Rainbow Bridge: Chocolate Labrador Retriever Male

  • Dog ID 103754
  • Status Rainbow Bridge
  • Registered 20 Aug 2016
  • Gender & Breed Male Labrador Retriever
  • Age Older Adult
  • Colour Chocolate
  • Marks & Scars
  • Tagged No
  • Microchipped Yes
  • Tattooed Unknown
  • Date Lost 20 Aug 2016
  • Where Lost by the Kitesurf Centre, Camber Sands, Camber
  • Lost In Region South East
  • Lost In Post Area TN31
  • Date Reunited
  • Other Info If you find or see him please please let us know. Thank you. (Ref:682-25/8/16)
  • Phone 1 07717 774041
  • Phone 2 07813 758308
  • Listed By Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
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Sightings and Information

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Good night Murphy - you were the luckiest boy in the world to have such loving caring parents. They miss you dreadfully and you have taken a big piece of their hearts with you. You have been in my 'follow' box since you went missing. I do still think of you...if only..xxxxxxLast edited: 2018-09-29 19:00:30 by Jane
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
One year on and I have moved Murphy into our special Rainbow Bridge section. Jenny his owner had asked that he should stay in 'lost' so that people would still keep an eye out for the lad in case he was recovered. However, sadly we know that Murphy was lost to the sea. Run free Murphy :(
I still have Murphy in my 'Dogs I'm Following' as he's never been found...I still think of him XXX
Many miles away here in Yorkshire but I have often thought of your beautiful boy Murphy.Thinking of you today xx
So very sad I hope people in the area will walk with Jenny X
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Tomorrow is Murphy's Memorial walk. Jenny is asking that anyone who would like to join her meets up at the Kite Surf Centre between 12-12.30. She will be walking from there about 1pm and is looking forward to meeting some of you.
I wish I could be there myself but unfortunately will not be able to come but I will, of course, be thinking of Murphy and Jenny.
Murphy's Mum
Hello everybody.
It is coming up to a year since I lost my wing man Murphy. It has been a year of many ups and downs and remembering the happy times amongst the tears that spring up on me without any notice. The last few weeks have been particularly hard, being near the sea, but i have to remember how much he lived to swim.
I will never forget the amount of help and support we got from this page and others from loads of people in the local area and beyond.
I am planning to come back to Camber on his anniversary and would like to plan a memorial walk for Sunday 20th August. Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. I hope you are all well. Jenny xxLast edited: 2017-07-05 19:59:34 by Murphy's Mum
can you email me as a body has been washed up I think near rochford just incase. I'll email you the post I have screen shot. thanks.... kezzaside@hotmail.co.uk
I'm sorry to come into this so late, but I live in France and suggest you put a notification on Pet Alert France. You could maybe do the same if it exists in Belgium and Holland. I feel very much for this terrible loss but am still hoping for a miracle. When the people saw him 20 miles out in the sea did they send anyone else to try and get him?
.Last edited: 2017-01-28 14:20:50 by cockerspaniellover
DogLostDebbie - Area Volunteer, South London
Maria, can you please update with your comment below please - was Murphy found, sadly rainbow bridge? thanks DebbieLast edited: 2016-12-29 18:53:03 by Debbie - Area Volunteer, South London
please check marsh watch page on fb a dogs body has been found at littlestone been there a while washed up and is dark in colour hope its murphy and u can lay him to rest bless him xxx
So sad as came to know about Murphy on Sunday from his mummy, we knew him well for many years. xxx
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Debbie, I think of him too, it's the not knowing - he's so gorgeous. All the dogs that are never found, it breaks my heart xx
DogLostDebbie - Area Volunteer, South London
I think of Murphy often, I do hope you get some peace with finding him somewhere so he can be laid to rest :(
So sad, I was hoping you would be able to get Murphy home so sad for you all xxx
Murphy's Mum
Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment. Buddy does look very like Murphy and I cried looking at his pictures, but it definitely isn't him unfortunately. Murphy's eyes were a little closer together although the rest of his characteristics are very very similar.

Thank you all for your continued searching.
Murphy's Mum xx
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Hi I have emailed them to check Big Buddy against Murphy. Will update when i receive notification from them. Thank you.
Update received back.
Dear Claire,

Big Buddy was a sign over from a family, with an extensive previous vet history going back some years. Also he was not microchipped. He was also a regular boarding client at the same kennels where we board our rescue dogs.

Hope this helps.

I think it very unlikely that we would find Murphy alive as his body was sighted by coastguards offshore as per post on
26/08/2016. 14:55 DogLostClarkey

Thank you for thinking of Murphy.xLast edited: 2016-10-25 17:26:31 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Missing Dogs UK
Hi sorry but just incase a similar one here https://www.rspca.org.uk/findapet/details/-/Animal/BIG_BUDDY/ref/BSA2056836/rehome/
Missing Dogs UK
shared x
Murphy's Mum
Hi folks. Thanks for all of your messages and support. I really thought we had him earlier, but unfortunately the remains i mentioned in an earlier post turned out to be a seal. Back to square one.
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Thank you Sara and Mallory'smum
Thank you have sent the pictures to admin x
Sara I think its admin@doglost.co.uk
ok do you have email addy to post them to please ClaireC
Fingers crossed this is the closure point for Murphy's owner
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Sara you can also email the pictures into admin as we have an expert who checks against wildlife ie a seal.Last edited: 2016-09-12 11:58:40 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Murphys Mum I do have pictures, did not want to post on here though maybe too upsetting , I can send them to you by pm if you wish, if you want to see them messgae me Sara Kent on facebook, profile picture of a heart with a dogs paw xx
Thinking of you Murphy's Mum x
Murphy's Mum
Thank you folks. It is a very good chance that those remains that were spotted are Murphy. There are a number of people who have described these remains as a dog and about Murphy's size. Some lovely people from the local area are going down this morning to see if he is still there and fingers crossed i can arrange with a local vet in the area to have him collected, scanned and hopefully cremated, so that i can bring my boy to his final resting place. Fingers crossed. XLast edited: 2016-09-12 06:29:47 by Murphy's Mum
Thanks GillyP.
DogLostGillyP - Administrator, Head Office
Murphys mum I have sent you step by step details on how to get to the page xx
Hi Murphy's Mum - I put this link into my browser - https://www.facebook.com/groups/INGOLDMELLSANDCHAPELFANS/?fref=nf - and it says it is a closed group - join to see discussion, post and comment. Perhaps, if you do Facebook (sorry, I don't), you could join the group and get your questions answered - I do hope you soon have closure re your beloved Murphy. X
Murphy's Mum
Hi Sara. I am unable to open the Facebook link. Is there anyway you could please send it again, or send the link to the number ending in 308 above please? Any idea what happened to these remains? Would it be possible to get some more information at all please?
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
I would very very much doubt that this would be Murphy! If you read my post of 27 Aug when I spoke with ferrymen working off the Essex coastline that if Murphy was being swept along with the tides then it would be at least 3 weeks he would be spotted along these waters! I was with the Harbour master yesterday (Sat 10th Sep) and they have had no sightings at all. I would think this would more likely be a Seal. Thank you for thinking of Murphy though.
Is it possible, please, for Murphy's page to be 'bumped' to the top in view of yesterday's message - thanks.
not sure if he would have travelled this far , but something has washed up on the beach at Ingoldmells near Skegness, not sure what it could be as badly decomposed to be honest, some people saying seal, others say it could be a dog, very hard to tell , https://www.facebook.com/groups/INGOLDMELLSANDCHAPELFANS/?fref=nf
Thinking of Murphy and his family.So sad for you. He was such a lucky dog to have you in his happy life.
Keep popping back to see if there are any updates, I really hope you manage to get Murphy home, so so sad xxxx
Such a sad story and tragic end for a special dog run free at Rainbow bridge Murphy. Thinking of the family at this time. I can't help at all as I now live in Wales having moved from Hastings but I will pray that Murphy can be laid to rest by his family. God bless you all x
So sorry. My thoughts are with Murphy`s owners t this very tragic time. I am certain Murphy is already having fun at "Rai nbow Bridge" with his pals. Nighte, night Murphy , sleep tight, and have fun with Max (Blsck lab) who is waiting to play. RIP+ God Blessx A~~~Candle ~~~burns for the handsome Murphy. Hopefully you will find him, and can lay him to rest. One dayh when the time is right, you will be reunited with Murhy when the time is right, And he remains with you in spirit, in your throughts, and in your hearts. Sometimes when a pet dies in tragic circumstances they will give a sign that they are still are around
Last edited: 2016-08-28 14:21:53 by janiejewel1649
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks ever so much ClaireC That's very kind of you and interesting information too. Please thank him for us. Admin have all the information needed to contact either myself or Barry should there be another sighting.Last edited: 2016-08-27 18:41:28 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Clarkey, I have been to see Harbour Master's Ferryboat men at Brightlingsea, Essex today and have told him of Murphy. His crew have said that it would be at least 3 weeks before he would sighted in these coastal waters subject to tides and weather conditions from sighting 20 miles offshore of Ramsgate! He did say he will alert all visiting boats.Last edited: 2016-08-27 17:01:51 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Murphy's Mum: Thanks for mentioning Doglost. Good article but unfortunately not the correct contact number for Barry. I will let Admin know how to contact him.

Last edited: 2016-08-27 11:14:05 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Oops very sorry
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Pat thats already been documented below by Clarkey!See 14.55 post.
Found on a page on FB

Update on Murphy TN31 doglost page.

"Incredibly we have just had a call fm Dover Coastguards saying he was seen Ramsgate area 20 mls out to sea. If he is found anywhere on Essex beachs pls would you let his owner know.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Julie and ClaireC I will do that. Good suggestion, hopefully they will hv a Facebook page I can msg them on. If not I will find an email address and do it that way.
Really appreciate everyone's help and suggestions. Thank you.
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
I am at present in the coastal area in Essex and have a few fishermen friends I can notify and they will most certainly keep an eye out for him. CLARKEY, would it be possible for you to contact the Lifeboat guys in Clacton as they have a great deal more contacts in the coastal area that I am sure would spread the word to perhaps the offshore windmills maintenance team? I have such a lousy signal whilst here and unable to hold a decent conversation! We have been down the coastal route today with binoculars but neither of us have seen anything other than an air show.Last edited: 2016-08-26 20:39:07 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Bless you all, What a dreadful thing to happen,
My heart goes out to you all, So tragic,XX

I do hope Murphy can be recovered from the sea and returned to his family to rest in peace. Accidents can and do happen in the blink of an eye to the most caring owners, as I know from my own experience.
My thoughts are with them xx
DogLostJulie - Social Media Team, Surrey
I have asked a friend whose husband is a fisherman albeit not in the Kent area whether he could share with any friends just in case. J. x
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks Carolstarkey. I have, with help from BB451 Co-ordinator Kent (thanks) spread the word about Murphy to Kent and also Essex areas so hopefully local people will keep a look out for him on the beachs.
If you have friends in Kent and/or Essex please share to them so people are aware. I would also ask if you have friends in France, Belgium or the Netherlands perhaps you would share to them too.
I have to say I'm very impressed with the Coastguards who reported back to us as requested .. great communication. Thanks guys. Let's hope everyone stays safe this Bank Holiday weekend.
I so feel for his lovely owners. They have been in my thoughts a lot in recent days, and praying they can recover their beautiful boy
What a terrible thing to happen; I'm so sorry. I do hope you get your boy back and can say a goodbye but if not he will always be in your heart.
So hope you get your dear boy back xx
DogLostDebbie - Area Volunteer, South London
Have shared, so hoping for Murphy
Oh that is so so sad, I do hope you can find him.
If anyone know any fisherman or boats that are regularly in the area, could you ask them to keep a look out for him, so that my lovely friend Jenny can get him back.
I am overwhelmed with the support and I know Jenny and her family are too.
It seems a long time ago now that Jenny and I were travelling down with the car piled high.. Of mostly dog things I might add..
Thank you from me for your continued love and support for dear Murphy and his lovely mommy. X
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I have just had a call from Carolstarkey who has been contacted by Dover Coastguards (many thanks to them)
The Coastguards have given her information that a report has been made to them that Murphy was seen by a vessel 20 miles offshore to the east in the Ramsgate area. Firstly, I find it incredible that, thanks to all your sharing and mine. this info has come in. It seems that due to the very rough weather on the day Murphy was lost that he had been swept out into the Straits and carried away. Sadly the vessel that saw him was not in a position to recover him.
All I can ask everyone to do now is to share and contact any friends they have in Kent or even in France, Belgium and the Netherlands to ask them to make people (and the authorities if possible) aware of Murphy as it's just possible he could be washed up on those shores.
I do not know if the authorities in these countries would scan for a microchip but it is possible that they would. In which case Murphy's mum would be notified. Let's hope so.
Last edited: 2016-08-26 14:56:25 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Such a sad story, hopefully with all the extra police activity currently taking place in the area Murphy will be found
Thank you for the updates, and thank you everyone who has helped and offered support, I cannot imagine what Murphy's family are going through, love and hugs to you all xxx
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Thank you Clarkey for latest update. Really hope that the sometimes cruel sea, gives us back this treasure. Last edited: 2016-08-24 08:20:12 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
A long day yesterday as I planned to meet with Murphy's Mum early morning but it didn't quite work out like that as I got held up trying to get a lost dog back home & a found one back as well! Fortunately managed to do both and we were although we were running late I joined up with Murphy's Mum, some of the family, Carolstarkey & young pup Harvey mid morning by the Windsurf Centre where they I saw where Murphy had been taken away from them. I hadn't been to that part of Camber beach since they had changed it so didn't realise all those big boulders were there alongside the seawall.
Nor did I know what a close call Murphy's Mum had after she too had gone into the sea but her vivid recollection of the day left me with no doubts that someone on high was definitely looking after her .. a truly miraculous escape. We talked about Murphy & how he loved swimming with his toy in his mouth and playing with his little pal Harvey. Of course there were many tears shed but some comforting words & hugs too with an amazing amount of bravery in facing up to the reality that Murphy may not be found for a while or, if in the worst case, that the sea may never give him up. When/if he is recovered arrangements will be made for Murphy to be cremated so that he can be returned to his mum to be laid to rest. Barry has kindly offered to help with this (thanks Barry) & I will be able to as well.

Murphy's Mum, Carolstarkey & the family who joined them down here have now returned to their homes & I have reassured her, along with many others, that we will continue to keep a look out for her lad.
All RNLI & Coastguards along from the coast from Newhaven to Folkestone ( & Dover) have been alerted. Dog Warden service have also been emailed with relevant information.
If anyone finds Murphy please contact myself, Barry or Doglost directly so that we can recover him. With this page being viewed over 33,000 times hopefully someone, somewhere will spot him so he can go back to his mum.

Our immense gratitude goes out to absolutely everyone who has been supporting Murphy's family over the last few emotional days. Your incredible kindness along with your local knowledge has been invaluable in the search & has been much appreciated by them & myself.
This page will be updated with an news that we receive so please keep a watch on it. Murphy's Mum has asked if we would add a couple of new photos on to the page which I will do when I receive them. She would also like to arrange a walk in memory of Murphy at some time so we will let everyone know when that will be.
charlie and sooty
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.
You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Murphy's Mum. My heart and soul go out to you. My thoughts and prayers I send. Keep strong. xxxLast edited: 2016-08-23 17:07:22 by charlie and sooty
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Apologies for the late post but have been out today.
Thank you so much for posting on here Murphy's Mum .. such a heartfelt message. It must have been a truly shocking day for you and we all feel for you. I'm pleased you saw the rainbow and that it gave you some much needed comfort and as many of us believe that our dogs will cross over that way.
" .. when an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable"

It's been so good to see how the very special community of members of The Real Marsh Watch page have rallied around you to help and I know they and all of us will continue to search to find Murphy.
No problem at all about the posters. Let me know how long you will be in the area as it would be good to come over and meet up with you (and would bring some posters over to you as well)

Yes, of course we would be more than happy to let everyone know about your walk in memory of Murphy. Just contact me and let me know when and I will make sure all are aware. It will be a lovely thing to do :)
Izzy's Mum
Thoughts are with you Murphy's Mum- hope your boy is found soon so you can say goodbye - if I can make your memorial wake I will otherwise I will organise one locally to here
I agree a walk in Murphy's memory will be nice
For those of us that do not live near.
We will all be there in thought
One of my drivers walks his dog before work every morning on the beach at Littlestone which is a few miles around the headland from Camber.He will contact me should Murphy come ashore along the stretch he walks. Lets hope the sea gives up this treasure that is Murphy soon. Thinking of you at this sad time.
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Murpheys mum. I have just read your update. A walk in his memory sounds lovely. I will look forward to that. All of us who live locally and walk often on the beach will continue to keep an eye out for you, after you have gone home. He won't be forgotten x
Many tears have been shed for you and Murphy.I hope somehow you have comfort in all the broken hearts reading this sad story. Such a terrible thing to happen.He looks such a well loved dog and after all.. he was one of the lucky ones. xxx
As I have always had Labradors and know what a very very special dog they are
My heart goes out to you Murheys mum
I cannot but shed a tear it is so sad.
It is lovely that someone offered you a place to stay
People are always lovely on here in time of need xx

DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Thanks Jayne
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Such a sad time for you owner. As Claire has said of course you can use doglost as a platform...just let us know the details and we can update murphys page and put on social media for you.
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
I am just further along the coastline for the next 10 days and will continue to keep an eye out should the tides bring him our way. You will all have so many happy memories of your time together, and it is these memories that will bring back a smile to you all in time. We all share your sorrow. When the time comes and you would like to organise Murphy's Memorial Walk, simply email into admin and this can be updated here. I am sure the Coord Clarkey will be keeping an eye on any posts on here and will be able to advise further.XxLast edited: 2016-08-22 07:09:17 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
So Sorry, Such an awful thing, Hope you can get Murphy home, Bless him, xxx
DogLostClaire Gresty - North West & Police Liaison Coordinator
Oh this is so terribly sad 😰 I've been checking many time a day for an update.

So many people are hoping and praying he can be found so you can take him home. I really hope he is found today.

Big hugs to you and your family xxx
Abe babe
Murphy's Mum.... there are many hearts breaking with yours. I cried as I read your comment below... but noticing how early you were on here I thought I might offer a little voice of comfort in these lonely hours.
Animals do not consider death as we humans do and I believe that sometimes they may put themselves where fate will take them...because they know their time has come. Such was very possibly the case a few days ago when myself and another helper reunited owners with their beloved boy who we recovered from a river.
According to them he had acted strange the past few days and they liked to believe he was saying his "goodbyes".
There is a huge outpouring of love for Murphy and you, his family... I so hope you are feeling that love, and can gain some comfort at this horribly difficult time.
Love and Light to you all. xxx
Murphy's Mum
Thank you to everyone for your help and support over the last few days. Murphy's Mum here. Unfortunately so far our efforts to find my poor boys remains have been in vain. But we have been kindly offered some accomodation to allow us to stay in Camber for another night, so that we can continue the search.
I still can't believe he is gone and so quickly.
We were standing on the steps going down to the water when a huge wave swept him through the bars. I was in the water literally 10 seconds or less after him, but he had vanished. The sea was so violent, I can't believe how quickly he was taken from me.
I am touched by all of the messages of support and all of the people helping with the search, offers of accommodation and suggestions of where to look as I am obviously not familiar with the area.
Unfortunately we haven't been able to print the poster as staying in a caravan. Will keep trying. Once again, we are eternally greatful for the amount of people who are helping in so many different ways both on this website and facebook. What an amazing community.

I intend to return to Camber in a few months to meet up with whoever was involved in the search and would like to join us for a walk along the beach in his memory. Hopefully it is ok to plan this on here in order to get the word out. Admin, maybe you could let me know if that would be ok to organise the walk on here?
One last thing, about 3 hours after the accident, we saw the most amazing rainbow that lit up the sky. I think that was his way of letting me know that he is ok and made it to heaven.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thank you so very much to absolutely everyone who has been out searching today. I know that there have been an amazing number of people helping. Sadly Murphy has not been found yet but we will not be giving up.
Thinking about the tides and the currents in the area we know that they can change direction in different places along the coast. So it is quite possible that he could be found anywhere along the beach in either direction from Camber. Sadly I have to say that from experience it may be some time before the sea gives him up so please be prepared for this.
The RNLI stations fm Hastings to Folkestone as well as the Coastguards are all aware of Murphy and will be keeping a look out for him.

I think it would also be worth having a look along the River Rother where is goes into the channel that leads up to Rye (by Rye Harbour & the Golf club on the other side)

Carolstarkey: would you let us know if you have been able to get any posters printed and put up please? Not everyone is on Fbk so it's important to have them up so locals are all aware.
If everyone is able to help by printing posters and putting them up it would really be appreciated. They can be printing directly from the poster page on here. You could also put one in your car window to be seen wherever you go.

Polite reminder: Just to ask all of you to be very, very careful when searching please. Remember that the sands, mud flats and tides can be very deceiving and dangerous. PLEASE TAKE CARE.
Once again many thanks to all of you for helping and supporting Murphy's family at this very sad time. An incredible 1,500 shares of this page and over 25,700 people reading it!!
DogLostClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
Very tragic and I am so sorry for your loss of your much loved Murphy. I do sincerely.hope you will be successful in bringing Murphy home. Thoughts are with you all at this difficult time. RIP Murphy now young once more xxLast edited: 2016-08-21 20:18:13 by ClaireC - Area Volunteer, Buckinghamshire
So sorry to hear about Murphy. Have shared post on Facebook. Hope you get him back soon xx
I'm so sorry to read this, I hope Murphy can be returned to you, sharing like mad xxx
I am so sorry to read this I know from experience the devastation of losing such a loved companion. Please post if there is any practical help that you need x
Carol, I'm so sorry for you and your family. I have friends along the Romney Marshes beachfront so I've shared on FB. I hope you find Murphy soon. If I lived closer, I'd look myself. Hoping for a miracle. Xx
I am too far away to sadly
I have also shared on some lost and found in Essex and some lost and found Face book.
Fingers crossed and hanky out x x
We're in the North West so unable to help but so truly sorry xxx
Thank you so much all..we have been out since first light too. We can't tell you how much your kindness means to us. Xx
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
I have walked all along the beach to the ranges and back this morning. Sadly no sign. I looked around the groynes and some quite deep pools on the beach. There are quite a few kite surfers down by the waters edge, so I am sure they are keeping an eye out too. Poor family, must be distraught.
Just so very sad ,my heart goes out to Murphys family x
am sharing on Twitter @thedogfinder, so very sad to read this. Hoping he will be found today.
As a Labrador lover this made me cry
I have shared on FB and BIGGSD and Mutts in distress
Then it will get shared far and wide
DogLostjenny4 - Area Co-ordinator, West Hampshire
So very sad hope you find him soon xxxxx
DogLostJayne - Administrator, Head Office
Further alerts sent to helpers in TN28,29.
Woodys mum
Aww im so sorry, just wanted to check as there were a few of us on the other sites who had who had seen the found post and had everything crossed that it might be him, but thank you for checking. x
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Thanks for posting on here Carolstarkey.
Thanks Woodys mum but not the same dog as Murphy was only lost in the sea today.Last edited: 2016-08-21 02:20:28 by Clarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
Woodys mum
Hi, I know this is a long shot but a very similar dog has been found and posted on home safe dog and Dogs lost and found in the Llanelli area. Could somebody please check just in case? The link with the photo is: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10153676009211050&set=gm.1106085909439990&type=3&theater
DogLostMajorjet (Jan) - Area Co-ordinator, North West
Carol rooting for you to find MURPHY soon, sending you and your family big hugs. xxx
All, I am Jenny's (murpy's mommy) friend, we cannot thank you all enough for what you are doing. To say we are devastated is an understatement, as I know you will all feel. We are going out again 1st thing and will keep you all informed. Thank you all again Carol xx
Sue - onestopalldogs
Shared fb twitter. Hopefully Murphy can be located x
Oh how heartbreaking for these owners. I do hope their lovely boy can be returned to them.
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
I have suggested that the owners have a look along the sands at Dungeness, Greatstone and Littlestone early tomorrow morning as it'll be low tide by 8.30am. It's just possible Murphy may be washed up on the sands there and will be spotted. Also that they get some posters printed to put up before they return home.
The army camp are, I believe aware, as owners have been there this afternoon. Lots of people on the Real Marsh watch page are offering help which is so kind .. bait diggers and owners of boats will keep eyes open for Murphy.
Hopefully Murphy's owner or her friend will feel able to comment on this page when they have got over the terrible shock they have had.
Thanks to all who are looking at this page and are helping to look for Murphy .. I know that the family is very grateful for all the support they are getting.
DogLostJulie - Social Media Team, Surrey
So very sad I have shared. My thoughts with Murphy's owners. J. x
DogLostSpringerMad - Area Volunteer, East Sussex
Shared. Will have a look along the beaches in the morning. Thinking of the owners. It must be dreadful for them.
DogLostGillyP - Administrator, Head Office
Oh no. Poor Murphy and family. Very sad for all xx
DogLostClaire Gresty - North West & Police Liaison Coordinator
Oh gosh this is very sad Praying for a safe return xx
Thanks Clarkey , this is so sad, I really hope the owners can have closure .
DogLostnickyjm-Area volunteer Bucks
How awful so sorry to read this. Thinking of Murphy & his owner X
DogLostClarkey - Area Co-ordinator, East Sussex
This poor lad Murphy was swept into the sea at Camber this afternoon. The only information that I have at the moment is from this post put on The Real Marsh Watch Fbk page:
" Posted on-behalf of Murphy's Owners "
Holiday makers at Camber Sands Park Resorts
Please could anyone walking the beach at Camber Sands please let me know if you come across my poor Murphy who was involved in accident on the Beach at camber earlier on this afternoon. 1300-1400 hrs Unfortunately he was swept out to sea. I just want to bring him now and give him a proper funeral. He's a chocolate labrador. See pictures attached.

I have been in contact with a friend of his owner and I have said that I would set this page up for Murphy.
I have been given information by the local RNLI that the winds are from the South West at the moment so the waves will sweep towards the Dungeness area. It goes without saying that no one should be out searching the rocks and the beach until the strong winds have died down please. The last thing Murphy's owner would want is for someone to get into trouble out there. Although Camber looks lovely at low tide please be aware that they conceal mud banks that you can easily get sucked into. Also the tide comes in exceptionally fast there so it is easy to get cut off even if you know the area. PLEASE be careful ..

If everyone would keep an eye open when they are out walking in Camber and Dungeness but also along the coast towards Folkestone it would be appreciated. Murphy's owner would very much like to lay him to rest.
DogLostAlison - Administrator, Head Office & Area Co-ordinator, Lincolnshire
Email alerts sent to postcodes TN31,TN35,TN36

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