Rainbow Bridge: Brindle & White Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross Male

  • Dog ID 110052
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 12 Jan 2017
  • Name
  • Gender & Breed Male Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross
  • Age
  • Colour Brindle & White
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Unknown
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Found 10 Jan 2017
  • Where Found The Drive, E17, Walthamstow Dog is now with Waltham Forest Dog Wardens, Ref No 2714
  • Found In Region South East
  • Found In Post Area E17
  • Date Reunited 20 Jan 2017
  • Other Info as per WF dog wardens pts due to aggression issues not rehomable.
  • Phone 1 0208 496 3000
  • Phone 2
  • Listed By MK for WF4D
  • Views 1539
  • Poster Image
  • Extra Image


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Too easy to say ' Dog aggresive'.
So very sad. RIP gorgeous boy. Run happy and free at the Bridge beautiful sweetheart. So very sorry humans let you down xxxx
Thank you for posting,anyway.important information.
Shelagh - Was just crossposting a rescue's FB post - I'm not a rescue and don't work for a pound.
Thank you SimonH for your post. We do all applaud and respect the "decent pounds" and our comments were not intended for those. We were talking about Walthamforest in particular. Most of us having many years of experience of 'dealing' with them. We are all totally aware of situation with strays,staffiexs or others,and work to educate owners,not only reunite dogs.To you and the people who work alongside you,yes we salute you all!
He only looks like a big puppy; surely he could have been rehomed with the right person. Breaks my heart that we condemn Staffys type dogs.As SimonH says dogs in this sort of environment do not act naturally, they are stressed and frightened (just like we humans would be too, no friends to turn to) RIP poor baby xxx
Indeed so stick a tag on the collar with two contact numbers and negate the costs so the finder can ring the owner directly.
London Borough of Waltham Forest, according to their website, charge an offence fee of £70 and a daily kennelling fee of £26, so it is not surprising some aren't reclaimed. It is a hefty sum to pay if the owner is struggling to make ends meet. If it was my dog no cost would be too high, but some people may have to make hard choices and may not realise that their dog may not be rehomed.Last edited: 2017-01-20 21:18:45 by Mary
Topical issue and some wise words from a very respected rescue "A post that I think needs making for the unsung hero's within rescue who are often missed. The *decent* pound/stray kennels owners and staff. I repeatedly see so many times on the Internet that pounds should be ashamed of themselves and pound staff should be disgusted with themselves and that you must be sick to work in a pound. Well let me tell you now...
As a death row specific rescuer running a death row specific rescue these people should be saluted. They get to deal with the very baseline horror and the very brutal reality of just how bad things for dogs are here in the UK. You know the stuff that can invariably be played down by the British stiff upper lip, or ignored or swept under the carpet by those who don't want to see. These people are BASELINE. Stray kennels are horrendously stressful places. Places with a high turn around of dogs. Dogs like Omar today. These dogs are terrified. Lots of breeds. Lots of numbers....so so much stress and fear from so many. The pounds try their best to deal with the pain, the fear, the misery. Some lucky dogs go home. Some lucky dogs go home after the staff have been abused for charging them. Charging them to keep their dog safe! Many don't bother paying and collecting and many don't even care enough to look. For those not claimed the pounds can try to home....but they are under pressure. Pressure to make room for more strays to give them a chance to he reclaimed. They can't sit on potentially aggressive bed blockers and work with them. They can't take a chance they are *just scared* and home them to the public *incase* they have a duty of care to the public. They then have two choices euthanise or look for rescue placements. I see it argued time and time again UK pound dogs at least have a *nice peaceful death* what the actual **** is a nice peaceful death? These dogs aren't being cuddled by their owners at the end. They are terrified, confused and with strangers......these dogs are presenting aggressively. No they don't meet a nice peaceful dignified end. It's a bloody lousy one. I think everyone should take the time to think deeper. Think what these poor bloody people working in these places do for these dogs and go through for these dogs and applaud and thank the decent ones. The pounds do not chose to euthanise dogs they have no choice.....they have no choice because of the ruthless money grabbing greeders....um I mean breeders and irresponsible owners who really don't care what's happened to their dogs. To the pounds that work with rescues again they are hero's. They regularly get a flogging on rescue pages though and they shouldn't. If you want to know who saved Omars life...it wasn't me.....it wasn't Gap....it was the stray pound owner and manager who saw something. He saw a dog who needed someone who knew the breed to take a look, someone he trusted.....he'd have gone either way with my call....I want to give him a chance yes we will get him to Gap....or no he's to far gone and suffering it's kinder to let him go. Omar is alive tonight because of these people. They have to often make tough calls but only if they have to.....other times they are usually actually the ones who save rescue dogs lives. I'm raising a glass tonight to the decent pounds and their staff....and I think you should to."
Bless him , such a shame , most dogs show aggression when they are scared or frightened. Shame on owner as he came from somewhere not to claim him so he was safe x x
Millys Mum
How very VERY sad. And, yes, I agree with previous comments, Staffie owners PLEASE keep your dogs close and safe, especially if you live in East London or 'my' area, the London Borough of Bromley. Seemingly it's so easy to take the PTS option and kill these poor, frightened Staffies or Staffie crosses, let down by low-life's and the local authorities. Rest in peace all the beautiful Staffies and Staffie crosses let down by those who don't care or fail to understand how frightened and terrified they must be xx
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Yet another let down by humans! Run free from human agression in the sunshine forever. X
shame on Waltham Forest and there so called dog wardens, RIP
Just very sad to many of this breeds dumped just not far these dogs are breed to much . just shame on the people who have them as pups then just get rid more people should be fined to stop this happening x
I am not saying that this is the case here, but it is far easier to justify PTS to the public if a dog is aggressive rather than simply too difficult to rehome or too expensive to keep in council pound.
charlie and sooty
RIP.....Another one let down.....Last edited: 2017-01-20 13:16:46 by charlie and sooty
Well it seems every staffie x that goes to warden is either held under bsl or aggressive! Funny that cos we pick up loads of really traumatised lost dogs,including many staffie xs,None ever have shown any sign of aggression,despite being affected emotionally from being missing for so long!Last edited: 2017-01-20 11:23:48 by Shelagh
DogLostGillyP - Administrator, Head Office
Probably not aggressive at all just scared and reactive in kennels run free xx
Run fast and free sweet boy at Rainbow Bridge. You're away from the people who persecuted you because of your breed. Karma will catch up with them soon.
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