Lost: Deerhound Female In South West (GL14)

  • Dog ID 108527
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 09 Dec 2016
  • Gender & Breed Female Deerhound
  • Age
  • Build
  • Colour
  • Tail
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 05 Dec 2016
  • Where Lost Cinderford, forest of dean, woods behind the crematorium
  • Lost In Region South West
  • Lost In Post Area GL14
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Lexi is a collie deerhound X lurcher. She is chipped and registered
  • Phone 1 01594 560670
  • Phone 2
  • Reward?
  • Listed By Etickner
  • Views 4819


Sightings and Information

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Posters continuing to go up and be distributed locally. If anyone sees somewhere where they think a poster ought to be, then please print one and put it up. The more people who are aware, the more likely a sighting will be for Ray Dedicoat to work with.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks for the update Ray....But keep those car doors closed...you maybe vegetarian...But I assure you those wild boars are not....Have experienced a few of them myself....
so sorry for delay, set up with lisa after laying a mega long drag trail. What a night that turned out to be!! nice and quiet till about 6-30 pm, when i was greeted with one hell of a scream which i have never heard anything like it before TRUST ME!! yes of course it was the famous Forest of Dean wild boars, wound window down and asked them POLITELY to go away, which they obliged. Some 15 mins later there were 5! then after an hour another 4 joined in they all responded to my request but not long after 11 pm 3 massive RED DEER decided to sample the bait in the cage compound trap set up...Pardon the pun but i thought OH DEER! this is getting silly, I stayed till 5-15 am encountered up to 20 wild boars, 7 deer and 3 badgers.. and in between all of these visits not a sign of LEXI...As you may know i never give up and i believe a lot more is being done to make people aware of this dogs plight..At least i know now that MY type of DRAG-TRAIL really does work,Im vegetarian but could have filled my van with PORK on Sunday trust me!! RAY..
Just a quick update. The owner has consented to things being taken forward separately from this point. There is a new contact no, new posters have been printed & laminated today & will be going up all over the area. All businesses across the Wye & Forest tourism trail are also being emailed with the poster to print out for their noticeboards. A Find Lexi group has also been set up on FB to record any new information & to coordinate any help needed going forward. I will update again if this leads to any new sightings at all. Link to the group on FB is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1891050677798157/Last edited: 2017-01-18 19:26:52 by Lisa-Ann
As soon as we are able to post some news then we will. Things are happening behind the scenes & Ray was here last night. He will update when he is able to. Thanks
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Nedk it could be anybody's!
Any news please ?
So who is the dog thats been sighted ?
Just spent the last few hours with Ray & he will update tomorrow now.
Why is there no posters up foe Lexi ?
From the search yesterday someone spoke to 2 couples who spotted a dog matching Lexi's description within yards of where she went missing. There are no posters at all in that area so they did not know anything about her until shown her picture yesterday. Surely suspected sightings of a dog matching her description in the same area is good? Without having video footage or her in our possession how can we make these sightings 'confirmed'? Without posters out there & hundreds of people using that walkway every weekend, most from out of town, how do they know to even report a dog? They might presume it is running back to it's owner. We have to stay positive.
DogLostJenners - Area Volunteer, Gloucestershire
Can I just clear something up, there has not been a confirmed sighting of Lexi since the day she went missing, it transpired yesterday that last weeks sighting was not Lexi. While it is good that people are continuing to look out for her while in the area, there is no evidence that she is still there :(
Come on ray do ur magic come on lexi x
DogLostNik - PR Advisor
Lisa-Ann, your email has been passed to me and I am just briefing myself.
Hi, in response to admin's question about any news I have just sent you an email.
Thanks for that news Owl, I wasn't aware that Ray was on board
Please note that Ray Dedicoat is involved with this one.
This listing for Lexi is rapidly dropping down the pages, is there anyone looking on site that can give us an update or news, PLEASE
I do hope the emaciated dog is caught soon whether it is Lexi or not the poor thing needs to be in the warmth .
Hope you find her soon , weather changing , best wishes for search tomorrow x x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thank you Alison. Is there a way to contact any of you privately please?
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Ok folks can you all please stop the bickering and only comment if there is a definite sighting or relevant information.
Doglost is here to help missing dogs and is NOT to be used as a place to have a go at each other.
Look jot im sure the owner does want people to call her if they have info on lex that will help, calling up about unconfirmed sightings, quite simply isnt that, calling up telling her everything she isnt doing, isnt that. Where she went missing is an exceptionally busy area for dog walkers, cyclists, joggers ect hundreds of people use that area frequently and your going off a couple of vague sightings? I have to ask also about the "pressure which was applied" and who you think has the right to "apply it" to someone who is very upset, stressed and has things going on you have utterly no clue about. Who do you think you are to be "applying pressure" i get you might feel you have the best intentions (perhaps you believe you care more than everyone else including the owner, maybe you believe you know far more than everyone else) i can tell your an expert.. I can leave you assured that all your recommendations, advice and tips are being heard by the owner (that i sincerely promise) thank you for all the time and effort you have put in to searching for lexi, i will try to keep you updated with all developments.
P.s No one has been "batting away help", food stations have been set up since day 1 along with clothing (and scent trails). All advice is being done or taken into account.
DogLostRavenette - Area Coordinator, West Sussex
Yes, Ray is very good. Will he be coming to help? We all want poor Lexie to be found and safely back home asap x
Ray has helped many dogs in the past return home, please Let Lexi be another success story!
Jot cotswolds
Elliott this is incorrect. The lady who got close enough almost to touch her at the weekend is absolutely adamant it was Lexi...She saw the coat markings and collar. That dog she was close to had not been reunited with anyone...It bolted off when a car beeped it's horn. The dog reunited was a black greyhound...A very different looking coat. Yourself and Lesley have been the spokespeople for the owner. You posted about the dog asking for the help on her behalf as she was not online in any form at all. Tonight you have asked that nobody calls the owner unless they actually have the dog yet the owner told another of her friends today that she just wanted people to call her with any help or news which may help. Something is not sitting right here as the messages are very mixed. Has Ray been booked to come and help, or not? 5 weeks of walking the woods have not worked so the time is critical to get professional help in. Feeding stations have only been set up in the past 24hrs after pressure was applied, for the dogs sake. Please accept the help being offered. We all want this dog to get to safety and some food and warmth. That is all we want. You asked for help on the owners behalf but have batted away everything offered other than people simply walking in the woods. There are lots of good experienced folk trying to help with proven methods. I cannot do any more than I have tried already because nobody wants to implement the activity suggested ...You need to lure and trap her..Please, please take the owner in that direction with Ray's help.
Lisa ann that is not what was said. Im well aware of the converstaion of fb of which you speak yourlatest comment on here is frankly laughable. As for "supposedly speaking on behalf of the owner" rather pointed and deliberate comment (but its worked im reacting. Congrats.. we have spoken to the owner and are are in constant contact (love the "reps" reference jo ;) ) fact is there have been NO and i repeat NO confirmed sightings of lexi. I would'nt lie about it (i wish there had been). Every sighting that people have been "sure was lexi" have been differemt dogs that have been reunitied. i have to put into question some of the people sitting behind a keyboard telling everyone what they should be doing, how many hours/days/nights they have personally put in to searching for lexi (or is it just a excerise of pointing out what others havent done?) I dont mean to put into question those who are actually putting in the effort to finding lexi that is very much appreciated. Im very sure everyone else just i wishes they lived closer and could do more. Im dont want to argue the whole point of this is to find lexi (so dont get nasty and make deliberately inciting comments, its not helpfull and doesnt help lexi) thank you all
Have sourced trailcams but now been told via a third party supposedly speaking on behalf of the owner that they are not needed & that until the owner has spoken to Ray and decisions are made it is not viable for others to try to force action that may be inappropriate. They plan to do a mass search in the area on Saturday morning
Really glad feeding stations are in place hopefully , should have been done before poor dog , hope Ray is coming to help this poor dog as has been out for a while . Owner seems not to be saying a lot ! Looked at forest of dean Facebook they are doing a search Saturday, no mention of owner on there . . . .
Apparently feeding stations are now in place but just waiting for some kind of update as to whether the owner met up with Ray today or not
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
I wonder if you could set up a feeding station at night in the carpark it is a good place where people dump their food etc And she maybe cross walking over there every day xx
Jot cotswolds
Nina..no I'm not sadly..it is all being done on facebook by friedns of the owners. I am working today and cannot do anything practical myself but attached on this link if you paste it to your internet browser is the google view of the area...this link takes you to a direct overhead shot of the place she was spotted in the past few days. Her "lost" area is off to the right...by a cemetery...which you can see if you move the screen to the right...and it extends down to the speech house on the left of this overhead shot...all along that road and on both sides of it. The slight clearing of sparser trees in a teardrop shape you see direct centre is the arboretum which has a small car park and is one of the most recent spots she was frightened away from. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.8074262,-2.5459937,567m/data=!3m1!1e3Last edited: 2017-01-11 11:03:25 by Jot cotswolds
Well done Lisa Ann for all you are doing, do hope the situation goes forward.
The owner Jackie has been in touch with the rescue centre & is waiting to speak to Ray when he is back from the funeral. I have asked to be updated when there is more info
PS I am also trying to sort trailcams but all in use at the moment
Thank you Ray. I have been trying to convince them to set up a food station from early on but no one is listening. I too have been onto the people who look as though they are in charge this morning to reiterate the information below & for the owner or Leslie Tickner to please contact you this morning so that the owner can meet you there today. I am tied up until mid afternoon but know the area well. So frustrating. Can we ust go ahead without hearing from the owner?
Jot Cotswolds can I ask are you in contact with the owner or the person acting for them, as there hasn't been much input from them as far as I can see...thank goodness you are there.Last edited: 2017-01-11 09:24:22 by Nina
Jot cotswolds
well done Ray..I have pasted your info to the facebook page...and urged them to get you down there. I will email you this morning an aerial shot of the area she is in to give you an idea of how it lies. They said last night there have been no food stations left out so far so I've urgend them to start that and bbq's immediately...they are planning a group search on Saturday but a few of us are concerned this will drive her away from the area she is in near the road as she is likely using the car parks for hunting for food.
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
Good luck in catching her .sad to live t ofar to help xx
Lexi or not if someone could get GOOD food to places where this dog has been seen, please see POPPY reunited 66926 and another LEXI 92192 note the comments i,ve made on both dogs site, especially the covering of food with old mat or towel, to stop the birds nicking it, I can be there in 1,12 hrs. like you all say the weather is on the turn.ETICKER had probs with your telephone..Even if its not your dog and you live nearby your help would be appreciated, if seen ignore her and let her see you throw food as though you are throwing your chip papers away then let her see you retreat and take any pressure OFF her.I have a 9AM funeral WEDNESDAY 11th. but leave message with staff at rescue centre 01564823244. well done to you good people for shouting for help, RAY. I can be down there by midday.if any more info is available let me know, arboretum car park will be my first port of call.
And if anyone local can loan some trailcams that would be useful too :)
An earlier post by Mollychops says she is contacting owner and Helen a local helper, so hopefully they will sort out a feeding station soon.
If anyone local has or knows where a large trap is available it would be worth calling the owner to offer one as that is likely to be the next step.
Etickner....owner please get help to get this dog to safety
This dog needs to be caught by someone who knows what they are doing ,it may or not be Lexi but someone needs to get help for it, some really bad weather on its way & the dog is already malnourished so cannot survive without food .
Think they need a feeding station left not sure if owner aware of sighting x x
Just had a quick look at Facebook forest at of dean there are comments on there that dog was see on the 7th Jan , looking thin . Looked at dog warden numbers 01594810000. , 01594812264 , people are looking but not catching her x x wish was nearer to help
I agree try see if ray can help anything is possible just give it a thoughtx
Just read through the comments on here, owner needs to take the advice being given and also leave some food for her.
Please contact Ray Dedicoat who is an expert in trapping dogs. Www.raydedicoat.com
Think a feeding station a must and maybe a tracker dog now to get in x x
Hope helpers are out looking for this poor dog bless her, is owner still looking , poor thing needs to come in now have a meal and be warm , wish was nearer to help x x please help this dog . . . . .
If the owner is reading this post......please please for the sake of Lexi...get a tracker dog..they are amazing.....
Come on Lexi.....time to get home xxxx
I hope there are enough concerned people in the area who are able to search and catch this poor dog. So sad, but as the dog is being sighted (unlike others who lie low and make searching so difficult) I am keeping everything crossed she will soon be safe.
Hi i think they should try all the help they can to try get this poor dog home been out there to long it needs help if i lived in that area i.would be out trying take any advice given and at this stage any ways of getting lexi back homex
Jot cotswolds
Thanks....the owner, for whatever reason is reluctant to use a tracker dog, and suggestions about using Ray's advice don't seem to be taken up yet. Since 5th Dec the only activity I think...from what is being posted...is the owner and a volunteers wandering the area where she was lost and some postering has been done...but after this length of time and the dog (which a recent sighter is totally sure was lexi as she got very close to her) is saying what a bad way she is in, professional help and kit is needed if this dog is to survive. The arboretum car park on speech house road seems to be central to her sighting and a suggestion of bbq/overnight camper van over a few nights has been made today but rep's of the dog's owner haven't commented on that idea yet. The dog is not likely to respond to the owner at this stage so casual continued walks through the woods are unlikely to bear any fruit. the fact the dog came into the arboretum car park in the past 4 days shows she is desperate to locate food...so properly set up feeding stations are needed to ensure she stays in the area. This is day 36, so things are pretty dire. Quite a large dog as part-deerhound part lurcher.
DogLostMollychops - Area Co-ordinator Gloucestershire
Thanks Jot ,for the update.I will speak with owner and Helen , our brilliant helper there.
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Jot cotswolds
Sighting of emaciated dog looking like Lexi 2 days ago in the car parks around Speech House Road (arboretum car park), the dog then bolted towards beechenhurst, this is after a similar sighting a few days ago of a thin scared dog scared off when a car blew its horn (sighter sure it is Lexi)...reported to be very, very thin , in poor condition, terrified, in same speech house road area. The dogs area seems to be from where she was lost (in woods behind the crematorium at the Cinderford end of Speech House road), down to the actual Speech House...crossing the roads and using the woods either side. Owner needs help...volunteers are walking the area regularly but the dog is likely too frightened to go near humans. Have taken info from facebook page where help is trying to be mustered this weekend but I can't see a plan to use advice from Ray Dedicoat, monitored traps etc yet on there...which they probably really need to do. Someone has suggested trailcams and food traps (best two ideas) but I don't think the helper group has access to any. Any positive help, offers of kit, needs to be phoned through as the dog owner has no internet. If you are on facebook, go to "Forest of Dean Dogs Lost and Found" page to see details and updates. The dog clearly isn't finding much food, bad weather about to hit, and is criss-crossing a busy road.
She still missing and no news im afraid
We still have your dog on our missing file, is she still missing
I walked this area today, with my dogs. Do you have any news ?
Still no news on lexi im afraid
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
Any news on Lexi please?
DogLostMollychops - Area Co-ordinator Gloucestershire
Left a message to help
sharing x
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Twitter & Public. I hope Lexi is safely back at home soon. X
Shared Facebook & Twitter
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Sharing Twitter.
DogLostNik - PR Advisor
So sorry to see that Lexi is missing. We would love it if you'd let Hat Trick Productions follow your search for their Lost & Found TV series. Do call Lawrence on 0207 184 6738 for a chat.
Thank you all
DogLostSarah - Acting Twitter Co-ordinator, Social Media Team
Details shared to DogLost Gloucestershire Facebook Group and Tweeted - fingers crossed Lexi is home very soon x
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Alerts sent to helpers in GL14,15,16,17.
Shared Twitter
Sorry to see that LEXI SIGHTED HELP NEEDED is missing.
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