Lost: White With Brown Markings Terrier Cross Female In South East (TN35)

  • Dog ID 105849
  • Status Lost
  • Registered 12 Oct 2016
  • Gender & Breed Female Terrier Cross
  • Age Elderly
  • Colour White with brown markings
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged Unknown
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 12 Oct 2016
  • Where Lost Chick Hill/Pett Level Rd, Pett
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area TN35
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info Ferris is blind & deaf. Seen: Co-op 7.35am Wed->Sea Rd towards Rye turned rt onto Castle farm track, Winchelsea Beach/Dogshill area. If you see Ferris please do not chase her, keep her in sight & call owners asap. Pls be aware it's REQUIRED BY LAW to REPORT finding a dog to DOG WARDENS. If you have Ferris please HAND HER TO A VET (NO QUESTIONS ASKED) Any information: Pls call owners or Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE on 0844 800 3220. Thank you.
  • Phone 1 07715 234988
  • Phone 2 01424 814447
  • Listed By Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
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Sightings and Information

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DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
A year has passed since Ferris went missing. Someone must know something. Thinking of the owners who worked so hard to try and find her.
So sorry to find this poor little dog lost came across alert via fb .though im not in your area i have tweeted this alert. Praying for safe return xx
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Just to say I had a drive out to Winchelsea Beach this morning, still a few posters up along main Rd, but poster in Co Op has been taken down. Drove along to Pett Level and had a walk around, posters have been taken down by toilets although one still up inside ladies. Walked over the fields and then back to car. So sorry Ferris that we still havent found you, is heartbreaking x
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Trish and I walked all along Winchelsea yesterday from Dogs Hill. We did see your grandmother walking and searching in Float lane. In fact every time I have gone there, I have seen her searching. If ever there was an owner who really deserved to find their dog it is your grandmother. She has not stopped walking and searching every single day since Ferris went missing. It is very sad. I just wish we could find her, or get a sighting, or just to know what happened. Send your grandparents my best wishes and let her know we are all still searching xx
Still no sightings of rosalee and John beautiful girl xx still looking tho I would just like 2 thank u all for ur continual lookin and ur updates it means alot 2 rosalee and John and they r truly grateful
Had a late afternoon walk down through Castle Farm and across to Camber Castle, then walked across to castle water and back through farm to Sea road and then drove back through Pett Level.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Had a long walk around from Rye Harbour through Reserve this morning, spoke to chap in information centre who knew of ferris, still some flyers in there & poster on door, went in all the hides and still flyers inside them. Drove back through Winchelsea Beach & through Pett Level, lots of posters still up all the way along. Had quick drive around area Ferris went missing from & then back up through Fairlight.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks everyone. A great effort by all and again, reassured that most people know Ferris is still missing. Yes Ebruf, so many footpaths in the area which always makes things so much harder to find a lost dog. Thanks for putting the poster up at that shop, we must have missed it.
I've asked Amanda to make sure that the newly worded poster with latest photo replaces the ones in Dogs Hill/Sea Rd/Castle farm areas as it will ensure all know that Ferris is still missing.
Still hoping that someone will come forward with some information. I can only repeat that if someone has Ferris please take her to a place of safety or call owners to return her. There will be NO questions asked as all they want is to have her home again.Last edited: 2016-10-23 18:54:56 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Still no sightings of our beautiful ferris just wish we knew were she is so cold out there anyone wiv any info gratefully received in confidence
On way back from a walk at Camber this morning I stopped off at the little farm shop on Sea Road, the one that sells the wild rabbits etc. He was aware about Ferris but took a poster that I had and put up outside shop. Also gave me a couple of leaflets that show all the footpaths rights of way so will try and explore some paths that we may not have covered yet. Come on Ferris we need someone to see you so we know where to look.
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Another long walk this morning from Winchelsea (Dogs hill) to the nature reserve. Spoke to a number of people who were already aware that Ferris is missing. Handed out some flyers too, so that people had a number with them as they were walking.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Had a walk around earlier this evening. Parked up at Pett Level toilets and walked all around Canal Path area. both sides of canal, checking undergrowth. Then went over road and behind caravan park, had good look into caravan park, down by lifeboat & back over to canal path area. then had a walk along Marsham Brook Lane, walked up to end where gate is (still open)was dark by now, but we had torches and checked along undergrowth, then headed back to car. Drove down & back fairlight way. spotted posters, sadly no sign of Ferris.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I've just met with Amanda and had a good chat on how to carry on with the search and the situation in general. I will let them update later.
Thanks Owl and everyone else for your comments and suggestions. Yes, posters have been put all of those places and the community in the area all seem aware of Ferris. Nina: we have already thought of that and have been working on getting one but they are usually only used under certain conditions and it's been too windy here recently. However, we are still working on it.
The good thing is that almost everyone that people meet whilst searching do know about Ferris.
Rosalee and John are still searching every day and just want their girl home no matter what the circumstances.
Amanda its one of the machines used to fly over areas. Used by many to observe places and people. Its not always popular in some secters but in a case such as the lost of Ferris I think it would be a valuable item to have on your side. There are clubs and organisations that might have people willing to help Have a look on google possibly under Drones or Drone Clubs UK to see if there are any nearby. Last edited: 2016-10-21 14:25:30 by Nina
Nina wat is this please
Still wondering if there were any thoughts about seeking out a drone user/owner
Yes owl they even in churches and as many places that we r allowed 2 put them
The rivers and that in pett have been cleared a animal was found in there but thankfully it wasn't ferris more posters have been made and put up still no sightings or news if you do know anything please contact no questions will b asked we just want ferris back wiv her heartbroken owners where she belongs in contact wiv dog wardens regularly to c if she has been handed in so long that ferris has been gone please ferris come home u r terribly missed and very loved a big thank u to everyone who is helping rosalee and John really appreciate it
DogLostOwl- Area Co-ordinator, Sherwood Forest
Now this is a very long shot, but are there posters in local community centres and places that senior citizens might frequent? If someone has taken Ferris in, she may well have been not reported as assumed to be dumped. Not all seniors have net access and some don't want anything to do with it. Just a thought.
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Just back from a long walk at Winchelsea. I focussed on the areas of the sightings last week. So many little paths and brambled areas with ponds etc. No sign sadly. Onwards and upwards.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
So heartbeaking that there is still no news .x
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
I will be out searching tomorrow. Keeping positive, and hoping we get a sighting.
We walk this area most days and will continue to look for her too, really hoping for some news soon.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Amanda for your post and Ebruf for continuing to search for Ferris (as are many others who do not comment on this page) It's been a week now and still no sightings of her which is obviously very worrying and NickyB yes, sadly we are very aware of that but her owners and other searchers have been checking the dykes etc in the area and no sign of her yet.
All we can ask is that no one gives up as we all know how resilient a dog can be regardless of their infirmities. As I have been told Ferris is scared of loud sounds then she has some hearing and as she only lost her sight earlier in the year she may still be able to see some shadows.
I can't imagine the heartache that the family are going through but as I've said before we will not be giving up.
water is deadly to blind dogs - do check ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, garden ponds in the area
More recent pic has now been added of ferris more posters have been put up rosalee and John have and are still searching everyday but still no sightings or news we know it's a long shot but we went 2 dungeness yest and put posters there as again ferris used to love her walks over there if anyone knows anything or has her please just hand her in to a vet or a safe place there will b no questions asked we just want u home ferris u really r truly missed rosalee and John are truly grateful for everybody's help and support on the search of our beautiful dog who is terribly missed.
As I was up at Country Park this morning walking my boys, I have removed the two posters that were in the main car park, whether there are any others I don't know as I wasn't the poster. They weren't the posters from Doglost website.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I've just had a call from the Rangers at Hastings Country Park saying that they would have liked to have been asked before posters were put up there (it's technically flyposting which is not allowed)
Please folks, whilst we do want posters up, it's very, very important that permission is obtained from anywhere like this & other private property (caravan parks etc)
The rangers do appreciate that we are looking for a lost dog & they have always been particularly helpful in these situations over the years so it's extremely important that we do not lose their support.
Resolved now. Owners hv permission.Last edited: 2016-10-19 15:04:14 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Cobbles.
Ferris' family are still searching everywhere for her.
They are begging anyone who has taken Ferris in and kept her safe to PLEASE, please take her to a vets and hand her in.
NO QUESTIONS will be asked.
Her elderly owners just want their beautiful girlie back home.
We have checked our sheds at Cobbles.
We have walked through the farm gate at Marsham Brook Lane over the field and up the canal we didn't see any sign. Our thoughts are with you if we see anything will let you know immediately.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks everyone for your suggestions & info where walked today. It all helps.
Chris54: Thanks, a good suggestion & yes, I was told Ferris' owners have been up there. We'll try to get posters up there & get one to the postman.
Still no reports of sightings which is unusual so again, I'm left wondering if Ferris has been shut in a shed, garage or somewhere like that by mistake. Please ask local people you meet to check their gardens/sheds/garages.
Another alternative is that someone has taken her in, has not reported finding her & does not know that's required by law, is not on Fbk & has not seen posters. So many people are aware of Ferris that it's hard to think someone has her but it has happened before.
To answer other questions, yes I suggested contacting local paper to run a story, traps: we wld need sightings & am sure owners wld be able to catch Ferris without one.
Until we have a sighting we'll continue to search & poster for Ferris. Rain forecast early morning but Ferris will move around again after that stops so best to search then please.
Thanks so much for all your help and suggestions. The family really appreciate all your support during this difficult time for them.
Drove through just after 4, from rye, through winchelsea, along winchelsea up into pett... saw lots of posters, some are unfortunately quite wet. Limited as to what I can do currently due to having an ill toddler. Hoping to head out first thing at dawn with Bentley in the morning x
I too walked a circuit from Dogs hill down onto the reserve then cut through to the end of the ridge went across shingle and onto Morlais and then back to Dogs Hill. No sightings.
Thanks Dpoglover Just wandered
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Just back from a good walk along Winchelsea from Dogs Hill towards Rye Harbour. So many little thickets she could be hiding out in. Then I drove along to Pett and up Chick Hill. There are still posters up, but think the weather gave some a battering and may need replacing as quite a few that we have put up are gone sadly. Will try to do some more posters later this week as I shall be working the next 2 nights. Fingers crossed you get a call, loads of people out walking dogs this morning as it was lovely and warm and sunny there. Not so nice now!
Kirsty Bateman
Might be a long shot, but waiting for confirmation on a sighted dog Denton, Newhaven;

Janiejewel1649. I believe you have to have sightings before a trap can be set up once definite sightings then I should imagine a possibility but I am not an e left only know from other lost dogs
Has anyone walked up the track path Saxon way behind the houses near the cliff ...it's very secluded and a lot of the big houses up there have outhouses....then it goes into a open area coming out in Fairlight by stream Lane and smugglers lane ...where again lots of big detached houses and long drives but still very rural...a different postman does this round might be worth going down there with a poster on the box ....I can show you if you want help Last edited: 2016-10-17 09:24:27 by Chris54
Has a drone been thought of for searching it may save an awful lot of footwork. There maybe a drone owner in the area who would be willing to help

Very caring Jenny/Tiga Team:-) Is it possible to use a trap of course using the owner scent. I know he is blind of course but is it possible to use the owners scent in some way, so Ferris could follow it? Could that work?
Have local press been contacted?
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared fb twitter
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Springermad. The family had a call saying a possible sighting reported in Rye Harbour area but couldn't get on computer to post on here as Windows was updating itself (takes hrs)
The kind gentleman (thanks to you) who told us of the sighting rang me afterwards to say it wasn't Ferris which was so very disapponting & awful for her owners. Whilst it's very important to follow up any sighting just in case, it's always very hard on the family to have their hopes raised & then dashed again. Especially as it's the 2nd time, let's all hope there's a lucky 3rd time.
Thanks Ebruf & TK for your extensive searches today. Great job done by both of you. I wasn't able to go today unfortunately & am not sure about tomorrow but will do my best to search if poss.
The poster has been updated with the new photo (pls refresh/reload page to see it) at request of the family. If anyone can help poster Chick Hill, Cliff End Lane & Elms Lane it would be much appreciated.
It's still possible that Ferris may have been shut in somewhere by mistake, that someone has take her in and not reported it (which is required by law & can be regarded as 'theft by finding') so it's important that we keep looking and postering anywhere and everywhere please. If someone does have her then they or a neighbour will soon see the posters.
We will NOT be giving up on Ferris, she has to be out there somewhere, bless her.

If anyone has any information about Ferris or knows where she is please call owners or Doglost in TOTAL CONFIDENCE on 0844 800 3220. Thank you. Last edited: 2016-10-16 19:39:05 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Message from grand daughter. Owners have met with sighter at Rye Harbour. Apparently not Ferris. The search continues.
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Possible sighting yesterday at Rye Harbour Area.Last edited: 2016-10-16 18:11:23 by SpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Have had a long walk around area this morning. Parked up by toilets and made our way over the stile just past the houses on left of bottom of Chick Hill where Tiga tracked along to the other evening. We walked round the edge of the first field & up a couple more fields, amazing views and we had a camera with a zoom lense so had a good look at surrounding area. then made way back down, spoke to lady in end house next to bottom field who will keep a look out.
Walked up Chick hill & along Chick Hill Brook, bumped into Owners who have been searching all around local area & who understandably are devastated she has stll not been found.
Then we walked along canal path, up around WW2 structures, spoke to local man who will keep a look out. Checked all inside Bunkers. Headed back down and took the footpath that runs paralell with Sea Rd leading back out at end of the lane coming out opp toilets. Bumped into Amanda who was also out looking.
Had a drive along Pett Level Rd to big lakes to do a bit of Birdspotting and then back along. As we drove up chick hill we stopped at the top to see if we could gain access to a barn that owners had mentioned. unfortunately we couldn't find a public right of way and there were signs everywhere saying private land. we did take a photo of the barn when we were down in fields earlier and zooming in on the photo we couldn't see anything.
As there have been no sightings since Wed despite the number of people looking and aware Ferris is missing, she is either hiding herself very well, someone has taken her in or picked her up and taken her out of area, or she has been injured.
so hoping we get a very much needed sighting very soon.
I didn't have any posters with me but if anyone can print a few and put them up around Chick Hill area that would be a help. the ones we put up there the other day seem to have disappeared, probably blown away.Last edited: 2016-10-16 14:32:43 by TK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Have alerted staff at Hastings Country Park visitor centre at Fairlight then after walking my boys up there drove down and parked up at Pett Level. Walked around and up Toot Rock and surveyed the area then walked along Marsham brook road crossed the road and then went through to sea wall and walked back along wall behind smugglers and beach cafe before returning to van. Drove down through Winchelsea beach before returning home. Sadly no sign of Ferris. There are lots of people about today so it would be fantastic to get a sighting so we would know where to concentrate the search.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks to the many people out searching today, hope you didn't get too wet.
New photo added for the poster at owners request. Please refresh the page to see it.The rain has stopped for now so maybe we will get a new sighting now.
Come on Ferris, please show yourself so we can get you home.
Also walked sea wall and canal path early this morning, put up a couple more posters and spoke to some regular dog walkers in the area....unfortunately no sign of her.
Walked the sea wall and canal path along from The Smugglers this morning. No sighting - but it was also pouring with rain so I guess she would probably be hiding somewhere!Fingers crossed for good news today
Thank u so heartbreaking
Do we know how she came to be at Winchelsea beach end? It's some distance from her home at Chick Hill??
We have been looking for her on the canal tow path between Toot rock and Winchelsea beach but no luck
Will look today again.
OK Clarkey thank u so much
I really hope you find your lovely girl soon I wish I was closer to help look for her, she is probably very scared & hiding somewhere please check under bushes ect .I will keep retweeting & keeping my fingers crossed for her.Last edited: 2016-10-15 20:21:10 by Hollieberry
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Nina: Thanks and that has already been done and they have our DL advice.
Thanks for posting that message from your grandparents Amanda. As I only got to meet Rosalee and John yesterday (because they have been out searching all the time) I had not had a chance to explain how Tiga works so that's understandable.
The scenting advice is in that Doglost email that I sent you. You gave a printed copy of it to your Rosalee and John so they do have it.
As I have mentioned (this evening on the phone) please also bear in mind that you and the family will be leaving a scent trail wherever you walk and search for Ferris. If she comes across this scent trail she is likely to follow in your footsteps so try to go back to her home each time you search an different area.Last edited: 2016-10-15 20:18:47 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thank u we did have a tracker dog come last night don't know if this is wat u mean
Owners drop a poster at local schools and offer a reward to school funds, contact taxi firms, put a poster in post boxes for postmen to get, poster bus sops and dog bins. Has anyone spoken to you about the scenting method of getting Ferris home.
A very big thank you for everyone's help and support we are very grateful

Rosalee and John
Hi this is Rosalee and John (ferris parents) we are very grateful for everybody's help and support on the search of our beautiful dog who is terribly missed.Jenny and Tiga we didn't understand at first but we are so grateful for you coming down last night and tracking we have searched today to chick Hill pett level Fairlight country park but still no news we have put up more posters with a different picture of ferris outside coop Winchelsea beach
Sorry wasn't able to come down today but will come out tomorrow and concentrate on area around Smugglers and chick hill
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Genie Brown & all who have left a comment. Apologies for late update.
Owners, Springermad, TK & I met Jenny & after a bit of discussion & at owners wishes we set off from the Ridge (nr where horses are kept) where we had been told Ferris had been seen at lunchtime on day she was lost. Tiga picked up some scent, went down lane to & across Smeatons Lane, on to the green at Dogs Hill Rd, across it & then up steps on the other side going straight over into Rye Bay Caravan Pk. We went through the caravans & out through the main entrance, crossed Pett Level Rd & along what seemed to be quite a strong scent (I couldn't keep up!) then crossed to pavement on other side, going quite a way up the road until Tiga took us up to the sea wall path where he stopped & sat down indictating the scent had been lost. This was on the clear tracks left by all the lorries travelling up there several time daily. At owners suggestion we went up to the Beach Club where lorries go off. Tiga picked up a scent on the seawall path, down steps at back of the Club (they have water there) then back up to the path, along & down to Smugglers Inn where he went on to their decking/outside table area, back out & across the road straight on to the little footpath bridge across the river (which owners say they use) We then went along the path that comes out at the toilets, went up the road to the corner, Tiga sniffed around the footpath entrance then turned around & came back to the area Ferris lives. So, I think, a good nights work by Tiga and Jenny, many, many thanks to them.

If anyone is able to put posters up along the seawall nr the toilets & anywhere else that we went last night that would be a big help. If someone has seen Ferris they may call in.
I am hoping that Ferris is making her way home. She may be in the area between Pett Level Rd & Chick Hill around Toot Hill & in fields there. Not sure that there are posters up Chick Hill or this end of the seawall yet & unfortunately I have a busy weekend so am not able to put any up. I hope Ferris' owners are feeling a little more positive now. They have been doing a fantastic job searching every day covering many miles to find their girl (as have many others of us) & are exhausted as well as still being very distressed.
The weather tonight is not good so Ferris is likely to 'hole up' during the rain. When the rain stops she is sure to start moving around again so that's the best time to start searches again please.
With some luck we will get a new sighting of Ferris soon which really will help find her. We won't be giving up on this old girlie. Last edited: 2016-10-15 17:00:47 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Genie Brown
Drove all around winchelsea and Rye harbour yesterday. All my thoughts are with you I know what your going through. Jenny and Tiger do wonderful work without them I am sure my Libby would never of been found. Come on Ferris we need another happy ending, where are you?
Thank u jenny and Tiga k9tracker and the ladies out last nite hoping we now can pin point the area better cum on ferris u really r truly missed
Jenny & Tiga k9tracker
On the spot decision to go and track - early start tomorrow to catch up on work and rearranged plans!
Tiga tracked some fresh and old scent but lost it up on the shingle but I gather it was where the heavy lorries are doing some work and rearranging the pebbles!
We moved further along to see if Tiga picked it up again but some of this was old scent where Ferris had been walked the days before she went missing.
I am sure after some sleep those out tonight can recollect where we went as I don't know the names of the roads etc.
Thank you to the back up team of SpringerMad, Clarkey and TK who followed in the dark - head torches held out.
Jenny and Tiga are a wonderful team. It is SO lovely of Jenny to change her own plans to help. A real star.
What wonderful people trying to help lovely to read , hope she is found soon and home safe and warm x x
That is so incredibly kind of Jenny to drop everything to be there tonight. Thank you so much Jenny x
Am personally too far away to be of any use at all but have been avidly watching this thread for good news.
Jenny coming is indeed good news. :)
Fab news re jenny and Tiga.....am away this weekend but will be checking regularly for updates
Are there any cemeteries or churches nearby where she could be hiding as it is quiet and secluded ......
Yes originally Jenny could have gone today but owners did not want that , then I think they re thought and a comment was put on here tonthat effect. But Jenny is away and not able to come now until Tuesday....let us hope this poor dog will be found by then.......X
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Quick update! Jenny has very kindly agreed to come down tonight and track. She was packing up to go away so has 'dropped' everything to help.
DogloverI think I read that Jenny had a slot to help
As they said no she cannot help until Tuesday
Will go back and read see if I am correct
Just looked think I got that wrong sorryLast edited: 2016-10-14 15:50:04 by Patlucky
This poor little girlie must be so confused & frightened. Hoping Jenny & Tiga where able to come and track today! Unfortunately not able to help this weekend, but I'll join you all on Monday- hoping I won't need to though & that this little girl will be at home cosy & warm xxx
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Amanda, I'm afraid Jenny is away working for the weekend now but I had already asked her if she would come down as soon as she's back & she has agreed to help but this will not be until Tuesday. Please everyone, be assured am keeping in touch with Jenny so there's no need to tag or message her again please.
Thanks Ebruf, sorry not to see you today & thanks for covering that area.
Have been out since 7am when I walked along from Dogshill along the Ridge past Long Pit to the old Rye Harbour Farm buildings. I spoke to & gave poster (with updated tel number on) to chap who lives there & put poster on the boat (at his suggestion)
Then went back to Dogshill to meet with Springermad, pick up more posters & then we walked all the way along the sea wall path past Mary Stanford Lifeboat house, past Ternery pool & then went left past the bird hides taking the path across to Rye Harbour holiday park. They put a poster in their window & I met the groundsman man who took several posters for his staff in case they see Ferris while they are working. A quick cuppa & snack then back along the footpath to Ternery pool, turned right on to path leading past the RH farm area & on to the Ridge putting some laminated posters up & in letter boxes along there. Cut through track to sea wall path & back to Dogshill. We met the warden from nature reserve who knows Ferris & his owners & he was fine about us putting posters up which was kind of him.
The very last person we gave a poster to was a lady from Camber Canines who told us she was sure she had seen Ferris at about lunchtime on the day she went missing (Wed) Ferris was wandering around alone on the Ridge. We asked about the size of the dog & she was sure it was her.
I think we could do with some more posters up in Morlais Ridge if possible please & also in Rye Harbour itself. The more posters there are the better! Poster power really does work for those vital sightings.
Please remember that if you do see Ferris she may run away if you try to catch her, so just keep her in sight to see which direction & where she is going to & call owners straight away. Thanks again to all of you helping with the search. The family are still, understandably, so upset that Ferris is not home yet, but we will not be giving up until she is found. Over 8000 views of the page now so a lot of support for the family. Thank you :)Last edited: 2016-10-14 15:26:37 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I have put Ferris on Winchelsea Beach FB page
Have had a long walk this morning, starting down at Castle farm area where I met springermad just returning from walking the area, so did a short walk then relocated to Winchelsea Beach. This time I walked the lane that runs alongside the playing field and then took the marked footpath that runs past a conservation area and properties that are behind the main road, eventually brought me out on corner of Rye Harbour reserve by Long pit, then returned to car park. Spoke to walkers and locals.
Have tagged in Jenny on Facebook post and mentioned the comment on here. I hope she can help xxx
sed owner have hnad a change of heart. We all knoiw Jenny, and Tiga do a fantastic job.
Do hope Jenny can go today now owners have changed their minds.
Jenny when r available please as think got grandparents to re think as grandma is devasted
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
I hope owners reconsider as valuable time is being lost and with no sightings they really do need help
Jenny & Tiga k9tracker
I suspect this found dog is the dog that was found yesterday and that the owners went to see. If so it was not Ferris but was very similar and we now suspect that the sightings could well have been this dog.
I was prepared to go and track Ferris yesterday but after 2 hours the helpers couldn't convince the owners that it was the best thing to do and so without access to a scent item we couldn't help.
Last edited: 2016-10-14 09:42:23 by Jenny & Tiga k9tracker
I have tried ringing but went on 2 voice mail if u could ring bk on the number 07715234988 thank u
DogLostMillypod (Chris) - Administrative Volunteer
Just in case : Showing reunited.

Found Dog
13 Oct 2016
Jack Russell
Location: Winchelsea TN36
Gender: Not Known
Colour: White
Markings: Tan patches
Size: Small
Our Ref: 388647
For further details call 0161 297 0268
To amend, email info@animalwardens.co.uk quoting our ref and full postcode, attach picture if available
DogLostJenkins-Admin for Found Dogs
Do you think a tracker dog could help find Ferris?
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Well done team Ferris....
Please can everybody look in there back gardens sheds garages out houses please
Stay safe Ferris until you are found. Get reunited soon.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Chester1066. A great days work today by so many people. Thank you all so much. Loads of posters up all along Pett level beach, in Co-op/hairdressers & Pub31 in parade opp Dogs Hill Rd, Smugglers pub, Winchelsea Beach Cafe, all the caravan parks, most car parks along the front, the ice cream van, Wakehurst Farm shop & many more given to lots of walkers. The W B Cafe was especially kind & they often help with lost & found dogs. It's open 10-4pm so Springermad & I enjoyed a much needed coffee & some tasty cake there today. Thank you WB Cafe!

I also had a good chat with Amanda tonight so I have a bit more info on Ferris.
Ferris is the apple of her owners eye & she's in excellent condition.
She lost her sight at beginning of this year. She can still hear very loud noises but this really scares her which is possibly why she ran away from home.
Ferris is probably a Collie x terrier so has much longer legs (as in photo) than a JR terrier.
Tomorrow her owners will go to search Rye Harbour nature reserve again & Rye Harbour Golf Course. They have been out searching for their girl every day & are doing well but are still very distressed.
The family also had a call from our Dog Wardens asking them to go to see a terrier found at Dogshill on Thurs afternoon. However, although the dog looked very like Ferris it was smaller with a patch over the eye & was not her (that dog is now with our Dog Wardens)
There's some doubt now that the sighting of Ferris on Winchelsea beach yesterday morning was actually her. We think it's more likely that it was the found terrier. However we cannot discount it entirely.
We still think the 1st sighting of Ferris on Sea Rd (going on to Castle farm track) was Ferris & this fits in with a telephone call that the family had today saying that Ferris was seen Thursday morning at about 9am in Rye Harbour Farm/Winchelsea beach area so that's very encouraging.

There have now been almost 7000 views of this page & nearly everyone we gave posters to today already knew about Ferris which shows all the sharing is working. That's down to everyone who's helping so again, many thanks :)
POLITE REQUEST: If you see Ferris please do NOT try to catch her unless she approaches you (as she's running scared) just keep her in sight & call the number on this page asap.
With so many posters up now I'm really hoping that we will get some more new sightings & that she will be found very soon. Last edited: 2016-10-14 00:38:07 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I've printed out two posters and put them up at my workplace, Trinity Wholefoods in Hastings. Lets get Ferris back xx
Walked the canal path this afternoon, spoke to several walkers some had already seen posters so word is getting around. Then walked the sea wall going towards Winchelsea Beach did about half distance before turning back. No sign sadly.
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Nearly 5K views of Doglost page ...
Shares all over fb to various local sites, & loads of posters up all around area
Hoping for some news soon
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks Ebruf....and clarkey..and find missing dogs uk!
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Ebruf, that's brilliant. Did you see about the latest sighting on Winchelsea beach? Hopefully mean Ferris is making her way towards/back home.
I've been in touch with Jenny who has kindly said that she may be able to come down later to track with Tiga.
We will find you Ferris, just stay safe till then girlie
Have walked from Winchelsea beach end into reserve followed track past the properties left a poster with one the property owners. Alerted everyone I met whilst doing a circuit of the reserve. No sightings, personally I don't think she would have ventured onto the reserve more likely to be taking refuge in someone's garden or hopefully trying to make her way back home. Will go back out this afternoon and walk the path along the canal and then come back through Winchelsea beach.
Missing Dogs UK
have shared on my page https://www.facebook.com/FINDMISSINGDOGSUK/ and on twitter really hope you find her soon
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I've been out with Springermad & TK postering all along Pett level, Winchelsea areas. Met owners grandaughters who are out searching too as well as Ebruf who is doing the same (many thanks!) Everyone is doing a great job so posters should bring another new sighting soon. As Ferris was on the beach at Winchelsea then it's quite possible she is making her way home.
Owners have been out searching Rye nature reserve area this morning and are aware of new sighting. One of the telephone numbers has been changed as Ferris' owner is rather deaf so has not heard his mobile. New number is his grandaughters.
Spoke to a farmer on land opp beach Pett Level & put poster on farm gate. Also met chap with binoculars near the ponds & he will keep look out for Ferris too.
Many thanks to PC Matt Elms who took poster & said would put a shout out to other local officers.
Have come home to print more posters as all 60 I went out with have been given out.
Just hoping for that one important call to let us know where Ferris is.
Come on girlie, show yourself so we can get you home.
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Benn postering this morning from the sighting at the track leading to the farm at Winchelsea and all the way along to Pett with Clarkey and TK. Met owners grand daughters and a lot of people are aware of Ferris and her owners. Seems they are all well known in the area anyway. More posters going up later hopefully
Last sightings Winchelsea beach 9am on 12oct
Shared Hastings
DogLostSharon - Social Media Team
I have shared with DL FB Page, Public & Twitter.Good luck for the search today. I hope Ferris is safely back at home very soon. X
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Riverlady and Genie Brown. That's great & if any of your staff live in PEtt level, Winchelsea or Rye please ask them to share if poss!
Ferris is still missing this morning. I and other Doglost helpers are off to Pett level to help search and poster. Please keep everything crossed we can find this lovely girlie.
Thanks also to all who have shared and Tweeted for Ferris. Please keep at it!
We are determined to find her and if anyone is able to help search and poster your help would be greatly appreciated.
Just need Ferris to show herself and that important new sighting.
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Thanks Genie....
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
So worried about this dear girl and her poor owners, will head over after school run to help look x
circulating on twitter....#Lost Terrier Cross Female DEAF&BLIND
SEEN nr CO OP Sea Rd #Winchelsea #TN36 Toward #Rye http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=105849#.V_6Z-zdMrhM.twitter … … pic.twitter.com/3RNEmzgkjs
Genie Brown
Will run off some posters to put in shop window as lots of walkers with dogs come into shop and will alert anyone I know locally.
Genie Brown
Tel1 and his boys who work in Harbour Road are looking out for Ferris in case she wanders into estate also to and from work. I am in Rye tomorrow will take some back ways she must be so scared
I hope Jenny and Tiga can help with this one if she isn't home today
DogLostClaire Gresty - Area Coordinator, North West.
Praying this beautiful girl is found safe and well xxx
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Ebruf.
If anyone has friends who live in the Pett Level or Winchelsea areas please share to them or let them know about Ferris. Thanks.
Will try to get out there tomorrow morning to see if we can find this dear girlie.
I will walk in Rye Harbour reserve in the morning from Winchelsea Beach.
Email alert received in tn38.......really feel for the owners thank goodness Tk and springerMad went to help. Am on 12 hour shift tomorrow so hope for good news when I log on tomorrow night......be thinking of you all x
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Alison.
Twitter alert requested. If anyone uses Twitter please would they Tweet for Ferris (button at top of this page) Would be very helpful.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Email alerts sent to postcodes TN31,TN33,TN34,TN35,TN36,TN37,TN38
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks TK and Springermad for going out today and helping search for Ferris. I'm sure her elderly owners really appreciated it. (We posted at same time!)
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Ferris is blind and deaf. Her owners are very elderly and despite having to walk with sticks have been out all day searching. They are obviously very distraught and desparate to find Ferris. TK and Springermad have been helping them search and say they have managed to get them to go home now and have asked them to leave bedding outside so that Ferris has familiar scent to make her way back to.
I will leave Springermad or TK to update you with other details.
I do not think owners have internet or email address so unable to send out advice. However, I know our lovely Doglost helpers who were with them today will have passed most of it on to them.
Ferris was last seen when she ran out in front of a car by the Co-op at 7.35am ad was running scared along Pett LEvel Rd/Sea Rd towards Rye, finally turning right down the farm track at sharp left corner before road goes towards the main road. I think this is goes to Castle Farm, towards Camber Castle/Rye nature reserve or to Morlais Ridge depending on which way she ran after the farm.
It's possible Ferris could make her own way back home tonight when she has calmed down so have got everything crossed that she does so.
If not, please can anyone help owners with postering and searching tomorrow?
DogLostTK - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
So sorry to hear Ferris is missing.
Saw fb post this evening saying Ferris had managed to get out of garden at about 730 this morning. Someone had seen her at about 7.45 running scared along by CoOp at Winchelsea Beach heading towards Rye, Last seen heading up to River Brede Farm.
Had a drive out this evening, had a look around area she went missing from and then drove along to Winchelsea Beach & Met up with Springermad. Headed back along to where she went missing from and bumped into owners who were still out searching, they have walked miles today.
They have put a poster up at Rye Nature Reserve & staff aware, also poster in Co Op and staff there aware.
Owners have said that she is extremly nervous and unlikely to come to people, so if sighted please call owners.
Will go back over in morning and have a look around ..
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
There are loads of shares going on. Tonight TK and I have been down to search. We met up with the owners who have been walking all day long and were utterly exhausted and so upset. They are elderly, so any help would be great. We shall be back down in the morning to search and poster the area.
Sorry to see that FERRIS IS DEAF AND BLIND MISSING ONE YEAR is missing.
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