Rainbow Bridge: Black Shar Pei Male

  • Dog ID 114092
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 20 Apr 2017
  • Name BAUER
  • Gender & Breed Male Shar Pei
  • Age Adult
  • Build
  • Colour Black
  • Tail
  • Marks & Scars Patchy coat on the underside of his belly and legs. Patchy area on his neck where his collar has rubbed. Wearing a black nylon chain check collar. He is an entire male. His coat is black but can look like it has a tinge of brown to it in some lighting.
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped No
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 11 Apr 2017
  • Where Lost 06:00AM The Square, Aldbourne, Wiltshire
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area SN8
  • Where Found After further investigation, now seem that ID 113766 was Bauer after all. RIP young lad.
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info He is nervous around strangers but not aggressive. He is extremely playful and also has a distinctive bark or more of a squawking noise that can sound like a pig.
  • Phone 1 07772987070
  • Phone 2
  • Reward?
  • Listed By m3ggytron
  • Views 8703
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  • BAUERExtra Image


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Why was he not chippd???It is the LAW!!!!Since April last year.So much for caring
Even all my cats are chipped
Yes the dogwarden was absolute at fault and could have used some compassion with a young dog,this is the worst situation for this poor soul,an uncaring owner,an uncompassionate dog warden,no chip,no tag on collar(also LAW).He had no chance.I can only imagine how scared he was.
I guess some dogwardens have the job because they genuine love dogs,some sadly,it's just a job like sitting at a till at asda makes no difference to them.
I only commented because I didn't think it was fair to put all the blame on this heartless dogwarden,but the main person here to blame is the heartless owner!Last edited: 2017-04-27 10:38:07 by bdurrant
For a labelled aggressive stray to get out of dodge two things need to be in place, a pound willing to allow a dog as described go to rescue and a pound puller working alongside that pound to have the contacts and determination to save the dogs life. I dont have any true known facts ref dates involved so wouldn't judge the person who has to make the horrible decision to PTS. One thing I do know, I couldn't do their job.
i do not understand someone who would loose a dog, lie to their partner, and not do anything to find it....does not add up to me, although none of us know the people concerned so there may be reasons for it and more to the story than is shared here. The actions of the dogwarden in covering their backsides about what happened absolutely stink...his 7 days were up so they he was legally theirs but they should not have lied to the owner. I can't believe they couldn't have got him rescue space. Last edited: 2017-04-27 10:22:15 by Skywalker99
This is a very sad story, I can't get the picture of the found Shar Pei in the kennel which has turned out to be Bauer out of my head. Such a far cry from the beautiful picture above. No chip, no tag, no chance! Heart breaking! I feel the anger and distress with the people below commenting.
Georgy Porgy
Not all bdurrant but actions of dog warden have a broader concern for any future nervously aggressive dog in their care. Looking at map the science park is not far from where Bauer was picked up, I initially thought owner mean't it was 3 miles from home so seems likely he was lost from science park. I have a lot of thoughts regarding this which have refrained from broadcasting due to upset already caused to m3ggytron who despite her loyalty to her partner must be torn apart with this. I know I would not be able to let this drop if it was my partner but needs must when the devil drives as they say. Rest assured bdurrant you are not the only one fuming at this, there are more questions than answers.
I'm absolutely shocked why everyone here is solely blaming the dogwarden!What about the incompetent partner?He is the one,at the end of the day,who got this poor dog in this situation in the first place.Why is no one jumping onto him?Absolutely disgusting to do what he did to his so called "family pet".Talking about the dogwarden having a cold attitude!Totally heartless and cold.It's HIS fault!!!!
Very unfair to just erase that minor fact from anyones mind and lets all just blame the dog warden.
Also,why wasn't he chipped????It has been the law since April!!!!Last edited: 2017-04-27 07:19:24 by bdurrant
Oh M3ggytron I am truly sorry that this was the ending to your nightmare. I do feel that your partner is wholly to blame in all this and actually hope he never gets care of another animal EVER! I really do not believe that Bauer ran off from Aldbourne, but was let loose by your partner when he arrived in the area of his work that morning. Please for the sake of your children and yourself be sure that you can trust what he says as instead of just initially 'upsetting you' he has left you doubting his word, his compassion and surely his integrity by doing what he did and hoping that the problem, which was obviously poor Bauer would be taken out of his hands by someone else without putting in any effort whatsoever - if he had wanted him to be rehomed because of work commitments etc - why didn't he advertise him for sale on Shar Pei sites and get in touch with the dog charities who would have helped you out I am sure - forgive? I am not sure I ever could after that :) But if you feel that you and your children need or would like to 'borrow a doggy' to have some play/cuddle time with, or go for a walk, then I have a smaller dog you can get to know if you wish? I do hope that your partner has had the bollocking of his life for treating an animal so bloody cruelly and not seeming to think about the wishes of the other members of his family? I also hope that you do complain about the actions of the DW from South Oxon who was also complicit in this tragedy, and has hopefully lost his job! R x

Simon, I made two phone calls to the dog warden, one just before 9am and the other in the afternoon once I was able to speak. The first phone call I was told that he couldn't remember off of the top of his head as he didn't have the paper work to hand but believed it was yesterday (the 19th). It was in the afternoon that I was then told it was the 13th. The dog wardens attitude from the beginning has been cold to be honest, Bauer was just a number to him.
This is shocking. You have been lied to and misled all along the line. (Starting with your partner!) I hope the DW can be taken to task - his attitude stinks. I thought they were supposed to do everything they could to get the dog home. However, the dog is now at peace, even if it wasn't a good ending for him.
Down below this was written

"2017-04-21 09:29 m3ggytron
Thank you everyone. Unfortunately south oxfordshire dog wardens put Bauer to sleep yesterday as apparently he had shown aggressive behaviour. He was NOT an aggressive dog, I have young children and anyone that knew Bauer would know that he was hyperactive and likely to jump all over you. He was nervous around strangers but was fine if reassured. I am absolutely heartbroken."

Poor dog.
Waggy tail
Very sad to read this m3ggytron I was hoping that he was still out there somewhere,it's terrible that these people have such power to end these dogs lives without redress they should be investigated.
how many poor souls have suffered the same fate?
Georgy Porgy
M3ggytron, sounds like total incompetance or someone desperately covering their tracks possibly to keep their job
DogLostSvend - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
Very sad - run free, young lad.
I have sent a freedom of information act request, the dog warden has also replied to my email of questions that I sent over the weekend and supplied redacted paperwork - that let's face it.. can easily be falsified. He told me on the phone that the dog was found on the 10th april, and PTS 13th april due to aggressive nervous behaviour and that he could only be handled by a restraining pole. He has now stated in writing that it was the 19th April. On the phone I was told that his colour was grey, yet the paperwork states black/brown. In the email he has said that he had no chip (true) and no collar (false) but the paperwork states the collar that he was wearing. So many inaccuracies or "lies". Bauer was not an aggressive dog, he just acted how every shar pei does with strangers. I have young children, there is no way that I would have had an aggressive dog. I just don't understand how a healthy, young dog can be put to sleep and especially one that was never aggressive. Nothing is adding up here.
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Run free forever young in the sunshine Bauer xx
Is there anything that the owner can do about this such as legally as surely this can not be legal to do this in such a short time frame. If the Dog Warden has falsified records surely this should be being looked into? How many other owners and dogs has this happened to? Something dodgy here with this DW, So sorry for your loss, RIP Bauer.
Georgy Porgy
Yes I do. RIP lovely Bauer
I agree with you Georgy Porgy - there's something very wrong with this one.
This is the 3rd case this year of a pet being PTS 'by mistake'.
I don't buy it ...... but I strongly suspect someone else did (if you catch my drift).
So sorry to read this,condolences to the owner........Run free at the bridge lovely lad :(
Georgy Porgy
So sorry for this news. Just makes me wonder if the other details are correct, like being found in Marsh Baldon (over 40 miles from his home owner said). How would he get that far away so soon? Still lot of things not adding up for me. Condolences to you m3ggytron, you have done everything you could to find him. Hope you can get some truthful answers now.
So sorry you were so badly let down, you looked a lovely boy, rest in peace. ♡
Its the poor dog I feel sorry for ,I hope someone is going to bring attention to the dog warden via newspapers ,the Council ect .
So sorry, sad outcome for both owners and Bauer, rest in peace x x
So sorry I feel for you this is going on too much
That is terrible and against the law
Thank you all for your support and help with finding Bauer x
I can hardly believe this.....
Deepest sympathy to Megan & family - it's been an awful rollercoaster of emotions for you all.
DogLostGillyP - Administrative Volunteer
Fly high young man
I have spoken to someone that had been in contact with "someone in the know" about Bauer. Apparently the shar pei that was put to sleep in Oxford was Bauer after all. The dog warden lied about the date to cover their ass.
Thank you Lauraine, I have sent them a message
Thanks Lauraine - here is the facebook link :-
There is a dog identical to this one at New Hope Animal Rescue
Cheeky the one pts is ID 113766:
i thought this was the dog that was put to sleep, can anyone clarify that
Good luck with the search.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Please can only constructive comments be added to this page. Whatever has happened cannot be undone, we need to refrain from blame as no one knows for sure what has happened, Bauer could still be running loose.
Please only add a comment if there is a possible sighting.
Because as stated before "TECHNICALLY" as he paid for him. We are a family, WE own him. He is OUR family. Why wouldn't I look for him?! There is nothing off here apart from your unnecessary input, a stranger on the internet hiding behind their computer. Bauer is loved and has a family, my partner thought it would be less upsetting for me to hear that he had been re homed instead of the reality that he had lost him and not managed to find him that morning. If I didn't care about him then why the hell would I have spent every day since the 11th searching for him, crying every damn day. Also, people need to drop it with the "if my partner had done this". You do not know the hell I have been through over this, I have a family with children that I am not about to split up over a stupid well meaning mistake.
Well I dare,why would you look for him if it was your partners dog and he said he rehomed him.?You said yourself your partner said it was his final decision,so why would you look for him??this poor dog needs a home where he is "not in the way"and where people love him.Something here is offLast edited: 2017-04-22 21:48:23 by bdurrant
Have you asked the DW if the dog that was PTS was an owner hand in? If he was then they legally don't have to wait 7 days. I am guessing the actual dates of loss are perhaps not that reliable due to the OP's partners unreliable evidence. Not a criticism of course - just a fact. Last edited: 2017-04-23 07:09:40 by SimonH
Thank you I will check the for sale sites again. That's the thing, I cannot be sure that it was Bauer as the dates do not add up, but there are just far too many similarities to ignore. The balding patches can be fairly common as shar peis are prone to skin issues. My partner has said that it can't be Bauer either and that because 2 members of staff have also said it can't be then I need to continue with the search, it's just shaking that feeling that it was Bauer all along and that for some reason they made a mistake with the dates their end.
m3ggytron - I hate to ask - but is Bauer definitely at the Bridge??
Because there is a 3yr old male SP - black (but kinda brown in different light)- and he has the same bald patches on both of his back knees - FOR SALE in Swansea - in a hurry to sell - £150 -
It's on pets4homes.co.uk
It's not my intention to add to your stress - but if you are not 100% sure that it WAS your boy that was PTS - please check out this advert.
Hang in there xxx

So no, he was not missing for 9 days without a single person searching. I have non stop searched for him since the 11th, police involved, everything. If you have nothing constructive to add then don't bother commenting and upsetting me further at this incredibly distressing time.
Are you kidding me?! He has a loving home here with myself, partner and children. I searched for him non stop from the moment I noticed him missing and anyone that knows me will know this. Calling all over the country rescue centres as far as Birmingham.yes he majorly messed up telling me he rehome him, he thought it would less upsetting than telling me the truth that he lost him in case he was not found. I persisted, never gave up and still haven't, so how very dare you make that comment.
Wish you could click to like these comments!
Honestly, I Cant believe that you can lose a dog, tell your partner you have rehomed it and then act normally and not give it another thought for ten days. Hope he is found and I also hope he gets a loving home where people treat him as a living creature not a possession that you just mislay when you've had enough of it.
The more I see of people, the more I love my dog! Your partner has a lot to answer for!Last edited: 2017-04-22 18:30:12 by Turtle
Georgy Porgy
Hmm if partner had known dog was missing why didn't he have enough concern to start looking for him? Busy schedule or not if you love & care for your dog you will find time. Something odd here. Sorry mg3ggytron you have done your best but have been badly let down as has Bauer.
Wow someone lying to me like that ,for such a long time,instead of getting people to look out for his dog,would have been out of my life for good
I would have even gone crazy had he rehomed the dog,I would have wanted to know,where,to whom!!Very odd he came home saying he rehomed him,unless he has been wanting to rehone him before he went missing.The story is very odd and very very unbelievable.I would be worried what ekse he lied about.Either way,poor dog missing for over ten days without a single soul searching for him is beyond sad.I bet he felt wanted,not
Lottagelady - The dog was found in Marsh Baldon (means nothing to me as I am from Aldbourne, but it is 41.6 miles away from my home. My partner works at Oxford Science park which from looking again on maps is just 3 miles away! Technically, the dog is my partners I guess as he is the one that paid for him. He was meant to be chipped but it was one of those things where stupidly we didn't get around to doing it. He was due to be chipped recently due to the change in law but it was fitting it around our work schedules. I can assure you that there is nothing more to the story than what has been stated. My partner for some stupid reason thought it would be easier to tell me that he had rehomed him as he had looked for him without success. So from the morning of the 11th - the evening of the 20th I was led to believe that he had been rehomed. Not once did I stop looking for him. I contacted all dog wardens within the local areas, I contacted every animal rescue locally and as far as Birmingham! All along I had been looking in the wrong place, why would I post him as missing when he had been "rehomed". My partner said the reason he had rehomed him was due to his busy work schedule and that his decision was final. It was not done through malice, just a very stupid lie he told as he didn't want me upset that he had lost him. Obviously had I known from day one that he had lost him I would have posted on dogs lost, FB etc sooner.
This is a really tragic case - however, where was this particular dog found? Apparently, it seems that the owner's partner 'lost' the dog on the 11th, but told the owner that it had been rehomed, for 10 days!! Then told her the truth that he had run off on the 11th and this is when the search actually began for him. It sounds like the said partner works in Oxon somewhere - so did Bauer run off, or was he 'let loose' deliberately somewhere near the place this guy actually works?

So - where was the dog that was PTS found as a matter of interest?

Why was he being rehomed in the first place and why pay that much for a dog and not get him chipped?

There is definitely more to this story than meets the eye, and I do not think that we have the whole truth yet?

As to this lady's partner .......
What a horrible time for the owners x
Georgy Porgy
Really sad state of affairs. As usual the poor dog, whoever he is, is the one victimised. Seems Bauer is still out there somewhere hopefully. Let's hope he is found soon. Really feel for his owners. Probably need to redo alerts etc whilst waiting for definitive answers.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
Thank you Svend and Wagg Tail for supporting the owner at this distressing time and following up with kennels. I really hope this is fully investigated and if Bauer is still missing that he is found safe and well soon.
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
So didnt either dog have a chip? Would be so much easier if they had
It makes you wonder how often this happens If it wasent for Bauer's owners ringing up about the found dog it would not have been known that it had been PTS on the 3rd day. Really hoping that Bauer is found soon .
I am absolutely disgusted that they have put to sleep a healthy dog, but to hear that they did it after 3 days is shocking and just because the dog was nervous. Of course they would be nervous! I really hope that it was not Bauer and that the similarities are just that, similarities. The dates certainly do not add up as apparently they have two separate bits of paper work stating that the date he was found was the 10th April, which isn't possible as Bauer was at home.
DogLostSvend - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
Following owner's comments after speaking with kennels, I've put Bauer back to "Lost" status ... let's hope it wasn't him they PTS yesterday.
Shocking they did not wait 7 days. Really hope this was not Bauer...
If the contracted stray dog kennels have PTS a stray before the mandatory period of 7 days they have broken the law. Personally I'd contact the council and request they ask for the log concerning the time date group of when the dog was found (write an email so everything is logged) and I'd request an enquiry into what happened. I'd probably contact the local press as well. Whilst the dog wasn't microchipped which in itself is breaking the law - taking action against any wrong doings will hi light what has happened and may stop this happening again. I'm so sorry for your loss. Awful. Last edited: 2017-04-21 17:11:04 by SimonH
Waggy tail
The owner has been back in touch with the kennels to investigate further she has posted information now that puts doubt on the matching of her missing dog Bauer and the SharPei that was put to sleep.
You can understand her distress at first hearing the disturbing news that he was euthanised,now it appears after given time to reflect she has doubt as whether this actually was Bauer.
Her comments as follows
I called them, this rollercoaster ride just continues. I questioned the date, the dog was 100% found on the 10th April - not possible as Bauer did not go missing until 11th April. The dog found was apparently more of a grey colour than black (although the colour does look like Bauers in the photo, but Bauers sometimes looks more brown than black). The dog had a balding patch around the neck (Bauer also has this from where his collar rubbed) and from looking at the photo, the dog has the same patchy coat as Bauer on his legs. The collar he was wearing was a black nylon one with partial chain (same as Bauer). 2 Staff members from the kennel looked at my photos on Dogs Lost and said that Bauer was not the dog that they put to sleep as the jowls were different and the dog that they had was not in a very good condition. I am so conflicted, the dog in the photo looks so much like Bauer and there are the similarities with the patchy coat/balding patch on the neck, but there are also the discrepancies with the date, the coat colour, jowls and that 2 members of staff has said it's not the same dog. They said that the dog was very nervous and showed signs of aggression because of this. Bauer is a nervous dog but has also been able to go to a kennel when I have been away, they said that the dog they had can't have ever been in a kennel because of the way it was acting, that it never stopped being nervous/aggressive. The dog that they had though was put to sleep on Wednesday 13th!! They didn't even wait 7 days. I really, really hope it was not Bauer and that all of these similarities are just a coincidence, but I am so angry. How on earth can these places not even stick to their ridiculous 7 day policy?! Something needs to change.
DogLostGillyP - Administrative Volunteer
Ref 113766 registered on the 13th was Bauer
this is a tragedy, presuming owners were not traced? says unknown to id chip and unknown to id tag. this shows its can be a matter of life and death for the dog if the owners cannot be found. heartbreaking
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
I am so very sorry to read this. Please take it further with the Kennels as this is not acceptable .xxxx
What a tragic and unnecessary outcome. Why did the dog warden not put Bauer on DogLost while he was at the kennels?
DogLostLisa P - Area Co-ordinator, Northamptonshire
So sad to hear this news x
I am so sorry you have lost your lovely boy in such devastating circumstances. Hope the people who made that decision feel good about themselves. Nervous aggression is greatly misunderstood, really feel for you.
DogLostGillyP - Administrative Volunteer
Nervous aggression I would assume. Poor boy. X
This is terrible.
Thank you everyone. Unfortunately south oxfordshire dog wardens put Bauer to sleep yesterday as apparently he had shown aggressive behaviour. He was NOT an aggressive dog, I have young children and anyone that knew Bauer would know that he was hyperactive and likely to jump all over you. He was nervous around strangers but was fine if reassured. I am absolutely heartbroken.
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
11376 Found dog apparently was BAUER (thanks for heads up Waggy tail) and sadly was PTS by the Kennels :(

Sorry for your loss , Run Free BAUER xxxLast edited: 2017-04-21 10:11:29 by Reynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
Thank you Waggy tail
Furbar news post "Kayleigh Mc I've bumped into him a few times and I think his owners a man and a woman live beside the club house cos The y usually walk him down that road
Like · Reply · 16 April at 06:58"

So hopefully now Reunited.

Last edited: 2017-04-21 09:49:24 by Reynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
Waggy tail
This one found 13/4/17
Status Found
Registered 13 Apr 2017
Gender & Breed Male Shar Pei

https://www.facebook.com/valerie.hunt.72/posts/429037067450779Last edited: 2017-04-21 09:05:24 by Waggy tail
Waggy tail
This one found in Aberdeen ? I know a distance but if stolen could turn up anywhere
https://www.facebook.com/fubarnewspets/photos/a.223886307982975.1073741828.223872001317739/401818606856410/?type=3Last edited: 2017-04-21 09:06:19 by Waggy tail
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Alerts sent to helpers in RG17,SN4,SN8,SN9
DogLostSarah - Area Co-ordinator, Cambridgeshire & Twitter
Tweeted @DogLostUK
Shared Facebook and Twitter x

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