Stolen: Tri Colour Parson Russell Terrier Male

  • Dog ID 106262
  • Status Stolen
  • Registered 22 Oct 2016
  • Gender & Breed Male Parson Russell Terrier (Neutered)
  • Age Older Adult
  • Build
  • Colour tri colour
  • Tail
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Yes
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Investigating Force Kent Police
  • Date Lost 21 Oct 2016
  • Where Lost Park Lane area, Bedgebury forest with Patterdale Terrier
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area TN18
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info CRN:YY/24108/16 George (PARSONS Terrier) & Spider (PATTERDALE Terrier) went missing nr Park lane entrance to Bedgebury forest. Both are microchipped & neutered. There's a LARGE REWARD for the safe return of the dogs. Please be aware it is REQUIRED BY LAW to report finding a dog to the DOG WARDENS. If you know where these dogs are or have any information please call Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE on 0844 800 3220.
  • Phone 1 07900 920138
  • Phone 2 07483 215871
  • Reward?
  • Listed By Jayne - Administrator, Head Office
  • Views 11793
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Sightings and Information

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Cheri Hornshaw
The sighting on 17 Feb was not Spider but another dog that had run ahead of its owner
Cheri Hornshaw
NEW SIGHTING ... of Spider(?).
11am Friday 17 Feb 2017
PLEASE LOOK OUT with a lead. Sighted near to POST 40 on the cycle trail in Bedgebury Forest. Not far from A21 entrance that passes the Saw Mill. Not far from a previous sighting in the bottom right corner of the forest.

A forest volunteer with the walking group has just reported above to Bedgebury Info Centre. It was a fleeting sighting of a dog like Spider running quickly across a track.

I am on the A1 travelling home from Yorkshire. Could all visiting the forest today please keep a look out. I won't arrive until 6ish.
What is the latest on these two please?
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DogLostShelagh - Area Volunteer, East London
Fantastic news
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Great news of this new sighting. Page bumped so people are aware.
Cheri Hornshaw
NEW REPORTED SIGHTING. A man who was walking his three dogs, in Park Lane, Bedgebury Forest,sat down on the public bench at the junction of Park lane and the Sweetness Cycle Trail near to Louisa Lodge. After a while at 16:30ish a brown/black terrier appeared in front of him. He said it was as if the dog had come over to look at his dogs. The dog did not respond to calling and when he tried to approach the dog it ran off back along the Cycle track. After studying our poster and feeling sure it was Spider still wearing the red collar with orange trim
He texted and I rang back. It has been 12 weeks since their disappearance very close to this spot. We wonder whether Spider and possibly George have been dumped back in the forest following publicity. We have shared a new poster on their FB page @GeorgeandSpider. We went out last night was dark. Left a waterproofed dog carry bed with bedding, water, dog treats and clothing of mine and lefft my scent at entrance. No sign of them this morning. New poster is being shared widely on FB and lots of people have said they will look out whilst walking, cycling, horse riding and jogging.
Cheri Hornshaw
Genie44. Thank you for posting. I checked your link. This is not George. George is white all over apart from his black ears and tri-coloured face.
could this be George? facial pattening is very similar. just found and posted on facebook.
Cheri Hornshaw
My young son just remembered to tell me a man telephoned our home phone this week to say:
He was walking his dog at Bewl off lead. He saw a man walking with a lead and no dog. He asked the man where his dog was. The man said his spaniel was just ahead. Sometime later he saw the man again. HE HAD HIS DOG ON LEAD! The owner challenged the man. He let the dog off lead and started to walk away. Again he asked him where is your dog and he replied that he didn't have a dog.
My son forgot to ask for a name and number. If this was you, can you telephone me again. I would love to ask you some questions about this incident.
Cheri Hornshaw
01580 753409
07900 920138
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DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I've just seen the Meridian Tonight item on George and Spider. Excellent publicity for you and let's hope this will bring in some news of your lads.
There is a large reward for the safe return of George and Spider.
If anyone has any information and/or knows anything about where George and Spider are please call their owner or call Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE on 0844 800 3220.Last edited: 2016-12-08 18:49:06 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Cheri Hornshaw
A news appeal re George and Spider will be broadcast tonight. ITV Meridian 6pm
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks for adding the link Cheri and well done getting so much publicity for Spider and George. Pleased to see that they have added the photos for you now.
Cheri Hornshaw
The online version of this Courier article has been amended to include photos of George and Spider.
Cheri Hornshaw
Our missing dogs have been featured on the front page of the Kent and East Sussex Courier (Weald). Missed opportunity that they have not included a photo of our missing dogs or mentioned DogLost or our FB page. Ferrari press put the info out without me checking info first.
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Cheri Hornshaw
ITV Meridian will be filming with Us this weekend. I will post again when I know when that is going to be shown Last edited: 2016-12-01 06:33:51 by Cheri Hornshaw
Cheri Hornshaw
We got some coverage in the Sunday Mirror last Sunday but disappointed they didn't use use a photo of George and Spider and reporting was confusing. However still publicity to spread the word.
Cheri Hornshaw
Returned to burrow with listening hose and funnel. No sounds. Our dog Skippy showing no interest. Using hose I could follow the direction of the burrows and discover they are not very deep.
Cheri Hornshaw
Reported Sightings (all searched extensively over a number of days):

Day 11 Mon 31 Oct Reported 4 days later
Boxhurst Fields, Sandhurst
2 terriers running in fields (may have been two resident terriers that roam free)

Day 14 Thu 03 Nov 10:00 Reported 5 days later
Cranbrook Road near to the Golford Road junction
Black dog walking in road

Day 16 Sat 05 Nov 10:00 reported 8 days later
Marshal’s Lake Bridge, Pinetum, Bedgebury Forest
Black dog, bedraggled and wet wearing red/orange bamboo embroidered collar. This seems to be a definite sighting.

Day 17 Sun 06 Nov 11:00 reported 2 days later
Lea Farm Field, Flimwell Road side of Bedgebury Forest (Sighting 1 of 2)
Black dog running along the edge of field on the footpath side (could have been a local resident walking their dog or a dog with a cyclist)

Day 21 Thu 10 Nov 14:30 reported 7 days later
Cranbrook Road towards Fosten Lane, Fosten Green.
Two terriers, one white, one black running along the Cranbrook Road. Sighted adjacent to the lay-by running in the direction of Fosten Lane. This sounds like a definite sighting

Day 24 Sun 13 Nov 11:30 reported 2 hours later
Lea Farm Field, Flimwell Road side of Bedgebury Forest (Sighting 2 of 2)
Black dog running across the top of Lea Farm Field from the footpath towards the stream and Wanda’s Cycle Track. (resident felt that the dog’s tail was fuller then Spider’s tail. It may be same local dog as previous Sunday). We have searched this area extensively and had a tracker dog pick up a trail (Monday 14 Nov). The scent source is a dog bed shared by George, Spider and Skippy. We are not sure if the tracker dog picked up Skippy’s scent trail as I later realized Mark had walked the area extensively with Skippy after the first sighting here.

Day 30 Sat 19 Nov 10:00 reported within hour
Fosten Green entrance to Hemsted Forest
Brown dog crossing footpath from direction of Rogley Barn towards Mockbegger Lane. very thin, stray, no collar, darting in/out of undergrowth, nervous, ran off. Horse rider felt it could have been Spider (he is very dark brown and only looks black from a distance)
Who do people usually call out when a dog is suspected of being stuck down a hole ? I have recently read that the fire brigade have recently helped dogs in this situation
Only a guess but maybe a pest control company would have suitable cameras for looking down holes?
Shared Twitter - Dyno Rod has the drain cameras
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Looking at the footage of the dog showing such interest at that hole in the woods I'm wondering if anyone knows of someone with one of those cameras that could be put down the hole to see if the dogs are there? Maybe someone who has a drain clearing company or something like that?
Or, as there was a sighting of Spider this morning, does anyone have a night vision camera that could be put there to see if either dog comes to that hole at any time.
It could be that George is stuck down there and Spider is still able to move around in the area coming back to the hole.
If anyone can help please call Cheri asap. Thanks. Last edited: 2016-11-19 17:50:06 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Reposting another sighting of Spider by a horse rider this morning.
"Spider sighted 10am today in Hemsted Forest (Tenterden Road side of forest) past Golford Junction towards Tenterden. Please join our search for both dogs now if you can"
Bumping pages to keep them together
Cheri Hornshaw
Yogi, Jenny Brown's K9tracker dog, led us on a route picking up our dog(s) scent. Starting and ending at the 'sighted' field where Yogi brought our attention to a tuft of white hairs on the fence (poss from George). We cooked some sausages and bacon on a portable BBQ last night (with the permission of the field owners) in an attempt to attract them to our spot. Also left a pop up pet carrier with dog pad and clothing which we checked on at first light. Grateful if dog walkers in this area keep a lookout and listen out for George and Spider along the footpaths. Advice is not to call them repeatedly as this may not be effective and may scare them in their ' survival' mode. See 'Find George and Spider' FB page post for map of area we suspect the dogs are in.
DogLostJulie - Social Media Team, Surrey
Thank you for checking Cheri - everything crossed George and Spider are soon home. J. xLast edited: 2016-11-13 22:05:29 by Julie - Social Media Team, Surrey
Cheri Hornshaw
George and Spider Advert in Wealden Advertiser for 2nd Week is spreading the word that they are missing
Cheri Hornshaw
ulie thank you for your post. I have just checked out 107477. Difficult to tell from the photos so I telephoned the contact number. That dog is not neutered so I can rule that one out.
Cheri Hornshaw
Two more sightings as follows:

Sat 05 November approx 09-10am Definite sighting SPIDER. Lady said Spider came over the bridge over the lake near Park Lane. He stopped to say hello to her dogs then walked off. Looked a bit bedraggled and wet as if he had been swimming. She didn't realise any dogs were missing. Saw the Wealden Advert today and recognised Spider. Also remembers his distinctive red collar embroidered with my mobile phone numbered an orange trim.

TODAY! Sunday 13 November 11.30am Same field as Sunday before. This time close to the Wanda's Trail Cycle Track.
Shared Twitter xx
DogLostJulie - Social Media Team, Surrey
Please could owner check found 107477 just in case. J. x
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Riverlady.
There is now a large reward for the safe return of both dogs.
If you or anyone has any information or knows of George and/or Spider's whereabouts please contact their owners or Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE.
Still circulating on twitter......GEORGE + SPIDER STILL MISSING … #Bedgebury forest #TN18 Plz RT
Cheri Hornshaw
We have been back out to the 'Flimwell sighting' field area and beyond today. Also walked in Hemsted Forest after the 'Golford sighting' but no sight or sound of the dogs at either location. Thank you to all who are continuing to be extra eyes and ears for us. Its so encouraging to us. Trying to keep pushing on with every avenue of enquiry and investigation. Really hoping for a reunion soon. Sam is back on searches with us and is coping better when we have to head back home without finding the dogs.
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DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
"ANOTHER SIGHTING (POSSIBLY SPIDER)! Residents of a farm house off the Flimwell Road, bordering Bedgebury Forest, report that they saw a dog similar to Spider's description running very quickly across their field towards the forest on Sunday morning ... This is not far from Louisa lake and the route we last walked when the dogs went missing. The resident felt 80% certain it could be Spider. They were unaware 2 local dogs were missing on Sunday and thought perhaps someone was walking the dog and called it off their field. Really hopeful about this sighting and will be doing a head torch search with friends this evening. Hope evening cyclists or joggers can keep a lookout too"
Very pleased to see yet another sighting reported. This one is from yesterday so the dogs may still be nearby. Keeping everything crossed that George and Spider are in the area again and will be found very soon. Last edited: 2016-11-08 20:57:45 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Copying fm Find George and Spider Fbk page posted about 5 hrs ago:
"ALERT - NEW SIGHTING (POSSIBLY GEORGE)!... a dog that looked like George walking in the road at Golford on the Cranbrook Road at 10am on Thursday 3 November. Please everyone be on the lookout in this area. George may be able to find his way home from there. He knows Hemsted Forest well and may know his way back through Benenden Girls School to his home ... If that was George, Spider may be close by. He is more nervous and will hide from unfamiliar people. George and Spider would be able to get into Hemsted Forest from Golford. Equally they may head towards CRANBROOK, SISSINGHURST, TENTERDEN OR BENENDEN ... ....
I have informed Benenden Girls School and emailing them a poster. The ground staff are going to keep a lookout for both dogs"
At last some sightings coming in. Please keep a look out in this and surrounding areas for George and Spider. Call owner asap if seen please.
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Cheri Hornshaw
Many thanks to all the Sandhurst residents thst are on the look out for our dogs. It will allow me to focus on burrow areas of Bedgebury Forest. The change in weather is a worry. Hope we find George and Spider this weekend. All the support we have is really wonderful during this difficult time. I am so appreciative of the calls I received today.
Cheri Hornshaw
Hello SpringerMad. See post below for sighting location. Also map shared on the George and Spider Facebook page
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
When was the sighting please?
Cheri Hornshaw
Sighting of two dogs that looked like George and Spider in the fields near Boxhurst Lane, Boxhurst, Sandhurst near TN18 5PE. George's owner and I walked the footpaths around those fields today but did not see them. Please all in Sandhurst and beyond keep on the lookout. Also please keep on the lookout in Bedgebury Forest in case this sighting was not our dogs. See Advert in today's Wealden Advertiser.Last edited: 2016-11-04 14:07:01 by Cheri Hornshaw
Georga and spider have a facebook page
The news item is a pinned post on BBC SE FB page
still circulating on twitter with news clip.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Shared to F& MW TC who may be able to help.
Thanks Clarkey for update.
DogLostBobble - Area Co-ordinator, Somerset & North Dorset
Shared to F& MW TC who may be able to help.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Cheri has already had a tracker dog to help her in the forest. Please see her post on 2016-10-28 19:57.
With the new publicity we are all hoping that some news comes in of George & Spider. Someone knows where they are, we just need them to pass that info on to Cheri or Doglost in total confidence.
No questions will be asked.
George and Spider's owners just need their dogs home now so that they can all be reunited again. Sam especially is missing his dog who helps him cope with his autism.
Please bear in mind that after BBC South East goes out today these 2 lads may be dumped. Obviously we hope they would be taken to a safe place like a vet but please keep a look out for them.
Posters are up all over the area & are making George and Spider too hot to handle.
Does eomeone own a Tracker dog here that may be could help?
Hope the media helps bring George, and Spider home. will be watching. Eight paws xd. Fingers too
Shared Twitter - It might be worth contacting your local badger group to look at the sett records for the area lost, always worth a try.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Cheri and Jayne. Good to hear that you will be getting some publicity and let's hope that it gets Sam's beloved dog back as well as George.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Have Informed CJ...good luck tomorrow....Bumping due to TV coverage...have spoken to owner.
Cheri Hornshaw
CJ Police Liaison Coordinator ust updating you by email but can't find your email. Can you send me one I can reply to
Cheri Hornshaw
We are taking our story to the media for publicity to get Sam's care dog back. BBC South East are interviewing me with our son Sam at our home tomorrow morning to share our story on TV at 13:30, 18:30 and possibly 22:25. The focus is going to be on Sam's special relationship with Spider and the 'care' role our very special rescue dog has taken on, helping Sam overcome the challenges of profound autism and being non verbal. Sam has joined us on 4 hour walks searching for Spider and George in Bedgebury Forest. He would stay out there all day if we let him. The upsetting part for Sam is leaving without finding Spider. We have been avoiding taking Sam on walks recently because he is finding it too distressing and finding it difficult to manage his emotions and behaviour in his struggle to understand where his 'Spider Dog' has gone.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
New photo added at Cheri's request. Please refresh/ reload this page before printing new posters. Thanks.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Riverlady. Glad you are covering all eventualities and keeping up with the postering. Thanks to CJ for contacting you, I hope she was able to clear up your questions.
I'll be out tomorrow but if you want to call then please do.
circulating on twitter.........#Lost Parson Russell Terrier & Patterdale Terrier MALES
Bedgebury Forest, Park lane. #TN18 …
Cheri few more things you could try. Contact taxi firms, put posters at bus stops,on poo bins, football clubs. Do they like squeaky toys its worth taking one with you if you are out searching. Has anyone passed on scenting instructions to you I think its something that co-ordinators usually do.
Sorry to hear that George and Spider are still missing. If the general opinion is now that they might be stuck in a hole I wonder if there is someone local from Fell and Moorland that might be able to help here, either practically or with further advice.
Cheri Hornshaw
Thank you Nina so grateful for new ideas. I will do that. 2 fantastic ideas. Its so nice to have your support x
Chri have you taken any posters to local schools. Children don't miss a thing and if you offer a reward towards school funds it might encourage the children them even more. Not forgetting putting a poster in post boxes for postmens attention.
Cheri Hornshaw
Cyclists - Tiga was very insistent on sniffing around Gloomy Wood Cycle Track and then walking in Iron Latch back to Sugarloaf Hill. Please listen out. It might just be one sound that alerts us to where they are if they are trapped. We are on day 8 dogs have been found at 16 days+ and therefore so important to continue the search. If you hear a sound, you may not hear another for 20 mins because dogs may not have enough energy to bark again straight away.Last edited: 2016-10-28 20:04:20 by Cheri Hornshaw
Cheri Hornshaw
Out with Jenny and Tiga ( on a 3.5 hour search along route last taken. Tiga certainly knew which way we walked. Dogs NOT FOUND so it doesn't seem they are stuck along that route. Bedgebury is a very large forest. We are so reliant on cyclists, horse riders and walkers looking and listening out for us. Please post any sights or sounds here. Pursuing dogs stolen leads as well daily searches. Does anyone know where there are burrows in Bedgebury? If so let me know. Please keep sharing. I would be so grateful if people could print a poster and put it in their car and wherever else you feel it will be seen in your area. I feel sure we are going to get them back with publicity. Huge thanks for your interest, concern and efforts. We really appreciate it.
Cheri Hornshaw
Thank you Jenny Lee from Joggy Doggy for telling me about Jenny Brown and Tiga from K9 Tracker ( I have posted a request for help to find George and SpiderLast edited: 2016-10-28 12:15:42 by Cheri Hornshaw
Cheri Hornshaw
After some much needed sleep just got up to complete some urgent admin. Thank you everyone for your continued efforts. We have got to get George and Spider back this weekend. Please print and share the posters wherever you can. Following some stolen leads but even if George and Spider have been taken its important for all the community to stay vigilant in case they are dumped back in the forest or elsewhere. I found our autistic son in the kitchen tonight busy laminating posters. I will share an album on Facebook tomorrow of Spider's incredible six months with us and of wonderful George. Please help us to get these much loved dogs back where they belong in their loving homes. My client's family and I are so grateful for your support xLast edited: 2016-10-28 00:39:28 by Cheri Hornshaw
Cheri Hornshaw
Spoke to a group of cyclists with dogs tonight in the parking area at Park Lane 18:30. Thank you for your support. Amy would you text me on 07900 920138 so I can pass on the contact info of George's owner. She would love to talk with you about your experience of recovering your dogs.
Cheri Hornshaw
Thanks to all for continuing to look out for George & Spiider on your walks,, runs and rides through Bedgebury Forest. I have been focused on admin re the possibility dogs are stolen. So important to keep on considering both. Meeting up with owner of George today. Last edited: 2016-10-27 09:18:28 by Cheri Hornshaw
Cheri Hornshaw
CJ. thank you I will do that ASAP.
DogLostCJ - Police Liaison Co-ordinator
Cheri email sent to make contact re recent information.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks for the detailed update Cheri. I'm glad it was a positive day and that's so important when dogs have been missing for a few days.
I'm so sorry I did not respond to your messages yesterday but I was up on a rather windy Beachy Head with the rescue services who were helping with Bonnie. Maybe you would call me in the afternoon please so we can have a chat?
Cheri Hornshaw
Sorry for late update. Although George & Spider are still missing it was a positive day. Really grateful to the gamekeeper for granting permission to search on the no access section of land in Bedgebury Forest. A thorough search has put my mind at rest that they are not trapped in there. Also grateful to the residents on the private land at the end of Park Lane who explained that the barking that could be heard were resident dogs reacting to our calling 'George' and 'Spider' and told me they were going to carry out a thorough search of their land and hedges and the neighbourhood with their dogs. More peace of mind. My neighbours checked the land on both sides of the Cardiac track. Please comment if anyone hears any further strange noises here. JCB thank you for your comment below re the strange noises deer can make during the rutting season. A horse rider stopped today and shared invaluable knowledge re additional groups I could share the DogLost link on. She also spoke of hunting dogs tendency to go into 'prey mode' which may mean they can go to ground and be missing for anything from hours, days to 6 weeks or more. This has really encouraged me to stay positive and motivated to search burrow areas. Spent some time in 'last seen' area at Sugarloaf Hill. Meeting so many people who show such concern and willingness to lookout for us is so encouraging. Despite the upsetting circumstances it is good to experience the Bedgebury Community coming together in this supportive way. Many thanks. My sister and niece are en route from Devon to help. Invaluable because our autistic son is struggling with the absence of Spider and the concept of searching for Spider but not bringing him home. Spider is a rescue dog that has only been with us 6 months but the bond he and Sam have built up is very special. There is a bit of duel rescuing going on there! Lovely to meet the spaniel owner today who understood this completely from her own experience. Very uplifting. Investigating a radio appeal tomorrow after feedback that a lady who lost 2 labradors in the forest last year got the dogs back after a radio appeal. Having to consider the possibility that they have been stolen. Appreciate DogLost reminding me not to presume anything and push on with the search. My 'occasional' clients have been incredibly supportive staggering walks with their dogs to ensure that there are dogs that George and Spider know walking throughout the day. Feeling hopeful.Last edited: 2016-10-26 00:53:34 by Cheri Hornshaw
A local lady, who rides her horse often in the area, has been on the lookout today and will continue to do so. She did mention that it is rutting season and deer can make very strange noises at this time.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sorry to hear that George & Spider are still missing, have been thinking of you today and hoping that your walk around the private land may have brought some good news.
DogLostZoe - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Sorry to see George and Spider are missing :-( It sounds like you are doing all the right things. I know Ian and am glad he's been able to give you contact details for the land owner. Good luck with your search today. x
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks for the information, update and for the chat we had today. That's kind of Ian and the gamekeeper. Although Spider and George may be down a sett it's also possible that the dogs are caught up in deep brambles. If they can be heard from the cycle track and are in there they hopefully will not be too deep underground. I have given advice re taking a hose with a funnel on it to listen and call down any entrance to a hole to see if they are down there. Often dogs will work their way out when they hear their owners encouraging them.
I have also given some other suggestions that should help.
Please be careful Cheri and the best of luck to you.
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
I shared your post below on fb regarding the No Access Land, and have just seen that you have permission to go in there. Good luck, hopefully you will find them today.
Cheri Hornshaw
Forester Ian Bromley has been in touch with the gamekeeper who has given me permission to walk in the no access land without a dog so I will be checking the area this morning. There is no shooting today or tomorrow. There are no fox snares laid. There is a large badger set in there.
Cheri Hornshaw
URGENT - I have had reports from daytime and evening cyclists that they can hear a strange noise (possibly a dog in distress) as cycling along the cardiac cycle trail. They report that the sound is coming from the 'no public access land'. This land is owned by David Masters and used for Pheasant Shooting. I am desperate to get contact details of the owner and gamekeeper so that they can check their land (fox snares and burrows) in case it is George and Spider trapped there. Spider is our rescue dog. We have been training him (on lead) not to react to cyclists. He has a tendency to let out a high pitch squeal as they pass. George is our clients dog. He is very fearful of the sound of gunshot and will be extremely distressed by the sound of gunshot from the pheasant shooting. The Cardiac Cycle Trail is shown on the right of this map from Louisa Lake…/2015/07/Trail-map.pdf I spoke to Ian Bromley Forester. He was unable to contact the owner yesterday. I am waiting for him to reply to my text for contact numbers of the owner and the gamekeeper. Last edited: 2016-10-25 11:45:36 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I spent a couple of hours walking around the forest yesterday but did not see or hear anything. I had my 2 dogs with me. I did approach a couple walking dogs who live just outside the forest on the A21 and whos garden backs onto the forest. They took a photo of the poster I carried with me. I gave the poster to a family who were going into the forest as I came out. I do know the Keeper that lives in the forest but do not have his number however I have passed a message on through a mutual friend so hopefully he will be aware tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. I lost my rescue dog there one Christmas Day but I waited where I had last seen her and she returned to that spot. There are lots of interesting smells to keep them busy this time of the year but I'm sure they will come out soon
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
That's interesting Cheri. May not be anything but is definitely worth following up. I hope you get a reply from the landowner and that they will let you go on the land with or without an escort fm them. Thanks for not going on there without permission as it's so important to keep landowners 'dog and owner friendly' if possible! They must have a gamekeeper if setting snares so hopefully they will help.
Last edited: 2016-10-24 21:11:00 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Cheri Hornshaw
Checked part of Sugarloaf with help of a volunteer and a friend. 2 cyclists said they heard a strange noise alongside the Cardiac Cycle track near the pheasant field. I checked that area out. Heard occasional noise but difficult with all the pheasant sounds. No burrows there. Walked from Louisa Lake along Cardiac when out the other side I thought I heard a sound from Great Sheer Wood which is not land open to public and lots of pheasants. Not sure how to contact land owner. Hoping to check it out later without a dog. A friend out searching now just spoke to a ranger. Shoot is on south of Park Lane. There are snares for foxes. Land owner should check his snares every day. Left a tel message with Ian Bromley Forester. Owner is David Masters. Ian unable to contact him. Listened this evening at Cardiac Cycle track, Frith Wood, couldn't hear anything. Parked up at Park Lane another 2 cyclists said they heard a strange noise when passing same point. Drove back and listened and called and couldn't hear anything. Have texted Ian Bromley re need for owner, gamekeeper contact numbers.Last edited: 2016-10-24 21:28:45 by Cheri Hornshaw
Have you tried the Scotney Castle side? There are a number of house below Kilndown in the forest and they will keep a look out if you let them know. Worth a poster at the village hall in Kilndown and also at Scotney castle- the woodland that side is all interlinked with Bedgebury. Also worth checking the Globe and Rainbow in Kilndown-they get a lot of walkers as do the Green Cross Inn on the road south of Goudhurst near Finchcocks. Good luck.
Cheri Hornshaw
this is a link to the walk log we recorded on the walk when George & Spider went missing. It shows the route we took and the area Sugarloaf Hill is labelled where George & Spider last seen edited: 2016-10-24 02:18:44 by Cheri Hornshaw
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Riverlady and Cheri for your update. Please would you copy and paste your comments on to Spider's page as well.
You are doing a great job and I know how hard it must be but you have a lot of support. I'm hoping that these 2 are still in the forest although they may be down a hole someone. It's just a case of finding which hole! If the other dogs show interest in any in particular please trust them as they have an uncanny sense which may lead you to Spider and George.
Stay strong and keep at it. I've got everything crossed that they will be found soon.
Cheri Hornshaw
Update on George and Spider: No news yet of any sightings but just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone that has helped so far. The support has been amazing. Bedgebury Forest Park Lane was a hive of activity all day with runners, cyclists and walkers all reading the posters, photographing them, talking about them, looking out for George and Spider. Bedgebury Stables took posters, called in to see Anne and left posters at the Bedgebury Office. Posters at Tesco, Waitrose, Charity Farm and Hartley Dyke Farm Shops. All our clients have been out walking their dogs from the main carpark and the Park Lane parking area. Spider is microchipped and logged as lost on Petlog. When trying to update George as lost it seems although he is chipped and has a number that vets have failed to record his information! So grateful for all the shares and support through Facebook and twitter. Spider is our rescue dog and George is a client's dog. Sam our 19 year old autistic son is finger spelling 'Spider' to us constantly and wants to be out looking for him all day. Spider is such an affectionate dog that likes to cuddle up and Sam has formed such a special bond with him since he has been with us these past 6 months. He has been so therapeutic for Sam. We want him back so much especially because he has had a tough time. He was found with his deceased owner and ended up in a police cell, then last chance rescue, then had to adapt to his new life with us. He loves it here out on pack walks everyday. We just hope and pray we get him back. We have been walking and caring for George for 5 years and love him to bits. He has always been my favourite. Desperate to get him back to my client and his loving family. Hope everyone can continue to help us and if they have been stolen that we all make them 'too hot to handle'. There will be an advert going in the Wealden Advertiser with a reward this coming week. Thank you all especially all the admin team at DogLost. Amazing information and support. We are so grateful xLast edited: 2016-10-23 19:10:55 by Cheri Hornshaw
Circulating on twitter.......GEORGE + SPIDER MISSING … #Bedgebury forest #TN18 Plz RT
Quench cycle hire at Bedgebury are worth contacting as well if you haven't already done that.
Fb twitter
Jenny & Tiga k9tracker
I have posted on our Kent Canicross page as a lot of our members run in Bedgebury.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I'm so sorry to see George and Spider have gone missing Cheri. Thanks so much MandyD for your help. I've shared to some of the Bedgebury pages (Friends of B, B Runners, B Pinetum) as well as to Doglost East Sussex and my pages.
Cheri: The incident you mention does sound strange and I hope that does not mean stolen but good to hear that you have reported this to the Police. Please would you let me have the incident, CRN or report number they gave you (you have my email address now)
In the light of this I would suggest you make these 2 TOO HOT TOO HANDLE which means getting loads and loads of posters out everywhere and anywhere you can think of. The more the better and in places where a lot of people will see them. Also get all of your friends sharing on Fbk and Tweeting as well. It all helps to make them too hot to handle very quickly.
I've sent you our Doglost email to help with your search.
Hoping you have some positive news soon. Very best of luck with your search.
Cheri Hornshaw
Mandy yes thank you. Bedgebury office informed this morning and they have put out a 'Friends of Bedgebury Alert' and informed the whole team.
I presume that you have let the forestry commisssion know so that the workers keep a look out. Anyone finding a dog out there could also take them to the visitor centre so they need to be able contact you. I will look out when I walk there in the morning and will go over that way from the main car park by the centre.
Cheri Hornshaw
A worrying incident at 9pm yesterday in park lane car parking area: A car drove past with youngsters 18-25. Asked if we were ok? Explained waiting for 2 dogs. Girl said they had lost a poodle. I asked name of dog. She said no name as they had just got the 10-week-old puppy. Asked what time she lost it. She said one hour ago. Conversation didn't add up. Who would be walking a 10-week-old puppy ... off lead ... in the dark. Asked how long we were staying. I said ages and they drove off. I reported our missing dogs and that incident to the police.

Just updating this comment with details of car: It was a small metallic light coloured hatchback (Silver?). Possibly a Ford Fiesta or Vauxhall Corsa or Citroen Saxo. Modification to sidelights. Distinctive blue colour

Male driver, female front passenger, two younger male rear seat passengersLast edited: 2016-10-26 12:53:31 by Cheri Hornshaw
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Shared both dogs. Hope you hear some news soon.
Cheri Hornshaw
George and Spider went missing at 5pm on an afternoon walk. Thank you to all who are looking out for them during their walks, runs and cycles through the forest.
Cheri Hornshaw
George is wearing a black collar with a metal plate attached with contact details
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Email alerts sent to postcodes TN17,TN18,TN19,TN32

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