Lost: White Terrier Cross Male In South East (CM9)

  • Dog ID 63686
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 26 Jan 2014
  • Gender & Breed Male Terrier Cross (Neutered)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour white
  • Marks & Scars Looks more like a Bedlington cross, or even a poodle.
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 13 Jan 2014
  • Where Lost Tolleshunt Major, Maldon
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area CM9
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Stolen with pup Hardy from home. Toby looks similar to a Bedlington. CRIME number Maldon/Chelmsford (Essex) Police CF 0053170114 with PC 74764 Reynolds
  • Phone 1 07799 591482
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Jayne - Administrator, Head Office
  • Views 13158


Sightings and Information

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No chip on this found dog but please check anyway https://www.facebook.com/groups/DogLostNorfolkSuffolk/permalink/1990318021038239/
DU594 17, Adult Stray
Approx Age: Adult
Date Found: 5/12/17
Breed: Stray
Where Found: Clifton Lodge Vets
Sex: Male
There is a bedlington x found and at riverside vets. No sex or further info recoded. I will send info and number to owner for follow up. Good luck,I hope its him
Shared on Facebook...Hoping we hear good news about Toby soon xx
Shared on twitter
Toby is the the DogLost column in the October edition of Dogs Today. It hits the shops in couple of days.
Derek and Liz
Ps- I'm not being funny - but that was definitely a male dog in the poster? It's id# is: 85495 ref: SD013 15 ..?!
Derek and Liz
Thanks very much for your help skyninchair. Much appreciated. Too bad that it's not our Toby. But we'll keep hoping to find out what's become of him, whether he's alive or crossed the rainbow bridge...
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
TX Skyinchair!
hi, i have noticed that the dog has been moved into the rehoming section, turns out its a female :( Unfortunately this pound do not give the sex of the animal unless you ring in, but here are the details if you have interest in her...
7 days a week!
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Tuesday & Thursday: 11:30am - 7:00pm
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Leigh Dogs & Cats Home Ltd

East Lancs Road
Leigh , Lancashire WN7 3SE
Phone: 01942 671215
Fax: 01942 681817
E-Mail: ldandch@live.co.uk
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Derek and Liz
Dear skyninchar could you please tell us how to contact that Leigh pond? I can't be sure he's like our Toby but also he could be... Please give us the details of where this dog is, so we can contact them..? Many thanks for your help!
COULD THIS BE YOUR DOG IN LEIGH POUND,,, https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153348086993083&set=pcb.850062358395756&type=1&theater
Found 77180 looks similar and is male...
Please look at found 76858.
Uh oh! Just realised found is female..Last edited: 2014-10-23 09:45:23 by CopperM
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Could somebody have a look on FB site "west end farm kennels" please, small white dog found Ipswich area up for rehoming 24/10. Thanks EDIT Now in found ID 76728 EDIT 30/10 Now know female and up for rehomingLast edited: 2014-10-30 07:50:46 by Me n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Toby not been found as yet.
Just had a text from the owner.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
I've emailed owner again......
Thanks me n my girl.
Any news on Toby?
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Hardy was found Reunited Id 63687.Last edited: 2014-08-16 17:23:11 by Me n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Are both these dogs still missing?
Fingers crossed.
Any news yet.
This is an area I spend a lot of time.
I hope they match
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
I have text owner to look at Found ID 73605. Toby we are still looking for you.
tweeting x
hoping sum1 recognises his description
Happiness yorkie lover xxx
Stay safe little one xxxxx
Del and Liz
Also Hazel & everyone else thats Twittering, postering looking, thanks very very much. Love yous xx Judith: I will text you later re your sighting of a similar dog in Lt Waltham. Thanks everyone xxx
Del and Liz
Suzeebee, Kimmybear, I tried to look on Lostdogsuk site but couldnt find the dog? So I couldnt see if it was Toby. :( Riverlady, thanks for your Twittering. :) me n my girl: Tobys tag was found along Maldon Road (I was told).
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
SuzeeBee, thank you - received. I have notified owners. Well spotted. x
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Which road was the collar found along and where, was it close to where he went missing?
DogLostSherlock-Area volunteer Gloucestershire south
Tweeted new information x
Circulating on twitter...TOBY White Terrier Cross STOLEN http://bit.ly/1nYbVdp #TolleshuntMajor #Maldon #CM9 Plz RT
I don't want to get anyones hopes up, but please have a look at this little dog.
Found on 25th May, says no microchip, but we know that they are sometimes missed. Good luck x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Toby's collar & tag have been found by the side of a road. Dirty and scratched. So he is not wearing his ID. He will need to be scanned. I am in touch with owner Liz. I am bumping because of the found collar. Does anyone remember anything along the roads, around the time Toby went missing? Requesting Twitter and alerts to remind people of this. Thank you. x
Del and Liz
Any of you want to keep in touch directly, my tweet is: @E_Liz_Butcher Again, thank you everyone. xx
PS- Judith: do you remember where exactly you saw the dog, where it took of to and when - day or night? Thanks.
Del and Liz
Hi, this to All of you out there looking for our Toby. We cannot be involved as much as we would want to because we are both disabled. I am so sorry we havent been in touch like this before, but I lost the password, also my husband Derek and me we have been poor lately and me still recovering from major invasive neck surgery. Thanks everyone ever so much for your efforts. Derek and me we really appreciate all your efforts. Thank you xx
Still Tweeting for Her - surely someone has seen her x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
thank you Hazel. Can anyone put up a couple of posters near Broomfield hospital please? Just in case. Also can you put up posters for Beanie lost in Little Waltham yesterday - a black Scottie dog. Thank you. x
DogLostSherlock-Area volunteer Gloucestershire south
Tweeting this new sighting.....come on .toby....let's get you home xx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Oh gosh, Little Waltham, Chelmsford - Broomfield hospital. Anyone out that way?
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Thanks Judith for coming back, Dog lost admin and co-ordinators will investigate. Found (sighted) ID 69537 refers.Last edited: 2014-05-31 19:47:42 by Me n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
Dog with a similar coat and similar colour ran out in front of our bus yesterday in Little Waltham yesterday the driver had to brake hard to avoid hitting it. It ran off towards the beehive pub. I have put this on dogs found
Found Bedlington has been reunited with owner. Sorry to raise hopes.
Bedlington found, mentioned on 19th April post on http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=66745 Please read, even though post is initially for a cocker.
Do owners know about the Cinnamon Trust, which has volunteers walking dogs for those who can't or who find it difficult for a time... All CRB checked...
DogLostSherlock-Area volunteer Gloucestershire south
Tweeted again for this little man....look after yourselves ....know it's really hard not to worry ...Hardy needs you well...hope we find Toby x
Missed this sad story somehow, hope that Toby is back home soon his owners must be frantic xx
Abe babe
Further response from Danahar; they think they've checked the other Bedlington against Toby before but will keep in mind his page link which I've sent them.
Abe babe
I emailed Danahar and they'd had two Bedlingtons in, both had been rehomed but one was returned - Tyson, but I'm told he'd been there about a year so obviously he's not Toby.
I'm hoping to find out about the other one....but of course it may be one we've already covered. It all gets so confusing.
Very sorry to hear that the owners have been suffering poor health and Mr. ******* has had a small stroke (doc says probably due to stress), hence their silence of late.
Good news is that they've had another article in Maldon Standard.
Fingers crossed for news... and I send healing wishes to family. x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Have alerted owner to mayjul's comment. Thank you.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Toby's story is in the Maldon Standard again.
Hi There is a new dog at Danaher Animal home at Braintree called Tyson up for adoption. It says male Bedlington Terrier. No photo as yet. x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Thank you Abe Babe. Good coverage. I have to say from the photo, Hardy looks much more like a Lakeland than Toby! He's even got the colouring to match. If Toby is considered Lakeland then maybe his looks came from the other half of his parents and the Lakeland bit passed onto Toby? If that makes sense? Thanks CooperM........ Come on Toy we have to find you sweetheart. x
Danaher Animal home at Braintree have a 'poodle' for rehoming... worth a look.
Abe babe
Gosh, Hardy looks so different in this article!.. I expected him to be curly like his dad!..I didn't consider the JR coat.
...hope Doglost got a mention in the full story...? i presume you can't read it unless you buy it.Last edited: 2014-03-07 17:29:34 by Abe babe
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Bumped due to coverage in this weeks Maldon Standard.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Owners, have you checked this out? Can you let one of us know? Thank you.
Abe babe
...Hazel, I've emailed the link to owners...thanks.
DogLostSherlock-Area volunteer Gloucestershire south
http://www.animalwardens.co.uk/lost-found-dogs-search?sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=&sobi2Id=76979 this Bedlington is recorded as cream ...could it be our Toby?
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Brilliant news re Hardy, so now we go all out for Toby. There is also another newspaper article coming out. Let's hope this finds Toby asap! Come on Toby, your baby is home, now we need you home! x
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Come on Toby, your turn next. Fingers crossed.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Bumping due to the fact that Hardy was found roaming in the Maldon promenade park this morning. Let's hope Toby is in the same area.
Abe babe
Thanks Rosemary..not sure but I think that fb link might be Bichon Frise 64991 (reunited)
..same area (?). Last edited: 2014-02-22 10:59:19 by Abe babe
has this one been checked gone to kingsnorth vets now https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153842458145402&set=a.10150198575880402.438926.696250401&type=1&theater
Abe babe
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Thanks Debs for update.
I have spoken to Cleadon kennels and the Bedlington they have in is an unchipped, intact dog so has been confirmed as NOT being Toby :-( the search continues....
Abe babe
Owners are aware of the Cleadon Bedlington and want to inquire further... they will call kennels again today to speak to appropriate lady.
Im not sure that it was the owner who posted on here and that he will see these messages. When i spoke to him he does accept that Toby may well be a Bedlington X.Last edited: 2014-02-19 02:19:43 by Jeanette
HelperdogtheftawarenessDog Theft Awareness North East
There is a male bedlington terrier at cleadon kennels. ..tel 0191 5292369. Due to be re homed can owner check...xxxx
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Jeanette, that is true. Sorry owner, I'm making Toby a Bedlington cross again, for yours and Toby's sakes. He is more identifiable that way. Its for the best. x
Jeanette, I contacted the kennels and was informed the lady who deals with all the intake and rehoming of the dogs is on half day today so i'll contact her tomorrow
Abe babe
I have emailed owners about the Cleadon dog...(DL 64813)and sent them a link to the found dog's photo.Last edited: 2014-02-18 16:04:59 by Abe babe
I have listed a Bedlington terrier today who is at cleadon kennels and up for rehoming. I am worried that he is Toby. Can someone from doglost urgently contact the kennels and ask them to put a hold on the rehoming & police in Maldon ? They may have checked on doglost and not looked under Lakeland terrier?
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Thanks nw888 & Abe Babe. No, the breeds are pre-selected and unless the computer programme is changed, we can't amend - maybe in the future but not now. I trust having the Bedlington bit on the poster comments will suffice. Maybe owner would have a rethink on what we should call Toby. Appreciated your thoughts. Thanks.
Abe babe
I have removed my comment for the moment...?
Last edited: 2014-02-17 05:18:41 by Abe babe
Abe babe
Kimmybear ..Can't Admin create a new breed title in this case? ..and is he white or cream?... looks cream in photo.Last edited: 2014-02-16 17:01:14 by Abe babe
@Kimmybear - I would agree with that. On recognition basis alone I would say most people would assume these were Bedlingtons, and Hardy (while being a cross) is definitely more Bedlington-looking than anything else.Last edited: 2014-02-16 15:02:44 by nw8888
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
I've put in the comments on poster that he resembles a Bedlington just to cover our bases.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Owner wants Toby to be called a Lakeland, but I am concerned that he looks more like a Bedlington for recognition purposes. I am unable to type a Lakeland x Bedlington because we can only chose from a list of pre-chosen dog breeds/types. Reverting back to Lakeland x.
There is a side view of these two dogs in the Essex Chronicle article:


@CopperM - the dog in the homes4dogs.co.uk link you've posted sounds too tall to match Toby, because you'll be able to see from the pictures that they're not particularly big dogs.
Just spotted this:
http://www.homes4dogs.co.uk/homes-wanted-2b/4577631519 Doodles/Shaun and have asked for them to compare against Toby.
Abe babe
....We'll have to hope Kimmybear. Shame there's no more news of 64375..
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
I found Terrier Bedlington Cross but no Lakeland/Bed cross. Do you think that will suffice?
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
We have to pick from a list, so will see what I can use for this little chappie. Thanks Abe babe. x
Abe babe
I agree Kimmybear, .. maybe 'Lakeland/Bedlington type Terrier' would work..?
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
We are of the thought that Toby is a Bedlington. Or a mix of both. What do others think? It might be best to change his poster description to that which is most recognisable as being him?
It would be really helpful if we could have a side view of Toby too: I was at Wallace Kennels yesterday and they are convinced that their dog isn't one of these two...
My dog was also stolen a couple of weeks ago and TOTALLY thanks to Dog.Lost I got him back 40 hours later. The police were useless for various reasons - they wouldn't even give me a crime number although the theft happened before my eyes and I got most of the numberplate and recognised the driver.

BUT I think the owners should have a quiet think about people who visit them such as any carers (my mother has had 4 regular carers and two ad hoc ones in the last 2 years) carers are poorly paid and a pedigree puppy represents quite a lot of money, people they know or even neighbours or other locals (horrible thought, but it happens).

Usually, dog thefts are not for this kind of dog. Dogs which can be used for sports such as (illegal) hare coursing or gun dogs are the usual theft targets. This sounds more as though it's for financial gain - therefore your dogs will not be harmed, if it's any comfort. I went through torture thinking about that sort of thing.

Think whether anyone has complained about them, do they bark frequently? Has there been any trouble or minor spat (which can be totally unrelated to the dogs) recently? Were other valuables taken at the same time?

In my case, it was neighbours who bear us a totally undeserved grudge - but without proper police help, I can't prove it. but at least now we're on our guard and I KNOW who they are.

Another thing - raise as big a 'stink' as possible. Poster everywhere with as much detail about the thieves (if known as possible) - get Facebookers and Twitterers on your side make it impossible for these people to sell them or keep them. Poster every pub in the area which is where these people sell on animals. If you can do that, they'll probably turn them loose.

If you notice anyone who's just acquired a puppy like this or see one in the street - stop and ask for the breeder's name under the pretext of wanting a dog like that yourself - if they can't provide it or look shifty make a note of their description and report to police, most people are proud of their new dog or puppy and will happily tell you the details . Cunning plan ;-)

It worked for me.Last edited: 2014-02-13 03:49:23 by Iceni
DogLostAngus - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Milton Keynes
Featured in todays Countrymans Weekly magazine - I hope it brings some news
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Well done indeed Abe Babe! So, we all keep looking and searching. I may be biased, but I think we have a fantastic lot of detectives here ourselves and we all do it for free. DogLost has reunited tens of thousands of dogs thanks to all of you. We have our suspicions regarding the theft of these dogs but sadly if this is the case, we have to hope they are let go or escape. They may also be on sale sites etc, so we keep looking anywhere we can. Also, if anyone is in the area, we do need more posters. Owners are disabled and elderly. Many thanks. x
I really hope Hardy and Toby are home soon.
Dog ID 62517 (based in CM3) in reunited section used a national pet detectives company with a fantastic outcome (it was in local newspapers). It may be a good idea to contact Mr Notley the owner to see if he can give you any contact details for the detective company. I have found the article online and it was a Wales-based business Stolen and Stray Pet Recovery. The dog that was missing was in Essex so they must travel all over to help.
Also dog ID 63994 jill has registed with a Stolen and Stray Pet Recovery site, which seem to be who Mr Notley may have used in CM3.
I hope this brings some positive thoughts x
Abe babe
Frustrating news indeed, but rest assured Hardy and Tobys' mum and dad - we are continuing with the search.
Someone knows something! X
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Abe babe has had a reply from the RSPCA and they state that found dog was said to be ‘entire’. Pity that information wasn't disclosed sooner it could have saved a lot of upset for Toby's owners.
keep plugging at the Rspca, as the owner of Bumble-it took me 100days plus to get a definitive answer out of them,I emailed them twice a week,wrote to the national chairman and phoned them regularly-dont let them fob you off good luck!!xxxxxx
Abe babe
Kimmybear, I was in email contact with RSPCA about this dog, shall I contact her again and ask for advice?
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Owner having difficulty with RSPCA in viewing this dog. If anyone could help who is connected with RSPCA that would be brill. Owners feel they are left in the dark and desperately NEED to check this dog even though many miles away. Thank you.
Abe babe
I've got everything crossed! x
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Yes owner is aware and they think it is Toby.
Abe babe
Can someone please confirm that the owner has seen this found dog pic: https://twitter.com/RSPCAHereford/status/431040929235890176/photo/1

Although tweeted as being with RSPCA Hereford I have been in touch with RSPCA who say found dog is still with 'finder', they also say they've (rspca)looked at Toby's listing and that found dog doesn't look like a Lakeland plus has no chip. I have suggested that chips don't always show up! Please can you confirm to me that found dog is not Toby because I think there is a strong likeness - this is worrying me.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Dogs featuered in local newspapers
BURNHAM STANDARD: http://www.maldonandburnhamstandard.co.uk/news/localnews/10969355.Dogs_stolen_from_pensioner_s_home/
Abe babe
I've also 'tweeted' rspca hereford and received reply to say they are passing the info forward.
Abe babe
Re my earlier comment: I have emailed rspca hereford to alert them to Toby here but they only administrate Mon, Wed & Friday so may not see message until tomorrow....their found dog looks so like Toby!
Fingers crossed firmly.
Abe babe
RSPCA Hereford have a stray: https://twitter.com/RSPCAHereford/status/431040929235890176/photo/1
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Owners have been trying to find these two but they are both disabled; one in a wheelchair. They say unable to poster very much but have handed them to carers and friends to do but I have a feeling there's nothing much out there. At least we have the papers - I have asked which ones but no reply as yet. If anyone knows please let us know, thanks. If anyone can help put a few posters up that would be great. Thank you. x
Fingers crossed these two will be back home asap. Circulating on Twitter.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Bumping to top due to coverage in 3 local papers.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Thank you Gary - all help appreciated. x
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
We've got another sighting. Person saw photo and said it was Hardy. So hoping. He was very muddy. At least we have something to work on now. It is worrying that Toby has not been seen. It is possible that if stolen, as owners believe, Hardy has escaped. Please can helpers assist with posting the area sighted? Owners are working so hard and are very distraught. Any help appreciated. Toby & Hardy are going in the paper. Owners already did that before I contacted them! Well done owners. x
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Possible sighting of one of the dogs in School Road, Great Totham, earlier today but owner not sure which one.
Gary Notley
I was dealing with some reporters a couple of weeks ago when my dogs were stolen. I will contact them in the morning and also speak to the owners
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
There are certain people in the area that probably have taken these two fur babies, so we really need all hands on deck to make them so famous! If anyone can help, please, please do so. Owners are not young and have not been in good health. Does anyone have media connections that we could use? x
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Email alerts sent to postcodes CM0,CM2,CM3,CM5,CM8,CM9
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Thank you Admin for putting photos up. Ready for alerts. These dogs were stolen from owners yard on Monday. If anyone saw anything suspicious or has any clues, please let is know asap.
DogLostKimmybear - Area Co-ordinator, Essex & Hertfordshire borders
Emailed owner & requested photos.
Sorry to see that TOBY STOLEN COLLAR FOUND is missing.
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