Lost: Black Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) Female In South East (NW2)

  • Dog ID 48928
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 17 Feb 2013
  • Name CAITLIN
  • Gender & Breed Female Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Black
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 16 Feb 2013
  • Where Lost Gladstone Park, Dollis Hill Lane, London
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area NW2
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Wearing a purple collar with the mobile number embroidered on it.
  • Phone 1 07970505533
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By MandyD
  • Views 11199
  • CAITLINPoster Image
  • CAITLINExtra Image


Sightings and Information

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DogLostAnne - Area Volunteer,West Midlands
Has Caitlin been found - there is a dog who meets her description around the Wolverhampton area for the past month - it is injured and no-one has been able to get close enough to establish if male or female and if chipped or not. Perhaps Caitlins owner could take a look ... facebook page is called Lost and found pets. and animals - wolverhampton and surrounding areas
I will send Caitlin poster to RSPCA and Kew vets tomorrow
DogLostMe n my girl - Administrative Volunteer
"nearly all black" female GSD in found section ID 74474 Found Waltham Abbey area. Could this possibly be Caitlin?
71937 sighted in found section. Could this be Caitlin?
just found this had problems was ther any outcome? we looked for her here +++ jj
found dog please check xx https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=632092973527258&set=gm.405980249539245&type=1
Sorry I have removed my post as new information has come forward on the Found dog, she is chipped to a training Centre so cannot be your Caitlin, so sorry. Last edited: 2014-02-01 09:41:19 by reggiemollieros
Sorry Claire so it has been posted must have missed that.
Yes that is the Chigwell dog. :-)
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Patlucky Its the same as posted here before! Did you mean the Chignwell dog or another? If its any help Mandy is in contact with me. keep looking you are doing a great job x

Another Black dog that might be.
I think it has shorter hair
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Comment awaiting moderation
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Would you please check Found dog ID 61410 Bit of a distance but you never know if your dog was picked up and then let loose/or escaped.
Last edited: 2014-01-11 21:14:41 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
any more clues. not seen in park will see if we can get there weekend.
did streets but sadly no sightings
went wk/end with no luck will try again wednesday. owner had any sightings please. will try and contact again.
any chance of this going on facebook?? dont know how sorry.
I will wait for any news.we have been looking for Caitlin, were going on Wednesday round that area again.No sighting end last week.
Please check out dog ID 50812 sighted only by myself in MK16 running scared, will reply to TXT from Yvonne as looked very similar... details of sighting on dogs thread.. Listed under Alsatian breed as never heard of this breed. Although stated on thread a black Alsatian was reported stolen from area so could be either.
got there about 2.45. no loose dogs but plenty with owners. one looked liked a miniature version and nice to see 2 7 year olds trying to see her tag as they thought she was Caitlin! we will try again in the week at this time and place and we will leave our dogs behind because there were lots of children playing in the sun. people still very aware though which is good i think.we left about 3.30.so she might go later.
ok owner says she was there at 3 so we will go at 3 today. might be a few less little people around.
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
The dog sighted on Sunday was near the playground side of the park,towards Dollis Hill Lane. The person who spotted this dog said that it had pricked up ears so was not the Lab cross seen in this area before.
I will be walking my gang in Gladstone late this morning. Will keep eyes peeled for any places she may be "bedding down". Hope she stays clear of the railway ( lickily it is pretty well fenced)
we will go down about 4 tomorrow then but its quite a big park any idea where in the park it is? will leave our 2 here.
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Thank you JJ & lesleyjane. Another potential sighting of Caitlin in Gladstone Park ,yesterday at about 4pm.
Hope this is Caitlin....still lots of posters around so maybe anyone who sees her will contact owner. I am continuing to look and spread the word. xx
we were out for 1 1/2 hrs round the park area. there may have been too many children about i donr know but i asked a lot of New - to us - people and they are fully aware and also still keeping there eyes open. we will try again later on at a different time.
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Owner had a call yesterday about a black dog seen in Gladstone Park. This could be Caitlin. No other information as yet but please anyone in this area,keep a look out. Thank you.
owner tells us news of stray black dog in Gladstone park yesterday Any more news as where and when. please we can go again tomorrow.
anymore sightings anywhere please. we will go out again locally for her but we have had nasty flu type colds and now Husband very deaf and i cant hear every well.
This sounds pretty hopeful, she could have covered that distance in the time she's been lost ( or taken/dumped there) .Fingers crossed that this is a new lead ( no pun intended!)
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Thanks for this JJ .I am on the Doglost Bucks & Beds page now & will message the person who posted up about the running dog. I will speak to Caitlin's owner too.
anyone know how to trace this on facebook for Caitlin's owner. Just in case. i dont know how to do it and Caitlin's owner asked me but i'm stuck.
Dogs owner wants to know how to make contact with Karen 14568 she does not do face book and i have to wait for hubby.
i dont know that area and i dont know if Caitlins mum would. i have no voice at the moment i can text her but i believe she does not have easy access to internet. she is still searching here. J
DogLostkaren14568 - Area Co-ordinator, West London
Please check out FB site:
Could this be Caitlin - fingers crossed xx
any more sightings??. we have both got a nasty bug but will try go out again tomorrow may have to be afternoon. Caitlin where are you?
hi neasdonites. we went round again this afternoon with no luck But getting to the shops where she was last seen at 4 the other day there were school children everywhere and the noise was awful. we wandered around the backs of the shops but i would hide if i were her with all that noise. 5pm and it was deserted almost so we will go back again and try at 5 tomorrow and do the roads that Caitlin's mum suggested.
we were too and everywhere around the Neasden shopping centre there were flyers and a large one in the vets. there are lots of alleyways at the back which we had a good nose in ( + gardens) and at the back of shops on the tesco side food.people in the park know of Caitlin and tday we meet several who said they knew and were looking. nothing when we were there at the station but she was probably hiding. we will go again on Tuesday if neede.
I am still looking out for her and spreading the word, I drive that way to/from my night shift and keep my eyes peeled. Glad to see so many posters up, everyone seems to know about Caitlin. A friend lives v near Prout Grove where she was seen so I tell them tp be extra vigilent when out with their dog. Worry that Neasden Shopping Centre is near busy N Circular road....assume All Pets vets near there are aware?
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Caitlin's owner is having trouble logging on so I am posting this message for them.

This morning I received a call saying my dog had been sighted in Neasden Shopping Centre by Iceland, but before the caller could tell me when she had seen the dog we got cut off. Please if the caller can text me with the details of the sighting I would be extremely grateful. Many thanks. Michele
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Will bump Caitlin.
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
There has been another sighting of Caitlin. Last night,between Neasden Lane & Dudden Hill Road - on a road called Prout Grove. Owner is out searching today. Any helpers willing to help in the search in this area would be really appreciated,thank you.
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Caitlin's owner is working so hard to get her girl back. Please keep a look out for Caitlin,she might be still out there on her own,living on her wits & scavenging but it could be that someone has her & has decided not to inform the authorities of a found dog .
Nearly another week gone and no more sightings but she might still be out there somewhere. Please keep sharing for the weekend. We need to keep on with the publicity. Possibly someone might have picked her up and if they have then other people will know about it.
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Keep hoping this beautiful girl is found. Come on Caitlin, show yourself.
There was another sighting today at about 4pm outside Dollis underground station.
Have forwarded this updated info to all my friends who use Gladstone Park. Glad she seems to be staying in the area. Good luck.
There was another sighting yesterday and this is from the owner.

"The sighting was in Neasden NW2 she headed back to park I went over to park and walked round and a dog walker had spotted her but the time I got there she was gone, I hope it was her"
Sorry to see Caitlin is missing. Hope she is being made "Too hot to handle" Come on girl lets get you back home with your family. Paws, and fingers xd.
Safedog Crash Tested Car CratesBaggy Dog
I’ve found that it helps to print out an A4 sheet of paper cut into business-card size slips, each with brief details and your phone number on. Give them to all the local dog walkers, postmen etc. you meet. Then if someone has news when they’re out and about they don’t need to find a poster or log on to the site to contact you. What sick person makes such horrible calls? I hope you find her soon.
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Caitlin's owner had a call yesterday from someone witholding their number,he told owner that he had seen Caitlin's body under a tree near the area of loss Sunday morning ,he added that the body had disappeared by late morning. The authorities have said that no body was collected by them at the weekend. This call was very likely to be a hoax or possibly from an individual who could possibly have Caitlin & is trying to stop her owner from searching further for her.Please keep a lookout for anyone with a new ,large black German Shepard type dog .This could very well be Caitlin the missing Groenendael. Thank you.Last edited: 2013-02-22 10:58:06 by Aunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Have just spoken to owner & given some advice about tracking & scenting . Will be sending our info sheets on this. Will bump due to sighting on Tuesday near area of loss.Last edited: 2013-02-21 16:59:42 by Aunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
could not get there today. also in kingsbury we walk ours in Eton grove.
could she be heading for Fryent way - fields and a farm up there. also NW9 - off Church Lane. will try wk/end.
Just seen the previous post, can't join owner but will be happy to poster in my area ( Kingsbury, NW9, have a huge park nearby popular with dogwalkers). Can't print posters today, though. Which area was the sighting, where is she heading?
The owner, Michele, will be in the car park at Gladstone Park at 10am tomorrow. She would love some help with postering. There was a possible sighting yesterday but also one from the weekend of her moving away from the park. Michele would like to extend the posters to the surrounding area if anyone is available to help. Thank you to everyone who has helped and has been looking out for Caitlin.
DogLostCounty Pet ServicesKaren - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
She looks just like my dog, hope she is found soon someone must have seen her will post on my Facebook page xx
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Thank you KathyW. Looking at the posts on the Facebook page ,the dog concerned is male but thank you for keeping an eye out. X
circulating on twitter
Long shot I know but the 'Screaming' sounded famililar.
Here is the page on Facebook.
DogLostAunt Stef - Area Volunteer, West London
Have spoken to owner & given advice. Caitlin went missing from Gladstone Park on Saturday night & hasn't been seen since. Posters are up ,more are going up. DWs,vets ,rescues etc are all being informed. I will put Caitlin up on Facebook Doglost West London & request twitter.
friend living very local to that area also looking with no luck so far. N.B last year car drew up and 2 Asian men tried to take her greyhound one saying he was a trainer. she screamed and reinforcements arrived, but please be aware in this area.
I've put Caitlin on the newly formed GSD's united, lost, stolen and found facebook page xx
They have been out postering today and talking to people. Unfortunately there have been no sightings.
Thank you for all the suggestions and spreading the word. The owner has limited access to the Internet but has been told about the people to contact.
I've put her on Facebook hope she's soon found xx
Brent dog wardens are excellent, and please inform Mayhew Animal Home. "Just Barking" in Chamberlayne Rd have dog-walkers who use Gladstone Pk a lot, so worth contacting them. I have shared on FB. Please get posters up. Is she chipped? Does she know her way home from the park? Good luck.
Battersea Dogs HomeAbbalish
Made a report at BDCH ref 298525, no matches yet. Have you contacted local wardens?
Big GSDAstralhaze
Shared on Biggsd, FB and Twitter
DogLostJulie - Social Media Team, Surrey
Have been sharing on facebook groups - really hope Caitlin is soon found and back home. Julie x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent out to helpers in all NW postcodes and also HA0,3,8,9.
Sorry to see that CAITLIN is missing.
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