Rainbow Bridge: Grey Shar Pei Male

  • Dog ID 113766
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 13 Apr 2017
  • Name
  • Gender & Breed Male Shar Pei
  • Age Young Adult
  • Colour Grey
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped No
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Found 10 Apr 2017
  • Where Found Marsh Baldon
  • Found In Region South East
  • Found In Post Area OX44
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Contact South Oxfordshire dog warden service Now thought not to be 114092 Bauer
  • Phone 1 01235 422403
  • Phone 2 01235 422410
  • Listed By SODC
  • Views 4169
  • Poster Image
  • Extra Image


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Hi Svend, Has anyone from DogLost spoken to the warden?
I understand Bauer's owner finally heard back from SODC dog warden yesterday. Some key aspects of the dog warden's story have changed - apparently the council documentation describes him as black/brown, and the date he was pts has changed from 13 to 19 April. In any event, she is now satisfied that this dog WAS Bauer ID 114092 - a much loved family pet, who had never shown signs of aggression when left in kennels on other occasions. RIP Bauer.
Try speaking to Parry Welch
My partner said he had rehomed him as he thought it would save me upset from the truth that he had lost him and was unable to find him that morning, in case he couldn't find him. 100% he went missing on the 11th. I came home from work just before 11pm and Bauer was still at home. I spoke to the dog warden twice, he said this dog was found on the 10th April and put to sleep on Wednesday 13th April, so not the 20th April - he was PTS 3 days after being found, the same day this poster was created. I have been searching for Bauer since 11th April - I have called every rescue centre in Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, surrounding counties and as far as Birmingham. Wiltshire council, Swindon council and Oxford council dog wardens were contacted on 12th April to report him as missing. As I am not from the area, I didn't realise that Oxford had the two council areas, so Bauer was registered as missing under the other one. I have called all vets in my local area to see if he had been handed in, I have not stopped looking for him. My partners reason for rehoming Bauer was that he didn't have as much time now as he is not home from 6am - 5pm, I however am until I leave for work in the evening. I can only go by the details that were given to me by the dog warden but he said that the shar pei was found on the 10th and had 2 different bits of paperwork from different people confirming this, and that 2 members of staff from the kennel had looked at my photos of Bauer and said that it was not Bauer that they had as the shar pei they had was not in as good as condition. Bauer is also not aggressive, although when I asked what so called aggressive behaviour this dog had shown was told that he was nervous of people and that they had 2 people to catch him with a pole... so basically their definition of aggressive is a nervous/frightened dog. Absolutely ridiculous
Duplicate postLast edited: 2017-04-22 15:03:11 by Mary
m3ggytron - You have said that your partner told you he had re-homed Bauer rather than lost him, could he have also got the date mixed up. What reason did your partner give for rehoming Bauer and had it been discussed? This found dog was PTS on 20th April,see Reynard's post below, before you reported Bauer missing on DogLost. I'm sure if you had known Bauer was missing rather than rehomed you would have contacted, your own and surrounding, Dog Wardens sooner. Sad as it is after 10 days in kennels with no microchip and no contact from the owner, the Dog Warden would have had a difficult decision to make, without any history of the dog. A dog showing aggression is not usually offered a place in rescue and could not therefore be rehomed. I see no reason why the Dog Warden would have put a post on DogLost on 13th to find the owner if the found dog had already been PTS.
I am Bauers owner, sadly I really do believe deep down that this male shar pei is my Bauer. The only discrepancy is the dates as Bauer went missing on the 11th April and this boy was apparently found on the 10th April. Other than this, they are incredibly similar and have the same patchy coat in the same areas, same mark on muzzle and the same collar. The south Oxford dog warden said that two members of staff from the kennels said that this shar pei was not in as good as condition as Bauer and was more of a grey colour than black/brown. But everything else really does scream at me that it is Bauer. I am absolutely disgusted that this dog was found and then put to sleep 3 days later, the same day that he was registered on here. I guess that they have their ridiculous 7 day policy for no reason then. I have left them a voicemail today as environmental health are closed, but I need answers. How are they allowed to get away with putting down healthy dogs, especially before the 7 days are up. I really, really hope that Bauer is still out there and all of these details are just a huge coincidence, I am absolutely heartbroken.
Absolutely disgusting Shame on them. I have a friend whose female Border Collie growls but only in fun. when she greets you. Hope she never gets lost Children hug her and adults too. And she loves being cuddled. Night,. night Bauer, sleep tight, and have fun with the other "Rainbow babies" who are waiting to play. Now in a place where no one can harm you anymore. RIP+ God Blessx A~~~Candle~~~burns for you. Run free (HUG)xx One day when the time is right, you will meet Bauer at the bridge, and cross together; never to be parted.

My deepest condolences to his familyLast edited: 2017-04-22 08:15:15 by janiejewel1649
Julie G
No words 😓 Rest in peace baby 😓
This is so wrong. No dog should be expected to behave normally in a kennel environment unless they have been brought up to tolerate it. it is the equivalent of seizing and imprisoning a child in a foreign country, with a foreign language and no explanation.
DogLostPoochpal - Regional Co-ordinator, South West
There is a discrepancy with the dates that this boy was found and the date Bauer went missing, found on 10th, missing on 11th???
Also one described as black/brown in some light and one grey. This is being looked into further. If only both had been chipped.
I hope the owner gets in touch with PWL
It is disgusting no other word for it
It is happening too much needs to be stopped
This is shocking that the pound put this dog to sleep on the 3rd day poor dog it was only young & probably very scared .
So so sorry, heartbroken for you xxx
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
OMG!!!!Poor dog ,,,more likely to be scared . So very sad.Run Free at the Bridge Sweetheart until the time comes when you meet those who love you so very much once more, never to be parted
Sincere condolences to the Owner xxxxx
Waggy tail
Very sad news to read,just only one day away from them being reunited.she only registered on doglost yesterday that Bauer was Lost ! she was told her dog had been rehomed by her partner but in fact he lost him on a walk?
I got in contact today with owner of news of this found one.she rang and was told he had been aggressive so they put him to sleep. Sad times
she is devastated to say the least :(
DogLostReynard - Area Volunteer, Wiltshire
This apparently is BAUER 114092 , he was PTS 20/04/17

Rest in peace BAUER , run free over the bridge xxx
sharing to groups x
DogLostLisa P - Regional Co-ordinator, Central
Shared on FB to Doglost Oxfordshire x
Sue - onestopalldogs
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