Rainbow Bridge: Tri Jack Russell Terrier Cross Female

  • Dog ID 108561
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 10 Dec 2016
  • Name NESSA
  • Gender & Breed Female Jack Russell Terrier Cross
  • Age Adult
  • Colour Tri
  • Marks & Scars Red collar. Disappeared down a rabbit hole.
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped No
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 09 Dec 2016
  • Where Lost Gwithian Towans, Hayle, Cornwall
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area TR27
  • Where Found She was found near to where she went missing. Despite extensive searches
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info
  • Phone 1 07980308236
  • Phone 2 01209844701
  • Listed By portreathsusie
  • Views 5466
  • NESSA Poster Image
  • NESSA Extra Image


Sightings and Information

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How I wish this outcome could have been different for Nessa and her family but many thanks to the kind person who took her to NAWT for identification and at least let her owners have closure - if not the kind we all hoped for.
Heartfelt condolences to you Charles and Sue and RIP sweet Nessa.
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
I am so sorry to read this sad news. Sincere condolences to the Owners, I used to live there so I know how big some of the holes are.
Run Free at the Bridge Nessa until the time comes when you are reunited once again with those who love you so very much xxxxx
So very very sorry for your loss. Sincere condolences to the family. RIP sweet Nessa xxx
Very hard to write at the moment, but I had to reply to all the so very kind comments and support.
Thanks to all of you for the months of support, searches, fly postering and kind thoughts. So much love. Thanks to all at Dog Lost, to dog walkers and searchers, to Hayle NAWT, to Bay Dogs and so many too many to mention.
Love Susan & Charles
So sorry. My sympathy to her family, Night, night, Nessa, sleep tight, and have fun with Ruby who has also passed to the bridge. RIP_+ God Blessx A~~~Candle~~~burns for Nessa

One day when the time is right you will meet Ness atg the bridge' never to be parted. Another star shines in the sky
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
So very sorry to read this sad update. Run free Nessa forever in the sunshine xx
So sorry bless you x x
charlie and sooty
So sad x
Poor Nessa I am so sorry for her family .
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
So sorry to read this sad update. My thoughts are with those who loved her. RIP brave Nessa.
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Sadly this evening, Nessa was found deceased near to where she went missing. Someone found her & she was taken to NAWT at Hayle. Her owners were able to id her collar.
Condolences to her owners who tried so hard to find her.
Thank you to all the fantastic helpers who worked tirelessly looking for her & postering etc, especially Baydogs & portreathsusie.
Run free Nessa xx
Yes GeoffA, I am still actively looking for Nessa (still replacing posters, keeping a lookout on walks and reminding locals about her) but have only just seen the addition to this thread as I've been heavily involved with a catch elsewhere. Charles and Sue, if you'd like me to do anything to help let me know.Maybe actually knocking on the Lodge door and asking about the dog might be useful? Can you add that other photo (one of those you sent me privately) to this site as it could help. If you'd like me to submit mine for Admin to do it just ask. As I have previously posted, I will not stop looking for her. I believe she is out there somewhere and always have x
3 of us walked different sections of this area this morning and spoke to people who had seen the dog reported yesterday. Feadon Farm and Gwel an Moor holiday site staff spoken to as well in case there are further sightings.
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Have spoken to Nessa's owner Charles re the sighting, & it is thought it is the one owned by someone who lives in the lodge nearby.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
From DogLost Cornwall fb page, today:
Lynsey Green shared Sophie Barton's post.

‎Sophie Barton‎ to Items for Sale in Camborne and Surrounding Areas

Lost dog
Camborne, Cornwall
Please share* has anyone lost a jack Russel dog, no collar, white and tanned colour. Seen in the tehidy woods area?!

Lynsey Green
Lynsey Green Only sighted not caught
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Su French
Su French shared
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Jean Tew
Jean Tew Shared
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Geoff Axford
Geoff Axford Have pm'd OP photo of NESSA (missing from Gwithian since December) for comparison.
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Geoff Axford
Geoff Axford OP (Sophie) has replied "Looks very similar the dog we seen was covered in mud with no collar, very scared and ran off the bridlepath opposite east lodge car park at Tehidy 🙂"
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portreathsusie - may be worth postering the area mentioned above if not done so.

Baydogs - are you still following Nessa? Are you able to follow this up?Last edited: 2017-03-08 16:02:08 by GeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Still no sightings of Nessa. Please keep sharing and looking out for her.
Thanks for the extra photos Charles. I was out when you sent the text and couldn't download them until this evening....and it took me several attempts to do that (not that techy) but I now have them. I have re-checked markings and it's definitely not the dog I mentioned to you. Similar, but there are differences.
It would be useful to have one of those other pictures up here as a second picture. If you have difficulties with uploading, send one via email to admin@doglost.co.uk and title Nessa Lost 108561.
Please keep looking out for Nessa folks. If picked up she could be anywhere in UK.
Please don't forget Nessa! We haven't. The area she went missing (and surrounding areas) are still being visited regularly plus posters have been extended to an even wider area, in case she has been picked up by someone. Posters also added to existing areas and replaced as necessary with STILL MISSING on them to deter those who take them down thinking she must have been found.

Phillack Church Hall notice board.
Extra shops in Hayle.
At footpath near Penponds School.
Treswithian Stores, Camborne.
At footpath to housing estate Treswithian.
Premier Inn, Camborne
Weeth Lane "
Holman Avenue "
Cornish Oven "
Tehidy Road Post Office
Vyvyan Arms, Camborne
Waggoner's Arms, "
Betty's E-cig Store, Camborne
Off Licence, "
Shops and cafes upper end of Trelowarren Street, Camborne.
Delivery trucks and County Highways Trucks when seen.
Hayle, Camborne and Falmouth Police Stations.

Please keep sharing and looking out for her - both on your dog walks and in the street where you live.
Many thanks to the businesses and private people who are displaying the posters and helping to spread the word.
For her owners, the "Not Knowing" is the worst. If anyone has any information on her whereabouts please contact them. Thank you.

Thank you Charles.
Hi Baydogs. Will drop some off for you asap
Still looking and still postering. Both new areas, and where posters have been taken down by "helpful" people. Will put a list up at some point.
Still have a small amount left Charles but no flyers at all.

Please keep looking and sharing folks.
Max or Geoff, I'm wondering if you would mind checking something for me...
Earlier on today, Charles enquired about a Tri JRT found at Stithians which was listed as a bitch (the details have since been altered to male) See posts below.

But there is a listing for a Found dog on here with a similar description apart from definitely being a male (it is ENTIRE) found near Wheal Busy - some way from Stithians.
This dog was taken to a vets in Falmouth but doesn't show on the Warden's list waiting to be collected. Was this dog collected by it's owners from the vets in Falmouth?
I'm just wondering if there could have been a bit of a mix-up here.... :/
Just want to make absolutely sure that Nessa doesn't slip by unnoticed due to a clerical error.
Not giving up Charles.
Please everyone keep looking and sharing for Nessa.
Thanks Baydogs. Dog Warden's office tells me that dog found Stithians is male even though website lists a bitch!
It is also chipped so owner should be found.

Have just seen this on the warden's stray dogs collected site-
Jack Russell Terrier, Tri colour, found Stithians

Gender: Bitch

Found on: 31/12/2016

Current location: Kennels

Case ID:CP2.311216.F1
Phone-0300 1234 212.

A distance away but worth enquiring....
Still no sighting of Nessa. Please keep sharing and looking out for her.
Poinsky, it's comforting to know that people are taking a second glance at your JRT X, thinking that she might be Nessa. But that first much needed sighting of her still eludes us. Thanks for looking for her. I'm glad that your own dog was finally returned to her rightful home :)

Over the past couple of days I have been replacing posters that have been removed(this tends to happen after a couple of weeks- people assume that the missing dog has been found) and continuing to hand out flyers in various locations.
Thanks to all who said they'd look out for Nessa and share her details.

I still have some posters but don't have any flyers left Charles.
Hiya, We have been to the dunes for the past 3 days hoping that we may find Nessa. I have a little jrt x, many people checked her out as they walked past so rest assured people are looking. Years ago my collie x went missing. For 2 weeks i advertised via posters, radio etc with no luck. I decided to put up a reward as the not knowing was hurting me. Within 20 minutes of putting a reward up on Tesco notice board someone came forward. I got him back within 40 minutes. Its not ideal but might be worth a try.
Expect we shall bump into each other out there again soon. As you know, I have offered flyers to the same people who you have already given them to - on the same walk.Lol. We have just been on different parts of the dunes.

One thing that I would suggest now is updating all the FB sharing that you have done if you can. People tend to assume the missing dog has been found if there is no further comment after a while. I came across a Nessa post at Lamorna House Vets here-
and someone is asking if Nessa has been found. I know if people click on the picture all the Doglost Cornwall comments come up (which would give them their answer) but some people don't do that.
Ask any vets with a Facebook page (that you haven't already)to share Nessa's details for when they open again tomorrow. Let them know that you are still very actively looking for your girl. An update also acts as a reminder to the vets already approached.

Please keep looking and sharing everyone. Thanks to those who shared yesterday :)
Thanks Baydogs. Lostbox text is ok.
Still there everyday. Still looking. Still hoping.
Well, it seemed that the population of West Cornwall was down on Gwithian Beach this afternoon and so was I - handing out Nessa flyers. Met some lovely people and their variety of gorgeous dogs. Thanks to all for their concern over Nessa, and the shares they promised.

Nessa now has a post on the Lostbox website too, hoping that those people who don't do social media might see it. Link to it here-
Nessa's family, if you want me to change any of the text please let me know.
It would be a good idea to add her to the Lostbox Pets Facebook section too. That can be found here-

Please keep looking for Nessa, and sharing her with friends and family. We need that first sighting!
Continuing with dawn and dusk patrols, though last night I was later. Plenty of bunnies but unfortunately no little JRT X chasing them. A strong smell of fish by the gate to the chimney hadn't attracted Nessa either.

Thanks to all who are looking out for her on their walks and bike rides (there should be plenty of extra eyes later on today) and please keep sharing. Merry Christmas to all- though I know for Nessa's family it will not be the same without her.

Last edited: 2016-12-25 09:48:27 by Baydogs
No sightings on dusk or dawn patrols here. Continuing to hand out flyers and make people aware that Nessa is still missing, Even Father Christmas had one today. Seriously. Who knows, he and the reindeers might see her from the sleigh :)
Please keep sharing and looking out for her folks. Lost at Gwithian but could be anywhere from Hayle to Portreath including Tehidy Woods.
C'mon Nessa, we are trying really hard to find you but we are covering a huge area so help us out...bark, scratch at a door or show yourself...knock over a few bins or maybe try to steal someone's turkey.... You are needed home for Christmas!
Both Upton Towans and Gwithian Towans have been visited this morning in the hopes of a sighting. Upton visited again lunchtime. More handbills given to walkers.

Please keep looking and sharing everyone.
By coincidence, I've just returned from walking the Upton area and putting more handbills through letterboxes. Obviously I didn't see her myself or you would definitely have had a phone call from me. I'd say most residents around Upton are now aware, so if she wanders into their garden Nessa has a good chance of being recognised and you will get that hoped-for call.

Re possible sightings- If anyone thinks they see Nessa it would be really useful to have a picture if at all possible. I know that isn't possible for everyone. Phoning the owners asap is the most important action - and please do not chase. This will only spook her. If you think the dog is Nessa and you can keep her attention by gently throwing bits of food to her (avoiding direct eye contact)whilst her owners make their way, or simply watch her from a distance, that would be great.
And please keep sharing and spreading the word.
More handbills given to Hayle businesses today, including Copperhouse post office who have also shared on their own FB.
Thanks so much everyone :)
Possible sighting reported to my son Daniel while he was at Gwithian end of Towans around 1pm. Dog, possible match to Nessa, running in direction of Upton from Gwithian. 3 of us searched area this afternoon but no result.
Baydogs, will try to get posters to you Thurs am.
Once again, thanks to you all for youir efforts.
Seeks, I'm pretty sure that sighting at Upton was a false sighting because it was apparently a Beagle that was found. Nessa went missing on the Gwithian Towans area, about 400 yards to the left of the big car park near the cliffs....but she could turn up anywhere. Thanks for sharing and tweeting. We need literally hundreds of eyes looking for her x
Charles, I expect you are...but don't forget to rescent the Gwithian area after heavy rainfall. Yesterday a dog on here was found in the place that it went missing two months later.
Max, I keep hoping that when I knock a remote door, the person who answers will say "That looks like the dog that has been sleeping in our barn!" I know you and Geoff are hot on watching the Council Stray Dogs list and will shout if one similar comes in.
We so need that first positive sighting....
Baydogs was asking only cos of the vastness of the dunes.... So its still the Towans area bit Upton side re the possible sighting. I wonder if she is on the lost dog triangle thing?

As I remember 90+% of the buildings along that area are only holiday ones. One of the missing ones mum lives Portreath so will as her to keep and eye out to.

Will re tweet/share with hope she gets another sighting xx

Just reminded me I going to email you Baydogs if I can beat the reception thing & get Yahoo to actually open ;-) Last edited: 2016-12-22 10:32:21 by Seeks
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Shared again. Thanks Baydogs for all your help. It must be so frustrating for her owners & you too. Thought we had her yesterday, as a found one looked just like her! Sadly it turned out to be a male :(
Fingers crossed for some good news soon.
Thanks Tiana. Have you only seen the JRT with this person and her pack recently?
Re Nessa avoiding busy times - most times from dawn through to dusk and beyond have been covered by the owners, their family of myself. Initially the owners even camped and BBQ'd in the area Nessa went missing but sadly no appearance.

More posters up in various businesses in Hayle. Rain sodden poster replaced.
Poster at Richards Farm Shop, Connor Hill.
Reskadinnick has been postered now (looking at a map, this hamlet is at the end of a forked track which leads off the Red River Trail shortly before it reaches Coombe near Tehidy Woods .)Handbills through doors and residents spoken to whenever possible.
Poster on bridge over river on way to small unnamed hamlet (Roscroggan?) up a track. Handbills through doors and letter boxes here, plus walkers and residents informed.
Poster midway on popular walking path from Reskadinnick hamlet to Reskadinnick Bungalows in Camborne, plus one at the Camborne end.

Everyone has been so lovely, offering to spread the word to relatives and friends, ut a handbill in their vehicle, or share on FB.
They are all routing for Nessa's return home, Susan and Charles.

Still have handbills left but only one poster Charles.Last edited: 2016-12-21 16:10:06 by Baydogs
sharing to groups x
Baydogs - daily any time mostly late morning to mid afternoon, as she has a 'pack' so they all run loose knowing the way to the car. If Nessa is hiding within the dunes, she may avoid 'rush hour' when others walk their dogs & just venture out when the rabbits do before sunset. Rgds
For those following this page who don't know the terrain, here is a picture of Gwithian Towans. You can just see the big car par near the top on the right, and the beginnings of the chalets. Beyond that, there is Godrevy Towans and the North Cliffs Coastal Path to Portreath -

Looking in the other direction, towards Upton Towans and the old ammunition works-

It is a wonderful beautiful wild place ...but to find a small dog here is far from easy. That is why we are trying to raise money for one of these-
Thanks for joining the team Tiana. The found dog on Sunday morning turned out to be a Beagle, not Nessa. Nessa hasn't been seen since the 9th December, when she went missing on the Towans. Useful to know though that there is another JRT X that may be spotted by people thinking it is Nessa. What time does that person run her dog by the chimney?
Good to have you on board. As you know, this area is HUGE :)Last edited: 2016-12-20 13:18:02 by Baydogs
Hi all, I know this area well and a local lets her JRTx run loose back from dunes passing the chimney to her car, however it may still be possible that it is Nessa, as not far from original lost location. Fingers crossed for more sightings given the awareness that has now been raised and that we're all looking for her.
Hi Seeks.
Originally Nessa was lost on Gwithian Towans, not far from the big car park at the front but after the possible sighting at Upton Towans (which turned out not to be Nessa) we have been concentrating efforts there for the past couple of days to make people who walk that end more aware of her.

These are the possibilities-
Nessa could still be stuck down a hole. Unfortunately she is a naturally lean girl so there is little fat to lose for her to wriggle free. However, this is a determined breed so I'll guarantee that she will try.
Should Nessa not be down a hole she could be searching for her owner - she doesn't know the area well at all and may be trying to make her way home to Portreath, or to Tehidy Woods where she is regularly walked and she is familiar with the area. Hence the posters which now stretch from Hayle to Portreath.
She may have been picked up by someone. Has anyone seen this girl suddenly appear with someone who didn't have a dog like this until recently? This could be anywhere in West Cornwall. I shall be blitzing Camborne with posters at some point. And then go further.
She is much loved and missed by her family who are doing all they can to find her.
WE NEED A SIGHTING! This is a massive area.....

All shares and help so far have been appreciated. Please keep looking for her everyone and spreading the word.

Are you asking for any particular reason ? x
Baydogs was it the Townas dunes? xx
An update of yesterday's possible sighting. Nessa's owners have already been informed of this---

Local enquiries have been made and it appears that a Beagle was found on the Upton Towans (Chimney side) of the dunes yesterday morning. This dog was apparently reunited with it's owner quite swiftly. So, unless there were two dog incidents in the same area of the dunes yesterday morning this means that the found dog was not Nessa and Nessa still has not been seen since Friday 9th December.

Nessa was not there first light, nor later on. Both her owners and I have been checking. However, it is such a vast expanse she could easily be missed, but she wasn't around the car parking areas or tracks leading up from them.
More posters have been put up in this area, and the nearest homes have received the handbills with Nessa's picture and contact numbers in case someone knocks their door or they see her in their garden.
More posters now up on the coast road to Tehidy/Portreath, and various tracks near farmer's fields from this road inland.
Handbills to some of the residents on Prosper Hill. Posters on this road leading to Connor Downs.
A number of Mountain Bikers now carrying Nessa's details and passing them on to their various clubs.
Poster due to go up at Seal Cove on the North Cliffs by a biker who rides this coastal path regularly and who will look out for her.

Please keep sharing folks, and looking out for her on your walks. And please report if you hear any peculiar noises from any of the holes out there, and then mark that hole in some way if you cannot stay there to wait for the owner to arrive with the camera kit.
Shared Twitter
Much appreciated GeoffA. The owner checked with the dog warden and there had been no reported found dog of Nessa's description.
Vets all up to date with her details should this person take her into one of them tomorrow.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Thanks Baydogs - have added comment to post on DogLost Cornwall (which effectively bumps the post) and will liaise with Max as regards further broadcast on other fb groups.
****POSSIBLE SIGHTING**** Please can all who are able share on Facebook as widely as possible to Cornwall sites, especially Everything Hayle, Dogwalkers,Dog Friendly Cornwall and any residents they know down here .
The owners were told by someone that a person had been seen with a stray dog that apparently matched Nessa's description THIS MORNING (Sunday 18th December)at the CHIMNEY SIDE of UPTON TOWANS nature reserve. They were apparently asking if anyone knew whose dog it was and picked it up by the collar. It is not known whether they took this dog home with them or let it go again.
Are YOU this person who found a small dog at Upton Towans this morning?
If so, PLEASE phone the contact numbers above.
Do you know who that person was?
If so, please ring the above numbers or ring that person and ask them to call the owners.

If this could be bumped it would be appreciated. Will send an email to admin as well.
Last edited: 2016-12-18 19:39:40 by Baydogs
Cant say. Info came to us about 12.30
Searched area around chimney and old buildings, not current block works site
When was this possible sighting portreathsue?
When you say you searched "on site", do you mean that you searched the block works site?
Further to that, searched area but no one on site who knew anything.
Possible siting of a walker in chimney/block works area picking up a dog that answers Nessa`s description after asking nearby dog walkers if it was their dog. Also comments from that area of dog seen running around. All a bit vague but any one have any info to tie in with this?
Nothing reported to dog warden yet about this.
Charles - Reminder of the link to Fell and Moorland Terriers-

and requested link to K9Tracker (Jenny and Tiga) Facebook-
K9Tracker Website (where you need to fill in the form and register if you decide to request help)-

Please everyone keep looking out for this girl on your walks Gwithian, Godrevy, North Coast footpath to Portreath, Coombe, Camborne, Tehidy and Hayle.
Gave out quite a few handbills and put up a few more posters-Gwithian Green and Coombe.
No photo of her right side. The black marking seen on her top rear extends down onto her flank.
How did you get on yesterday Charles?
Those smaller handbills are great for walkers to carry.
What are Nessa's markings like on her right side? Do you have a picture of that side that you could put on here as her second picture? IF someone has already picked her up and not thought to contact the warden, another picture would be helpful in identifying her should we see a similar dog out and about with someone else.
Or indeed if people HEAR something from a hole....we can work with that too.
Thanks Susan and Charles.
I have been asking people that, if they see her, not to chase but ring your numbers.
If well meaning people start chasing her she'll move on.
Just knowing where she is will give us something to work with.
If they could take a photo it would be really helpful :)Last edited: 2016-12-17 08:45:51 by Baydogs
Once again, thanks Baydogs for all your time and effort. Will try to drop more posters and smaller handbills to you Sat am. Have added Doglost details.
Sat should be a good day for dog walkers on the Towans. Will catch as many as we can
All the best. Susan & Charles
Decided to concentrate on the villages, hamlets and isolated properties inland to Gwithian today as this area is not far across the fields for a lost dog to travel. Nessa ,if not stuck in a hole, may take refuge in one of these farm buildings or be seen by farm hands whilst they work the land.

Postered or left flyer----
Kehelland Trust Farm Shop
Lampost other end of village.
Menadarvah lampost by the cottages and
Menadarvah Farmhouse .
Ashill Farm .Left another poster with occupier here who would pass on to the postman who does this round.
Another isolated property near here.
All farms and isolated cottages going down the back tracks going towards the B3301 and all tracks off this narrow lane, speaking to residents whenever possible.
One on post at Public Footpath that looked well used.
Cottage on roadside at B3301 (coast road) where I finally came out. Spoke to occupant.

Went to Gwithian and looked around the area Nessa was lost again. Approached all dogwalkers that I saw- surprising none of whom had noticed the posters around the car park. Gave flyers to either keep or pass on to others they knew.
Left a poster at the entrance to each of the four chalet fields, or within those fields. Spoke to as many residents as I could to make them aware.
Flyer to postman that does this Gwithian round and another for the sorting office.
Thanks to all those people for their concern, and those who said they would share Nessa's details off this website or her post on Doglost Cornwall FB.

Still need to do the properties on the Nanterrow side by Gwithian Green and the properties up Prosper Hill but comletely out of posters and flyers again Charles.

Susan and Charles- I know that you are both finding this searching physically hard. What about parking up at the entrance to the big car park and handing out flyers to all dog walkers that arrive? I know this would be heavier on printer ink but it would be lighter on the legs :)
It would also be a good idea to add the doglost details (website and FB) to her posters and flyers as people like to follow and share. Not everyone has heard of Doglost.

Thinking of you and still hoping your girl shows herself soon.

Last edited: 2016-12-16 16:47:52 by Baydogs
Posts on Pirate FM now rectified.
Have just sent a text to the owner of the JRT that was wearing a harness to alert her to this as well.
Charles, it looks like someone on the Pirate FM Help Desk has got things a bit mixed up...
On your entry for Nessa the following words have been added-
"She was wearing a harness which was pink and florescent yellow but bare in mind she may have wriggled out of it. There is a contact number on the collar, so please call if found."
THOSE details belong to the other JRT that has been lost from Illogan and whose post is more recent.
Found them, thank you Charles.
Glad Tehidy Park covered :)

Hayle Veterinary Surgery (opposite the big car park in Commercial Road) now have a poster of Nessa for their notice board. They were unaware of her being missing (!) so just as well that I dropped in. It would be a good idea to notify the Carbis Bay Vets, and those in St Ives as well. If people pick up a dog they sometimes take it to their own vets and not the nearest to where it was found.

Other posters now displayed-
St Julia's Hospice charity shop, Fore Street, Copperhouse
The Cornish Arms, Commercial Road- on their porch door.
Dapper Dogs Dog Spa, Penpol Terrace
Black Bridge behind Co-op
Cinnamon Trust
Meritorious, Penpol Terrace
Flyers to dog walkers.
Thank you again to all :)
Tehidy Park now covered. Left some more posters for you this morning Baydogs.
Brilliant. I'm glad that coastal path is being covered. Have the entrances to Tehidy Country Park been postered yet do you know? If so, I'll concentrate on the hamlets and villages that are near The Red River Trail next.

Your voicemail message only reached me this morning Charles. EE is giving poor service at the moment. But as you have probably gathered I found the posters etc. And thanks for asking after my poorly dog - A vets visist and a medical cocktail seems to have done the trick. Kind of you to remember with all you have going on :)

By the way, on your travels back and forth you might see a small JRT that is lost from Illogan. If you do, the contact number is 07861227368. She is on Doglost FB but not on this website yet. She was wearing a florescent harness with a baby pink one underneath. Last edited: 2016-12-14 14:34:15 by Baydogs
Godrevie café given extra laminated poster for outside display. Several North Cliffs car parks postered. Portreat Pubs and Tideline café have posters. Towans checked again. Road works are easier from Red River Inn than they were last couple of days.
Though disappointing for you, you were wise to check out that hole. It may be that Nessa has visited that hole since Friday - until we get a sighting of her (somewhere) it is best to cover all possibilities.
Hopefully we'll have that sighting soon :)
Dog Warden was checked yesterday, but we will make regular contact. And with the others you suggested.
My daughters dog was very interested in a particular rabbit hole this morning but your camera failed to find a contact.
So many people helping and supporting-your all giving Nessa every chance. Thank you all.
Re Geoff's comment earlier, both Beachside and St Ives Bay Chalets and Caravans have been visited and given a poster. They have not had any occupants for some time but will ask the men on site to check the worksheds and keep an eye out for her.
Sandbanks and Atlantic Coast on the coast road near the entrance to Gwithian dunes still need to be checked. I think Atlantic Coast is out of season now but I know Sandbanks does winter lets.
Further posters now displayed, or soon will be-
Back of Jewsons/Asda/Carwin Pool area.
Gardener's greenhouse, middle of St.George's Memorial Walk.
Another at approach to Hayle Beach in car park (one already there)
Hayle Library
Sandy Acres Beach Access...surfers also had flyers and will share.
Shell Petrol Station, Carwin Rise , by the coffee machine.
Turnpike Inn,Connor Downs
Connor Downs Post Office
Petrol Station Connor Downs
St Nicholas Close entrance to Upton Towans Nature Reserve
Gwithian entrance to Red River Trail
And of course, flyers to dogwalkers, many of whom said they would share - I told them she was listed on Doglost FB and Website.

A couple of people told me that the Doglost FB post of Nessa's details on "Everything Hayle" had no share option when they went to do so. Yet when I looked it appears to have had some shares...perhaps it has been adjusted? :/

Susan and Charles, if you haven't already it would be advisable to keep reminding the Dog Warden about your girl as she isn't chipped. You only get 7 days from finding to the "going for rehoming" status. It isn't long. Ditto re checking in with the rescues and vets in the area - both Hayle and Camborne/Redruth. The NAWT has a poster, but it never hurts to remind them. They also walk dogs on the dunes sometimes ;)

Good point Geoff. St Ives Bay Caravans and Chalets would be the next stop towards Hayle but usually they'd have staff in on the Saturday doing a changeover clean. The next Caravan and chalet site is Beachside. I don't know if either of these have been asked to display a poster yet (?) but this should be checked out.
There are various chalets at Gwithian that are holiday homes - owned privately - so it would be difficult to contact the owners. It would mean knocking on every single door as it isn't always clear which are occupied and which are not. Then being cheeky enough to have a quick nose through the windows or a listen, if empty. There are about 4 fields of chalets in total I think. Would need some more volunteers....
In the meantime I'll spread the word amongst some residents that I know there.

As she isn't a generally overly sociable dog, I still think that (if not stuck down a bunny hole) she has panicked and is trying to find her owners/home so it's important to get as many posters out from Hayle to Portreath via coastal path and Tehidy as possible. She's a mix of two very bright and resourceful breeds so she may well try. She is also part hound so her nose will be a good guide. The mileage is easily achievable for a fit, young dog.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Baydogs, portreathsusie - don't know if this has been considered but given Nessa went missing just before the weekend (changeover for many holiday homes, chalets, etc), is there a chance she could have slipped into one of them (or outbuildings) unnoticed as occupiers were leaving? I guess there are not many people down at this time of year but holiday park owners should know which were occupied the week leading up to Nessa's disappearance.
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Thanks for all your hard work Baydogs.
So sad that there has not been a sighting at all, but hopefully she will turn up somewhere soon.
** Sometimes if refresh button doesn't work, then using 'control +f5 does to view picture change**
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Clearer photo of Nessa now added. Refresh page to view.
That's great re the posters Charles. As many as you can manage. Some smaller flyers to hand out to walkers to put in their pockets would be handy too so they always have the numbers ready to contact if Nessa is seen or heard.
Good luck on your shifts tomorrow.
Thank you so much Baydogs, and all the other dog people that I don't know by name, for all of your efforts. You are covering more ground than we possibly could.
I will try to get more posters down to you Baydogs on Tuesday. My daughter and her dog are doing the early shift Tuesday and I will be out latter. Susan & Charles
sharing x
Portreathsusie, I have just seen your entry on the Pirate FM site with a clearer photo.
Have sent a copy of this photo into Admin to upload for you.
Polstrong Feed Store at Treswithian have kindly put up a poster - could alert riders as well as walkers.
Flyer and info given to dog walker at Bell Lake, who told me he walks at Gwithian daily as well.
Poster displayed at Godrevy Car Park in the hut window by helpful attendant.
Poster displayed in the Godrevy cafe. Busy place with dogwalkers and surfers.
Poster taken to The Rockpool ....and you'd beaten me to it :) ....but the helpful young woman there said she'd be glad to have another in a different place so that more people might see it. Plus she's going to keep watching the bins out the back in case Nessa fancies a rummage.
The Jampot on the dunes was closed but I put a poster in Lynn's postbox outside.
Now completely out of posters and flyers I had to resort to giving Nessa's details on bits of card to various other dogwalkers at Gwithian.
Thanks to all those people for their interest and concern.

Walked around the area Nessa was last seen and beyond, listening at various holes. Climbed down to investigate the crater with a tree growing out of it (that you mentioned to me Mr.B) and discovered it is a mineshaft but has been capped.
Looked underneath the Lifeguard hut- DANGER DANGER in front of this hut now. It has been coned off for a while but since I was last there large cracks have appeared in the cliff - looks like it might soon completely fall. Mind your dogs folks!

There are a few areas of thick gorse where it might be an idea to use the snakecam in case she is caught up by her collar- if you haven't already. Many dogs do not respond to their owner's voice when tangled.
Hoping for a sighting ,or report of sound from one of the thousands of holes out there ,soon.

So sorry to see that Nessa is missing. We would love it if you'd let Hat Trick Productions follow your search for their Lost & Found TV series. Do call Lawrence on 0207 184 6738 for a chat.
Do you think it would be an idea to edit your poster details to reflect that she may try and return to her home in Portreath via the coastal path or Tehidy Woods?
Just wondered Portreathsue as it wouldn't be the first time a lost dog has turned up at the door of a friend or relative in an area away from their home.

Re your usual walks involving Tehidy Woods....there is a track opposite (across the road from) The Rockpool pub and restaurant called The Red River Trail. This leads to Belle Lake which, as you probably know, has an entrance to Tehidy Woods. If Nessa is looking for you, she may take this trail which is a short cut to woods from coast. Posters at the entrances to Tehidy would be a good idea so would notifying all the Camborne/Redruth vets as well if you haven't done so already.

Good idea taking doggie playmates with you on your searches :)

The National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT) has a poster this evening. So do some regular dusk dogwalkers. I'll try and get one to The Wildlife Trust who manage the towans tomorrow because they often have people working out there.

Your Doglost FB shares are brilliant but we need to get more posters around for those not on social media. Anytime you want to drop more off to me I'll get them up in appropriate places.
We'll find her x
Baydogs. Further to last post, our other dog was with us at Gwithien at Dawn and again at mid day, plus my daughters dog ,who Nessa regularly plays with, was there this afternoon in case Nessa heard them. No result.
Baydogs. Nessa has no direct contacts in the area. We only occasionally visit Godrevie and go just to the Towans. She normally walks in Portreath or Tehidy Woods. She has been to Godrevy but ages ago.
Do you think The Rockpool might share on their page Geoff?
(Used to be called The Sandsifter. It is between Gwithian beach and the little bridge over to Godrevy)

Portreathsusie, sorry you have had another disappointing day despite your efforts.
I see Maxine has suggested Fell and Moorland Terriers (on FB page) who may be able to help.

Could everyone who knows anyone who walks the dunes, coastal path or beach anywhere from Hayle to Portreath please share with them. It's approx a nine mile stretch. If Nessa isn't down a hole she could be on any part of that depending on which direction she has taken.

Portreathsusie, do you ever visit anyone in this area that Nessa might try to find?
Last edited: 2016-12-11 16:25:06 by Baydogs
Thanks. Red River have a poster up in the bar.
Snakecam used today but no result.
Thanks to all of you who are showing so much help and support.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Baydogs - Red River Inn kindly promoted my visitor post for Nessa to their Facebook "virtual" wall last night. I did ask if they could print and put over the bar but not sure if they have done. If you are passing perhaps you could take one there as well (if no-one else has). Thanks :)
Update- Morning BBQ went ahead but unfortunately no appearance from Nessa.
Cliffs were also checked by owner to see if Nessa had gone over and become stuck on a ledge but no sighting.
Owners have borrowed the snakecam to look down the most obvious holes.
In addition to the owner's posters put up on Gwithian, a poster will be put in Animal Veterinary Services window later and one put at the back of the Co-op on the memorial walk in case Nessa comes off the dunes at Phillack. One also put at chimney entrance to Upton Towans. More will go out later.
Hopefully she'll be seen today. It is beautiful out there which should mean loads of people dogwalking.

Edited for further info ....Both radio stations will be notified later- there was a problem uploading the photos onto the site so details will be telephoned in.
Family members are almost continually out there looking and snakecam due to be in operation later.
If anyone can poster anywhere in Hayle-throughout the town and also back of Jewsons/Asdas near Carwin Pool, and the Gwithian to Portreath cliff walk (in case she tries to find her way home)it would be appreciated.Last edited: 2016-12-11 11:52:53 by Baydogs
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Nessa is safely back at home soon. X
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
Thanks Baydogs :)
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared Facebook & Twitter
Max, I was posting as you were. Seems we have suggested similar things. I'm the one with the snake camera and, even if my dog is no better tomorrow, the owners are welcome to borrow it if I am unavailable. BUT, as I have said, it would be helpful to locate some sounds first to get a rough idea of where to look.
Spoke to one of the owners earlier and established the area where Nessa was last seen- about 400 yards (left) from the big car park at Gwithian -by the cliffs. Advised leaving an item of worn clothing at that place. Owner had done an all night vigil here last night but no sighting. It appears that Nessa was having fun chasing bunnies so could be down a hole or may have exited from another hole and got herself lost looking for her owner who tends to take various routes. Suggested hosepipe and funnel for listening. And if needed I have kit for looking down them as well but without any sounds to go by it is a needle-in-a-haystack situation there.

Have just returned from a 90minute search of the area. No-one else out there so all was quiet apart from the sea. Searched that immediate area, plus inside the stinking old shelter from the war but no eyes shone back at my torch. Listened, but no sound anywhere. This area is fairly close to the cliff edge and parts of this cliff can be unstable after rain so please everyone take care here if you are searching and it is advisable to keep dogs on a lead. This is going to sound bad, but once daylight, and safer, it would be advisable to examine these cliffs from the beach , just in case she has dropped onto a ledge. If one of my dogs was not poorly I'd have gone down there myself tonight as the tide was low and I was armed with a powerful torch.
I also searched various paths that stem from the green open space by the two smaller car parks. No sign. No sounds.

Nessa, if sighted, may or may not be sociable with other dogs. Ditto humans. She's fussy about who she mixes with :)

Advised a dawn BBQ if possible tomorrow. The owner is also running off leaflets/posters for distribution but had run out of ink today.
DogLostMax - Area Coordinator, Cornwall
It would appear that Nessa could be stuck down a rabbit hole. I spoke to Mrs Bright (owner), who said she had been down, came out, but went back again. It is not known if she managed co come out anywhere else.
I have advised that someone go back with a length of hosepipe & funnel, to see if they can hear anything & contact the fire brigade to see if they can assist.
They do have someone who could maybe assist with a snake camera, but it is not confirmed yet that they are available.
I have also suggested taking an item of clothing to area for 'scenting' & leaving near the hole. Hoping she can wriggle out.
Have shared personal facebook and business facebook
Sorry to see Nessa has been lost but pleased to see her details are on this website as well as FB.
Portreathsusie, can I ask what your normal dogwalking route/area is on these dunes (quite a vast expanse) or do you tend to vary it? As you drive over from Portreath there is a possibility Nessa will return to where you normally park your car. Do you normally park at Gwithian Big car part on the cliff or one of the smaller car parks by the road? Or do you park at Upton?
Is she a sociable girl,likely to approach other dogs, or does she tend to avoid them?
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Link added to existing post on DogLost Cornwall fb page.
Standard advice sheets sent.
Shared Twitter
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks Geoff...alerts sent to helpers in TR14,15,26,27.
DogLostGeoffA - Area Volunteer, Cornwall
Have lifted photo from DogLost Cornwall fb post until owner can supply.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Please send photo to admin@doglost.co.uk along with your dogs postcode please so we can add to site and send alerts out.

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