Lost: Black & White Collie Cross Male In South West (BH20)

  • Dog ID 53937
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 24 Jun 2013
  • Name TYLER
  • Gender & Breed Male Collie Cross (Neutered)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour black & white
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed No
  • Date Lost 23 Jun 2013
  • Where Lost Lulworth Cove, Dorset
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area BH20
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info I am contacting you on behalf of my brother, Kevin Winter. His dog vanished from Lulworth Cove car park on the afternoon of Sunday 23 June. The dog is chipped, but was not wearing a collar. He is a castrated black & white border collie cross. He's about 7 years old & good natured. His name is Tyler. The chip is registered to Sylvia Jones at Nightingale Schott, Egham, Surrey. They are desperately worried about him, having contacted the local authorities, but were on holiday, so don't kn
  • Phone 1 07957 445681
  • Phone 2 07809878567
  • Listed By Jayne - Administrator, Head Office
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Sightings and Information

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DogLostGnasher - Area Co-ordinator, East Dorset
Will be back in the area camping again this weekend. Despite no sightings Tyler has not been forgotten. There's always the possibility that someone has taken him in and not informed the authorities. Ever watchful and hoping Tyler will make it home xLast edited: 2014-04-18 08:57:19 by Gnasher - Area Co-ordinator, East Dorset
DogLostMillieVW - Area Volunteer, West Wiltshire
Sighted dog not Tyler, sadly sighted collie did not make it home and had no chip or collar. Rip in young man :-(
DogLostMillieVW - Area Volunteer, West Wiltshire
Have spoken to tylers owner, desperate for any news and sightings. Fingers crossed he or she will show themselves to you again Caroline and be Tyler.

Link to sighted collie: http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=63391#.Ut1bsKjFIiE
DogLostMillieVW - Area Volunteer, West Wiltshire
Thanks Caz, I've text both listed numbers to let them know x
Hi, I know it's been a long time but I just wanted to let you know that I spotted a black and white collie today in the BH16 postcode area (Marsh Lane, Upton, Poole). I've reported the sighting to the police and dog warden. The dog itself looked in good condition, a little skinny but otherwise fairly well looked after although was quite scared and unfortunately ran off towards the woods before I could help :-( Maybe worth contacting the Police/Dog Warden to see if there's any news - hopefully miracles do happy :-) Good luck, Caroline
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thank you for all the comments and encouragement. It is strange that there has been no sightings.
Have you contacted the MOD? They have the firing ranges all around Lulworth and Tyneham Village.
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Agree with with Bobble. Keep a poster in the Lulworth area as there are always new visitors with fresh eyes - and call regularly for update. Then work back towards home with posters. Transport cafes, etc and village notice boards en-route, perhaps also dog wardens/vets along the way. Don't let the miseries get the better of you - there's always hope. Good luck.
Advertised in this weeks Countryman's Weekly magazine. I hope it brings some news.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset, North Dorset & temp East Sussex
Tyler may be trying to find his way home. It is well worth postering the area betweenwhere he is from and where he went missing.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset, North Dorset & temp East Sussex
Amanda, I am sorry I am not close enough to be able to physically help you look for Tyler. When you next come down, pleade make sure you refresh any posters and ensure there are plenty up. If not done so already contact the Powderham Estate, they own quite a lot of the land around there are have functions on during the summer. That is something you can do from home and email them a poster? Also, it is well worth making some 1/4 size poster hand-outs to give to passers by, delivery drivers, bus drivers etc when you are looking. Good luck I am constantly hoping you find Tyler soon.Last edited: 2013-07-10 18:42:10 by Bobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset, North Dorset & temp East Sussex
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Please update details so we have microchip number on site as it is linked to data base of Halo scanner. Only yourselves or admin persons can view this.

Make sure all vets in area are aware use 'find a vets' to get details of all in this area. Send by email posters asking them to put up in waiting room.
Also as holiday season maybe ask local schools to alert children so if out and about they could watch out for him.
Get posters in cafes pubs local post offices libraries. Check with dog warden where found dogs are taken and make sure they are aware in case a chip is missed. Send them a poster plus phone then regularly at least twice a week.

Poster power really works .
Unfortunately no sign of Tyler over the weekend.... We now just have to hope and pray that someone finds him and takes him to be scanned. Thank you so much for your help and kind comments x
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
I notice on google maps that there is a Britwell Road near the car park. Posters along that road may be useful. Also ask if anyone's bins have been disturbed, especially around eating areas, restaurants, cafes. Good luck for the weekend.
That is fantastic Bobble, thank you and fingers crossed!Last edited: 2013-07-03 20:47:07 by AmandaWinter
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset, North Dorset & temp East Sussex
I have a large group of friends walking from Lulworth to Weymouth tomorrow 4/7. They are armed with posters of Tyler and will be actively looking out for him.
DogLostMillieVW - Area Volunteer, West Wiltshire
Collie's are resilient, one of the first dogs I read about on doglost was a collie that went missing, I think in Cornwall but owners were on holiday from up north. It was tough but eventually she was tracked and reunited. I think she was missing for quite a while. Dogs quickly revert to moving at night and sleeping during the day so it could be just waiting for a sighting and then you have somewhere to start from. They often move in a triangle so plot on Google maps so at some point you might be able to work out where he is heading before he gets there. Come on Tyler, show yourself xx
Thank you Fergal's Servant. I've also asked for a request on local radio. We're going to go down there again this weekend and after that I'm not sure what we will do.... x
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Amanda - He was lost in woods, and found by farmer lying (near the hedge) in field next to wood around 7.30am. I and friends had searched those fields from various directions. I don't know what actually happened, he was at point of having given up - not a strong dog. If he was there all the time he had stopped responding to calls. Just feel don't give up on that area. Really hope your search will be a success. XLast edited: 2013-07-02 13:55:56 by Fergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Thank you Bid. We're going to head back down to Lulworth this weekend for another look. Let's hope we can repeat Fergal's Servants experience, fingers crossed.
Fergal's Servants - when you say it was almost exactly the same place, how far away approx was it? And what time of day did you find your dog? My brother went back early morning and late at night as well as during the day, as recommended by another poster and we're not sure if we should try that again....
Spoke with another farmer, an early morning jogger and a Lulworth fisherman last night - they will all keep their eyes open too.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Owners have notified the coastguard, I don't think the owners managed the boat trip but all the local fishermen will be aware so will hopefully keep a lookout..
DogLostFergal - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Is there a cliff rescue team in that area. They would know the lie of the land, holes, unstable areas, etc. Did the owner take that boat trip? Just a thought, as my dog was found almost exactly where he was lost after 5 days, even though the area was searched by us every day with no sightings or sounds.
Thank you so much Janice.
DogLostGnasher - Area Co-ordinator, East Dorset
I'll be camping at the Woody Hyde campsite at Corfe Castle next week........will keep my eyes peeled.
If there are any sightings please let me know if I can help 07795175349
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
I was told by owner last night that Tyler was wearing his harness when he ran off but he could have lost that. If anyone finds a harness in the area please let us know.
I am Kevin's other sister and have been to Lulworth Cove again this morning as Kevin and Sylvia have had to go home. There is till no sign of him and we are at our wits end... I also went to the Campsite at Corfe Castle where they were staying. Again no sign of him but I've spoken with the reception and again asked them to call Kevin with any news. We all live so far away and just don't know what else we can do.Last edited: 2013-06-29 19:29:27 by AmandaWinter
Glad he's ben sighted - the Castle Inn is VERY dog-friendly and I am sure they will do all they can to help. I spoke with one of the Lulworth farmers last night and he will get his lads to keep their eyes open too.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Correction to previous post, there was a sighting earlier in the week near the Castle Inn but by the time owners got there he had gone. They were staying in Corfe Castle so he may be trying to make his way back there. Bumped due to this sighting.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Owners have worked tirelessly all week but have to go back home tomorrow. Not one single sighting has been reported so it is still possible that Tyler was picked up and moved from the area. The sea has been rough this week but I have suggested they take a boat trip if calmer today to be able to look along the beach and ledges. The area he disappeared was the field by Stair Hole. He went down a steep slope (not a cliff edge) and was nowhere in sight by the time the owner got down there. He could easily have got back up and returned to the car park.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Still no news of Tyler, I am hoping to speak to his owner later to find out exactly where he was last seen. Kevin's number now added but does not always have a good signal.
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Yes Bid, they are. He stayed in car park area till late last night & there from 4am today with food. No luck. I don't know the area, but my brother tells me lots of fields, so worried he could be miles away now.
Are his family still in the area? Do we know if the beaches under the cliffs have been searched? I am happy to help and go sit in car parks etc if need be.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
If Tyler is still in the area he is likely to make his way back to the car park late evening or early morning to the place he was last with his family. Is there anyone who can sit quietly watching for him at those times? If seen to be returning we can then plan the best way of catching him.Whatever you do please do not call or chase. Stay sat and try to quietly coax him to you.
Hi, I have informed petlog & given the postcode of his holiday place. They wont give me his chip number to update, data protection....but at least they know & vets in a 30 mile radius will know too.
Thanks all for help.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thank you Bid for postering, we need to spread the word as far as possible. I am hoping someone picked him up in the car park thinking he is lost and will soon have his chip scanned.
Traceygoe please can you make sure your brother reports him missing to the chip company and add his chip number to his details so that when he is scanned it will be flagged up as missing.
thanks very much for comments. Still no sign of him. Will call Margaret Green rescue to check in the morning. Not locals, as on holiday, so very distressing.
Margaret Green Rescue in Winterborne Kingston is the nearest dog rescue centre; 01929 471340.
They don't take emails so you will need to ring them to find out whether Tyler has arrived as a stray.
Bridget, Langton Matravers.
You may have done this already but call the Lulworth Estate, on 01929 400352 so that the staff can be on the lookout.
webmaster@lulworth.com is the email address. I will email them with the poster now. Bridget, Langton Matravers.
Taken posters to Durdle Door caravansite, Lulworth Cove Heritage Centre, Sailors Return and Castle Inn, and local dog walking spots. FIngers crossed someone finds him,
In case you haven't already rung them, Purbeck has a dog warden - 01929 556561
I am 5 mins from Lulworth, and am just printing the poster to take out this afternoon. Will alert all dog walkers to keep their eyes peeled for him
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in BH19,20. DT2.
Sorry to see that TYLER is missing.
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