
Fergal's Servant many thanks... I am useless and am struggling to add Poldice but the sighting was over there in Utility woods x
Thanks SC and Lesley. Didn't realize Nancarrow had gone but that was them.

Your a treasure Lesley and might see you tomorrow. Will leave the chicken under lock and key so I can get over about 6-7 and stay till dark x

Lesley..... if you know the gundog trainer in Bissoe could you also ask them to keep an eye out for our Pup please? You never know x
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
I am sorry I am not available for searches for next few days, am nursing dog who has had emergency surgery. She is ok though :)
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall

For those without Facebook, this is a map of sightings which is viewable by public, but not editable. If anyone is local, knows the terrain and sighting areas who could help with this then you can be added to edit the map, via your google account (gmail or maybe yahoo email). Both the owner and Seeks have my details and will pass on your email address, or failing that admin.

Map is changing constantly with updates so keep refreshing it to see changes.Last edited: 2014-06-21 21:41:35 by Fergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Just wondered if K9 Search Dogs - http://goo.gl/j7HEdM - would be able to offer any advice/support/help? They cover Devon, Cornwall and Somerset - http://www.k9searchdog.org/contactform.html Apologies if you are already aware but thought I'd mention it just in case...
Yes it was Nancarrow gun dogs but it is now K9 Crusaders kennels.There is another trainer in Bissoe who is aware of Charlie.I have put posters up on the road leading to Wheal Jane and given one to the pub in Devoran.
Nancarrow Gun Dogs in Bissoe
Thanks Lesley as it looked shallower ;-) Its so lucky its down so low and the rain had been gone a min but I not totally sure exactly where he went in.

It does seem he is about that general area though. I called to see a guy who has terriers the Bissoe side of Jane as I wanted to see if one of his is like Charlie and gets out and about.

Could you pop into Janes offices there at all? Was looking at it last night (we went half way round the Bissoe side perimeter fence and he so easily could be going in and out of it.

Did go to the kennels but twas too late so will ring them now.

If that ok will get your number as L and I both said just how open it is and so much gorse and scrub too. Was down by the really friendly sheep to the right of Janes fence looking over to the solar panels (what a surprise they are there lol) and you could have 50 dogs in there and still not see one.

The other sighting was over Tomperrow so again its sort of near isn't it?

There is a gundog trainer that way too isn't there? Can't remember his name... He isn't far from Jane but my knowledge goes back to when Jane was open and that too rusty to remember where.... Do you know it at all?

Like 20 questions, sorry.

If I can get your number I will but if you contact Charlie's mum I know she really needs help as they have young kids and that can make getting out so hard to do. We sort of thinking about hitting the area hard tomorrow.....

We need far more posters so will kick the printers and try and get some flyers too. x
Please dont go into the river Seeks! The spot where Charlie went missing is about 6ft deep and so dangerous that the enviroment agency are not allowed to do the work to maintain it.If you can get my no from someone I will meet you next time you go as I am very local.Iwill contact the farmers I know in the area and also owner
Was talking to a farmer last night who is 100% sure Charlie was in his fields yesterday morning....His Mum had another reported sighting more towards Threemilestone about 8.30 yesterday morning too. I stupidly didn't ask what time the farmer had seen the one there but it isn't that far by road and Charlie is going cross country.

The one I talked to is right by Jane and then you have the possible Penryn one (only 3.5 miles by road) and the Utility one, again not so far from the others, so it does seem he is in that area.

We really could do with more people out looking though, here is rural and hard to find a dog in but that is ruggedly rural. Can anyone call in Jane's offices as its worth talking to them. That huge and he could so easily have got through her perimeter fence in so many places. The farmer said he will tell them about Charlie when they next ring him to do some work but be handy if anyone could before then.

Going to take my boots next time I go as there are marks on the big bank out of the river as its so low just now and just would like to see for paw prints. There are some by the bridge in the mud there too, they could be fox though but they were made by something small and not too heavy and if I can get in it will wonder down the actual river till it gets too deep to see if there is any obvious places he would have got out at.

Charlie is out there L!! The farmer described him very well and it makes so much sense he got out quickly so hold on to hope and hang in there xx
Went down to where Charlie was last seen and walked back to viaduct, did a bit of scrambling to look under low trees etc. Lots of people there yesterday morning, cycling or with dogs and the posters are very prominent . Hoping you have news soon though.
Visited actual location where Charlie went missing Sat morning, along the trial. Grid Reference 50°13'45.9"N 5°07'09.8"W (cut & paste into google maps for precise location).
This is adjacent the Environmental Agency Carnon Valley restricted area, bottom of Bissoe Hill. Liaising with them to see if they have any reports regarding Charlie.
Not sure it is that far really Tiana, we went over last evening but a bit late so only had a hour before it was too dark. Going back today but with the river he could have got out and been totally disorintated. Will see if I can kick th printer to do a few posters to take with. x

His owners have ha a reported sighting now in Penryn.....Its a long river so its nt impossible. Bless then they are going over to check but if your in that area could you keep an eye out please?
Google Grid reference SW736436 - need posters around if anyone local. Albeit seems a little bit too far away from Bissoe, but worth exploring.Last edited: 2014-06-17 12:24:34 by Tiana
Just heard from his people a potential sighting atPoldice Valley /Unity woods just outside Chasewater x

Tiana and Lesley have spoken to the owner and will go over later tomorrow. Not sure when I can get away but as soon as I can xx
Ditto, not on Facebook. Few of us are searching location when we can, so if you get chance please do liase with owners. Thanks
Thanks Seeks. I'm not on facebook but you can get my no from Max or Tiana.We're also looking for Lola who could be in the same area
Lesley will also help! Will have to bring a dog though but he is ok with people..... just messed up.

Will text the owner and offer but can one of you pm me either your numbers on fb? Have shared to Pup's page but will add searchers needed. We orght go down the river too....he is a Jack though so may well have been able to get out.

pm ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Find-Our-Springer-Pup-Please/520885531344185 ) me but thinking about it owner will have my number too x

Met owners at car park this evening and walked down to where he disappeared.I'll put some posters up further away from cycle path in the morning.If you give me a call when you're going Tiana I can meet you down there as I'm only 10mins away
Over that way tomorrow afternoon, will contact you Max to find out precise area to help with search. Lets hope he's got out safely and gets picked up by someone on the trail.
Gino - Administrator, Head Office
Tx Max!
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Have been down to area to assist in search. Spoke to Mrs James (owner). the river is quite deep & fast flowing in parts, but there is a small section where a tree has come down into the river & i feel that the dog may not have got past this section without getting snagged, but there was a tiny gap he may have got through. They area aware of this section as they too noticed it. Parts of the banking are inaccessible.
There are lots of walkers/cyclists as this is on a cycle route, owners are going to poster area.
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
The river was measured just this morning at 4am. Perhaps an email to ask them to look out for any signs? enquiries@environment-agency.gov.uk
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Have left message for owners to contact me so can send advice. Will add to cornwall doglost page & other cornwall dog pages
Gino - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in TR3,4,10,11,15,16.Last edited: 2014-06-15 01:18:21 by Gino - Administrator, Head Office
Sorry to see that CHARLIE SIGHTINGS is missing.
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