Rainbow Bridge: White/cream/grey Cross Breed Female

  • Dog ID 120256
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 24 Sep 2017
  • Name MERRY
  • Gender & Breed Female Cross Breed (Spayed)
  • Age Adult
  • Colour white/cream/grey
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 24 Sep 2017
  • Where Lost Higham Ferrers Northants
  • Lost In Region Central
  • Lost In Post Area NN10
  • Date Found 01 Oct 2017
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Spooked and bolted from home. Merry is a nervous rescue dog, if sighted PLEASE DO NOT APPROACH please call in sighting asap, keeping her in sight at a distance if possible
  • Phone 1 07892877711
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By Lisa
  • Views 10622
  • Alerts Sent 138
  • MERRY Poster Image
  • MERRY Extra Image


Sightings and Information

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We are so very sorry Lisa. Thinking of you and your family. RIP sweet Merry, run free. Bless you sweetheart XXX
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I am truly sorry to read Merry's tragic update.
Run Free Sweetheart. X
So sorry. Condolences to her family. Night, night Merry, sleep tight, and have fun at the bridge with your pals who are waiting to play. RIP+ God Blessx A~~~Candle~~~burns for Merry Run free (HUG) X One day when the time is right,. you will meet Merry at the bridge, and she will lead the way. You will be forever togetherLast edited: 2017-10-01 19:42:56 by janiejewel1649
Very sorry for your loss, such a beautiful dog xx
Georgy Porgy
Very sad news so sorry
So sorry Merry didn't make it home. Thinking of her owners at this very sad time. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge Merry x
DogLostOwl- Area Co-ordinator, Sherwood Forest
So sorry for her owner and for everyone who tried so hard.
DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
Sadly Merry's body has been found today after she was involved in an RTA, Merry's owner is incredibly grateful for everyone's help & support & is understandably devastated x
Market day in Higham so we'll print a few poster as well and distribute them.
Hi Lisa, have printed off some posters this morning and will distribute around where I walk my dogs in Rushden as haven't seen any posters around Jubilee Park, Manor Park also will take one to Lancaster Farm as mentioned to you in my message. I will keep sharing too. Keep your spirits up, and stay positive
Thanks for you comments.
Posters are going up all over the county. I think some have been taken down in Higham Ferrers but they are being put back up.
If anyone would like help, please either print some off and put the in plastic wallets or ask me for some and we can arrange getting them to you.
Thank you to every who has already already done so.
Please keep helping and sharing.
We need Merry home.
There are no posters anywhere that I can see , at least not in the areas I mentioned in my previous post where we walk every day and we haven't seen any in Higham town centre. The only one we're aware of is on a lamp post opposite Henry CHichele school which got wet but hasnt yet been replaced. I dont have a working printer at the moment otherwise I'd print a bunch off and pass them around but if there has been positive sightings away from those areas then it would be appreciated if it could be mentioned here because at the moment there are about half a dozen separate dog walkers still searching the areas I mentioned previously for signs
DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
A big thank you to the community who are doing a great job of supporting Merry's family & doing all they can & also thanks to the pilot from Drone SAR who has been out searching. Merry’s family are working hard to get into a position where Merry can be safely caught & there are several things that local people can help with please!

Merry is VERY nervous, she went very quickly into survival mode & we have therefore been hindered by lack of sightings. Sightings are crucial to track her movements so please report them asap & be sure to give exact location, direction she was travelling & take a photo if possible. Also if you have a printer please do help by putting posters up anywhere you see there isnt one, if you dont have a printer then please just tell EVERYONE you see or speak to about Merry!

We need to establish Merry's route so we can encourage her to visit a feeding station, this is a quiet area where no-one should go that Merry will be confident to return to regularly. Once we have been able to establish this then we will be able to work towards trapping her if necessary.

Another important thing is that once we have established a feeding station where Merry is regularly visiting, when a trap is introduced, she will notice that something is different, if she is hungry then this hopefully will override this, however if she knows there is food elsewhere, she will just go there for it so please don’t leave food out for her as this will jeopardise her safe capture. Please don’t worry, she will find food to eat & drag trails will be laid to the feeding station to help her find it

It is also really important that Merry is not frightened at any time whilst she is in the area, patience is going to be needed to safely capture Merry due to her keeping herself well under cover, if she is spooked or scared & runs she may well leave the area, then we have to find her again & start right back from scratch with the added hindrance that Merry would then be even more nervous. So hard as it is to resist the temptation, if you see Merry, please do not chase her or try to catch her.

So to summarise, what we are asking for from those in the area please:

+Please report EXACT location and timing of any sightings as well as direction of travel with photo is possible
+Please help spread the word, put up POSTERS & tell anyone & everyone who will listen about her
+Please DO NOT CHASE or try to catch her
+Please Do not leave food out for her
Shared Twittered
Thank you Karen S.
I am trying to replace all of the wet posters and poster the town and houses. I will go down to poster there tomorrow.
We have had 3 possible sightings which have come to nothing. I know the areas that you are saying about and they are being checked regularly. Thank you very much for your advise and for Looking for Merry.
For Lisa
we walk our dogs all around Higham ferrers and Irthlingborough and have been regularly checking undergrowth & wooded areas since we found out your dog was missing. If the sighting mentioned here turns out to be another dog plse check the wooded area off to the right at the very bottom of Wharf Road. There are a couple of muntjac deer living there, trapped on that side of the A45 and they manage to conceal themselves all day so your best chance of seeing your dog if shes there will be when its dark. Although the wooded area isnt that dense it's perfect for hiding and very quiet which I think is what your dog will be looking for , away from built up areas people and noise, Theres also access to water on the lake that runs alongside it . At the bottom of Wharf rd is a foot bridge which goes over the lake and on the other side of that (where fishing is allowed) to the right is another wooded area, but not so dense that a dog wishing to hide might stay though worth looking at . Further on from that is the first main foot bridge -closest to Rushden Lakes roundabout- that goes over the A45 and the River Nene so its quite possible she could have wandered over that bridge or the one at the other end.

This morning we walked that whole area plus all the way to the other foot bridge that straddles the A45 -closest to Chowns Mill Roundabout- and along the lakes at the back. Everywhere we've looked there aren't any posters up for your dog so you might want to think about putting up posters scattered around the whole area. There is a poster at the bottom of a playing green close to the Henry Chichele school but that is unreadable as its got wet.

Your dog is very likely to be active at night and resting during the day. Its hard work but you will need to go out when its dark because you'll have a much better chance of seeing her. Take lots of dried dog food , even if other animals eat some of it at least you'll know theres a chance she will get some , and when you put the food out , do it strategically so that you can trace back where you've been the following night. We found our dog that way but you will need to poster a lot because a lot of people here walk miles with their dogs and there'll be a good chance one of them might sight her if she gets hungry or thirsty during the day. Some of my neighbours walk when its dark as well so if they know about your dog all the better. I hope you have good news soon
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
Possible sighting this afternoon x "A sighting of a large white(ish) stray dog running on the road leading into little harrowden from Sywell direction has just been reported A driver of a car tried to help but he/she ran away - turning left through an iron gate onto a track road which we think may lead to a farm"
Shared on FB. .Give some posters to the postman and ask if he'll sure around to colleagues ..Hope Merry is reunited very soon xx
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Merry is safely back at home soon.X
Hi Jan,
Thank you for your post. New printed posters are going up today to replace the washed away ones. My friend will keep adding Merry's details to the spotted sights to keep her in everyone's minds. Thank you for you help so appreciated.
Lisa, we posted Merry's missing details to Spotted Rushden and Higham but unfortunately it's buried under other posts and is now way the page, although there have been almost 100 shares of it so far. I know that Merry is nervous but I don't have the authority to post the detailed information you gave me when we met, so instead I've posted that Merry should not be approached or chased as she will run away, but if anyone sights her, to call you straight away. The poster you put up close to Chichele Primary School has been washed clean by the rain, not sure if you're aware of that. We will keep looking and hoping.
Fingers crossed
DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
Merry is still missing, further advice sent x
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared to @onestopalldogsLost Facebook and Twitter
DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
Basic advice, including local contact numbers & scenting instructions emailed x
Lisa make sure Merry can get back into the garden and leave some bedding in a sheltered place for her to settle if she makes her own way home. Put something with your scent on, unwashed socks or another unwashed item of clothing by the entrance to your garden.
If Merry has been with you some time and is familiar with her home it is most likely she will make her own way back, when it is quiet.
Get plenty of posters up and put them through your neighbours doors in case she has sought refuge in their gardens or out buildings. Fingers crossed Merry will be home very soon.
DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
Shared on fb to Doglost Central, Northamptonshire & Tweeted x
DogLostSarah - Twitter Co-ordinator & Area Co-ordinator, Cambridgeshire
Tweeted @DogLostUK
Try contacting www.k9tracker.co.uk
Met Lisa this morning while walking our dogs, she was absolutely distraught, worried sick and heartbroken. Lisa if you read this, we will continue to look for Merry and ask others to do the same. I didn't want to contact you directly because I know from experience that every text and call gives a surge of hope that your girl is found. I just wanted to say that if you follow DogLosts' guide and advice such as leaving out things that smell of you/of home with food, things like that, you have a good chance of finding her. DogLost have had years of experience and will help you in any way they can. Good luck my love. We are thinking of you and praying for Merry's safe return XLast edited: 2017-09-24 09:53:39 by JanDee
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in NN8,9,10,29.

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